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Full text of "The New Hampshire Register, Farmer's Almanac and Business Directory"

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^airbarb College Ittnrarp 



One half the Income from this Legacy, which was re- 
ceived in 1880 under the will of 

of Waltham, MasMchnsetts, it to be expended for books 
for the College Library. The other half of the income 
is devoted to scholarships in Harvard University for the 
benefit of descendants of 

who died at Watertown, Massachiisetts, in 1686. In the 
absence of such descendants, other persons are eligible 
to the scholarships. The will requires that this announce- 
ment shall be made in every book added to the Library 
under its provisions. 



iuy the Lebanon Overalls, Cotton Pants & Flannel Shh 


Business Dii^bgjpof^y 


Manufftoturer of bnd Wboleitele Dealer in 

moulsht&s, hoitss rntiss, pace- 
ma Bozss, etc., 


rosTOir OFPicB, 


Yards and Dressing Mills, 






icOH COR04 ]V. H. 

iif d bv Carter AOhurthlll. They are the beat made goods in the mart 

ipi w » 




And Most Perfect of any o\ 
frigerator in the Market. It 
provements that no others hay^ 

Preserving Qualities and cony< 
it has no equal. 

Received the Highest Awai 
the Ameriean. Institute Fair in 
York City in 18B2, amd Great 
ern Expositi&n^ Louisvilte, 
1883, also FiKST Premiums, 
and Diplomas at many other Fay 

Send for Descriptive' Circulars 

Responsible Agents wanted in Ci 
and Towns* 








Beuir Inscxtile or leap Tear, and dosing die one hundred And nghlh 
... i..^--: V --jBdred and ninlh »r— -' -'■- ' 

of ihe Uflited Statu. 




Golden Nsmbw, 




Claronologrt^^S'l Circles* 

4ISular Cycle, 17 [Roman Indiction, 13 

3| Dominical Letters, F, Ej J uliaD Period, 6&97 

CbarActem. off tbe Planets*. 

Son. Morciiry. llf Jupiter. 

]> # < Moon. V Vencu. tlj Saturn. 

Btoth. cf Mars. |l^ Uranns. 

Characters of tbe 

8PBIR0 8IQM8. 

1 cp Ariea, the Bam. 
n Gemini, tlie Twina. 


4 a Cancer, the Grab. 

5 n L«o, the Lion. 

6 nB Yirgo, the Virgin. 

Mffas off tbe Zodiac* 


7 ^ Libra, the Scales. 

8 ni Scorpio, the Scorpion. 

9 / Sagittarius, the Archer. 


10 1^ Gapricornns, the Ooat 

11 ^ Aquarius, the Waterbearer. 

12 K Places, the Fishes. 

Commencenieiit of tke Seasons* 

Vernal Equinox — Sp^ng begins^ March I9th, llh 65m Evening. 
Sommer Solstice — Summer begfns, June'20th, 8h 9m Kyening. 
Autumnal Equinox — Autumn begins, Sept 22d, lOh 81m Morning. 
Winter SoIstice^Winter begins, Pec. 2l8t, 4h 4i4m Morning. 

RIoTable FestiTals and Fasts off tbe Cburcb* 

Septuagesima Sunday, 
Sexagesima Sunday, 
Quinq uagesima — Shrove 

Asb Wed. — Itit day of Lent, 
Quadragesima.— 1st Sun 

Feb. 10 


day in Lent, 
Palm Sunday, 
Qood Friday^ 

EAsna Sun DAT, 

Low SundHy, 
Rogation Sunday, 
24 Ascaosion Bi^— Holy 
27 Thursday, 

Pentecost— W httsnik-day, 
March 2 Trinity Sunday, 
Apriieeoifius Ghristi, 
11 Advent Sunday, 


April U 

4< at 


Jane 11 



In the yesr 1884 tbare will be two eclipses of the Son, sad two of 
the Moon. 

I.— A partial Bclipee of the Sun, March 27tb, invisible in New En^* 
land, bnt visible from the southern afad western part of the Bcandina 
vian Peninsula and the North Sea and from the regions abont tb<> 
north pole. 

IL— A total Eclipse of the Moon, April 10th, invisible in New 
England, as it begins about the time of the Bfoon's setting; 

III. — A partial Eclipse of the Sun, April 25th, invisible in New 
England, but visible from the southern portions of South America and 
Afirica, and from the South Atlantic and Southern Oceans. 

IV.— A total Eclipse of the Moon, October 4tb, partly Tiaible ai 
follows : 

Moon rises October Mb, fib SOm vreaing. 
End of total phape 5h 59m 



i«w. JANUARY. « 


Fint Qnar. 5th day 4h 46.8m E. Last Qnar. 20th day Oh 34.0m If . 


rail Mood 12th day lOh 37 .8m M. New Moon 28th day Oh 11.9m M. 


n w 



1 Siin 





K A rise Bets il'gth] south fdec'x 

i| son. 



aWIOM| M. 

h m h m,b m 

h m 8 ° ' ih mih m 


1 3 

7 34 

4 34 


34423 1 

2 39 

8 12 



2 4 

7 34 

4 34 

9 1 

412 22 56 

3 27 

9 18K 

in perigee. 

3 5 

7 34 

4 35 

9 1 

4 40 

22 60 

4 16 

10 25 


(^ gr. heli lat South. 

4 6 

7 34 

4 36 

9 2 

6 8 

22 44 

5 6 

11 33 


\ crosses eq. North. 

5 7 

7 34 

4 37 

9 3 


22 38 

6 56 



r belong. 190 16' Kast. 

6 F 

7 34 

4 as 

9 4 

6 2 

22 31 

6 49 




7 2 

7 33 

4 39 

9 6 

6 28 

22 23 

7 44 

1 63 


1^ south 9h. Cm. ere. 


8 3 

7 33 

4 40 

9 7 

6 53 


8 42 

3 4 


St Luclan. 


9 4 

7 33 

4 41 

9 9 

7 18 

22 7 

9 41 

4 12 


<rh<i [^inQ 

10 5 

7 33 

4 43 




10 41 

6 16 


a dec. 190 12^ North. 

11 6 

7 32 

4 44 

9 12 

8 7 


11 40 

6 14 


Q stiitionary. 


12 7 

7 32 

4 45 

9 13 








13 F 

7 32 

4 46 

9 14 




6 24 


Sun. after Epiph. 


14 2 

7 31 

4 47 

9 16 



1 29 

7 82 


[St. Hilary. 


15 3 

7 31 

4 48 

9 17 

9 36 

21 8 

2 20 

8 37 



16 4 

7 31 

4 50 

9 19 

9 67 

20 57 

3 7 

9 40 


^ south 8h 24m eve. 


17 5 

7 30 

4 51 

9 21 


20 46 


10 41 


^crosses eqna. South. 


18 6 

7 29 

4 52 

9 23 

10 37 

20 34 

4 37 

11 40 


St. Prisca. 


19 7 

7 29 

4 54 

9 25 

10 65 

20 21 

5 20 



01fS ($inf. <^0 


^0 F 


4 55 

9 27 


20 8 

6 4 



2d. Sun. after Epiph. 


n 2 


4 56 

9 29 


19 65 

6 49 

1 36 


[St. Fabian. 


-22 3 

7 26 

4 67 

9 31 


19 42 

7 35 

2 32 


St. Vincent. 


23 4 

7 26 

4 59 

9 33 

12 3 

19 28 

8 22 

3 27 


^ gr. heli. lat. North. 


24 6 



9 35 


19 13 

9 11 

4 20 


d dec. 190 r South. 


25 6 

7 24 

6 1 

9 37 

012 32 

18 69 

10 1 

6 8 


Ck>nyer8ion of St. Paid. 


26 7 

7 23 

5 3 

9 40 

12 45 

18 44 

10 62 

5 63 


a5 6 


27 F 

7 22 

5 4 

9 42 

012 58 

18 29 

11 42 


3d. Snn. after Epiph. 


28 2 

7 21 

5 5 

9 44 

13 10 

18 13 



% south llh 31m eve. 


29 3 

7 20 

h 7 

9 47 

13 21 

17 67 

1 23 

7 7 

h south 7h 31m ere. 


30 4 

7 19 

5 8 

9 49 

13 31 

17 41 

2 13 

8 15 




31 6 

7 18 

6 9 

9 51 

13 40 

17 24 

3 3 

9 24 K! 1 d crosses eq. North. | 




1 Tuesdiiy. 








4 Fi-iday. 







6 Sunday. ' 

7 Monday. 

8 Tuesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

10 Thursday. 

11 Friday. 

12 Saturday. 

13 Sunday. 

U Monday. 

16 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 


17 Thursday. 

18 Friday. 



19 Saturday. 

20 Srmday. 

21 Monday. 

22 Tnefiday. 

23 Wednesday. 

24 Thursday. 

25 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

27 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 

29 Tuesday. 

30 Wednesday. 

31 Thursday. 

■ * ri.«''wj|l'g«h| wnaiUw?n|[| 


!T 10 3t^ U ', 

"" 10 im" ' 

10 ^g 

17 7 















T 11 

^ AR 




h KDtb Oh^ 87m. vTi. 
dcrsHMoq. Sonth. 
St. T>l«)IIi». 

[J) eloog. 2S°13'Whi 

Bo'" «lBi.BnQd« 
leihcf gr. helLldLN 

C dK. 18° 94' goutta, 

lahrora SnnAt 
Qnin q uuaailDj^- 
(Sl. U^thrH. 

11 (t d>T ol Lti 
Aih WvdncadBj. 

i Friday. 

3 Bund^ 
i ' Moodafi 


6 Wednesday^ 

7 Thursday. 

8 Friday. 

9 Satarday. 

10 Sunday. 

11 Monday. 

12 Tuesday. 

IS Wednesday. 

14 Thursday. 

16 Frldi^y. 

16 Saturday. 


17 Sunday. 

18 Monday. 

19 Tuesday. 

20 Wednesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

23 Saturday. 

24 Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

28 Tuesday. 

27 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

■sw MARCH. " 

Firet Qo«-. 4th d.J 8h «'^m Mf 1 ^f qoir. 19th d.^ «h ^-Im X. 
tal Moon 11th d»y Sh 60,7ni «. | New Moon s;th d»)i <ih E*,2iii U. 

9jB San |dj.j I Bon [Son MI a all i,™.™^ie. 

7 « 




6 6- 

5 41 



B : 

e t 

e 5 


6 21 



1 BSl 
ft 860 
9 J39 

tt a4( 



G 2 

10 2 
D 23 

3 22 

4 8 

8 1' 

10 4 

11 34 

1 2 

3 a 

11 i 

10 41 




Bt. DoTfd. (Bl. Ohnd. 

"■•" ,.« 


2d Suniky tn Lent. 


Mil. If lUllonnrj. 

28th. a 5b 

O eel. InT^eible" 

sum, «?d 

(Oinp. dO 
6th Suodi/ln t«il. 


3 Hm 




y- 1 

1 5 Weane 

day. ' 


6 Thursday. 

7 Friday. 

8 Saturday. 

9 Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

11 Tuesday. 

12 Wednesday. 

13 Thursday. 

14 Friday. 

16 Saturday. 

16 Sunday. 

17 Monday. 

18 Tuesday. 

ism: mehoeanda f 



ai Frldiy. 

«! SBtar<l»y. 

SB Weiluetidiiy. 

ia StXaraar- 

nnt Qnu. Sd dv 4b Z.lm E. 1 Lul 4q^. ISth day lib lAm kJ 
lull Hr»n inih 6M.J gh M^Sru ». | Mtw Muon SISCta diiy lOh SXm U} 

:iSUf"?4vl'b| ru?h m.L \A ..|^, 




BS i 

4 SI 




9 6: 




IB a 


u ! 


D 3 12 





11 Mill 

1 M 1 
L 61 BJ 

4 63 



8 « 

11 81 


P 31 



UdM. ISO*!' North. 



tT tODth Ih ISm «» 

^ds^lS" 41' South. 



J,!."...,,., a.; 




1 «^-u«.vr v^»a.^x^A X vrx.. u^ x«*xj. 


6 Smiday. 

7 Monday. 

8 Taesday. 

9 Wednesday. 


10 Thursday. 

11 Friday. 

12 Saturday. 

13 Sunday. 

14 Monday. 

16 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 

I B TneadAy. 
S Wednesday. 


14 llKMORA3a>A FOB APRIL. 90 dajrs. 

i» Friday. 

19 tetmiday. 

20 Sunday. 

21 Monday. 

22 Taesday. 

28 Wednesday. 

24 Thursday. 

25 Friday. 

26 tiaturday. 

27 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 

29 Tuesday. 


90 Wednesday. 

hiM. MAY. If 

Full Uwp B 

ddajlhiaamM. 1 Lmi Qua-, ISlh ilnj 

. dfti llh IS.ioi B. Nbw Mnon alth da 

Fin.1 Quar. 31« rtaj- Oh T.lm B- 

Oh B.lm SI. 

OBI Sun 

,i'5,|i.-,S|S.U..|,.l..|,',(l '• 



h h, 

, !i!!lS 


2^ ![ 

) 4^ 

11 87 u'll *5 





31 days. 

6 Tuesday. 


7 Wednesday. 

8 Thursday. 

9 Friday. 

10 Saturday. 

11 Sunday. 

12 Monday. 

13 Tuesday. 

14 Wednesday. 

15 Thursday. 

16 Friday. 

17 Saturday. 



18 Sunday. 



19 Monday^ 

ao Tuesday. 

21 Wednesday. 

22 Thursday. 

23 Friday. 

24 Saturday. 

25 {Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

27 Tuesday. 

28 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

30 Friday. 

31 Saturday. 


81 days. 1 

6 Thursday. 


7 Friday. 

8 Saturday. 

9 Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

11 Tuesday. 

12 Wednesday. ^ 


13 Thursday. 


U Friday. 


16 Saturday. 


16 Sunday. 

17 Monday. 

18 Tuesday. 



30 TLursday. 

aa Saturday. 

S3 (hma^. 

3S TTciliieBilay. 

™ """''""■ 






. M dij 41i zr.Tm E. 1 LastUniu-. 18 

.dBjUh 5.4diM 

:isi ""'' \t^"\\" r 1 s i?ii '■ '-- 

K lat. North. 

T a, la 5fi (do 

. TueaJay. 


5 Saturday. ~ ~ 

6 Sunday. 

7 Monday. 

8 Tuesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

10 Thursday. 

U Friday. 

12 Saturday. 

13 Sunday. 

U Monday. 

15 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 


80 days. 

18 Friday. 

19 Saturday. 

20 Sunday. 

21 Monday. 



22 Tuesday. 

23 Wednesday. 

24 Thursday. 

26 Friday. 


26 Saturday. 

27 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 

29 Tuesday. 


30 Wednesday. 


nnl Qou. lad dur l)i 

10 14 »i £ ^otb3h. U 

11 33;2i|cf»iith6h.6 

la.K, R"g»tiDo Sail 

2 19T' ,f sou til ill. J 
•i M'H' Bii, 

B 20 11 9un.«florAM 
»2l>o^ fld«.lS'>«' 


31 days^ 

6 Tuesday. 


7 Wednesday. 

8 Thursday. 

9 Friday. 

10 Saturday. 

11 Sunday. 

12 Monday. 

13 Tuesday. 

14 Wednesday. 

16 Thursday. 

16 Friday. 

17 Saturday. 



18 Sunday. 


19 Monday^ 

ao Tuesday. 

21 Wednesday. 

22 Thursday. 

28 Friday. 

24 Saturday. 

25 {Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

27 Tuesday. 

28 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

30 Friday. 

31 Saturday. 

lh«.linM. I FLntttuT. Suibdajlli 

n 11 H n u u ID 

U U H 49 13 SI II 
M II H H » M nu 

» G U 1 

M16 23 (• 1 

pirt,il.i)d ih6 

i«iii« lU atarii 

I « It DM s a ti 

I 4B IE H D S il n 

IMltSMO 1U29 

tfa 33m ive. 


t«s eq. Eonlh. 



6 Thursday. 

6 Friday. 

7 Saturday. 

8 Sunday. 


9 Monday. 



10 Tuesday. 

11 Wednesday. 

12 Thursday. 


13 Friday. 

14 Saturday. 

15 Sunday. 

16 Monday. 

17 Tuesday. 


18 Wednesday. 

19 Thursday. 

20 Friday. 

21 Saturday. 

22 Sunday. 

23 Monday. 

24 Tuesday. 

25 Wednesday. 

26 Thursday. 

27 Friday. 

28 Saturday. 

29 Sunday. 

30 Monday. 




61h dsj 41, 49.6,, 



Md daj Rh 4.flm M, 


i„-:.,.l»&cq„«.|,.!..[;,ii -■--^- 



t » 




4 41 

6 61 

no 1 
an e 




22 33 





G 2( 






d'»0, 41,2001678. 

h '^mb lh"lTfflorn 

8 inr. dO ^ 

6th Hu™™. Irinitj. 

6lh 8nn, «fl. TrlnUy. 

IDogday. b.ei» 

;th Sun. afl. Trinilj. 
■ifiih, <I(f6 



6 Sunday. 


7 Monday. 

^" ■■■■**■ 

8 Taesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

10 Thursday. 



11 Friday. 

12 Saturday. 

13 Sunday. 

14 Monday. 

15 Tuesday. 


16 Wednesday. 


17 Thursday. 

18 Friday. 



19 Saturday. 

90 Sunday. 

21 Monday. 

1& Tuesday. 

*J3 Wednemiay. 

'ik Thursday. 

25 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

27 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 

20 Tuesday. 

30 Wednesday. 

31 Thursday. 




[St. Uwr« 

(It 56 
fL Trinily 

w »«miMib, a< 

i Ssldrdar. 

18m. memorasda r 



7 Tliurstf^y. 

11 MoDdsy. 

14 TttarsOay. 



19 Taesctay. 

20 Wetlnesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

23 Saturday. 

24 Sunday. 

25 Monday. 

26 Tuesday. 

27 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

30 Saturday. 

31 Sunday. 













b w 







11 II 







l! w 











i Thund>;. 




6 Friday. 

6 Saturday. 

7 Sunday. 

8 Monday. 

9 Taesday. 

10 Wednesday. 

11 Thursday. 

12 Friday. 

13 Saturday. 

14 Sunday. 

15 Monday. 

16 Tuesday. 

17 Wednesday. 



18 Thursday. 

19 Friday. 

20 Saturday. 

21 Sunday. 


22 Monday. 

23 Tuesday. 

24 Wedueiiday. 

25 Ihursday. 

26 Friday. 

27 Saturday. 

2» Sunday. 

29 Monday. 

30 Tuesday. 



PHA8I8 Of 

Fall Moon 4th day 6h 10.7m B. 
LMt Qaar. 11th day 9h 89.9m H. 

m Mooir. 
New Moon 
First Qniir. 

18th day 7h 42.1m B. 
27th day Oh 6.1m M. 








r.ft 8. 

AflnO#t| ML 






















e 9 

6 14 
6 18 
6 22 
6 23 
6 24 
6 25 
6 27 
6 28 
6 29 
6 30 
6 31 
6 33 
6 34 
6 36 

b m 



















m 8 
49 26 
49 7 
48 48 
48 20 
47 56 
47 88 
47 22 
47 6 
46 60 
46 35 
46 20 
46 6 
46 63 
46 40 
46 28 
45 16 
45 6 
44 54 
44 45 
44 86 
44 27 
44 19 
44 6 
43 66 
43 51 
43 47 
43 44 
43 42 







































h m 
9 31 

10 20 

11 11 



1 64 

2 62 
8 61 




8 25 

9 13 

10 46 

11 32 


6 32 

7 20 

8 7 

8 57 

9 48 

h m 

2 13 

3 18 

4 25 


6 7 

6 47 

7 33 

8 22 

9 18 

10 20 

11 24 



1 36 

2 41 


4 47 


5 40 

6 16 

6 53 

7 34 

8 19 

9 8 

10 1 

10 57 

11 56 



2 3 

3 10 







(f so. Ih 68m eve. 

( {^ in perihelion 
Zeroises eq. North. 
a eclipsed, ris. 
17th fi. after Trinity. 
Faith. 9a^c5 

^ so. 8h 66m morn. 

<Ideo.l8<>22' North. 
4h 18m mom. 

18th 1^. after Trinity. 
(Jgr. heli.Ut.North. 

h so. 
9 in 


d crosses eq. South. 
St. Ktheldreda. 
St. Lake. 

19th S. after Trinity. 
18th, eel. inr, 

IX so. 8h 7m mom. 
< dec. 180 23' South. 
Vl so. 3h 22m morn. 
St. Crispen. 
20th S. alter Trinity. 
ff so. Ih 80m eve. 
St. Simon A St. Jnde. 
11 so. 7h 43m mom 

(cf inU 
<I crosses eq. North. 



81 days 

1 Wednesday. 

2 Thursday. 

3 Friday. 

4 Saturday. 

5 Sunday. 



9 Thu«,aay. 



19 Sunday. 

20 onday. 


21 Tuesday. 

22 Wednesday. 


23 Thursday. 

24 Friday. 

25 Saturday. 

26 Sunday. -^ 

27 Monday. 

28 Tuesday. 

29 Wednesday. 

30 Thursday. 

31 Friday. 

!".« NOVEMBER. »■• 

FnU Hwn SKI dij th tT.Sn H. New Moon ITIb di^ Ih iitm B. 

I^t «™r. 9lh iMy Ni KS-lin K. Ftmi Q,w, 25th <1«t 6h »l,«.ii B. 

o|0| Su |d*T 1 San 1 SdB 4 fj Tflj 7 _, 

■ I^JtJM MUll-gthl lOuIh IdM'll KHI. |r.*i.|pl(.l "»»o™,«0. 

hma.l II 


T A11SAinU.(AUBoiil(.l 



lj|2litSaii.i>n.Trlnltr. 1 

3 : 


llriS 1 

11 tS 4116 21 


?,,.., as"*' 

« 1 


lit 10 ■ 

1143 44 
1148 47 



I i 

S Si^V?.™., 


lu Dtn 


Ei 'l(»uthThl»n.n,wn 

(42 Bfi' 



n h"'>ti[li2hl9.nit,on. 


h lad Sob. »tl. Trinity. 

It i 

17 24 

^m^run U-^ldH 

il 1 

111 33lU 

at. xutiB. 

1144 2.1 

17 67 

T S9 1 37 nt 

a cro9M> wi. Sanlh. 
9 <i> ptrlbiilon. 

ti^ «4» 

1144 3418 13 

8 44| 2 4<l ^; 

13K 8 42111 44 4iilft 24 


15 i 
L6 1 


4 31. 9 4UU44aS,l!l4-^ 

'i "' 6 lo'ii 

5 Id .phelloo. 
MlSuo.sft. TrinitJ. 

(as oaeinsiv^siia 

■;i? ■•■'-'' 

ts i 

t3? B33lll*»3n!l9 27 

< Od 

IS, ■ 

4 3t 8 31 

8 14'/: 


(31 BM) 

11 It t» IBM 

T a.^' 

(3K SZI 

2 6( 

7 M^. 

r,.s.':.i"— •■ 

(St. BBS 


8 48^' 

a J 


11 4t 4821) 33 

4 2; 

i4Cb3. ■lleiTrtnltjr. 

1I», 8 21 

1147 «l»]45 

10 «'=' 

[St. CLtmant. 

(» »2I 

J! 47 MM H 

11 47ix. 

11 4T 4421 T 


( 26' • i; 

1148 4-jne 

I 31 

lt« fll5 

1148 25il2« 

(» •lSn4S4flttl3B 

ISt. Anilraw. 



.^.ll|ll«8k.48 10 1ft 

t ia;ai 

Adrtot Snnd.j. 

yi »™™.»« «. -orn™.. Ud.r> 


1 Jtinday. 









6 Wednesday. 

6 Thursday. 


7 Friday. 

8 Saturday. 

9 Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

11 Tuesday. 

12 Wednesday. 

13 Thursday. 



14 Friday. 

15 Saturday. 

16 Sunday. 

17 Monday. 


18 Tuesday. 

19 Wednesday. 

JO Thursday. 

31 Friday. 

22 Saturday. 

2$ Sunday. 

34 Monday. 

36 Tuesday. 

26 Wednesday. 

27 Thursday. 

28 Friday. 

29 Saturday. 

30 Sunday. 



Ih 41.2111 M. I Ftr»tQn»i 

:b dij 8h 3S.2m H. 

loD I Bop I II I 

"-III (Chi 

4811 IId<K:.lB°32'NurLli 

14:n; Si. NkbolM. 

i2 n 1*1 Sond.7 In JdTsn 

rii.Rt 6 <;">«««. aonth. 

3 h/ ». Sh 9in morn" 

3 34|m ((19 6 

4 3l|m||M Hnndv in idi.iil 

(I lol^id; elonc. 2V°8' Bui. 
i.i J Mil detfto 34' Sooth. 


>fl. Chrldmu. 
































19 Friday. ' 

20 Saturday. 

21 Sunday. 

22 Monday. 

23 Tuesday. 

24 Wednesday. 

25 Thursday. 

26 Friday. 

27 Saturday. 

28 Sunday. 

29 Monday. 

30 Tuesday. 

31 Wednesday. 



AlpKabetioallsr Arranged.. 


X. The luiines of all the Towns and all the Post Offices in the State 
except those which have North, East, South, West or Center prefixed t( 
rhe names of the towns of which they are a part, are here alphabet 
tcally arranged. 

3. For vulages above excepted, look under the name of the town 
But East Kingston, Nordi Hampton, South Hampton, South Newmark 
et, and Westmorelamd are towns. 

3. After the name of each town, you find the name of the cauHty ir 
whidi it is located, the population m 1880, the direction and approxi 
mate distance from Concord and icom the Shire town of the county, 
the wajr of reaching it by rail, the town officers and the professiona 
and business menxtrranged under different heads, as nearly alphabet 
ically as is convenient, some regard being had to economy of space. 

4. Merchants are supposed to keep a general assortment, and physi- 
cians to be ^* old school' unless otherwise specified. ' 

5. All these items are referred every year, usually between Aug. x, 
and Dec. x, to the Town Clerks, Postmasters or other inrominent men 
of the seversd towns and villages for correction. 

6. We eamesdy solicit corrections from all other persons who ma> 
notice things which they know to be errors. 

7. Of course changes are made, in March, of Town Officers, and 
other changes are constantly occurring, so that one need not exf>ect tc 
find this Dvectory absolutely correct all the year round, but nst it with 
this understanding and you will find it very valuable. 

AC WORTH. 5CrXL/r^iV— Pop.982. W. fr. C.60; 8. W. fr. 
Newport H. R. H. &— Cliarlestown, 8 m. on C. V. R. R. and Naw- 
port, on G. k C. R. R.; Daily stage to Newport and to B. Fails, 12 m. 

OFFICERS Olerky William Brooks ; 2Vea«., John Graham ; Stltct 
mm, 0. J. Davis, *. N. Davis, W. C: Neal ; Supt., Carl A. Allen. 

Postmasters William Brooks; East^ Mrs. R Buss; Snuih^ H. L. 

Justices— J. B. Richardson, J. H. Dickey, J. A. Wood, StaU\ J. N. 
Davis. Wni. Brooks. D. C. George, A. M. Mitchell, G. U. Dodge, G. 
W. Bns«, J. S. Gove. H. N. Hajward. 

Church— Con«r., £. G. Stone. Physician— C. A. Allen. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Asa Dodge, M. P. Thornton: Eatt 
handles, boxes and lumber J. M. Reed; lumljer, tubs and kits, Kemp 

Merchant William Brooks. 

Soutb— A. i?. <S^.— Cold Riv. Urn. on Cheshire R. R. and New- 
port, 16 ro. on C. A C. R. R. Daily Stage to Oliurlestown aud B. Falls. 

Churches— Bap. B. Bi Tuck ; Meth., E. R. Perkins. 

Hotel— S. A. Reed. 

Manu&elurers— blacksmith, W. H. Church ; lumber R. S. Mor- 
rison; patent roail scrapers. J. Leavitt McKeen; shoe pegs, C. B. 
Cnmmingii A Son; meal, 0. A. Cook. 

Merchants— J. B. Richardson, D. C. George; millinery, Mrs. T. 
B. Hayward. 


AL.BAIV V^ CARROLL— Fbv, 361. N. E. fr. C. 74; N. W. fr. Os 

8ip«e 27. B. M. 8. — Conway, lU ui. on Etuilern B. B. Tri-weekly 
stage to West Ossipee. 

OFFIGEBS—Ci«rfc, Thurston Smfth; Tr«/iir. John B. Parrish; fii»pt. 
0. S. Smith ; SeUetmen J. M. Shackf'urd, B. S. Kentt Ichabod fiammoDd 

Postmaster— C/toeoruo, Alvah BlHckey. Church— F. Bap. T.Brown, 

Justices— O. W. Pnrintcton, B. S. Kent. 

Hotels— Shackford House, J. M. Shackford, Prop.; Trout Dal<' 
Borne, Oscar Sanborn, prop. 

Manufiicturers— lumber, J. Douglass, Allen k Warren, A. Moulton, 
James Moore, Swift Biver Lumber Oo. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, J. H. Shackford; carpenters, J. B. Pw- 
rish, J. N. piper. 

Alder Brook— See Betblehedi. 

AMaVULANOWLMA^ GRAFTON— Top. 832. N. W. fr. 0. 34. 8. W. 
tr. Plymouth, 12. R. R. 8.— Bristol, on Br. Br. B. B. Daily «tiige. 

0¥¥ICKRS—aUrk, O. 8. Gale; Treoi. J. F. Phillips; Bekctimm. 
W. P. Simonds, Horace Saunders, J. W. Saunders; Snpt.G. W. Griffin,| 

Postmasters— O. A. Bnllock; South, . 

Justices— H. J. Welton, Btate ; O. S. Qale, S. B. Sleeper, F. C 
Ferren, W. F. Simonds, A. F. Gh«ney. 

Church— Union, A. Griffin. Merchant— G. A. Bnllock. 

Exp. Ag't— W. P. Simonds. 

Manufacturers— lumber, S. S. Patten, J. P. Berry, B. T. HutehiniJ 
J. W. Saunders, G. H. Berry, W. H. Folsom. 

Mechanics — blncksmiths, L. i; O. 8. Gale; carpenters, Hanre^ 
Locke, H. J. Welton, S. Kirk, B. M. Tennay. 

AL.I4ENSTOWN9 MERRIMAC—Top, 1,708. S. B. fr. C 7 
R. R. S. — Allenstown & Snncook on Sun. Val. B. K. 

OFFTCBRS— C7«ri A. A.Biodgett; Tr«u^J. B. Haselton; Seleetmem, 
H. H. Hartwell, G. E. Johnson, John Perkins Jr. ; 8upt., H. H. Hart- 

Postmistress— Mrs. Mary E. Eyans. 

Justices— H. H. Hartwell, Wm. Haxeltine, C. F. Hildreth, D. L. 
Jewell, J. B. Hazelton, N. Kenison, State ; H. B. Bmery, S. B. Cofran. 

Churches— Metli. H. H. Hartwell ; K. Cath. J. II. C. Dowignon. 

Exp. Ag'tS— Harvey Dennison, Warren Martin. 

Lawyers— John B. Hazelton, C. B. Hildreth. 

Manufacturers— brick, P. & W. Sargent, Jabez Green; cottons 
China ManuPg Co., D. L. Jewell, ag't ; lumber, A. M. Osgood ; Inmbeij 
and wood, S. B. Cofran. 

Mechanics— carpenters, R. Brown, F. Batchelder. 

Merchants— books and stationery, C. H. Noyes ; boots md shoesJ 
Josepti Lacasse; dry goods, Appleton Sisters; drugs and medicin««. 
Hildreth & Gordon ; furniture, stores and tinware, C. P. Morse ; gro< 
ceries, Bartlett k Dalton, J. Sawyer k Co.; hardware, Williams k 
Hosmer. David Hayes. 

Physicians— C. P. Hildreth, A. Gouthier, F. Pallet. 

ALSTEAD) CHESmRE—Vop. 1,037. S. W. from 0„ 66. HT. 
fr. Keene, 16. R. R. &— Cold Biver, on Cheshire B. B. Telephone 
from Bellows Falls. 

OFFIOERa— rferifc, F. L. Prentiss; Treat., C. 8. Egerton ; S^Uetmen, 
C. B. Cook, F. O. Cady. G. E. Ntjwman ; Supt.. B. M. Smith ; Bupero» 
ort^ A. S. ThnrstOD, Jotham Byder and Rnxsell .TinHlcr. 

Postmasters— A. B. Emerson ; Center, Mary Shepard ; Beat, E. P. 

W ■» I ■ « I 


Justices— Chas, £. Cooke, E. H. Smith, SUde ; T|uiotby Tufts, A. 8. 
fhunion, Whitney Breed, J. A. Brown, Q, A. Mayo, H. A. Lorell, 
and A. Hatch. 

Churches— Gonff. ; JlTiMf, Geo. BeckwUh : Unir. — 

Exp. AgH—B. W. White. 

Hctel — Humphrey House, F. J. Barg;e, 

Lawyer— £. H. Smith. 

Livery Stable— L. Weeks. 

ManufkCturers— blacksmiths, H. P. Ware, G. A. Watts, Harrey 
jTaylor ; builder, J. F. Dickey ; cider and cider vinegar, C. S. Egerton ; 
edge tools, G. A. Brooks ; flour & meal, F. W. Nourse ; harnesves, S. 
Powers; iron founders, iron ware, plows, etc. C. E. Cooke ; lumber. J. 
P. Forristal, G. G. Banks, John Holmes, S. G. Anderson ; plows, C. M. 
Lufkin; pumps, S. Morrison; stoves and tinware, L. Weeks: JEcis^ 
rakes, B. P. EJdder ; scythe nibs and pail handles, C. H. k ¥. D. Messer ; 
iBcytbe sticks, Lewis Demerse. 

Merchants — H. A. Lovell, Timothy Tufts, Egerton i; Marvin ; .El^f, 
Ji«ett Chandler; auptioneer, i. S. Walker; boots and shoes, H. D.B^n 
all, Wm. Howard ; cofBns and caskets, G. 8. Alnger, B. S. Fisher ; 

rugs and medicines, C. E. Tilas; fancy goods, jewelry, etc., D. P 
Lingsbnry; horse rake?, mowing machines, tedders, threshing mar 
hines. H. A. Moore ; junk and rags, P. L. Prentiss ; meat, H. A. Moore ; 

ictnre frames and fancy goQdfl, JEa^ H. A. Lovell ; stationery, cutlery, 
eoniectionery, frnits, nuts, tobacco, cigars, eto. A. E. Emerson ; vari 
ety store, school books, etc. B. ^. Fisher. 

Physicians— S. T. Smith; homeo. C. M. Lufkin. 

A£.VON, BELKNAP—Vop. 1,477. N. B. fr. C. 28 ; 8. E. fr. La 
oonia 20 m. S. JR. S. — Alton and Alton Bay, oh Dover and Winne- 
pi8e(^ee R. R. Conveyance to Gilmanton Iron Works daily. 

OFFICERS— Clrt-Jt, J. W, Currier ; HVea*., A. H. Sawyer; Sulectmen^ 
k. L, Rollins, Morrison Bennett;, F. E. Granville ; iSitpf., O. J. M. GJl 

Postmasters— D. M. Hooney ; Bay^ E. J. Emerson ; West, C. H. Fosi«. 

Justices— A. L. Rollins, J'. E. Smith, Charles Hayes, J. W. Currier, 
Morrison' Bennet ; Btate; J.'B. Berry. A. H. Sawyer, 0. J. M. Gihnan. 

Bank— Alton Five Cents Savings, Pres., Henry Hurt}, Treas, A. L 

Churches— Adv. — ; JBouty ; Cong. H. Prescott; F. Bap 

T. H. Smith ers^ 

Exp. Ag*tS— O. Tllton ; Say, J. M. French, also Tel. AgH. 

Hotels -^ Cocfieco, Geo. F. Savage ; Fiflpld, J. H. Fifield. 

Lawyer- J. W. Currier. 

Livery StahleS-^Geo. F. Savage, J, H. Fifield. 

Manufacturer^— floqr,. L Wentworth; lumber, I. Wentwprth, J 
WcMKinmn'; shoe boxes, L. Woodman.' 

Merchants— M«>oney it Vamey, Jpnes ft Sawyer. H. I. Nute & Co 
D. K. Rulliny ; Bay, C. H. Downing ft Co. W. G. ps>>orne ; meat and 
trovisionn, A. J, Jones. 

Physician- P. H. WJieeler. 

AfllRJeRST^ HILLS BOROUGff— Top. 1.225. S. fr. C. 30. N 
W. fr.'Naiihba It^.' S. W. fr. Manchester 10. S. H. iSl— Amherst on 
H^shua ft Wilton R. R., 3 m. coach to and fr. all trains. 

OPlrtCERS^— CTcrfc, A. A. Rotch ; 2b*ett«., J. 0. Piilsifer : Selednun, 
J. P. Trow, J. H. Coggin, J. H. Fisher ; Board of Bducation, J. G 

Ekvis, G, W. Bosworth, E. R. Burtt. 
Postpi*sfers— W. D. Forsaith ; Station, C. H. Mackay. 


Justices — Chos. Richardson, Perley Dodge, A. A. 1U>tcb, J. O. DaTis; 
State; £. G. Clark, A. L. Wilkins, J. B. Fay, J. O. Palsifer. 

Churcbes — Bap. — : Cong. — — ; Meth.— — 

Exp. Ag't— W. R. Clark. Ins. Ag't— Charles Uicbiirdion. 

Lawyer— Perley I>odge. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Oilbprt Small, Odorge Walker, J. F. 
Osgood, Jr.; brick, W. Rhoades; flour and meal, J. P. Noarse. 
Cyrus Cross ; kit^, Cyrus Cross, picture frames and axe helves, C. 8. 
Parker ; printers, Boylston & Botch. 

Merchants — H. C. Dodge ; auctioneer, J. O. Haseltine ; broker, A. A 
Rotch ; drugs and medicines, John H. Mills ; groceries, W. D. Fof- 
saith.C. L. Trow; groceries nud provisions, G. W.Osgood; meat, G. 
W. Osgood, G. K. Walker, R. H. Prince; stores and tin ware, J. B. Fay. 

Physician— John H. Mills. 

Tei. Ag't— E. Aiken. 

Telephone Ag't.— H. G. Dodge 

AinonkcaK — See Manchester. 

ANBOVER9 i/^i?iZ/if J CLfiC— Pop. 1,2M. N. W. fk-. C. 22. R. 
R. &— West And., Potter Place, And. Cen., and JB. And., on N. R. 11. 

OFFICERS— CZer];, H. M. Bos worth; Trecu. D. B. Weymouth; 
Selecttturtj C. W. Stone, H. P. Sullivan, C. N. Emerson; /Suj'^ N.J 

Postmasters— W. S. Qnimby ; Bad, C. G. Pevare; WeU^ M.P. IMsndy. 

Justices— J. W. Kenniston, C. O. Pevare, J. M. Shirley, C. X. Oarr 
William £. Melendy. John Proctor, IL W. Kilburn, StaU; J. D. Phil- 
brick, H. A. Weymouth, S. M. Ellis, Clark Durgin, G. W. Stone, 
J. E. Babbitt, C. N. Emerson. N. J. Batchelder. 

Churches— £!a«^ Gong., Howard Moody ; F. Bap., J. G. Munsby. 

Ex. & Tei. Ag'tS. Eatt, W. B. Durgin ; West, A. A. Emery. 

Manuftcturers— hosiery, JSeu^, H. M. Busiel; hubs, OUUymilJUtQ 
J. White; lumber, CiUeygioUU, Daniel Downes. 

Merchants— TTest, Melendy k Emerson; &«<i, C. 6. Pevare, G.W. 
Cole; CiUeysvilU, J. T.Emery; auctioneer, 0£I/«ym/le, G. J. White; 
flour and meal, dUeytwlle, Daniel Downes ; groceries, patent medi- 
cines, etc., Ecuty Clark Durgin. 

Physician— n. A. Weymouth. 

Cen ter'-Church— Unit, T. Thompson. 

Lawyers — C. E. Carr, Shirley k Stone. 

Literary Institution— Proctor Academy, W. J. Lloyd, prin. 

Manufacturers — hames and saddle trees, Baker, Carr k Co. 

Merchants— Quimby k Weymouth ; auctioneer, CUUyvBilU, 0. J 
White ; meat, A. C. Fifield ; stoves and tin ware, C. ▲. Goobrsn ; whips 
and potatoes. R. N. Messer. 

Potter Place— Postmaster, Ex. k Tel. Ag't— F. P. Gom. 

Hotel & Livery SUble— J. B. Hill k Son. 

Mechanics — black«mith, Jesse Baker, E. P.Zeaton. 

ANTKim, mLLaB0ROVGH—^op.,l,m. S. W. fr. C. 30 
N. W. fr. Manchef>ter, 30, and fr. Nashua, 33. R. fi.S.— Antrim, on 
HillRboro* and Peterboro R. R.— an extennion of Goutooeook Valley R 
R. Greenfield 8 m. on Nashua and Hilton R. R. North Bran< ^ 
DhIIv Stufre to North Branch. 

OFFICERS— CTsrt, C. B. Dodge ; Tteas., J. B. Woodbury; B^Udm 
S. S. Sawyer, Eben Bass, P. W.Clark; Bupt., H.F. Brown; fiwpi 
vutora, A. II. Ingrnm, Albert Clement. 

Postmasters— E. D. Putney ; A'or^A Branch, Almwi Fairield. 

Justices— D. H. Goodell, N. C. Jameson, Morris Christie, Josi 


Loveren, C. B. Dodge, H. W. G. JamMon, A. H. Ingram, A. Fairfl^d, 
State; £. D. Putuey, W. R. Carr, A. A. Miller, E. W. Baker, G. W. 
Kelsea. 8. S. Sawyer. J. O. Abbott, Imla Wrlgbt, A. B. Grombie. 

Churches— Bap. H. V. Brown ; Meth. N. G. Alger; Pres. W. B. 

Exp. Ag't— U. 8. A G. Ex. Go.,E. D. Putney. 

Hotel— barter Honse. Milton Tenney. 

Insurance and baoklng— £. W. Baker. 

Library— Antrim Gircnlating Library. 

Livery Stables^Mil ton Tenney, Ghas.BaiB, Proctor Brothers. 

Manuaeturers — blackimitbg, L. W. Uil), J. A. Bryer; North, 
Bft-omcA, DaTid P. Bryer, G. A. Gonn ; brick, Willard Manning ; bnUd 
era, 8. N. Worthley, Kd T. Worthley ; cherry gtoneri, fruit jparers, leed 
sowers, water proof cutlery, siWer plating, knife and file handles, 
hammock chairs, Qoodell Go.; bedsteads, B. Z. Hastings ; braided fl«h 
lines, G. B. Goehraua ; folding cribs and swing cradles, Brooks A Tnie ; 
youth's bedsteads, folding cribfl. Dodge Brothers ; cribs and cradles, 
J. 6. Abbott ; excelsior, M. D. ^ A. 91. Poor ; knife, pail and bundle 
strap handles, G. F. Holt; lumber, G. F. Holt, W. A. Uildreth, M. D. 
& A. M. Poor ; Hturth Bremch^ Josiah Loreren ; pasteboard boxes, 8. 
R. Robinson ; rocking cradles, E. G. Paige; North Branchy Boutell 
ADustin; sewing silk and tram, J. N. KeUea; merchant tailor, F. 
F. Roach ; picture fhunes, Geo. Wilkins, printer, S. N. Ball ; washing 
uiachinee, J. O. Abbott. 

Merchants— O. E. Whittom, E. D. Putney, G. B. Gochrane; North 
BrcmtA, G. P. Little, Almus Fairfield ; auctioneers, Q. A. Cochrane, 
Eben Bass, N. W. G. Janieson, J. N. P. Woodbury ; boots and shoes, 
B. F. Walton ; groceries and fancy goods, Jameson A Go.; harnesses, 
B. F. Upton ; millinery, Mrs. B. F. Upton ; Jewelry, W. R. Gall ; pho- 
tographer, 8. A. Putnam ; stores and tin ware. Squires Forsaith ; under- 
taker, J. O. Abbott. 

Physicians — I. 0. Antoine ; homeo., Morris Ghristie. 

SUtion Ag't— A. H. Ingram. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Eben Buss, Mrs. E. Whitely, J. M. 
Duncan, Mrs. L. F. Lovell : NoHh Branch ; A. B. Grombie, Mrs. M. 
W Pike 

AShLaND, GEArrON—Top. 960. N. fr. C. M. 9. B. fr. 
Plymouth, 6; X. R. iSL— AshUnd on B. G. k M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cferft, A. E. Porter ; 3><a«., F. L. Hughes; Mwlimm, 
Q. B. Stevens, S. G. Baker, B. F. Cox : Supt.y O. B. Cox. 

Postmaster^B. 6. Clapp. Tel. AgU.— W. F. Harris. 

Justices—^. L. Wilson. B. F. Bailt^y, T. P. Obeuev, J. F. Keyes, B. 
R. D..Dearbom. StaUx E. O. CUpp, F. M. Hughes, J. H. Eastman, E. B 
Currier, A. K. Porter. 

Churches— F. Bap. D. W. Daris ; Epis. O. G. Jones. 

Ex. Ag't— T. P. Woodman. 

Hotel A Uvery Stable— Squam Lake House, J. M. Cotton, T. P 

Ins. Ag'tS— J. L. Wilson, F. M. Hughes, Dexter Sanborn. 

Lawyer— J. L. Wilson. 

ManuActurers— blacksmiths, G. A. Buckins, Ede T. Gordon ; build- 
ent, Sbepard k Fletcher; Job printer, R. R. D. Dearborn ; harnesses, D 
0. Toiit ; leather boM-d, E. F. Bailey, lumber, Lake Co., R. Page ; lum- 
i>er, packing Ikkxcs, etc. H. H. Sbepard ; car and ship timber, T. N. 
Hughes : manilla wrapping peper. Wilder ft Co.; Plymouth buckskin 
and kid gloTes, J. F. Draper k Co., J. O. Morrison ; leather and straw 




And Most Perfect of I 
Tngerator in the MarketJ 
provements that no othqi 
Preserving Qualities andj 
it has no equal. 

Received the Highe: 
the American Institute j 
York City in 1S82, andJ 
?rn Exposition. Loui' 

also FiKST 
and Diplomas at maay^ 

Send for Descriprivf 

Responsible Agents \ 
and Towns. 





Ua»rd, 8. 0. Baker, ag't.; Waterproof and ladiei* cloth, Brethrick A 
Ftrtb, Carter & JKogers. 

Merctaants^B. Aodgers. Uaghei & Hackins, B. Dean, Pollard, 
Ebtrdir 4k Bmythe, Paas» Jl; Batchelder; auctioned, B. F. Pmi99; dvugM 
and medicines, A. B. Porter; fancy goods aiid aiilliuery, lira. 0. J. 
Brown, Busie Dean; jamX aiid rfigetablei, J>. P. Callay, L^wki & 
Olinee ; stoves and tin-ware, B. G Ciapp. 

Physicians— M. G. Spauldiug, Enoo HuckioB. 

jlsliuelot — See Winchester. 

A IJUMttUN, moC^NOHAM—Vap. 501. S. B. from 0. 36; S 
W. fr. Exeter, 14. B, R. ^<— Jttkiason, on B. & M. K. H. Pailv staire- 

OPf IGERS—CVer/c. 8. B. Maso» ; Trmu. Gilman Ck^enongh; fistocftMA, 
Q. 8. Noyes, S. 0. p. Irefry, S. W. Little ; ^;rt., John Dow. 

Postmasters— G. p. Dow; 2>^o<, IC. F. HoyL 

Justices-^reeoleaf Clark*, Samael O. Chandler, John Dow, 8i«U 
Isaac B. Horejr, Chas. Fernaid, Gilman Greenonglk 

Churches— Ceng.t J. 0. Barrows ; Univ . 

£SL. k Tel. k^'i-D^pot, M. F. Hoyt. 

Literarj Inslitntipii— Atkinson Academy, B. H. Weston, pria. 

Mechanics'— buiJdeire, CB. Sargent, Nesmith A Mason, W. H. 
WasoB ; MerchantSr-O. P. Dow, M. G. Calet 

AtlUnVPn lKep«t— dfe.Plaistow. 

£.VHVVL.JX^ ROCKING SAJ^-Vq9' 720. 8. E. «r. 0. 18; W. fr. 
Bxeter, 18. R, R, &— Auburn, \% m. on C. k P. R. K. 

OFFIGBBS— O^er*, 8.G. Pi^ecott ; IVsoff., W.C. Uoderhill ; Ahseimen, 
A. F. Fox. Bdwiu plummec, A. D. Kmery : Sm>t^ XU«od«re C. Pratt. 

Postmistress— M. A. WUey. Ex« Ag't— fi^nry 8aUmawh. 

Justices— A. F.Fox, W.C. Dnderhill, Wm. M. Neal, A. D. Sm«r7, 
SUit9; Harrison Burnham, Charles Spofford* 

Churches— Cong. T.C. Pratt; Heth., A. K. Lttnt. 

Manufacturers— feather flowers, B. G. Smith; lumber, Q.G. Griffin, 
G. P. Clark. 

Mechanics — blaoksmith, A. B.Preston; carpenters^ Stephen Sm> 
ery. J. P. Chase. 

Merchants— Prescott ft Clark^e: grain dealer, G. W. Bead; gro- 
ceries, Henry Saltiuarsh, Chas. W. Calef ; meat, Wm. Emery, Alfred 

Physician— N. W. Beane. 

BARBTSTJEAD, BJiLKNAP—Vo9. 1,817. N. B. fr.O. aO; 8. E, 
fr. Laconia, 18. R. R, &— Pittsfield, 4 m., Alton Comer, lU, Dorer, 26. 
Rochester 18 and f armington, 14 ; conTeyance to ««ch. 

OFriCBRS— Oeriie, Omtor, A. F. Shackford; iVeoa, N. g. Natter, 
SeUctmm, South, I. L. Berry, Horace Walker; /Viroda, A. P. Mut- 
ter ; Supt. Enus George. 

Postmasters— C. W. Blanchazd ; CmUr, G. W. Hosa ; StnUk, E. 
Hanson ; Norths W. C. Berry. 

Justices— 8. Shackford, J. P. Blaisdell, C. 8. George, H. K. Colbath. 
(. L. Berry, W.H. Bixford, E. 8. George, D. E. Tuttie, Stale ; G. \V. 

Churches— Chris., : Cong., Parade, W. 0. Oarr; F. Bap.. 

>; ^TortA, Charles Peiand; (knUr, 

Hotel— Shackford's, 8. G. Shackford. Lawyer— C. 8. Georga. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, E. H. Foes. Timothy BAerton, T 
Grieves : Oenler^ boots and shoes, Baj-tlett A Doak ; buildmra, J|>bn 
Waldo, Frank Palmer ; lumber, Ffank Jenkins, OsoarFoss, T. K. Proc 
tor ; Bouthy DaYid Houstiu ; woolen goods A hoeiory, J. G. Pickering. 



if«rcliants— O. W. BlaDcluurd; Souths Ebeu Hanson; CknUr, 0. W 
Base, k Go., J. F. Ohesley; aQCtioiM«r» J. P. Biaifidell; JParade. 
f, 8. J«nnii ; clocks and watches, Daniel TattU. 

Pkysieians— OMter, G, H. Havley; dentists, James Kowe, Geo. W 
Baerson, 2d ; Norths Frank Nute. 

BARRlNGTeBU STBAFFORD^fo^. l.J|»5. B. fr. G. 80, 
TR. fr. Dorer 8. JB. i^. ^9.— Bairihgton, on N. A ft. R. B. Dailf mail. 

OFPIGBBS—OsHk, £aurf, G. M. Gear ; 2Wm., F. J. Berry; SeUctnun. 1>. 
W-. Locke, G.O. A. Ghesley, A. J.Felker; SupL, Mrs. Addie Mc Daniel. 

Postmasters-^eremiali Waterhouse ; Eattt Gk. B. Haley ; North, 
Darnel Cater. 

Justices-^. S. Daniek, Wra. Waterhouse, Jona. Dnstin, Oale; H. 
G. Oafer, H. Tfaompeon, John Watson, A. J. Moody. 

Churches— Con(., ; Bap., — ; F. W. Bap. 


Manufacturers— baskets, EbenOapen; blacksmiths, James Gnppy, 
Chesley & Gauney,G. W. Heitt, G. 0. A. Ohesley, E. T. Hall. J. Davis; 
>ixe handles and boxes, Hall A Sbepard; builders, E. T. Hall, G. F. 
Bnssell, J. W. Berry ; creamery batter,. G. . H. Waterhouse ; evap- 
ortkted fmit, C. A. Dyer A Co. ; horse blankets. Carpenter Bros.: lum- 
ber, W. H. Buzzell, H. W. St J. M. Lbcke, J. F. k J. W. Berry, Foster 
A Clouglv Elraa B. Hall; sleighsand wagons. G. H. Swain ; spokes and 
felloes, W. H. Bazeell. 

Merchants— grain and flour, G. B. Haley ; groceries, J. R. Oalef; 
r. R. Hall, W. £. Waterhouse, E. B. Brown. 

PhysieiaAS— Wm. Waterhouse, David Mc Daniel, J. 8. Daniels. 
Jolui Gilman, Mrs. A-ddie Mc Daniel. 

BARX'L.E'rX^ CAMROLL^Vtfp, 1,043. N. E. fr.G. 85 ; N. W. 
rr. Gssipee, 46. R. R. iS.— Bartlett and Glen Station, on P. ik 0. B. R. 

OFFIGEBS— (7/«rJk,A. W. Burnel];£^crme»,G. W. M. Pitman, Wal- 
ter Pitman, Austin L. Stillings. 

Postmasters — Frank George; Lower, Joseph Pitman; (kntrty G. 

Justices^-^. W. M. Pitman, A. L. Meferve, Jona. Gale, StaU i 
Frank George, J. B. Gillis, Wui. Pitman. 

Churches— AdT. J. B. Deariug; F. Bap. ; Meth. 

Exp. Ag't. & Tel. Operator— J. B. Gillies ; Cwtrt^ A. W. Bnmell. 

Hotels— BartlettHou^e^ Frank George; East Branch House, Pit- 
mma Broa^ Peqoaket House, Haxeu Pitman ; Peodexter Mansion, 
C. C. Pendexter; Cmtre, H. C. Fernald, C. Steiphen. 

lawyer— G. w. M. Pitman. Physician— G. M. Brown. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, G. T. Wilson;. lumber, Bartlett Land 
and l^ombef* Go., Kearsarge Peg Co. 

Merebant^-^MeserTe 4 Gillies, W. S. Foster, Gardner BuiTum Bt Co., 
Omter, Joseph Mead, Josiah Eastman, Austin L. Stillings; LioeryQ. 
W. M. k A. Pitmant 

BATHv ffBAFTON—Vop,, 1,088. N. W. fr. C. 80. N. fr. Hater- 
hill, U. R. R iS.— Bath, on B. G. A M. K. B. 

OVTlOW&^Glerk, G. G. Foster ; Treaty Edward Woods ; SeUctnen, 
A. J. Leighton, J. M. Natter, A. U. Burton. 

Postmaster— D. G. A. Fofitev ; Btoiftwateirt F. H. Parcher. 

Justices — A. P. Carpenter, Philip Carpenter, C. N. Krook, State ; 
Bdward Woods, H. C. Carbee, Wm. Ml nut, M. S. Woodward, Moses 
Abbott, J. A. Daris, H. H. Clarke, C. C. Foster, W. B. Blandin, ^S. 8. 
Oarbee, J. C. Noyes. 


ClllirebeS — Oone. — -* Demeritt; Meth., — PrescoU. 

Eating House & Livery SUble^W. D. Thooipson, David Waterman, 

Ex. & Tel. Agent— H. P. Kom. 

Lawyers— J. L. Carletua, A. P. Carpenter, Sdward Woods, Pkllip 
Garpeuter. . 

Literary Institution— Bath Academy, ^prin. 

Manufacturers— boots and ihoes, B. F. Elliott; cloth dressing and 
wool carding, M. S. Woodward ; lumber, Swi/'tw«terf Swifl water Saw- 
mill Co., Woods A Weeks, Daniel Whitclier; wood pnip, Conant dt Co.; 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksuiitbs, B. P. Woid, H. D. Clough; 
carpenters, Moses Lang, R. S. Clongb, Richard Gross, J.D. Korria, 
0. P. Rollins. 

MerchantSr-B. 0. A. Foster, Plimpton k Child, Joel Tucker, Swift' 
water^ H. H. Parcher. 

Physicians— H. H. Hollister ; bot. Jonathan Brownson. 

Restaurant— DaTid Waterman, Engene Clough. 

BE»ftOR]>, HILLSBOROUGH— Pop., 1,2X)^. S, fir. C.21;S 
W. fr. Manchester 6. X. H. S. — Manchester, on C. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CTerJt, 8. A. Riddle; Treas., John ll(>dKman ; Seleet- 
men, F. R. French, J. F. €k>ve, C. E. Bursiel ; i&fupe., D. H. Coluord. 

Postmaster & Merchant— J. R. Leach. 

Justices-^. A. Riddle, I. M. Riddle, T. A. Goff«,£Kato; F. A. Rid- 
dle, John Hodgman, Clinton French, R. M. Rollins, W.B. Ktrndall, 
H. R. Barnard, F. U. Brown, W. W . Darrah, C. £. Foster. 

Church— Pres. D. U. Colcord. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, J. 8. Parkhurst, T. F. Kendall ; 
boots and shoes, O. L. & C. II. Kendall; bricks, Daniel Parker; 
lumber, S. C. Dauion, E. K. Woods, G. F. Shepard, J. R. Leach. 

Physician— Frank D. Kowe. 

BUIiMONT, BELKNAP— Vop., 1,226. N. fr. C. 18. 8. fr. La 
conia, 6. B, R. S.— Tilton, 6 m.. East Tilton, 4 m., on B. C. A M. R. A. 
Semi-daily stage to Tilton. 

OFFICERS— C/erA:, F. £. Johnson ; TrtM.VT. H. Shepard ; BtUetmen, 
Isaiah Piper, A. L. Bean, H. C. Woodward ; £k<p<., W. H. PfaUbcick.'. 

Postmaster— E. C. Bean. Exp. Ag't— C. H. Aikens. 

Justices— W. G. Wells, G. A. Hackett, A P. B. Currier, p. o. Ad 
Bast Tilton, Isaiah Piper, J. W. Wells, E. P. Thompson, G. £. Olough 
U. W. Judkins, Ira Mooney, fitat0 ; E. G. Bean, G. E. Moody, 'J. B 
Mathews , M. H. Philbrick, F. K.Johnson, W. H. Pbilbrick. 

Churches —Advent, ; Ist F. Bap., T. G. Wilder; 2nd P. 

Bap., J. C. Waldrou. 

Hotels — Brown's Hotel, A. W. Brown; Belmont House, Ira 
Mooney. Lawyer— E. P. Thompson. Livery Stable— Prescott Hall. 

ManufilCturers — blacksmiths, Abbott and Hlllsgrow; builders, 
Andrew Phillips, Gyms Nonius, Edgar Williard, Ihiytoa limikiiis; 
hosiery, Gilmanton Mills, Moses Sargent, jr., ag't ; lumber, J. L, 
Alien, N. D. Garmon ; lumber and wood, J. M. Folsom. 

Merchants— T. B. Clough & Son, G. W. Hunt, R. O. Hoyt A<0o.; 
J. H. Rickert ; agricultural implements, G. W. Knowles ; drugs and 
medicines, E. C. Bean ; fish, B. T. Lakeman A Son ; Jewelry, F. J<rihn- 
sun ; meat. Bean A Sweatt ; millinery, Mrs. R. Q. Hoyt. 

Physicians— S. A. Merrill, Wm. A. Bucklin, G. W. Hackett; dentist. 
E. E. Swasey. 

32 ; W. ft-. Manchester 30. R. R. &— Bennington, en HUIsborengh A 

P«tArlinrn R. R.. und MunnhARtAr A KiMiiA R. R llyf miIIa 

iHnoHauMS-J. C.Jh ' 


0FFICBB8— (Aari, H. H. Osnrga: IVnu.,0. A. WhltKniDT*; Biltet. 
«, WlUiim KkloD, WuLej WilKO, r. U. Kli ' " - - — - 

I— Somnsi StrlckUnd. Uvery SUble— C. Bran. 

qfilclurOTS — bUekimitU, »nni1i TirlBtell; cnllvry. . _. 

aaod*ll;tKHauideatlery, C. J. KiIoL>li A Suu lamMr and ntKl, J. 

JuiUcss—J, G, Vodite, Stale: t. W. FlaCEi ( 

;atlery, C. t. KiIoL>li A Suu UmMr and m< 
E. Downi. Cfau. ■- EaloiT: cInckB iiul w* 

Marchanls tF, 

5uinin«r ^ardlnajitiiiittf-^. c'DDdgc.JiniH^voi 


irtiill,Ji). A fi. 

* ""^ ' ■ i«I ; *(« 

iu, 1. H. Kejter, L. H. Pirk.r ; Supl., P. if. Bom 

Poitnuilar P. w. aUm. 

JuJIICM— B.r.UiDD, P. W. Allin, W. B. Pago, l«alai J. H 

ChurBh— Hath., , 

Muiufkclunin lumber, J. H. Kewer; «liirch cmmki,}, H, KejBOr; 

BERLIir, coos-Pop. 1,14*. n!b. (r. C. 140; B.r - 
I. H.R.S. Barlln Fulls on Orsnd Trunk R.R. 

OFFICSBS— ClA-it, S. D. QrMD: IVnu., J. B. Norm 
HH Tutllt, X. F. WiTdwell, S. D. Oieen: Bnpl.. R. N. C 

Poilmuter— RiUi, C. C fl»rri>h ; MlOt. J. W. Pirker. 

Jusliogs— A.:E. Cole, DulelOreeD, SIsIa; Jem Tiittle, <i.ColBD, 
D. OrHo. 

Churches— CbrfeL, A. Vonnetli R. C. J. 'Wnlah ; Unli. 
Eip. * Tel. Agent— A.E. Cols. Tel. Ag't-J. H. Uili 

.p. t , T,. -. 

lieu— Ut. Forul Hoii»,lInLFureili Cuuda HoMl, H. F. UueJ 
Lawyers— B, N. Chmnborliiln k Co. 

■uiufkcturcrf— IXHitK mid ah^'sa, Wm. Uolfcll, Loiila LiTerliM 
mber, Berlin Mflla Co., /erlchoMlll.,C.H,l " 

m. lAodrj; blukamftha. C. 0. Lalgbton, 
-D, J. a, Camey, B. D. BlcHlKatl, MUit, J. D. Duke 
A. BloditH, A. LegraJ U, H. Laddi prIuMi, 8. V 

I. Colbj. 

Herob*nl»— Berlla Ullle Co.,a. P.Kmiirl 
errlib A Co.,8. F. Hril. G. C. P^na. C. Q. 

" -lijfstcir- 

(. It. Ba'erhlll U. R. B. B.—\ 
laaael wlllml! Intna. 

M. Row».B. *aordTrCw. RSeniwrn; aiji. Mlm M. B, pT«bj. ' 
Ps(lmU(erl--<3.F.Alil>aU; Alder BmA. H. G. LlbUl ; JfajikwwKl 
. T. Cruft ; Firrt^i Biidgi. R. Mc Dannsld. 


Church-^Dion, S. F. Lougeu, evangelist. 

Manufacturers— lumber, Kicbard Brown ; £. R. West. 

Mechanics— blacluinitb, A. F. Wheeler; 

Summer Boarding Houses— Darid M. Webster, Mrs. Wnlter R. 
We>>flter. G. B. DoUoff, E. W. Rankins, Lake View HooRe. . 

BRISTOI^ GRAFTON— Pqp., 1,363. N. W. fr. 0. 30; S. ftx>in 
Plymouth, 16. B. R. S.— Bristol, at terminus of Bristol Branch R. R. 

OFFICERS — C/«ri, C. H. CnUey; Treat., Wni. George; St 
Ueinuny S. 8. Brown, B. S. Hastings, A. J. Ferrin; BupLy Qiw. H 
Galley; Bslief, G. W. Miller, J R. Conner; Board of Educatvm, L. W. 
Fling, I. A. Chatte, G. H. Calley, Margaret Fling, Emily A. Drake, 
Martha Alexander. 

Postmaster— John H. Brown. 

Justices— L. W. Fling, Albert Blake, K. B. Dearborn, H. A. Ban 
dolph, F. H. Bartlett, J. F. Sanborn, W. A. Berry, Ira A. Chaee, J. 
Q. Whitcoinb, F. M. Beckford, M. V. Wilbur, B. F. Perkins, J. C 
Page, R. M. Homer, /Siki/« ; J. H. Bro^n. 

Bank— L. W. Fling. Pres., G. M. Cavis, Treas. 

Churches— Cong., G. H. Pillsbury ; F. Bap., Geo. 0. Wiggin ; Meth. 
James Pike. 

Eating House— C. H. Galley. Livery Stable— Buck lin & Miller. 

Ex, Ag't— 0. F. Morse. Tel. Ag't— d. H. DickiuBon. 

Hotels — Bristol House and Brown's Hotel, Bucklin St Fowler. 

Ins. Ag'tS— fire and life, K. E. Dearborn, J. G. Whitcomb, I. A. 
Chase. Lawyers— Fling A Chase, K. K. Dearborn. 

Literary Institution— Public High School, prin., Lizzie M. Hale. 

Manufacturers— bobbin quills, Kendall k Co.; bobbin stock, M. B. 
Pray; buck gloves, A. M. Draper A Co., M. A. Kent: carriage jacks, 
W. £. Locke ; carriages, Bucklin & Robie, Haynes A B^rdman ; 
cider, G. A. Robie, T. T. Mnssey, E. Sanborn; coffins and caskets, G. A. 
Robie ; croquet sets, ten pins and chair stock, E. D. Crosby A Co.; 
crutches, Galley & Cnrrier: flannels, Dodge, Daris k Co.; flour and 
meal, Taylor k Shaw, R. B. Locke; iron, George A. Robi^; 
leather, E. K. Pray, lumber, Lake Co., E. Sanborn, T. T. Drake ; 
lumber rules, G. B. Sanborn; manilla paper and pulp, N. H. Palp A 
Paper Co.; picker sticks, MarshiJl Ballon, Taylor k Gordon ; photog- 
rapher, F. H. Briggs; suspenders. F. M. Beckford; straw and 
leather board, colored poster paper. Mason, Perkins k Co.; wood pulp, 
Maiion k Berry. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, Anson Buxton, C. A. Pear- 
sons; builders, Taylor k Gordon; harnesses, C. H. Tukey^ Frank Bing- 
ham ; job printer, R. W. Musgrove. * 

Merchants — Chas. Board man, L. W. Hammond, H. T. Alexander, 
Seavey & Co., ^Cyriis Taj lor; auctioneer, J. W. Griffith, 8. FbU&nsbee, 
Lock Rice; clocks and watches, A. B. Pray; clothing and gents' famish- 
ing goods. C. H. Dickinson, Conner k Co., 0. B. Ray; dry goods, VT. 
George ; boots and shoes, Dickinson k Homer, Connor k Co. ; draffs 
and medicines, J. W. Preiton ; flsh and oysters Geo. Kendall, J. D. Fol- 
lansbee; furniture, G. A. Robie, F. M. Beckford; furs and pelta, E. 
FoUansbee; meat, Bncklin k Co.. T. II. Daniels; millinery, W. George 
Mr«i. S. M. Ballon ; music, R. W. Musprove; tinware, etc., F. Bingbam 

Physicians— H. B. Fowler, L S. Chase, G. H. Galley; eclec, J. M. 
BiHhop ; dentists, F. C. Butrick, C. W. Coolldge. 

BROOKFIEI^D, CARROLL— Pop. 428. N. E. ft-. C. 60 ; -». SJ 
fr. Ossipee, 12. R. R. &— Pike's Crossing, 1 m., Wolfeboro* June. 2 
m., Union vil. 6 ra., on Ports. Qt. F. k Conway R. R. 


Ol'FICEKS—CIerfc, J. F. Bobinson ; Tr«a». S. G. Coleman ; tkUctmni, 
Chas. CLarchill, L. M. Sanborn, D. W. Lang; Supt, S. H. Uutchina. 

Postmaster— Charles Churchill. 

Justices— J. N. Cate,D.C. Col«man, BtaU\ Charles Churchill. 

Church — Bap., P. Lovering. 

Hechanios — blacksmiths, J. F. Hackett, J. H. FergusoOi caipanters, 
8^ K. PlHOimer, D. W. Lang, G. A. Wiggiu. 

]iBOOKL.IN£9 HILLSBOROUGH— ^6^, 098. 8. W. fr. C. 40 
W. ir. JNashua, la. M, R. iS.— Townsend, Mass., on Fltchburg B. B 
Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C/«rtr, Alpha A. Hall; 3Wa«. W. J.Smith; fie^ecMwn, 

C. 8. Dunbar, D. D. Rockwood, A. W. Corey ; Qupt.^ F. D. Sargent. 
Postmaster— H. B. Stiles. Hotel^Samuel Ihompson. 
Justices— G. W. Bridges. 

Churches— Cong. F. D. Sargent ; Meth. J. H. Hillman. 
MechaBios— blacksmiths, G. Vi , L. Bobart, F. O. Hobart ; cabinet 

makers, Uobart, Kendall A Co.; carpenters, J. Baldwin, N. Hobart; 

Merchants— C. P. Hall, Samuel Swctt, W. F. RockwooU. 

Physician— A< 8. Wallace. 

CAMPTON, GRAFTON-^Vop. 1,163. N. W. fr. C. 62; N. B. fr. 
Plymouth, 0. R. R. 6'.— Pemigewaesett Valley K. R. Tram daily. 

OFFICERS— €7«rft, E. U. Sanborn ; 2}«a«.,G. S.Bartlett; &/cetmen, 
S. h. Stickuey, J. R. Foss, M. Spokesfield ; iSupt., 0. W. Kimball. 

Postmasters— C. W. Cook ; lf«it, E. B. Sanborn. 

Justices— T. J. Sanborn, StaU; T. 8. Pulsifer, C. W. Cook, J. W. 
Morriiion, C. W. Nelson, G. S. Bartlett, C. W. Johnson, jr., E. J. Young 

D. 8. Perkins, D. C. Uill. 

Churches^-Cong., Q. Blakely ; WeU^ F. Bap. , C. W. Nelson. 

Exp. Af H— C. W Chase. Livery SUblo-J. U. Plumer. 
Hotels & Summer Board— J. C. Uiair; West, T. J. Sanborn. 
Manufacturers— harnesses, J. R. Davis ; lumber, F. E. Morse, J. S. 

Bump, J. O. Nelson; H'ecf, G. ^fi. Meirill; shingles, J. C. Nelson; 
We»t, G. W. Merrill. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmltiis, John G. Moulton, W. H. Fel 
lows ; carpenters, W. S. Bicktord. I^avis Perci val. 

Merchants— O. W. Cook ; We*U E..H. Sanborn. 

Villaiie— Postmaster— G. W. Robinson. 

Church— Bap., O. W. Kimball. 

Hotels A Summer Board- F. Chase, G. G. Webster, 0. Cutter, S 
C. WillAy, F. A. Mitchell. 

ManufiUiturers— carriages, R. J. Plumer, clothing, Jos. Cook ; cofflns 
and caskets, doors, sash and blinds, B. F. Emerson ; excelsior, Joseph 
Cuok; Aimiture. Nathan Pierce; flour, meal, shingles and woolens, 
B. Dole A Co.; lumber, Daniel Morrill; woolens, Mad River Mills. 

Mechanics jb Artisans— blacksmiths, J. R. Foss, L. D. Glover ; car- 
penters. D. Moni'li, Frank Hart, G. D. Mitchell. 

Merchants— G. W. Robinson, Cook A Adams, J. W. Morrison A Son; 
clothing, Joseph Cook; millinery. Miss Mullen; «tovesand tinware, 
d. D. KioatnaD, ag't. 

Physicians — W. A. Smith, John Lance, A. D. Muchmore. 

CABTAAN, ^-R^FTOiV— Pop. 1,783. N. W. fr. C. 43. S. from 
HaverhiU. 30. R. R, S. — Canaan, Bust and West Canaan on N. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cf^Jb, A. "M. Sliackford; Treat., Chas. Day; Selectmen, 
Isaac Davis, H. B. Whitney, G. W. Uazelton ; Stq[)L, 8. R. Swett. 

Postmasters— L. S. Davis; £ast, John B. Oobum; Wtst, Warren 
Hoitt ; Street, Frank Currier. Ex. A Tel. Ag't-A. M. Shackford. 


Justices— El«aser Barney, S. R. Swett. 0. W. Murray, J. 1^. W«ek8, 
V. D. Carrier, StaU; H. F. Wooster, W. A. Wallace, H. H. Wiison, 
M. T. Colby, Elijah Smith, David Barnard, J. M. Barber, 0. 0. Barney, 
W. O. Fogg, W. B Hoitt, A. M. Shackford, Isaac Davit, Jtfhn Our 
rier, H. R. Norris. G. E. Cobb, L. S. Davis. 

BoArding Houses— Crystal Lake House, Mn. M. A. Derby JbBon. 

Churches— Bap., H. S. Davis; F. Bap., Fkottny ViUdfff, Nathan 
Jones; Meth., B. J. Taggart; Batt^—— > 

Hotels— Parker House F. S. Parker; Cardigan House, A. H. Brown. 

Lawyers— G. W. Murray, J. D. Weeks, Frank D. Currier. 

Livery StUble— Cardigan House, A. li. Brown. 

Manuneturers— blacksmiths, Joseph Hebert, Wm. Huntley; Wut, 
D. M. Uarrigan, JBosf, F. W. Stickney, H. D. Bisliop; boots and shoes, 
C. D. Washburae, W. A. Norris ; carriages, P. H. Stocker, F. S. Fr- 
ker ; machinery, E. Flint ; strawboard, St«phen Peaste^. 

Herohants — F. Currier; Fitetory Villagt^ L. 8. Da via; EtMy 
0. L. Rand, A. E. Barney, H. M. Milton, A. B. Smith ; Wut^ W. E. 
Hoitt; auctioneer, S. B. Swett ; drugs and medicines, J. B. Cob«m ; 
millinery, Mrs. E. D. Muzsey, Mrs. Mary E. Sanborn ; mineral spring 
water, A. A. Puringtou ; stoves and tinware, G. 0. Barnes, C. 8. 

Physicians— Ara Wheat, G. E. Leet; JScui, E. M. Tucker, homeo ; J 
L. Rogers, H. S. Davis. 

CASrUIA, ROCKINGHAM— ^op.\fi4Si. 8. E. fr. C. 16; N W. fr 
iSxeter, 2U m. R. R. S. — Candia and Bast Candia, on Concord it Ports. 
K. R. Stage from Deerfield connects with trains in the morning, and 
with down train at night. 

OFFICERS— Cferik, J. F. Buswell; 2V«w., George BmeMon; £•- 
l9Ctmen, J. W. Sargent, S. F. Colcord, F. W. Baton; ARpto. W. C. 
Rttade, D. F. Emerson, .T. R. Batchrider. 

Postmasters— G. C. Lang ; VittagB, W. J. Dudley. 

Justices— Jonathan Martin, H. M. Eaton, J. H. Nutting, J. L 
FitU, John Rewe. StaU ; J. C. Langford, Edmund Hill, J.H. Philbrick, 
M F. Emerson, W. J. Dudley, William Crane, G. F. Cass, F. P. 
Brown, H. W. Moore, J. B. Fitts, F. W. Eaton. 

Churches— F. Bap. John N. Rich; Cong. — ■ ■; M«th., 
W. H. Stewart. 

iLxp. Ag't-^. H. Philbriek. 

Hotel— Whittier, Geo. W. Whittler* 

ins. Ag'ts-^. H. Nutting, J. L. Fitts, Mosss Palmer, E. S. Smith. 

Manufacturers— lumber, B. E. Smith ; lumber, flour and m«al, 
French k Baton, J. Johnson, S. A. Davis. 

Mechanics— black«miths, James Hackett, Frank Maloon ; buildors, 
P. M. Towle, J. R. Batchelder, S. A. Davis; harness maker atid up- 
holsterer, Hiram Clark ; undertaker, J. M. Vonng. 

Merchants— G. C. Lang A Sen, W.J. Dudley, F. P. Brown ; auc- 
tioneers, J. M. Toung, F. P. Langford ; carriages^ J. R. Batchelder, 
B Ladd ; clocks and watches, J. M. Toung, Daniel Bakar. 

Miscellaneous — real estate brokers. Joseph Watson; eiTil engiuoara, 
11. M. Eaton, J. L. Fitts, G. W. Crane. 

Physicians— L. E. Grant, Mrs. J. F. Pease. 

R. R. S. — Canterbury, 2*^ m. and No. Concord, Sm., on B. C. AM 
R. R. Stage to and from mail train to Shaker Tillage. 
' OFFICERS- (TZerJb. A. H. Brown: JVsa<., Edward Osgood ; iSk{ee<m«»,| 
J. G. dough, G. W. Fletcher, L. t. Mason. 


Postmasters— Hri. M. L. Brown ; Shaker VUlage^ B. H. Braith ; Bill 
vilU, Sasan F. Cogsweil. « 

Justices— Bd. Osgood. Lather Sarjs«nt, DKwiA Morrill, 0. S. Oigood, 
0. U. Cloagfa, StaUi £. H. Knowles, G. W. Suisry, ChM. Suiitb. 
M. F. Emery. 

GlNirelles-M>>iig. Ju. Doldt ; SUT* a>m<r, Cbu. Roper ; F. Bap. 
A. D. Smith ; Shaker*, J. S. Kaime, H. G. Blinn. 

Exp. UgH— N. G. Danklee. 

Manufaetiirers-Hi3E b«lve wedges, Ac, G. P. Korrill } frndh eradles. 
P. G. Glongfa ; luinU«r, Darid Mo«ill ; thiDgles, Gale, Merrill A Go.; 
wash inill8 and mangles for laundry^ M. A. Briggs. 

MdCtianie^blikckitihith, J. K. Taylor. 

MerchaAts<~A. H. Brown ; meat, K L. Batchelder, M. 8. Morrill, 
G. F. Blanchard. 

CA&AOMaJ^ COOa—Vop, 632. N. fr. C. 130; 8. fK Lasoaater 
15. E. R. &— Twin Mountain, on White Mt. B. R. ^ m. Fabyan 
Bouse, 4 ni. on B. G. & M. R. R. 

OFFIOBBfl— G^rJk^ H. E. «fonne«8; 7V«at., Isaac Thompson; 8tUel- 
tmeuy Oscar Banon, George Thompson, N. A. QlinM ; Oitpt. Mrs. P. J 

PoslmaMars— TVm'tt MomUain, Oscar Barron ; Jkfryan Bmut, Mrs. 
J. L. Barrun ; .Z$aiimdt J. E. Henry. 

justices— HVra. F. Uobbs, U. E. Jeniites, G. X. Goodell. 

Boarding Houses— Hardy's Gottag«, D. M. Hardy ; Pleasant View 
Hoa««, Oi H. Presby. 

Chur^fa— F. Bap., J. Dntton. Physieian-^scar Wx)rt]iley. 

HotalS — T#in Mountain and Fabyan Houses, Barron, MeiriU A Bar- 
ron; W kite Mt^HausA, R. D. Ron nsevei. 

Manufacturers-Hsfaareoal, J. B. Henry; lumber, Xfetton ft Galhoun, 
p. a. ad., Zealand. 

Merchants— J. E. Henry, H. £. Jenness. F. B. Roaebrook. 

Station Agt't Ex. A'gt & Tel. Operator at Fabyan^-B. H. Blouom 

Tlfl. Oper. Station Jb Ex|>. Ag't.-^ohn Eastman. 

€£MVSB HABBOR9 BELKNAP— ^op. £21. N. fr, C. ST. 
y. W. fr. Laconia, 12. S. R .9.— Meredith village on B.G. ft M. R. R 
9ta|^« and ateamlKiat (in Summer) twica a day, to Weirs and Alton 
Bay, connecting with B. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS — Cferi;, Wn>. C. Glifton; Trwt. Jas. M. PAin ; BtUet- 
mm^ J. G. Sturtevaut, G. C. Gook, L. Piaisted ; Svpl. G. B. Moody. 

Postmaster & £x. Ag't— Rufus Fellows. 

jMStlees-^Win. 0. Glifton, G. H. Ganney, SUiU; D. M. Whitcber, 
D. M. Hawkins. 

Churehes— Gong. G. B. Moody; F. Bap. W—L J. Brskiwg, p. 
MerMith Village. 

Hotels & Livery Stable— Senter House, H. L. Huntress ; Mault^n 
Honse^ 8. F. Emery. let. Aoent-^F. U. Mors*. 

Livery Stable— R. A. R. Benson. 

Manufacturers— meal, J. W. Goodrich ; lumber, clapboards and 
shingles, D. M. Hawkins: lumber, J. W. Goodrich. 

Mechanies —blacksmiths, G. H. Weeks, builder, O.S. Piper. 

MerehantSr-r Rufus Fellows ; anctioneer, R. L. Gue; groceries, 
R. L. Goe; ready made clothing, R. FeUows. 

Miysieiaae— Geo. A. Peavey, W. A. Page. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Almon Beasbn, W. A. Page, R. L. 
Coe, B. F. Kelsea, T. G. Gordon, R. Fellows, Brown Gottage, B. F. 


CetitreTll le — A pott office in Carroll Ck>uiit7. 

Cliandleririlte — Se« Newbury 

€HABI.ESTOWjr, SULLIVAN— Pop. 1,586. W. fr. G. 61 ; 
S. W. fr. Newport, 2U. B. R. &->Gharleatowo, North 0.. Soath C. 
ftod Springfield, on Sulliyan R. R. 

I OFFICERS— CZcrJIc, 8. G. Foster; TreoM. George Olcott; SebetoMR, 
H. B. Viall, S J. Demary, G. Way ; Supt. T. D. Howard. 

Postmasters— S. L. Fletcher, Souih^ Mrs. Albee ; Norths W. A. Hunt. 

Justices— H.B. Tiall, George Olcott, L. J.Brooki, 8taU-, Abel Hunt, 
L. W. Albee, G. 8. Bond, Chas. Ga^ S. B. Gowing, 8. 0. Foster, H. W. 

Bank — Conn. River National, Rob't. Elwell, Pres., Geo. Olcott, Cub 

Bcardiiig Houses— Mrs. T. S. Bvani, Mrs. Chas. Allen. Mrs. F. W. 

Churches— Cong. Geo. H. French ; Epis., St. Luke's, H. L. Phillips ; 
Onit. Tbos.*D. Howard; Meth. AbrtA, Geo. N. Bryant. 

Exp. Agents — D. 6. Stoughton ; Norih^ W. A. Hunt. 

Hotels— MANSION HOUSE, J. B. HOWARD; Eagle, Thos. R. 
Marston; Conn. River House, £km<A, J. O.Wigbtman. 

Livery Stable— H. B. Yiall. J. B. Howard. 

Manufacturers— baskets, W. H. GAGE k CO.; grist mills, Cephas 
Walker; grist nnd saw mills, Norths David Farwell; Insaber, Charles- 
town Steam Mill Co. ; Bovth^ Eli Adams, North, 0. A. Way ; parge- 
tiied cans, Pargetised Can Co.; violin cases, G. S. Bond. 

Mechanics — bakery, Mrs. J. M. Bowman, blacksmiths, Samuel 
Foss, C. S. Blood, M. C. Milliken ; cabinet ware, North, G. A. Way : 
carpenters, A. S. Spooner, J. Burtt, W. S. Westgate, H. C. Ellinwood, 
W. F. Merrill ; North, D. W. Parks, A. Ohirk, W. G. Hobart; hamees 
maker, W. W. Harris ; job printer, G. W. Foggett. 

Merchants— C. L. Corbin & Co., W. H. Labaree, F. W. Putnam. 
SK't. ; Norths S. G. Smith; auctioneer, J. C. Stebbins; boots and 
shoes, G. B. Trull ; drugs and medicines, M. N. Root ; flour and bran 
Hunt ft Butterfield ; jewelry, fancy goods and notions. Miss S. L. 
flethcer: groceries, JSdward Cooley; provisions, Proctor A Bid- 
well ; stoves and tin ware, Fred Saker. 

Physicians— J. M. Whitaker, N. G. Brooks; dentists, X. 8. Taylor; 
South. L. W. Albee. Restaurant— S. L. Lawrence. 

^JHATHAM, CARJiOLL—¥op. 421. N. E. fr. 0. 02 ; N. B. fr. 
Oflslpee, Hh R. R. iSL— Fryebnrg, Me., 12 m., on P. k 0. R. R. Oon- 
wyance daily. 

OFFICERS— C7«i'Xs, Charles Binford ; 3V^a«., Jonah Hill; 5U<cfm«fs, 
Wm. Fife, E. S. Lang, Richard Chandler ; £lupf., Horace Binford. 

Postmasters— I. E. Cla.>\; North, M. N. Fife ; SoiUh, J. Hill, jr. 

Justices— I. E. Clay, State; J. C. Eastman, J. Hill, C. Binford. W 
Spencer. ' 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, E.Guptill, F.Willy; lumber, I.Clay. 

CHESTER, ROCKINGB A M—Fop., 1,136. S. B. fr. C. 23 ; W. fr 
Exeter 16. R. B. ^Sf.- Derry, on M. k L. R. R.; Daily stage. West 
Hampetead, on N. &. R. R. R., 6 m. 

OFFICERS— Cterfc, C. F. Mamton ; Treas. J. W. Noyes ; Selectmen, 
A. A. Bean, G. S. Webster, C. F. Marston ; Supt. Harriet A. UelTin. 

Postmaster— C. A. Wilcomb. 

Justices— J. W. No^es, Lafayette Chesley, State; John XJnderhiU, 
C. F. Marston, Henry Moore, Parker, Morse. C. A. Wilcomb, A. J. 
Merrill, H. H. Lane, J. A. Hook, C. A. West, A. F. B. Edwards. 

Churches— Bap., D. Gage; Cong., Chaa. Tenney ; Meth., A. R. Lunt. 

F = 

Eia. Ag'ls-.l. 11. Smith, E. Q. HfiiIvv. C. □. KbiiI. 

Hstsl I Uvary SUbIa— u. □. Ssnl-orD. 

■ achlnlevbruMKiiultK Helton nilliDRlikm, HcDdITh * H«nK. 

Htrctiants— 0. A. Wilcsmb.J.N. HskIiod, R.U.8iin<lan:(iiictiaD 
in.N. S. Hoi»,B.F. l,«iiiiird; gewim iDichliiH uid ■p»ctu:tai, 
. MualDD. 

(■hvslclans— A. L. Emanan. L.CIiHtsy; kIm., X. L. ITilibt. 

Ten Ag't«-C. A. Wlluu<b. C. F. Hatiidd. 

. W. tr. KiHine. 12. A. R. S-fni«ie,onChet>bltaR. H..12in. Dutlv 
Age. Dnmni.rBton or Britlielwrg for ITwfc op VI , V»U«r R. R. 

OFFICERS— UcrA^, .1. H.gDudricli, !d: Trtiu. Henuon C. HuTer; 
iletlm4', Dmid UolmoD, Uamy Duvjg, Urkin Fan; AtpU., A. It. 

Pmlmasler— 3. F. Bocg. Nsehanle— orpenltr. Chai. Hlldrei 
JuslLces— H. C. atrvBj, C. C. P. Goodrich, .1, U. Firte. J. H, G(K 
cb, JtoMi Uurr*. Dh.ii, J. W. Cliambctlatn Jr. WilliuD Dtnai 
. n. Owilrlcb 2d, 8. F. EniK. J. M. RiOlinrdaop. 
CburcbAI— CoDg.. A. E. Hall; Uelli. T. L. Fowter. 
Ex. Afl'l— B. Kilburn. 

Howl ft UMtrv SUMt—Spiiffltrd Laki, PimpTct Bod<»,A. R.Mu 
Han ul^cturars— I limber.^ F. t^trve. B. Biiilsr, T. BuUer. 
ll«r«b«nC— J. a. fioodrlch 2d. PhVSioiaD— D. F. HaDdnll. 
WMt— £. S. S-Diiunrsnlon. Tt.T I m., on Vt. V.lle; R. R. 

PDSImUlAr— K. H.CoIbDni. Church— Unlr. , 

Manuraelurars— Hour luil meiil, W. Focd, W. W. Forr: iDinbtr. 
a. F>rr, W. W. P«rr. 
HacbaDlCE— Mackimitbi, O. FdtJar, a. Surkcji cacpanMri, 

Marchtnl— grocerlos, C. P. QilsDD. 

ChmiMrfli^td Factory— PdsI mi) l«r— J. G. Firwell. 
Cburcb— Uoion. A. K. Hull. Haul A Livery SUble-i. L. Pract< 
Balinq House-L«fa, T. H. Fbit. Physlcian-J, J. Buil.-r. 
Manubclurars— biusudJiiigeri. Cumtr Bro>li«n; aunriDd na 

». U Himillon : tlave* >nd iblnglu, I. f' Boxion. B. 8. Ctiinpb« 

'■eehanics— builders, J. W. York, C. a. CJUnphaU, a. Wll>on, J. L. 
filsoD, H. 8t«rk»j. A. Fiirwell. 

Il«reh*nl«— A. R. Jackwji, D. W. SUde; Joirelrj, Qeo. F. Darling: 
illlJ»r)>, Liiiia Bonney. 

CHICHESTBB, *«fi«/*.*CK— Pop.. TM. B.from C, 8 
^ £. K— Cbicl.wler, do Siincuuk Volley R. K. 

OFFICERS — CUrk, and IVmt., C. A. LuiiiniKid; Scltdmm, Q. W. 
Wm ren. .S. Q. Eduiupdi, BenJ. Eliaw ; Sujil. S. A. Kandall. 

pDSlmistsn— 8uIoiiiun Luvitt; .AVirl^Q. P. Ilitnn. 

H. 8. Bdchelder, .•«Lil> ) Ob°>>r1» Ulie.' D. rlllrown. 0. a1 UnguBld. 

■anufaclurers— iupibe'r.ij. W.Lune.'u.U. Muuhj; woodes 
~ IlechailiGS— i:^[pap»n, N. D. Fllt<, C. R. Sanbon ; piiuler, 

MsrchanI— H. T. leariti.. Exp. Ag't— G. 8. Smden. 


If ortb— <Ihurches— Adv. Bap. . . 

Boarding Houses— Willtam Lake, S. W, Langmaid, Curtia Reed. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, E. A 0. S. Sanders; lumber, C. G 
{anders. Eneas Ordway. 

Merchants — G. P. Haines, Joseph Morse. 

C'liocoma. See Albany. 

CI^ARiejIOJrT, JSiTLL/r^iV— Pop. 4,704. W. W. fr. 0. 50; 
W. fr. Newport 10. B. B. &— Glaremont on G. A C. B. B.; Claremoht 
lunc. W. Clare. 2U m. on Sullivan R. R. 

OFFICERS—efer*, F. F Haakell: 2Vea*. G. N. Farwell, 2d. ; BeUct 
nen, Isaac H. Long, M. S. Rosaiter, il. C. Sanders ; Supt. M. H. Wells; 
DoUector^ II. L. Habbard. 

Postmaster— John H. Whipple. 

Justices— Hermon Holt, G. 0. Eastman, R. W. Silsbee, Jarne* Holt, 
irthur GUase, F. H. Brown, H. W. Parker, O. F. R. Waite, J. L. Far- 
irell, £. D. Baker, Ira Gelby, W. E. Tulberly, F. A. Briggs, M. S. Ros- 
liter, H. G. Sanders, J. S. Walker, Edwin Yanghan, G. H. Weed, SlaU; 
[. D. Hall, J. W. Sanborn, Albert Rossiter, Sumner Putnam, I. H. 
[«ong, J W. Jewett, J. M. Whipple, D. Lamberton. 

Bank— Glaremont Nat., G. N. Fsrwell, Pre8.,G. N. Farwell,2d,Ca8h 

Churches— Bap. T. G. Gass; Gong. F. P. Tompkins; Epis. 0. S 
Sale ; Meth. Henry Dorr ; R. Gath. P. J. Finnegan ; Unir. — — 

Ex. Agent— 0. J. Brown. Tel. Ag't— Henry Judkinl. 

Hotels — Sullivan Hoa8e,B. J. Wood; Belmont House, Batchelder 

Ins. Agents— G, 0. Eastman, R. G. k H. 8. Osgood ; life, H. Jndkins. 

Lawyers— E. D. Baker, Ira Golby, H. W. Parker, Edwin Yanghan, 
krthur Ghase, Hermon Holt, F. H. Brown. 

Literary institutions— Stevens High School, L. S. Hastings, pria.; 
Hske Free Library, 3,800 vols. Librarian, Miss Abbie Field. 

Livery Stables — Wallace ft Huntlej, Frank Glement, Herbert 
ificbols, L. W. Watriss. • 

Manufacturers— blinds, doors, mouldings, sash, telegraph pln«. 
itair rails Ac. Freeman & O'Neil; books, GLAREMONT M^F^G 
!;0. L. N. Ide, Ag't. ; boots and shoes, George Barrett, S. E.*Noyes, W. 
tedfield, E. F. Johnson, G. B. Gutterson ; brick, M. Harlow, Welch ft 
Ueeper, E. D.Baker; butter tubs and pails, I. A. Hard; carriages 
>nd sleighs, Getl Lenven; cigars, J. B. Kennedy, G. ft T. Hale; col- 
ons, Monadnock Mills Go., D. W. Johnson, ag't, flour and mill fe^d, 
flann ft Whitn^ore; files and rasps, S. RIGHARDSON, JRj knit 
htrts and drawers, Herbert Bailey; lumber, Monadnock Mills Co. 
I'reeman Sc O'Neil, G. H. Swain; mill feed, I. C. Harriman; pap^r, 
lUGAR RIYBR PAPER MILL GO., J. T. Emerson, ag't; patent cone 
engine) washers, J. T. EMERSON; turned goods. Union Toy Tuni- 
ng Works ; tricots, cassimeres, doeskins Ac. G. L. Balcom ; vineear 
nd wine (communicn) Albert Hale ; water wheels and paper enginf 
rasher, John Tyler. 

Mechanics ft Artisans — bakers, Henry Kimball, F. Paradise ; 
lacksmitbs, L. W. Watriss, G. E. Albee, Peter Millett, Gharles Ba\l 
Vm. B. Henry ; curator of town hall, H. C. Sanders ; bookbinder's, 

Tewton, John Hendee, G. D. Osgood, L. D. Hall, George Murphy 
>. J. Livingston, N. L. Davis, Geo. T. Stockwell, L. R. Chase, H. R 
teckwith, William Chandler, C. P. Bailey ; feather renovator and up 

olsterer, F. X. LeFebvre; fork handles etc. Graves ft Eaton ; hair 
ressers, E. H. Jaques, Eugene Millett, David Gnuhion, George 


Millett; hamesB makers, T. Dart, B. J. Bow(>ii, L. D. Patten, R. C 
Bradford; machinistB, SULLfVAK MACHINE CO^ J. P. Upbam 
prei^ H. A. Nott; marble workers, Blood k Woodcock; masons, G.-F 
Tibbels, O. A. Walker, Geo. Carroll, A. Walker, L. Steams, J. D. Walker 
music teachers, (instrumental) Mrs. M. £. Partridge, Miss M. E. Par 
iridge. C. H. Thayer ; painters, R. B. Ten ney, John Baniard, Geo. Heatli 
J. B. O'Neil, (landscape), R. E. Miller: photographers, A. B. Harlow, F 

D. Kenyon; printers, GLAREMONT MANUF*G COMPANY, R. E 
Mnssey, H. C. Fay, S. H. Story; rag packer, H. N. Webster; tailors 

B. F. Houghton, L. M. Blood, C. E. Perry : tin, sheet iron and coppei 
plate workers, &. S. Rand, A.C. Stone, J. O. Brlggs ; undertaker, A H 
Barker ; watchmakers, Reuben Spencer, S. I. L. Woudbnry, Josrpb 

Merchants— I. D. Hall ; auctioneers, H. L. Hubbard, F. A. Rriggs ; 
books and stationery, Clarement Stationery Co ; boots and shoes, J. 
Woodbnry, E. F. Johnson, C. L. Noyes, C. B. Gntterson ; dry goods, 

C. II. Weed k Co., Coburn A Dean, Hey wood & Co., 8. Baum ; drugt 
And medicines, Wm. M. Ladd, H. L. Brooks, F. G. Winn, Geo. A. 
Briggs; flour, Mann k Whitinore, I. C. Harrlman ; fkncy goods and 
toys, R. D. Kellogg, £. S. Rand, R. Spencer • fish, Mitchell k Straw ; 
furniture and crockery, Haskell k Tulles, A. M. Hannaford ; groceries, 
Jewett k Peabody, Frederick Jewett, Hamlin k Co.. C. Joues k Co., 
Wm. Bailey, F. B. Danforth, Welch k Sleeper, P. Lynch ; Iiardware 
and agricultural implements, Georgo H. Stowell, C. Jones k Co.; ice. 

E. C. Lewis ; jewelry and silver ware, R. Spencer, S. I. L- Woodbnry. 
Heywood k Co. ; Junk dealer, H. N. Websfer, meat, B. F. Tbrnsher. 
II. W. Dole, C. H. Dole, Jonas Hastings, W. U. Harris, I. D. Fogg k Co.; 
millinery, Mrs. M. H. Bahcock, C. M. I^eet, Mrs. M. A. Davis, R. 8. 
Flet-her; musical instmments, Mrs. M. B. Partridge; periodicals, B. 
S. Rand, Claremont Stationery Company; ready made clothing} and 
gents' inrnishing goods, F. Haubrich k Co.. James Holt, F. J. Pierce 
k Co., I. D. Hall; sewing machines, G. F. Whitcomb, A. R. Campbell ; 
■<oap and ice, F. C. Kelsey; spruce lumber, L. N. Ide; tin ware, S. S. 
Rand, A. O. Stone, J. G. Briggs. 

Physicians— S. G. Jarvis. A. R. CnAmings, G. E. Baker, 0. B. 
Way, L. J. Graves, C. W. Tollee, J. P. Holt ; homeo., F. L. Mcintosh : 
dentists, Smith k Jarvis, J. Back; vet. snrg., F. C. Wilkinson. 

West— Postmaster— H. G. P. Cross. Physician— S. G. Jarvis. 

Church— Bpis. W. B. T. Smith. 

Hotels — H. G. p. Gross; Junction House, Geo. H. Chatfleld. 

Manufacturers— paper, R. Jarvis, West Claremont Paper Co.; 
Inml>er, R. Jarvis. 

Merchants— C. S. Eastman ; fish, Daniel Shea. 

€L.ARKMVIl4LE, C005-Pop., 328. N. /f-. G., 146. N. E. fr. 
Colebrook 10. R. B. S.— Coos or No. Stratford, 20 m., on G. T. R. R. 
Stage twice a week. 

OFFICERS— CTerfr, Chas. Young: IVfO«., N. C. Young: Selectmen. 
J. W. Yonng, Berkeley Keyoer, D. F. Hall ; Supt.j G. W. Wiswell. 

Postmaster— C. W. Wiswell. 

Justices — J. W. Young, Horace Comstock. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith, Romaine Richards; carriages, J. M 
Crawford: starch, John Keyser. 

Clinton OrOTe — See Weare. No poet office. 

COIiEftROOK, COOS—}^ Shire town. Pop. 1,581. 
»50 ; N. B. fr. Lancaster, 35. M. B. 5.— No. Stratford, 14 m., on G. T 
R. R. Daily Stage. 
L • -*• ■ ~ 



OFFICERS— CTer*, D. E. CuininJngs ; Treas. Warren E. Drew; 
klectmen^ H. W. Woodrow, J. S. Ca|»«n, John Gunld; Supl. B. ¥ 

Postmaster, Exp. k Tel. Ag't— T. B. KWey. 

Justices— I. H.Dudley, J. I. Pa rsoD#, Will. H. Shiirtleif, H. Bedel, 
Ubert Barker, F. F. Johnson, D. £. CiimmingB, J. W. Benikk, StaU; 
I. B. Pareonn, R. G. Jameson, Kansom Harrininn. C. S. Aldrk-h, F. ti. 
k>oper, Wesley Wentworth. Jeuae Cooper, W. E. Drew, 11. M. Loavitt, 
Tohn Whittemore, H. W. Woodrow, S. B. Whittemore. J. S. Capen, 
tlilton Ilarrininn, J. R. Aonis, Walter Drew, John Gonld. 

Churches- Adv. D. N. Chadsey ; Conji;., N. W. Groyer ; llleth., 0. P 

Hotels — Monadnock, C E. Smith; Parsons HouRe, E. F. Bailey ; 
ilohawk House, A. M. Gould. 

Ins. Agents— J. Whittemore, J. H. Dudley, W. H. Shnrtlefl; J. I. 

Lawyers— A. Barker, J. H. Dudley, W. H. SburtlefT, J. I. Parsons, 
^ F. Johnson, J. W. Remick. 

Literary Inst.— Colebrook Academy, C. F. Edmunds, prin. 

Livery Stables— E. F. Bailey, C. E. Smith, H. Jacobs. 

ManuTacturers — blacksmiths, R. G. Jameson, D. P. Bohie, M 
ifonahan, J. A. Gleason, S. Gummings; brick, D. T. Noyes ; brooms 
Sdward Dimick ; furniture, Dan'l Stevens. J. D. Little; harnesses, 
J. 0. Carleton, A G. Day, I. G. Andrews; leather, 0. £. Billiard; 
umber, H. Bedel, Rich & Spencer ; plows, stoves and castings, Gra- 
lam A Gilkey ; rat exterminator, Charles Parsons; sash.tilinds and 
loors, H. Hammond, C. £. Koli'e; stiirch, S. R. A Si S. Merrill, H. 
3edel, Lovering & Patrick, Hairiman & Co.. I. Young, J. W. Cooper 
L G, Piper, Crawford, AlUrich ft Eustis, Gould, Hurriman & Cross 
voolens, W. A. Looniis. 

Merchants — Merrill & Drew, J. W. Cooper & Son, Wentworth & 
)re^ C. Colby & Co.. G. H. Lang, £. H. Williams, H. C. Toung, M 
Tacobs; agricultuial implemeiitH, F. P. Covell ; auctioneers, C.C. Carle, 
on, W. S. Rolfe ; boota and ehoes, C. C. Hicks, Jesse Cooper, V. F 
)ay, Merrill & Drew ; clocks and watches, D. N. Chadsey, G. S. Rem 
ck; clothing, E. C. Wilder, drugs and medicines, J, B. Riley; gru- 
eries, H. A. Keach, Henry Maj-Rhall: hardware. Eustis & Knights 
neat, Keysar A Welsh, Tibbetts ft Whipple; millinery, Mrs. £. U 
Williams, Mrs. S. Cnnimiugs, MisiteR S. ft B. Cooper, Y. F. Day. 

Physicians — Oscar Wortliley, C. C. Norris, F. C. Harris, Guy 
lolbrook, F. B. Locke ; dentist, C. Raymond. 

COI^ITMBIA^ CO 0-S— Pop. 762. N. fr. C. 138 ; N. fr. Lancas- 
er, 32 ; S. W. fr. Colebrook 5. ,B. B. £.- North Stratford, 2}4 m. fr. S. 
ine of town, 8 m. fr. Columbia post office, and 3 fr. S. C. post offlce 
>n G. T. R. R. Stage connects with morning and evening trains. 

OFFICERS— a«rfc O. C. Harvoy ; Treat. S. M. Harvey ; Selectmen, 
S. J. Bellville, E. A. Titiii*, John Cook ; Svpt.,^. D. Legro. 

Postmasters — G. O. Harvfy ; So««//, Lewis .* now. 

Justices— S. M. Haivey, L. R. Danforth, State: H. H. IToliart, 
Jonathan Oilman, £. R. Kelsea, Lewis Snow, W. £. Cone, S. I. Bailey, 
J.C.Cole. ^ 

Churches— Meth. Souih, J. Hayes. 

Hotel— Sou//f, Traveller't* Home, Geo. Barnett, So. Colunibia 

Manufacturers— lumber, H. Bedell ; W. H. Cleveland, Wni. Finoian 
touiA, Wm. S. Jewell ft Co.: starch, Mm<, Hazen Bedell, Samuel Har- 
ey ; Etut^ Rogers, Libb.\ ft Co. 



Hechsniss— blacksmiths, H. A. Hammond, H. M. Hobart; carpen- 
ters. South, A. L. Day, J. W. Weeks. 
Merchants — auctioneer, J. F. Locke, p. o. ad. So. Colombia : corn 
nd DEieal, 8. M. Harvey ; Souths Wm. Keach ; groceries, £. K. Kelsea, 
South f Lewi!* Snow. 
COSrCORO, HERB IMA CK—Vop., 13,846. S. R. &~€onocr<l, 

|on Concord R. R. Nortb«trn R. R.. B., C. k H. R. R., and C. k C. R. R. 
OFFICERS— CWy CUrk, J. A. Cochran ; City Treas., Wm. F. Thay- 

}or ; Maj/OTf £. H. Woodman, Aldermen^ Pemxcook, J. B. Harden, Ward 
I: C. H. ClunKh, Ward 2 ; Albert Sal tmarsh. Ward 3; £. N. Shep- 

j«rd, Oliver Pillsbnry, J. C. Thorn, Ward 4;E. Dow, H. A.Mann, 
Ward 5 ; J. T. Batchelder, J. H. Lane, G. B. Emmons, Ward 6; J. H. 
Lamprey, Ward 7 ; Common Council, G.H. Emery, Pres.; J. W. Powell, 
Ward 1 : F. P. Virgin, Ward 2 ; Jeremiah Qninn, Ward 3 ; J. F. Rooney, 
B. A. Moulton, H. A. Roby, Ward 4; I. S. Ring, F. S. Abbott, Ward 5 ; 

|6. H. Emory, II. S. Fairbanks, L.W. Bean, Ward 6: D. R. Smitb,Ward 7 ; 
Agseuors, Abi»l Rolfe, J. G. Tallant, Harrison Partridge, G. H.Seavey, 

jCurtis White, G. S. Dennett, J. B. Weeks: OUy Physician, Geo. Cook ; 
A$sistant, A. E. Emery; OommiisioTter of Highway*, E. H. Woodman; 
C6U«etor of Taxea, C. T. Huntoon : tiupvriMttndtng. School Committee, 
W. W. Flint. Abial Rolfe, C. B. Staniels ; Board of Education for 
Unfon School district, P. B. Cogswell, President; H. J. Grippen, 
J. C. niorn, C. P. Sanborn, G. W Groekett, J. H. Georjee, D. B. 
Donovan, J. C. A. Hill, Supt Warren Clark ; City Solicitor, Robert A 
Via,j:OUy ifar«AA^ JohnConnell; ^m«<a)U Mdrg?Ml, Pewtcook, Geo. 
W. Corey; Chief Enffineer, J. M. Hill; Police Oovrt, Jmtiee, Sylvee 
ter Dana; Justice Special, A. W. Silsby ; Clerk, R. P. Staniels; /b- 
Uee, J. E. Band, 0. H. Jones, B. A. F. Hammond. 

Postmasters — L. H. Carroll ; East, Miss Florence A. Toung ; West. 
0. L. Shepard; Mast Yard, D. G. Holmes. 

Justices— Geo. Abbott, I. N. Abliott. W. H. Allison, B. B. Badger. 
W. H. Buntin, W. H. Bell, J. P. Bancroft, H. A. Brown, William But- 
terfleld, B. R. Benner, W. M. Chase, W. A. Clongb, H. J. Crippen, 
John Connell, Warreu Clark, G. P. Cleaves, J. H. Chase, H. M. Cavis, 
H. E. Chamberlain, B. H. Coach, C. R. Corning, L. H. Carroll, 
E. B. Craddock, Harvey Campbell, D. S. Corser, G. W. Corey, 
P. B. Cogswell, G. A. Cnmmings, Sylvester Dana, V. S. Dodge, C. C 
Danforth, G. H. Dimond, L. P. Durgin, D. B. Donovan, C. S. Danforth, 
S. C. Eastman, M. R. Emerson, Arthur Fletcher, Asa Fowler, G. A. 
Femald, W. W. Flint, C. E. Foote, W. L. Foster, J. H. George, Enoch 
Gerrish, P. H. Gonld, J. P. George, J. C. Grandy, I. W. Hammond, W. 
H. Foster, Walter Harriman, Amos Hadley, Stillman Hum- 
phrey, I. A. Hill, D. E. Howard, J. C. A. Hill, A. C. Hardy, A. 
G. Jones, Lyman Jackraan, John Kimball, S. G Lane, T. M. Lang. 
R. E Gale, J. Y. Mngridge, Josiah Minot, J. B. Merrill, Darius Merrill. 
T. B. Martin, N. B. Martin, J. N. McCUntock, L. S. Morrill, 
B. 8. Nutter, J. S. Noyes, J. P. Nntier, A. F. L. Norris, G. 8. Lock«, 
H. H. Metcalf, J. M. Mitchell. F. P. Norris. Woodbridge Odiin, J. W. 
Odlin, J. L. Pickering, II. B. Perkins. J. N. Patterson, Oliver P.llsbury, 
A. J. Prescott, J. E. Robertson, 11. P. Rolfe, Abial Rolfe, J. B. Rami, 
Henry Bobinjion, R. A. Ray, B. H. Rollins, F. W. Rollins, H G. Sar 
eent, H. C. Slierburne, L. D. Stevens, C. P. Sanborn, D. F. Secomb, N. 
H.Shattuck, R. P. Sraniels, A. W. Silsby, J. K. Stokes, F. 8. Stieeter 
H. W. Stevens, J. B. Sargent, J. B. Sanborn, W. A. Stone, A. B. Thorn p- 

I son, B. F. Tnckftr, G. B. Todd, A. F. Odlin. C. H. Or«iway, A. J. Shurt I 
iRetr, Peter 8inboni,G. W. Weeks, J. B. Walker, H. D. White, G. F. 



'»», Botuh Ar^"*»***»*» H. A. Hammond, H. M. Hobart; carpen- 

^'•'•chants' ^*y' •'• W- Weeks. 
nd xna«i a lir*^^''"*'®®'^' J- ^- l«ocke, p. o. ad. So. Oolambia: com 
***^A, I-ewi, 8iJf**''«y » -SbulA, Wm. Keach; grooerieB, B. R. Kelsea, 

« Concor???' if^«B/JII^ CiT— Pop., 13,8«. 12. JJ. &-<5onoord, 

OFFlCBRttl: !IL- Northwn R. R.. B., C. A M.R. B., and C. ft 0. R. B. 

►»• ; ^a^or :Ew?if, ^'*»"*. J. A. Cochran ; Ctiy TrMS., Wm. F. Thay- 

' C- H. CJou J ^^^»»»«»» ^Werm«^ Penaeook, J. B. Harden, Ward 

'^*^ ^/^ 2w!l '^S.'"y? OonimiUsiowr of Highways, B. H. Woodman; 
Jni^' *'ilnt A?? P*^- Huntoon: «ttp«riVi«m*tn^. ScAooZ Ctomm«<wj 

n J?<^»»oo'l ii'** .^oW«. C. B. Staniels ; floard «/ Educatiim for| 
>n^'^^^o«*n o ,>'**^*> ^- B- eojrawell, President: H. J. Crippen 
ly • Ar^« •y. C i Vr Sanborn, 0. W Croekett, J. H. Georjee, D. B 

rj^^l' -«ra»^,A '.H'^'* -^^P'- Warren Clark ; City Solicitor, Robert A 

1W^^5 0^^^'i*'ohnConn«lI;.4Mt*toia ifar«Aa/, Ptnacook, Geo., 
M, J » 5_ •/iJS^ -^W<n««r, J. M. Hill ; P6lic« Cbwt, Ju^toJ, 8yl w/ 
P»»tiS* ^''^nd o S'«<*»'. A. W. SilRby ; OUrk, R. P. SUnieto; 
W' ShSr^^^rsL-Tr ^•'ones, B. A. 9. Hammoud. 


-^ Oom 

^'Vlr/Jt'^^r, W. M. Chiui«, W. A. Clongb, H. J. 0^/ ,rn 
' rlir®" Clark, G. P. OleaveB, J. H. CbM, H. M.0»2/ aomp 

2.. B. H. o^flMLR. c3omiw,t. j:;j;;7 app.c 

*. DHiia, *■. « AjJ^, f , & Co., S 

Dooofui, C *^- . • iothinp, C 

l?**f'tfl*-^ gle Clothini 

HiS^, - Son, .7. B 

■l^J.*^ jordCashClotl 

JJV * ' coal, wood and ic( 

iJ>^ ' offlnB and casket 

' uer; confectioner; 

.roggi Bros., Joseph P 

janiorlh ; clocks, watch 

,., B. Knight, Stanley 

A and medicines, A. P. * itc 

.vittredge. H. B. Foster B 

u8,E.B.Crapo,0. G®)*^^^^ 

Ulatk B. W. Willard A Co. C. 

Cage; Ja». Hazelton. Hamnu 

M Vollett, AmoB Blanchard, i 

nenU Harrison PHrtndge;f- 

; flour and gram, Stratton, Jr 


t Co., Barron, Mosely * Co., Wood worth. Dodge k Co., E. P. Prweotl 
k Co., I. M. Savage, Frank Coffin ; furuiture, Patten ft Heath, Vogler 
5roB., W. J. Fernald ; groceries, J. P. Hoit ft Co. Woodworth, 
Dodge ft Co., H. W. Brickett & Co., Whittemore ft Reed, L. B. Hoit 
fc Co., Amos Blauchard, P H. Larkin. H. C. Sturtevaat, C. R. School- 
;raft, B. D. Clough ft Co. A. M. FoUett, Batchelder ft Co. A. Webster. 
[. M. Savage, Currier ft Bartlett, Lee ft Kenna. Murphy, ft Been ; West 
Shepard ft Parmenter; guns, pistols, and fishing tackle, B. B. Fisher: 
lats, caps and furs, A. T. Sanger; iron and stwl, Walker ft Co.. 
tlumphrey, Dodge Co.; Junk dealer, J. Kimball.; uiillinery, Mrs, D. B. 
rones, Mrs. M. M. Smith, Mrs. J. L. Crawford, J. Hazelton, Mrs. 0. C. 
Stanley, Q. W. Wadleigh, Mrs. H. N. Newell, Mrs. H. M. Wyatt; musi 
»l instruments, etc. W. K. Day, 8. G. NOYBS ; paintings ftj pictures, 
ftobinson ft Smart, J. G. Chase, F. D. Batchelder; paints, oils and glass, 
i. P. Fitch, C. H. Martin ft Co., T. J. Carpenter ; paper hangings, 
r. M. Stewart ft Sons, A. R. Ayers, S. Qlood ; pianos and organs, S. O. 
510 YES ; provisions, 0. B. Emmons, Pitman ft Co., Perkins ft Dnd-I 
ey, Kilburn ft Young. C. P. Hillsgrove, C. W. Drake ; sa«ldlery hard- 
irare, Smith ft Walker ; sewing machines. S. G. NOYES, G. F. 
Searle, W. K. Day ft Son, stationery, Republican Press Asso- 
;lation ; stoves and tin ware, J. H. Chase, W. P. Ford ft Co , Stevens ft 
Dunklee, Danforth, Clark ft Co., J. A. Dadmun, Wm. C. Blkins ft 0«».: 
toys and fancy goods, G. L. Hooper, G. H. tl. SILSBY ft SON, L. H. 
Carroll; trunks and valises, J. R. Hill ft Co. A. T. Sauger. 

Miscellaneous— brokers, CRIPPEN, LAWRENCE ft CO:,'B. H. Rol- 
[ins ft Son; civil engineers, J. N. McClintock, B. E. Badger, Itatt 
Fard, Cyras Runnels, George Abbott; dye house, J. D. Perkins: 
music teachers, W, K. Day, J. H. Morey, A, A. Spaulding, Mitu 
Susan C. Sargent, Miss Helen E. Robinson, John Jacknq^n; por 
trait painter, U. D. Tenney ; nursery men and florists, W. M. Colby 
Qeo. Main, John Hawkins; real estate, S. G. Lane, short-hand re- 
porters. J. W. Odlin, A. J. Shurtleff. 

Physicians— C. P. Bancroft, B. R. Benner, C. 0. Pearsons, Atjfksm : 
Wm. G. Carter, Geo. Cook, Granville P. Conn, A. H. Crosby. C. P 
Ghge, F. 0. Manning, A. H. Robinson, M. W. Ru-sell, H. H 
Pnench, C. R. Walker, F. A. StllUngji, S. C. Morrill, J. C. W. Moore 
Mrs. Wallace Russell, John W. Merrill ; bot., B. 8. Warren ; liomeo.j J 
H. Gallinger, E. ;Morrill, E. H. Foster, Josopli Chase Jr. ; special 
Vrs. Lucinda S. Hall, E. W Abbot, H. G. Mclntire, R. B. CroesJ 
Robert Hall ; dentists, E. G. Cnmmings, G. A Young, C. N. Towle 
J. M. Fletcher, E. B. Davis. J. M. Rowe ft Son. ; 

Tel. kg't—WeiUm CTnirm, H. H. Morrison. 

PenacooK* Pop. 3,f)00: part of Concord and Boscawen but 
distant fr. the city 6 m. R. R, A'.— Penac<)ok, on N. R. R., convey- 
inoes to all trains ; and N. Ooucord, on B. C. A M. R. R., 1 m. "^^^ 

Postmaster— Luther Gage. Lawyers— W. G. Buxton, D. P. Dudley, 

Justices — Isiiac K. Onge, J. C. Poarf^on, George Abltott, AbiHl Rolfe, 
r. D. Fife, M. H. Bean, H. D. White, H. E. C!i:imborlain, C. B. Foote, 
Luther Gage, State ; G. S. Morrill, W. H. Bell, C. H. Amsden, J. 
Liuehan, A. W. Rolfe. 

Churches— Bap., W. E.Bates; Cong., Geo. A. Morse; Meth., E. R. 
Wilklns : R. Cath. John McDonald. 

Express Ag't— John Chadwtck. 

Hotels — Penacook House, Hannibal Bonney; 'Washington House 
Qilman Shaw. Insurance Agents— W. G. Buxton ft Co. 


Literary Institution— Pennaoook Academy, , priu. 

Livery Stables— M. Bickfurd, G. Shaw, J. Chad wick. 

ManuQlCturers-Axe helves, H. M.Fisber ; carriages, A. Ellibtt ; Tbo 
Fmncb; carriage axles Ac.CodM Axle Co , D. A.Brown,8up't.; circnh 
ft other saws, whiffle-tree springs, FisherTilie Saw Co.; cottons, . 
d. Brown, Contoocook Man'f k Mechanic Co.; doors, sash and blind 
C. M. it A. W. Rolfe; excelsior, William Blancbard & Co.; flou 
&c., Stratton Mertill k Co.; extension tables, J. E.Symonds A C< 
rumitnre, H. U. Amsden k Sons : lumber, J. Wbittaker k Co., ( 
M. k A. W. Rolfe ; mackerel kits, Moses Humphrey; woolens, £. S 
HaxTis k Co. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths. Samuel Sanborn, Edward M 
Shane ; builders, C. W. Hardy, Chas. Davis, Chas. Sturk, B. F. Uutlei 
F. U. Brown; civil engineers, J. D. Fiie, Geo. S. Morrill ; masons, H. ^ 
Snowlton, A. W. Knowlton, George Nellie, Fred Williams ; pbott 
grapber, M. S. Lamphrey ; undertakers, J. A. Coburn, J. F. Hastings. 

MerchanIS— bakery, F. E. Beau; boots and shoes, J. P. Sanden 
clothing, J. P. Sanders, A. Appell ; coffins, J. A. Coburn, J. F. Hastingi 
dry goods, Foote k Morse, W. H. Alien, Brown k Foots, J. C. Linnehai 
O. H. Patnam,,ag't; drugs, J. I. Hoyt, C. Fowler; furniture, Amsde 
k Son, H. E. Dudley; groceries, J. C. Linehan, G. E. Kimball, D. ^ 
^anbonu Biown k Foote, Foote k Morse, Frank Abbott, ag't ; barr 
ware, stoves, cutlery, Ac, N. S. Gale, Isaac Baty, Brown k Foot« 
jewelers, W. H. Bell, S. G. NOYES : medicines, J. I. Hoyt, C. H. Fo¥ 
ler; meat, kc., Daniel Smith, J. Foss, D. Huff, W. B. dmningbam 
Diilllnery, Mrs. W. W. Stearns, Misses Peaelee, Hale Chadwick; pap« 
hangings, W. H. Allen, Brown k Fooie, D. F. Silloway ; sewing mi 
chines, S. G. NOTES ; stoves and tin ware, N. S. Gale, Isaac Baty. 

Phy sicians>-W. H. Hosmer, A. £. Emery, A. C. Alexander ; dentist 
J. H. French. 

Coomecticat liaise— See Pittsburg. 

Contoocook — See Hopkinton. 

COM IVAY9 CARROLL— l^oii. 2,124. N. E. fr. C. 71 ; N. ftr. Ossl 
pee, 28. R. R. &— Conway, on P. k 0. K. R. and Kastern R. R. 

OFFICERS — CZerA;, F. W. Morton; Treas. C. W Wilder; SelM 
men, R. C. Davis, J. C. L. Wood, P. W. Morton ; SupL^ S. D. Stuart. 

Postmasters— Abel M. Ayer ; Cmtre, H. McNortcn. 

Justices— U. p. I^mpson, h. H. Eastman, C. W. Wilder, H. McNorton 
L. Pitman, Joel Eastman, D. E. Thompson, N. Whitaker, G. H. West 
cott, W. F. Thompson State; J. A. Farriugton, C. F. Mansfield, Sam 
aal Hazelton, J. C. L. Wood, Andrew Dinsraore, J. B. Nasli, F. U. Masoi 
J. A. Carlton, H. H. Dorr, C. H Whittaker, F. B. Osgood, John Chasf 
Ci. G. Quint. 

Churches — Cong. S. G. Norcross; Meth., Daniel Watorhouse. 

Hotels— Conway House, Grove House, Pequaket .House ; Cetni* 
Center House. 

Lawyers — Outer, John B.Nasli, Joel Eastman. 

Uvery Stable— L. H. Eastman. 

ManuTacturers — carriages, L. S. Merrill, Eaton k Burnell ; lumber 
Allen k Warren, E. Drown; lumber and flour. Center^ H. B. Cotton 
pegs, B. F. Sturtevant; spools, H. Metcalf : straw board, Merrill k Cc 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, J. Cloutman, Horatio Cai 
ter ; Job printers, 0. B. Merrill. 

Merehants^J. C. L. Wood, Palmer k Davis, L. C. Quint, Sawye 
Bros, Carlton k Robertson ; Center ^ Morton Bros., J. A. Carl tot 
Q«rlaad k Potter. 


Physicians— Simeon Kvans, 8. N. Orvenlaw, David Watson. 

Tef. Agent— F. W. Dnvia. 

Jrortli— JZ. B. R— No. Conway, on P. ft 0. R. R. and Eastern R. K 

Postmaster— E. Goodwin. 

Justices— Kathan Whitaker, L. Pitman, .8. D. Thompwn, W. W^ 
rhompson, State ; H. H. Dow, C. H. Whitaker, F. B. Osgood, L. C. 

Boarding Houses— U. Searey, J. C. Willey, J. A. Barnes, Mrs. Pen- 
iexter, T. G. Eastman, L. Wheeler, Bossell Cottage, Merrill House, 
Jumner Honse. 

Churches— Bap. T.C.Oleason; Cong., 8. G. Noreroos ; EpLs., H. A. 
Patker; Meth. D. Pratt. 

Hotels— Rearsarge Honse, Snnset PaviTion, Me Mlllaii Honse, Washi- 
ngton House. North Conway Honse, Iiitervsle HonSe, Mason Hotel 
EUindall House, Eastman Honse, Artist Fall House. 

Lawyer— F. B. Osgood. 

Literary Institution— North Conway Academy, iP*^- 

Livery Stables— Mudgett 4t Sony. W. C. Eastman, J. W. Whitaker, 
r. T. Randall, Eastman A Goodwin. 

Manufacturers — carriages, I M.Chase; Inmher.' Farber Brot. 8. 
W. Thompson, A. M. Barnes: printers, J. A. Beitz A Son. 

Merchants — N. S. Davis, N. R. Ma*on, G. V. Enstman, L. W 
Drock ; drugs and medirines, L. Pitman ; miUiner^', Wilten A Goodwin ; 
itoves and tinware, Willey Bros. 

Physician— Wm. H. Bragdun. 

Coos— See Stratford. 

CopperTlIlp — A post office In Cbos Co. 

CORHriSK, BULLJr A N—Pop, 1,167. N. W. ft-. C. CO; K. W. 
!V. Newport, 12. Jt. H, &— Windsor, Vt., Junction of C. Vt. A Vt 
Galley R. R. 

Postmasters— W. E. Deming ; Ontrs, G. E. Hilllard ; Soulh^ O. S. 

Justices— Orlando Powers, Chester Pfke, SUiU; B. 8. Fletcher, 

B. F. Chellls, G. L. Deming, W. H. Sfsson, Wm. BalliJcb, G. D. 
Kenyon, C. D. Nevens, E. 0. Day, C. P. Jenney, Q. E. Hilllard, W'.C. 
Hart, H. L. Burpee. 

Churches — Meth., Center^ . 

Hotel — Connecticut River Honse. R. Daonett. 

Manufacturers— lumber, Cliester Pike, G. W. Sargent. 

Merchants— wool, C. Pike ; Bryant A Powers. 

Cornish Flat— A. J2. S — Claremont, 10 m. on t!. A C. R, R^ 
Lebanon, 12 m. on N. N. H. R. R.; Windsor. Vt., 8 tt. On C. T. R. B. 

OFFICERS— C?erAr, J. C. Boynton : Treat. W. D. Spanldlrig: SeUet^ 
in«n, N. A. Deming, Wm. Tandy, Ed. Ayerl; Supt. Herbert Deming. 

Postmaster— J. C. Boynton. 

Churches — Bap., D. Donavan ; Cong., J. T. Jackson. 

Hotel— Hampshire House, Geo. Wnttn. 

Manufacturers— carriages, B. C. Heath; gtins, OBnirt^ G. E. Hil- 
llard; lumber, B. 0. Day, J. C. Whitaker, B. 0. Heath ; leather, Alvin 
Comings ; patent medicines, 8. Hardy's Sons. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, S. M. Sherburn, A. E. Spanlding, C. t, 
Stnrtevant; bridge builder, J. F. Tasker; carpenter, Charira Tyler: 

Merchants— J. C. Boynton A Co.; South,0. E. Fairbankn; auctioneer, 
and clocks and watches, 8. W. Bryant; wool, 0. Powers, 8. W. Bryant 

Physician— G. W. Hunt. 

Cranrtord House— See Carroll. 



BXTsnrsBS dibbotobt. 05 

CROYIDOlf, SULLIVAN— P09. 608. N. W. ft, 0., 44; N. fr.l 
N«wport, 7. Ji. R, 8.— Newport, oo 0. ft 0. &. B. Dftily ttaf* ; Mmi 
w««kl7 staxe fr. Lebanon on Northern R. R. 

OFFICERS— OerA;, M.O. Cooper; TirMt..Q.W.T>nnhKr; BtUetmtm, 
H. B. Hanson, W. B. Kibby, Rttel D. Lorerin ; BupL, M. 0. Cooper. 

Postmasters— Alonzo Allen ; Flat, F. R. Boyce. 

Justiees— Bliat Powen, Albina Hall, Nathan Hall, AIoubo AUen, 

Chureh«i--<^nK., H. A. Ctoodhue; If eth., — ^- ; J^ UnlT., Jameg 

Hotel — Croydon House, D. A Sargent. 

Manufketurers— 17cU, excelsior and mattrsss fllllnf , Plllsbnry Bros.; 
Iamb«r, Flat, Hampbrey* Hanson, C. H. Read, p.o. ad. Oornish Flat, 
S. a. Walker; blacksmith, Harry Leeds. 

Merehants— Rnftis Hall; Flat, Mrs. Harriet Pillsbory; auctioneer, 
J. 8. Huntress, p. o. ad., Newport ; groceries, D, A. Sargent. 

Physician- Williams Barton. 

I^JULTOM, COO£^Pop. 571. N. fr. 0., 112 ; 8. tr. LancMter, 8. 
R. Jt. S. — Dalton, on B. C. ft M. R. |t. Stages connect with trains 
twice a day. Lnaenburg on P. ft 0. R. R., 1 ra., fr. Somner Hense. 

OFFICERS— OM-ik, F. P. Bond; Treat, W. 8. Crouch; Se/sdmsn, W. 
S. Oroach, Lorenxn Farr. Jeremy Itoxter ; SupLf J. P. Stone. 

Postmaster— F. P. Bond. Chureh— €ong.,J. P. Stone. 

Justices— B. A. Taylor, StaU; F. P. Bond, J. M. Lang. 

Manufketurers— lumber, O. W. ft N. W. Libby. 

■ochanies— blftcksmiths, B. B. Soraers, B. P. Ooshman; carpen- 
ter, G. E. Wallace ; mason, E. P. Coshman. 

If erchants— Bond ft Taylor. 

]»AMBt7RT, MERRIMACK— Jfop. 740. N. W. ft. 0., «0; 
M. B. iS.— Danbury ft So. Danbury, on N. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CCerXr, J. C. Webster :7Vea«., F. R. Litchfield ; Btktt- 

Mt, Timothy Spear, J. G. Heath, J. u. Emmons; Suj»(., Weld Oonnell. 

Postmasters— O. H. Gordon ; iSiwM, Alfred Sleeper. 

Justices— Stillman Clark, M. L. Taylor, J. 8. Knowlton, W. T. Nor- 
ria, J. A. Knowles, J. H. Emmons, Robert Ferd, J. C. Webster, BtaU ; 

S. Brown. 

Churches— Bap. A. A. Beckford; Cong. — — — — ; Chris. SbiiCA, 
John Toang. 

Ins. Agents— Stillman Clark, J. 0. Webster. 

Lawyers— Stillman Clark, W. T. Norris. 

Uvery Stable, Exp. A Tel. AgH-^. H. Gordon. 

Manulkcturers— boots and shoes, H. F. Taylor; leather, N. P. 
Cloagh ft Co.; lumber, Frank Farnham, G. N. Ford, K. Bullock. 

Mechanics— blacksmith^ J. 0. Gale ; carpenter, W. H. Trarer; Job 
printer, W. H. Traver. 

Merchants— J. C. Webster, Stillman Clark, L. H. Jackson. ; SbulA, 
Alfred Sleeper ; cattle and horses, Edwin Litchfield ft Son ; meat, A. 
J. Gale: millinery, Mrs. A. J. Travers, Miss Rettie E. Emmons. 

DAMTIIil^E* ROCKINOHAM—Vop. 613. S. B. fr. C. SS: S 
W. fr. Exeter. 10. R. R. S.— Plaistow 6, and Newton June. 4, on B. 
A M. R. R. Sandown 4^ on N. ft R. R. R. Daily stage to A. M. 
train at Plaistow/or Boston, waiting fbr 6 P. M./rom. 

OFFICERS — CterJIr, C. H. Collins; Tr*a». Israel Dlmond; Mw^ 
m&nt Bailey Sargent, QUyer Hunt, C. A. Spoflhrd; Bvpt.^ BIrs. J, C. 

Pn«tvmAetAP«-.M J. Tlimnnif. KhrlK Cl&llim fUnlinra. 


I Justices— AaroD Qnimby, Wm. Hoyt, 0. 11. Key, Darid OriflBn, 
State; J.C. Bradley, Fraukltn Fitts, Bailey Sargeot, M. J. Dimond. 

Church— F. Blip., J. A. Lowell. 

Lawyer— 0. H. Key. Physician— G. R. Bennett. 

Manufacturers— lumber and boxes, h. A. Colby ; shoes, H. 8. A C, 
Bf. Collins. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, XJrbain YigBaalt, J. L. James. 

Merchants-^. C. Bradley, I. Dmiond ft Co. A. J. Philbrick. 

Dei:RFIE|.D, ROCKIJS'GHA AT— Pop., 1,569. N. £. fr. C. 20; 
W. fr. Portsmouth, 26. R. R. fi.— Candia Dep«t, on C. ft P. ft. R. 
Stage connects with morninfr and /veniiiK trains. 

OFFICERS— e/«TJIc, G. B. Hoitt ; Treat, G. H. Stevens ; SeUctrntn^ 
J. H. Batcbelder, A. B. Chase, J. C. Dearboriu Smpt. G. H. Towle. { 

Postmasters-^B. A. J. Sawyer ; ChUsr, J. M. Ballou; Somthy F. J.j 

Justices — DaTid SteTens, J. H. Yessey, E. A. J. Sawyer, J. B., 
Tilton, B! S. Brown. J. J. Dearborn, J. H. Batchelder, Stoto; T. 
W. Currier, S. Q. Haines, T. E. Simpson, G. M. Rand, G. H. 
Simpson, J. G. Chase, Amos L. Jennees, D. S. Femald, L. A. Ladd. ! 

Churches— Bap. H. 0. Walker; Cong. ; F.Bap. N. C. Lathrop. 

Ex. Ag't— Geo. Whittier. 

Hotels & Livery Stable^^Ienwood Home, J. W. Prescotf, J. T. 
Brown ; Center, Exchange Hotel, George Page ; Somtk^ Wm. Hill. 

Ins. Ag'tS— ^. J. Dearborn, h. A. Ladd. 

Manufacturers— doors, sash and blinds, G. P. Band ; lumber. Dear- 
born ft Sawyer, Gilbert Robinson, G. J. French ; tubs and pails, W.' 
A. Cliurchiff, Augustus Robinson. j 

Merchants— George H. Simpson ; Center^ J. M. Ballou ; Bouthf B. J. 
Sanborn; auctioneer, Au L. Jennesa; furniture and coffins, J. F. 
Prescott. I 

Physieian— G. H. Towle. I 

BBEBING, HILLSBOROUOH^VoV' «70. 8. W. fr. C. 22 ; 
N. W. fr. Manchester, 22. R. B. 8.— Went Deeringon Hillsboro and 
Peterlioro R. R. Stage every other day to Oil Mills, Weare. j 

I OFFICERS— C2erA; and Treas. AMn Tnbbs; Selectrntn, M. Forsaith,' 
G. H. Sears, C. F. Gove ; 8upt. H. C. Ferry. j 

Postmasters— R. Tnbbs ; Eatt, H^rod Obai^; Wept, J. M. Appleton.' 

Justices— Wm. Forsaith, Russe)! Tubbs, Lewis Gobdall, G. O. Patten^ 
Btate; J. F. Chase, 0. A..Appleton, A. J. Locke, B. C. Ferry, Isaac 
Smith, Herod Chase. 

Churches — Cong.— —Cochran ; Meth.— — RnoRell. 

Hotels— J. M Apnieton, C. T. Putney. Merchant— Russell Tubbs. 

Literary lostitutlOD — Peering Academy, Annie Clark, prin. | 

Manufacturers-^boots and shoes, B. W. Barnes; lumber, Dow ft 
Hill, G. Roach. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths* EoH, E. 0. Dow ; Wat, E. Bnttriek , 
builders, East, W. I. Smith, W. Patten. 

D^nmr^ROCKJyGBAM—Pop,2M0. S. B. ft-. 0.25; S. WJ 
fr. Exeter, 21 . R. R. &— Derry, on M. ft L. R. R., ai^d Hubbard's Sta. 
tion on N. R. R. R. Stage connects with all trains. I 

OFFICERS— C7erA;, Butt, F. W. Parker; 2V«a#., Ea»t^ P. J. Shepard; 
Selectmen, W. W. Poor, L. 0. Stevens, ^e|x>f,.Fred J.'Coburn ; Supt., 
A. S. Stowell. 

Postmasters— Charlea Bartlett ; Depot, L. H. Pillsbury ; East, F. 
W. Parker. j 

Justices— G. G. Bartlett, J. Priest, Wm. Anderson, N. B. Fraaoott, 


BUSINESS DiaBoroar. ^67 

J. A. GreoDwood, I. A. Dnstin, L. H. Pilliihary. F. J. Sliep«rd, G.| 
K. Bartlett,U. A. Dickey, I.- H. AiUmim, aiaU; .Geors^e Moore, A. U.j 
Smith, J. 8. Bond, F. W. Parker, J. R. Clark, G. W. Barker, H. R. Un- 
derbill, H. S. Wheeler, H. IS. filMtraan. 
I Bank — ^Derry National. J. W. Noyee. Pree., F. J. Shepard, Oanh- 

, Churches — Ck>ng. D. W. Ricltardnon ; East, ; Metb. H- 

Howard: Depot, Bap. A. S. Stuwell. 

I Ex. A Tel. Agents— Cliaa. BarUett; Depots James Priest; Ecut^ F. W 


I Hotels — Sanders' Hotel, J. G. Sanders; Depots Hotel Bradford, A. 

B. 8mith ; Jones', R. K. Jones, prop.. 

I LatwyerS^^. C. A Q. K. Baitlftt; Eaa, J. A. Groeuwood. 

' Literary Institutions— Piukerton Academy, K. B. Augell, prin.j 

Eaai^ Adams Feiiiaie Academy, Mrs M. L. Clark. 

< Livery Stables-^. C. Sanden; Dt^, A< B. Smith, W. D. White,; 

R. K. Jones. 

Manuracturers— boots and shoes, Depot, Collmrn, Faller A Oo., 
W. k$. Pillsbnry, ag't; edge tools. If. R. Underbill; ril>« for looui reeds 
loom harness shafts and plant stakes, Bei^. Giiase, Jr.; kits and bar- 
r«fU, Dtpci, J. F. Goburn; lumbur, J. S. Cunch; Depots Hum Bros.; 
.Scu^, Jonas Herrick, Adamn Bros.; rubber stamps, Hoffman Rubber 
Stump Works; shingles and cider, W. W. Poor. 

! Mechanics — blacksmiths, I. G. Goodwin, Do Witt G. Bodwt'll ; 
iBtztty Geo. Richur<ls : Depots T. R. Robie, bnilders, E. H Oarlton, Mast, 
R. H. Clark ; Job printer, Cliarles Bartlett. I 

' Merchants— Pettee A Co. H. A. liradtord, Corwiu Br js.; Depot, W'.sl 
•A L. U. Pillsbury, G.S. Rollins; Ecuit, F. W. Parker; books and sta- 
tionery, Giias. Biirtlett ; clocks and watches, Wm. Elaskins, S F. Wliid- 
'den; clothing. Depot, Jf. A. Palmer; cufTin4, caskets and robu4,ChaiieK< 
jAdums; corn and meal, W. W. Poor; drug4, 8. H. Bell; ice, 0. 8. Pet-' 
tee; Depots M. Owens ; meat, Johd Fokom ; Depot, C. A. Norton ; Rut, 
A. A. Pressey; millinery, Miss M. S. Parsons; stoves and tinware 
Depot, C. L. Cntler. 

! Physicians— J. U. Crombie^ D. S. Clark; Depot, I. H. Adams; 
vet., I. A. Butturfleld. 

1 Summer Boarding Houses — I. A. Dnstin, J. Parmerton, Wm' 
HaHkins, John Kelitey : East, Mrs. G. F. Billings, Mrs. B. F. Bastman, 
A. M. Boweni M. H. Cullen, Rob't Rogers. 
' Uexter — A po9t office in Strilfurd Coanty. 

I I»OK€HE6TER, GRAFTON^Pop., ftft6. N. W. fr. C, 60; 
8. W. fr. Plymouth, 18. R. R. K^West Rttinuey, 6]^ m., liast Ca- 
naan, 8. Mail stage to Bast Canaan Tnesdnys and Saturdayn. 
I OFFiOBRS— t?/«r*, H. il. Woodward ; Treas.^ Stillniau Merrill; .S^. 
Jectmen, Ira B. Norrls, Byron Richardson, J. A. Norris ; Supt., Byron 

Postmasters— Carrie Norris ; Norffi, G. F. Oobum. 

Justices— S. W. Clement, G. T. Colbnrn, J. A. Norris, J. M. FitU, 
P. R. Follansbee. 

Church— F. Bap., J. D. Cross, p. o. ad. Vershlre, Vt. I 

Manufacturers — chiirooal. North, Geo. F. Colbnrn ; Inmber, 
Ja^iied LaMott, p. o. ad. Canaan, Adolph Merrill, p. o. ad. CHuaan, 
L. S. Fellows, Alden Wbicher, BnrleiKh A Chadwick; shingles, clap 
biiards, and bnildiug timbers. J. A. Norris. i 

; Mechanics — blackeiuitli, Stillman Merrill; carpenters, 8. W. 
Clement, J. K. Dow. 

Merchants— J. M. Fitts, Went R unney ; jewelry, A. S. Noyes. 


DOVSR* 8TRAFFOBD-^Voip., 11,608. A. fr. C, 40. it. R. 8. 
— DoTer, on B. A M. B. R. BoYer A Portamoath B. B. DoT«r 
Win. R. B. I 

OFFICERS— Elected Dec. 1882. Mayor, J»mM E. Lotbrop ; CSi^. 
C^erk and Bttfy of Board of Instruction, J. B. Stevens, jr.; CUy IVmmJ 
Frank Freeman; Chairman of Board of Instruction^ A. H. Quint;* 
lOify Manhaly B. A. Libby ; Assistant Marshal, John Canney; i^Itce, 
i/ustiee, G. S. Froet; BpocialJustice,C. A, Tufts; JsssssarsytL 8. Hana- 
eom, O. G. Lowell, T. E. Cnnbing, J. H. DaTiB, Andrew Killoren, M 
ra Twombly.Ward l,jl<<tomm, Nathaniel Home, Geo. F. Nnte: Obirn- 
eifmen, William T. Page, Walter F. Gage, John C. Praj. 2. Aldermen, 
Angnstna T. Ooleman, Timothy H. Bnell; CotmcOmen, O. J. Kimball, 
Ghaa. T. Moulton, Geo. H. Bradbnry. 3. JIdsnmn Lewis B. Laakey, 
Wm. H. Wentworth; Oouncilmon, Snmner W. Hatch, J.H. Ingraham, 
Bamoel Hnaaey. 4. ^fclermen, John Scott, laaav L. Lncaa; QnmcSmen^ 
iJamee W. Bartlett, Nathaniel Home, Chaa. H. Foaa, 6. AldsrmcnA 
Joe. B. Qnaid, Patrick Goaker ; Oouneamm, Jaa. He CoYey, T. J. Oaaai- 
ly, Cornelina MiAoney. 

Postmasters— Joahna Yamey ; Point, G. W. Ford. 

Justices — B. V. Brewster, E. R. Brown, Thoii. Bennett, E. B 
Brown, A. 0. A. Fairbaoka, J. G. Hall, 0. H. Hortuii, Harriaon Haley, 
J. G. Hntchins, C. 8. Cartland, F. W. Jenkina, G. S. Mo Lane, Harry 
Hough, S. H. Hull, John Holland, J. T. 8. Libbey, W. B. Lyman, 
G. M. Mnrphy. V. H. Mc Daniel, W. T. Perkina, H. A. Bedfield, Wm. 
I Sterna, Jeremiah Smith, T. J. W. Pray, T. J. Smith, J. T. WelchJ 
Id. S. Ward, Ghaa. Woodman, Peter Burke, G. W. Woodman, Geo.* 
,Wadleigh, Z. 8. Wallingford, Galvin Sanders, J. Q. A. Swain, G. B. 
iDnrgin, J. Hayes, T. J. W. Pray, D. 8. Ward. 0. A. Dodge, G 
'G. Lowell, A. H. Quint, P. A. Stackpole, G. W. Tebb«ta, A. G. 
iWhittemore, John Kif I, State; J. B Barnea, John. Glem«nt,W. Bf. 
.Couraer. J. H. Davis, G. C. Ghealey, J. 8. Hayea, H. H. Hart, J. W. 
IDrake, Frank Freeman, G.W. Ford,G. F. Foaa, J. W. Hartford, J. S.' 
|B. H. Mathea, J. S. Moulton, J. W. Pray, E. H. Whitehouae, J. bJ 
Quaid, J. W. Rinea, E. H. Twombly, F. 8. Tomkinn, Joahua TaraeT,! 
G. W. Wendell, D. H. Wendell, Oliver Wyatt, A. J. Young. G. W.) 
Colbath, J. D. Guppy, G. D. Lamoe, 0. F. Kimlmll, C. E. Manock, C.B., 
iMeserre, F. B. Stevena, E. M. Swan, G. W. Yamey, D. G.Wiggina. 
I Churches— F. Bap. Waahington St. F. K. Ghaae; Charlas St. H. 

jF. Wood; G. Bap. R. 8. Golwell; Gong. ; Spia. I. W. 

Beard; Meth. J. M. Dwineli; R. Catb. , D. W. Murphy. 

Unit. W. R. G. Mellen ; Univ. — Mc Golliater ; Ceng. . 

Eating Houses — H. D. Freeman, John Rollina. 

Exp. Agents— Nilea A Go., Am. Ex. Go., Jackaon A Go., Goodwin'a 
Great Falla. 

Hotels — American Honae, A. T. Pierce A Co.; New Haropshiia 
Houae, M. O'Donnell; Kimball Houae, G. A. Dore; Manaard House; 
8. F. Young; United States Hotel, J. W. Ricker ; National House, WJ 
Henderson. I 

Ins. Ag'ts— D. H. Wendell, G. A. Tufts, H. A. REDFTBLD, F. Free-' 
man. G. B. Preacott, W. W. Guahman, Sara Twombly, M. W. Stems,' 
J. B. Quaid. 

Lawyers— S. M. Wheeler, J. G. Hall, G. W. TibLetta, T. J. Smith, 
Calvin Sandera, W. F. Naaon, J. Colby Caverly, G. 8. Mc Lane, B. G. 
Garter, John Klvel, A. G. Whittemore, R. G. Pike, H. H. Hart, C. W. 
Woodman, Thomas M. Pray. 

Literary Institutions— Dover High School ; Franklin Academy. 


Livery Stables— W. R. Brown, G. W. Davis^ S. Mitchell, J. V. SeaveyJ 
Manufacturers— boots and shoes, G. B. Went worth, 0. W. Tath; 
J. H. Hard A Son ; carriages, J. H. Randlett, W. B. Walker A Co.,! 
H.A. Worthen; coffins, S. G. Martin, J. A.Glidden, John McArdle; cot-j 
tons, Cocbeco Mantifg Co.: bair, C. J.. Brown; harnesses, O. W.i 
Hayes, G. D. Vincent, Henry Law ; hoop skirts, 0. W. Farrar ; iron and 
ibrass founders, Dover Iron Foundry; marble and eoap stone, S. H.j 
|Foy, R. H. Twombly ; glne, Stev«ns k Wiggins ; soap. L. Beach jr. k 
Co.; woolens, F. A. ft J. Sawyer ; clothing, Dover Clotning Co. 
I Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, J. Burleigh A Son, James 
Boston, C. F. Furbish, H. A. Hall, J. H. Hartford. J. B. Hull, Reubeni 
iNason ; book binder, G. H. Horton ; builders, Beede A ShaW| J. M. 
Clark, Hanson Bros., G S. Joy, Joshua Converse, Qeoi^e Brown ; job 
printer, Charles Dame. 

I Merchants — auctioneers, J. W. Foss A Co., J. S. Hayes, Y. H. McDiin- 
iel; books and stationery, E.J. Lane A Co. Lothrop A Pinkham, J. 
|C. Yamey ; boots and shoes, E. Y. Brewster, Dennis Cash, C. W.' 
'Norris, O. G. Ingraham, R. J. Shaw, D. A. Page, 3. H. Winalow, J.{ 
;D. Stratton, Tash A Go.^ G. A. Reynolds; bread, B. S. Hodgkiss, 
,G. H. Biddlej clothing, D. Ijothrop A Co., A. F. Hussey, D. Foss, J. 
A. Hoye, J. F. Seavey, A. Frazier. S. Rackley, Ingraham A Hobbs, B. F. 
[Haley, F. G. Snow A Go. ; coal and wood, C. H. Trickey A Co., G. B. 
iWentworth, R. Haley A Co., Y. Mathes, crockery, W. A. Morrill, G. W. 
IWiggin A Son, J. P. Lowell; dry goods, W H. Moore, W. R. 
jTapley. I. W. Nute A Co, W. Sterns, B. G. W. Tash A Co., B. F. Nealey, 

A. E. Parker, 0. W. Farrar ; drugs and medicines, J. X. Wingate, 
G. W. Smith, 0. A. Tufts, W. H.Vickery, Lothrop A Pinkham, 

B. F. Backley, G. K Yaruey, H. C. Goodwin; fancy goods, J. C. 
Yarney, G. E. Horton^ B. Dal ton, W. B. Dennis, J. W. Foss A Co.; 
fish, Bart Rich, W. F. Walker; florist, C. A. Davis; groceries. 
;Nute A Foes, J. F. Roberts, J. H. Grimes, John Mc Covey, 
WhitehoQse A Pinkham, J. P. Lowell, E. Y. Brewster A Co., H. 
Roberts A Co., J. C. Tasker, John Meserve, Strout A Littlefleld, 
W. M. Courser, M. Killoren, J. G. Hutchins, J. Roberts;, 
G. W. Tash A Co., C. T. Henderson, J. A. Wi^s^ns, Fazom A 
Cbnrbnck, E. M. Swan, Coleman A Gushing, J. F. Griflfen, J. S. 
F. Ham; groceries and croekery, Boston Branch Store; gnns, fishing 
tackle, H. H. W. Twombly, EUigene Smart; hardware, C. L. Jen 
ness, J. H. Seavey, Foot A Snell ; hats and caps, J. T. W. Ham, J. 
H. Winslow, A. F. Hussey, J. A. Hoye, J. K..Puriugton A Son ; Jewel 
ry, G. S. Kingman, J. A- Horn, C. E. Bacon, junk dealers, 
W. T. Lucas, F. A. Lunt A Co.; leather belting, I. B. Williams, 
A Sons ; lumber, lime and cement. Converse A Wood ; meat, Bart Rich, 
F. B. Clongh, Golbath Bros., J. M. Buruham, S Tappan, G. F. Nute A 
Co., J. B. Sanders, C. M. Boaworth, J: E. Kimball A Sun, E. C. Berry; 
milliaery, Miss E. Husband, Miss M. Byrne, T. P. Cressey A Son, K. I. 
Flynn ; musical instruments, D. Lothrop A Co.; mineral water, Dr. 
Horsch; paints and oils, J. B. Folsom A Co., A. J. Roberts, J. Bedell, 

C. L. Jenness, B. F. Rackley; pianos, and organs, D. Lothrop A Co., 
Jos. Pinkham; picture frames and artist's materials, T. C. Hovey; 
sewing machines, J. Pinkham, D. ](<othrop A Co., finger Manuf'g Co.,| 
Ingraham A Hobbs; stoves, M. D. Hill A Co., John Baty, Moulton A: 

Physicians— L. G. Hill, A. G. Fenner, Jeremiah Home, T. J. W. 
Prav, J. H. Wheeler, P. A. Stackp^>lo, M. G. lAtbrop, J. K. Ham, C. A.| 
Tufts, E. 8. Berry, Smith A Chamberlain, C. H. Fa irbanks; H. R. | 



arker, W. B. Snllivan, J. W. Drake, C. H. Horeh, Wm. Hall ; den 
'titts, D. Malcolm, A. J. Tonng, 0. W. Tasker, W. W. Hayes, G. C. 
(Ghesley; ret. surgeons, A. J. Searey, 0. A. Gibbs. 

Telegraph Company— Western Union, C. A Tufts, agft 

Telephone Company— Boston A Northern, J. D. P. Wingate, DIr 

^^i*c^ 9oo vtTalDolo. 

l>UBI.Iir« CHESHIRE— ¥0^. 456. S. W. fr. 0. 45 ; E. fr. Keene, 
13. R, R. 8. — Peterboro, and Jaffrey on Munadnock R. B. Daily stage.! 

OFFICERS— ClarAe and Treat., W. L. Vbtke;Seleetmen,JHm«B AllisonJ 
Sam'l Adams Jr., 0. H. Hoore ; Supt.^ H. D. Catlin; AfftmU; 
Jas. Antson, Henry D. Leonard. 

Postmaster, Exp. ft Tel. Ag't— G. W. GleaRon. 

Justices— H. G. Piper, iStote ; James Allison, W. L. Fiske, H. D. 

Churches— Cong. ; Unit. H. D. Catlin. 

ManufllCturer — blacksmith, Washington Proctor. 

Merchants — G. W. Glenson, M. D. Mason. 

Physician— n. H. Smith. 

Summer Boarding Houses — ^Thaddens Morse, 'Mrs. J. Gleason, John 
H. Mason, H. H. Leffingwell, Geo. A. Gowing, Joseph Horse, W. J. 
Greenwood, Samael Adams, jr. 

DVMMER, C^OS— Pop.,514. N. B. fr. G.,166; N. E. ft*. Lan- 
caster, 24. R. R. S.—W, Milan. 4 ro., on G. T. R. B. j 

OFFICERS — CW*, T A. Twitchell; Treas. and Supl., W. A. Wil-; 
lis ; SeUctmeHt J. B. Lorejoy, C. W. Mnazy, Lorenzo Jewett. 

Justices— 0. W. Mnzzey, Isaac G. Wight, J. B. Lovejoy. 

Manufocturenh-blacksmith, A. 8. Eilingwood ; lumber, T. A. Twit- 
chell A Co. 

UJJNBAWLTONf MERRIMAOK—Vop. 711. 8. ft-.G. 10. R. R. 
8. — E. Weare, 3, Goffiitown 6, on Manchester and N. Weare R. R., 
CouTeyance to first trains down. Daily stage to meet Atst train from 
Concord to Boston. j 

OFFICERS— f7«rAr, W. 8. Twiss; Trecu.^ F. L. Ireland; Siftctmen,^ 
W. B. Bumham, G. 0. Bailey, J. U. Burroughs ; Supt., L. Hayden, J. 
B. Millo, T. G. Bonton. 

Postmasters- 0. P. Wilson ; yorth, D. P. Walker. 

Justices— W. B. Bumham, W. H. StiuHon. Alfred Colby, .T. G. Mills, 
'D. H. Parker, J. H. Burroughs, State ; W. S. Twis«, J. A. Chamber- 
lain, 8. B. Hammond, O. P. Wllsnn, G. F. H. Sturk, T. 8. Wilson. 
I Churches— Bap. L. Hayden; Cong. T. G. Bouton; Epis., Edward 
Parker, p.o. ad.. Concord. 
I Hotel — Prospect Honse, E. Stanyan. 

Manufacturers — ax handles. Ansel Marshall ; Inmher, B. k L. Page,' 
liVbreA, Stark Mills ; blacksmiths. G. 0. Wait, Lauren P. Hadley, 
J. B. Ireland, S. Flanders ; builders, J. D. Bnnteu, T. S. Wilson ; 
Job printer, 0. H. A. Chamberlin. 

I Merchants— 0. P. Wil«on ; apple trees, J. P. Jame<(on. 
I Summer Boarding Houses— Wm. B. Bumham, J. A. Chamberlain 
Peter fiutterfield. 

Veterinary Surgeons— T. W. Kimball, Horace Caldwell. 

DCRHAIVI9 STRAFFORD -^^oyp. 962. E. fr. C. 34 ; 8. W. 
fr. DoTer, 5. R, R. £!.— Durham, }^ m., on B. A M. R. R. Stage. 

OFFICERS— (72«rX;, Samnul Runlet t, jr; Treat,, J. W. E. Thomp- 
son ; S^.leetnutis J. B. Smith, J. 8. Ghesley, Stephen R&nd. 
i Postmaster-^. K. Mo Daniel. i 


Justices— ^Toe. 0. Bartlert, Bphraim JenkioB, W. B. LangmAld, A* 

Merrttt, SUU*; E. M. DaTl«, F. 8. Smith. 

Churches — Chris. Bap. — ~ ; Cong. 8. H. BarBiiin. 

Hotel — Oyster River Hotel, Chitrles Warren. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, Richard Drew, W. Spinney ; buil- 
ders, I. P. Church, J. J. Bunker; brick, H. A. Mathes; lumber, Sam*l 
Runlet, T. H. MTiswall ; wallpaper, T. H. Wiswall A Co., p. o. ad. 
iNew Market. I 

I Merchants—John Mc Daniel A Son, V. Mathes 2d, AWin Jackson ; 
'coal, Y. Mathes 2d; dry goods, J. R. Mc Daniel; hay dealers, Jere- 
miah Lnneley. | 

Tel. Ag'tS—J. W. E. Thompson, Alvin Jackivon. I 

EAirr KINGSTOir, booking HAM^Pop. 676. 8. B. fr. C. 
|i2; S. fr. JSxeter 0. B. S, i8.->E. Kingston on B. A M. R. R. i 

OFPICER&— CI«r*, F.J. Philbrick ; Treat., O. W. Sanborn: M«et- 
'men, B. W. Philbrick, C. S. Marsh, J. A. Tiltou; Supt^f Belle J. 
Currier. j 

I Postmaster— H. L. Row^ll. f 

Justices— Geo. B. Webster, B. P. Currier, B. K. Webster. B. W. 
Philbrick, BtaU; N. B. Tilton, J. P. French, N. B. Tuuk, C. F. A. 
.Currier, H. L. Rowell.' 

Church — Meth. O. Chase. 

Ex. St Tel. Ag't. J. B. Morrill. 

Manufacturers— brick, J. S. Lamprey. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, G. E. Marsh ; builders, B. W. Philbrick, F.' 
U. Philbrick. 

Merchants- Merrill Bros., E. A. Tilt»n, H. L. RowtU, J. W. Buswell, 
!J. H, Curri*r. i 

EJlSTOIT, ORAFTON—Pop, 302. N. W. fr. C. 90; N. B. fr.' 
Harerhill, 2U. R. R. &— Lisbon A Bath, 12 m., each on White m. R. R. 

OFFICERS- a«ri, Frank J. Bartlett, Dreat. D. J. Whitcher; Select- 
men, N. 0. Cogswell, Otis Brooks, A. O. Aldricb ; Sup^,t E. M. Young. 

Postmaster— B. M. Young. I 

Justices— Geo. W. Cogswell, StuU; Willis Bowles, T. B. Young. ! 

Manufacturers- blHcksniith, Frank J. Bartlett; builders. T. B. 
Toung, G. W. Kendall; Inmber, Dmry Liby A Co., Whitcher A 
Keudall, Noyes k. L«w«on, D. Whitcher, R. W. Young, 0. A W. 
Brooks. I 

Merchant— Mrs. 0. P. Kendall. 

EATOi^^ CARROLL— Pop.y 629. N. E. fr. G. 69. N. fr. Ossipee, 20. 
,R. R. 8, — Conway Corner, 6 m., oq Eastern R. B. Daily stage. 
I'Brownfield, Me., on P. A 0. R. R., 10 m. i 

OFFICERS— CZdrA;, James 0. Dearing; Treat., BenJ. F. WRkefleld; 
Selectmen, Frank M. Hutch, David M. Thnrston, J. S. A Hard; S»pt., 
JB. W. Hatch . I 

Postmaster— (7€n<r«, H. H. Robertson. 

Justices— Silas Snow, S. W. Perkins, Edwla Snow, Biate\ Clement 
Drew, D. M. Thurston. 

I Church— Bap. . 

' Man ufticturers— carriages, Snow Bros.; lumber, boards, shingles 
stHves, Ac., Edwin Snow. , 

I Mechanics — Macksmlth, Henry Kenneson; cabinet makers and 
carpenters, Silas A Alvin Snow, B. M. Allard. ; 

I Merchants — E. Snow A Son, Rubertwou A Snow, J. S. Lowd. 
CtemeHt Drew; millinery and lauey good;', Mrs. Ciement Drew. ; 

Physician— W. P. Atkinson. 1 


i:rFIIf«HAM, OlfiAOXZr— Pop. 866. N.B. fr. G. 70; N. £J 
fr. Osaipee, 8. R. R. 8.—E. Wakefield and Osslpee Center, on P. Gt. 
F. Sc Con. R. R. Dailj stage to E. Wakefi«ld. 1 

OFFICERS— C/erfc, A. B. Lnraper; Trecu. A. J. Wedge wood; Se- 
lectmen, W. H. Cotton, David W. Davis, C. S. Miles ; 8upt§., CenUr, M. 

C. Morse; Falls, George Lougee, J. M. Leavitt. 
Postmasters — A. B. Lamper; South, B.V.Taylor. 
Justices— 3. .\1. Morse, J. W. Thurston, Slate ; B. F. Taylor, M. O 

Morse, C. F. Taylor, T. F. Taylor, C. F. Rowe, Elijah Taylor, J. M 
Drake, D. W. Taylor, A. B. Lamper. C. M. Hibbard. 

, Churches— Cong. ; F. Bap. H. F. Snow. 

I Exp. Agent — J. M. Champion. Lawyer — S. Q. Dearborn. 

Hotel and Summer Boarding— J. C. Leavitt, A. C. Leavitt. 

Merchants— A. B. Lamper; clothing. South, B. F. Taylor. 

Physician — J. M. Leavitt. 

Center— Postmaster— M. G. Morse. 

Church — Bap. W. W. Harthorn. 

Literary Institution — Masonic Institute. 
I Mechanics — blacksmith", Levi Champion ft Son ; carpenters, J. F. 
JMoore, J. A. Leavitt, Elijah Taylor; lumber, C^E. Morse. 

Merchants — 8. M. Morse 8l Son ; auctioneer, S. M. Mene. 

Falls— Postmaster— J. Demeritt. I 

Church— F. Bap. N. Shaw. i 

Manufacturers — spools, bobbins and rakee, C. ft 0. Parsons ; lam- 
ber, N. T. Smart ft Son, J. Demeritt; excelsior mills, O. Barsowe. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, R. M. Fulton, T. B. Glidden ; carpenters,' 
S. T. Lougee, G. Stillings,-Seth ll^ck; machiaist, John Parsoua. . 

Merchant— J. L. Deiiieritt. I 

EliliA WORTS, ORAFTON—Vop. 209. N. W. fr. 0. 58; 8. 
B. fr. Haverhill 25. M. R. &— Rnmney, 7 ra. on B. C. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Ct«rik, James M. Dnstin; Tr4as. Henry H. Poase; 
Supt, D. R. Bnzoell; Selectmen, Jametf M. Dostin, Ira C. Downing, 

D. R. Buzzell. ■ 
Justices— D. R. Bnczell, J. M. Dnstin. 

Church— F. Bap. Milton Downing. 

Manufketurer— lumber, B. T. Brown. I 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, E. Corrier, B. P. Downinc; oarpanters, 
Albert Downing, Samuel Willey ; cooper, Sam'l Willey. 

lE^VIXIjUn GRAFTON— Pop, l,mt. N. W. fr. C 42; S. fr. 
Haverhill 35. R. R, &— Enfield on No. N. H. R. R. I 

OFFICERS- CterAr, OBnUr, F. P. Fisher; Treat. W. C. Clongh: 
Selecttnen, J. G. Spencer, W. F. Smith, M. D. Qore ; . OmtlabU, 
B. B. Huse ; Supt. 0. F. Pettingill ; Overseer, D. G. Stickney, Agent, 
H. L. Charaberlin. 

Postmasters— W. C. Clongh ; Mont Calm, Hilliard Church. 

Justices — Valentine Manahan, E. B. Huse, Wyman Pattea, A. A 
Cox, J. F. Bryant, Eben OleuKh, StaU ; Nathaniel Pnrmort, L. W. 
Currier, J. M. Nelson, P. S. Wells, H. S. Parmatee, J. F. Parley, F. T. 

Churches— Con^. ; Meth. C N. Krook; Shakers, Henry 

Blynn ; Univ. Walter Dole. I 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— J. B. Follansbee. 

Hotel— E. A. Kenyon. Ins. Ag*t. — E. B. Huse. f 

Livery Stables— J. B. Thoma«, C. Houston, B. A. Kenyon, V. Goes. 

ManuwOturers — ^bedsteads, Huse ft Berry ; brooms, grain meas- 
ures, seeds, etc., John Bradford, Williiim Wilson, U. G. BAKER; 


batter firkins, WeUs A Fland«ri ; Mive spouts and wooden shovels, D. 
IM. Cnmaiing; flannels and hosiery, Dodge, Davis k Co.; grHOite, 
[monuments and curbing, H. W. Clt^rk, J. V. Stockbridge ; harnesses,! 
G. H. Trescott; leather, Leviston Bros.; Inuiber, A. A. Cox, Wells A 
FUuiders ; tubs and pails, H. C. BAKBR ; doors, sash and blinds, J. 0. 

MeehAnies— blacksmiths, W. D. Pleming, Stephen Laffee; Eeut^ 
D. McKinnie ; builders, A. P. Plummer, & Webster, G. W. Babbltt.i 
Oscar GolliBS. D. M. Atwell. | 

Merchants— O. B. Deming A Co., Pattee A Currier ; clocks, watches 
and jewelry, H. B. Stanley; cofBas and caskets, J. C. Currier; drugs 
and medicines, G. B. Deming A Co. ; boots, shoes and fancy goods, W. 
G. Clongh; meal and grain, Wyman Pattee; meat, C. S.Qi^lburu A Co.; 
millinery, Mrs. E. A. Kenyon ; rough and hewn granite, D. L. Tilton ; 
stoves, tin and hardware, Burnham A Choate. 

Physicians— Valentine Manahan ; dentist, J. A. Page. 

C«nt«r— Postmaster-^. V. Bryant. Hotel— Mont Calm House 
J. H. Morse. 

Manuikcturers — ^brooms, J. F. Spaulding; earriages and sleighs, 
W. H. Leavitt ; cassimeres, and hosiery, MeUen A Gordon ; Inm 
ber, 8. Marsten ; silver polish, J. 9. Bryant. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. Mc Jfilwaiu ; marble workers, G. F. 
Andrews, H. Atwell. 

Merchants-^. F. Bryant, F. T. Currier; oofflns A caskets,' Z. H. 
Ihistin; grain and meal, Smith Marston; millinery, £llen M. Psrlsy. 

Physician— F. P. Fisher. 

SPJPIIfCl, £OCKJNGHA3l-^9op, l,fi86. S. B. fr. 0. 39 ; W. 
fir. Portsmouth, 18. R. R, 6'.— Bpping, West Bpplng, and East Bpping 
on C. A P. R. R. Bpping and No. Bpping on N. A R. R. B 

OFFICERS— CterA;, J. Q. Pike ; IVsos., W. H. Stickuey ; Settdnun, 
W. L. Fliimer, Wm. H. Drury, J. A. Coming ; Supt. F. W. Spitulding. 
I Postmasters— W. H. Stickney ; Wut^ G. N. Shepard ; Norths Hannah 
Chase ; Eatt, James P. Barber. Exp. Ag't— F.P . Knox. 

Bank — Biming Savings, J. C. Burley, Pres., G. 8. Eundlett, Treas. 

Justices— B. F. Prescott, W. L. Plummer, H. F. lloyt, J. M. God. 
frey, G. N. Shepard, J. B. Pearson, H. B. Bnrnham, W. H. Drury, J. C. 
Burley,G. S. Rundlett,i$»ato; W. F. Lawrence, C. W. Sanborn, B. F.! 
Barber, D. F. Bartlett, W. H. Stickney, G. Q. Dow, J. H. Holt, John 
Lieddy. C. E. Folson^, W. H. Tilton, Moses A. Perkins. I 

Churches — Cong. J. H. Stearns ; Kpis. — — ; Friends, — 
Meth. F. B. White. 

Hotel— Pawtuckaway, W. B. Bunker. LlYery Stables— Pawtuck 
away, W. R. Bunker, 0. J. Jenkins. 

Lawyer— Wm. H. Drury. 

Literary Institution— Watson Academy, W. H. Upton, Prin. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, G. S. Thompson, G. W. Uopkinson, 
W. B. Bunker; boots A shoes, B. W. Hoyt A Co. Bartlett Bros. A 
Co. Norrts A Miles, J. A. Corning ; boxes, C. A. A H. W. Miles ; bricks, 
Levi Thompson, Bunker A Brown, G. 8. Rnndlett; builders, F.;B.' 
Bean. Frank Chase, Robert Pike; carriages, Walter Prentiss ; lum- 
W, J. H. Pike, Thompson A Norris, Pike A Burley, Geo. Q. Dow ; 
•lumber A meal, C. Miles A Sons; meal, plaster and lumber, IFsxt, 
T. A T. C. Folsoro : mittens, B. H. Pearson ; woolens, Norris A How 
ard; Wcsl, F. H. Carpenter. 

Merchants— J. Q. Pike, W. R. Bunker, John Leddy ; O. 8. Rnndlett 
A8oa; Wst<, J. L. True,G. N. Shepard; auctioneer, F. B. Bean; 



Is mad thoM, A. D. Brown; clothing, A. D. Bruwu; drogs and 
!m«diciBM, W. H. Stieknej ; fitncy, goods P. F. Baton ; floar and grain' 
(vliolasale and retail) A. S. Robie ; fnmitare and cofBns J. M. Young; 
giuoeriss, A. R. Thompson, B. V. Swain, A. 8. Robie ; meat, 8. H. Rand,' 
;H. a. Sanborn. O. 8. Langley ; Wetty B. H. Tbjng; niilliuory. Hiss 0.' 
B. B««n;stov«s, J. 8. Ladd; watches and Jewelry, F. P. Fisk. 

Ptaysieiaas— A. G. Boswell, H. B. Bnmham, V. W. Spaulding 

T«L Op«r.— F. P. Knox. 

Telephones — Boston A Northern Telephone. 

EPSOM. MKRRIMACK—Vop, 009. & from G. 12. JS. R. S.— 
Bpson and Short Falls, on Sunoook Valley R. R. 

0FFIGBR8— CTsrft, 6. B. Warren ; TVsas.. W arren Tripp ; SOeetmem, 
Samoel Martin, 8amaelQnimby, James H. Tripp; Supt. D. G. Chelsey. 

Postmasters'^-^. T. Gotterell ; Skort /bUt, J. B. Tennant, GouvilU 
A. J. SiWer. 

Justices — Beqj. Towie, J. H. Dolbeer, C. 0. Brown, StaU ; Samnel 

Churches— Chris. ; Gong. — ; F. Bap. N. A. Avery. 

Manufacturers^- boots and shoes, A. H. Hill, B. Puffer; boxes, W. 
Tripp; floor and meal, J. W. Warden, H. Bicfcford, 11. 8. Knowles; 
lauiber and shingles, 8. Bickford, M. D. Bickford, H. Bickford, pat. 
clapboard maehiue anddooor hangars, H. A. Holmes ; sash and blinds, 
F. Harden. , 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, H. Hilliard, Abram Ricker; builders,. 
J. G. Pbilbrick, J. Sperlin, G. 8. Heath, O. Bnrnhani ; millwright, H.' 
A. Ilulmes. I 

Merchants— J. B. Tennant, SiWer A Robinson, J. G. Hall * Son, 
H. 8. Knowles. Phjrsieians->M. F. Smith, D. L. Lock. | 

Station Agents— J. F. Robinson ; fSKort lUlU, J. B. Tennant. 

JBBBOlI, coos—Pop^ 161. N. E. ft>. C. 140 ; E. fr. Colebrook,: 
20. B. R. &— W. Milan, on G. T. B. R. 22 m. Stage also from 
Colebrook and Milan 3 times a week. I 

OFFICERS— a«r&, L. G. Bragg; T>«a»., 8. R. Hanscani : Belectn/en;, 
I. P. Corbet, Geo. B. Demoritt, JTL. Bragg ; Supt^ H. W. Fickett. 

Postmaster— Lf G. BragK. 

Justices— W.W. Bragg, BtaU ; Geo. G. Demeritt, D. H. Thurston. 

Hotels— Akers House, John Akers ; Errol House, H. W. Fickett. 

Manufacturers— carriages, W. A. Bragg; lumber, Pringle A Coe, 
E. J. Palmer; starch, J. A. * B. D. lliurston. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, E. D. Thurston. 

£tna — See Hanover. 

EXETEB, £OC£iJ^/7J7^Jf-Pop., 3,640. &E. fr.C.,40. Jt. J2. 
&— Exeter, on B. k M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cr«rk W. H. Belknap; IWot., J. E. Gardner; SeUci- 
meny W. B. Morrill, Jewett Conner, J. J. Fotsum; SWpC*., Jennette P. 
Talbot, E. G. Eastman, H. Scammon. 

Postmaster— George S. Leavitt. 

Justices— C. H. Bell, Thos. Leavitt, W. P. Moulton, J. J. Bell, A J. 
Hoyt, O. W. Weston, W. W. Stickney, W. M. Durgin, J. W. Odlin,! 
Nathaniel Gordon, J. D. Lyman, J. H. Shapley, W. B. Morrill, J.< 
W. Towle. 0. G. Connor, Chas. Connor, E. G. Eastman, Sla/e, Andrew 
Whyte, T. R. Davis, H. A. Shute, W. H. Belknap. J. D. P. Wingate ' 
A. 0. Bnzsell, M. Sleeper, T. B. Hoyt, A. O. Fuller, O. H. KnightJ 

Banks— Nat'l Granite State, G. A. Merrill, pres. ; W. P. Putnam, casliJ 
Union five cent, Chas. Bnrley, Prss., 8, C. Clark, Treas. I 

Churches— Gal. Bap. J. N. Chase ; Cong. Swift Byington, G. K. 


Street ; Epis. Q. B. Morgan ; Meth. J. W. Walker; R. 0., J. Canning : 

Unit. . 

Eating Houses— C: E. Folsom, G. W. I^eaTitt, Frank Hervey, Luck 
Leigh ton, C. G. Littlefleld ; Exeter Qonjie» L. M . Carpenter. 
Exp. Ag'tS— O. M . Perkins, J. U. Orr. 

Hotels — American House, L. G. Towle ; Hoy t'l, C. Stevens^ Gorham 
,Hall,G. A. Wentwortb. — 

Lawyers— W. W. Stickney, Thomas Leavitt, J. F. Wiggin. Oilman 
Marston, J. Warren Towle, A. G. Buzsell, K. G. Eastman, Fred S. 
Hatch, C. H. Knight, A. 0. Fuller, Henry A. Shute. 

Literary Institutions— Philip's Exeter Academy. G. A. Wentwortb, 
prin.; Robinson Female Seminary, G. N. Cross, prin.; Exeter 
High School, Albion Bnrbank. 
Livery SUbies— L. G. Towle. C. D. Towle, J.C. Dntch, B. G. Towle. 
Manuntcturers — Exeter Brans Works, B. Jfolsom A Co.; 
eottons, Exeter Mannfg Go. Henrey Kent, agent, Exeter Foundry; 
Inraber, Smith & Fulsom, Brown A Warren, Exeter Machine Works, 
W. Bnrlingtime, agent, Dow A Bnrley ; potter's ware, Frank Lamson. 
MechanicsJi Artisans— blacksmiths, A. J. Fogg, G, W. Greene, T. 
Waberton, Geo. Ellison; buildem, Brown A Warren, G. H. Towle, 
B. W. York. William Young, G. W. Young, Jo»iiih Batchelder, G. H. 
Pnlmer; harne.«s makers, Tiltun A Flemiiifr, D. T. Springer ; mncbin- 
iets, G. W. A G. Lane; pipe fitting, W. W. Gormon; printers, 
' W. B. Morrill, J. D. P. Wingate, A. J. Hoyt A Co. , 

I Merchants—^. S. Thyug; auctioneers, J. P. Elkins A Co., 0. D. 
jTowle; books and Rtationery, Thompson A Batchelder; boots and 
Ishoes, J. W. Merrill, T. E. Fifield, G. t. Stacy, J. M. Towle, Heu> 
|ry Dow; clocks and watches, W. B. Morrill. D. M. Qnimby: cloth-j 
ing, J. W. Merrill, A. Churchill A Co., J. P. [Elkins A Co., London 
I Bros.; dry goods. Dearborn Bros., W. S. Fullansby, B. Mayers, ; drugs 
!and medicines, G. A. Merrill, A. 8. Wetherell ; fnnry goods and no- 
tions, S. F. Emerson, Wm. Currier; groceries, Mrs. N. Weeks, jr.; 
Dearborn Bros., F, J. Merrill, F. M. Davies, Kelly A Gardner, Read 
;A Co., Natli'l Weeks, S. J. Dadley, Dunn A Mnrdock; hardware, 
K<lly A Gardner, J. W. Getchel, J. Carliflle; hats and caps, A. 
i Merrill A Sons, Churchill A Co.; millinery Lottie Shaw, L. B.i 
iGetchell, A Go , Mary O. Litch, S. B. Young, J. R. Pottingill paper 
Ihnngings, S. S. Thyug, Thoupson A Batchelder ; wool, A. Merrill 
'A Sons, H. G. Moses. { 

! Physicans— Wm. Perry, W. G. Perry, Edward Otis, R. Bartlett., 
W. B. Davis. R. Barstow; dentists, G. H. Gerrisli, J. E. S: Pray. 
Tel. AgHs— S. S. Haynes, KUa Haseltine. 
Fabyan House— See Carroll. 

FARMIMOTON, STBAFFORD^Fop. 3,014. N. E. It. G. 35; 
N. W. fir. Dover, 18. B. S, iS.- Fai mington, on D. A W. R. R. ^ m. 
fr. village; conveyance to all trains. 

I OFFICERS— CZerifc, B. W. Emerson; Treat. J. B. Femald; Select- 
men, S. S. Amazeen, J. F. Hnssey, J. F. ball. 
Postmaster— W. H. Hayes. 

Justices— J. B. Bdgerly,G. N. Eastman. Hiram Bnrkor, D. T. Par 
ker, E. F. Nute, Franklin Emerson, C. W. Talpey, R. B. Fosr, D. C. 
Mellows, P. M. Horn, W. H. Hayes, 0. H. Pitman, E. F. Clontsian, 
John Tnttle, A. W. Shackford, Geo. B. Cochran, ueo. W. Femald, 
SUtU; F. Leighton, A. D. Otis, J. G. Johnson, Isaac Merrill, W.W. 
Hayes, J. E. Fernald, J. W. Yarney, G. K. Hussey, H. G. Waldron, E. 
W. Emerson. 


Churehes— AdT. ; CSoog. W. B. Darliug; F. Bap. 

Exp. Ag'lS— T. D. Mooney, D. Heiuenwaj. 

Hotels— Central Cottage, Win. Welch ; Mechanic's, J. T. Dargin 
Wilson HoQBe, E. T. A U. 8. Cuttun. 

Ins. Ag'tS— C. H. Pittuan, A. G. Orne, Wm. Teaton, C. W. Talpey. 

Lawyers-^. N. Baatman, I*. EmeraoD, B. H. Shannon, E. F. Clont- 
nailr , 

Literary Institution— High School, A. E. Tnttle, prin. 

Livery Stables — F. French, S. Nutter, F. E. Mooney. 

Manufacturers — ^boots and shoes, D. W. Kimball, G. A. Jones, A. 
fi. Putnam, Israel Hayes, A. Nute A Sons, i. F. Cluutiiian, J. BA. Ber-, 
7, H. L. Roberts', blacksmiths, A. L. Learftt, G. T. Works; bnild- 
irs, A. A. Hall, Frank Chamberlin, H. B. Knox; heels, J. £. Hayes; 
asts, Haines A Flanders ; Inmber, W. W. Hayes, J. W. Waldron, J. H. 
A'^aldron, Levi Pearl, C. W. Jenness, A A. Hall; shoes, H. L. Rob- 
irts, H. B. Edgerly A Son; Job printers, J. B. Fernald A Son, G. L. 
Inn tress. | 

Merchants— J. F. Hall, B. T. Wilson, J. E. Fernald, J. H. Barker 
k Co., D. B. Edgerly, Clrns. Cnnney; boots A shoes, L. L.Pinkham, W. 
i. Cooper; oivil engineer, G. W. Fernald; clocks watches A Jewelry, 
r. F. Safford; clothlnir, F. 0. Tilton, Boston Clothing Co., Furber A 
!:)arlton ; drugs ami medicines, B. B. Foss, D. T. Parker, iSmeroon A 
Garland; dry goods, 0. A. Hoyt, P. M. Frost; grocerips, H. 0. Mooney, 
S. 0. Curtis, M. W. Small ; millinery, Mrs. L. A. Smad, Mrs K. S., 
fork, Mrs. Hanson; provisions, Stephen Nutter, A. Wiggin; stoves 
ind hardware, E. B. Small, Alden Amazeen. 

Physicians— D. T. Parker, R. B. Fuss, H. P. Wheatly, J. S. Bl- 
cins. 0. B. Hanson, John Young ; dentists, C. F. Bennett, A. Garland. 

Tel. Ag't— G. W. Wood. 

X*Ulsville— A p. o. in Grafton Co. 

FITZ WlI^IilAIH, CHESHlRE^V&p. 1,187. S. W. fr. C. 54. 8.' 
S. fr. Keene, 13. R. B. 9.— Fitzwilliam depot, l>!^m., and State Line 
m Cheshire R. R. | 

OFFICERS— CVsrifc, Stephen Batcheller ; Treas., J. M. Parker ; SeUct- 
w«n, T. B. Bums, Wm. H. Shirley, A. J. Blake; 8upU,, A. R. 
}Ieason, A. J. Blake, Elliot Wheelock. | 

Postmaster — P. S. Batcfaellor. 

Justices— A. J. Blake, C. B. Perry, S. Kendall, .Stats; J. S. Ad-| 
ims, M. A. Allen, P. S. Batciielder, Daniel Burbank, Leander Bich* 
irdson, 0. K. Wheelock, Jonas Damon. 

Churches— 'Bap. A. Dnhn ; Cong. J. Colby. | 

Hotels— Fitzwilliam, F. Wilkins, prop.; Cheshire, 0. K. Wheelock ; 
klouadnock ^lountain House, P. S. A S. Batcheller. 

Lawyer |b ins. AgU— life and fite, A. J. Blake. 

Livery Stables.— O. K. Wheelock, F. Wilkins. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, S. Polard, P. Whitcomb; bntter fir- 
cins and pails, Coelidge ft Whittemore ; l^rackets and fancy wooden 
vare, Herbert Taft; lumber,' S. S. Stone, E. Chaplin; grist and saw 
nill, S. 8. Stone ; pails and tubs, Jonas Damon, p. o. ad., Winchen- 
lon, Mass. i 

Merchants— J. M. Parker A Co., P. S. A S. Batcheller; Slats 
[^in«, J. L. GilsoR, p. o. ad., Wincheudon, Mass.; meat and provi- 
ions, C. F. Mitchell. 

Physicians— A. R. Gleason, E. Annuble. 

I>epot— Postmaster— Elbridge Cnmmings. 

Church— Meth. S. S. Dudley. 



Exp. Sl Tel. Ag't— Blbridgre GammingB. Ids. Ag't— 0. B. Perrj. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, L. W. Pronty, C. F. Pope ; lumber, 
Henry Howe, 8. N. Holman, H. Gooladge, E. L. Stone. I 

Merehants— F. B. Frye; berries, C. B. Perry; millinery, ICrs. Wil- 
son A Mrs. SpaQlding. 

rRA.iir€£S'ro wir, hillsbobough-^vop. 999. S. W. tr. 

C. 25 ; W. from Manchester 23 ; N. W. from Nashua, 23 : 
R. R. 8. — Greenfield, on Peterboro &. R. 4}^ miles, stage twice a day. 

OFFIGBBS— CZerX;, L. F. Atwood; 2V«a«. Amasa Dowms ; BtUctmm, 
Henry Richardson, B. H. Patch, G. A. DuncUee; ^^. G. F. Pettee. 

Postmastor— S. B. Hodge. 

Justices—S. D. Downs, A. H. Bixby, 8. B. HodjBt, G. W. Onm- 
mings, fitaU; Hiram Patch, J. P. Woodbury. 

I Banks— 1st National, M. L. Morrison, pres.; Geo. W. Ciunmings, 
cash.; Francestown Savings, S. D. Downes, treas. 

Church— Oung. J. A. Rowell ; Unit. James WasselL 

Exp. Agents— J. K. Chandler, Horatio Bills. 

Hotel and Uvery Stable— Francestown Hotel, A. J. Smith ; B. 0. 

Literary Institution— Francestown Academy, B. S. Hnrd, prin.;' 
Town Library, 1,(X)0 volumes. 

Manulkcuirers— blacksmiths, G. D. Bpps, H. W. Spanlding, F. H. 
Cttdworth; builders B. W. Golbnrn, B. P. Ordway, H. A. Hopkins, H. 
P. Downes ; carding, P. 0. Kidder ; flour and meal, Geo. Saigent, P. 

C. Kidder; kits, pails, Ac. H. P. Clark A Son; lumber, Geo. Sargent, 
H. M. Monahan; soap-stone, Francestown seap«tone quarry, Chas. 

Merchants— Amasa Downs, B. Bradford A Co. ; anctioneer, 8. B. 
Hodge ; millinery, R. Bradford. 

Physicians— H. S. Hutchinson, homeo. T. B. Fisher. 

F&AJrCOIflA) GRAFTOy-^Fop. 560. N. fr. 0. 86; N. E. 
fr. Haverhill, 34. R, R. fi.— Littleton, on White Mt. R. R. Daily stage. 
I OFFICEBS— CV«rl, Geo. U. Burt; Tttoi. Osman Parker; Select- 
men, Joel Spooner, H. Spooner, M. H. Bowles ; Bupt.^ Mrs. L. E. Gould. 

Postmasters— Roewell Knight; IVoJUe H&ute, 0. H. Greenleaf. 

Justices— B. B. Parker, Joel Spoones^ C H. Greenleaf, 8laU: J. N. 
Oakee, W. F. Parker. 

Churches— Advent, G. Gregor; Cong. F. T. D. Garriston; F. Bap. 
G. N. Howard. 

Hotels — Profile House, Taft A Greenleaf; Mountain view House, 
Mrs. H. Knight;^ Fayette House, Richardson Bros.; Franconia House, 

D. H. Howland ; House of Seven Gables, F. Y. D. Garretson ; Bdson 
House, Chas. Bdson ; Forest Hill Hotel, Priest A Dudley. 

Manufacturers- bobbins, Stephen Baton ; boots and shoes, Willis 
Knapp; harnesses, L. M. Aldrich; iron, Franconia Iron Co, ;Capt. 
J. A. Stroer, A*gt. ; lumber, Stephen Baton ; starch, Parker, Priest A 
iCo. , E. B. Parker, agent. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. J. George, B. T. Petrie ; carpenters. 
Dexter Woods, C. H. Lock. 

Merchants— Geo. H. Burt, B. B. Parker A Son, Mrs. A. 0. Derby ; 
mfllioery , Electa J. Bowles. Physician- W. B. Moody^ 

FRAMKIillf^ jr^AA/if^ as:— Pop. 4,000.. N. fr. C. 18. R. R. 
S. — Franklin, on Northern R. R. 

OFFICERS— C9sr2;, F. H. Chapman; Treat. I. N. Blodgett; Seleei- 
men, J. W. Davis, G. G. Fellows, D. W. Call ; Board of ^aAwaA\<m^ B.! 
B. 8. -Sanborn, f . N. Parsons, B.G. Leach. 


Postmaster^R. G. Oolburn. Exp. Agent-— B. M. Freocott. 

Justices— O. W. Nesmith, E. G. Leach, R. W. Beunett, Alexis Proc- 
tor, £. C. Stone, A. F. Pike, Stepben Eeorick, Daniel Bftrnard, E. B. 8.1 
Sanborn, W. M. Barnnrd, F. N. Panoos, Q. R. Stone, J. W. 8i-! 
munrlfl, F. H. Daniell. C. U. Kolley, C. Blake, StaU; B. E. Brown, H.j 
E. Blak«», J. H. Rowell, G B. Muttbewt, C. H. Kelley, Frank Proctor,. 
J. W. Davii, R. K. Bean, D. S. Gilchrist, Aaron Woodman, 8. F. Dan 

ChurcheS'-'Chris. T. G. Moses ; Cong. W. A. Hadley. 

Hotels^Webster House, Mrs. 0. B. Dayia ; Franklin House, A. K. 

Insurance Agts-^Leach k Barnard. Tel. Ag't— J. D. Kirk. 

Lawyers— A. F. Pike, Daniel Barnard, I. N. Blodgett, E. G. Leach, 
G. W. Nesmith, G. R. Stone, W. M. Barnard. F. N. Parsons. 

Livery Stables— A. K. Moore, S. Gerrish. 
I Manufacturers— belting and hose, Thoe. Mc Oonnell; brick, Hiram 
Colby ; boots and shoes, D. S. Gilchrist ft Co. ; conductors* punches, J.' 
B. Aiken; crutches, N. Wilton & Son: foundry, B.X. Taylor; hats 
and caps, W. J. Fortier; leather, Thumas McConnell; lumber, Jos-| 
eph Brown ft Co., J. H. Rowell, B. 8. Colby, Wallace Burleigh; 
Ufedles, Franklin Needle Co.; tin ware and stoyes, J.^. Rowell;' 
trnsses, N. Wilton A Son; wagons, caniuges and sleighs, J. W. B. 

I Merchants — L. RichBrdson, D. 8. GilchriRt, E. Bncklin, E. C. Stone: 
anctioneer, Edwin Judkins; boots and 9hoee, D. S. Gilchrist, L.- 
Richardson; coal and ice, B. M. Preseott: com and meal, Johnson, 
ft Son; drugs and medicines, E. H. Sturtevant; fnrnitute, E. C' 
Stone ; .hardware, L.. Richardson; Jewelry, Alonzo Meeser; luiUiuery,. 
8. W. Stone, wool, pelts and hides. Ed. Judkins. 
I Physicians — L. M. Knight; dentist, Geo. A. Grace. 
I Falls— Postmaster— Walter Burleigh. 

I Churches— Adr. ; C. Bap. A.J. Hopkins; F. Bap. G. N. 

Musgrove; Meth. A. C. Coult; Ri Gath. Jas. Lambert ; Uuit. J. B. 
Uurrifeon. j 

i Eating House— Robert Thompson. Lawyers— S. B. S. Saabcnm, E 
|G. I..each. 

Hotels— Toung's Hotel, Robert Young, Winnipiseogee House, P. L.' 
Kennedy. ... 

Livery Stables— C. G. Kenrick, J. W. Dayis. 

Manufacturers~-blacksmitb, Archie Mac Dooiald ; bnildera, M. G 
Woodward, Babbitt ft Moulton; carriages and sleighs. Eastman ft 
Bushey ; corn meal, Phelps ft Foskett ; fancy flannels, Franklin 
Mills, M. T. Steyens, prop.; laundry, P. G. Cnrleton ; lumber, Obtia M.| 
Babbitt; machinery ft hosiery, Walter Aiken ; machinery, Clnrk ft 
Haynes; sash, doors and blinds. Sleeper Bros.; soap, H. D. Smith ;j 
hosiery, A. W. Sniloway;. paper, and paper pulp, Winipiseogee Pa- 
per Co., W. F. Daniell manager; tinware and stoyes,^ James Tay- 
lor; wood pulp, Franklin Falls Pulp Co. WF. Daniell, manager; jobj 
{printers, R. E. Collins, 0. A. Towne, T. C. Golley ; wood fans, White 
;Mt. Wood Fan Co., O. A. Towne, ag't. . . j 

' MerchantS-r-Bnrleigh Bros., G. W. Sawyer, Peter Gahagan, F. H.: 
Sanborn, A. E. Loyerin ft Co., G. B. Soutbwick A Co. books' and 
stationery, F. H. Chapman, 0. A. Towne; boots and shoes, F. H.. 
Marsh, D. D. Straw ; clothing, Dayis ft Ripley, J. C. Neal, F. A.' 
Bo.sii; cofilus ft fnrnitnre, C. C. Paige, H. L. Young ft 
Co. H. R. Thompson; drugs and madicines, F. H. Chapman, B. A. 


•Brockway; dry goods, F. L. Morriaon k Ck>.- F. H. Gerry; fancy, 
^oods, notions.Ac, 0. A. Towne. F. H. GhapnaaD, J. Fawdrey; fish,' 
H. Hinds, N. M. {Gage; fruit and confectionery, 0. A. Towne, R| 
iTbompson, J. W. Fawdrey ; groceries, F. H. Sanborn ; hardware, boot«,| 
shoes and groceries, Asa Monison, Burleigh Bros.: jewelry, O.O. Fel-j 
lows, 0. L. Hunt, meat P. Goiiy6, J. F. DollofT; millinery, H. F. A J. L.| 
Gilchrist, N. £. Keniston A; Co^ L. T. Sleeper; musical instruments^ 
and sewing machines, G. L.San>>orn; news dealers, J. W. Fawdrey, 
0. A. Towne ; wood, coal and ice, Ghas. G. Kenrick ; wood, G. H. Davis 
A. G. Tilton ; wool, and pelts, W. Burleigh. 

Physicians— J. H. Sanborn, G. B. Nichols, J. W. Stsples ; bot., 
W. W. Sleeper ; homeo., W. B. Keith ; dentist, A. A. Harden. 

Real Estate ft Ins. Agent— B. E. Bean, Leach k Barnard. 

Sale Stable— G. G. Kenrick. Tel. Ag*t— H. K. Smith. 

FREEDOM, CAS ROLL— Vop. UO. M. B. fr. C. 70; N. B. tr. 
|Os«iipee, 12. B, B. S. — 0((Bipee Genter, 8 m., on Eastern R. R.; Bald-! 
win Depot. l3m. on P. Jk 0. R. R. ; 

j OFFIGERS— Cforifc, P. F. Dauforth ; Ttms. James MlHken ; SeUet- 
.meM, Wm. J. Beunet, B. P. Sawyer, Gilbert Huckins ; Hupl. E. J . 
I Tonng. 

I Postmaster— Rensselaer Towle. 
< Justices— John Paraoni, BtaU; Jostah Thurston, 
{ Banks— Ossipee Valley Ten Gts. Savings, Jusiah Thurston, pres., 
lE. I. Towle, treas. 

Churches— Bap. W. M. Hawthorne ; Ghris. E. R. Amaison. 
p. H. Andrews, Stephen Dauforth, £. J. Towle, G. I. Phllbrlck. 

Exp. Ag'tS — Frank Fox, S. 0. Huckins. 
I Manufocturers — blacksmiths, E. L. Mills, A. G. Fowler ; bobbins, 
!C. A 0. Parsons; brick, N. L. Meserve^ builder, Silas 'Brookn, 
jAlanson Allard ; clothing, S. Danforth & Sons, E. I. Towle ft Go. 0. E. 
Brake. G. F. Lord, leather, GhurchiU A Bros.; lumber, Josiah Thurston, 
Towle ft Kenson. 

j Merchants— Geo. F. Lord, A. D. Merrow, E. I. Towle ft Go. ; boots 
and shoes, Ghas. H. Beach. 

I Physicians — A. D. Merrow; ectec, A. W. Hobbs. 
I FREMOITT, ROCKTNOHAM—Vop. 623. 8. B. fr. 0. 30; W. 
fr.BxHter, 10. R. R. 8.— Fremont on N. ft R R. R. Daily stage. 
I OPFIGERS— CV«rA;, T. B. Smith ; Trtat. Ezra Gnrrier ; Beltetrmm, 
A. J. Brown, Thompson Barnes, David Sanborn; 8upt. A. F. Sanborn. 

Postmaster— Andrew Brown. 

Justices — Perley Robinson, Q. F. Beede, J. B. Sanborn, &aU ; G. W. 
'FoUett, G. A. Gove, Q. F. Sanborn, B. F. Sanborn, A. J. Brown. 

Churches — F. Bap. Joseph Granville; Meth. J. Higgins. 

Hotel — True Housej Warren True, prop. 

ManubCturers— lumber, Gaverly Mill ; paper boxes, W. G. Brown ; 
packing boxes, J. M. Brown ; staves and sheoks, Jonas Spaulding. 

I Merchants— groceries, Jeremiah Benlleld, F. B. Smith, Robinson 
ft Wilkinson, Fulloaton ft Brown ; meat, P^ R. Currier. 

Oeorre's Rlllls— SeeSanapee. 
CllIiFOlID, BELKNAP—Pop. 2,621. N. B. fr. 0. 17; B. 

Laconia 4. B. B. &— Lake Village, on B. G. ft M. R. R. 
Postmaster— FiZ^o^e, S. R. Jones. Physician— B. Mnnsey. 
Churches— F. Bap. G. M. Emery ; Meth. M. T. Gilley. 
Manufacturers — ^lumber, J. J. Morrill, G. A. Gopp, John Colby. 
Merchants— groceries, H. Jones, J. €k>ve. 




Ejike VillJMr#— OFFIGSRS— Cleri, H. 0. Ougbee ; TVaoa. S. n. 
Ward ; SeUetmen/B. 8. Ayer, J. B. Pnlcifer, G. w. Eolltns ; Aqit 
0. M . Emeiy ; Ovwrteer, A. Taoker ; Supervitorgt J. D. Ckmbom, 

A. 0. Moore, G. A. €k>pp. 
Postmaster— S. H. BUiadell. 
Justices— S. C. Clark, A. J. Owen, J. P. Hutchinson, BenJ. Wadlaj, 

B. J. Cole, S. S. Ajer, M. A. Haynes, Arthur Tucker, 6. W. fi«ad«ra,i 
r. M. Rollins, J. P. Whittier, J. L. Sinclair, H. B. Qaimby, R. H. S«n- 1 
bora. State; J. L. Odell, S. H. Blaisdell, W. S. Taylor, C. H. Sleep«r, T. 
B. Preecott, H. 0. Bngbee, G. H. Smith. 

Band— Highland Braes Band, 24 pieces, A. F. Rnblee, leader. 

Churches— AdY. ■; Bap. B. R. WUsou ; F. W. Bap. E. W. Bick- 

er; Meth. A. C. Hardy. I 

Ex.Ag't— A. D. Plammer. Hotel— Mt. Belknap Hoiiie,F.B.Planun«r. 

Lawyers— 8. G. Clark, J. P. Hutchinson. I 

LtYery Stables — F. A. Baker, Romanzo Johnson. 

Manuaeturers— blacksmiths, H. F. Rnblee k Son, F. A. Wadlej ;' 
builders, J. N. Header, A. J. Tuck, C B. Bussell; car axle manuliao- 
tory. Cole M'f g' Co.; carriMes, H. F. Rnblee ft Son ; coflBns, caaketa, 
picture frames, ftc„ B. D. Ward; dye house, Wm. Apple ton; floor I 
and meal, W. Lake Go ; harnesses, A. Crooker ; hosiery, B; M. Ap-t | 
pleton, F. Holt ft Co., H. Wood ft Co.. P. BartleU ft Son, A. B. Burpee ; 
hosiery end leggings, Brown, Wood ft Kingman ; looms, J. 8. Crane 
ft Co., W. H. Pepper; lumber, Theodore Dodge, Cole MutPg C04 
needles, Wardwell Needle Co., John Aldrich, Trees., Cox Needle Co.; 
shoes, James Fish; shoestrings, braids, tapes ftc.. Union Laoe 
Co.; twine, wicklug, Howard Manfg Co.; soap, C. W..B. Davis, M. h. 

Merchants— booti and shoes, G. D. Robie ft Co., James Fish, 
H. P. Niles, D. Davis ; clothing, W. H. Jones, H. J. Odell ; drugs ft' 
medicines, J. L. Odell ; dry goods, G. H. Smith, H. J. Odell ; groceries,' 
8. R. Jones, Dow ft Sanborn, A. Tucker A. D. Plummer, G. h. Sleeper 
h Co., B. 8. Smart, J. B. Leavitt, H. W. Swasey; lewelry, B. LoYeioy, M . 
M. Robinson; ice, L. D. Badger; meat, Dow ft Sanborn, A. Tucker 
ft Co., J. H. Weeks; flmcy goods, tobacco and cigars, G. H. Buziell; 
merchant tailors, H. J. Odell, G. W. Dolloff ; millinery, M. C. Sanborn; 
Miss H. M. Wheeler ; periodicals, J. IL Hubbard ; wockI, coal, hay fto.J 
Geo. Sturdevant, R. Presoott, H. B. Bmery, L. D. Badger, Urial Hall. | 

Physicians— O. Goes, Levi Ward, G. F. Boby,0. W. Goes; homeo.' 
D. F. ft J. C. Moore J dentist, Daniel Bikins. I 

«II.MAMTOil, BELKNAJP—Fop, 1,48&. N. B. fr. 0. 18; S. 
fr. Laconia, 8. B. B. iS.— Tilton, 10 m., on B. 0. ft M. R. R. From' 
Lower Gilmanton to Pittsfield 6 m., on Suncook Val. R. &. Daily! 
stage to each. Two stages daily ftom Gilmanton to Tilton. 

OFFICBRS— Oeri, Harlan Paige ; Treat. John Connell ; SekOmm, 
W. Ham, M. C. Lamprey, G. W. Parsons ; St^., B. C. Aloore. 

Postmasters— L.H.Mudgett; Xower, Joseph Brown. 

Justices— Thos. Cogswell, Orrin Folsom, J. P. Hill, Reuben Bdger- 
ly, Alfred Presoott, J. W. Cogswell, B. A. Sargent, B. & Marsh, G.I 
W. Sanborn, SlaU ; J. K. Dudley, Jos. Brown, 0. A. Dockham, J. 
S. Page, M. 0. Lamprey, J. 8. Goodwin, J. B.DuneU. 

Churehes— Cong., 8. 8. N. Greejey; Meth., C. H. Leet; Xotpsr, F. 
Bap., L. B. Hall. 

Hotel— Washington, I. G. Marsh. 

Literary Institution— Gilmanton Academy, Samuel A. Barrett. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, J. W. ft WillisMarsh ; clothes drlore 




and tents, R. H. Joaes St Sons ; Job printer, J. M. ConneU , liunber, 

Merchants — S. H. Dearborn ; Low€rt Joseph Brown. 

Physieians— Wtgbt k Brown. 

Iron Works— iS. R. iS.— Alton, 6 m., on DoTsr * Wlnniplsee< 
ge« R. R. Daily itage. 

Postmastar^C. A. Dockham. Hotal— Central, J. 8. Trask. 

Churches— Gong., Lyman White ; F. Bap., Orrin Pitts. 

Lawyer — ^Thomas Cogswell. 

Manufacturers— builders, N. B. Jones, Beaben Giles, Sben Connel; 
doora, aash and blinds, Reuben Giles ; plows, J. P. Hossey ; flour, grain 
iuid lomber, Danforth Cook, Hussey k Emerson ; Gilnumten Iron Mfg. 
Co. ; rakes, Belknap Rake Co., Marsh Bros. ; 

Heehanies— blacksmiths, J.W. A W.Marsh ; carpenters, N. B. Jones, 
■ben Connel.; harness maker, E, A. Sargent; painter, A F. Paige. 

Merchants^— C. A. Deckham, John Connell, C. W. Ganlt ; flour and 
gndn, Danforth Coek ;:pouItry and game. C. H. Shannon. 

Physicians— Jeremiah Blake, R. M. Gray, 8. A. Taylor. 

^tlMVM, CHESHIRE^Pop. G63. 8. C.50; N. E. fr. Keens 
t. J2. B. A— Keene, on Cheshire R. R. Daily stage. 

OTFIGERS— OcrA;, L. W. F. Mark ; Trea$. A. D. Hammond ; BeUO- 
, O. J. Wilson, E. D. Banks, F. A. Howard ; Supt, S. W. Dart. 

Postmaster— J. A. Smith. 

Justices — F. A. Howard, N. 0. Hayward, A. D. Hammond, G. C. 
Habbaid, L. W. F. Mark, D. W. Bill, iSkUe;G. H. McCoy. C. W. 
Bingham, L A. Loveland. Livery Stahles— G. U. McCoy, L. Shaffner.l 

Hotel — ^Ashuelot House, L. Shaffner. 

Hanufiieturers— cassimeres, J. 8. Collins, Gilsum Woolen M*f' d 
Co.; lamber, G. W. Newman, 8. W. Dart, N. 0. Haywood, Adams i| 
Co; tanners. Rice, Rawson A Co.; trays and wooden ware, D. W. 
BI11,G. H. McCoy : Taylor mop heads, G. W. Taylor. 

Meohanies — blacksmiths, Eugene R. Carpenter, C. D. Newman ; 
carpenters, Allen Hayward, L. R. Gaillow. 

Herehants— J. A. Smith, A. D. Hammond, L. W. F. Mark; aoctlun. 
ear, N. 0. Hayward. Church— Cong. G. W. Rogers. 

Physicians— K. D. Webster, I. A. LoTeland. 

Tejephone — L. Shaffner. 

Glen Houae — A p. o. in Green's Grant, in Coos Co. 

Gofffa Fall*— 6ee Manchester. 

GOFFSTOWM, BJLL8B0 BOUGH— Fop. 1,6M. S. W. fr. C, 1« ; 
N. W. fr. Manchester 81^. B. J2. 8. — Goffstitwn, on Manchester and, 
North Weare R. R.; Gonetown Center, 3 m., and Parker's 1^ m. 

OFFIOEJSU^— Cferib, Ernest Johnson; Treas.^ Robinson Brown; Se-^ 
fsetaisn, Chas. Morgrsge, W. S. Whipple, G. M. Eaton; Aijxte., Frank' 
Blaiidell, Oilman F. Farley. 

Postmasters— C. S. Parker ; Ctntery Geo. B. Poore. 

Justiees^-J. M. Parker, A.F. Carr, T. R. Hoyt,G.F. Farley, Alfred 
jSfaMry, O. P. Hadley, 2d, Wallace Caldwell, StaU ; D. M. Taggart, L.: 
tRowell, F. H. Phillips, Jesse Nichols, 0. Morgrage, H. Moore, Frank! 
Blaisdell. C. F. George, Chas. Hazen. I 

I Churenes— Bap., E. T. Lyford; Cong. S. L. Gerould; Bpis., W. H. 
Cntler ; Meth. J. L. Harrison. 

Hotels — N. H. Central, — ; Fanner's Hotel, ^ 

Lawyer— Samuel Upton. Livery Stable-— Chas. C. Barnard. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Moore & Campbell; builders, A. 
M. Davis, Harrison Hart ; carrlaiges, J. B. Person; cigars, J. H. Cepp, 


Urwtn Moore; flour & meal, Parker Bros., O. P. Henry, Q. B. Poor; 
hoof oil! tmeat, A.McDougal ; kits, K L. C.Colby; mouldings, & brack- 
ets, Kendall, Stark & Co.; patent medicines, Otis F. Snmncr; pnlp,| 
P. C. Cheney & Co.; sash, and blinds, Kendall, Stark & Cu., Uadley & 
Co.; scythe rifles, and boys* sleds, Orrin Moore; toy wajcons, boys'j 
sleds, Jesse Nichols. j 

Merchants— Parker Bros., G. P. Henry, George Poor, E. L. Bryant, 
W. Dubois; auctioneer, J. M. Parker; clocks; and watchen, A. 
M:. Lnfkin ; coffins, J. Small & Co.; drugs, 0. F. Sumner; fancy goods 
B.R. Poor; fish, C. 8.4 8. H. Balch; ice, C. G. Hnrnard ; lumber, 
.1. M. & D. A. Parker, Johnson A Richards, Butterfield Sc Richards, 
John Carlton & Son, Shirley ft Robinson ; meat, T. W. Richards, G. P. 
Hadley 2d.; meat & Tegetablet, A.J. Sargent; sewing machines, 0. F. 
Surnner; stoves & tin ware. Band ft Seeton, J. M. Brown. 

Physicians— A. P. Corr, 0. F. George, Fnink Blaisdell. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Shirley Hill House, S. D. Johnson ; 
Scribner Hill house, H. 8. Scribner, prop. 

Ooldeo Brook mills— See Windham. 

Gonic — See Rochester. 

eORHAM, 0008— fop. 1,383. N. B. fr. C. 98. S. E. fir. Lan- 
caster, 24. J2. jB. iS.— Gorham, Randolph, 6; Glen House, 8, on G. T. 
li. R. Public conveyance to all trains. 

OFFICERS— CZerfc, J. W. Greenlaw ; Treas. 8. M. Leayitt; Select' 
men, R. F. Ingalls, Henry P. Smith, A. A. Heath ; Bupt. A. R. Uyanfl,! 

Postmaster— A. S. Twitchell. Tel. Agent— A. T. Causier. j 

Justices— A. S. Twitchell, H. E. Foss, A. R. Evans, State ; E. M. 
Wight, R. F. Ingalls, A. J. Graham, Thos. Gifford, A. A. Palmer, Y., 
V. Twitchell, A. C. Hamman. 

Churches — Gong. T. C. Jerome; Meth. H. E. Foss; B. Gath. 
B. J. Walsh ; Dniv. . 

Exp. Ag't— T. Gifford. Ins. AgH— Alfred R. Evans. 

Hotels— Alpine House, G. D. Stratton ; Eagle Hunse, L. L. Jack- 
son ; Lary House, A. G. Lary, Glen House, W. ft C. K. Milliken. 

Lawyers — A. S. Twitchell, A. R. Evans. 

Livery Stables— G. B. Hilbom, Wm. Jewell, G. D. Stratton. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, J. P. Dunham. J. C. Richardson ;' 
boots and shoes, W. Wight. J. A. Twitchell, Alfred Twitchell ; build- 
ers, C. J. Green, A. N. Gilbert ; carriages. J. P. Dunhiim, F. Buck ; 
coffins and caskets, C. H. Howe ; Job printer, V. V. Twitchell ; lumber, 
E. Clement A Co., C. S. Peabody ft Co. P. G. Evans ; lumber and 
wood, A. H. Gerrish, A. N. Gilbert. | 

Merchants— R. F. Ingalls, Stahl Brothers, A. J. Lyon, D. M. Need- 
ham, C. G. Hamlin, A. A. Carter ft Co., L. Shedd, C. S. Pea- 
body ft Co., Orren Tubfos ft Co., E. Clement ft Co., A. N. Twitchell ;' 
books, and stationery, S. M. Leavltt; corn ft meiil, J. Jewell; dru^ 
ft medicines, Henry Marble ft Co. L. S. Barrett; furniture, C. H. Howe ; 
hardware, Demond Bros., G. E. Tulibs; meat and groceries. Gates ft 
Brown, A. A. Carter ft Co., E. W. Evans; millinery and fancy 
goods, Mrs. M. Farr, Mrs. M. J. Gifford, M. N. Norwood ft Co.; miUE, 
H. P. Smith. 

Physicians— B. M. Wight, N. D. Hyde ; dentist, E. F. Bibber. 

Station Agent— T. A. Adams. 

GOSHEN fil7ZL/F4iV^Pop. 611. 40. 8. fr. New- 
'port 4U. B. R. iS.— Newport, 4U, Chandlerville, 5 m., on C. ft C. R. R. 
I OFFICERS— CZ«rJb, R.G. Morrill; Treat., B. H. Carr; SOe-ctmrn^^ 
B. W. Pike. M. C. Greare. E. I. Purinirton : 8uvt.. F. P. Jenes. 


Postmasters--H. D. Baker; MiU Village, B. W. Pike. ! 

Justie€S— IS. H. Out, J. W. Kodgen. Jacob Bedington, StaUs Don | 
uis L«ar. . . 

Churches — Bap., A. H. Green; Meth., Josiah Hooper. j 

Manufacturers^tlHcksiiiitb, Burke Booth; Mill Village^ O. A. Lear ; 
butter firkiDB, Solon Willey, A. L. Baker; luiiiber, J. K Govc^JizFa; 
Pariiigton, Wm. H. Barton. / 

Merchants — Can- A Morrill ; com and meal, H. 8. Bnxtoa. 

Physician — F. P. Jonen. 

ORAFTOM, ORAFTON-^Vop. 933. N. W. fr. C, 40; 8. W. fr. 
PI V mouth, 86. R. R. S.— Oral ton A Center, on No. &. K. 

OFFICERS— a«rXr, £. O. Smith ; Tnat.^ J. £. Martin ; Sdtdmm, 0. 
H. Cole, A. F. Ho>t, A. Davie ; Supt., A. 8. Vrasier. 

Postmasters— Horace Barne> ; Center , J. B. Page. 

Justices— N. W. G. DaviH, Steph. George, J. B. Page. G. W. Rollins. 

Churches — Center, Union, Lorenzo Bailey, «Sou<i^. J. Webster. 

Hotel — Grafton House, Sargent k Goodnongh. Physician— B. A. 
label! . 

Manufacturers — black-'mith, E. C. Dimond; charcoal, Sargent ft' 
€k>odnough; lumber, 8. W. Bumey, J. R. Smith; CenUtyC F. Kiiton. i 

Merchants^). K. Martin ; OenUr, L. D. Williaius ; EmI, B F. FoI- 
8om ; drover. I B. SHricent. 

ORAIVTIIAM , SLLLIVAN—^oip^ 640. N. W. fr. 0.. 4(> ; N . fr 
Newport, 10. iS. R, &— Newport lU ra., on C. ft C. R. R. Dailyi 
stage. Lebanon, 14 m., on No. R. R., seroi-weekly stage. ; 

OFFICERS— Cferi, Hufus Hall ; 2V«u., J. H. Gosa ; SeJUctmen, L. 0. 
Danbar, K D. Smith, W. II. Miller; Bwpt, V. B. Perkinf. 
1 Postoiasters — L. D. Duubar ; Norths M. P. Burpee. 
' Justices — S. C. Sargent, O. B. Bnswell, L. D. Dunbar, Rufns HhII,, 
H. F. Goes, O. H. Perkins ; StaU ; L. P. Sanders, L. N. Sargent ' 

Churches— Chris., £u<, N. Clough; Meth. G. H. Hardy, North, 

G. H. Hardy : Union, . Insurance Agent— S. C. Sargonf . 

i Mauufaoturers-~1>a8kets, J. Young; carriages, Wm. Rowe; luiii- 
'l>er, G. VV. Dunbar, M. P. Burpee; lumber and shingles, AorM, W. W.: 
Pinney, F. Peabody ft Son, F. W. Leavitt; shingles, Albert Colllus. 
I Mechanics — blacksmiths, John Hammond, J. L. Spiller; cooper, 
Wm. Howe. 

1 Merchants — L. D. Dunbar, S. F. Hook ; clocks and watches, 8. C. 
Sargent. Physicians— F. B. Perkias, W G. Kempton. 
I 4«reat FaIIs — See Someis worth. 

I GREElf FIEI.D, HILLSBOROVGH—Voip. 652. S. W. fr. P. 
S8; N. W. t'r. Nashua, 26. R. R. iSf.— Gveenfield ; Russeirs Crossiug 
on Wilton £x. R. R. 

I OFFICERS— CferAf, War^-en Lewis; Trea»., F. C. Fletcher; Sehct- 
men, W. D. Hardy, A. W. Savage, D. W. Burnham ; 8upt^ A. N. Hardy. 
I Postmasters — F. R. Patch : South, Jotyi R. Russell. I 

Justices — Horace Cndworth, A. W. 8av:«ge, SUxte-, G. 8. Peavey, J. 
R. RnswilL F. R. Patch, David Starrett, Warren Lewis. 
Church — Cong., 8 H.^Partridge. 

Hotels A Livery Stables— J. D. Emerson, G. H. Putnam. 
Manufacturers — wooden measures, E. Searles. 
Mechanics — blacksmiths. Brooks ft Spaldttig: carpenters, G. D. 
Pollard, A. H.Hopkins D. W. Burnham, Geo. F. Russell. | 

I Merchants— C. II. Hopkins, F. R. Patch, G. P. Fletcher; carriages, 
Geo. .1. Whittemore; meat, C. F. ft G. S. Peavey. 
j Physician— 8. H. Partridge. Tel. Ag't — G. L. Allan. 



Oreen — Se<* Bflln((h»Ri. 

«BISElfI^Airi>, ROCKINOHAM^Vop.,m^ 8. B. fr.0^60; 

W. fr. Portsmoath, 6. B. R. &— Oi-Mnlaud, on G. A P. B. B., 1 in., on 

B. K. R. 2 m. 
OFFICERS— OerAr, L. D. ]>atttl«y ; StUetmm, J. B. 8MT«y, Jethro 

Howard, a. W. Weeks. 

Postmasters — Edward Holmes ; />4>o(, A. 0. Lane. 

Justices—John Hatch, G. W. Pickering, Jos. W. Odell, J. 8. H 
Frink, P. B. Holmes, £Aa<« ; Edward Holmes, B. A. Pickering. 

Churches— Cong., Bdward Boble; Meth., William Jouet. 

Exp. A Tel. Ag't— A. G. Lane. 

Hotel— Rrackett's, Mre. 6. B. Brackett. 

Lawyers— J. S. H. Frink, John Hatch. 

Literary Institution— Brackett Academy. 

Manufacturers— boxes and Inmber, W. D. Ryder; c»rrl»g«a, 
W.F.Bennett A Son; cider, W. H. L. Brackett, S. 8. Brackett; 
lumber, S. S. Britckett; flonr and meal, J. A. it V. M. Holmea. 
! Mechanics — blacksmiths, B. L. Place, N. P. Ordway, Lovia 
Sharo ; carpenters, Gbas. W. Harden, J. B. Lord, D. J. Norton ; Job 
printer, Ernest Holmes. 

Merchants— J. B. Holmes, L. D. Dantley j meat, A. J. Norton, 
E. G. Fobs. 

Physicians— J. W. Od«ll, W. O. Jnnkins 

OREEMTlIiliE, HILLSB0R0VOH—¥op. 1,072. S. W. fr. 

C. 48 ; W. fr. Nashua, 22. R, R. /?.— Greenville, on Peterboro' 
Shiriey Branch R. R., and East Wilton, on B. L. & N. R. B., 7 m. 
Staee to Ba«t Wilton. 
I OFFICERS— CTerft, F. B. Pierce; Trea$.,B. P. T^mb; S t i t ci me n , 
C. B. Hall, N. P. Farrar, M. H. Hardv ; 8upt.,G. E. Halt 

Postmaster A Exp. Agent— M. H. Hardy. 

Justices— F. Morrison, John Kenney, James Taft. H. J. Taft, O. X. 
Hall, StaU; J. A. Hartshorn. 

Churches — Bap. J. M. Gobnm; Gong. O. T. Merriam; K, Oath. 
Edward Buckle. 

Hotel — Golumbian House, --^ Gonrerse. 

Ins. Af't— James Taft. Tel. Ag't--~A. G. Stickney. 

Livery Stables— M. H. Hardy, J. A. Hartshorn, E. B. Barrett, W 
W. Sawtell, Frank Bnshway. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, J. R. Lynch, H. A. Hobert, Asa Web- 
ber; boots and shoes, F. L. Peabody; cottons, Golumbian Manar^ 
Go., S. Haines, ag't ; lumber, J. H. Elliott; job printer, E. G. Mamh 
I Merchants— O. D. Prescott, Hartshorn ft Whitney, Gustare Ducatte; 
boots and shoes, G. H. Livingston ; boots, shoes and clothing, 

E. W. French; coffins, furniture, paints and oils, W. W. Sawtell* 
drugs, medicines and stationery, G. B. Hall; dry goods and 
small wares, G. A. Dubrule ; fiincy goods, Mrs. A. M;_Wetherbee ; flahj 

F. W. Mansfield ; g^roceries and hardware, Martin & 
P.Lamb; meat, G. 0. Robbins, Brown Bros.; millinery 
Booth, Miss R. Santerre; stationery and noTelties 
tea and coffee, Amos Scripture; tinware and stoves, N. P. Farrar. 
I Physicians— G. A. Wood, G. B. Hall, G. F. Munsey ; dentist, Q. C 
Duncan. Real Estate — John Kenney. 
Plymouth, 12. R. R. A*.— Bristol, on 
stage connects with 8 A. M. and- 6 P 

U. WetnerDee ; nab,' 
t White; Jewelry, BJ 
[llinery, Mrs. Q. W. 
ties, G. E. Marsh ; 
es, N. P. Farnur. 
ill, G. F. Munsey ; dentist, G. G. 

666. N. W. ft. 0., 46. W. fr 
>n Bristol Branch R. R. DalljrL 
*. M. trains. Xfrnrih—R. B. S.-^ 


OFFIGBRS— ClerXr, K. H. Blarkstonv, p. o. ad. N. Orotnn; 7Vm«. 
D. W. Kidder; eeUetmtn, Narth, Q. E Golbnra, N»rth, A. A. Hall; 
lA tj xi viw >i«, Daniel Kidder, l±. L. Ingalle, D. 0. Welle; Supt. Aor<A, 
Krs. Joeie Colburn. | 

Postmasters—iVbrtA, J. C. Uidl; &>ti</i, Gbariotte Remiok. I 

Justices— G. B. Golburn. Slate ;D. M. Tenney, N. L. Jewell, Da-' 
fid Hubart. A. Y. Bagley, R. H. Biackstone. \ 

Manufacturers— blackftmitbe. North, L. C. Bryer, South, L. L. 
Cheever ; carpenters, Engene Hall, y&rth; C. F. Wheet ; lumber, South, 
J. B. Mascey, I. P. Hardy, O. W. Ilankins, A. B. Grisby, G. L. Kendall ; 
Biica works. North, Hartford Mica Mining Co., W. V. Slmpeon ; Grys- 
tal Mica Mining Go., A. B. Pnffer ; patent clapboard machines, 
L. G. Kendall; patent slide blind hangings, tooli^ machinery and 
pctterna, North, Kidder A Patney. 
Merchant— iVortA, J. W. Bnrley. PhysiefAB— J. 0. Wheet. 
Oroveton — See Northumberland. 
G u i I d— See Nevrpert. 

^LA.]IIPST£AD, ROCKING HAM^^op. 059. 8. B. fr. 0. SO; 
8. W. ft, Portsmonth, 80. R. R. &— Atkimion, on B. A M. R. R. 
Daily stage fr. W. Hampstead, on N. A R. R. R., to Atkinson SUtion,' 
7.30 A.M.: to W. Hampstead 6.30 P. M. 

OFFICBRS — Cfe»-ft, A W. Foot; Treas. A. P. Emerson; Sel«et^ 
men, J. H. Grant, A. H. Daris, D. N. Hoyt ; Supt. Wm. G. Little. I 

Postmasters— Thomas Foots ; Wtst, J. D. Ordway ; JSawt, Sumner 

Justices-^. G. Eastman, H. B. Garter, Sam'l Morse, Nelson Ord 
way, J. D. Ordway. Geo. Marston, StcUe ; J. W. Garland, A. H. Davis, 
Bben Hoyt, W. A. Emerson, J. H. Grant. I 

Cll urch— Gong., Al bert Watson . I 

Literary Institution— Hampstead Higb School, F. B. Merrill, prin. 
Maalketarers— blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn, Gilbert Yerbnrgh ; 
J^ut, A. Wood ; boots and shoes, Gbas. N. Hoyt A Go ; box and planing 
mill, C. W. Pressey A Go.; builders, G. J. Penneo. D. H. Emerson, J. 
H. Bmerson ; lamber, F. A. Pike; ITe*^, E. £. Giirrier; shoe tools, 
Dau'l Nichols. I 

Mercliants— A. W. Foote, D. F. Ordway ; anctioneers, J. D. Ord- 
jway, Gharlee H. Osgood ; groceries, G. W. Baker, G. H. Osgood : meat, 
J. T. Little, Henry Noyes ; millinery, Mrs. E. M. Locke; millinery and 
fiuicy goods. Miss Nellie L. Perley. | 

Physicians— J. G. Eastman, BenJ. Woodman ; dentist, Dan'l Nich- 
ols, summer Boarding House— A. P. Emerson. I 
East— S. E. fr G^ 82 ; S. W. fr. Exeter, 11. Daily stage fr. Plait-' 
tow, on B. A M. R. B., at 6 P. M.; and ff>r Sandown, on N. A R. R. R.; 
at 6 P. M.; and for Plaistow on B. A M. B. B., 7.46 A. M. 
Postmaster— H. 8. Martin, 
Exp. A0s.— J. N. Sanborn, 8. H. Morse. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, A. G. Wood, G. Yerbnght : builders, 
John Johnson, James Johnson ; harnesses, 0. L. Marshall ; lithog. 
rapbers and art publishers, Globe Pu)»lish{ng House; pomps, Geo. 
Allen ; saw and planing mill, Wra. GrifBn, G. O. Ring; Tinegar, G. 0. 
Wmx A Go4 WMons, Gilbert yerbui^b. 

KAMPTOM9 ROCKINGHAM— FoTp., 1,181. 8. K. fr. 0., 47 ; S. 
fr. Portsmouth, 10. R. R. 8. — Hampton, on Eastern R. R. ' 

OFFICERS— 07«rX;, J. M. Akerman; Trms. G. W. Lane; Seleetmen, 
J. W. Towle, W. M. Batcheller, W. B. Lane ; BupL H. M. Lane. 1 1 

PA«f m ««t*r— J ^ M. AkArniRnr NnrtA J TkakinhtklAar. ir.: Slouth. • I 


Justices— JoMpb Dow, C. Bf. Lamprey, Stale; A. S. Coffin, J. W. 
Dow, J. M. Lamprey, J. H. Foi^g, J. M. Aktrniaii, A. J. Leavitt. 
Churches— Ooog., W.H. Cutler; ¥. Bap^ ; Metb^ J. F. 


Hotels— Union, O. H. Wliittler ; Boar's Hea \ S. H. Dtimaa ; Ocean 
Bouse, Philip Yeaton A Co.: Hampton Beach, T. A J. L. Leavitt ; 
Eairle, L. P. Nudd ; Granite House, W. C. Hodgeman. 

Literary Institution — Hampton Academy, -.— , prin. 

Livery Stable— O. H. Whittler. 

ManuTaeturers — blacksmiths. Oliver Godfrey, S. L. Jenness k Son, 
B. P. Young & Son ; builders, J. A Dearborn, S. W. Dearborn ; Inm-j 
ber. Dearborn A Berry, J. T. Urown ; shingles, S. J. Drake A Son; tin, 
!Oeo. Oillura. 

Merchants — J. A. Lane, A. D. Brown, T. N. Chsse, S. Poor; 
jauctioneer, C. M. LHmprey ; confectionery etc. Dow A Towie ; drns* 
and medicines, Frank Laird, Jewelry, J. S. Oilman ; tin and glaaa wwpe 
.Geo. Colhim. 

Physieian— W. T. MerrilL 
I WtAJnVrOPi V A IsEjH^ ROCKINGHAM— Top., tlS, S. B. fr. 
C 47 . S. K. fr. Exeter. 7. R. R. 5.— Hampton Falls, on Rastern R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/<frA:, O. C. Healy: Treat. C. T. Brown; Selectmen, 
H. H. KniKht, 0. B. Sanborn. 8. L. Pevear# Board of Education^ C. T. 

J. Brown, T. Sat.ltorn, Helen M. Sanborn ; OoHector, W. W. Curtis. 
I Postniaster- C. C.Oreen. 

Justices— C. H. Sanborn, f. P. Cram, N. H. Robie, Oliver Eaton* 
»ote;J. H. Gove, C. T. Brown, 0. C. Green, C. P. Akerman, a. C 
Brown. H. H. Knight. 

Churches — Bap., I. J. Burgess ; CSiris., W. H. Waldron ; UoJta., 
H. P. Bond. 

Exp. A^'ts — J- J* Brown, J. D. Brown, Henry Johnson. 

Manufacturers— lumber, J. T. Batchelder, B. F. Weart, Edwin Jao 
vrin : shocH, C. P. Tibbitts ; vinegar, W. Brown. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Jones A Merrill. 

Merchants — C. C. (Ireen ; anctioneer, N. H. Robie. 

Physl ians— C. H. Sanborn ; vet. J. C. Gove. 

HA:%C0C;K, HJLLSBOROUGH— Fop., 6h9. 8. W. fr. 0., 36; 
N. W. fr. Nashua, 32. R. R. 6\— Hancock, on M. A K. S. R.; H»n-1 
cock Jnnctiou on Peterboro A Hi1Ul)oro R. R., and M. A K. R. R. 2^^ 
m. fr. Hancock Center. Daily stage from Alstead connects with tlt« 
R. R. fr. Hancock. I 

I OFFICERS- CT45rft and Ttfot. A. D. Tuttl« ; SeUetnuUt W. F. Sy- 
moudK, A. G. Foi^ter, J. A. Tarbell : Sunt. H. Gullck. 

Postmaster- A. D. Tuttle. Church— Cong., H. Gnlick. 

Justices— A. D. Tuttle, StaU; Orlando Eaton, J. S. Liakin, Jos. Darifl, 
J. P. Hills. 

Hotels — Hancock Hotel, J. F. Eaton : Forest Honae, Jas. Woodward. 

Manufacturers— blaciismith, A. Hill; buildei^ A. Jaqaith, H.| 
Copeland, G. N. Crocliett ; blinds, sash and doors, J. M. Johnson ; loHth- 
er, A. G. Foster; lumber, Danforth A French, J. Newell, J. W. Cool- 
lidtre; paili*, J. Newell. 

Merchants— A. D. Tnttl*». C. W. Farmer. 
I HANOVER. GRA FTO N—Vop. 2,149. N. W. fl:. 0. 66 ; S. fr. Ha^ 
.vtrhill. 27. R. R 5.— Norwich. Vt., on C. A P. R. Stage to each tcain. 
I OFFICERS— rWAf, J<»s«ph Tenney ; Trtat. N. S. HunUngton ; Seieet^ 
men, J. L. Bridgman, H. F. Uoyt,jr, A. W. Fellows; Supt, W. L.', 
, Burues. ■ 


Postmasters— G. A. Field; dntfor, £. Uurlbatt; £tna^ B. B.i 
H&lmes. I 

I Justices— Frederick Ghave, E. T. Qaimbj, E. Hnrlbutt, 8. W. Cobb, 
'E. R. Rugglea, H. A. FuUom, J. L. Bridgman, Stale; W. L. Barnes,' 
Jo8. Tenney, N. 8. Huntirf||5:toii, G. W. Patterson. I 

Churches — Bap., N. F. tilden; 1st. Gong., G. A. Downs; 2nd Gong.' 
8. P. Leeds ; Epis., R. M. Berkeley. 

Exp. Agent— D. B. Russell. Tel. Agent— G. A. Field. 

Hotel — Dartmouth House, Mrs. H. Frary. 

Ins. Ag'tS— E. P. Storrs, G. A. Field. 

Lawyers — Fred Chase, H. A. Folsom. 

Literary Institutions — Dartmouth College, Chandler Scientifle 
DepHrtment, Medical Department and N. H. Collie of Agriculture & 
Mechanic Arts, S. G. Bartlett, Pres.; Thayer School of CiTil Bngineer- 

; Livery Stables— I. B. Allen, H. K. Swairey. 

Manuiacturers — ^blacksmiths, C. Masterson, B. F. Pierce, Chas. 
Neldon ; book binder, Q. F. Colby ; gas, Hanover Gas Co.; hameMes, B. 

B. Holmes; job printer, P. H. Whitcomb; lumber, H. L. H. Hunting-' 
Iton, John Gould ; flour, meal and shingles, J. W. Spanlding. I 
I Merchants — V. W Davidson, G. W. Hayes & Co.: books and station- 
ery, E. P. Storrs; boots affd shoes, J. N. Chase; clocks, watches and, 
jewelry, N. A. Frost; caskets and coffins, H. J. Phillips; gents* fnr- 
inishiug goods, hats and caps, Laini A Peck; drugs, medicines, and| 
ifiiiDcy goods, L. B. Downing; furniture, H. J. Phillips, W. N. Der- 
'by, 6. W. Rand ; groceries, Carter Bros.; groceries ami hardware, 8. W.| 
,Cobb; hardware and tin. Brown Bros.; millinery, Mary Deniman,' 

R. G. Hawkins. i 

I Physicians— O. P. Frost, W. T. Smith; dentist, W. 8. Bowles, J.' 
•Newton. t | 

I la AWLnt9VllAL,¥l, GHESHfRE-^Pov., S70. 8. W. fr. C., 42^ 
lE. fr. Ketone, li. R. R. iS— Harris ville, on M. A K. R. R. I 

OFFICERS— CZerX; and Treas^, O. Dar s: SeUdiw^ 8. D. Bemis,, 

C. C. Farwell, K. C. Willard : 8upt. F. P. Pinko. 

[ Postmasters— C. C. P. Harris ; Eatt^ H. J. Farwell ; BoUemUte^ 
Mrs. S. M. Smith. 

Justices— Aaron Smith, G. F. Tufts, iStofe; Geo. Daris.S. D. Bemis. 
Geo. Wood. 

Churches — Gong., G. D. Dunlap; PotUr^vUlet Bap., J. P. Chapin. 

Hotel and Livery Stable— C. A. Bl^ke. 

Manufacturers — lumber and wooden ware, Zophar Willard : wool- 
ens, Cheshire Mill Co.; East, Farwell Bros.; PotUnvUU, Bemis A Sy- 

Mechanic — ^blacksmith, Willis L. Stacy. 

Merchant — Wra. H. Jon«8. 

Tel. Ag't— W. H. Jones. 

IIAUT9.S K.OCJATION, CUK/ZOLL— Pop., 58. N. B. fr. C, 
97 ; N. fr. O^ipee, 40. S, R, S. — Bemis and Liverinore, on P. A 0. 
;R. R. 

1 OFFICERS — derky C. F. Miles: Treat. G. H. Morey: BKleetmm, Geo. 
H. Morey, J. T. Dutton, C. 8. Miles; Ckmstable, C. S. Mile< ; Supt.^ J. T. 

Post Office address for this town is Bemis, N. H. 

Justice— 6. H. Morey. 

Hotel— Willey House, John T. Dutton. 

Merchant-^wood and lumber, G. II. Mnrey. 


HAVEBHILiI^* ORAFTON—Shiv town. Pop. 2,452. N. 
W. ft-. C.,70. R. B. S, — Foar, accommodating th« different parted 
the town, on B. 0. k M. R. R. Semi-daily stage to So. Newbury, on 
C A P R R 

OFFIOeRS— 07erJ(; and Trtof^ B. R. Weeks; Selectmen, Caleb Wella, 
Ira Whitcher, G. W. Pike ; SwpU., S. B. Page, T. S. Page. 

Postmasters— T. Westgate ; Eaat, O. W. Richardson ; Pike SbiUan, 
A. F. Pike. 

Justices^N. W. Westgate, Ira Whitcher, C. G. Smith, G. W. Chap- 
man, 8. T. Page, Tyler Westgate, S. B. Page. E. R. WeekB, £. B. Biann, 
A. F. Pike, C. B. Griswold, 8. S. Fellows, W. F. Westgate, C. M. 
Weeks, StaU; Scot Sloan, L. B. Ham, N. G. Wright, Caleb Wells, 
Chester Abbott, G. C. Jeffera, H. S. Baker, N. M. Swazey. J. O. 
Blood, George Wells, W. J. Fisher, S. IT. Cummings, E. G. Parker, J. 
E. Carr, J. W. Jackson. 

Churches— Cong., J. Q.Bitteng»r; Meth., J. Ramsden ; Mcut^J. L. 

fix. Agents— Scott Fellows ; Ecut, W. F. True. 

Hotel A Livery Stable— Scott Fellows. Tel. Ag't— G. H. Hadlock. 

Ins. Agents— life, Henry Merrill, W. F. Weetgate. 

Lawyers— N. W. Westgate, G. W. Chapman, S. T. Pac«, W. F. 
We«tgate. • 

Literary Institution — HaTerhlll Academy, Joseph Dnnbar. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Putnam Bros.; East, A. F. Pike, S. A O. 
C. Jeffers ; printer, W. C. Mahuran ; scythe stones, A. F. Pike ; starch,' 
Daniel Whitcher ; wrapping paper, Haverhill Paper Co. 

MerohantS— Poor A Westgate, W. H. Page A Son, Wm. Nelson, J. L 
Bell ; EoMt, A. F. Pike, G. W. Richardson ; books, stationery, drugs, 
medicines, fancy goods and jewelry, H. Merrill A Son; jewelry, 
G. N. Miner; millinery goods Mrs. J. L. Cook, Mrs. L. Qifford, Mrs. 
G. N. Abbott, Mrs. M. D. Bnzzell ; stores and tin ware, Face.v A Sod. 

Physicians— S. P. Garbee, Phineas Spaulding, Moses D. Carbee. 

North— Postmaster— M. E. Kimball. 

Church— Meth., J. H. Brown. Physician— H. P. Watson. 

Exp. AgH— Geo. A. Carr. Hotel— Eagle, H. H. Metcalf. 

Ins. Agent— N. M. Swasey. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoee, A. Irwin, B. G. Hobba ; brick. 
North Harerhill Brick Co.; lumber, Jason Blood, Albert Cha8o;| 
starch, Meader A Co., Dan'l Whitcher. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Wm. Bliss, Geo. W. Libbey, G. E. East- 
man, J. Martel ; carpenters, A. Tefft, S. W. Keser, G. F. Carr, B. G 
Rowe, T. K. Clifford. 

Merchants— E. R. Weeks M. E. Kimball ; groceries, G. H. St Clair ; 
meat, S. T. Pen nock; organs and sewing niachinee, W. W. Millon 

UToodsTl He— Postmaster— Q. A. Scott. 

Ex. A Tel. Ag't— Geo. A. DaTison. 

Hotels— Pftrker House, B. G. Parker ; Mt. Gardiner, F. R. Biehard- 
son. Lawyer— 8. B. Page. 

Manufacturer— lumber, Ira Whitcher. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, Wm. Sly, S. W. Balkom ; 
jeweler, W. K. Wallace ; printer, E. B. Wallace. . i 

Merchants— Stickney & Glover. A . H. Leigh ton A Co., B. B. Miller ; 
drugs and medicines,. B. B. Blann k Co.; flour and grain at wholesale, 
H. B. Fletcher & Co.; flour and lime, G. A. Davison. 

Physician— C. R. Gibson. 


HKBROlf • ORAFTON-^Vw^. 329. N. W. fr. C. 40 ; 8. W. from 
Plymouth, 11. R, R. iS.— Briitol, 8 m. on Bristol Branch R. B. Daily 

OFFIClERS~Ct«rik, J. W. Sanborn'; Tr«at. L. 0. Morae; StlUctmen, 
Q. S. Smith, Darid Perkinx, Charlie H. Harston ; Bupt. J. B. Cook. 
Postmasters^-Samnel Wella ; E(ut^ David Mc Clare. 
Justices—J. J. Croslty, State ; Wm. C. Rom. 
Church — ^Union, J. B. Cook. 

Hotels — Union House, Frederic Clement; Central Home, Cyrna 
Uoore. Merchants— M. A. Welts ; meat, G. B. Barnard. j 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn, D. P. Hardy ; carpentaraj 
DtLvid Perkins, Frank P. Massey, Q. Yf, Lnfkin. { 

HCJC^VIKER, MERRIMACK ^Vop, 1,82«. W. fr. C. 16. 
je. R. 8. — Hennlker, on Con. Yal. R. R. Sta^re to every train. 

OFFICERS— C7erA; and TVaof., W. T. Sargent ; Seltchiun^ J. Fel- 
lows, F. JB. Colby, A. P. Wiggin ; Supt.^ James Fellows. 
Postmaster-O. C. Preston ; Wttt, S. M. Currier. 
Justices— D. S. Carr, J. H. Albin, Nathan Sawyer, L. W. Peabody, 
. "W. Cofswall, Wm. O. Folsom. James Fellows, 0. H. Noyes, W. W. 
L« Sear, H. B. Merrick, D. R. Sverett, State ; 8. M. Patten, W. P. 
Cr«8ay, D. W. Cogswell, F. B. Colby, G. C. Preston. 

Churches— Cong., J. H. Hoffman; Meth., W. W. LeSear; Univ. H. 
8. Fiake. 

Hotel — SToyes Hooae, C. H. Alexander. 
Insurance Agents— D. S. Carr, Wm. O. Folsom. 
Lawyer— John H. Albln. 
Literary Institution— Henniker Academy. 
Livery Stable— Balch A Rice. 
Manuflieturers— blacksmiths W. W. Skillen, W. Chandler L. W. 
Preaton, Q. L. Flint, Harris Campbell; bnilden, W. N. Cames, W. H. 
Allan, W. Osborna, Geo. Mo Lean, John Hill ; cofflns, W. 0. Fol«om ; 
door knobs and stops, W.J. Warde; dry measnrss, J. Gage A Co.; 
leather, G. D. Gould ; lumber, S. M. Christee, D. F. Wynian, G. W.{ 
B.lce ; mackerel kits, 6. W. B. Dow ; paper, Contoocook Valley Paperi 
Co. : tin ware and stoves, C. C. Richards. I 

Merchants— G. C. A A. G. Preston, W. 0. Folsom. 0. H. Nuyes ; Fest, 
». M. Currier ; auctioneers, D. W. Cogswell. W. 0. Folsom, D. S. Carr ; 
lAanr and meal, C. H. A F. H. Corser, John Gutterson ; meat, F. G. 
[Whitney ; millinery, Mrs. L. M. Carapboll, Mrs. M. fi. Nichols , watch- 
es, clocks, jewelry and sewing machines, W. T. Sargent. I 
Physicians— L. W. Peabody, H. A. Watoon; dentist. S. 0. Bowers. 
Hif^C.9 MBRRIMACK—Pop. 667. N. W. fr. C. 25. R, R. S.— 
Hill, on Bristol Branch R. R. Daubnry, 6 m., on Northern R. R. 

OFFICERS — CforAr, M. F. Little ; Treoi. F. B. Shaw ; Selectmen, 
J. W. Favor, J. B. Newton, A. D. Presoott; Supt. J. C. Flfleld. 

I Postmaster— F. E. Mason. Exp. ft Tel. Ag't— G. D. Stackpote. 
Justices— G. A. Sumner, J. R. Rowell, G. D. Stackpole, M. F. Little, 
Slate; F. G. Dickerson, J. W. Favor. 
Churches— Chris., OnUre, P. Faror ; Shut, B. H. Wright. 
Hotei-^. P. Ladd. 
Ins. Aa't-'G. A. Surmser. 

Manufacturers— carriages and sleighs, G. W. Twombty, P. H. Wel- 
come ; glass eutters and light hardware, F. R. Woodward ; improved 
riveteid latch needles, G. H. Adams A Co.; lumber, Cawley A Blo<lgett. 
Mechanics — blacksmiths, T. L. Straw, F. Ferren; carpenters, J. Q. 
A. Prescott, 0. A. Wade, B. W. Richardson : Job printer, F. B. Adams. 

Herehants— O. A. Sa r.iier; m«At, F. B. Shaw ; Depot, 6. D. St«ck4 
pole. Physician— W. F. Baldwin. • I 

:;. 25. N. W. fr. NMshois 32; N. W. fr. Manchester, 27 m. R. B. S.— 
ElillBborough Bridge, 2^ in., on Cun. Yal. R. K. Stage twice a d»y. ( 

OFFICERS— CYerA, Fiank B. Merrill ; Treas. J. C. Campbell ; SeUe*-, 
m, A. J. Barney, John Shedd, J. M. Curti« : 8upt. J. A. Bowler. | 

Postmasters— J. G. Dickey ; C$nUrt Klizabeth Nelson ; Upper VU-. 

men, A. J. Barney, John Shedd, J. M. Curti«: Bupt. J. A. Bowler, 

Postmasters— J. G. Dickey ; C$nUrt Klizabeth Nelson ; Uppe* w w^. 
lagt, C. W. Conn. ) 

Justices— Edgar Hazen, Cornelius Ooolidge, F. W. Goald, D. F.' 
Whittle, J. H. T. Newell, Kirk D. Pierce, J. A. Bowler. J. F.Grim««, 
T. N. Qoodale, J. BL Curtis, W. H. Manahan, B. K. Wi'bher, S. W. 
Holman, C. P. Pike, StaU; A. 0. BumUain, J. C. Campbell, O. B. 
Hoyt, G. D. Wood. 

Churches— Congn B. PefTers; Meth., J. A. Bpwler. 

Hotel— St. Charles, Geo. Batterfield. , 

Lawyers— F. H. Pierce, K.D. Pierce. 

Mauufiicturers— casketH and {coffins, O. Gilmore*, leathar, S. A. 
Brown; lumber, J. G. Dickey, S. Andrews, Nichols A Jackman; 
clapboards and broom handles, J. H. Hoyt. a | 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, G. F. Thompson, Geo. Saltmmreh, F. V. 
Abbott ; carpenter, Center^ B. C. Hoyt j 

Merchants — Onslow Gilmore, Mark Dexter, J. P. Gibson ; anctioneer« 
W. H. Maunahan. Physicians— J. Q. A. French, John GoodelL 

Bridge — ^Postmistress- Mrs. Martha Lovering. 

Churches — Cong., ; Meth., J. A. Bowler. 

Exp. Agent— H. H. Whittle. Hotel— Valley, A. Childs. 

Lawyers— B. K. Webber, S. W. Holman. 

Livery Stables~-C. N. Codman, J. Porter. 

Manufacturers — flour and meal, Morrill & Merrill, J. B. Smith ; lank* 
ber, Iioverin k Clement, Wm. Merrill; pNper boxes, W. S. Lov«rin;' 
boots and shoes, David Collins, Alba Stephenson, S. Deniaon ; shirta 
and drawers, J. B. Smith ; woolen cloths, Hillsboro Woolen Mill. | 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, G. White, J. II Eaton, G. M. Salt- 
marsh ; carpenters, W. Prichard k Son, P. H. Rnmrill, C. H. 
Clough, J. Barnes; copper, tin and sheet iron workers, Hanry 
Colby ; harness makers, J. W. Bradshaw, C. B Wood ; Jeweler and 
watch maker, C. L. Hali, W. H. Story ; machinists and iron fonudersy 
t. KcClintock&Son. j 

Merchants— J. S. Butler, Button & Morse. H. Marcy, Horrill A 
Merrill/D. W. C. Newman; auctioneers, W. H. Manahan, F. W. Goald ;j 
clothing A furnishing goods, JohnTaskcr; coffiat and caskets, S. D.> 
Hastings; confectionery and cigars, W. 3. Marcy; drugs and 
medicines, R. C. Dickey, H. Marcy ; fancy goeds and notions, A. A. 
Wyman; fish, B. M. Chase; flour and grain, Morrill A Merrill; 
furniture, A. A. Wyman ; groceries, Chas. Kimball; hardware. H. C.' 
Ferry; ice. F. W. Bennett ; meat, Kimball Bros., W. L. Pickerin«r; 
millinery, Mrs. 8. B. Farrar, Mrs. A. J. Barney, N. K. Randall ; pwU 
odicals and fancy goods, W. H. Marcy. 

Physicians — A. C. Burnham, M. H. Fell; homeo., I. P. Ckaae ; don> 
tist, S. 0. Bowers. Tel. Ag*t— R. C. Dickey. 

Hill Til le — A post office in Merrimack County. 

lOkUiSUJLl.W^CHESHlRE-Vop. 1,868. S. W\ fr. C. 76 ; S. WJ 
fr. Keene, 19. B. R. <Slr— Hinsdale, on Ashuelot B. R. Hack to afl 
trains. '^ 

OFFICERS— Oer*, C. 8. Fay; TVeos. G. W. Holland ; BOedm^n, ^W^ 


i9. Barrows, G. P. Hooker, P. W. Taylor ; Supi$. H. II. Ilamiltoa, M. C. 

Postmaster, Tel. ft Telephone Agent— F. D. FHk*. 

Justices— W. S. Bnrrows; H. F. Ilorton, ynrVi^ L. B. Latniion, 
Stafe ; Gtfo. Wellnian, P. W. Taylor, 6. S. Wilder. Udward SteUbiim, 
JH. B. Vaillejr. 

1 Churches— Bap., ; Meth., J. L. Felt; Cong., H. H. Ham- 

iltou; Univ., A. A.Rice. i 

ExD. Ag't— H. C. liolland. I 

Hotel— 0. D. Whitaker. Lawyer— E. J. Templo. 

Ins. Agt's— W. S. Barrows, B.J. r«uipl«,G. S. Wilder, T. W. Sabsn, 
H. R, Vaille,jr. 

Literary Institution— High School, C. P. Hall. pr. 

Livery stables— 0. 11. Higging, L. Kstej, N. Stearns. 

Manufocturers— blackBmtthfi, Q. W. Colib, L. C. Lyman: box^s, 
John Snow; bnilders, J. H. Henry, L. A. Parks, M. W. Bardwetl ; 
Carriages, M. S. Leach, J. W.Baule: CHShmtfieta. Haile, Frost A 06., 
C. J. Amidosift Son; chisels and drawing knires, O. S. Wilder: 
cigars, H. Knapp; Granite State mowing m«eh'n<*«. Newhall it 
8t«bbins; iron fouHdry, C. D. Merriniaa ; lumber, M. 11. Bardwell, 
C. A. Blason, Ansel Dickinson, L. A. Ptirkn : planin.^ mill and water 
tabiag, L. A. Park ; soaps, £. & M. Worden A Co.; printer, E. 8. 
Henry: water wlieels, Holnian A Merriiuan ; wrHjiping paper, G. A. 
Robertson A Co., 6. C. Fisk. 

I IMerchantS— G. W. Holland, A. S. Bacon, E. B. Hale, G. 8. Howe ; 
{books and stationery. Hunter A Co.; boots and shoes, Wm. H. Lrman; 
clothing, G.B . Shattuck A Co.; coal, grain and feed, G. D. Whittaker 
■ft Son ; confectionery, H. W. Thayer, M. V . Colton ; drngs, L. A. Ijntn- 
json, 0. J. Martin ; fancy goods. Hunter & Co.; furnitnre and jewelry, 
H. G. Holland; hardware, paints, oils Ac, L. A. Lamson, SteUbius 
ft Horton; meat, W. P. Taylor, G. H. Bailey; millinery, Mrs.L. P. 
jWise, Lane A Angel; tinware and stores, J. B. Mitchell, Stebbins ft 
I Horton. 

Physicians— W. S. Leonard, M. C. Dix : dentist, W. B. Fay. j 

If ortb— 3 m. fr. Brattleboro, Vt, on C. V. R. R Daily stage. 

Postmaster— L. B. Lam8<jn. Church— Bap., . ! 

Manufacturers- lumber, J. Estey ft Co., L. B. Lamson ; planing- 
mill, water tnbing, mouldings and wooden ware, L. B. Lamson. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, L. B. Lamnon ; carpenters, L. B. Lam- 
Ison, O. B. Tyler, S T. Yeaw. 

! II01.DEBIVESS, GRAFTON^Vop., 703. N. ft-. C, 50; E. fr. 
jPlymoiith, 7. R. R. S.— Ashland, 4 m., on B. C. ft M. R. R. Stage 

End mail daily. . 

OFFICERS— Cferfeoad Treas, N. B. Whitten p.o. ad. Ashland N. H.,' 
>Jfctmen, Stephen Bthridge, H. B. Jewell, D. S. Hawkins; Si^pt., F. L 

Postmaster^H. H. Piper. Merchant- N. B. Whitten. 
I Justices— A. L. Shaw, D. H. Cox, Daniel Smith, 2d, State; N. B 
Whitten, J. B. Hnckins, G. M. True. 
Hotel— 'Hummei) Asqnam House, A. W. Weeks, prop. 
Literary Institution — Holderness School for boys, Plymouth'.' 
Manufacturers— <^offlus, G. W. Shepard ; excelsior, J. ft R. Tora- 
.kinson, p. o. ad. Plymouth; lumber, S M. Worthen. Enoch Ckix^ens, p. 
|o. ad., Ashland; C. M. Ames, p. o. ad., Plymouth. 
' Mechanics— carpenters, Chas. II. Cox, J. 8. Perkins, John Jewell . 
iCharles U. Eastman. 


! HOI^I^IS, HILLSBOROUGH— Vop. 1,080. S. fr. 0., 38 ; W. ft-. 

Nashua 8. R. R. S.— Uollis, on Nashua A Worcester B. R., 3 ^ m. 
fr. Center. Stage three times a day. 

OFVIC1&K&— Clerk, G. A. Burge ; Trea$^ Silas M. Spalding ; SeUa- 
m«n, Andrew Jewett, Ghas. A. Hale, J. E. Hill ; Supl^ Franklin Wor- 

Postmaster— Geo. A. Burge. , 

Justices-- E. T. Wheeler, J. F. Twiss State ; E. J. Colbnm, A. J. | 
Farley, C. S. Spaulding. 

Church— Cong., Li. B. Scott. Ex. Ag't— Darius fiabb. 

ManuftlCturers — ^blacksmiths, G. B. Richardson, A. R. I^OT^oy, 
coopers' tools, Levi Pierce, Greo. W. Manning; lumber, Worcester Bros, i 
Hayden Bros., G. P. Huff, E. T. Dnncklee, L. J. Farley ; printer, J. G. { 
Hildreth ; pumps, Nathan Willougbby. 

Merchants — G. A. Burge; auctioneer, G. A. Barge; clocks and 
watches, Ebenezer Baldwin. 

Physicians — H. W. WUlonghby, A. W. Howe ; dentint, Frank ■. 
Bell. M, I 

HOOKSETT, MERRTMAOK—Vop. 1,766. S. E. fr. CO. ^. I 
JR. &— Hooksett, on G. R. K. and Suncook Valley R. R.; Martin's Fer- 
ryouC. It. R. I 

0¥FICEB&—Clerh and 7Wa«., R. A. Lantry; Selectmen, B. B. KealJ 
E. Pronk, J. Huse; Supt. F. D. Randall. 

Postmaster— Geo. A. Robie. Exp. A Tel. Ag't— R. A. Ijsntrjr. 

Justices— Natt Haad, JefrM Gault, Albe Morrill, W. M. Kelley, A. 
W. Prescott, StaU ; R. A. Untrey, W. F. H«ad, G. A. Robie, B. A. 
Ham, M. L. Otterson. 

Church— Cong., J. C. Rollins. 

Hotels— Ayer House, Horace Bonney ; Stearns House, John Steams. 

Livery Stables — J. W. Prescott, J. O. Ingalls. 

ManuTaeturers — blacksmith, K J. Robie; bricks, N. A W. F. 
Head, Jesse Gaul r, Charles Bailey, J. 0. Ingalls; cambrics, Hooksett 
Manufg Co., E. H. Nutting, ag't; lumber. N. & W. F. Head. 

Merchants — Geo. A. Robie ik Son, S. D. Mc Affee ik Co., g;roceries 
A. L. Dayis; meat, H. C. Curbee. 

Physician — Frank D. Randall. 

0OPKINTON, MERRIMACK— ^OT^. 1,836. S. W. from O. r 
R. R. 8. — Contoocook on C. A 0. R. R. Daily stage to Concord. 

OFFICERS— C7«rj;, J. A. Fuller ; 7Vea«., I. D. Merrill; Selectmen, H, 
D. Dustin, E. S. Richardson, H. C. Dustin; 9upU., B. G. Kimball, 
Hellen M. Bailey, Charles Hordon. 

Postmasters — L. D. Evans ; West, Charles Rowell. 

Justices— G. K. Goodrich I. D. Merrill, Isaac Story, H. W. Qreena, 
C. G. Hawthorne, George G. Bailey, J. S. Kimball, J. M. Connor, State ; 
G. G. Blaisdell, H. H. Crowell, P. M. Flanders, G. B. Hardj, S. & PaK«t 
C. C. Lord, G. W. Currier, H. L. Bou telle. 

Churches— Bap., •< ; Gong., S. F. Farrell; Epis., R. A. Benton. 

Manufacturer — leather, H. J. Chase. 

Exp. Agt — J. G. Rowell. Lawyers— H. W. Green, C. O. Hawthorn. 

Merchants — Kimball A Co. ; auctioneer, H. W. Green ; msat, Chaa, 

Physicians— Alexander Rodgers, G. W. Powers. 

Concooeoolt— Postmaster^B. W. Stevens. 

Justices— I. O. Merrill, J. F. Jones. W. 8. Darls, G. A. Onrtics* 
StaU; H. D. Dustin, Chas. Gould, J. A. Fuller. 

Band— Contoocook Cornet, C. F. Webber, leader. 


Churches— F. Bap., E. 0. Quint ; Meth., N. W. Bail«y ; Sweden- 
boiifian, Charles Bardon. 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— A. U. Currier. Insurance kQ*i—J. F. Jones. 

Literary Institution— Contoocook Academy. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, F. J. Mudgett; builders, W. T. Lib-' 
by, J. M. Morrill; carriages aud sleijchs, £. Uptoo ; lumber, Harvey 
Cbase, E. C. Baily; lumber and kits, (steam) F. I. Morrill dk Co^ 
prioter, H. S. Chase. 

Merchants— O. A. Curtice, T. B. Richardson; auctioneer, O 
B. Hardy; meat, W.A.Patterson; millineryi Miss J. M. Johnson; 
BtOT68 and tin ware, 6. H. Ketchnm. 

Physicians— J. W. Wilson, G. G. Blaisdell. 

HLom^s Mllltt— See Wakefield. 

HIJDSON, HILLSBO HO (TO ff—Vop. 1,046. 8. K. fr. 0. 88. 
Jf. H. 5.— Hudson Center, on M. A R. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZeri and 2Veaf., Jarae^ B. Merrill ; Selectment J. 
K. Wheeler, Wm. F. Winn. R. A. Andrews; 8upt D. 0. Smith. 

Postmasters— N. P. Webster; Ctntert Eli Hamblet. 

Justices— S. D. Greeley, Kimball Webster, State; J. B. Merrill, C. 
|W. Spalding. 

Churclies — Bap. Merriman ; Cong. F. D. Austin ; Metb. Wm. 


Man ufiicturers— carriages, Cnmmings Bros.; flies, 8. Walton A Son. 
loaDge frames, Marshall Bros. 

Mechanics— blackMmitbs, Mc Millian Bros., 0. B. Cole; builders» 
Hiram C3nmming8, 1. N. Smith, J. M. Coburn. 

Merchants — N. P. Webster, James Carnes, 

Physician— B. 0. Smith. 

Intervale— A post ofiQce in Carroll County. 

J AC&SON* CABROLL—^op. 466. N. E. fr. C. 00. N. fr. Ossipae, 
40. K. E. &— Olen station , 3 m., on P. A 0. R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— CZerA?, J. B. Trickey ; TVsm., 0. P. Meserve; &lectmefi, 
W. W. Trickey, C. B. Gale, J. H. Hodge ; fivpi. C. T. D. Crockett. 

Pcstmaster— O. P. Meserye. 

Justices— M. C. Wentworth, BtaU\ J. B. Trickey, C. B. Perkins. 

Churcli— F. Bap., C. D. T. Crockett. 

HotelS-^ackson Falls, Trickey Bros.; Thorne Mt, M. C. Went- 
worth ; Glen Ellis House, N. T. Stillings; Eagle Mt. House, C. E. 
Gale; Wilson's Cottage, J. L. Wilson; Harriman's Cottage, J. R. 
Harriman ; Gray's Cottage, W. G. Gray ; Cottage, J. D. Towle. 

Manufiicturers— carriages, C. W. Gray ; lumber, Jackson Manufg. 
Co. G. W. Abbott k Sous, C. F. Perkins. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. P. Towle, 0. P. Meserve; carpenters, 
D. F. Brew, Chas. S. Meserve. 

Merchant— C. H. Hurlin A Co. 

JAFFRET, CHESBIBE^Foi^, 1,267. 8. W. fr. C. 46; S. B. fr. 
Keene, 16. B. B. & — East Jaffrey, on Mouadnock R. R. Public con- 
veyance to and from all trains. 

OFFICERS— Ci«r*, J. P. Frost ; Tr^.as., East, C. H. Powers ; Select- 
men, Alfred Sawyer. J. W. Fat<sett, Jnliun Cutter ; Supt., W. W. Liv 
ingstOQ ; Overseer, J. P. Fassett ; Agent. G. C. Duncan. 

Postmaster ft Physician— G. A. Piielps. 

Justices— F. S. Pterce, H. D. Upton, J. P. Frost, J. B. Twiss, Staff ; 
O. A. Phelps, J. W. Fassett, Alfred Sawyer, H. B. Aldrich, L. N. Wil- 
loughby, John H. Fox, Julius Cutter. 

Church— Cimter, Cong., supplied by W. W. Livingston. 



Ex. Agent— M. £. Cutter. I 

Hotels— Central Hoase, M. E. Catter, prop.; CerUer^ Gutter's, Jonas 

Literary Institution— Conant High School, B. F. Amnitnge, prin. 

Manufacturers — blacksmithfi, Cbtt/er, Frank L. Smith, D. A. Col- 
hum & Son; leather, Otntery Julius Cutter; clmir siuff, (ieorge V. 
Oilmore ; furniture, F. L. King ; sUoea, Luke French. 

Merchant— Center, J. T. Bigelow. 

East— Postmaster— Peter Upton. 

Churches— Bap., T. 0. Oleason; Cong., ; Unir., F. W. Bailey. 

Hotels— Granite ^State, Beqj. Pierce, T. 0. Fuss, prop.; Dor- 
chester House, Lin nell k Horse; Muuntain House, P. A 8. Batchelder, 
p. o. ad., Troy. 

Ins. Agents— White A Pierce, H. D. Upton, J. B. Twiss. 

Lawyer— Jesse B. Twiss. 

Livery Stables — Aaron Perkins, T. D. Foss, Jonaii Cutter. 

Manuaeturers— blacksmith, Fred J. Upton; blue drilling, Wbito 
Bros.: builder. Liberty Town; dry pulp, O. A. Shepard A Oj., KliJ*ih 
SturteTant, ag't ; lumber, J. E. Bemis ; uest boxes, Annett A Mar- 
dock; shoCM, G. FairbankJs; shoe knives, Wilbur Webster; wooden 
ware, A. J. A J.B. Bemis. 

Merchants — J. S. Lacy A Co.,C. H. Powers, Walter Goodnow : anc- 
tioneers Pierce A Scott; lumber, W. E Goodnow; meat, ¥, H Ck>- 
bnrn; millinery, Mrs. Haascom, Mrs. Pi*escott; milk, J. B. Shedd; 
tin, A. A. Linnell. 

Physicians— 0. II. Bntdley ; dentist, G. C Doncan. j 

Sta. Ag't.— N. W. Mower. I 

JErFlSBSOKr, COO.S^-Pop. 961. N. from 0.110; S. E. from 
Lancaster, 7. R. R. S. — Jefferson, on Whitefield and Jefferson R. K. 

OFFICERS— CTerA;, J. A. Hicks; !ZV«a«„ Leyi Stalbiid; Beleetm^n, 
C. H. Bnrnham, Nicholas Tuttle, A. L. Martin; Supt. L. H. Palmer, i 

Postmaster ft Tel. Ag't— A. F. Mason. ' 

Justices— N. B. Perkins, St^Jte, ; J. M. Morse, A. L. Berry, T. S. 
Thayer, B. R. Kenniston, A. F. Mason, John Goodell. { 

Churches— C. Bap. ; Meth. G. M. Dinsmore. I 

Hotels ft Livery Stables— Waumbeck House, Waumbeck Hotel 
Co.; Mt. Adams House, Crawshuw A Co.; Sunnyside House, T. JJ 
Bedell ; Plaisted House, P. C. Plaisted ; Crawford House, E. A. (;rmw- 
ford ; Pliny Rnnge House, G. W. Crawford ; Highland House, 6. A. ft' 
J. L. Pottle; Maple Houbo, Mrs. M. H. Bowles; Grand View Homie,' 
Mrs. B. Tuttle; Cold Spring House, W. H. Crawford; Hill Side Farm 
N. M. Darenport; Willow Cottage John A. Hicks; Stalbird House 
Leri Stalbird; Jeffersson HUl House, B. E. Bedell ft Co.; Woodard 
Cottage, Mrs. C. A. Woodard. ; 

Manufacturers— lumber. Bines A Simpson, Jswefct ft Son, Jere- 
miah Ricker, Franklin Reed. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Nicholas Tuttle, R. P. Stillings; builder, 
Cyrus Buck. 

Merchants— A. F. Miisnn, J. H. Plaisted A Son. 

Physician— 0. H. Buruhnm. 

JelTerson HierUland— Coos Connty. 

KEEBTE, OffESHlBB— Shire town. Citt. Pop., fl.78«. 8. W. 
fr. C, 62. R. R. &— Keene, on Cheshire R. R. Ashuelot R. R. ft H 
A K R R 

OFFICERS— Elected Dec. «, 1882. Jfayor, Horatio Kimball €V 

=^=-^-^-^ ' — ~ ■ • »• - - -- i 


Cltri, L. C. Doolittle'; Citif Treas^ J. R. B«al. Aa th« t«riu of office 
of oth«r citj officers expires soon after we go to press their tiames nre 
omitted liere. The elected Ward Officers are, Ward 1, Clerk, A. M. 
Nims; Alderman, Silas Hardy: Councilmen, James Marf^h, Cliurk if. 
Rowull, D. G. HuwanL Ward 2, Clerk, C. 6. Farrar ; Alderntan. Q. L 
Burdett; Ckmneilmen, Walter W. Glazier, Asa IKL Holt, F. H. Fay. 
Ward 3, Clerky Frank Davis; Aldefman, U. B. Hoi brook; Ouuncilmen^ 
Aastin £. Howard, Virgil A. Wright, Henry N. 8tone. Ward 4. Clerk, 
Wesley Wheeler; Alderman, Fred H. Kingsbury; Ocnmcilment C. JJ 
WoodM-ard, Ghas. H. Hersey, Charles Wriglit. Ward 5, Cierk, Gbo. 
[ H. Gilbert; Aldermctn, lUnben Hyland; OMtncilmen, Leomtrd Wright, 
MHrcne Kllis, Fred A. Barker. Clerk ^f ConoMin Omwcil, James BJ 

I Postmaster— A. Smith. 

! Justices— J. J. Allen. Jr., J. T. Abbott, W. S. Briggs, J. L. Bolster, 
Hiram Blake, S. A. Oir er, W. S. Davis, L. M. Dinsmoor, Edward' 
-FHirar, F. C. Faulkner, Silas Hardy, G. H. Hersey, H. S. Martin, Gyms' 
Piper, M. T. Tottingham, V. A. Wright, G. F. Webster, J. 8. Taft, J. B. 
I Abbott, J. R. Beat, J. W. Babbitt, A. T. Batchelder, John Clement, 

B. P. Dole, J. H. Blliott, Hosea Foster, Edward Qnstine, R.J. lloltj 
S. O. Gates, L. W. Holmes, F. F. I.Ane, F. A. Perry, B. Ripley, G. F. 
Rowell, J. W. Stnrtevant, G. G. Webster, D. H. Woodward, G. H-' 
rWhitney, L. Wellington, G. T. Bnffam, 8. R. Smith, J. C. Rice, State; 
S. B. Aldricli, F. A. Barker, G. Dart, W. R. Dunham, J. B. Fisiier, 
Z. K. OraTOS, D. K. Ilealey, J. G. Jufilin. E. D. KniKht, £. F. Une I 
J. N. Munie, J. G. Perry, S. L. Randall, I. W. Rusyell, Jacob Staples,' 
A. J. Aldrlcb, A. W. Baker, H. 0- Gooledge, L. G. Doolittle, J. Q. 
Fuller, Jason French. G. G. Hill, J. J. Uolbrook, F. H. Kiugsbury I 
S. R. Iiocke, G. A. Litchfield. F. B. Newi-onib, C. K. Peniberton, T. G.' 
Rand, R. Stewwrt, W. II. Spalter, G. W. Flagg, S. White. Samuel Nims, 
G. W. Marston, Geo. Kingsbury, G. G. Hill, W. H. Elliott. D. A. BrownJ 
D. G. Ball, G. D. Wbeelock, C. M. Buflum, Horatio Kimball. 1 

: Churches— Bap., W. U. Eaton : 1st Cong., ; 2d Cong.,) 

1 — — ; Bpis., F. M. Tompkins; Metli., H. S. IhompHon ; R. Gath.J 

J. R. Pow. r; Unit., Albert Walkley ; Univ., 1 

I Eating Houses — N. G. Guernsey, O. Lettenmayer, A. J. AldrichJ 
A. Baker, Misses Oliver, Royce k Co, J. F. Page. i 

Exp. Ag'tS— Jolin Marden/Charles F. Holton. i 

Hotels — Cheshire House, M. J. Sliermau; Eagle, Wm. March;, 
City Hotel, Sawder k Hoite. j 

Ins. Ag'tS^Aldrich k Co., D. K. Healey, George Tilden, George 
Utchfield. j 

Lawyers— Batchelder k Faulkner, F. F. Lane, D. K. Healey, G. G.' 
Webster, D. H. Woodward, Leonard Wellington, Hiram Blake,< 
Silas Hardy, E. P. Dole, W. H. Elliott, C. H.UerKey, J. T. Abbott, 

C. F. Webster. 
Literary Institution— Keene High School, M. A. Bailey, prin. 
Livery Stables— J. D. Dunltar, L. Martin k Son, David Russell, J. 

W. Buckminister, S. P. Bowker. 

Manuracturers — blaqksmiths, Bay Bros., Toung, Jones, k Oo., 
book binders and blank book manufacturers, G. H. Tilden k, Co., 
W. H. Spalter k Co ; brush and dnster handles, A. S. Whitcomb ; build- 
ers, G. A. Gordon, A. R. k E. S. Foeter, Thayer k Ellis ; chairs, Keene 
Chair Co., W. W. Mason, supt., Cheshire Chair Co., George L. Bur- 
dett, L. J. Colony; clothes wringers, Vjrtor Wringer Co.; flannel«,l 
Faulkner k Colony ; flour and feed, Hope Steam Mills, J. M. Faruum,| 




J. Gnshlog; Aimitare, Keene Furniture Co., Askuelot FurDitar* Oo, 
glae, GhMhire GIne Co.; leather, Blgelow A Symonds; F. S. Foster 
noYelt J rerolviog flower stands, 0. A. Bingham ; pails and tubs, H< 
Steam Mills, N. O. Woodbury ; pots and earthenware, J. 8. Taft A Co^ 
BHflh, doors and blinds, Nims, Whitney & Co.; sieve hoope and phurt 
protectors, D. M. Nichols ; vulcanised cans, Vulcanized Can Co., J. A. 
Wright, supt. 

Merchants — auctioneers, J. C. Rice; books, stationery and 
periodicals, G. H. Tilden A Co., W. H. Spalter ft Ck>.; boots 
and shoes, Frank Wright, 8. Spaulding, J. B. Fisher, C. If. GummingH^ 
A. W. Baker A Co.; clocks and watches, 8. Wadsworth A Co. H. L. Hall, 
F. B. Keyes, H. E. Fay, A. B. A 8. W. Skinner; clothing, J. R. Beal A Co.) 
J. F. A F. H. Whitcomb, Chase A Richards, J. Amidon, Mnson A .Wheel«| 
er, G. W. Ball A Co.; dry goods, F. C. Hardy, W.P. Chamberlain, J. F. « 
F. H. Witeomb, 8. L. Randall, W. G. Hall ; dry goods and groceries, A.| 
H. Grimes, F. E. Keyes ; drugs and medicines, Dort A Chandler, Bollardj 
A Foster, Dort A Farrar, G. G. Sawyer A Co.; fiimcy goods and 
ns, J. W. Dunn, Alfred Spavlding, A. J. Howard A Co.; fish, 8.{| 
Babcock ft Sons ; florists, Ellis Bros.; flirniture, A. D. Cook, Woodbury 
k Howard ; groceries, C. Bridgeman M. Y. B. Clark, T. J. French, D. 
M. Pollard, G. E. Holbrook, P. H. McCushing, F. Beat; hardware, X. 
N. Spencer A Co., Knowlton A Stone; hats and caps. Bill A Tenney, 
Blason ft Wheeler, G. W. Ball ft Co.; ladies' furnishing goods, Mrs. O.. 
A. Gleason; ice, Ricliardson ft Pratt, Bancroft ft He:ild; meat and pro-( 
visions, H. M. Darling, Bancroft ft Roby, E. Burr ft Sons, C. W. Wyman t 
millinery, Mrs. A. E. Bennet, Mn. E. H. White, Mrs. P. K. Froctor,l 
Miss 8. Heaton, Mrs. L. A. Alexander, 8. L. Randall ; musical tnatm-! 
ments and music, G. H. Tilden ft Co., Merrill ft Maynard, W. H. Spat- 1 
ter ft Co., E. Foster, L. C. DooHttle, G. F. Nichols. G. W. l?'oster:!i 
stoves and tin ware, Davis ft Wright, Kirk, ft Sewell ; tobacco and 
cigars, C. H. Drummer, F. Petts, 0. Lettenniayer ; variety store. El 
bridge Clark. 

Physicians— G. B. Twitchell, A. 8. Carpenter, I. F. Prouty, Mrs. O. 
C. Hill, 8. M. Diusmore, G. C. Hill, W. R. Dunham, J. H. Leach; 
homeo., G. W. Flagg, H. H. Darling; thomp., J. F. Jennison; den 
tist, B. F. Olcot, M. E. Loveland, I. W. Russell, G. H. Russell, B. 
Russell, G. H. Bridgman. 

Public Library — 1,000 vols., Mrs. L. M. Converse^ librarian. Open: 
every day from 2 to 8 P. M. j 

Tel. Aa'tS— Geo. F. Barker, F. H. Gove. 

KENSinreTOW, aocjrz/vfl'ffiir-.pop., eu. s.B.ft. c.,44 

8. W. fr. Portsmouth, 15 ; S. fr. Exeter, 4. B. R. fS.— Hampton Falls 
4 m.; Amesbnry, 6 m., on Eastern R. B.; Exeter, 4 m., and Ksst 
Kingston, 3^^, on B. ft M. R. R. Stage fr. Exeter to Amesbnry. 

OFFICBRS—CKerfc, Fred. H- Dow; 7Vea»., Joseph W. Brown ; Seleet- 
mm^ Josiah D. PrescotI, James W. W. Brown, Frank A. Mace ; BupL^ 
Philip Titcomb. 

Postmaster— Francis Hilliard. Exp. Ag't— Fred. H. Dow. 

Justices — Stephen Green, J. W. Brown, A. T. Rowe, C. W. Fobs. 

Churches— Chris., ; Cong., Philip Titcomb; Univ., 8. S. 


Manufacturers— lumber, Francis Hilliard, Joseph Poor. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, £. G. Stevens; builders, Jos. Tilton ' 
bhn Page, Abram Hilliard. i 

Merchants— Francis Hilliard, George Blake ; auctioneers. Joseoh' 
Poor, J. W. Brown. *^ I 



KI^eSTON, IiOCKINOHAM—?op.,lOliii. S. B. fr. C , 38 ; S. 
fr. Exeter, 6. R. R. S.— Bast Kingston, 2% m. on B. k M. R. R 
stage and mail, 3 times a daj. 

OFFICERS— CforAr, W. S. Clark ; Selecimtn, A. J. Ciller, D. L. Goo<i- 
wiD, William J. Bartlett ; Supt, O. R. Balch. 

Postmastei^D. J. Bakie. Ex. Ag't— F. p. Merrill. 

JusUc6S-;S. WebBter, A. J.Cilley, W. J. Steveus. S. E. Woodman, 

«• 2;.f***^*» ^^*' ^- ^- <3toodwin, J. Webster, jr., G. W. Sanboru, W. 

Q. WiUon, D. J. Bakie, J. W. Collins, 1. W. SiUoway, B. N Bradley, 

John W. Prescott, C. B. Towle, T. 0. Reynolds, J. W. Sanborn, 0. E. 

» (^11 ey. ' 

Churclies--Cong. G. B. Balch; F. Bap. Meth. H. B. Copp, 

Univ. C. P. Nash. *^ 

Hotels— Farmer's, Mrs. B. Morrill; Kingston House. J. A. Smith ; 
Wiggin House, N. J. Wiggin. 

Lawyer— Louis 6. Hoyt. 

literary Institution— Kingston Academy. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Thomas Oaks ; body maker, Alonzo 
Gom; carriages, A.C. Chase, D. Towle, A. J. Cilley A Son, J. P. Mar- 
3haU, S. C. Marshall, W. S. Clark, D. S. Kimball; carriage stocks, J 
P. Marfthall, J. W. Sanborn, H. W. Marshall; lumier, WaUer Bart 
lett, H. D.Webster, C. B. Clark, Jas.-Bakie, I. W. Silloway, B. L 
Prescott k Sons ; tinware, J. T. Clark. 

Merchants— Bakie Bros.; groceries, J. W.Collins, SoirfA, H. French 
L. 8. Bartlett; meat, D. Towle, D. 0. Brewer. 

Physicians— Thomas Bassett, T. 0. Reynolds, G. W. Sanborn. 

I^ACONIA, BELKNAP— Shire town— Pop., 3,790. N. fr. C. 
27. JR. R. S. — Laconia,on B. C. k M. R. R.: conveyance to everv 
train. Lake Village, 1 m.,'WHir'8, 6 m. 

OFFICERS— Oer*, J. W. Ashman; 3Vea«., W. F. Knight; Select- 
men, J. L. Moore, Seth Flanders, Edmund Tetley ; Board of Education 
D. B. Nelson, J. W. Ashman, J. G. Jewett, Sarah L. Merrill, C. f' 
Stone, Geo. L, Mead ; OvergeiSTf F. W. Ladd. 

Postmasters— P. Putnam ; Weir'9 Bridge, G. W. Weeks. 

Justices— £. A. Hibbard, G. L. Mead, L. 8. Perley, A. C. Dow T 
J. Whipple, B. M. Sanborn, G. B. Lane.S. M. 8. Moulton, W. L. Melclier 
G. H. Everett, A. C. Leavitt, R. S. Lewis, J. W. Ashman, P. VV 
Beeves, J. C. Moulton, J.? J. C. Brown, Kimball Cole, E. P. Jewell 
«crf<»; G. A. Hatch, W. F. Knight, S. S. Wiggin, D. C. Batcheldei' 
Frank Edgerly, A. H. C. Jewett, J. G. Jewett, S. S. Jewett, W. 8. Peas 
?" ^* 5- ?«y®«» ^- B. Story, J. F. Laighton, H. P. Moulton, G. R. 
Somes, B. C. Lewis, Edmund Little, 0. W. TiWjetts. 

BanhS— National, 0. W. Tibbetts, Cashier ; Belknap Savings, F. W 
Reeves, Cashier; Laconia Savings, W. L. Melcher, Cashier. 

Churches-^Cong. C. A. G. Thurston ; F. Bap. L. Malvern; Meth 
S. C. Keeler; R. Cath. J. Lambert ; Unita. . 

Eating Houses— J. R. Champlin, J. B. Everett, M. M. Cole. 

Ex. Ag't— U. Whicher. Tel. Agent— G. R. Leavitt. 

Hotels— Wiilard, G. H. Everett; Laconia, D. N. Ewell ; Central 
House, J.D. Smith ; Elmwood House, John Rlaisdell ; Eagle L. Brown 

Ins. Agents— fire and life, W. L. Melcher k Co., Presoott k Robin- 
son, S. S. Jewett. 

Lawyers— T. J. Whipple, B. A. Hibbard, Jewell k Stone, J. W. 
Ashman, 8. S. Jewett. 

Uvery Stables— A. L. Morrison, L. Ik Brown. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, J. L. Meserve, A. G. Whittier ; brick. 




Doe ; builders, A. L. DaTis, G. 8. Carter, D. Wati 

;arriage8, Osgood A Sod ; coffius and picture frames, J. Gilbert; dooi] 
tash and blinds. Cook Gardner ft Son; freight and paseenger cars, ' 
liaCarCo.; guns. Wui. Lawrence; hosiery. White Mt. Mills, Gnmil 
EIoHiery Mills; knitting machines, W. J). Hnse. ladies' hose, Pitoii' 
t Tilton's Hosiery Mills; marble, J. F 'Merrill; men's merino' 
Gilford Hosiery Co.; WinnipiseoKee Hosiery Mill; paper boxes, E. 
Beaman, £. Titley; printers, Truland Bros.; shoddy, >V H Basiel. 
Merchants — Wiggin ft Co., J. P. Pitman ft Co ; auctioneers, B. 
Sanborn, D. C. Batchelder; books; B. H. Button, Mrs. A. D. Harrii 
Uoots and shoes, O'Shea Bros., W. L. Thompson, £. F. Barleii 
Bmith, LoQgee ft Co.; clapltoards, shingles and coal, A. C. U»\ 
itt ft Son; clothing, O'Shea Bros., Smith, Longee ft Co.. coffir 
iud pieture frames, J. Gilbert ; confectionery, M. M.Cols, J. £. Efere^ 
D. F. Cook; coal, G. Cook ft Son ; dry goods. Smith, Loogee ft 
W. F. Knight ft Co., O'Shea Bros.; drugs and medicines, Q. F. Hi 
Lard, J. H. Story, T. S. Foster, G. A. Hatch; tancy goods, Mil 
A. D. Harriman, JL H. Dntton; fish, ^^dams Bros,; furniture, O'Sb^ 
Bros., Mansur ft Knight ; groceries, G. L. Mead, J. P. Atkinson, Jj 
W. L. Swain, Ladd ft Keasor, C. K. Sanborn ft Co.; hardware, J. 
Pitman ft Co., Wiggin ft Co.; harnesses and trunks, £. J. Diusniurf 
ice, C. H. Lamphrey ; lumber. Cook, Gardner ft Son ; meat, J. Kuoi 
ton, £. L. Dow, Joseph Sanborn ; millinery, Miss F. J. Anthony," 
3. F. Everett, Mrs. W. Tyler, Mrs. M. F. Keasor ; musical iast 
ments, £ben Hoyt ; stores and tin ware, S. W. Sanders, J. A. Mitchel| 
andertaker, J. Gilbert ; watches and jewelry, S. £. Toung ft Co., 
S. Gordon. 

Physicians- T. S. Foster, D. B. Nelson, H. S. Mace, 6. W. ^ 
mouth, A. R. Garey ; eclec. N. L. True, Mrs. R. W. Wiley, A. 
Ibbott ; homeo., H. 0. Wells ; dentists, G. Y. Pickering, R. W. Pri( 
A. H. C. Jewett, £. B. Cushing. 

Telephone Co.^Winnipiseogee, F. H. Chauiplin, Manager; 
lia and Lake Tillage Horse Railroad, A. G Folsom, Treas. 

JLakealde — A p. o. in Coos County. 

liiake VI I laire—See Gilford. 

liAIfCASTER, COOS— Bhire town. Pop., 2,723. N. from 
J7 ; a. R. A—Lancaster, on White Mt. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/erAr, C. E. Mclntire ; Ttea*. Prank Smith; Sf.l 
i. H. LeGro, J. M. Clark, Dan. Truland ; SupU. J. I. Williams, V. 

Postmaster— 0. E.Allen. 

Justices— 0. E. Allen, H. O.Kent. Wm. Hey wood. W. S. Ladd. C. 
Fordan, I. W. Drew, G. A. Cossitt, J. S. Brackett, K. FleJchef 
;. H. Legro, M. A. Hastings, J. I. Williams. J. W. Flandei 
acob Benton, Henry Haywood, Wm. P. Freeman, E. R. Kent, B. 
V hidden, G. F. Stockwell, R. H. ChessDiiU, Oftsiau Ray. P. Oirpeil 
er, J. W. Weeks, State; D. C. Pinkbam, W. D. WeekM, B. H. D«ibi 
K H. Emerson, C. E. Mclntire. Wm. CluuKh, G. M. 8teveol 
. W. Quimby, U. S. Billiard, J. M. Rowell, I. K. Woodwaid, H. " 
!uniniings,C. A. Cleveland, A. A. Twitchell, C. E. Burns, CarU 
ott, D. J. Dailey, Zebnlon Black, W. L. Rowell. 

Banks— Lancaster National, Geo. R. Eaton, Pros.; Frank D. Hntcll 
as, Cashier. 

Churches— Bap. ; Cong. S. A. Bnrnaby ; Epis., E. 

little; Meth. W. E. Rennet ; B. Cath. H. A. Leaard ; Unit. J. B. Mor 


Exp. Ag'tS— Kent A Griswold. Tel. Agt— Mary N. Bracket t. 

Hotels & Uverjf Stables— HilMde CottHge, W. L. Rowell; Elm 
Oottage, B.F. Hanking; LancaRter House, Ned A. Lindsay; Mt. Proi- 
pect House, W. H. Smith ; Williams House. J. M. Hopkins. 

Ins. AgtS.— Dexter Oliase,G. M. Stevens k Son. 

Lawyers — G. A. Coiisitt, .facob Benton, Wm. Bums, B. F. Whidden, 
Vf m. Uey wood, H. 0. Kent, Ray Drew, Jordan A Carpenter, W. 8. Ladd, 
Henry Heywood Everett Fletcher, F. D. Hutchins. 

Literary Institution — Lancaster Academy, D. T. Tlmberlake, prin. 

Uvery Stable — Monahan & Gonners. 

■anumcturers — ^blacksmiths, J. Monehan, J. McCarten, R. Hoh- 
mer; t)oot8 and shoea, Thomas Cunnini^ham, V. B. Smith; bnilder 

F. B. Smith ; furniture, Richard!K>n A Folsom; furnitnre and carriages. 
Hanhall A Eaton, L E. Woodward ; foundry, A. Thompson A Co.; ji»b 
printers, I. W. Qnimby, Oriffing A Go; lumber, G. S. Stockwell A Cu., 
E.O. Garland, J. M. Whipple, Sylyanus Holmes, 8. G. Evans A Son : 
wsh, doors and blinds, N. B. Wilson, Leavitt A Stebbtns ; pIow8, Col)- 
leigh A Moore, Morse A I^vis ; starch. Pleasant Valley Starch Co., J. 
W. Weeks A Co.; straw wrapping paper, Lancaster Mfg. Co.; tinware. 
Oobleigh A Moore, Morse A l^avis. 

Merchants — R. P. Kent, Son A Co., J. A. Smith A Oo.; auctioneers 
Geo. M. Stevens; t>ook8 and stationery F. C. Colby, P. J. Noy«« ; boots 
and shoes, Charlee £. Mc In tire, Hazo Woodward; clocks and 
watches, J. M. Kimball, W I. Hatch; clothing, CUristiaij 
Dietrich, G. W. Lane; dry goods, Kent A Griswold; drn^s 
and medicines, Fred. C. Colby, P. J. Noyes; flour and corn 
Frank Smith A Co.; groceries, Joseph - Mc Gee, D. W. Smith, S. G 
Bvans, F. Smith A Co., J. R. Parcher, J. E. Priest, Howe 
Brothers; hardware, Cobleigh A Moore. Morse A Davis, Jamen M 
Bowell; meats, W. Chamberlain A Co.. R. Fletcher; millinery, Mrs 

G. M. Mallard, B. J. Evans, Mrs. G. M. Young, news dealer, J. E 
Prieet; spring beds, A. Cowing; 5c., 10c., 25c., store, Mrs. W. & 

Physicians — Ezra Mitchell, B. F. Stockwell ; homeo., D. L. Jones, 
Frank Spooner; dentists, 0- U. Kimball, S. L. Wellington. 

liAN DAFF, GRA FTOiV— Pop., 606. N. W. fr. C, 85. N. B. fr 
Haverhill, 20. R. R. ^9.— Lisbon, 3 m., on White MounUin R. R 
Conveyance from up trains Wed. and Sat. 

OFFICERS— CZerl:, H. H. Noj'ee; Treo*., S. A. Baton; Sdectnun, 
J. B. Noyes, M. J. Noyee, T. J. Rnggles ; Stfpt, Hiram Clark. 

Postmasters— J. k. Hall ; assistant, Mary M. Gordon ; Whitcher- 
trilU, William Knight. 

Justices— J. E. Hall, Savory Gordon, Stat0; 8. A. Baton, H. H. 
Noyes, Mosee Whitcher. 

Church — Meth., S. J. Robinson. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, J. 0. Atwood. J. B. A R. Chandler, 
Wm. Harden; bobbins, F. P. Noyes, Cogswell Bro8.,C. L. King; build 
ers, M. G. Clark, H. H. Noyes; lumber, J. C. Atwood. C. A J. Chand 
ler. C. L. King, F. P. Noves, p. o. ad. Lisbon, Daniel Whitcher. 

I^AIVGDOBT, 8irLLlVAN—Voi,.,Z^. W. fr. C..56; S. W. fr 
Newport, 22. R. J2. S.— Bellows Falls, Yt., June. ofChesh. Vt. Val 
and C. V. R. R.; So. Charleetown, 3 m., on Sullivan R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cbrfc, Henry Prentiss, p. o. ad Alstead ; Treat.^ SamnH 
King ; tklMkneHf D. P. DaTis. Henry Prentiss, A. B. Clark ; Supt. Mar^ 


Justices— J. S. Walker, Uenrjr Wiley, Samuel King, State. 

Churches— Cong^Q. F. Chapin; Univ. 

Manufacturers — bnilders, Samuel King, B. P. Highland, R. ▲. 
Lucas ; lumber, Robert Elwell, p. o. ad., Drewsville ; Fiuak Bat««. 

Merchants— N. B. Sherman ; furniture, A. P. Fish. 

Physician— homeo., C. M. Lufkin, p. Altit^ad. 

LEBANON, OBAFTON—Vop. 3,354. N. W. fr. C. 60; S. 
W. fr. Havt^rhill 30. R. R. £(.— Lebanon, on No. N. H. R. R 

OFFICERS— C7«rA:, E. J. Burant; Treaty W. H. Cottun; SeUetmen^ 
3. A. Peck, 0. A. Bowiis, John K. Butman ; 8upt$.^ S. H. Barlow, Bilrs. H. 

E. Thompson ; Juttitx of Police Courts J. 0. Ticknur; SpedtU Jtaticc, Ifi. 
J. Durant ; Agents Elisha Ticknor. 

Postmasters— A Ipheni W. Baker; JBcuf, H. H. Cnihing. 
Justices— A. M. Shaw, E. J. Durant, J. G. Ticknor, F. A. Cnshman 

F. L. Owen, U. M. Day, C. A. Thompson, J. L. Spring, W. B. WaakHi 
D. B. Emerson, C. A. Downs, A. L. Spring, C. A. Dole, Wm. H. Cottony 

A. W. Baker, Hiram Emerson, Geo. L. Danfortb, 0. W. Barnap, F. C. 
Churchill, 8taU;W. P. Liscomb, Joel Baker, S. A. Peck, Solomon 
Cole, A. S. Eaton, J. E. Dewey, N. 0. Bridgman, O. A. Johnson; 

Banks— Nat'l, W. 8. Ela, Pree.; Edward A. Kendrick, Cash.; 
Lebanon Savings, E. A. Kendrick, Treas. 
Churches— Bap. , N. F. Tilden ; Cong., J. M. Button ; Meth., M. T. 

B. Kno'x ; R.Cath., Moses lAplante; Unit. Cnlyin Stebins. 

Eating Houses— W. H. Wilkins, D. H. SargeDt, Hebert Hoed A Ca 

Ex & Telephone Ag't— J. E. Dewey. 

insurance Agents — E. J. Durant, John Pike, Dewey A St«rteTant; 
life, A. W. Baker, S. A. Peck. 

Hotel— Sayre Hotel, F. Sayre. 

Lawyers— W. B. Weeks, J. L. Spring, C. A. Dole, W. H. Cotton. 

Literary Institution — Lebanon High School, CO. Boynton. prin. 

Livery Stables— H. O. Billings, Dan Storrs, Frank Sayre, C. D. Scott 

Manuracturers — bandj saws, planum & fUrnaces, O. M. Baxter: 
blacksmiths, G. H. Daris, Bennett & Jordan, C. A Carpenter, ISattf 
Ira Greeley, WestjB.. L. Dickson, Thomas McGuire; boots and shoes, 
W. H. Durkee, Thos. Benjamin, A. Rock ; builders, Muchmore A 
Whipple, MEAD, MASON A CO.; carriages and sleighs, O. A. Elliott; 
coffins, Chas. £. Marston* Durnnt A Perkins ; doors, sash, blinds and 
cl)amber furniture, MEAD, MASON A CO., drag rakes, N. B. Marston ; 
flour and grain, Joseph Mace; hamesses, M. Dailey, E. Ticknor, W. 
P. McFee; job printers. Freeman A; Richardson ; cards and tags. 
Freeman A Richardson ; lumber, John Clark, T B. Marston ; marble 
H. G. Billings; mops, A. C. Daniels, Lebanon M<>P Co., L. F. Brooks. 
Mascoma Co.; oyeralls, H. W. Carter, GARTER A CHURCHILL: pho- 
tographs, C. E. Lewis, H. P. Granger; snaths and sleds, Gr«o. W. A 
M. L. Stearns; scythes, Mascoma Edge Tool Co., M. Y. Purmort; JEVuC, 
scythes, axes, shovels, hoes, and forks, (hand made) Emerson Ed 
Tool Co.; soap, S. G. Shepard, R. Loug4»e; wagon felloes, L. 8. Wale 
8tair builder, H. P. Goodrich ; watch keys and nickle plating, Ki 
ilrick A Davis : water wheels and mill work, S. Cole A Son ; wasi 
ing macliines, F. R. Pollard; woodworking machinery, Albert 
Rix; woolens, Lebanon Woolen Co. Wm. Mitchell, ag't., Mosco 
Flannel Co., F. B. Kendrick, ag't. 

Merchants— G. W. Worthen-; auctioneers, J. G. Ticknor, K, 
Bridgman ; baker, J. W.Thompson ; books and stationery^ W. H. Ric: 
nrdson ; boots and shoes, Cragin A Sturterant, G. S. Joslyn ; rarriagi 
L. W. Smith, E.. C. Smith ; clocks and watches, F. B. Kendrick, F. 


Morgan; clothing, bats and cap«, P. K, Kcnyon, A. M. Qoto A Co.; o<mI. 
wood, and ice, A. C. Daniels, drj goods, G. C. Whipple, 0. W. Hough- 
ton, J. £. Lincoln ; drugs and medicines, I. N. Perle.v, H. P. Kendrick ; 
6tnoj goods and notions, W. H. Richardson ; (wholesale) H. W. Carter, 
CARTBB A CHtJRCHTLL; flsh & yegetables, M. Buckley, fnrnitnre, 
:ind paper hangings, Dnrant A Perkins ; groceries, 0. W. Baldwin, O. 
Bennett, Simmous Bros., Pulsifer Bros., Lieumuix A Flomond ; hard 
ware, C. H. Hildretfa A Son, Brown Bros.; meat, W. 8. Quimby ; mil- 
tiuery, £. H. Thompson, Mrs. L M. Bryant ; ready made clothing, 
0. 0. Whipple, G. W. Worthen. J. £. Lincoln ; sewing machines, S. D 
Jones ; wool, £m«*8on ft Smitn. 

Physicians— J. A. Davis, T. H. Gnrrie, D. G. Brockway, 0. W. Man- 
ebester ; bomeo., S. A. Knight ; deotists, F. H. Brown, W. L. Hough, 
Carrie ft Clough ; vet. surgeon, N. Hurlbutt. 

Summer Boarding Houses— J. Rl Nickels, Ohiron Springs 
HoQse. Station Agent— W. M. Kimball. 

Tel. AgH— W. Su Richardson. 

'West— Postmastei^-W. P. Burton. 

Cliureh— Cong., T. C. Pease. Hotel— B. 0. Sonthworth. 

Uterary Institution — TILDBN LADIES' SSMINART, B. H. 
Barlow, prin. Livery Stables— Dan 0. Baton. 

Manuiaoturers— ax helres, E. L. Kelley ;' bent felloes and sleigh 
mnners. and carriage tops, Haskell Walker ; builders, A. Bacon, C. 
Bacon; harnesses, F. MoCarty ; lumber, J. K. Batman, T. P. Water- 
man ; marble workers, A. 8. Baton ft Son ; sheep and cattle labels, C, 

MerohantS— Goold ft Holmes, O. B. Pierce,' J. K. Butman, clocks 
and watches, millinery and fancy goods, G. H. Worthen ; drugs, M* 8. 
Woodman ft*Co.; Jewelry, (wholesale) 0. C. Bogle ; meat, A. J. Smith 
millinery and fancy goods. Miss L. H. Fowler, F. I, Tbyag. 

Station & Exp. Agent— F. W. Durgin. 

IjEB. UTBAFFORD—^oi^ 716. S. B. fr. C. 33 ; N. W. fr. Dover 
R. M. £.— Lee and So. Lee, on N. ft B. R. R.; Durham, 4, New 
market, 5, on B. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CWI^ D. £. Plnmmer ; 3Vsa«., J.C. Bartlett ; StUectmm. 
F. B. York, H. Scalls, A. L. Comings. 

Postmasters— D. Jfi. Phunmar; SomCA, Horace Scale*; Wadl0yU 
fhlU, I. D. Edgerly. 

Justices — A. G. Comings, Horace Scales, John Bartlett, C. H. Layn ; 
StaU ; B. F. Dayis. T. G.. Davis, John C. Bartlett. 

Cburches — Chris. A. G. Comings ; Cong. L. D. Evans. 

ManMracturer$->blacksniittt8, C. H. Jones, J. BuEzell, Jos. Enow, 0. 
Small ; builders, J. T. Bartlett, T. A. Bennett. J. F. Jones, Geo. F. 
SteTens; leather, H. M. Glidden; lumber, C. £. Thompson, Job 
Thompson ; medicines, I. D. Bdj^erly. 

Merchants— B. M. Plummer, G. W. Plommer, I. D. Edgerly, J. 8. 
Ejawrence; uuctioneer, G. W. Plumer. 

Lieifflitoii'e Corner*. 

l4£MPST£B, aULLlVAN-'Top. 602. W. fr. C.40; S. from 
Newport, 0. R. R. 8. — Newport and Claremont on C. ft C. R. R 
Daily stage to Newport, East Lempater iind Acworth, and tri-weekly 
to Claremont. 

. OFFICISRS— Osri, F. 0. Parker; Trea$., L. B. Allen: Selectmen, 
W. T. Thissell, C. M. Booth, Wm. Morrison ; 8upt., Cora F. Sabine ; 
8upervuor$, Clifton A. Metcalf, Isaac Hodgemnn, Martin L. Keyes. 


JustieM—J. O. Robinioii. Wm. E. Wajr, A. J. Mitchell, Wm. T. 
!hiwel], StaU; R. D. Pollard. 

Churches— <]ong., ; MHh.^Eatt^ H. GhnndUr. 

HoUl— Lempater Hoiu«, J. 0. Bobinion ; JBctH, PUe's Hotel, H. N 

Ins. Ag'ts— jBiift, W. E. Way. 

ManulacturerS'blacksmitbs, A. J. Watkini, Eatt^R. N. Pike; 
)ailder, East, Albro Baker ; card board, JCeut, Lewis Cutler; cnrrlagoa, 
£ejes Bros.; haruemei, Edit, B. O. Jonet; hoop mHnufacturera, 
Voutt Heath A Brown ; Inmber, Obas. Putnam ; £ct«<, Pollard Bros., 
). W. Tandy; picture frames, W. F. Bellows; iyrup kege, ^Mf , 
fi. Paige. 

Merchants— H. A F. O. Parker, fbil, W. E. Way; gi^ceries meal. 
md grain, Eoutf 0. B. Davis. 

Physician— J. N. Botler. 

l4lBrCOl4lf, GJiAFTOJV—^p. 66. H. W. fr. 0. Tl : N. W. frJ 
?lymonth, 21. A. Ji. j8— Plymouth, 21 miles, on B., 0. « M. R. K 
)aily stage fix>m June 2Uth toSept. 2Uth. 

OFFICERS—Or^rrAr, L. E. Guernsey; 3Vea«., J. B. Elliott: SpleeeMen, 
k. 0. Colby, D. O. Hnnson, D. P. Pollard; A<p(. Emma K. Dolloff. 

Postmasters— O. F. Russell. Justice— 8. M. Hansen. 

Etp. Agents— C. Chase, Winter; H. B. Marsdeu, Summer. 

Hotel— Flume Honne J. B. ft 8. B. BNiott. 

Man ufiflcturers-i>lHck8mith, Amos 0(dby; bobbins, Dblloff ft H«iiflon. 

I«lftto#Br OJiAFTON^l^op.lBm. N.W. fromC.86; N. E. fr. 
Sarerhill, 12.' R. E. ;<;.— Lisbon on White Mt. R. R. 

OFFICERS— a<rib, L. A. Young: IVeo*., W. H. Cum«n!neB; Mt/si- 
HSU, H. 0. Symonds, W. B. Phillips, 8. P. Ford ; 8upt. 8. B. Nicke^ 

Postmasters— A. 0. Weils; fl^or BUlt H. Noyes; N&rei^ Boi- 
inna Townsend. 

Justices— W. H. CummiMB, J. R. Young, A. A. Woolson, J. L. Fos' 
t^Tf Joseph Parker, H. M. Morse, Cbas. Moffett, E. D. RandL SkUe; 
Usa Hildreth, W. K. Parker, A. C. Wells, Qee. W. Wells, M. H Bowktr 
If. P. Whiteher, J. W. Towmend, Hiram Noyes, Slkanah Hildreth, O. A 
iVells, Jona. Bowles. 

Churches— Ady., ; Suffot mu, 8. B. Mlckerwm ; Cong., 

Foseph W. Lees; Meth., A. F. Baxter. 

Eating House— C. C. Sanbom. 

Exp. Ag'ts— Wells A Woolson. 

Hotel— Brighams, 8. H. BrigUam. 

Ins. Ag'ts— A. A. Woolson, Parker ft Young, W. P. Wbitcher. 

Lawyers — E. D. Rand, J. L. Foster, H. M. Morse. 

Livery Stables— 8. H. Brigham. 

ManufiBlCturers— blacksmiths, D. C. ft J. Monlton, Blodgett ft Wes< 
ton; bobbins, J. K. Atwood ft Co., J. ft F. P. Noyes, H. H. Cogswell 
ft Co.; boxes, Parker ft Young ; builders, A. S. Little, H. C. ft A. D. 
Dhase, H. Smith, A. J. Young, Moses Atwood; carriages, MoStt 

Bros.; SOffar Hill, Noyes ; chair stock, Parker ft Young ; piano 

boards, Parker ft Young; shoe pegs, Chas. Mints ; starch, Parker, 
Young ft Co., Welh ft woolson ; Sh^far SiUy Sugar Hill Starch Co.; 
wood pulp, J. O. Moore. 

Merchants— Wells ft Woolson, Oakek ft Bennett, M. M. Stevena, 
T. E. Howe ft Co., L. A. Young ft Co.; Norths R. ToWnsend q 
Sugar BfiU, J. H. Weils, H. C. Taylor; anctioneer, M. H. Bterrens i 

n a «. 1 


drugt aud luvdiciMp, W. P. Whitcii<;r & Qo, Wbeal'Mili ft M»r«(oa ; 
iiiilltn<*ry, J.Q. Moore ft Co.; flour, grain ftc, Grift Jllill Co.; furniture, 
Q C. Wood; groceries, 0. C. SaiU>ora, L. A. Youug ft Co.; jMkpari 
uid pe^iodicala,^G. G. Saabora ; tinware, and itoves, L. G. Payne ft Co. 

Physicians— 0. H. Boyutou, 0. 11. Boyuton; bonieo.,0. A. Martin; 
thomp^ J. F. Thompson ; dentists, D. W. Cooley, IL M. Howland. 

Tel. Ag't.— W. P. Whitciier. 
, JLlTCHFIEUlv BJLLSBOROUOH—Fop. 291. 8. from C. 
30 ; N. from Nashua 6. S. £. iS.— Thornton's Iferry, Merrimack, on 
Concord R. B. 

OFFICKRS— Clsri, A. H. Powers; Treas. N. G. Griffin; SeltOwun, 
A. H. Powers, Fred McQuesten, O. G. Dauforth; 8upt., A. S. Powen. 

Justices—Isaac McQa<'8ten, BtaU; John Paiksr. 

Churches — Pres., A. Gardiner. 

MeohJUiics— B. Saunders, N. Bullock, 01iTer9alToi» 

Merchant— N. C. Griffin. 

UlTTI^ETOIf , (tBA PrON—V(^p. 2,038. N. W. tr. 0. 100 ; N 
E. fr. Haverhill. 30. K. B. iS.— Littleton, ou White Mt R. R. 

OFFICERS— Osrie, G. E. LoTejoy ; 2V«a«., AIouxo Weeks ; SeUOmm, 
T. L. Parker, J. H. Bailey, Dennis Wheeler; Supt. F. U. Ly lord. 

Postmasters— P. R. Oooid; Aor<A, Rufus Smith; Somth, WiUoiodaU, 
G. A. Prince. 

Juslicas-^ohn Farr, Harry Bins ham, E C. StaTS^s, J. J. Barrett, 
p. H. Green, W. J. Beilowe, G. W. Barrett, A. S. BatcheUur, H. A. 
Johnson, G. A. Bingham, J. R. Jackson, L. C. Wilkins, D. C. lUmick, 
W. H. Mitchell, H. G. Bond, SUUe; N. G. Fan, U. H. South worth, .1. 
H. Bailey. N. G. Smith, W.H. Bellows, W. M. Taylor. L. B. l>oage. 
A. J. Barrett, J. D. Chandler, P. F. Onvrand, F. S. Washburn. 
A. Mclntire, Bufus Smith, G. F. Jl^taian, J. O'SulHvan, B. F. Robin- 

Banks— UttUton Nat'l. John Farr, Pros.; 0. G. Ilitcb, Cash.; Lit 
Ueton Sayings, G. A. Bingham, Pres.; H. L. Tilton, Vice'Pres. 

Churefaes^-Gong. G. W. Osgood; Bpis. J. S. Kent; F. Bap. F. H 
Ljtord ; Math. 6. M. Curl ; B. Cath. I. B. Nasseaux. 

Eating House— S. Ouyerand, F. B. Phillips. 

Exp. Ag't- Albert Cox. Tel. Agent— Aldeu Qnimlif. 

Hotels— Thayer's, H. L. Thayer ft Son ; Union Uoase^ J. M. Potter. 

Ins. Ag'tS— Barrett ft Sons, John 0. Sullivan. 

Lawyers— Bingham, Mitchells ft Batchellor, Bingham, A}4rioh ft 
Remich, E. C. Stevens. 

Literary Institution— Littlfton High School, Dana P. Dama. 

Livery Stables— G. Touog, J. M. Potter, H. L. thayar ft Sen, Is 
rael C. Richardson. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Ladd ft Bunker, Hugh Glory, 
0. H. Applebee; bobbins, Eaton ft Son ; boot8,and shoes, M. Hamilton, 
Alfred Hamill, J. B. Terrin; bailden, Sim.)UK>n Bros., K. D. Dunn, 
|jK>odwin ft Demmock ; boxes, C. F. ChaudlAr ft Ck>., carmgies, Ranl^t & 
Harris, J. C. Morrison ; undertaker, B. F. Wells ; gloves and mittens, 
Ira Parker ft Co., Eureka Glove Co., Granite State Co., White Mt 
Glove Co., Robert Miner, G. S. Whitaker, A. Weeks; harnesses, 
Asa Cobum, Truman Stevens; lumber, G. W. Richardson, Littleton, 
Lumbar Co., H. G. Redingtou ft Co., C. H. ft H. H. Loveijoy ; meal, £. B. 
Qatea; Northern coal Co., Tilton ft Goodall ; sash, doors ft blinds, 
Fitzgerald ft Bnmiiam; Southdown underware, Tilton ft GooUm.11. 
Btona^ Littleton Bone Stone Co.; scytiiee and axes, N. H. Scythe Oo 



Furber A Wallace, Robinion ft Goold; tin and sbeet iron ware/C 

0. Smith, R. P. White. 
Merchants—R. H. Whittaker, 0. M. Fisher, N. O. Fan*, Tiltou 

Broe,, G. A. Farr, Dow Bros., Southworth <k Lorejoy, Betlowt 
k Son; auctioneer, S. H. Duw; books and stationery, D. 0. 
Wallace St Co., Goold A Robiniou; boots and shoes, A. W. Bingham 
groceries, Edson Bailey k Eaton ; dry goods, E. C. Mansfield ; books 
Rhd stationery, L. P.Cole, ag't. ; carriages, B. 0. Hill; clocks and 
watches. Elbridge Flint, T. M. Stevens; clothing, Bellows, Son ft Co. 
Tilton Bros. Opera Clothing Co.; drugs and medicinea, W. F. Rob 
bins ft Co., Robinson Brothers; fancy goods, H. M. Parker; fruit and 
confectionery, D. 0. Wallace ft Co., Mrs. J. Smillic, 8. Onverand; 
furniture, L. D. Sanborn, Leach ft Smith; groceries, Eaton ft Eng- 
lish, T. J. Pratt Le Blanc ft Taller; fish. Cook ft Gregory; 
hardware, C. W. Brackett, Edson, Bailey ft Eaton ; hats and caps. 
Bellows Bros, ft Co.. Tilton Bros. ; meat, Frye, Blake ft Bowles, C 
F. Lewis, Hall Bros; merchant tailor, C P. Day, Littleton One 
Price Store; millinery, Mrs. J. A. Stevens, Mrs. E. L. Siiiith, Hiss 
A.Onveraud ; music store, J. E. Brownlow. 

Physicians— C. M. Tuttle, Frank T. Moffett, H. L. Watson, B. F. 
Page, Qeorge W. Mc Gregor, Ralph Bugbee ; homeo., T. B. SANGER ; 
dentist, S. 0. Sawyer. W. F. Yonng. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Oak Hill House, Farr ft Jarvia ; Moun- 
tain Home, E. D. Sawyer; Valley House, A. D. Fisher ; Elm Cottage, F 
R. Glover. 

I«ITER]!IOBE. GRAFTON— Pop. 160. N. ft, 0. 90, N. S. fr. 
Haverhill 46. B. R, S.— Li verm ore, on P. ft. 0. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C^^X;, G. S. Payne ; SeUctnent, 0. P. Oilman, G. S. Payne 
Jos. Mo Adam ; CoVtctor, Wm. G. Hull. 

Justices— G. S. Payne. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Grafton Co. Lumber Co., 0. W. S&anders, 
selling agent. 

I^ONDOlfDERRTy ROCKINGHAM— Vop. 1,363. S. B. fr 
C. 26 ; W. fr. Exeter, 25. R. R. ^.—Londonderry ft Wileon's, on M. ft 
L. R. R. 

OFFICERS— ClerAf, Northy J. G. Stone; Treat., WtUon't CrotHng. 
Waahington Perkins ; Selectmen, NorUi, G. F. McGregor, €. P. Robie, 
A. J.Benson ; SupL H. B. Copp. 

Postmasters— W. P.Wallace ; NorOi, J. W. Mackay ; WiUon^t Cnm 
ing, Warren Richardson. 

Justices— J. M. Piatts, R. C. Mack, W. S. Pillsbury, W. P. Richard- 
son, John Gilcreast, C. S. Pillsbury, Josiah Goodwin, Wm. Clark, 
A. M. Corning, Eugene Wasnn, H. C. Smith, Ransome Flanders, 
A. P. Colby, J. M. Bean, State: Warren Richardson, Jonathan Mc 
Allister, D. G. Annis, F. Manter. 

Boarding Houses— iVor^A, A. M. Corning. 

Churches— Pres. ; Bap. North, A. Sherwin; Hetii. 

1. M Bean. Physician- Eugene Wason. 

Ex. Agents — Geo. Howe ; WUaon^s Cronting, Warren Richnrdson 
Manufacturers— blacksmiths, S. P. Robie, J. D. Thomaa ; North , J 
R. TnrcRtte ; cider, C. M. Watts: feed. North, C. H. Watts 
lumber, E C. Kendall ; North. W. P. Richardson ; pumps, NnrVi 
Whidden ft Son. Chase BroA. J. S. Fiirber ; shoes. North, J. M, Hatts, 
Derry Depot, Wm. S. Pillslmry. 

Merchants— W. P. WhUmco; North, J. W. Mackay; A. P. Hardj 
ft Son; North,T>. G. ftR. Annis^ 


LtonC' Island — See HoultonboroaKh. 

JLOVDOJr , MERBJMACK-'Fep. 1221. N. E. fr. C. 7. R. A.j 

— Concord, on G. R. R. Bailj mull fr. C!oncord to London Ridge, I 
London. Mail fr. London Center to Pittsfleld, three times a week. 

Og¥lOERS—CUrk, Jeremiah Glongh; Treat., J. E. Sanborn; SeUt 
men, R. B. Foster, W. W. Gate, J. A. Glongh ; Supt , N. W. Lovering 

Postnusters-^H. F. Batcbelder ; Center, BeoJ. Ratcbeldor. 

Justices — H. E. Batcbelder, Jeremiah B)ake, State; L. W. Sanbotl 
S. B. Levering, H. J. Osgood, W. W. Gate, A. H.Clough, J. L. Perkitt 
E. B. French, ti. F. Clarke. J. B. Sanborn. 

ChurchtS— Gong. G. S. Roper ; F. Bap., -^ Hnrd. 

Hotels — McLellan House, — Lawrence; Glen Acre House, K. B 

Livery Stable— Charles Mason. 

lllaBuGlCturer8~~carriagei«, J. F. Ordway ; caskets and cofRns, H. ( 
Morse; leather, Joseph Wiggins; Inmb^r, Bachelder it Robinson 
•boes, O. H. Willard. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, R. L. West, W. H. Drew; carpenten 
A. K. Copp, J. S. Winslow, Lewis Caswell, G. S. Parker, Jarae 
Tilton, BenJHmin Tilton. 

Merchants — Batcbelder A Robinson ; drugs, and medicines, N. 1 
Clark ; jewelry, L. W. Sanborn. 

Physicians— N. T. Clark ; dentist, L. W. Sanborn. 

Ijondon Bidir®— N. E. from C, 14 m. 

Postmaster— Jonathan Brown. Church— 2d Advent, D. F.Leayitt 

Manufacturers — meal and shingles, A. Peasles, jr.; lumber, A 

Merchants— H. G. Stevens ; fish and poultry, S. Twombly. 

LfOwer Bartlett— See Bartlett. 

LfO^ver Gllmantoii— SeeQilmanton. ^ 

IjTJHAIfy GRAFTON— Pop. 6W. N. W. fr. C. 100; N. B. fron 
lUverhiU 20. B. M. iS^.— Lisbon, on White Mt. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZ«rfc, W. W. R. Miner; Treae., D.C. Parker; Selectmen 
J. F. Sherman, Wllmer Langw»y, A. H. Ash ; Supt, I. 0. Knapp. 

Postmaster— G. W. Foster. 

Justices— L.,B. Hoekins State; D. 0. Eastman, Jas. Glough, C 
C. Eaton, Benj. Dow, W. W. R. Miner. 

Church — ^Uoion. A. Twltcholl. Merchant— Hazen Libby. 

Manufacturers— meal and lumber, Julian Smith A Son, James T 
Uoore; copper, J. H. Paddock, Contrentrating Mill. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, S. W. Presby, G. Enstis, F. Eastman 
oirpenten, J. F. Whipple, S. J. Pierce, E. F. Hoskins, 0. W. Oood 
ridge, Delno Lamphire. 

LTME, 6RA FTON— Pop. 1,313. N. W. fr. Concord, 85 ; S. W. fron 
Haverhill 17 m. B. B. fi.— Thetfoid and Lyme, 2 m., on G. A P. R. II 
Stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— Oerft and Treat., L. D. Warren : BeUetmen, H. H. Holl 
B. T. Washburn, G. S. Mayo; Supt., A. A. Wiuslow; Agent, Zadol 

Postmaster— O. W. Randlett. 

Justices T- E. F. Sawyer, C. F. Kiugsbnry, D. C. Chnrchill, Franel 
iPbrtcr, H. H. Holt, State ; T. L. Gilbert, P. E. Fairfield, Selah B«a 

tW. Wnrren, L. D. Warren. 
Church— Cong.. K. P. Butler. 
Hotel & Livery Stable— Kent's Hotel, J. S. Kent. 
ManufilCturers— coffins, J. G. Piper ; flour and meal, J. 6. Keni 


carriRges. Wm. ft 6. W. Thomas; dotbiOff, P. H. A. Ctallin; har- 
Destes. N. I. Wflmot ; iMtther, W. A. BinghaiB ; kiinb«r, H. Gbtu», Wm. 
f bomas ; shinglea, J. G. & W. O. Piper ; traySy M. U. Loverfoy. 

MerehantS— D. C. Churchill, O. W. Raudlett, Warren Br<Mk; dmga 
and medicines, D. 0. (Siarchlll ; millinery, Mrs. G. W. Bandlett ; meal, 
G. G. Wise; stoves and tin ware, G. W. Randlett. 

Physicians— Ghas. V. Kingsbnry, J. W. Bean, W. B. Bmmet, 

CeMtcr^Postmasier— L. D. Warren. 

Exp. Ag't— Geo. Melrin. ins. Ag't— H. H. HoH. 

Manufacturers — lumber, L. P. Lovejoy, Geo. W. Sattbom. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Bry Msrtfaall ; carpenters, G. W. flbm- 
born, Joseph Welch, miller, G. W. SaaborUr 

Merchants— Warren Bros. 

fr. C. 30; S. W. fr. Maaohester 16; N. W. fr. Nashua 20. 22. S. i9.— 
South Lyndeborongh on Peferboro B. B. 

OFFICERS— O/erft. C. F. Tarbell ; Treas. N. T. Mo Intire; SMeetntm, 
C. H. Center, E. B. LoVre,C. N. Perham; Supt. J. Woodward. 

Postmasters— AoKA, J. H. Goodrich; South, C. H. Holt; Cmter, 
B. J. Bout well. 

Justices— J. H. Tarbell, J. H. Goodrich, N. T. Mc Intire, C. H. Holt, 
J. A. Johnson, C. F. Tarbell, Martin Whitney. 

Churches— Oewter, Ooag., T. P. Sawin; South, Bap., H. G. Smith. 

Ins. Co. — Lyndborough Mnt. Fire, J. H. Tarbell, Pree. 

Manufacturers— bottles and demOohns, Lyudeboro Gla«« Co. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, B. W. Bolliver; South, W. N. Chever 
grist and planing mill, A. Butrick; saw and shingle mills, C. B 
Holt, Jonathan Sierenson, B. C. Curtis^ S. N. Hartshorn. 

Merchants— &>t(iA, C. F. Tarbell; nurseryman, Wm. P. Holt 

IIIADBCJRY, STRAFFORD—Vop., 397. W. from C.,86; W 
fr. Dover, 8. R. R. iS.- Miidbnry, on B. * M. B. B. 

OFFICERS— CTstX:, E. L. Toung;* 2Wa«., C. W. Hayea: Seloctmm, 
W. S. Hayee, J. B. Huckins, A. Young ; Supt., H. L. Felker. 

Justices— J. D. Young, J. B. HuckiDS, 8tat« ; Oliver Waldron, F. f . 
Feruald, M. Y. B. Felker, C. W. Hayes. 

Church— Otmg.. Merchant— auctioneer, J. D. Tonng. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, C. L. Hackius, W. S. Hayes; builder, 6 
M. Church ; carpenter, J. H. Femald. 

MADISOIf, CARROLL-~2op. 586. N. E. fr. C.60; N. fr. 
Ossipee, 20. R. R. A— Madison, on Ports., Gt. F. ft Con. B. B. 

OFFICERS— CZ<rAc, J. R. Flanders; Tr^M.. Langdon, M. Atkinson; 
Selectmen, Albert Allard, J. G. Ferren, £. L. I>rew; Supt., W. H. Trai- 
ton ; Supervitors, Mark Nickerson, £. F. Hnbbard, G. W. Gray. 

Postmistress— Mrs. A. B. Atkinson; EaU, N. Blaisdell; Silver 
Lake, Albert Allard. 

Justices— Wm. Mason. J. H. Hobbs, Albert Allard. Mich. BlaisdeR 
J. J. Marrow, fildtfe ; Isaiah Forrest, J. 0. Gerry, J. J. Burke, D. M 

Church— F. Bap., W. H. Trafton. 

Hotels— Madison House, B. F. Harmon ; Silver Lake House, ArvBU 
B. Forrest. 

Lawyersr-J. H. Hobbs, N. B. Blaisdell. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, G. J. Ambrose, Etuf, J. R. Thuntn»; 
boxes, staves and spool stock, Geo. Chick A Co.; house cahpenten. 
Alonso Alley, Bngene Alley, S. F. Monlton, J. B. Flanders : miniBS 
Silf er Lake Mining Co. * 



Merchants— Wm. Hftraon, L. M. AtkitMoo, Bickfcrd Broi^ A. M 
kurd; meat, John A. Forrtvt. G«o. 8. Jackson; m«iod6ooS| orgaal 
Ac, H< W. Harmon ; sale work, N. M. Maflon, Wm. Lord. 

Ph jsicians— D. & Hobbo, E. T. Habbard. 

Sution A Tel. Ag't— C. BickfonL 

Summer Boardina Houses— Ann B. Atkinnon, Nathanial Chnrclii)] 
ft. K. Chick, I. D. Chorohill, Samual Lord, Mra. B. F. Haranm, Mti 
A. M. Lawson. 

HAJrCHESTEB. HTLLSBORO-^hintcmn. Pop. S2,4M 

S. E. &. C. 26. R. B. .SC—Mauch. on Con. R. R.. M. ft L. A. R., Port« 
,. &. Manch. ft Ko. Weare R. R^ Amo«kfl«g and ttoff'i Falls, on Con 
ft. R ; Massabesic, on Ports. R. R. 

OFtIC]i!HS— Sleoted to serre 2 years— fix>m Jannarj, 1883 to J«q 
oary, 1885. Mayor, H. B. Pntnam; CUy aerk, Nathan P. Kiddor 
tYu. of ComfMn CbimciZ, J. A, Mo Crillis ; Clmlt of C'ominon Onmet'I, J 
i. Fracker ; 2V«a«., 8. B. Putnam ; OolUotor^ Goo. E. Morrill ; Solid 
for, Wm. R. Patten: Mtuenaer, John A. Barker; Aldei'men^ Ward 1 
C. H. G. Fost : 2, J. F. Cloagli ; 3, S. Tbompeon ; 4, E. P. Johnson ; ( 
li. P. Reynolds : 6, T. L. Thorpe: 7, H. P. Siroptpn ; 8, F A. Cadwell 
GUy Majrthall^. J. Jenkins ; AuH JiarshaVy E. Carrt; Police Judge 
K. P. Hunt ; Police Cierk, J. 0. Bickibrd ; School Cbmmitfe«, H. B 
#atoam, Ex-Offijcio Chainnan\ Clark F. T. £. Richardson; Ward 1 
r. T. E. Richardson, P. H. Bow ; 2, W. C. Clarke, B. C. Dean ; 3, H. H 
Huso, N. P. Hunt ; 4, J. T. Fanning, S. D. Lord ; 6. T. F. Collins, C 
A. O'Connor ; 6, D. M. Goodwin, J. J. Abbott; 7, G. D. Towne» S. F 
Jones: 8, L. E. Plielps. D. Mitdiel, J. A. McOnllis, EK^Offido ; Supt 
W Public Instruction, Wm. E. Buck; Aue$$orSt G. W. Weeks, GVOtr 
sian, D. 0. Femald, aerk; C. H. Brown, J. H. Hay nee, D. 0. Fernald 
P. A. Do vine, J. P. Moore, G. W. Weeks, H. W. Powell, P. Brown 
Overseers of the Pbor, JSx-Offieio, Chairwum, H. B. Patnain ; CUrk, W 
II. Slaxwell ; J. E. Stearns, J. SutcIifTe, H. Gordon, D. Sheehan, E. G 
Woodman, W. Weber, Peter Woodman ; Chief Bngmeer, T. W. Lane 
^upectora of Check List, C^uirmant J. H. Hayues ; Cterilt, H. B. Lord 
Supt. of Waftir Work$, C. K. Walker. 

Postmaslers— J. L. Stevens; Oof's FaUe^ L. N. Mooro; Amotheag 
deor^e H. Colby ; McusdheeiCf J. Benson, Jr. 

Justices— J. H. Andrews, 1). S. Adams, C. B. Balch, G. A. Bailey 
P. A. Bnnton, 8. N. Bell, C. H. Bartlett, H. E. Bnrnhaiu, I. S. Bennett 
J. F. Briggs, J. C. Bickford, J. P. Bartlett, A. Av^ry, W. H, Berry 
David Cross, J. B. Clnrk, G. B. Chaitdler, G. H. Chamberliue, J. B 
Clarke. T. D. Doland, B. P. Cilley, W. H. Cate, L. B. Clongh 
P. O. Clieney, Ira Cross, Moody Currier, B. P. Clark. L. W. Chirk 
6. A. Clark, J. Y. Creseey, D. F. CUirk, J. M. Crawford, H. S 
Clark, W.J. Copeland, J. B. Daniels, T. W. Chall.'s. B. F. Pame, B. C 
Dean, G. A. Dickey, A. P. Dodge, M. V. B. Kdgerly, W. G. Everett, A 
J. Dow, S. Dodge, G. W. Eastomn, G. A. French, A. G. Fi^banks, J 
W. Fellows, J. C. Frenuli, John Foster, G. C. Gilny)re, Johi 
Gillis, J. A. Fracker, Robert Frame, R. J. P. Goodwin. J. H 
Uaynee, I. L. Beath, H. H. ttu«e, N. P. Hunt, D. F. Healey, Jobi 
Hosley, W. 8. Holt, H. T. Hill, Hiram Hill, J. W. Hildrith, C. L 
Qarmon. J. B. Hall, E. F. Jones, A. P Haskell. J. F. Jame*, C. C. Hayec 
Joseph Kidder, N. P. Kidder, J. L. Kelley, C. B. Littl«jfi«ld, J. G. Lanr 
Wm. litttle, 8. D. Lord, H. D. L-trd, T. W. Lane, D. W. Lane, Thos. I 
Luce, F. C. Livingstone J. B. Maynard, W. D. Moody, C. i 
Horrill, G. W. Morrison, C. R. MorriHoo, J. T. Moon*, J. W*. Mooai 
John Mooar, C. A. O'Connor, D. F. O'Connor, A. C. Ot^good, Tlioma 


O'Donnell, J. D. Pktterson, D. R. Preacott. D. L. Ptwkins, B. P. Perkins, 
Dayid Perkins, H. B. Putnam, H. M. Putney, Q.'W. Preacott, J. B 
Pattee, A. W. Quint, E. P. RichHrdson, F. T. E. Richardson 
0. W. Riddle, B. C. Ryder, J. 0. Ray, Fred Smyth, I. W. 
Smith, D. L. Stevens, G. W. Stanley, J. B. Straw, J. B. Sawyer, 

C. A. Siilloway, J. L. Stevens, J. T. Spofford, Waterman Smith, 
A. R. Simmons, G. M. Sanborn, E. M. Topliff, J. A. Weston, 
e. G. Woodiwan, F. G. Walker, A. L. JWalker, N. H. Wilson, D. K. 
White, W. E. West, J. E. Wilon, SUUe; J. H. Barnes, J. W. Bean, G. 

A. Carpenter, C. £. Bisco, W. C. Blodgett, F. P. Carpenter, A. B 
Ciarke, Eben Carr, G. E. Cochran, F. 0. Clement, Henry Chandler. 
Walter Cody, W. A. Carpenter, J. A. Dnnlap, Sebastiain Christophe 
J. E. Bodge, P. A. Devine, G. R. Bustin, W. G. H. Bunhnro, C. W 
Eaf^er, E. Farrer, G. B. Glines, C. A. Gallagiier, B. M. Giiodwin, S. T. 
Hill, John Hayes, M. P. Hall, B. W. Harrington, M. J. Healey, J. W. 
Lathe, M.J. Jenkins, J. B. Jones, Edwin Kennedy, A. J. Lane, M. V. 

B. Klune, G. F. Mooar, S. S. Harden, G. E. Horrill, Joseph Nichols, 
H. W. Mann, N. Y. Oliver, C. A. 0*Coniior 2d, A. B. Page, Wm. Perkins, 
Stephen Palmer, W. M. PaYker, S.B. Putnam, G. L. Richardson, J. S 
Shannon, Lewis Simonds, W. B. Steams, 8. B. Stesms, J. Sallivan 
0. P. Small, W. B. Webster, Israel Webster, G. W. Weeks. 

Churches— Adv., C. R. Ciossett, Jr.; Bap., C. H. Kimball. N. L. Col 
by; F. Bap., H. G. Corliss, A. M. Freeman; Cong., Q. B. Spalding, E.G. 
Selden ; Epis., L. Sears ; Meth., J. W. Avann, J. W. Presbv, W. A. 
Loyne ; Chris. G. T. Redlou ; Unita., ; Univ. L. F. Me Kin- 
ney ; Reformed Cath. G. C. Mousseau ; R. Cath.Wm. Mac Bunald, B. M. 
Bradly, J. A. Chevalier, P. Hevey. 

Hotels — Manchester House. Wm. Sheperd ; Massabesic House, 

*""-; City Hotel, G. E. Hastings; Wavcriy House, I. A. Moore- 

Merrimack House, John Walsh; Amoskeag, P. 0. Midland; Hotel 
Windsor, T. A. Barker; Island Pond House, Katie G. Hubbard. 

Ins. Ag'tS — G. A. French, £. P. Richardson, J. G. Lane, J. C. French. 
W.O. Everett, Glough A Clark, C. M. Edgerly, G. M. Sanborn, M. T. B 
EBGERLT, A. J. Lane, G. W. Weeks, J. J. Billon, W. T. Stevens. 

Lawyers — Daniel Clark, G. W. Morrison, David Croee, C. R. Morri- 
son, B. P. Cilley, I. W. Smith, 8. N. Bell, 0. W. Stanley, G. I. McAllister 
L. W. GUrk, L. B. Glough, S. D. Lord, E. M. Topliff, J. B. aark,C. H 
Bartlett, Wm. Little, J. W. Fellows, C. A. Snllowxy, W. R. Patten, J. H 
Andrews^ N. P. Hunt, H. E. Burnham, H. H. Huse, C. A. O'Connor, 
H. S. Clark, J. B. Straw, N. U. Wilson, J. F. Briggs, B. F. O'Connor, 
J. P. Bartlett. G. E. Cochran, B. F. Clark, H. W. Blair, B. P. ft D. L. Per- 
kins, M. J. Healey, D. A. Taggart, J. £. Dodge, T. B. Luce, F. C, 
Livingston, A. C Osgood, John C. Bickford, I. L. Heath, H. F. Norris 

D. F. Clark, A. R. Simmons, J. G. Bearborn, John Foster, C. A. Gallag- 
her. Cope -and A Bodge, G. W. Prescott, J. B. Pattee, B. F. Jones. 

Livery Stables — Wm. Sheperd, James Bros., BnrnUam ft Co., E. 
r. James, G. H. Simpson, J. C. Nicliols ft Son, J. A. Brown ft Co., C. 

C. Perry, Gavanaugh Bros., J. N. Foss, F. X. CUenette, H. E. Slack, 
C. H. Flagg, B. W. Shea. 

Manufacturers— belts, B. H. Chase; bobbins, James Baldwin ft Co., 
carriages, Sanborn CaiTiage Co., C. O'Sliatighnedsy, J. B. Mc Crillis ft 
Son, Berry ft Co., Goodwin Bros. J. T. Beach, W. E. Welch, J. F. 
Conway, B. F. Crossey ft Co., F. P. Colby ; cigars, R.W. Helsou, G. H 
Hnbbard, J. B. Scott ft Co., R. G. Sullivan, J. A. Adams; coffins, J. N 
Bruce, Melendy ft Poor, Pearson ft Wallace, P. A. Devine, A. G. Mon 
ette ; concrete paving, Ghas. H. Robie, J. Mc Derby ft Son ; cottons ami 


liii«ii8, Amoskeftg Blanufg G«., Thomas L. LiTermoro, ag*t.; Langdon 
MTg Co., W. L. Killey, ag't ; Manchester Millo, C. B. Mc Dnffy, ag't, 
Amory Milli, Gilbert P. Whitman, ag't ; Manchester Print Works, 
B. G. Pean, ag't; Stark Mills, S. N. Bourne, ag't; Namaske Mills, 
W. B. Webster, ag't; edge tools, Manchester Axe Co.; factory 
reeda, John Gle worth ft Co.; factory cards, Denney k Bisco ; factory 
fliers, J. A. v. Smith; factory roll covers, C. B. Bradley; knitting 
machine needles, Wm. Corey; hosiery, A. P. Olzendam ; loom harness- 
es, F, H. Simpkins ; paper makers, John Hoyt ft Co., P. C. Chenoy 
Co.; power loom pickets, B. H. Chase ; shuttles, J. Baldwin ft Co., 
Bo«p. M. C. Eastman ft Co., M. W. Sawyer, J. 8. Holt, Lewis Rice, J. 
S. Harriman; spokes for carriages, B. U. Piper; stair rails, W. W. 
Hnbbard, L. N. Westorer, J. Ht^ge; steam dyeing, G. Rued, J. P. 
Ankitrloo; steam engines, Manchester Locomotive Works ; steam, gaft 
and water pipe, J. S. Baoheler, T. A. Lane, Henry Visk; Pike ft 
ileal<i : R. J. Donnelly ; straw goods, J. J. Dixon. 

Mechanics A Artisans— architects, O. W. Stevens, J. T. Fanning, W. 
M. Batterfleld; bakers. Smith ft Bly, W. Starr, M. Cronan, Paradise 
ft Co.. Colburu ft Cate, Yaaghan ft Co., Hertell Bros., Robitaille ft Co., 
J. Bergamann: bill posters, F. P. Colby ft Co.; bookbinders, 
Temple ft Farrington, J. B. Clarke; brass founder, D. B. Var 
ney : brewers, A. C. Wallace, Carney, Lynch ft Co., T. F. Glancey : 
bricklayers, plasterers and contractors, J. J. Bennett, Laird ft Merrill. 
BenuHtt ft Lord, Cate ft Dickey ; carpenters and builders, W. Ireland, 
J. H. Maynard, E. E. Patch, J. S. Cate, J. F. Seaward, A. Gay, Mead, 
Mason ft Co., Head ft Dowst, N. R. Bixby, E.B. Veasey; civil engi- 
neers. J. B. Sawyer, A. G. Stevens, J. A. Weston, J. T. Fanning, Q. II. 
Allen, G. W. Stevens, J. F. James, J. P. Young ; engravers, H. W. 
ft E. A. Herrick, A. H. Paige; gas fitters, B. F. Fogg, T. A. Lane. 
II. Fisk, J. S. Bacheler ; granite workers. Lameon ft Miirden, M. Fitz- 
gerald, A. Bodwell ft Co., H. Johnson ; gunsmiths, G. B. Fogg, C. C. 
Clark, W. H. Vickery, W. B. Stearns ; harness makers, N.J Wbalen, £. 
W. Kimball, I. S. York, D. S. Ames, F. N. McLaren, H. C. Ranno, 
W. S. Greeley ; iron founders, A. H. Lowell ft Co., Amoskeag MTg 
Co., Manchester Locomotive Works; machinist)*, Amoskeag Man ufg 
Co., 8. G. Forsaith ft Co., Manchester Locomotive Works, Hutchinnou 
Bros.; marble workers, Palmer ft Garmon, M. Fitzgerald; millers, 
Pettee ft Adams, C. H. Uill ft Co.; painters, J. J. Abbott, Joel Daniels, 
W. B. Abbott, J. R. Carr, J. Bryson, 2d; cwrriage trim- 
mer, J. Goggin^ J. W. M. Hunt; photographers, S. Piper, 
S. D. Qnint, J. O. EUiuwood, L. W. Colby, A. B. Eaton 
J. F. Langley ; planers, S. C. Forsaith ft Co. W. W. Hubbard. J. 
Hodge, A. C. Wallace, Austin, Johnson ft Co.; plumbers, B. F. Fogg, 
T. A. Lane, ^Pike ft Heald, J. S. Bacheler^; roofers, WymanftGrav, 
J. C. Young. E. J. Williams, J.McDerby ft Son; printers, Union Pui>- 
lishing Co., J. B. Clarke, F. H. Challis ft Co., Kendall ft Ladd, W. £.i 
Moore. C. L. Fitspatrick, T. H.Tuson, Livingston ft Kimball ; slaters, K. 
J. Williams, J. C. Young; tailors. Cumnei^ft Co., Plunier, Helton 
ft Co., A. B. Day, Williams ft McKean, 0. F. Gardner, D. A. Phim- 
or, B. Adams, £. Leveeu,] ; tanners, curriers, and wool pollers. Kini- 
Ijall ft Gerrish, J. B. Chase; upholsterers, R. Gay, C. W. Butler, 
J. Cavanaugh, Higgins Bros. 

MerchantS^-agricnltural implements, Daniels ft Co. J. B. Yarick, 
W. C. Rogers; auctioneers, Cavanaugh Brot*. J. B. Jones, G. F. Boshor 
ft Co., G. H. Dorr, J. Galacar; books and stationery, W. P. Goodman, 
T. W. Lane, B. F. Stark, 0. P. Trickey, Temple ft Farrington, B. R. 


Oobnm k Co., H. Gordon ; Itoota and iihoes, W. H. Gale, G. W. Dodge, 
V. C. Dow, McDonald A Ck)dy, C. H. Tliayer, C. D. Thompeon, C. & 
(laines, f eruald A Bnrbank, Wingate & Uonld, J. Muiray, Mitchell A 
lleathf John Francia, Geo. H. Wilson, P. PrimeHU, C. S. BoyingtOD. 
i£. A. Day; carpets. Barton ft Co., Higgins Bros., Weeton ft. Hill: 
clothing and fnrnishing goods, Talbot ft Co., J. W. 0. Pickering, Plant- 
er ft Hulton, Weaton ft Martin, H. M. Moody, D. A. Plomer, Cnmner 
A Co. H. M. Tarbell, Williams ft McKean, Manchester One Prici- 
Clothing Co. J. A. Folsom, Amoskeag Clothing Co., Sd. Leveen, J. T 
Donahoe, M. O'Dowd, C. J. Senter, Star Clothing Home ; coal and wood, 
L. B. Bodwell .ft Co. Burns ft Poore, Moore ft Preston, £. P. John 
son, ft Co.; coffins, Pearson ft Wallace, Melendy ft Poor, P. A. 
Devine, J. M. Btnce, A.G.Monette: cuke, Manchester Gas Light Co.; 
confectionery, E. 0. Abbott, £. S. Dickerman, JC. W. Perkins, P. B. Put- 
ney, JB. C. Akers, E. R. Barry; crockery, D. A. Simons, E. N 
Kogg, Higgins Bros^ drugs and medicines, Z. ?. Campbell, A. D. 
ISmith, A. F. Perry, Tebbetts Bros., B. H. Currier, L. K. Mead, 
^ *{i. £. Hall, J. B. Hall, F. A. James, C. T. Newman, J. S. Heath 
& Co., J. P. Bnrbank, Marshnll ft Knowlton, C. B. Little- 
Seld, C. A. Smith, Snelling ft ^Co., F. C. Milville, Hubbard 
ft Lull, J. W. Wilson ; dry goods, G. S. Holmes, Barton ft Co., N. S 
Clark, Hawley ft Barnard, GaTaille ft Co.. G. Blanchette, G. H. Tans 
well, J. Ferren ft Co., Weston ft Hill, Harley, Bobie ft Vandais, T. C. 
Jacobs, Johnson ft Co., C. H. Spragne, C. J. Sentor, Waite Brothers ; 
fancy goods, G. S. Holmes, Thoa. Morgan, E. 0. Abbott, N. S. Clark, 
Frank Fitts, Snow ft Knowlee, Lizzie Gillis, F. C. Morrill, W.F. Green- 
wood ; fish ft oysters, C. T. Allen ft Co., P. 0. Flanders, L. A. Mc Kean : 
florists. H. H. Hnntress, A. B. Smith, F. S. Worthen ft Son ; flour, grain 
and meal, G. H. Hill ft Co., Pettee ft Adams, A. N. Clapp, Drake ft 
Carpenter, Samuel Cooper, Merrill Bros.; furniture, D. A. Simons, C 
W.Butler, M. Labreche, H. P. Gordon, J. Y. Mc Question, Hi;rgine 
Dros., J. Cavanaugh, Joeselyn ft Co.: furs, J. Truesdale, M. Nichols : 
groceries. A. N. Glapp, A. M. Eastman. Sawyer ft Wooflbury, J. Mc 
Keon, Belliveau ft Pepin, Eager ft Band, G. U. Stearns, W4F. Sleeper ft 
Co., Fradd ft Follansbee, Adams ft Lamprey, H. £. Steyens. Currier I 
.lohnson, McQuade Bros., G. W. Wilson, P. Mc I>«>nough, G. G. Barry 
Sawyer ft Hoyt, F. Forsaith, 0. F. Bartlett ft Co.. Hardy ft Co.. A. G 
Grenier, H.J. Holmes, J. C. Fifield ft Son, J. T. Bngbee, John Caebman. 
Griffin Bros., C. Jfi. York, J. H. Wiggin ft Co., Daniel Sheehan 
M. Lane ft Son, B. F. Page, P. Harrington, S. L. Flanders 
Taylor ft Co., J. Bean ft Co., Bartlett ft Colburn, Patrick CuUity, W. 
Q. bai^ent ; hardware, Daniels ft Co. J. B. Varick, W. C. Rogers ; ha.rann 
traw, S. Cooper, W. B. French, E. P. Johnson ft Oo., Leonard Shelters. 
.I.e. Nichols ft Son, house furnishing goods, Higgins Bros., D. A 
Simons, G. F. Bosher ft Co., G. H. Dorr ; ladies' furnishing goods 
J. H. Howard, Ainsworth ft Co. N. 8. Clark, Frank Fitts; 
leather, J. Stickney ; lime and cement, E. P. Jolmiton ft Co., C. H. Hill 
& Co., Patte ft Adams, Drake ft Carpenter; lumber, A. C. Wallace, W. 
W. Hubbard, A. J. Sawyer, L. A. Clough, J. H. Maynard, J. Hodge, 
(lead ft Dowst; millinery, N. S. Clark, T. Morgan, F. M\ Fittp, 
0' Neil ft Donahoe, Mrs. A. C. Burbank, C. ft F. Johnson F. S. Bod- 
well, Emma A. Bodwell, Brown ft Lane, S. G. Fletcher; 
nin8ic. I. 8. Whitney, C. H. Kimball, W. H. Elliott ; pianos, U. Hoyt. 
f.S. Masseck, G. W. Weeks, G. P. Trickey, F. W. Batchelder, E.T. 
Baldwin, W. H. Elliott, I. S. Whitney, C. H. Kimball; produce, Boyd 
Brothers, A. M. Eastman, Blaisdell ft Perkins, Eager ft Rand, 


Sleeper k Co., Dodge k Laln^; pnmps, Pike A Heald, II 
3. Whitney k Co^ T. A. Lane, B. P. Fogg, J. S. Bachelep, H 
Fisk, A. A. Amiaw; rubber goods, J. Stickney ; sewing machines, M. 
V. B. Kenne k Co., E. Dearborn, G. Williams, S. M. Baymond, F. R. 
Clark J. S. Masseck, 6. W. Nichols, shoe stock and findings, J. Stick 
iiey ; stoves and tin ware, J. Briggs, P. W. Avery, G. R. Vance & Co. 
Thorp k Avery, Brock k Driscoll, 8. Hovey, Pike k Heald ; 
watches and jewelry, T. Dnnlap, CInrke k Dixon, C. Irion, 
Trefethen k Moore, John Mooar, Straw k Lovejoy, Lyman 
Carr, L. Simons, Cyrns Dean ; wholesale floor and grain dealerB, C. H. 
Hill k Co., Pettee AAdams, A. N. Clapp, Fnmees Bros., Drake k Car 
penter, Dodge k Laing, L. Shelters ; wholesale produce, £. H. Slay- 
ton, L. Shelton, H. Marshall. G. W. Morgan ; wines and liquors, Hayes 
A Co., M. Prout, PI etcher k. Co. wood, L. B. Bod well k Co., K. P. 
Johnson k Co., H. H. Young, A. Mclndoe, J. W. Kimball, Burns & 

Physicians— C. B. Flanders, H.W.Bontwell, G. B. Morey, W. J. 
Sleeper, M. 0. A. Hunt, Geo. Hoyt, M. B. Hargrave, L. B. How, H. T^ 
Bootwell, J. A. Jackson, L. French, G. A. Crosby, C. P. Bonney, J. 
Ferguson, Chas. Wells, J. P. Walker, R. J. P Goodwin, John Pitzpat 
rick, C. t«. Jeffers, C. B. Sturt^yant, C. A. Manning, 0. D. Abbott, J. W. 
Mc Donald, L. M. French, D. 8. Adams, H. C. Canney, J. G. Stnrgin. 
Luther Pattee, Wm. M. Parsons, G. D. Towne, J< W. Mooar, M. Richflrd. 
J. B. Lanouette, B. B. Aldrich, H. DeW. Carvelle. C. Corey, W. G. 
Kimball, 0. B. Smith, Thos. Wheat, W. W. Wllkins, W. A. Webster, Jhs 
Sullivan, J. M. Collity, J. L. Robinson, N. P. Taplia, E. H. Cnrriei-, 
C. M. Dodge. Miss Mary Danforth. G. A. Lacerte; homen., Bmil Cw^- 
ter, B. P. Bailey, G. A. Campbell, T. D. Doland, A. D. Smith, C. W. 
Styles ; dentists, Hlrfim Hill. J. B. Prescott, C. B. Page, Childs k Wheel 
er, C. W. Clement, Eaton k Boothby, F. C. Chase, W. E. Marden ; vet. 
snrg.. J. Alexander, W. P. Robie, C. B. L. Monlton. 

Real Estate Agents— A. J. Lane, A. L. Walker k Son, Ryder & 
Hayes, D. P. Small, W. A. Carpenter, M. Y. B. Kinne k Co. 

JVf aipleiirood — See Bethlehem. 

If ABIiBOBOVOH:, CHESHIRE— Vn^t. 1,387. S. W. fr. C. 
48 ; S. E. fr. Keene 5. R. R. /ST.— Marlboro, 2^m. on Cheshire R. R., 
>^ m. on B. L. k C. B. R. Stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— C/«i* and Treas. G. G. Davis ; Selectmen, L. D. Jones, 
L. 0. Beuiis, A. A. Aditms; Supts. J. L. Merrill. R. T. Polk. 

Postmasters— Wm. M. Nason ; DqMt, C. S. Moors. 

Justices — Elijah Boyden, Jainis Collins, Chas. Mason, Nelson Con. 
verse, G. G. Davis, Clinton Collins, Slate] C: K. Mason, B. P. Merriam, 
li. A. Fuller. 

Churches— Cong., J. L. Merrill ; Meth., C. W. Dockrill ; Univ., R. T. 

Exp. Agent— E. S. Baldwin, Depot, P. S. Moors. 

Hotel — Converse House, N. Converse. 

Livery Stable— George Tilden. 

Manunicturers— bail boxes, Depot,L. A. Fuller; blacksmiths, J. P. 
Clemons, Weston McRoy; blankets, Cheshire Blanket Mills, C. 0. 
Whitney, W. H. Clark; boxes, Adams k Dexter; boxes and toys. 
Luther Hemenway; builders, A. A. Ademis; horse blankets and tricot 
cloth, Marlboro Manurg Co., R. 8. Frost k Co.: horse blankets, Mo- 
nadnock Blanket Co., S. S. Wilkinson, Ag*t; Job printers, W. L. 
Metcalf ; pails, G. F. Winch, J. & L. Knowlton ; Depot, A. Puller jr.: 
l>atent roof paint, J. C. White ; woolen yam, James Townshend. 


w ; ... I II 

ierchantS — G. O. Dayit, WoodwHrd & Naaon, Clinton OoUins: 

l«B and lumber, 0. B. Wiswall ; boots and shoes, Charles Stay : 

igs, Fred II. Nutting; uiea^, H. L. Page; millinery, MIm £. A. 

owlton, Mrs. LeMond; tinware and stoveti, H. F. Herriam. 

^ysicians^. A. Richardson, N. H. Merriani. 

Telephone — Public oflBce, Woodward & Nason's store. 

Cei. kg^t—D^ot, C. S. Moore. 

HARIiOW, CHESHIRE— Pop, 701. W. fr. C. 60; N. E. fi. 

ene, 15. M. R. 8. — Keene, on Cheshire B. R., 15 m.; Uancuck, 16 m, 

M. & K. B. B. Daily ntages to Keene, Hancock, and Paperinill Vill. 

)FF1C£RS— CZerAr, £. N. Howe; Treat. £. A. Jones; SeUclmen^ G. 

Lewis, Benjamin F. Knight, George B. Morrison ; Supt., Jonas W 


Postmaster^Hosea Towne. Physician— Marshall Perkins. 

Justices-^. Q. Jones, James Burnap, P. E. Fox, E. O. Huntley 

ite ; G. W, Clyde, liosea Towne. 

Churches>-Chri8., — — — ; Meth., C. J. Chase; Univ., 

Hotels & Livery Stables — Forest House, G. A. Petts. 

Manufacturers — carriages, E. Bixby ; doors, sash and blinds, J. Q. 

lies; leatlier, James Burnap.; lumber, Jas. Burnap, B. B. Gee, Hor- 

e Gee ; rakes. Freeman Phelps. ^ 

Mechanics — blacksmith, U. A. Phelps. 

Merchants — Hosea Towne, A. T. Joslin A Co, E. A. Jones; drugs 

ediciues and fancy goods, £. N. Howe; meat, G. H. Messer; mil 

aery, Mrs. L. B. Jones, Mrs. Melissa Goodhue ; tinware, storea, 

c, P. £. Fox. 

MASON, HILLSBOROUGH— Pop. 646. 8.W. flr. C.40; 

ashua, 18. R. R. 8. — Mason Centre depot 1 m. fr. village and 

ratt*s, on Petorboro & Shirley Branch B. B. Stage twice a day from 

itison Centre. 

OFFICEBS— CferXr, C. B. Goodwin ; IVeos. H. B. Hosmer ; SAectm^n. 

iniothy Bussell, L. A. Blood, M. B. Hodgman ; Supi , Tim. Busaellr 

Postmaster--C. H. Dixon. 

Justices — Daniel Goodwin, J. L. Spalding, &aU ; T.Busaeil, J. B. 

MIson, A. W. Nutting, James Btuseil. 

Church — Cong., H. P. Leonard. 

Exp. Agt.— 8. T. Lowell. 

Manufacturers— carpenter, Wm. E. Barney ; handles, B. B. Bich. 

■dson, lumber, J. H. Elliott; quarrying, A. McDonald, J. liaxwell; 

•ap, M. L. Barrett. 

Merchant — James H. Dixon. 

iVIast ITard — See Concord. 

IMeiadoiirs — A post office in Coos CouQty. 

IflelTln Vlllagfe — ciee Tuftouborough. 

MEREDITH, SfTiiCiV:^ P— Pop. 1,800. N. fr.O. 36; N. fron 

iconia m. R. R. &— Meredith Tillage, on B. C. A M. B. B. Stage 

nnectsfw^ith all trains. 

OFFICERS— OerX;, I. 0. Boynton ; Treat. T. S. Moses; Selectmen, 

m. S. Smith, J. I. Prescott, 0. N. Roberts ; SupU., F. L. Mason, 

)hn Webster. 

Postmasters— (%n<«r, E. G. Cate ; Village, J. S. Rolierts. 

Justices— S. W. Rollins, P. B. Blaisdell, B. Stevens, <3. O. Hnit, B 

Tuttle, D. B. Eaton, H. Beede, State; B. F. Wiggin, H. S. Bwain, J 

Prescott, D. A. Ambrose, M. B. Marshall. 

Bank-^Meredith Tillage Savings, J. W. Lang, Pres.; S. A. Ladd. 



Churches— Bap. James Graham, p. o. ad. Tillage; Ck>Dg. John 
E Wildey, p. o. ad. Tillage; F. Bap., OenUr, Geo. Piukham; viUofft, 
J. B. DariB. 

Ex. Ag't— Edwin Cox. 

Hotel^Elm Honse, H. H. Piper. 

Lawyer— S. W. Rollins. 

Uvery Stables— Edwin Cox, B. ¥. Bean, F. Brown, W. J. Collins. 

Man ulkcturers— blacksmiths, W. M. Rand, E. H. Meloan A Co 
B. W. Prescott ; builders, H. Diistin, C. E. Pierce, F. A. Blake ; Center, 
L. Whiting; clothing, J. S. Wadleigh ; coflBns and caskets, Blske Bros, 
cottons. WaakHwan Hoeiery Mills, Sani'l Hodgdon; harnesses, H. E. 
Kernala; lumber, N. fi. Wadleigh, G. H. Clark &. Co.; mechanics' tools, 
American Twist Drill Co.; job printer, G. F. 8aubom ; organs, J. 8. 
Robinson A Co. ; patent swivel plow, Wadleigh Plow Co.; piano forte 
cases, J. A. Lang. 

Merchants— B. C. Mansfield, Green A Pease, J. W. Beede, P. D 
Blaiedeil A Co., A. A. Kidder A Co.; Ctnler^ £. G. Gate; auctioneer, 
Hanson Beede ; boots aud shoes, Green A Peawe, J. W. Beede ; drugs 
and medicines, G. S. Bartlett, F. L. Mason ; furniture, J. S. Robinson 
A Co., D. A. Ambrose: groceries, J. B. French; jewelry, P. A. Ells- 
worth; meat and provisions, Clough A Choate, G. A. McCrilMs; milli- 
nery, Miss A. A. Heath ; small warrs and &ncy goods. Miss 0. E. Os 
good ; tin ware, stoves, Ac, T. S. Moses. 

PhysicUns--George Sanborn, £. W. Jones ; dentist8,B. Goodenough, 
P. P. Carey. 

Tel. Agent— 0. W. Morrison. 

lUeriden — See Plainfield. 

26; 8. W. fr. Manchester, 10. N. from Nashua, 8. K. B. K— Merri- 
mack, Reed's Ferry, and Thornton's Ferry, on Concord B. R. South 
Merrimack, on Nashua and Wilton R. R. 

OFFICERS— C^krifc., W. M. West ; Treat. M. P. Nichols; SeUetmeit, 
Thomas Parker, Hermon S. Fields, Everett B. Parker; Supt. W. W. 

Postmaster ft Exp. Ag't— J. T. Jones. 

Justices— W. T. Parker, StaU; A. McC. Wilkins, D. 0. Danforth, 
W. W. Pillsbury, W. M. West, G. F. Spaulding. 

Church— Cong. E. A. Slack. 

Literary Institution— Mc Gaw Normal Institute, Elliot Whipple. 

Manufacturers— extension tablet, Thomas Parker ; model baker, 
Joseph Cross. 

Merchant— W. J. Ayer. 

Physician— W. W. Pillsbury. 

Sooth- Postmaster and Merchant- Asaph Evans. 

Church— Cong., . Ex. Ag't— G. E. Patterson. 

Hotel— Kennedy's Hotel, William Kennedy. 

Mauufacturers — clumber, Rodney Hodgman. 

Mechanics— carpenter, Geo. E. Patterson. 

Reed's Ferry— Postmaster— M. P. Nichols. 

Exp. Agent— C. S. Nesmith. Merchant— S. C. Anderson. 

Mlinufaeturers— brick, Joseph A Eri Kittredge; fisti barrels, kits, 
cooper stock and lumber, Fessenden A Lowell; overalls, J. W. Kit- 

Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, J. M.Fosdick, J. B. Elliot. 

Thornton's Ferry— Postmaster ft Exp. Ag't— G«o. Albee. 

Merchant— G. B. Griffin. 


MI DDl«ETOIV« STRAFFORD— IPop. 365. N. B. fr. O. 40 ; N. W. 

r. Dover, 24. R. R. B.—XSnlon Vill., 3 m., on Con. Div. Bastern R. R. 
tHge Tues. Tlinra. and Sat. Farmington, 7 miles, ou P. A W. R. R. 

OFFICERS— O/er/fe, Oscar F. Kimball ; Treat. Jacub H Cook : Seled- 
Mn, Jolin H. Yonng, v. S. Cook, Horace Drew ; Supt.^ John H. Young. 

Postmf ster— G. D. Drawbridge. 

JustfCds— A. Q. Orne, John H. Young, State ; B. P. Chesley. 

Church— F. Bap. Seth Sawyer. 

Mechanics — carpenters, W. H. Gloatman, America Lane, 8. D. 
onen; pHinter, G. D. Drawbridge. 

Mill AIV, COOS—^op. 804. Hf. IS. fr. C. 130 ; N. B. fr. Lancaster 80. 
2. R. S.— Berlin Falls, 8 m. daily stage; West Milan, 7, uu G. T. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZ«rfc, J. 8. Phipps, TVeo*., 8. A. Collins : Sefectmen, 
talph Cole, R. A. Twitchell, Nathan Fogg ; 9vpf.y Lizsie M. Emery. 

Postmasters— D. B. York ; West, B. T. Roberts. 

Justices— J. 8. Phipps, J. M. Phipps, F. I. Bean, State; M. Hodgdon, 
r., D. B York, 8. S. Fnrbiah, Robert I. Stevens. James 0. Fogg. 

Churches— Meth. 0. S. Danforth ; Abner Keith. 

Hotels- A. T. Coffin ; West, I. H. Fogg. 

Manufacturers — ^birchand poplar mill. Hamlin, Stevens 3c Go^ 
(lacksmiths, 8. P. Folsom, J. W. Martin ; Wut, Geo. O. Bean ; carria- 
ges, D. C. Dean ; lumber, A. A. A R. W. Higgins ; shingles, R.H. Oote; 
tarch, Milan Steam Starch Mill Co. 

Merchants— G. B. Dale, D. B. York, A. Blake, W. A. Willis k Co.; 
WuU Roberts A Forbnsh, F. H. Blanchard. 

Physician^J. J. Cobb. 

MI1.FOBD, HILLSBOROUGH— Fop. 2,398. 8. W. flrom 0. 25; 
If. W. fr. Nashua, 11 ; 8. W. from Manchester, 16. R. R. &— Miiford 
»n Nashua and Wilton R. B. Conveyance to all trains. 

OFFICERS— Cf«rA;, J. M. Laws; Treat. F. T. Sawyer; SeHetimen, 
r. B. Bruce, L. B. Dow, J. E. Foster; Board of EiwxUion^ C. B. Knight, 
)avid Heald, A. W. Smith ; Agents A. A. Cochran. 

Postmaster ft Tel. Ag't— J. W. Crosby. 

Justices— Gilbert Wadleigh, C. S. Averill, R. M. Wallace, Abel 
3ha^e, J. W. Crosby, W. H. W. Hinds, C. C. Shaw, H. J. Taft. C. E 
■Cnight, H. 0. Shaw, J. M. Laws, State ; F. T. SHwyer, D. K. Marvell, 
lohn Hadlock, David Heald, G. W. Burns, J. W: Pillsbury, Geo. F. 
^artlett, J. E. Foster, J. B. Bruce, 8. C. Oobum, G. E. Foster, G. E 
Jlarke, J, J. Doyle. 

Banks — Milford Five Gents Savings Institution, D. S Bnrnham, 
?re8.: C. 8. Averill. Catihier; Souhegan National, C. S. Averill, Pree.{ 
?. T. S iwyer. Cashier. 

Churches— Bap., H. W. Tate; Cong., C. H. Taintor; Meth. Geo. W. 
inland; R. Cath. E. Buckle: TTnita. A. M. Pemileton. 

Eating Houses— W. <fc J. A A. Wetherbee, H. L. Bobbins. 

Exp. Ag'tS— U. 8. A C, H. D. Bpps; Merrill A Co.'s. John A. Wood 

Hotel— Union, C. H. Oibeou; Endicott House, C. A. Wood; Milford, 
Springs, Hotel Ponemah, Frost A Bryson. 

Lawyers— Gilbert Wadleigh. R. M. Wallace, 0. 8. Averill, 0. E 

Literary Institution- Milford High School, B. A. Pease, prin. 

Livery Stable— H. A. Barker, Wm. Messer. 

ManuTacturers— bone meal, Ac, B. 8. Burns ; boots and shoes, S. C 
>burn; builders, L. J. Sanderson, A. J. Burnham, A. Fifleld, R. K 
antchtnson, B. J. Parker; clothing, C. A. Wood, 8. E. Dntton ; exten- 
jion tables, S. R. Emerson; ftincy boxes, etc, Bragg A Conant; 


rnraitnre, D. Heald, 8. B. Emenoii 4k Son; granite workers. 
I. H. Carlton, A. S. Oarlton; knitting cuttoii, Mono Kalcy Ufg 
Go; leatb«r, J. Lewia A Co. ; 1 amber, Wm. Oilson, H. 8. Gilson, 
Ilowison A Mitrrell, Dow A Gntterson^ D. T. Bntteiick Co., W. B 
Pierce A Co.;'me«l and feed, C. £. Kendall A Co.; mirror frames, A. Ful 
ier; piano actions, Q. L. Damicott: picture frames, J. A. Wheeler, W. 
W. BobUns; planes, A. Ueald A Bon; plows, N. H. Brown; printer's 
famitnre, and p. o. boxes, Jotga McLane; ready made clotbing, 
J. A. Hamblett. K. M.Grny ; qoap boilers, l^ilt on Parker, A. G. Stearns. 
J. T. Burns ; toys, 8. J. Talbot 4 Co.; printers, W. W. Hemenway, J. 
P. Melaser. 

Merchants—John B. Bruce, C. B. K<>ndall k Co. Bartlett A Dod«;e; 
Bkocttoneers, C. G. Ilatcb, B. P. Hutchinson ; bakery, F. M. Dodgp, 
t}ookB and stationery, Mi-s. J. A. Wheeler; boots and shoes, D. F. 
Thompoon, S. C. Cobnm*. J. Sbanahen; clocks aiu) watches, J. £. Web 
Bter, H. Hamblett, C. H. Averill; clothing, hats and caps, J. A. Ol)er 
& Co., F. W. Richardson ; coal, B. R. Came, O. Merrill, coffins, B. F. 
Foster, I. H. Carlton ; crockery and glass ware, J. A, Wheeler; drpg:^. 
medicines and hardware, D. 8. Bumhaoi, Kidder A Whitney ; drv pood*. 
B. C Batchelder, II. H. Barber ; fish, Ira ChaHe, F. B. French. 
A. B. Wheeler A Co.; granite, L. M. Burns, J. B. Melendv. 
G. F. Parker, A. B. Oarlton, Everett Hutchinson, Niithan Mttrri'l. 
W. P. SaHtou, T. M. King; groceries, Lyford A KendsU; ice, Cal- 
vin Merrill ; meat, Foster Bros., N. W. Robinson, John B. Burtt, R. 
A. Clark; merchant tailor, H. F. Warren; millinery, II. H. Barber 
Mrs. £. Comstock; seeds A plants, J. A. Wheeler; small wares 
Mrs. G. D. Sabin ; stoves A tin ware, G. A. Powers, J. F. Boynton 
variety store, Geo. L. Melendy. 

Physicians— A. W. Smith, D. S. I>earbom, W. H. Dinsmore ; clair. 
Mrs. 8, 8. Mixer : homeo., W. H. W. Hinds; dentist, a F. Fiske, G. U. 
l^well, P. A. Powers. 

Sta. A0ent.— D.C. Hoyt. 

mil I Vil|aire-~3ee Goshen. 

M IliTOIf, UTRAFPORD-^Vo^. 1,616. N. B. fr. C. 40; N. W 
fr. Dover, 20. R. R. &— Milton, on Ports. Gt. Falls A Conway B. R. 
for Milton Mills. Union, 4 m., connects twice daily by stage. 

OFFICERS— C7«rA:, C. H, Looney ; Trew. Ira Miller; Sdeetntm, 
Geo. Lyman, J. U. Simes, W. H. H. Pinkham ; BupU^ Miss Liasie 
Lyninn, W.K. Pillsbury. 

Postmasiers^C. H. Looney ; WttL T. F. Canney. 

Justices— B. W. Fox, M. V. B. Cook, 0. C. Hacres, B. F. Averi 
Luther Hayes, B. B. Plummer, Statt; J. 8. Heraey, Ira Miller, Jok. 

Churches— Chris. D. B. Goodwin; Cong., Geo. Sterling; F. Bap 

Exp. ft Tel. Ag't— Daniel Cockery. 

Hotels ft Livery Stables— Riverside House, C. H. Downs; Phen- 
ix House, n. G. Wentwortii. 

Uterary Institution— Milton^ Classical Institute, Fred A. Chase 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, I. W. Duutiey; builder, B. H. Hnr- 
some ; excelsior, 8. M. Bragdon ; lumber, Luther Hayes, Scatee A Ly- 
man, Wentworth A Plummer, L. Plummer, p. o. ad. Union; woolem* 
<iDd blankets. 1. W. Springfield A Son. 

Merchants — J. F. Hart, •!. D. Willey, Looney A Downes ; fancy 
goods, Mis. Ira 8. Knox, Mrs. J. F. Hart ; ice. Granite State Ice Com- 
pany, Lynn Ice Co., Boston Union Ice Co. ; millinery, Alta Knox. 


Physician— ^— Wallace. 

Mllt«n JHtlls— Postmaster ft Ex. Agent— E. W. Fox. 

Churches— Adv. Joseph Spinney; Oong. O. S. Butler; V. Bap. H. 
P. Mansurj Meth., J. T. Daris. 

Hotels ft Livery Stabtes— Central House, G. Remick ; Centennial 
House, J. W. Presoott. 

Manuftcturers — builders. A. B. Shaw, A. A. Fox, J. F. Titcomb, B. 
3. Simes ; carriages, John Braclcett, A. 0. Preacott ; clothing, F. £. 
Stevens A Bros. ; coiBns and caskets, A. A. Fox; doors, sash and 
blinds, Wormwood A Shaw; flannels, Waumbuck Uanufg Co.: 
felt, cloth, piano and table covers, D. H. Buffum A Co.; harnesses, .A. 
Sanborn, picture frames, K. Deardin ; plows, W. F. Cutts ; soap, S. 
Q. Chamberlain ; woolen goods, H. H. Townsend ; washing powder, 
0. T. Fox. 

Merchants — Asa Fox A Son, A. A. Fox A Co. J. U. Simes, Ira Uil 
ler; carriages, J. F. A G. B. Hart; confectionery, J. Hc'Gibbon, W. 
F. Hargrayes; boots and shoes, J. W. HauBon; coffins and caskets, 
J.J. Brackett; dry goods, G. 8. Lettering, F. B.obert8; drugs and 
medicines, W. II. Fassett); fancy goods, Miss M. A. Berry, Lonis Marx 
shon; flsb, J. F. Archibald, K. Trefethen; furniture, Wormwood A 
Shaw ; flour, grain, lumber, etc., S. H. Atkins; groceries, F. U. Lowd, 
J. Lewis, E. J. Brierley, 0. H. Hussey ; Jewelry, E. T. Libbey; mer 
liaut tailor, B. F. Albee; miliinery, Augusta Berry; millinery 
and fancy goods, Mrs. J. W. Prescott; periodicals, E. W. Fox, 
J. Mc'Gibbon ; provisions, C. 8. Lowd, J. E. Hayes ; stoves and tin 
ware; Murray Bros. 

Miscellaneous— conveyancer, claim and collection agent, X. W. 
Fox ; nurseiyman, John Copp; machinist, B. Osgood ; Job printer, B. 
T. Libbey. 

Physicians— J. C. Buck, C. W. Gross, M. K. Cowell, W. X. PlIIs- 
bnry ; dentist, E. G. Reynolds. 

MONBOE, ORAFTON—Poi>. 604. N. fir. Ha- 
Terhill, 18. R. R. £(.- Mc Indoe's Falls and Barnet, on C. A P. R. R. R 

OFFICERS- Cferl;, C. B. Paddlefbrd; Treat. Hugh Nelson; 5;*- 
/ec<m«n, Northt Alexander Warden, Edward Emery, 0. A. Kinae; 
Sunt. Norths Mrs. C. B. BufTom. 

Postmasters — J. Q. Gilchrist ; Norths Wm. Brown. 

Justices — ^D. F. Blodgett, Horace Duncan, State; Daniel Sherry, 
Alex. Warden, Anson Johnson, C. H. Hosford. 

Churches— Cong., C. F. Horse; North, Meth., B. C. Langford. 

Hotel — Monroe House, Mrs. Martha Hadley. 

Lawyer— 0. H. Hosford. Livery Stable— D. R. Gilchrist. 

Manufacturers — bliusksmiths, FrankMoore, North, Geo. Mason ; 
builders, North, G. L. Webster, A. Warden, Geo. Little; lumber, Van 
Dyke A Merrill, p. o. ad., Mc Indoe's Falls, Vt.; printer, D. F. Blod< 

Merchants— Warden A Page. 

mOULTONBOKOlJCill, CARROLL-'Pop, 1,254. N. E 
fr. C. 60 ; N. W. fr. Ossipee, 18. R. R. S.— Meredith Village, 9 m., and 
centre Harbor, 5 ra., on B. C. A M. R.R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS- (T^r*, Hamlin Huntress: Treas. J. B. French ; SeUct- 
mm, E. F. Brown, J. H. Kelsea, J . C. Pitman ; Suptt» B. M. Mason, 
J. R. Caverly. 

Postmasters-^. E. French ; Long Islamd, G. F. Brown. 

Justices— B. M. Mason, J. B. Dow, James French, W. H. H. Hason, 
J. E. French. H. M. Senter, J. G. Abbott, State ; A. P. Jacklard, J 


C. Pitman, F. L. Jndkina, G. K. Brown, Leander Brjant, L. A. Sibley, 
C. H. Mason, H. Hontress. 

Churches— 1{«<2 Hill, F. Bap., C. E. Davis ; Meth.. G. Byrne. 

Hotels — A. P. Jacklard ; Long Island, Island House, Blake Sc Dav 
is. Long Island llonse, O. K. Brown, Red Hill Honse, C. W. Hoyt. 

Manufacturers— blacksmit) IS, C. W. Hoyt, Alonoo Watson, carria- 
ges, C. if. Huntress ; flour and meal, W. H. H. A B. Mason ; lumber 
L. D. Bartlett A Son, J. French ; shooks, L. D. Bartlett A Son. 

Merchants — J. E. French, A. P. Jacklard A Son, F. F. Green, Lean- 
der Bryant; tinware, stoves Ac, A. J. Goodwin, G. J. Emerson ; whole- 
sale (traveling) fancy goods and notions, G. H. Blake, E. Blake. 

Physicians— W. U. H. Mason, F. L. Judkins. 

Summer Boarding Houses— J. G. Pitman, Bei\J. McDonald. 

Oloultonville) See Ossipee. 

Ifloniit Cranrfford— A post oflloe in Garroll Gounty. 

RIoiint Deliffbt — See Deerfield. 

0. 28. N. W. fir. Nashua, 15. BTJR. iS-Milford, 6 m. on N. A W. R. R. 
Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— CferA;, Geo. W. Averill ; Treat., Clark Campbell; Selecl- 
Micn, James Upton, J. W. Carson, J. Swiunington ; ffupC, C. J. Smitii. 

Postmaster— A. S. Bruce. Hotel— Belleview, G«o. £. Boutelle. 

Justices— G. J. Smith, State; Alonzo Travis, A. S. Bruce, John 
Trevit, Clark Campbell. 

Church— Gong., G. G. Carpenter. Physician— Frederick Chandler. 

Literary Institution— McGollom Institute, Lncien Hunt, prin. 

Manufacturers — picture frames and hand mirrors, Thomas Win- 

Mechanics — ^blacksmith, G. Livingston; carpenters, Thos. Wint- 
ers, Thos. McQnesten, Dau'l Richardson; painter, P. F. Pike. 

Merchants — T. H. Richardson A Co.; auctioneer, A. 8. Bruce. 

Telephone Ag't— H. A. Sheridan. 

nionnt VTaslilngfton— A Post Office in Coos County. 

rannM»liTille-^See Nelson. 

NASHUA, HILLSBOROUOH—Bhire town. Pop. 13,468. 8. £. 
fr. C. 36. £. JR. 8.— Nashua, on N. A L. R. R., Concord R. B., Wor. 
A N. R. R., N. A R. R. R., N., A. A B. R. R., A Wilton R. R. 

OFFICERS— CWy Clerk, E. M. Bowman ; City Treat., G. E. Gage ; 
Mayor, Alfred M. Norton; Aldermen, Ward, 1, J. W. Hunt, 2, J. F. Wat- 
son, 8, G. S. Bnssell; 4, Geo. P. Kimball; 5, Peter J. Reynolds; 6, 
Peter Gnertin, James A. Cobb, John F. Benson; 7, Charles Dubois; 8, 
A. S. Powers, President of Common Council, I. C. Johnson; Cterk of 
Common Council, J. H. Chapman ; Assnaora, D. A. Wilson C. F. Tolles. 
W. C. Brown, D. Roby, Wm. P. Clark; Collector of Taxes, Luther 
Kittredge ; Superintendent o/ Schools, Frederic Kelsey ; City Marshal. 
J. H. Hunt; Assi^ant Marshal, E. E. Chase; Chief Engineer, Frank 
A. Barney ; Police Court Justice, Jas. B. Fassett ; SoUcHor, B. D. 
Barnes ; lAquor Agent, M. A. Taylor. 

Postmaster— 'Henry A. Marsh. 

Justices— H. B. Atherton, M. R. Bnxton, W. E; Spalding, E. P. 
Brown, W, W. Bailey, G. H. Campbell, F. G. Crowell, H. P. Courser. 
S. D. Chandler, W. 0. Glough, £. S. Cutter, Thomas Pearson, 
0. V. Dearborn, 8. S. Davis, Amos Webster, W. S. Collins, A. 
H. Dunlap, Robert Emerson, J. B. Fassett, David Gillis, K. B 
aould, J. A. Leach, G. W. Hoitt, R. J- Hallaren, D. W. King, 
Aaron King, J. G. Kimball, Albert McKcan, D.B. Marshall, F. A 

■ ■iiL'imwi wnpn..i.B—i^8g^MBgBga^B— eegBi ■■ .1 

ilB BU8XSK80 i)IES0TOA7. 

«lO Kmui, 0. G. Moore, G. L. Bileloon, M. J. Merrill, a. E. Whit- 
ley, B. E. Parker, G. A. Ramodeil, Galeb Richardson, A. F. Ste. 
'ens, Edward Spalding, George Stark, A. H. Saunders, R. D« Barnes, 
}. G. Sbattuck, B. B. \^'bitteraore. J. F. Whittle, W. F. 
bright, J. B. Parker, State; R. A. Arnold, Joel C. Annis, J. M. 
Hetcber, G. F. Andrews, W. S. Atwood, L. F. Burbank, H. H. Eaton, 
r. M. Hopkins, W. D. King, B. M. Bowman, P. H. Hill, E. 
). Blunt, W. J. Cooper, J. D. Chandler, T. B. Crowley, J. A. Hoitt, 
J. S. Cross, H. A. Cutter, R. C. Diiffey, F. H. Morrill, H. H 
>avis, S. G. Dearborn, P. A. Eaton, A. S. Eaton, W. B. Emerson, 
3eo. W. Flanders, R. W. Farley, J. B. Foisle, Y. G. Gilman, 
i. W. Gilman, G. E. Gage, W. H. Green leaf. E. B. Hammond, 
r. E. Hunt, Patrick Louergan. W. P. Hnssey, Jona. Hoemer, I. h\ 
Harris, J. H. Hunt, J. E. Kent, Luther Eittridge, G. B. Pearson, 
Ubert Lull, G. D. Parker, 0. D. Murray, E. F. Mc Questen, G. B. Mc 
^nesten, F. A. Marden, G. H. Webster, A. L. Peckett, W. T. Pink- 
lam, D. F. Runnel Is, Isaiah Bobbins, Jr., BenJ. Saunders, Still 
nan Swallow, George Swain, R. M. .Sawyer, Dana Sargent, C. W 
Stevens, M. D. Taylor, F S. Sargent, F. B. Tupper, N. P. Wbitte- 
nore. S. A. Wood. 

Banks— Indian Head National, Edward Spaulding, Prei., F. A 
kIcKean, Gash.; 1st National, Geo. A. Bam»lell, Pros.. J. A. Spanld- 
ng, Cash.; Second National, J. W.White, Pres., F. A. Eaton, Cash.; 
Nashua Savings, W. W. Bailey, Pres., V. G. Gilman, Treaa.; Git> 
Savings, L. A. Roby, Pies., E. P. Brown, Trees.; Mechauics' Savings 
L\ P. Pierce, Pren., J. W. White, Treas.; New Ham()shire Banking 
[Company, Hiram T. Morrill, I'res., John G. Kimball, Treas. 

Churches — Bap., J. A. Johnston ; Cong., Gyrus Richardson, George 
W. Grover ; Epis., J. Leroy ; Meth., (Main St.) P. M. Frost, 0. H. 

laiper, Presiding Elder; R. Gath. Patrick Holoban, Higginn, 

Irish); J. H. B. Millette, (French) : Unit., H. G. Parker ; Univ., H. B. 

Eating Houses— Laton A Mc Clary, W. F. Wright, 8« J. Land 
^Iphonse Dion, T. A. Greeley, D. Hartwell, Q. B. Fiske, S. A. Norton, 
I. Barque. G. H. Burbank, W. Dupier. 

Ex. Agents— U. S. A Canada Express; M. J. Merrill A C!o'0. Ezprees. 

Hotels — Indian Head, Chas. F. Rogers; Tremont House, Gilman 
Scripture ; Jackson Horse, Fred H. Bean ; Hutchins' B. H. Hntcbioe 
l<aton House. IraGustine. 

Ins. Agents— J. G. Kimball, McKean A Andrews, G. L. Heloon 
;}aleb Richardson, J. M. Hopkins, M. R. Buxton, E< J. Copy, M. D. Tay 

Lawyers— B. F. Emerson, B. B. Whittemore, A. F. Stevens, W. W 
)ailey, H. B.^Atherton, J. B. Fassett, G. V. Dearborn, E. E. Parker 
i. S. Cutter, Geo. B. French, J. B. Parker, G. W. Hoitt, E. B. Gould. 
I. D. Barnes, H. A. Cutter, G. B. Tilden, G. H. Burns, L. F. Burbank. 

Literary institutions— High School, J.N.Ham, prin.; Naabaa, 
listorical Society, 0. G. Moore, pres. 

Livery Stables— James Wilklns, D. Lb Holt, M. W. Wallaoe, 
Snoch Farley, H. 0. Proctor, E. W. Cheney k Go. J. P. Howe 
I. P. Whitney. 

Manufacturers— bedding, Nafhua Bedding Mad. Go. G. J>. Towne, 
ig't.; bobbins, spools and shuttles, Eaton A Ayer; card, board 
lud glazed paper,, Nashua Card and Glazed Paper Co.; cottons 
Nashua Manurg Co., R.A. Maxield, ag't : Jackvon Mannrg Co., W. D. 
)adwell, ag't; Vale Mills Manufg Co., BenJ. Saunders, ag't ; e«lg( 


. J 


tools, iTnderhfll Bdge Tool Go^ N«8tor Uftines, supt; shoMren, 
American Shear«r Man. Co. R. T. Smith; N. E. Marbleoid 0o., Oreggft 
Son; J. J. Orawford ; steam press and boiler manufr, A. U. Sannders. 
nmnf*r card gnnders and nwcliine saws ; iron, Niishna Iron A Steel 
Co., J. D. Swain, snpt; locks, Nashua Lock Co.; lumber. Cross & 
ToHee, J.B. Proctor, F. D. Cook ; sasb, doors and blinds, Gregg & Son : 
shoes, Moody, Estabrook St Andersons ; soaps tone stoves, Frances - 
town Soapfitone Co.; suspenders, L. E. Bnrbank, 0. P. Danfortb : 
toys, Nashua Novelty works, A. A. Davis. 

Mechanics ft Artisans — biatksmiths, Q. A. Woodward, E. Mc Carty. 
Asa Avery, C. B. Hntchinfton, H. G. Bootliby A Son, Jos. LMmnrsh. 
liOvejoy A Hutchins, Urquhart A Glover ^ carpenters, G. D. Carr, 
R. Dane, S. Dodge, F. W. Dow, C. H. Kemp, C. F. Lund, C. McGregor. 
Robichaad Bros. Sawyer k Ashley, W. A. Shattnck ft Son, J. F. Sloan, 
J. C. Wheeler, Q. E. Wilder, Hiland Holt, N.O. Prescott, J. F. Wallace, 
B. B. Putnam, T. Dane ; hair dressers. IngRlls A Sprague, 
Ef. M. Guion, Joe. Bonry, L. Butler, P. L. Fenderson. T. H. Tafe. 
Tdscph Lowell, Fred Collette, Beit A Bnrreby, J. G. Wilson, Edward 
Gross; harness makers. Pntnam A Go.. A. B. Sanderson, I. 0. Wood- 
ward ; machinists, G. W. Davis A Co., Flather A Co., Geo. A. Rollinv 
A Co.; marble workers, Motes Davis, C'B. Gammings, W. F. York : 
masons, G. W. Stevens, P. F. Morgan, J. F. Andrews, Smith A Lakeinan, 
M. Starrett, Eliphalet Nye ; painters, G. W. Atwood, G. W. Badger, 
I. D. Bickford A Co., Heni-y Atwood, I. W. Hamblet, F. L. Barnes, 
G. 0. Fisher, L. A. Gay, G. H. Minard, Gus. Maron, W. H. Campbell 
A Co; photographers, F. Glenton, W. H. Qayes. F. D. Everett, C. H. 
Lfndsey; printers, G. B. Clement, C. Moore, B. B. A F. P. Whittt- 
more, H. R. Wheeler, M. Y. B. Greene, Barker A Bean ; tailors, Euier- 
•(on A Mayfiard, Huir A Whittemore, G. P. Bowers A Co., J. H. Chap- 
man; upholsterer, J. M. Perry. 

Merchants— auctioneers A real estate brokers, G. H. Campbell, H. 
F. Dane, A. Ei. Hosmer A Co.; books and stationery, K. T. Smith A Son. 
Smith-ft Adams, M. Y. B. Greene ; boots and shoes, Mnrch A Reed, S 
W. Mansfield, Jacob Libbey, O. A. Olivier A Co., E. H. Jenkins, Ag't. 
■f. W. Connors ; clocks and watches, U. H. Baton, W. 8. Stewart. 
0. T. Ridgway, W. M. Lovc»{oy, A. P. Hendrick, G. J. Walton, B. E. 
Cheney,. J. N . T. Poulin ; clothing, hats and caps, H. J. Chapmsn, Rus- 
sell A Co., Nelson Tnttle, Greenwood A Whitmarsh, H. C. Pbaneuf 
Rnnnells & Farley ; dry goods, H. S. Norwell, J. H.Blake, Kimball 
A Co., P. McCarthy, Gheever Bros., Lueler A Perrault, G. E. Wheat. 
W. S. Jackman ft Co., W. B. WHkeliu, Mrs. B. Mnrgatroyd; drugs 
and medicines, E. S. Russell, A. B Wallace, N. S. Whitman, G. W. 
Carrier, J. J. Whittemore; carpets ft paper hangings, 8. E. Jaquith, ft 
Co.; fancy goods and notionK, Price ft Bliss, Gheever Bros., J.' K. 
Kent; floor and grain, S. D. Chandler, McQuejiten ft Co., Shattnck ft 
Hall, Henry Stearns ; furniture, Howard ft Co., J. M. Fletcher, Novelty 
Works, John Coggin, A. H. Hosmer ft Co.: groceries, M. A. Taylor, 
W. J. Cooper ft Co., Daggett ft Cross, A. Jaquith, A. J. Blood, ft Co. 
B. O. Blunt ft Co., G. S. Cotton ft Co., N. ft S. Chase, W. B. Chase, J. M 
Gl8irk,0iinimings ft Sexton, G.J. Little, Geo. B. McQuesten, R. M. 
Sawyer ft Co., Marshall Bros., Morin ft Lncier, Eli Baritean, Barnev 
Bros., hardware, Barr ft Co., G. H. Nutt ; millinery, Mrs. B. W. John 
son, A. S. Lowe, Mrs. L. J. Bingham, Sullivan Sisters; periodical and 
news dealer, C. J. Walton ; stuvea and tin ware, H. M. Goodrich, H. 
W. Price, L. B. Gould, Powers ft Clark, C. R. Pease, A. Scripture ft Son. 

Physicians— B. A. Colbum, G. W. Currier, J. C. Garland, T, H. 


Gibby, J. O. Ornrefl, J. O. GraTPS, 2nd, B. B. Hammood, B. F. Mc 
Qaesten, R. J. Hallamn, Bdward Spalding, S. O. Dearborn, J. B. 
Ureeley, O. P. Greeley, Geo. F. Wilber, P |B. Dansereaa, Robert St 
Jacqnes. J. N. Woodward ; C. B. Hammond, II G. Dearln)* n ; homeo., 
J. F. WUittle, W. S. Collins A Son, G. G. BLLIS. G. A. Wrieley ; dentistii, 
Albert Lull, G. G. A. Eayra, L. F. Locke, F. L. Twitcheil, Geo. Bowers 
C. E. Faxon. 

Tel. Ag't— I. B. Emorson. 

Br ElisOIf, CHESHIRE—Vop. 438. S. W. fir. C. 40; N. B. from 
Ketone 10. £. R. 8. — Keene, on Cheshire R. R., 10 m., daily stage ; 
QHrrisTille, 4 m., daily stage, Hillsboro, 18 m., stage three times a 

OFFICERS— ClerXr, F. K. Jewett ; 7Vea«., J. H. Oitgood ; SeUctmen. 
Oscar D. Beverstock, F. B. Hardy, T. W. Barker ; Supt^ Mrs. O. P. 
Beverstock ; CbrutdbU^ F. B. Hardy. 

Postmasters — Mrs. L. J. Atwood ; Mun§onvilU, S. A. Greene. 

Justices— F. Taylor, N.W. Hardy, StaU ; V. C. Atwood, F. K. Jew- 
ett. G. W. Osgood. Church— Cong. G. H. Dunlnp. 

Manufacturers — chairs, L. J. Colony; Inmber, F. B. Hardy, H. D 
Taylor, 0. D. Beverstock. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, i. H. Osgood ; Mun$onvine, G. Waldron. 

Merchant- JtfwfMontnUtf, 8. A. Green. 

NEW BOSTON, HILLSBOROUOff—Vop. 1 .140. S. W. fr. 0. 22 ; 
N. W. fr. Nashua 20. X. S. iSL— Parker's on Manchester A North 
Weare R. R., 16 m. w. fr. Manchester. Two daily stages and two 

OFFICERS— CTerXr, E. P. Fox ; IVsat., B. T. Hills ; S^Zcetoten, A. W. 
Read, C. F. Bodge, J. H. Lamson ; SupLt C. 8. Col burn. 

Postmaster— 8. D. Atwood. Exp. Agt— J. E. Chandler. 

Justices— R. MclAne, T. 0. Knowlton, Waterman Burr, J. F. Mar- 
den, D. A. Tewkshury, A. J. Bennett, BenJ. Hail, St^e ; G. A. Wason, 
J. M. Holt, E. L. Bartlett, Benjamin Bodgf, Neil McLane, E. P. Fox. 

Churches — Bap., B. G. Whittemore ; Pies., Israel Ainsworth. 

Insurance Company— New Boston Mutual Fire, R. H. Vose, Pres. 

Manufacturers— apple Jelley. Mrs. Luther Colburn; barrel heads. 
Abram Wason; boots and shoes, Essra Dodge; blacksmiths, James 
N. McLane, J. P. Briggs; builder, Albert Goodwin; bureaus and 
fancy boxes, D. N. Butterfield; carriages, M. Wallace, F. Fisher; 
doors, N. A R. Mc Lane; flour and meal, E. G. Col 
by; lumber, B. Dodge, G. C. Warren, • B. Hopkins, A. M. 
Campbell ; piano forte cases, N. Farley ; refrigerators and extension 
tables, E. P. Morgan ; shingles. Gage A Tucker ; spokes, drawer knobs 
and toy wagons, A. B. Wilder. 

Merchants— 0. H. Dodge, 8. D. Atwood &. Co.; auctioneers, I>. A 
Tewksbury ; jewelry, B. L. Fisher, F. B. Morgan ; undertakers' goods. 
E. P. Fox. 

Physicians— H. D. Gould, C. A. Weaver. 

HEWBVBY, MERRIMACK— Fop., 690. N. W. fr. C, 34 
R. R. &— Newbury and Mt Snnapee ou C. A C. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C^Ar and Treat,, 8. A. Morse; Selectmen, Jonathan 
Rowe, 0. J. Blodgett, W. E. Cilley ; Supt.. C. B. Cheney. 

Postmasters— N.C. Lear; iSE>tttA, Jeremiah Moise ; ChandUniUt, 
Betij. Chandler. 

Justices— Ezra Cilley, 2d, Jeremiah Morse, 8. W. Dana, N. 8. 
Johnson, W. W. Mnzzey, H. 0. Morse, Jona. Rowe, N. 0. Lear, SlaU; 
B. R. Morse. Church— F. Bap., ^....^ 

BU8I2r£88 IHBSOTOBT. 121 

Exp. 9t. Station Ag'ts— V. C. Brockway, Be^j. Chiuidler. 

Maniiftieturers — Bout^, carriage rims, B. R. Morse ; lumber, Chand- 
l«roill9,S, L. Low; South, Fowler Bros.; i>ail handles, Souths Fowler 

Mechanics— btacksroltbs, Souths J. A. Perkins* (^andUrviU*^ I 
F. Blodjrett ; builders, N. G. Lear ; Souths Edward Stevens. 

MerctiantS— Akm/A, W. £. Cilley; ChandUrville^ I. F. A L. W 

HEW€ASTI<E, ROCKING H A M~-Voi>., 610. 8. B. fr. C, 66, 
R. E. 8. — Newcastle, on Eastern B. R. Semi-daily stage to Ports- 
month, 3 m. 

OFFICERS — CUrk and 3Vea«., H. M. Curtis ; S«Udmtn, Chas. S, 
WhiUhonse, N. P. Campbell, Thaddeus Tarlton. 

Postmaster— H. M. Curtis. Ex. Agent-*Chas. A. Card. 

Justices— J. P. Cooper, G. W. Towie, State. 

Churches— AdT. ; Chris., G. D. Garland; Cong., F. S. Willis 

ton. Hotel— 'Wentworth, Frank Jonos. 

Mechanics— boat builders, J. W. Neal, Ralph BaTldson. 

Merchants— H. H. Curtis, T. W. Frost, B. A. Preble, F. P. Locke. 

NEW l^WJWtWLAWiSTBAFFORD^Pop.'i'ti. N. E. fr. C. 88; 
N. W. ft. Dover, 224. R. R. 8. — New Durham and Davis's crossing, ou 
Dover A Winnip. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cl«rK;, G. F. Jones ; 3Vea«., I. P. Berry ; Silectmtttt J. 
A. Miller, D. P. Jones, Z. D. Berry ; 8upt.y B. E. Berry. 

Postmaster— G. F. Jones. Exp. Agent— I. 8. Ricker. 

Justices— I. P. Berry, £. E. Berry, G. F. Jones, State ; I. 8. Ricker, 
F. W. Ooburn, P. C. Ham, G. W, Horn, L. D, Berry. 

Churches — Adv., — ; F. Bap. Quimby. 

Manufacturers — ^lumber, Hayes, Anderson A Co.; lumber and staves. 
New Durham Lumber Co.; stnve shook and lumber W. S. Riue. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, H. W. Edgerly, Geo. W. Fletcher; rar- 
penters, T. D. Chamberlin, B. H. Flint; knife maker, F. W. Coburn. 

Merchants— G. F. Jones; auctioneers, J. A. Miller, I. S. Ricker; 
groceries, W. A. Towle. 

NEW HAMPTOlf, BELKITAP—Vop. 1060. N. fr. C. 80: 
W. fr. Laconia, 12. R^ R. S. — Bristol, 6 m., on Bristol Branch, R. R. 
Daily stage to Bristol, also Tilton, 12 m., on B. C. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C«<r*, M. C. Burpee; Treas. C. D. Thyng; Selectmen, 
J. H. Flanders, Jr., J. W. Moore, 8. F. Longee ; SupL E. K. Smith. 

Postmaster— C. D. Thyng. 

Justices — Augustus Burpee. C. D. Thyng, D. H. Smith, E. W. 
Smith, &€tU; T. P. Robinson, J. M. Flanders, ]r. 

Churches — Bap. ; F. Bap., E. H. Preseott. 

Literary Institution— New Hampton Literary Institution, A. B. 
Heservey, prin. 

Manufiaicturers— lumber, F. D. Sanborn ; New England trout hatch 
ing nest, G. H. Dickerman. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Jerry Gove; carpenters, W. Loud, L. B. 

MerchantS-^A. B. Meservey, A. Burpee A Co.; books, stationery 
drugs 'and medicines, 0. D. Thyng; boots and shoes, G. W. Shuw; 
millinery, Mrs. Burden. 

NEWIirOTON, ROCKTNOHAM—Vop. 433. 8. B. fr. 0. 46 ; N 
W. fir. Portsmouth, 6. R. R. 51— Newington, on l*orfs. A Dover R. R. 

OFFICERS— Clerk, P. M. Hoyt; Trea$. Frederick Pickering 
Selectmen, L. L. de Rochemont, W. H. Badger, 0. M. de Rocheinont. 


Postmistress— M. J. d« Rocheaaotit. 

Justices— DarioB JTrink, StaU ; V. W. de BodiemDnt, J. M. Hoyt, 
L A. Pickering. 

Church— Cong. Smith. ' 

NEW UPftWlCH, hJLLSBOBOUaff^Vop. 122^ S. W. fr 
3., 50 ; W. fr. Naahua, 26. R. R. iS.— QreenvUie, 3m. Stage to each 

OFPICKRS— C7<rJlr, J. E. F. Marsh, Jr.: Trea». P. W. Preston; Sdeet- 
nm, W. T. BacknaBi, Wtlliaia Wheeler, W. B. Thompeou ; Bupt^ W. B 

Postmaster— Heury 0. Prenton. 

Justices— W. A. Preeton, W. W. Johnpon, P. W. Preston, SUO*-, W. 
[). Locke, 0. W. Wheeler, 2d, Stephen Thigrer, H. 0. Preatou, Cha^. 
iVheeler, P. H. Clark. Geo. Whiting, Jolm Preston. 

Churches— Bap., W. B. Thompson ; Cong., G. P. Herrian ; Meth., 

Exp. Agent— J. E. P. Marsh, Jr. Tel. MAQeger— Prod Preston. 

Hotels ft Uvery StAbl«8— Clark Hotel, JL G. Amith; Wheeler 
Eotel, F. Beed. 

Lawyer— W. A. Preston. 

Literary Institulion— Appleton AtMidemj, W. A. Preato*» iMriiu 

Livery Stables— L. C. B. Phelps, E. G. Smith. 

ManuniCturers— blacksmiths, 8. A. Basf^ell, A. A. Hill 
B. Parwell ; boxes, Warren Pratt ; builders^ Chas. TajFlor, 
G. W. Taylor ; cigars, Stephen Thayer, Geo. M. Love, 
Wm. J. Greenman, Oias. E. Wallace, M. P. Donley, Geo. Keyon; 
cotton goods, denims and stripes, Colambian MTg Co.; leather creaa- 
ing machines, P. N- Gibson ; printers' composing stidu, G, W. Chan 
dier ; sheet iron and tin works. C. B. Fletcher. 

Merchants— Fred Preston, G. A. Tarbell, J. Silver, J. 8. Taylor^ 
D. 0. Murphy; auctioneer, W. W. Johnson; clocks and watchea, M 
Ames ; millinery, A. M. Porter. 

Physicians- P. N. Gibson, F. W. Jones, P. Jones. 

NEW LONDON, MEURIMACK—Vov. 876. M. W. fir. C.30; 
R. R. &— Potter Place, on Northern B. B. and Bradford, on 0. k C 

B. B. Daily stage. 

OFFICEBS— C/erA;, Geo. Woodward ; Treas. D. E. Colby ; Sdcctmm, 

C. W. Gay, P. P. Messnr, J. D. Prescott; Bttpt., P. J. Peaalee. 
Postmasters— Geo. Woodward; ScytluviUey C. A. Everett. 
Justices — N. T. Greenwood, D. £. CoIl>y, Luther McGutchins 

N. C. Todd, 2d, B. O. Lord, Bat^: G. & Sargt^nt, Geo. M. Knight, E 
F. Hastings, George Woodward, A. C. Burpee, J. P. Elkina, J. K. liav, 
C. B. Knight, E. A. Jones, C. A. Bverett, 0. W. Gay. 

Church — Bap. S. C. Fletcher. 

Hotel — D. S. Seanians, B. J. Currier. 

Literary Institution— Colby Academy, Jaa P. Dixon, jH*iB. 

Livery Stables— A. H. Whipple. H, J. Currier. 

Manufacturers— -claplM>ards and shingles, J. W. Taylor; leather, 
ScytheviUe^ E. A. Jones ; lumber, Davis A Blood ; scythes, New London 
Scythe Co. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. M. Dow, Lowell Bay; printer, E. A. 

Merchants— P. E. Derbey, 0. 8. Sargent, Mc Cutchins k Nelson ; 
ScyUttvilU, C. A. Everett; drugs Hnd medicines, A. H. Whipple: 
organs, C. A. Everett ; sewing machines, Geo. Woodward. 

Physician— .Scj/fAevil/e, J. P. Elkins. 

BUdllTESd DiftECrOBT. 12 


ITEWHABKET, BOCKINOHAM—^o^. 2.8<». 8. B. fr. ( 
36; W. fr. Portsmouth, 11 R. R. S.— Nswiimrket, on B. AM. R. R 
and Newmarket Junction, at juuc. of B. A M. A G. R. R. DaKy itag 
lu L«e. Nottingham and Northwood. 

OFFICERS— C7«ri(r, A. J. Wattemon : Trtan. Frank Plnkham; .%/«ei 
men, Ghaa. B. Taskrt-, A. T. Gil man, Geo. 0. Hodgetou ; Supt^ S. A 

Postmaster— S. H. Greena. 

Justices— N. H. Leavitt, J. W. Smart, T. W. Thompron, 0. L. Deaj 
bom, 8. A. Haley, £. Richardtson, Valentine Smith, Timothy MarrH3 
A. L. Mellows, C. R. Smith, I. T. Qeon^e, J. F. Chapman, B. A. Keuj; 
A. W. Kelsey, A. T. Oilman, L. T. Hanson, Btaie; B. F. Haley, Jdi 
Pinkham, J. A. Mathes, G. F. WaUcer, F. H. Pinkham, Lafayette Hail 
A. C. Haines, G. A. Horse. 

Churches- Gong. I. G. White j F. Bap. J. F. Jefferson ; Meth. H 
Woodward ; R. Gath. Dennis A. Ryan. 

Eating Houses— A. G. Furber, j. O. Daris; JuneCn^ 0. B. Smart. 

EsLD. Ag'tS— Noyes k Knight. 

Hotels— Washington Honse, J. B. 811 rer; Newmarket Hotel, F 

Lawy e r s A. L. Mellows, C. H. Smith, I. T. Georfe, B. A. Keep. 

Livery SUble— J. W. Wiggin. 

Manuacturers — blacksmiths, Renben Stackpole A Son, Thoma 
Oarlaud ; builders, 0. B. Tasker, Samuel Sarage, Frank Savage, B. C 
Warren ; clothing, B. F. Haley, Doe A Kelsey ; cotton batting^ G. P 
Haines; cotton goods, Newmarket Matiafactnring Co., A. J. NichoU 
ag't; job printers, F. H. Pinkham, A. M. Priest; lumber, J. W. Smnrt 
railroad furnishings, Lafayette Hall. 

Merchants — boots and shoes, J. L. Boardman, H. H. Pinkham, J. R 
Saunders ; clocks and watches, B. S. Kingman ; clothing, hats, caps an< 
(cents' furntsbing goods, W. W. Stackpole, A. M. Priest, B. F. Hatey, G 
H. Bllison, Doe A Kelsey ; confectionery and fruit, W. W. Stackpole 
A. G. Furber, J. H. Caswell ; dry goods, W. W. Dnrrell,C. B. Mathes, S 

A. Haley; drugs and medicines. I. H. Twombly, G. L. Dearborn 'fHUc; 
Koods A notions, W. W. Stackpole, A. M. Priest, J. M. Caswell, Geo. L 
uaarboru; flsh, A. Tebbetts ; groceries, J. R. Saundera^ Mathes i 
Laine, T. O'Brien, Bd. Richardson. G. H. Greeley, Learitt A Wattor 
sou, Dnrgin Bros., G. W. Pillsbury, Co-operatiye, Store, J. F. Ham i 
Son; JtM^ioHy Blake A Webster; haruessee and carringea, N. B 
IieaTitt; hardware, Treadwell A Fotaom; meat, Doncet A Co., Ai Var 
ney, B. A. Tonng, J. F*. Ham A Son ; millinery, Page A Dudley, B. A 
Huntington, M. 8. Badger, M. A. Wood, S. B. Durreil, Nellie Qiiffln 
watches and jewelry, F. Pettigre; 99 ct. store, A. M. Priest; photo 
graphs, T. R. Lewis, 0. W. Clough. 

Physicians— 8. H. Greene, J. L. Blklns, C. A. Morse ; dentist, *A 
J. Sawyer. 

Tel. Ag'tS — G. L. Dearborn; Juwdiony Charles Leavltt. 

IfEWP01l'l',fiW,X/r^iV— Shin-town. Pop. 2,612. N. W. ft-.C 
iO. R. R. &— Newport, on G. A G. R. R. Nortbville, 2 ra.: Guild, 2 nt 

OFFICERS— Cterfc, H. P. Coffin; Treat. F. W. Lewis; Seltctmefi 
D. G. Ohadwick, A. J. Gould W. H. Perry, Snpt., J. W. Purmelee. 

Postmasters — G. W. Nourse; Norths fi. T. Sildey, Guild G 
HeritaKe jr. 

Justices— 0. W. Nourse, L. W. Barton, 8. L. Bowers, A. 8. Waii 

B. F. Haven, 8. H. Bdes, Francis Boardman, John Town, G. B. Dami 
R. P. Claggett, A. T. Hitchcock, W. B. Brooks, M. A. Barton, P. 4 


Adams, Dexter Richards, B. M. Kempton, G. B. Brown, BdmriDfl 
Wheeler, W. F. Newton, F. A. Bawaon, StaU ; G. H. Fairbanks, £. £ 
Steams, A. P. Welcome, 8. M. Richards, N. 0. Page, M. 8. Jackson 
a. C. Kde8,G. II. Towle, F. P. Meserve, D. A. Newton, W. H. Perry, 
0. H. Parker, J. B. Welcome, F. W. Richards, George Harrington. 

Churches— Bap. F. T. Latham ; Oong. £. B* P. Abbott ; Meth. J 
W. Adams; R. C, P. J. Fiunegau, supplies; TJniT., Jas. Bastwood. 

Eating Houses— W. L. Reed, G. H. Richardson. 

Exp. Ag't— D. P. Qnimby. Tel. Ag't— B. C. Converse. 

Hotels — Newport House, E. L. Putney ; Phoenix, M. 7. Knowlton. 

Insurance Agents— Robert C. Osgood. 

Lawyers— Ii.W. Barton, 8. H. Bdes, A. 8. Wait, 8. L. Bowers, G. 
R. Brown, W. F. Newton, Geo. Dodge. 

Literary Institution— Newport High School, H. W. Page, prin. 

Livery stables — Ira Walker, S. A. Fronch, Samuel Prescott. 

ManuTacturers — ^blacksmiths, Lear A Maxfield, B. G. Patten, Ed- 
ward Wilkins, L. Lathrop; builders, BMCom, Dodge A Gkorge, G. S. 
Partridge ; flannels. Dexter Richards 3c Son ; flannels and 
cotton batting, 8. H. Bdes;ibrk, hoe and gaiden rake handle^. L. F. 
Dodge A Co.; hay rakes, G. H. Downs, N. 0. Page, B. F. Haven ; 
job printers, Fred W. Cheney, Barton A Wheeler ; leather 
J. H. Hunton A Son, Lyman Rounsevel ; lumber, D. G. Fowler, I. F 
Chandler, B. F. French, S. W. Allen, John Cutting; scythes. Siblej 
Scythe Co.; shoddy, C. B. Haskell ; cloakings and flannels. Granite 
State Mills, Guild & Htritage. 

Merchants — Fairbanks A Son, J. Barnard, Richards A CofSn : 
auctioneers, M. A. Barton, R. P. Claggett; books, stationery 
dnigs and medicines, B. C Converse, C. Hu rd : boots and shoes, B. S 
Chase A Son, C. B. Dudley. S. Kempton, H. F. Deming, C. M. Emerson 
coflins and caskets, Mrs. B. M. Gilmore; clocks and watches, A. O. A 
G. H. Woodbury, £. B. Stearns; clothing, hats and caps, Stowell A 
Son, Mooney A Meserve, R. M. Rowe. M. W. Burke, G. G. Bdes ; coal 
dealers, Lear A Maxfield, A. Richards ; dry goods, 8. H. Bdes. 
C. M. Emerson ; flour and grain. F. P. Rowell, Woodbury A Wright ; 
furniture, W. W. Hubbell, Mooney A Meserve ; groceries, F. A. Raw 
son, Arial Huntoon, W. E. Whipple, B. 0. Pike; hardware, Stowell A 
Son, Wm.'Nourse; meat, Haven A Moore, G. B. Wilmarth ; millinery 
M. C. Barrett A Sisters, Ketcham A Thompson, S. H. Bdes, Mrs. C. W 
Barton, Mrs. Prescott ; variety stor*'. Nortiwiile^ B. H. Wakefield ; wool 
pelts, poultry, butter, cheese, Ac, W. W. White, C. A. Silsby ; GuUdy 
Fairbanks A Son. 

Physicians— J. L. Swett, D. M. Currier, W. W. Darling, T. BACA 
Sanborn ; dentists, Henry Tubbs, I. G. Nichols. 

XEWTOH, ROCKINGHAM— 9o^. 1,006; S. E. fr. C. 45; S. fr 
Exeter, 10. B. R. 8. — Newton, on Merrimack Branch of B. A M. R. R. 
A Newton .Tunction, on B. A M. R. R. , 

OFFICERS— CZerA:, W. C. Gale: Treas. H. N. Gould; Selectmen 

A. F. Drake, S. Rowell, J. B. Kimball ; Supt., D. L. Crafts; Constable 

B. F. Wakefield. 
Postmasters— C. M. Boswell ; Junctiony L. N. Davis. 
Justices— Philip Whittier,.7ohn Hoit,W. W. Wilder, iSKoie; W.W 

Boswell. H. N. Gould, I. M. Heath. 

Churches— Bap. D. L. Crafts; Junction, ; Chris. Naih*I. 


Hotel— Traveller's Home, Wm. Robinson; Hoyt's, G. W. Hoyt. 

Livery Stables— Horace Favor ; Junction, W. W. Boswell. 







ManufiieturerS'-blitckBmitbs. BenJ. Goodwin, T. W. Bagley, (cai 
riage) ; JuncHon^ W. J. Roiley ; bailden, B. F. Wakefield, Ilimi 
Heath, D. T. Baxsell ; t/unction, John Gordon ; carriages, Edwai 
Hay ford ; J«)b printer, J. L. Pressey ; lumber, B. F. Wakefield 
ahoe«, W. A. Bartlett, Wm. Carter; shoe contractors. Carter Broi 
H. N. Qould, A. J. Snwyer, Andrew Currier, B. F. Austin; sawin 
and plaining. Junction^ W. C. Webster. 

Merchants— W. W. Wilder, Howe & Marston, J. Preesey, Mlro 
Kelley, C. M. Rowel 1; Jtmctiont C. Currier, D. Btevens; cids 
and vinegar, D. 8. Bartlett, J. S. Peaslee; coal and ffrain, W. yi 
Wilder; meat and produce, 8. W. Crafts : market gardening, Rob'l 
Blair, Junction^ W. A D. Stevens : millinery and lancy goods, Mrs. I 
W. Bradley & Co. Physician— F. H. Morse. 
Summer Boarding House— Nathan Gould. 
Tel. Ag't— Junction, J. U. George. 
JTortll Braneli— See Antrim. 

IfORTHFlEIiD, iiERBJMACK—Vop. 018. N. tr. C. 1< 
R, Ji. &— Northfield, on B., C. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cferfc, C. W. Tilton ; Treeu.^ F. J. Eastman : SeUctmm 
Jaa. N. Forrest, G. £. Gorrell, G. J. Chamberlain. 

PeslmasterS'— I>^ot, S. A. Dow. Post OfBce address of the reel 
dents is Tilton. Tel. Ag't— 2>epof, Mrs. Wm. C. French. 

Justices— 0. L. Cross, B. F. CofVan, G. S. Abbott, Chaa F. Hill, I 
I. Eastman, J.E. Smith, 0. C. Wyatt, J. N. Forrest, 8. A. Dow, Sffiie 
C. R. Gould, S. R. Gline8,G. E. Gorrell. 
Cburch- F. Bap. J. Fogg. 

Lawyer— I>epof,0. L. Cross. Physician— C. R. Gould. 
Manufacturers — builders, D. M. Page; cassimeres and repel 
lanta. Elm Mills, Richard FirtK prop'r; Granite Mill Co., A. S 
Ballantyne, agH; hose, G E. Buel, Manufg Co.; Job printer, Ghas 

fr. C. 47 ; E. fr. Exeter, 6. R. R. <S.— North Hampton, on £. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C2«rl;, Jonathan Rollins; Trtat^ John Bachelder; SOect 
nun^ Albert Batcheldor. J. W. Berry, M. H. Smith ; £w;><. T. T. Haines 
Postmaster— John Batchelder. Tel. Ag't— 8. A. Dow. 
Justices— Sam'l D. Lane, J. S. Hobbs, J. W. Warner, F. R. Drake 
A. Batchelder. 

Churches^-Chris., Plaistead ; Cong., T. T. Haines. 

Uvery Stable— C. R. Batchelder. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, C. £. Seavey, Locke k Tarlton ; builders 
W. J. Breed, D. P. Monlton. 
Merchants— Smith k Dow. Abbott Norris, J. W. Hobbs. 
NORTH VHB£R£.AIfI>, COOS^Pop., 1,003. N. fr. C, 145 ; N 
fr. Lancaster, 6. R. R. S. — Northumberland Falls, on B. C. k M. R. R 
Postmaster— R. L. Adams. Ex. Ag't— L. F. Moore. 
ManufilCturers — shoe pegs and straw boards, R. Chase k Co. 
Mechanics— blacksmith, W. H. Poole; wheelwrights, S. C. Poole 
Wm. Marshall. Merchants— R. L. Adani«, Robert Chase. 
Oroveton — R. R. iS.— Groyeton and Grovetoo Junction. 
OFFICERS— C?erX:. IT. B. Gilkey ; 7V«a<.. F. G. Mc Killips ; Stltctmtn 
J. H. Curtis, Robert Scott ; ISupt.y J. H. Crowley. 
Postmaster^H. B. Gilkey. Exp. Ag't— W. H. Fowler. 
Justices— E. F. Buckmnn, J. H. Curtis, R. C. Chessn an, I A 
Watson, State ; H. B. Gilkey, Robert Jaqnes; Ntnihumherland, R. X 
Adams, T. C. O'SulIiTan. 


Church— Metb^ Jame« Crowley. Physician— C. 0. O'Brien. 

Eating Houses— J- Welch, A. Converse. 

Hotels— LAfayette House, W. Tibbetta ; Melcher Honie, H. P. Sleeper. 

Livery Stables— W. H. Tebbitts, Uenson A Heath. < 

ManuTacturers— carriages, Norcott A Wilson; grindstooea, G. P. 
Richardson; Inmber, G. Soale; spools, C. Richardson. i 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, G. T. Dresser, H. Hendrick ; carpenters, 
D. Spreadbnry ; harness maker, N. B. Perkins. i 

Merchants— J. W.Mc Keen, C. Solomon G. Soule, J. B. Spaulding, 
drugs and medicines, H. B. Oilkey ; millinery, Mrs. Jobim Maamire, 
M. C. Solomon. i 

If OBTJBEWOOl^. ROCKTNOHAM—Vop , 1,346. B. fbom O., iO. 
N. W. fi*. Exeter, 22. B. B. &— £p6om,7 m., on Snn. Val. B. R. Daily 
stage to E. North wood ; also from E. North wood te Newauurket 
daily. i 

OFFIOEBS— CZerX;, Sidge^ f. M. Knowles ; SVtoA., i9arroto«, Ezra 
Tasker; Sttectmeny NarroioM, W. O. Watson; Jiut, J. W. Hayt; Omter 
Enoch Fogg ; Supt.^ CenUr, E. C. Cogswell. : 

Postmaster— JViizrr^mrf, J. P. Lancaster. I 

Justices— I. B. Hoitt, J. S. Trickey, A. 0. Brown, J. J. Plllabary, 
A. E. Cotton, StaU ; H. J. Clark, J. G. Mead, Eara Taeker, H. 
Knowlton, E. S. Tasker, W. M. Farber. , 

Churches— Gong., H.C.Fay; F. Bap., Ridge, Chaa. L. Pinkhaa. ; 

Bap. Agents— T. Fellows, J. D. Blake. { 

Literary Ins. — Coe's North wood Academy, E. G. Cogswell, prin. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Aorrotos, Holmes Sb Nc^eii, 8. S. A M. 0.' 
James, W. M. Durgin. 

I Mecnanics— blacksmiths, Bidge^ W. H. Manning, Ckntrt, J. C. 
Ghesley ; builder, Ecut^ E. J. Gate ; Narrowtt J. H. Jenuess ; bkuk* 
smith. Narrows, J. D. Brown. 

Merchants — Narrow$^ J. 8. Trickey, Lancaster k Sherman. 

Centre— Postmaster— E. C. Cogswell. 

Hotel— Harrey House, B. W. Drake. 

Manufacturers— lumber, W. B. Sherbame, W. T. <k G. 8. WUley ; 
sleighs, D. F. Tucker. 

Merchants— J. G. Mead. 

JQaat— Postmaster— Oltrer Cotton. Ghufth— Bap., D. Taylor. 

Exp. Ag'ts— T. Fellows, J. D. Blake. 

Hotel — Exchange,Mr8. B. J. Demeritt. 

Manufacturers— ladies' boots and shoes, Plllsbnry Bros.; Inmber, 
Gate A Boody; sleighs and pnugs, Tasker Bros. | 

Merchants— L. E. Kimball, D. N. Tilton A Go. J. E. Batchelder 9l 
Son; auctioneer, Henry Knowlton; drngs and news dealer, 0. A.' 
Brickett ; Jewelry, 0. H. Sleeper; millinery, Mrs, H. L. Garter, I.: 
S. Stevens. 

Physician— J. W. Pray. 

BlOfpe— Postmaster— F. M. Knowles. 

Ins. Agent— fire and life, H. J. Clark. 

Literary Institution — Northwood Seminary, J. H. Hatchings, prtu. 

Merchants— Gaverly Knowles A Son, B. W. Siuith. 

Physician— C. W. Hanson. 

H OTTINOHAM, BOCKINOHAM—Vop., l.Odft. 8. B. f^. 0. 
2S ; W. fr. Portsmouth, 22. B. R. £^-NewmHrket, on B. A H. R. R. 
Stage Tues., Thurs. and Sat. Lee Sta, on N. A B. B. R., ;i m.. daily 

OFFICERS— C(erX;, S. A. Watson ; TVeo*., Harrison Marsh ; A-- 

vm,^m, fcwk^aiiw^ 


Udmen, W. F. Bolojet, T. B. B(«rtle|t, J. E. Ooop«r ; Supt., O. W. Ub- 

Postmasters— J. H. Cbealej; West, S. S. Dame. 
I Justices— S. S. Dame, CF. £. Sniitli, J. N. Cillnj, E. F. Gerrifh, 
T. B. Bartlett, H. P. DHiiiela, State; N. 0. Smith, N. C. Bartlett, W 
F. Wataon, G. W. Goodrich, J. H. Cheeley. 
' Hotel — RockiDgham House, J. L. Lunglejr. Lawyer — J. N. Gille.v 

Manufkcturers— blacksoiitbc, O. H. Dame, George lUndall ; luin 
ber, C. H. Batchelder, Uarrison Marsh: printer fi. J. Gerrish. 
I Merchants— £. F. Gerri«h, Wataou Bros. , T. B. Bat tlett ; auctioneer, 
TTesf; N. E. Daniels ; groceries, ll. P. Daniels. 

Physician—Chus. S. Downs. 
I Oil Mill Tillaire— See Weare. 

OBASrCiE, GHAfroy—Vop., 335. N. C., 46 j S. W. ftt>m 
Plymouth, 25. R. R. &— East Canaan, on N. B. B. 

OFFICERS— C7CT-A;. E. Il Lowell; TVetu., John Femald ; Sd^tmen, 

13. H. French, C. R. Wuldrou, L. £. Flanders ; 9upt., Mrs.O A. Huse. 
E. Canaan, (P. o. ad. as well b» ol most of residents). 
' Justices— L. E. Flanden, iState ; J. H. French, H. G. Hadley, John 
Fernald. Church— F. Bap., N. Jones. 

Manufacturers- lumber, J. H, French, B. F. Andrews. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, F. G. Dimond; builder H. G. Hadlej. 

OliFOitD, 6EAF2'ON-:Pop. I.OqO. N. W. fr. 0, 62. S. from 
Haverhill, 10. R. R. &— Fairlee, 3^ m., on 0. ^ P. R. R. R. Gon- 
,T«vance to every train. 

j OFFICERS— CTer^, B. F. Tnissell ; Treat., Isaac Willard ; Sel0Ctmen 
'Hazen E. Carr, Edwin C. Franklin, Hazen Pebbles ; Supt. A. W. Blair ! 
Agent, Isaac Hart well. ' 

Postmaster— Isaac Willard Lawyers— Chapmsn A I^ng. 

Justices— D. £. Willard, U. H. Conant, Paul Lanr, /SYate ; J. M. 
Learned, H. |i. Carr, Wm. Brown, E. B. Strong, Enoch Oilman, B. F. 

Church— Cong. G. I. Bard. Exp. Ag't ft Uvery Stable— J. K.Carr. 

Hotel— Elm House, J. W. SHnborn. I 

Literary Institution— Ortord Academy. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, H. W. Libbey, T. L. Dimick; boots 

and shoes, Sanborn; bricks, Qlcott Falls Co.; brooms, F. CJ 

Bradford; builders, A. L. Chandler, J. K. Avery ; lumber, D. F. Til-; 
lotson, Nathan Grimes, Tillotoon. Carr A Co. 

! Merchants— Willard Brothers. Win. Uoward, J. A. Wortheo A Sou., 
flour and meal, M, F. Wyman ; jewelry, 8. W. Hale. ' 

Physician— A. W. Blair ; dentist, S. W. Ilal<*. I 

Orfordville— Postmaster— £. B. Strong. I 

Church— Cong., G. I. Bard. Merchant—J. M. Morrill A Co. 

Manufacturers- blacksmith, J. R. Pierce: bubbinri, Bo>ul Beal 
A Son ; builder, G. W. Lamprey ; chairs. Chair Factory, KoyMl lieiil,' 
A. A. Clough; lumber, £. Bugbee. B. F. Trn8Kell, D. T. Hale; shoes, 
C. F. Porter, D. F. Smith; soap stone, E. B. Strong, ag't; starch, 
Morrill A Marshall. i 

I OSSIPEl!:, CARROLL— Shire town. Pop., 1,782. N. E. fr. C' 
60 R. R. 8. — Ossipee, Ceuter Ossipee, Bear Camp, West Ossipee, ou E. 
R. R. Daily stage. 

I OFFICERS— Oltfrl, D. J. Brown ; Trea$. J. H. Beaoham ; Setectmen^ 
W. U. Hobbs, J. Manson, A. W. Leighton; Supts. A. M. Ruraery, 
Edgar Weeks, J. H. Jewell. 

Postmasters— i'. D. Sinclair; Moulionville, J. W. Bierrow ; Centtre- 



TOfe.G.L. Gate; Water Vittage^ J. H. Toang; Wui^ J. H. Pow- 

»n ; Ouipee Valley^ F. K. Hobbs. : . . { 

Justices— S. D. QaarlM, J. Q. Roles, F. K. Browni F. S. Lord, Frank 
VTeekB. Btatt ; H. C. Carter, G. B. Bias, 8. P. Wallace, I. De Witt Car- 
ter, I. L. Handera, J. W. Folsom, F. II. Lord, J. W. Merrow, J. H. Jew- 
ill, J. H. Beacham, A. W. Laighton. A. M. Ramery, Edgar Weeks, 0.| 
L. Cate, B. H. Mooney, W. A. Bherbnme, Oeoivre L. f oung. 

Churches— Bap. H. T. Barnard; Water TiUagt^ ; Cong. 

Otntre^ J. Fawcett. 

Exp. k Tel. Ag'ts— W.G. Sinclair; Omter, G. F; Cate; TTetJ, Groeby 

Hotels — E. P. Allen ; Cbifor, Mrs. M. E. Merrow. 

Lawyers— S. D. Qnarles, I. D. W. Otrter. Frank Weeks. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, J. L. Piueo, W. H. Dame, Daniel 
Abbott; OaUery ezcelnior, J. G. Ham, J. M. Catiney; floor 
mid meal, J. G. Ham, A. Beacham ; leather, J. A. A G. F. Roberts, Ed- 
ward Willard ; lumber, Asa Beacham, J. G. Hum, Smith Dore; WaUr^ 
VUiage^ Stephen Jackson, A. J. Thompson; OtiipU VdUey^ ¥. K. Hobbs;! 
lumber, bark and wood, J. Q. Roles ; printer, W. E. Demeritt ; sash,' 
doors and blinds, CemUr,C. U. Smart; straw boards, Center, J. U., 
Cauney; woolens, J. G. Ham, L. L. Browne. | 

Merchants— D. J. k B. F. Brown, W. E. Demeritt, E. S. Nnte ; Om-. 
ter, Nath'l. Grant, G. G. Chamberlain, I. H. Gilman ; MftmUonviUe, J. 
W. Merrow, 8. P. Wallace, O. L. White : FoUey, F. K. Hobbs ; 
Wett, W. U. Hobbs, J.;H. Powers k Co.; boots and shoes, Alonso 
I Physicians— M. A. Harmon, W. H. Grant. 

PJEL.HAH, HILL8B0R0U0H— Pop., S4». S. E. fr. G.,40; E. 
fr. Nashua, 9 m. R. R. 8.— Lowell Mass., 6 m., on B. L. k N. R. R. f 
stage daily fr. Windham Junction on M. k L. R. R., to Lowell,' 
and return^ and for No. Pel. W. Windham, 2m. on N. A R B. R. Con*' 
nected by telephone with Ix>well. i 

I OFFICERS— 0/erJ;, D. P. Atwood ; Treas., D. A. Greeley ; SeA^etrnm^ 

C. L. Seavey, R. B. Hillman, Samuel Kelley; 8upt., Angn^tus Berry. 
Postmaster — F. M. Woodbury. 

Justices— Daniel Marshall, Stait ; F. A. Cutter, C. W. Hobbs. 
Church— Cong., Augustus Berry. Physician — Amos Batchelder. \ 
Manufacturers — cider and vinegar, C. L. Seavey, B. B. Hillman,' 

W. G. Butler, J. R. Griffin; lumber, R. B. Hillman, David Butler, A.| 

D. Butler, C. L. Seavey, Gage k Jones. 
Mechanics — blacksmiths, W. A. Conilliard, Wm. Cobnrn, D. W. 

Kent, J. Nonrse; carpenters, R. B. Hillman, N. S. Sleeper, O.W. 
Hobbs, 0. G. Spear. 

Merchants-Auctioneer, D. N. Atwood ; groceries, J. A. Foster, F. 
M. Woodbury. 

PEafBROKE, JfJ?fi/2/jr^Cir— Pop., 2,797. 8. B. ft. G., 6 m. 
R. R. S. — Suncook, on C. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«ri(;, C. H. Noyes; 3V«a«. G. P. Cofran ; SeUetmm^ 
C. P. Morse, John Marden, Joliii Wt4ch : 8npts. A. H. Teaton, 
M. R. Lake ; Buperviwrgy A. N. Osgood, S. D. Robinson. 

Postmasters— Mrs. Bei^J. Doe ; East. I. G. Russ. 

Justices— T. L. Fowler. Warren Martin, J. B. Haseltine, Aaron 
Whittemore, J. R. Kimball, M. H. Cochran, J. E. Chickeiing, Q. Si 
Blanohard, State; D. T. Morrill, £. E. Truesdell, Winthrop Fowler, 
G. H. Larrabee» C. 0. Moulton, M. K. Wilson, A. N. Osgood, G. P. 
Cofran, C. P. Morse, J. T. Merrill, S. A. Bates. | 



I Churches— Bap. N. D. Curtis, p. q. ad. Buncook ; Gong., C. G. Samp- 
son. Dentist— R- M Weeks. 

Ex. Ag*t — H. Dennison. 

Lawyers — J. B. llaaselton, Qeo. 8. Blnnchard, A. F. Bnrbank. 

Literary Institution — Blancbard Acaiiemy, Inaac Walker, prin. 

Manufacturers — l>Iacksinith8, F. G. Labontee. ChHS. Charron, Har- 
risou Head ; brick, H. T. Birapeon, Edmund Elliott; buildera, S. S. 
Ordway, John Marden, G. A. Buby ; job printer, G. S. JB^tman ; lam 
ber, IkiU^ Wm. Knox, I. G. Russ, A. N. Osgood. 

SnneoolL— Postmaster— M. L. Bpaniding. 

Justices— J. B. HazeltoD, J. R. Kimball, M. H. Gochran, J. E. 
CbickeriDg, State ; E. E. Trnesdell, O. Ht Larrnbee. 

Churches— Bap. N. D. GurtV^; Meth., Otis Cole. 

Ex. Ag't — ^H. Dennison. 

Hotel — Wm. Sbepard. Lawyers— A. F. Barbaok, J. B. Hazelton. 

Livery Stables — Bartlett A Hoyt,!). S. Jones, L. A. Hyatt. 

ManuniCturers — brick, O. N. Simpson, H. T. Simpson t Son, E. 
Elliott; carriagea, Wm. OBgood"; cotton, Pembroke k Webster 
IMilla, T>. L. Jewell, ag*t: iron ioundry, J. T. Ramsey; lumber, A. N. 
Ongood ; sash, blinds and type cases, S. A Q. P. Appleton. 
I Merchants — Emery Bros, auctioneer, M. H. Cocbran; boots 
and shoes, H. S. Peabody; clocks, Ac, J. E. Chickering, R. H. 
jpaine ; clothing, M. L. Spaulding, Trueedell A Co., Suncook Cloth- 
.ins Co.; dry goods, A. B. A J. P. Johnson; drugs and med 
icines, W. 8. Palmer A Co., Hildreth A Gordon ; fish, H. 8. Flan- 
'ders ; flour and grain, Sargent A Osgood ; ft-uit and confectionery. 
Patrick G^tstles, groceries, E. Baker A Sullivan Bros., Duby A Lxmp 
rey ; hats, caps and flirnishing goods, J. E. Chickering, M. L. Spaulding, 
(Traegdell A Co.; millinery A foncy goods, A. B. A J. P. Johnson, O. A. 
^Potter ; stationery A periodicals, Mrs. E. 0. Herri n ; stores A tin ware, 
R. A. Datib; wood, coal and ice, A. Colby. 

Physicians— B. H. Phillips, J. R. Kimball, G. H. lArabM. 

Peoacoek — See Concord. 

fr. C, 40; N. W. ft. Nashua, 31. R. R. &— Peterttoro*, on Monadnock 
R. R. A Peterboro* A Hillsboro* R. R. Daily stage to Dublin. 
] OFFICERS— CTerJ;, J. H. Steele; Tr«a«.,W. G. LiTingston; SeUct- 
men, T. N. Hunt, E. M. Smith, W. 8. Keyes. 

Postmasters — W. E. Davis ; ITsjft, J. Fisher. 

Justices— Charles Wilder, M. L. Morrison, J. R. Miller, Charles 
<8cott, F. O. Clark, E. M. Smith, R. B. Hatch, D. M. White, A. Ful- 
ler, State; Justus Fisher, James Scott, Jacob Longley, A. A. Fame 
worth, W.S. Treadwell, Franklin Field, J. H. Steele, C. A. Jaquitli, 
W. D. Chase, Wm. Moore, J. F. Noone. 

Churches — Bap. Edward Greene; Gong. George Dustan; Meth. 
a. N. Dorr; R. Cath., Edmund Buckle; Unit., W. H. Walbridge. 

Eating Houses— G. H. Longley, Chas. Dnstin, J. HL Hastings. 

Exp. Ag't— T. D. Winch. 

Hotels— French's, T. B. Tucker. 

Lawyers— Frank G. Clark, E. M. Smith, D. M. White, R. B. Hatch. 

Livery Stables — John Rourke A Son. 

Manufacturers — ^barometers, thermometers, and lumber, Charles 
Wilder; baskets, A. Childs A Son ; blacksmiths, G. W. Farrar, E. A. 
Bobbins A Son ; builders, G. B. Gilchrist, G. B. Priest ; cottons, 
Phoanix Co., Union Co.; clearer, roller and slasher cloths, J. Noone's I 
JSuna; iron. G. P. Felt; lumber, Geo. Sanders; marble, Peterbor- I 


I—— — • — 

Jough Marble and Grauite Works, J. F. Brenn«ti, prop., DCM. Spline; 
paper pulp, P. C. Cheney Co.; paper, Peterboro' Paper Co.; piano stouia, 
J. Brifcgg; trusses, K. Howe & Co., American Trut>8 Co. j 

Merchants— Smith Bros., S. Tenuey k Son, A. A. &W.E. Davis, 
Wulbridge k Taylor, W. S. Keyes, W. L. Goodnow A^Co.; anction- 
ieer, Charles Scott; bakers, G. H. Longley k Sou ; books, stationery and 
'fancy goods, J. H. Steele; boots and shoes, F. S. Builard, 
W. H. Baker; clocks and watches, F. H. CoflSn. A. F. Grimes, 
'3. G. Leonard; clothing, John Wilder & Co , Davis Bros.; drugs and 
imedicines, 6. L. Forbush, J. B. Miller; flour and grain, Wulbridge k 
Taylor, W. L. Goodnow k Co.: hats k caps, H. M. Nay, John Wilder 
,& Co.; millinery, T. D. Winch, Mrs. P. A. Tracy ; meats, N. T. Baton,' 
S. P. Longley ; tinware, Augustus Fuller, Nichols Bros., F. E. Ta^gart. 

Physicians— J. H. Cutler, W. D. Chase, D. B. Cutter/ J. H. Mayo,' 
C. F. Ober ; dentists, C. H. Hayward, P. H. Eeyes. 

Tel. Ag'ts — J. H. Steele ; Depot, J. E. Lawrence. 

Pierce's Bridge — See Bethlehem. 

PIERISOIIT, GRAFTOy— Top. 782. N. W. from C. 76, 8. 
fr. Haverhill, 4>^. JR. B. &— Bradford, Yt, ou C. and P. R. R. R. Daily 

OFFICERS— CferXr, J. H. Howe ; TV-ea*., B. C. Metcalf ; Sdectmm^ 
A. D. Ford, L. M. Robie, H. H. Palmer; Bupt., C. £. Eaton. , 

Postmaster— W. H.Gannett. ' I 

Justices— Albert Rodgers, BtaU ; B. C. Metcalf, W. H. Gannett; L. E. 

Churches— Cong. G. A. Foss; Metb. C. E. Eaton. 

Manufacturers-blacksmiths, J. A. Libby, & Son ; chair stretchers, 
flour and meal, J. H. Howe k Son ; granite, 8. Leager, Lewis Qneham ; 
harnesses, I. N. Webster; ladders, £. R. Cilley; lumber, H. S. Arm- 
iington, E. E. Grimes, J. H. Howe, George Reanean ; marble, L. £. 
Risby k Sou ; scythe stones, C. Dodge, W. H. Gannett. 

Merchants— W. H. Gannett, A. M. Weeks. 

Physician— 0. D. Eastman. 

PITTSBURe, .0008— Vo^. 681. N. fr. C. 200; N. fir. Cole- 
^'brook, 17. R. iZ. /8.— North Stratford, 30 m. on G. T. R. R.; stage 

OFFICERS— CTerfc, J. W. Baldwin ; Selectmen, W. A. Abbott, G. F. 
Farnham, A. P. Watts ; Supt David Blanchard. I 

Postmasters— J. W. Baldwin ; Connf-cticut Lake, H. M. Smith. I 

Justices— E. L. Farnham, State ; 8. P. Luther, C. S. Holmes, HTrnm 
Hilliaid, J. W. Baldwin, Alden Farnham, P. T. Danfortb, J. T. Amy. ! 

Church— Meth., , ' , 

Hotel— Connecticut Lake House, Conn. Riv. Lumber Co., prop. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Dennis Ledoo, Geo. W. Blood, D. S. R. 

Merchant — J. W. Baldwin. 

PITTSF1£1.1>, *JUERRIJIiACX—Vov. 1,964. E. fit)ra C. 16. 
R. R. .Sf.— Pittsfield, on Sun. Yal. R. R. Stage to all trains. 

OFFICERS— CZerl;, J. M. Mason; Treas.y N. 8. Drake; Sdeetmen, 
E. W. French, J. P. Watson, W. Tasker; Supt. F. E. Randall. 

Postmaster & Tel. Ag't— E. Jenkius. I 

Justices— H. A. Tuttle, Francis Peaslee, R. T. Leayitt, A. Whitte- 
more, jr., J. M. Tucker, Joseph Harvey, A. W. Bartlett. D. K. Fo«iter,l 
jr., C. M.' Bailey, H. P. Tuttle, Truman Smith, J. ,T. Hill, 8. J. "Wins- 
low, I. N. Blake, StaU ; G. R. Drake, E. L. Carr, J. P. Wateon, T. F. 
Gay, F.jE. Randall, J. L. Harvey. I 


Bank— Pittsfield Nat., G. H. Carpenter, Pros.; J. A. Qost, Cash. 

Churches — Adv., Joseph Harvey; 0. Bap., H. W. Tato; Cong.; 
"Geo. E. Hill ; Epia., ; F. Bap., — — Eastman. 

Exp. Agt's— Daniel Greene, IT. S. & C. Express. 

Hotel— Washington, H. C. Gale. 

Lawyers— Aaron Whittemore, jr., T. H. Thorndike, A. W. Bart- 
lett, E. A. Lane. I 

Literary Institution— Plttsfield Academy, P. L. Eeay, priii. 

Livery Stables— Geo. M. Moore, T. W. Nutter, G. E. Knowlton. | 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, Daniel Goodwill, H. W. Bachelder,' 
Frank Emerson; boxes, Page& Evans, Lane k Adam» ; builders, C. H.' 
JLane, Wm. Evans, I. Page, N. W. Adams, W. B. Hartwell, Warren' 
'Stune; cottons, Plttsfield MTgCo., Geo. E. KeDt,HgH; Job printer, D.' 

T.Neal ; lumber, Hartwell, Griffin A Maxfleld; shoes, C. B. Lan-' 

caster, Morgan, Dore A Libby. 

t Merchants— B. F. Kaim, G. D. S. Noyes, P. S. Cole, T. P. Tuck, I 
. T. Hill A Co., H. Greenleaf, G. N. Foss, C. H. Yeaton, C. W. Wat- 
||ioq; auctioneer, J. M. Tucker; buots and shoes, B. Hurst ; bookn, 
jW. A. Mack ; clocks and watches, J. M. Batchelder ; clothing, hats, 
.and caps, H. A. Tuttle; dry goods, E. J. Aiken ft Co., George] 
.Gossman, £. 0. Sanderson, Melvin Caswell; flour find corn, P. H. 
Adams; groceries, P. H. Adams, Solomon Clark; hardware, E. B. 
Ring ; meat, C. N. Green, Swain Clone;li ; millinery, Mrs. E. J. Aiken, 
Miss M. E. Harvey ; stoves, tin ware and straw, C. M. Bailey. j 

I Physicians-^ohn Wheeler, J. G. Ladd, B. L. Oarr, 8. W. Young,' 
F. E. Cummings. 

i PliAIBTFIEI^BsSCrZL/r^iV-^Pop. 1372. N. W. fr. C. 63; N.i 
W. fr. Newport, 24. iZ. /2. S.— Windsor, Vt. 6m., on C. V. R. R.l 
Ne w da ily stage from Meriden to Winds »r Vt., via PlHinfteld. 

OFFICERS- Cterifc, Perley Roberts: Tre/is. Samuel Bean ; Colleet- 
or and Supt. Josiah Davis ; BtUctnun^ H. B. Fuller, E. J. Westgate, 
J. H. Whitaker. 
I Postmaster— Wm. Hall. 

I Justices— J. A. Spencer, A. P. Wood, A. S. Bartholomew, J. T. Dun-' 
can, J. F. Rayusford, Bate; S. D. Stone, Josiah Davis, B. G. Beers, 
Alfred Woodman, W. P. Thrasher. l 

Church — Bap. J. A. Graham. Physician — 0. C. Beckley. I 

Manufacturers — carriages, T.Peterson; coffins and caskets, Wm.j 
'P. Eggieston ; flour and meal, H. Gtlson. i 

I Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. W. Spalding, Joseph Stickney ; carpen-^ 
ter, Titus Pierce. 

Merchants — ^Wm. Hall; meat, C. Lewin. 

Merld«ii — R. B. 8. — Lebanon on N. N. H. R. R., 7 m., and Clare 
mont, 14 m. on C. & C. R. R. with daily stage to each, aliio to 
Windsor, passing through East Plainfield. 

Postmistress & Exp.Ag't— Abbie F. Spauldiug. 

Churches — Bap. B. F. Lawrence ; Gong. Benjamin A. Dean. 

Hotel — ^Meriden, L. A. Purmort, prop. 

Literary Institution — Kimball Union Academy, M. R. Gaines, prin. 

Livery Stables— D. N. Moulton, S. Davis. 

Manufacturers— flour, meal and lumber, Wm. S. Moore. \\ 

Mechanics — carpenters, B. F. Manchester, G.F. l>oty, H. B. Stickney.' 

Merchants — Stickney A Clark; meat, I. W. Westgate A Sou,' 
Frank Whitaker. 

Physicians — Hubert Sleeper; thomp., B. G. Beera, H. Cooper, 

East — R, B. 8. — ^Lebanon, 4 ni., on N. H. N. R. R. 


Postmistres*— Bmma F. Carrier. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths. Dexter Ontts, E. S. Moore ; carpenters, 
Onrrier & Son, Wm. A Tolbert. 

llerchants-->ponltry and game, F. Monlton, 

PI^AISTOW, ROCKINGHAM—Pop. 4,003. S. E. fr. C. 40; 8. 
W. fr. Exeter. 14. B. R. £1.— Plaistow and Atkinson, on B. k H. R. R, 

OFFICERS— Cterfc nmd 2V<a«., Moses Kimball ; SeUctnun^ A. B. Crane. 
J. M. Daris, Isaac Hall ; Supt.^ Annie L. Dow. | 

Postmasters — 0. W. Oass; Atkin»€n Depot, A. E. Hoyt. 

Justices— W. H. Hills, J. M. Daris, l^ait ; M. B. Dow, Moees Eim- 
balL Hotel— DaTid Nichols. 

Churches — Bap. — • — — ; North Parith, Cong., Joseph Ky te. 

Lawyer^W. H. Hills. Tel. Aa't— Jenney Kellerhan. 

Manufacturers— brick, Isaac H. Pollard, Fry 8l Clement, J. N. A 
S. C. sleeper, Geo. Denonconr. 

Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, M. B. Dow, F. Hill. 

Merchants— auctioneer, D S. Peaslee ; coal, hay and grain, C. W. 
Cass; dry and finncy goods, Mary Nichols ; florist, W. U. Hills ; gro- 
ceries, Moses Kimball ; lumber, Daniel Peafllee, I. H. Pollard. 

Physicians— N. K. Kelley K. A. Chittetideu, B. F. Frye. 

JPl!,Tai017Tfil, QRAPTON-^hiT^tovin; Pop. 1,726. N. W. 
fr. C, 61. R. R. £[— Plymouth, on B.,C. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— etcrik, M. A. Ferrin ; Treas. R. 0. Wright; Sdeetmen^ 
D. H. Carrier, Plummer Fox, C. W. George; Supt.^ Q. H. Shinn. 

Postmasters— W. D. Blaisdell ; West, R. G. Stearns. 

Justices — ^H. H. Rogers, A. J. G. Barnard, M. S. Brown, D. S. Bnrn- 
ham, AlTin Burleigh, G. H. Adams, B. H. Gove, State; Hiram 
Clark, W. G. Hull, R. E. Smith, F. 0. Lougee, L. L. Draper, A. L 
Hazelton, W. F. Langdon, W. H. Raymond, C. A. Fellows, F. W. 
Ballou, J. A. Penniman, M. A. Femn, J. C. Story. 

Churches— Oong. H. P. Peck; Meth., D. 0. Knowles; Unir., Q. H. 

Eating Houses— J. H. Abbott, J. T, Cntter, Jr., J. C. Story. 

Hotels ft Livery stables— Pemigewassett House, P. C. Wheeler 
Little's, Geo. W. Little; Pemigewassett Stable, Thomas Pressey 

Lawyers — Alvin Burleigh, C. A. Jev^ell,Geo. U. Adams, J. C.Storey 

Literary Institutions— Normal School, C. C. Rounds, prin.; HOL- 

Manufacturers — ^baker, M. L. Emmons ; blacksmiths, E. L. Rogers, 
Rufus Blake; boots and shoes, H. S. Woodbury; builders, P. H. Craw- 
ford, Martin Merrill; carriages, Ac, Batchelder A T^^nney; excelsior 
and flies, J. A R. Tompkinson ; meal, Hiram Merrill ; gloves. 
F. H. Rollins, I. H. Whitten, Glynn Bros., M. A. Ferrin, D. H. Cnrriei 
A Co>i A. W. Avery, H. S. George, H. D. Smith, Plymouth Glove 
I Works, B. G. Cobum A Co., J. G. Fletcher, M. G. Tucker; harnesses 
Gilmore Houston, J. F. Wiggin ; job printers. Democrat Pub. Co., M 
W. Hazelton, C. H. Kimball, (editor of Grafton County Journal) ; lum- 
ber, W. R. Park, W. G. A I. H. Chase; photographer, E. B. Hodgs. 

Merchants— Webster, Russell A Co., A. G. Smyth A Co , Cyrus Ken 
iston, B. F. St. Clair A Co., Plummer Fox, Mason, Weeks A Co.; build- 
ers' materials, P. H. Crawford ; carriages, C. M. Morse; coal, Rey- 
mond A Co., J. P. Huckins ; coffins, caskets and rob<'H, Frank Weeks ; 
clocks, watches, jewelry and fancy goods, L. C. Hull, W. C. Sherman ; 
clothing, L. M. Howe, J. A. A C. 0. Gross; drugs and medi Ines, H. I> 
Wyatt, J. S. Tufts ; fancy goods, and notions. Miss B. B. Leighton 
furniture, Wheeler A Huckins; meat, W. G. Chase, J. W. Piper; mil 


Unery^Mrs. J. U. Famham, Mrs. D. M. Oonnell, Mrs. W. M. Preuy & 
Co., Mm. S. J. Brown ; stoves and tinware, Flandwrs ft Oould. 
I Physicians — Robert Barns, Tristram lio^^r^, J. A. Sanborn, Cyrus 
'K. Kclley, H. Palmer; dentists, B. P. Merrill, £. W. White. 
Real Estate Ag'tS^W. Q. Rogers & Co., E. H. Gov«. 
Tel. Operators— Pemigewassett House, Miss Whittemore; R. R. 
'office, 0. W. Lane. Exp. Ag't — James Robie. 

I PORTSMOUTH, ROCKING H A M-^hire town— Pop.. 9,732. 
8. £. fr. C, 45 ; R.R. S.— Portsmouth, on Eastern R. R., Con. k Ports. 
R. R., Ports. & Dot. R. R., Port<tiaco k Ports. R. R., Ports., Qt. F. k 
jCon. R. R. 

OFFICERS— ifoj^or, John S. Treat ; Ctty CUrk, T>. J. Vaughan; OKy 
\Me$aengerf J. L. Parker; Aldermen, Ward 1, W. R. Martin, 6. W. 
Qre«n. W. J. Sampson ; 2, Alfred Stayers, A. C. Anderson, W. R. 
JHackett; 3, J. W. Caswell ; 4, Benj. Atwell, A. K. W. Green, J. Jan> 
iTrin ; Chmmon Oouneilmen, Ward 1, C. H. Clongh, C. W. I>ennett, W. 
L. Davis, W. B. Hodgdon, O. A. Tralton, J. M. Bickford, J. H. Rose ; 2, 
Moses Plummer, W. Q. Billings, A. R. Junkins, F. W. Qrogan, A. h. 
Hersey, J. M. Jarvts; 8, 6. A. Blaisdell; 4, 0. H. Cook, J. Cunning- 
ham, clerk ; OoUector and TVeoMcrsr, W. B. Had ley *, JtutiGt of Police 
Omrtt 0. £. Batcbelder; Assoeiate JtuHce, M. Buiford ; City BolicUor, 
W. Hackett; Oity MarthcdfTboniM Entwistle; Street Cfnmmissumery 
Robert King; Otty Physician, U. F. Clark; Board of Healthy H. F.' 
Clark, J. M. Campbell, Daniel Danielson ; Asseteore, Q. W. Pendexter,i 
J. H. Berry, J. H. Gardner, J. W. Prior, H. P. Wendell, W. P. BennettJ 
|W. D. Femald, 8. 8. Green; Oveneere of the Piwr, chairman, the Mayorj 
^x-^fficio, 0. P. Wells, G. H. Abbott, A. Walden, D. J. Norton; Chi^ 
Engineer, S. L. Marston; Harbor Matter, G. W, Pendexter; Port War- 
dene, B. E. Vaughan, 0. F. Philbrick, D. Littlefield. 
Postmaster— £. G. Pierce. 

Justices— Marcell us Bufford, C. E. Batchelder, Franklin Cole, Samuel 
Dodge, W. A. Uodgd^n, William H. Hackett, Wallace Hackett, G. E. 

JHodgdon, A. F. Howard, F. W. Hackett, Wingate N. Ilsley, J. P. Morse. 

'S. H. Marshall, B. M. Parker, G. W. Pendexter, John Pender, J. W. 

iParsbns, R. C. Peirce, CaWin Page, W. H. Rollins, W. H. Sise, J. Sise, 
D. J. Vaughan, S. C. Whitticr, Newton Johnston, J. H. Kent, &ate ; 

George Annable, J. H. Broughton, J. H. Clieevw, B. Clieever, Howe 

Call, N. L. Folsom, J. H. Foster, A. 8. Foster, C. A. Hazlett, 8. W. 

<Uoyt, W. E. Hadiey, 0. M. Knight, M. E. Long, A. Laighton, C. H. 

jMendum, W. H. Palmer, C. E. Boynton. 

Churches— Adv., ; Bap., W. H. Alden ; Chris., J. A. Ooss ; 

jCoDgf , W. A. McGinley ; Epis., — .— _; p. Bap., J. H. Yeoman ; 

Meth.v'J. E. Bolfns; R. Cath , E. M. O'Callagan; Unit., ; 

Unir. W. E. Gaskin. Ex. Agt'S— Jackson ft Co., Frye ft Co. 
Hotels — Rockingham House, G. P. Thompson ; Kearsarge House. J. 

W. Ooodwin; Gibson Houne, J. Grant; Jefferson House, Geo. Herbert; 

Riversid« House, G. H. Atkius; White Heart hotel, Geo. Lane. 
Ins. Ag'ts — 8. Dodge, F. W. de Rocheniont^ Morse ft Ilsley, John 

Siae, C. A. Hazlett, H. A. Yeaton, A. F. Howard, C. M. Gignoux, (life.) 
Lawyers— H. R Drew, W. H. Rollins. J. S. H. Frink, William H. 

Hackett, A. F. Howard, Calvin Page. G. £. Hodgdon, H. Call, C. E. 

Batchelder, John Hatch, Wallace Hackett J. W. Emery. 

Literary Institutions— Smith's Commercial Academy, Prin., L. £. 

Smith ; ftfiss Morgan's Boarding School, Prin., Miss A. C. Morgan. 
Livery Stables— £. W. Cochrane, H. R. Stoddard, R. H. Beacham, 

Hiurrv Freeman. 


Manufacturers — ale/Eldredge Brewing Co., Portsmouth Brewing! 
Go.f Frank Jones ; blocks, W. R. Martin ; boots and bhoes, Portsmoatii 
Shoe Co.; box toe manufacturers, W. G. Griffin; carriagf^, N. P. Bry- 
ant & Co., 6. J. Greenteaf, G. M. Huntress, T. A. Tucker ; cigars, J. 
Sanborn; clocks, Harvard Clock Co.; cod liver oil, Marvin Bros., 
& Bartlett ; confectionery, J. H. Thompson & Co.; heels, W. G. Wiggin ; 
distillery, Wm. Ward ; drain pipe, Dennis Sbea; liosiery, T. Lester, 
Wm. Cartledge, Kennedy Hosiery Co.; lager, Eldredge Brewing Co.; 
leather, M. H. Goodrich; machinery, Portftmouth Machine Co.; masts 
and span, W. R.Martin ; patent grapples and anchors, A. S. Traftou &* 
Son ; planing mills, Daniel Mason, Perkins Railway Chair Co.; sails- 
and awnings. J. R. Holbrook, Chas. Drown, T. S. Gay A Go.y 
.Heury Freeman, Losenge A Son, S. Gilbert; soap and candles, A. T.| 
I Walker & Son, S. Cleaves A Son ; soda and small beer, C, B. Boyn-I 
ton. I 

MerehantS— agricultural implements, Woodbury, Seavey k Co.; an-; 
tique furniture, R. B. Crook, J. L. 0. Coleman: auctioneers, C. Dwight, 
Hanscom k Co.; J. P. Morse, H. F. Wendell; books and stationery, H.; 

B. Bnzzell k Son, Moses Bros., M. Goodrich ; boots and shoes, £. S. 
Fay, Jas. M. Carr, Oren Bragdon, John Kelley, Joseph Pettigrew, J. 
H. Slater, James Walley, W. B. Hussey, W. Hoyt, James Sanborn, John 
Clarke, Lawrence Cutter; clocks, watches and jewelry, J. H. HUTCH-' 
INSON, J. R. Connell, F. W. Ham, H. H. Ham ; clothing, W. P. Walker, 

C. £. Myers k Co., J. W. Moses, H. Leveen, £. S. Fay, Peyser k Son,i 
J. Kelley; coal and wood, £. F. SiseACo ,C. B. Walker, J. A.Walker, 
J. H. Thompson, Floron Barri, Benj. Russell, 0. B. Philbrick k Co.; 
commission, C. D. Hanscom k Co., H. F. Wendell, E. F. Sise k Co.;, 
crockery, and glass ware, Samuel J. Gerrish, C. Dwight Hanscom,, 
|J. H. Slater, H. F. Wendell, M. M. Collis; drugs and medi- 
cines, Frank J. Philbrick, A. P. Preston, J. H. Thacher, George Mill, 
A. F. Williams, F. B. Coleman ; dry goods, Mrs. C. H. Clough, Ayers k 
liocke, M. C. Foye, G. B. French, D. F. Borthwick, H. ShHwJ 
k Co., J. S. Rand, Pfeiffer k Co.; fancy goods, H. B. Buzxell k Son,; 
Pfeiffer k Co., M. M. Collis, L. E. Staples, A. Stavers, C. A. Annable,; 
iW. G. Myers ; florists, Amos Peanon,Mr8. J. B. Haley, M. B. Hutchin- 
son k Co., fish,. Randall k Caswell, Geo. Hurbert, N. F. Berry,- 
Elvin Newton, Sullivan k Co., G. W. Randall; flour and 
grain, J. Brooks k Co., W. A. Plaisted ; fruit and confection- 
er}', H. C. Locke, P. S. Wendell, B. Whitcomb, J. W. Gerrish, 
R. D. Smart, J. H. Thompson k Co., A. Robeck k Sons, T. W. 
{Priest ; furniture, Sheldon Bros., £. M. Brown k Co., Fletcher k Tan-, 
tone; groceries, John Laighton, H. M. Clark, Wm. Downs 
& Son, S S. Frye, H. L. Garrett, H. F. Gerrish, J. L. Randall, G. H. Ab- 
bott, Chas. H. Tucker, J. R. Yeaton k Co., S. G. Hooper, James Juu-' 
kins, C. E. Laighton k Son, Dennis Lynch, H. S. Hartshorn. H. W. Ox- 
ford, W. C. Newton k Son, Samuel J. Gerrish. Z. Sanborn, Globe Gro- 
cery Co., A.A. Payne, W. Sladen, George Stott, A. K. W. Green, B. 
F. Mngridge, Mrs. James Norton, T. J. Sheehan, H. P. Russell,' 
Russell Brothers, J. H. Wells, C. H. Joy, Ward k Mad- 
dock, John Conlon, 0. H. Tucker, G. W. Plumer, Div. 1, Sover- 
eigns of Industry, Wm. Critchley, jr., ag't; hardware, Pryor k Ma^ 
thews, Rider k Cotton, G. T. Vaiighan, A. P. Wendell k Co.; hats' 
caps and furs, G. W. Butler, J. F. Berry ; ice, L. M. Perkins G. A. Per- 
kins, J. L. Downs, B. Hodgdon; importers, E. F. Sise k Co. 
C. £. Walker k Co.; lumber, lime and cement, J. H. Broughton 
A. A. Fernald, T. B. Call k Sons; millinery, Mrs. A. 0. Fonda, 


Mrs. C. H. Clott^h, Misses Hills, Pfeiffer & Co., J. M. Tobhetts, B. Jj 
Tnckernian A Co., M. F. BickfonI; music and inortical instruments, DJ 
H. Montgomery, B. A Tiltun; nuraervmnn, D. II. Spinney, Rider A 
Cotton ; paints, oils and glass, George T. Vaughttn, A. P. Wendell & 
Co., Pryor & Matthews, Byder & Cotton; picture frHines, D. 11. Mont- 
^mery. IV. J. Sampson A Co., E. 0. Coffin, Davis Bros.; proTistoni;, II.' 
H. Clark, H. L. Garrett, B. F. Mngridge, John J. Laskie, Wm. Horn,' 
,H. F. Hartshorn, J. H. Wells, Frank Wiggin; restaurant, G. Arm-' 
'stronf; & Co.; salt, C. K. Walker & Co., B. F. Sise Sc Co.; sash and blinds,' 
!J. T. French, B. F. Webster; stereoscopic views, Davis Bros., 0. II. 
;Cook, L. y. Newell; stoves and tinware, A. J. Badger, Uriah Ulaisdell, 
!J. Li. O. Coleman, J. P. Sweetser, Dearborn A Co., Matthew Baring, 
I John O'Brien ; wall paper and window shades, H. B. BuBiell k Son, 
Mercer Goodrich. . i 

I Miscellaneous — copper and iron foundry. Miller A Furber: hairj 
g^oods, M. B. Johnson, B A. Teaton ; locksmith, John F. Shillaber ; 
Imarble, J. S. Treat, S. Philbrick A Co.; wood dealers, F. Barri, Dan- 
iel Littlefield, 0. E. Walker A Co., J. A. Walker. J. S. Wood. i 
I Physicians— N. L.Fol8om, J. F. Hall, S. C. Whittier, A. B. Sher- 
barne, J. W. Parsons, J. R. May, E. M. Benedict, F. E. Potter, E. 
Richter, D. W. Jones, H. F. Clarke; dentists, B. B. Uoodall, B. S., 
Ryder, N. L. Folsom, J. S. Perry, B. M. Jewett, L. A. Johnson. 
Potter Place— See Andover. 
Pottemvllle — ^See Harrisville. 
:Proflle filoiuie.— See Franconia. 
Quaker City— See Unity. 
Qaincjr-^See Rnmney. 

RA.lfD01«Pfl[, COOS-^Vop., 860. N. E. fr: C, 120; 8. B. fr. 
Lancaster, 19. B. R. /8.— Gorham, 5 m., on G. T. R. R. Post office ad- 
drees, Grorham or Randolph. 

I OFFICERS— a«rJk and TVeot., Ithiel Scates ; jSfiipC., C. I. Wood; 
8eUetnun^ Geo. Wood, H. Hunt, C. E. Allen. 
Justice — A. G. Messenger, State. 
Hotel — Ravine House, L. M. Watson. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith, A. G. Messenger; builder, R. I. Lefgh- 
iton ; Inniber, Gilbert Brothers. 

1 RATXtOHTD, ROCKINGHAM— Vop., 1,064. 8. E. fr. 0., 24. 
W. fr. Exeter. 14; W. fr. Portsmouth, 26. R. R. £1.— Raymond, on 
C A P. R R 

I OFFICERS— a«rJfc,^ D. C. Healy ; Tr«aa.^ N. J. Til ton; Selectmen, 
W. J. Dudley, J. F. Brown, J. A. Holt ; Bupt. J. T. Bartlett. 
Postmaster— T. M. Gould. 

Justices— 8. M. Ilarriman, J. T. Dudley, S. D. Tilton, T. M. Gould, 
O. T. Brown, Mark Scrlbner, State ; John Healey, J. D. Brown, A. W. 
Brown, Dudley Lane, R. J. Mack, C. A. Shepard, W. J. Dudlt^y, J. T. 
Bartlett. • 

Churches— F. Bap. ; Cong. ; Meth. . 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— Charles Poore. 

Hotel — Eagle House, Mrs. F. G. Bean. 

Literary Institution— Raymond High School, J. T. Bartlett. 

Livery Stables— J. L. Jones, Mrs. F. G. Beau. 

ManuhlCturers — blacksmiths, 0. W. Fellows, J. W. Ladd, Solomon 

Ellis ; lumber, J. D. Brown, J. Healey, W. Batchelder, Griffin ;J 

tubs, pails, mackerel kits and shingles, H. J. Lovering ; wood and| 
lumber, A. G. Whittier. I 

Merchants— C. A. Shepard, C. W. Prescott ; auctioneer, S. D. ^il- 


ton ; drugs and medicines, J. Glongh & Co., J. A. Wiley ; fish, 
3. A. Shepard; groceries^ Ilealey & Wright; hardware, Win. H. 
Bailey • httroeses, J. J>. Whitlier; meat, 0. S. Wilbur; millinery, 
3. W. Prescott. 

Physicians— T. M. Gould. 

Red filill — See Moultonborough. 

Re<kl*il Ferry — See Merriniack. I 

&I€filiaOK1>, CHESHJBE-Pop., 669. S. W. fr. C, 64. S. 
Tr. Keene, 13. B. R. 6. — Fitzwillium. 7 m., on Cheshire B. B. 
Winchester, 6 m., on Ashuelot R. R. Daily stage to Keene. 

OFFICERS— C^ifc, Jarvis Ingalls, TrMS., John Norwood ; Seleelr 
neUf A. Twitchell, Cbas. II. Lyon, £. N. Bowen ; Supt^ Moses Ckiss, 

Postmasters— John £. Norwood : North, 0. Martin. 

Justices— Wm. Wright, D. B. Aldrich, Nahum Cass. 

Churches- Bap., Merrifield ; Univ., . 

Exp. Ag't— 0. 0. Whipple. Hotel— J. Allen. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, W. B,aiidall, card machine and axe 
bctoi7, N. Thayer ; chair stuff, E. N. Bowen, F. 0. Bowen; dimension 
ituff, Leason Martin, F. & A. Amidon, Amos Lawrence ; pail staves, 
1. H. Taylor, Leason Martin, F. & A. Amidon, Amos Lawrence. 

Merchants— Charles Norwood; North, J. L. Newell ; auctioneer, J. G. 

RINBOE, CBESHIRE—Vop., 936. v.S. W. fr. C, 50; S. E. fr. 
Keene, 18. B. R. 8. — West Riudge, 2 miles on Monadnock K. R. 
Stage connects with every train. 

OFFICERS— C/er* and Treas., W. W. Emory; Bdectmtn, J. S. 
Perry, N. A. Hale, H. W. Fletcher; Supt., Geo. W. Todd. 

Postmasters— W. W. Emory; W$stf H. E. Wetherliee; Eatt, L. 

Justices — G. H. Stearns, E. S. Stearns, Z. Converse, W' W. Emery, 
SKa<« ; Joel Wellington, D. S. Walker, W. G. Jones, J. B. Bobbins, 
H. E. Weatherbee. C. T. Platts, N Thrasher, A. S. Coffin, H. B. 
Wheeler, E. S. Kimball, J. B. Perry, J. C. Towne. I 

Churches — Cong., ; Meth., F. H. Cosson. I 

Exp. Ag't— D. S. Walker. Hotel— Ccn<«r H. B. Wheeler. ' 

Manufacturers — ^blacksmiths, C. F. Stearns, Eeut^ E. H. Converse, 
D. L. Stratton; boxes, ISasty Union Box and Ijuniber Co., R. Ramsdell 
k Co.; brooms, M. W. Hall. L. F. Hale, C. W. Hnse; fonoy wooden 
ware, West, 0. P. Butler ; lumber, C ntre, A. S. Collin ; Omversevitle, 
0. D. Converse Sc Son; saw-horses. West A. S. Sawtell; spools and 
bobbins. Center, A. S. Coffin; w<ioden ware, W. F. Bawtell, £. 8. 
Kimball, S. W. Kimball, E. S. Cudwortb, L. G. Metcalf. 

Merchants— W. W. Emory, G. W. Stearns A Co.; f:(ut, Joel Welling- 
ton ; West, H. £. Wetherbee ; millers, ConversevUU, 0. D. Converse A 
3on. Physician— Center. W. H. Aldrich. 

Summer Boar4ing Houses— J. E. Wood, Stephen Hale, Mfb. S. L. 
Lawrence, F. D. Converse, W. E. Stearns, J. S. Perry. 

Roby'fi Corner— See Warner. 

ROCilESTER, SrRAFFORD—Poip.,h,7S». C.,40; 
Dover, 10. R, R. S.— Rochester, on P. G. F. & Con., P. & R. Nash. 
k Roch. and Dover <fc Winnip. B. R.; JEast, P. ft B.; Gontc^ Nash. 
k Booh. Dov. & Win. 

OFFICERS— CT«r*, H.L.Worcester; Trea8.,V. B. Wallace; S^'letU- 
men, A. S. Pashly, S. L. Home, Chas. Estes ; Board of Education, Ilourv 
Kimball, Henry Kelley, C. W. Brown, J. L. Copp, J. H. Worcester, C. 
W. Folsom. 



Postmasters— O. B. Warren ; JEcut, Jamea Walker; G'ofii'e, Nahum 
iTeaton ; I^orth^ — . 

I Justices— C.S. Whitehonse, J. H. Edgerly, G. II. Sanborn, E. J. 
'Mathea, J. H. Worcester, G. K. Sanborn, John LcKro, S. Hus^ey, 
C. B. Qafney, D. J. Parsons, Simon Wentworth, F. W. Jenkins, 
H. B. Allen, William Rand, John Qreeofield, A. H. Ha^es, 
Geo. D. Nowell, J. O. Harvey, State; R. II, ClHrk, A. H. 
jparshley, 8. D. Wentworth, D. B. Waldrou, W. H. Felker, Henry 
Kimball, S. B. Hayes, Philander Yarney, J. N. Hayes, A. Twombly, 
>G. K. Hodgdou, ti. D. Lamo8,C. F. Home, U. F. Walker, I. D. Hodgdon, 
'Sainnel Meaerre, John Blake, Nahnm Teaton, W. S. Staudley, A. U. 
jNason. II. L. Worcester, C. F. Wood, S. D. Felker, C. M. Home. 
I BHliard Rooms— 8. H. Burnham; East^ A. B. Gerrish, John 

Churches— Adv., J. G. Smith ; Cong., H. 8. Kimball ; F. Bap., B. P. 
;Moaltou ; Ea»t, W. U. Ward : Gonic, 8. C. Packard ; Meth., W. ifakius, 

[Mast, F. Prince : Qnaker, . 

Eatina Houses— S. II. Burahum. 

Exp. Ag'ts— C. W. Howe, J. F. Brock, Frank Shorey, Frank Black 

Hotels — Dodge, J. T. Dodge ; Mansion House, S. H. Wentworth, Gaa- 
cade House, James Ijurr ; Hotel Wrisley, L. F. Roberta. 
ins. Ag'ts— A. S. P irshley, J. G. Harvey. 
Lawyers— Sanborn A Cochrane, Worcester ft Gafhey, Henry Kim- 
ball, D. J. Parsons. 

Livery Stables— J. Wentworth, Fremont A Goodwin, I.S. Howe C 
A. Allen; Jskist, J. W. Tebbetts. 

; Manufacturers— «ix handles, Warren Wadleigh ; baker and con 
feciioner, C. II. Hayes; blankets, Norway Pluins Co.; boots and 
•hoes, E. G. & E. Wallace, J L. Duntley; carriages, N. Corson, T. 11. 
Bdgerly ; cigars, H. L. Beecher ; cuntectionery, C. A. Davis k Co.; flan- 
nels, JSM<, Cocheco W«>oleu Mill Co.; flour and meal, G. E. Ynruey ; 
leather, E. G. A fi. Wallace ; lumber, Hanscom ft G^.; Ikut, Stephen 
Shorey ; Oonxc, M. H. Wentworth ; sash, blinds and mouldings, J. 
,U. Meserve; stationery engines. C. E. Clark. 

Merchants — Huctioneers, S. F. Varney, John Greenfield, books 
and stationery, Worcester ft Greenfield ; boots and shoes, W. Q. Brad-I 
ley, M. L. Burr, R. V. Tibbits ; clucks, Ac, M. H. Osgood ; clothing.' 
F. Feineiman, J. J. Meader, 8. WoIfH ft Co.; coal, D. Hayes, J. Cu^h- 
ing: crockery and room paper, F. E. Wallace ft Co.; drugs and 
medicines. Pike ft Sanborn, 8. F. Simdereon, S. F. Shorey ; dry goods,' 
L Salinger, C. K. Chase, L. ft 8. Baruch, M. L. Burr; fanc> goods, Wor-j 
caster ftGreenflnld, fionr ft irain, D. Hayes ft Co.; gents* furnisliing 
gooda, F. L. Chesley ; groceries, P. H. Hartigan, Ju«j. Say wanl. Sov- 
ereigns of Industry, Rochester Grange, No. 86, Bell ft Co., D. Hayes, 
ft Co., T. E. Buraham ft Co., J. F. Sanders; hardware, Ela ft Eelley, 
TebbettH Bros., F £. Wallace ft Co.; hats and caps, 8. Wolfe ft Co., 
F. Chesley ; ice, Geo. Btackpole, D. Hayes ft Son ; meats and provis- 
ions, Varney ft Gerish, Parshley ft Walker ; millinery, Emma Bison, Mrs. 
O. F. Richardson, Mrs. T. H. Edgerly ; house finhihings, J. H. Meserve; 
newsdealers, Worcester ft Greenfield; tinware, E. L. GlidUen, G. E. 
Ricker, W. P. Ela. 

Physicians — James Farrfngton, I. W. Lougee, T. J. 
Sweat t, E. F. Gage, F. P. Virgin. F. E. Whitney, J. 11. Dearborn ;| 
JEtisC, 8. Young ; dentists, J. M. Folsom, F. H. Lunt, L. W. Sibley. | 
! Tel. Agt'S— G. F. Richardson, C. W. Brown. i 


I WLOULUiHFOWtD^ STB AFFORD— Pop., 1,712, S. E. fr. C^ 
45 ; N. fr. Dover, 4. R. R. 8. — RolIiDsford junc, 1 m.; Salmon Falla, 
on B. A M. and Eastern R. R. Conway Div. 

OFFICERS— ClerA; and Treat., W. H. Morton ; StUctmen, C. A. Good- 
win, C. A. Ham, C. F. Wood; Bupt., Joseph Roberts. 

Postmistress— &i2»u>n FiiiU, Emma R. Butler. 

Justices— ^loshua Conyerse, Wm. U. Morton, B. 0. Carter, O. S 
Brown, StaU; B. S. Nowell,C. D. Allen, T. F. Hodadon, E. E. Nowell 
G. H. Teaton, R. G. Pike, £. A. Stevena, Samuel Hale, J. Q. A. 
Went worth. 

Banks— Salmon Falls, G. W. Roberts, Pres.; W. H. Morton, Ca fa.; 
RollinBford Sayings, 0. 8. Brown, Pres.; W. H. Morton, Treas. 

Churches— Cong., ; Epls., ; R. Catb., James 


Exp. Agt's— Goodwin k Co. Hotel— B. L. E. Gowen. 

Literary Institution— High School, Albert Somes, prin. 

Livery Stables — Joseph Dudley, J. M. Goodwin. 

ManuTacturers — sheetings, drilliugs and fancy cottons, Salmon 
Falls Manufg Co., 0. S. Brown, ag't. I 

Merchants—boots aud shoes, U. Wentworth ; dry goods, W. A.' 
Ham ; drugs and medicines, £. U. Wheeler : grocerie«, Union Store,: 
R. C. Fernuld, ag't, Chas. Lord; hardware k tin, Hodsdon Bros.; 
meat, E. A. Ham. 

Physicians— F. E. Brigham, W. B. Mack ; dentist, G. E. Haines. ! 

Station k Tel. Agents— E. S. Nowell, F. N. Chase. 

ROXBURY. CHESHIRE— Pop., 126. .8. W. fr. C, 45. K. fr., 
Keene, 6. R.R.S. — and p. o. ad., Keene, on Cheshire R. R. j 

OFFICERS— CTerAr, Elbridge Kingsbury; Treat, Brigham Nims ;! 
[Selectmen, Elbridge Kingsbury , A. A Davis, M. W. Nye; Supt., B. Nims. 

Justice — Elbridge Kingsbury. I 

Church — Cong., W. P. Steyenson. 

RVHMEY, GRAFTON— Pop., 1,050. N. W. fr. C, 61. B. R. S.\ 
— Rumney, West Rumney and Quincy, on B., C. & M. R.R. I 

OFFICERS— CferJfe, C.A.Chase; Treax., J. W. Peppard; Selectmen^ 
C. B. Simpson, D. £. Slater, A. C. Emerson ; f^upt.^ Mrs. D. £. Slater. ; 

Postmasters — A. J. Stevens ; West, 0. fi. Simpson ; Depot, S. Em- 
ma Chapman : Qumey, Mrs. Mary Quincy. { 

Justices— C. B. Simpson, Samuel Herbert, 0. W. Stevens, S. B.' 
Baker, A. C. Hill, J. L. Dearborn, Slate; C. W. Herbert, Lyman, 
Merrill, A. J. Stevens, G. H. Annis, G. W. Simpson, D. £. Slater, 
A. Chase. 

Churches— Bap., , Baker's River, G. W. Clough ; Metb., J. 

H. Trow ; Univ., West, . 

Exp. Ag'tS— H. W. Herbert; West, J. R. Swain. 

Lawyer— S. Herbert. Tel. Ag't— H. W. Herbert. 

Literary Institution— Public Librar}-, Kate Merrill, librarian. 

Livery Stable — Herbert & Chase. 

Manufacturers- blacksmiths, C. C. Craig, S. D. Abbott, H. Mor^' 
rison; bobbins, J. P. Keyes; brick, Chas. Spaulding,C.C. Smart; lniil'>' 
ders, D. K. Pillsbnry, P. P. Hart; camphor relSnery, M. Holden k'- 
Sons ; coffins and caskets, H. R. Ford; flour and meal, W. U. Keniston; 
gloves and tanntry, G. W. Fletcher, G. E. Greeley & Son, G. P. 
French, G. H. Annis ; hoe, fork and mup handles, B. P. Hardy ; lad- 
ders, J. W. Peppard, £lIiott Bros.; lumber and charcoal, Cha*. 
Spaulding, B. T. Brown ; lumber, Elliot Bros., W. W. Falea, C. H. 
Elliott; mops, C. R. Emorton ; pegs, C. L. Davis ; rakes, T. P. ft H. O 





Wat, C. B. SlnpK 

J. Chs 

''.'■ * 


1 bolt,' Herb* tl A Chue 
tlDS»n, A. C. Hllh dn 
bii Morrill; 
illg.A.C.H^I.0. L. Co 

d crutcliei, D. 



S.-Norlh Himplon. *W, and OrHi 

. 234, on Ewtern R. R. Dailj ilag. thmugh lb= Summor. 
__'MCBil8— Cteri.O. S. Wiifcer; IWoi., ChM. J. Brown; Stiwtma 
>. C. Locke. 8. W. Fob, Nsllmnlol Mdrden : 5«pl , O. H. Jinnui. 

Poitmulin— J. T. WiJkir; SnUk Anul, O. H, Jannan. 
I Justices— T. J. P.rsoni, Br B. Philbtlcli, malt; C.J. Broun, J. I 
HaraloD, J. T. Walter. 

■■■ Chrlt., LewIi Phllllp«i Cong., F. B 

Inston Uooia, J. K. LhiIII; 
Livery subles— D. w. Dtli 
MaDuneturart.— blukimi 

Merchants— T. J. FirHn, 

>r Boardlna Housei— E. B 
!. 4. Jtniieis, C. W. D. J. 

g. D. H. fou, U. V. Baud. 

\..i..K..i%'m. Dalljr'iMin 
I tjrti\^—*Jttric, u. n. vyneejBr: jreol., L. GlulT; Sff^AdnHI, H 
B.WIiMler. C K. Knigfat, P. BuMheldtr; Siyit., W. G. BuIInll. 
: PostmaslBr— Cbu. I. BoirkBr. 
Jus(icra-0. 0. Ontdon/Thomiui Durton, L. W. Tijlor, H. H. T») 

sibiBHili, Isuc I'taoni.'c. r^wiiT.'s, o! Abbott.", ^"ounloi 
UtI Cluff. 

Churches—Coag., n, II, Colbnnii Ualh., W.C. Barilett. 

Insuranca Agetits— Ow. C. Oordoo, Joho F. amllli. 

Hatiulaclurers-btacksDittlii, F. il. Uptna ; boati tad ehoti, ( 

nolB, "w. Wht.lw s'son ; Inmbtr. W. Q. Cmwoil.'™ "" " 
I HerehanU— J.AnitlD.N.S.Abboii. 

Physicisn-.t. M i\fhy. 

l>p|.«l-Poslmasler-r. C. Ba-too. 

Ei.isn. Agl-K- A-nnoD, 

Churchas-0>l- ll>r , K- N- B»di Uath., J. S. roliom. 

Uiery Slable-Siin.! li>ill. 

»rmf"!'L\''lL".". p""iiodturi. ' "" '' "'' "'*' 

Herchanls— J C.C.i.Hy, Button 1 Wl lion. 
I Meohanlcs-W^^kan.lth, D. Homi carnenUri, A. Goodwin A C 
' Real E^lale Ag'l— i.. 1'. E. Rlcbarda. PbyElctau— B. A. Wad*. 


Manufacturers — blHcksmith, J. Robbinn ; Umber, Taylor A Co.; r»< 
pelUntB aud shawls, T. DuRtin ; yHru, T. Dustin A Go. 

Merchants— L. W. Taylor & Co. 

SAlilSBVRT, MERRIMACK— Top., 796. N. W. fr. C, le. 
R. R. S. — North Boscawen, on Northeru N. II. B. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C/«r;k, W. C. Webster; Treat., A. E.Quimby; S^feetmm, 
T. R. Little; Michael Lorden, P. A. FelioMrs ; SupL, E. C. Currier. 

Postmasters— H. B. Sweat ; Wett, William Dunlap ; OenteTt S. W 
Qreen. Hotel— CSen^, F. P. Drew. 

Justices — Nathanie! Sawyer, J. C. Smith, H. P. Thompson, M. 
J. Stevens, T. D. Little, State ; Wm. Dunlap, J. Arey, D. J. Calef, I. S 
BlHisdell, T. H. Whittaker, A. £. Quimby, John Shaw. 

Churches — Bap. and Chris., ; Cong., Chas. Gordon. 

Ex. Agent— C. E. Smith. Physicians— J. J .Dearborn, G. P. Titcomb. 

Literary InstitutiQn— Salisbury Academy, prin. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, S. B. Sweatt, Ontre, C. S. Watson; 
drag rakes, T. D. Little ; evaporated fruit, Chapman k Sweat ; lumber; 
G. H. Prince, Holmes 4k Son ; pumps, P. A. Fellows. 

Merchants — A. B. Quimby, Chapman A Sweatt; WeU, Wm, 
Dunlap ; auctioneers, J. C. Smith, M. P. Thompson. 

Salmon Falls— See Rollinsford. 

SANBORDITON, BELKNAF—Fop., 1192. C, 21. S. fk- 
Laconia, 7. R. R. 8. — ^Tllton, 4 ra. on B.,C. &. M.R. R. Daily stage.' 

OFFICERS— C/erA, J. J. Burley; Treat., 9. P. Calef; Selectmen,^ 
W. 8. Woodman, G. D. Lane, C. P. Bnrley ; Supt, M. T. Runnels. j 

Postmasters— S. G. Abbott ; North, C. P. Brown ; Gaza, S. L. WJ 
Burley. j 

Justices— J. M. Taylor, State; J. N. Sanborn, J. J. Burley, B. D.* 
Weeks. | 

Churches— 1st Bap., J. D. Tilton, 2d Bap., J. h. Merrill; 
3d^-— ; Cong. M. T. Runnels. I 

Manufacturers— coffins and caskets, H. K. Tliompson ; elevating 
refrigerators, J. J. Burley: flour, meal, and lumber, B. S. Colby ,- 
Moses Weeks. Physician— Edward Abbott. 

Merchants — J. J. Burley ; clocks and watches, R. S. & R. D. Johnson.* 

Summer Boardlna Houses— Hiss R. E. Bodwell, Miss B. C. Bast- 
man, N. S. Davis, C. 0. Johnson, D. C. Clough. 

SAHTBOWHr, ROCKINOHAM—Vop., 600. 8. B. fr. C, 8(i. 
S. W. fr. Exeter, 14. R. R. &— Piaistow, on B. k M. B. &. Daily 
stage. Sandown Centre, on N. A R. R. R. j 

OFFICERS— a«rX;, A. S. Clark; 7Vea«., Abner Clark; SeUctaun, 
A. S. Sanborn, E. B. Hoyt, J. W. French ; Supt., C. H. Smith. i 

Postmaster^George Sanborn. Church— Meth.. C. H. Smith. | 

Justices— Wm. French, Geo. Sanborn, F B. Sanborn, StaU;Qt9o. 
F. Griffin, Geo. W. Hunt, B. 0. Mills, A. J. Currier, Benuing Sanborn, 
J. S. Kell«y. ( 

Manufacturers — lumber, L. L. Hook ; staves and lumber, Hnnkint 
Bros., J. W. Lovering. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, J. C. Ordway ; carpenter, W. Worthen. 

Merchants— A. S. Sanborn; grain, A.S Clark, J. W. French, Abner 

Station & Express Agent— G. 8. Sanborn. 

SABTBWICH, CA RROLL—Vop., 1,701. N. fr. C , 60 ; N. W. fr. 
Ossipee, 24. R. R. flL— Meredith Village, 12 m., on B. C. A M. R. R. 
I West Ossipee, 12. on Eastern R. R. Daily stage to and from Centre 
Harbor, Meredith Village and West Oesipee. 

Bsp. Ag't— Chi . _ 

Cburchra — Cong., 

J. W. fcribMr; rrianili, - 
Holeb~P1«Knt HoaM, 
Lawyan— D. H. Hill, Fn 

UMrarv lnlUIuUon--Sudwlsb Hi^ achoul, Mn. A. X. 
'Jtary SUbl«s-0. Huhb, J. a Burialgh. 
l«nija«lur«T« Im k iu, J. W. B«i»it. J. a. Almod^ (ItavH 

idfrait). J.A.UmlooiblmckBnltbi, A. A. QuJmbt; Ctairs, a H, 
tvood, O. U. QnlmbT. H. O.Cbick, yank, M. B. a>Blwni, J. t. 
Ihh 1 boot! UDd ilwH, D. H. BklDDU, 0«^* Puk[i4,0. B. Man) toB, 
. Uuilao, Wilur Sklanr ; balWirajJoMph ftulnibj, A. W. " ' 
bj; dulnr 0aillh k Btawt; cigErt, w. O. Gouk; Idmbvr. R4ww m 
Buoy, BjlttMw Cferur, H. U. Dha, J. Frnch, Wm. HtddU, Uiw. 
— »ASoni pnbllilKrindM pcJnMr.O. B. BliBchutl. 

-iereliAnU— GhAildi Bfuicbard, A^ BUacbAnl, Slmaon Johuai 
In. M. Mwon.0. 1, Lavdl A Co.; ■nolLonKr, S. Koollon : diu 
mwllclDH mod tancjr goodi, U. O.^dlom; drT!K»di,B. K. HhM 
tToetim,!. U, Snllli^ DCIllnH-y, Irsm HaOnAj) ploCurH u 
rnmH, 0. ■. BlnncbKrdi EinnarB, D. U. SkiDiiH, J.U. Smith. 
! Ph»lol*nl-^iiupbBiintnu,W. V.gwbORii bonH, H. K. HaM ; 
jdmtlM.S. B. Wlgfdn, 

Scatlfa nilla-' 
■BABKOOK, S - Portanouth. 14; 8. 

I 0FFICBR8— Clfl-1, jH.M.B.Tncktr; IVuu., .. ^uiMi; ■«. 
•wn, Owbi W. Baja, Wn. H. W^lon, J, B. iinm ; at^A, O. H 

I PastnuMra— M n. A. A. Btowd ; SmOi, W. A. Rud, 

Juilleai— JanimUh ChuB, W. A. Bud, SUU; 0. 8. 1 
•rt ColIlni.RsHa Oww, D. W, Colcord. 

, ChunbM — Adi., ; C. Blip., : Coac., J. Boud- 

_.._ __ . « „_. —J Mall 

Uteranr Instltutlao— DHrbora 
I ll>nulkelurer«-b«u, Binjunin ] 

. LoS^iVi. W?L^ 

tMwnhanU— J.D. Lockt, 
.Chui.J.B. BmltbiW. esud, a, vawi«r,jT,, tiettc i 
ti-gg, 3. B. litun i mcllonsom, J. M. Wtws, J. ChUK ; t 



Physician— D. W. Golcord. 
Tel. Agents— C. T. Crowley, A. A. Locke. 
Sbaker Tillage — See CaDterbury. 
SHAROHr, fflLLSBOROUGH— Pop., 203. 8. W. fir. C, 48; 
R. R. S. — GreenTiHe, 7 in.,oo Peterboro an4 Shirley R. R, Peterboro, 

5 m., Peterboro & Hillsboro R. R., aud Boston A Lowell. 
OFFICERS— C2«rA;, nreas. and Supt^B. H. Sanders, p. o. ad. Temple 

Seleetmeiif Jamet Green, p. o. ad. Peterboro ; J. F. Boynton, p. o. ad 
East Jaffrey. 

Justice— B. H. Sanders. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith. James Green ; chair legs and stretch- 
ers, B. H. Sanders, p. o. ad.. Temple; lumber and cloth boxes, Preston 

6 Emery, p. o. a. drNew Ipswich ; soap, F. B. Flanders, p. o. ad. Peter- 

SHEIiBURlfE, COOS—Pop.y 250. N. E. fr. C, 150, E. ft- 
Lancaster, 3a B. R. £(.— Shelburne on G. T. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CYet-A;, A. E. Philbrook ; 2V«a«., L. B. Evans ; SeUctnun, A 
0. Eyans, B. F.Lary, C.E. Pfailbrook ; Suft.^lL P. Green. 

Postmaster^-C. C. Hebb^d. 

Justices — Darins Green, A. E. Philbrook. 

Exp. Ag't— W. F. Oarr. 

Hotel— Winthrop House, G. C. Hebbard. 

Mechanics — ^blacksmith, I. W. Spiller; bnilder, E. H. Hubbard. 

Summer Boarding Houses— S. J. Morse, M. F. Gates, 0. £. Phil- 
brook, A. E. Philbrook. 

Short Falls— See Epsom. 

Sll'ver E>alce — A post oflBce in Cnrroll County. 

SOMERSWORTfil, 8TRA FFORD-^Vop., 5,586. E. fr. C, 46 ; 
N. fr. Dover. 5. 22. B. a— Great Falls, on Ports. Ot.V.k Con. R. R.l 
and B. k M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C!(erAr, W. W. Martin; Trecu., W. D. Knapp; Select^ 
men. £. Whitehouse, J. Libbey, W. E. Pierce ; liupts. W. F. Russell, 
A. A. Perkins, I. Chandler, N. Wentwortta, C. F. Blake ; Agent, W. F 

Postmaster~^M< Ihlls, C. L. Chapman. Tel. Ag't— W. W. Nason 

Justices— J. B. Shapleigh, J. A. Stickney, W. D. Enapp, G. E. 
Beacliam, W. P. Moses, S. 8. Chick, C. H. Wells, J. A. Edgerly, B.' 
M. Webber, W. S. Pierce, B. A. Crawford, John Cumnoc-k, C. A.I 
EllicA, T^Qt. Jameson, State ( Q. L. Chupman, C S. Jones, J. S. Haynes.; 
W. B. Martin, W. R. Burleigh, W. F. Harmon, E. B. White,' 
Albert Thwing, M. A. Moore, C. W. Wrigh«. P, B. Libbey, W. J. Foun- 
tain. J. N. Haines, A. W. Watson, W. W. Martin. W. F. Russell, J. B. 
Nelson, C. K. Drew. 

Churches— Cal. Bap., ; F. Bap., — ; Cong., S. Bell ; 

Meth., High St., T. Tyria, Main St., A. B. Carter; B. Cath., John 
Duddy, C. Deraars. 

Eating Houses— T. M. Wentworth, Charles Ramsay, T. F. Mars- 
ton, Locke k Chellis, Henry Chellis, J. B. Langley. 

Exp. Ag'tS — American Express Co., Meserve k Co., Smilie A Co. 

Hotels — Great Falls, H. S. Gray; Grant's, £. Grant; Granite 
State, L. D. Gray. 

Ins. Ag'tS— W. D. Knapp, Crawford & Tolles. 

Lawyers— W. D. Knapp, W. J. Copeland, W. R. Burleigh, James 
A. Edgerly, C. H. WeUs, Geo. E. Beacham, R. W. Nason, H. V. Moore.* 
J. Qetchell, W. S. Pierce. [ 

Literary Institution— Great Falls High School, J. W. V. Rich, prin.; 


Livery Stables— ^ohn 0. Lord, B. F. Hanson, 0. K. Drew. Z. W. 
Slater. | 

Manufacturers— architect, F. N. Footman ; baker, F. A. Hussey :I 
'blacksmiths, Austin & Matthews, W.D. Merrick, I.Chelljs, C. Qoding' 
is. B. Blarston, G. W. Willotighby; bobbins, Great Falls Spool & Bob^ 
(bin Co.; boots and shoes, L. fil. Nnte; builders, H. B. Tibhetts D. L.' 
Hoilsdon, L. E. Decatur, F. Chick, C. F. Mitchell, J. E. Frost,' A. N t 
Pettengill; carriages, F. M. Clark. Merrill & Co., W. I. Ash; cigars, E 
,A. Lewis, B. A. Gram, L. F. Ha.sty, C. E. Holmes; cottons, Gt. Falls 
[MTgCo.jE. M. Shaw, ag't; doors, sash and blinds, Hubbard & Co. S ' 
P. Home; harnesses, P. L. Ward, 0. C. Stevens, D. M. Howard : job 
printei-s. Cook & Shapleigh, C. H. Wells ; lumber, J. R. Horn H ' 
;Horne; granite, Spence & Coombs, M. C. Swain, D. Sanborn • marble ' 
:J. Emery; photographers, 0. G. Gardner, E. J. Deland ;* picture! 
frames, J. H. Bean; reeds, D. Scott & Son; soap, 6. H. Butler- 
stoves & castings, Somorsworth Machine Co., C. W. Wright, ajr't; wool' 
'L. R. Hersom Jk Son; woolens, Gt. Falls Woolen Co.^B. S. B*uffum ag't' 
■ Merchants — auctioneers. J. G. HilI,^J. B. Shapleigh; books and 
jstationery, A. Thwing, W. W. .Sason, L. A. Goodwin. Wm. F. Harmon • 
boots & shoes, J. W. Bates, H. F. Dixon & Co. ; clothing, D. Lothrop 
A Co. J. R. Johnston, H. Vesehoff, D. B. Denuison J B' 
Clarke, T. P. DuffiU, Bodwell & Reeves; coal, Richards & Co., J. N 
;Haines; confectionery, J. A. Fall; cotton waste, J. s. Haines* 
[crockery, J. Stewart, jr.; drugs & medicines, George Moore' 
■W. W. Nuson, L. A. Goodwin, R. M. Carlton, W. A. Haw, F. H Win- 
igate: dry goods, M. Bates & Co., Wimpfheimer & Co., S. S. Chick *& Co 
iA. Caiter & Son, W, A. Moore A Sons, F. C. Jordan, T. King- fancy 
goods and notions, M. Bates A Co., C. L. Lord, W. H. Bayles M D 
Folsom, W. L. Bickford, Miss M. E. Colnian, Mrs. G. Moultou ; fish J D* 
IHerrick, L. E. Smith ; flour A meal, J. B. Merrill, C. S. Beacham & Son • 
furniture, Chas Sanborn ; groceries, C. S. Blaisdell, cooperative store* 
No. 6, A. K. Downs, J. F. Robinson A Co., W. D. Clark, J. Bickford' 
Wm. Symes, M. B. Hill, A. H. Watson & Co., Wm. Plummer sl 
James & Sons, C. F. Blake, Hurd A Cate, J. A. Bagley, H. Locke I 
OrrinKnox, J. B.Dominque, Gagnon & Demers ; hardware' £ A Tib-I 
ibetts A Son, S. A. Seavey, D. Wingato; hats & ftiVnishinid 
'goods. Bates A LeGro; meat, J. S. LeGro, W. F. Libby, C T Estes 
W. G. Hart, A. Seavey ; millinery, Mrs. C. H. Harmon A Co., Miss Gl 
A. Lougee, Miss L. M. Fullerton, Miss L. E. Ricke , Miss H. J An- 
drews ; stoves and tinware, Hodsdon Bros., H. C. GilpatrickA Son- 
watches and jewelry, J. J. Woodward, E. W. Folsom & Go. W. JB Be- 
dell; undertakers, A B. Spencer» A. D. Faunce. * 
I Physicians— J. A. Hayes, G. B. Swasey, L. D. Hamblett, A. Jenkins 
C. A.Blliotr, G. H.Gardner, 0. H. Boynton, H. V. Noyes I Aurur- 
homeo. F. G. CoiHn; dentists, 0. Q. Shapleigh, Julius Guttman * 

SOUTH HAmPTOBr, ROCKlNGffAM-Vop,, 383. S. is fr 
0., 4tt ; 8. fr. Exeter, 9. R: ie^^".— East Kingston, 6 m., on B. A U r' 
R.; Amesbury, 3 m., on East. R. R. Daily mail to Amesbury* 
Mass., Tnes., Thurs. and Sat.; leaves So. H. at 10, and Amesbury at 
11, A. M. 

OFFICERS— Ocrt, P. P. Whitehouse; Treat., Jacob Eaton- Selwi- 
men, F. B. French, G. B. Palmer, A. S. Jewell; 8upt,, Rev. S. P' 

Postniaster— Phillips While. Merchant— Jonathan Presaey. 

Justices — G. Kelly, N. S. Smith, F. B. French, Jacob Baton. 

Church — Cal. Bap., S. P. Everett. 


Ltt'ry Institution—Barnard School. 

Manufacturers — carriageB, G. Uoss, Jucob Eaton; Job priDt«r,E. 
W. Gosb; niachlniflt. Albert P. Eaton. I 

fr. C, 35; N. fr. Exct«r, 4. R. R. &— South Newmarket, on B. k M 
R. R. 

OVFIGEBS — Cterk^ A. H. Tamey ; Treat., Oeo. 0. Pan I; tfetoefM«fi* 
S. P. Badger, D. G. Wlggfn, D. O. Neal ; Supt., J. H. Vitta. 

Postmasters — Albert Vleld ; Junction; G. H. LeuTitt. 

Justices — Bdw. Horsey, A. 11. Yarney, Albert Field, State i 8. P. 
Badger, Wm.R. Hobbs, Oeo. O. Paul, D. £. Smith, A. J. Neale 

Churches— Gong., J. H. Pitz : Meth., 0. Howard ; Uniy., 

Hotel — Elm House, A. M. H'iggin. 

Manuftcturers — blacksmith, W. Gilpatrlck ; lumber, D. G. Neal. 

MercfaantS--J. G. Hanson, Albert Field. D. C. Wigvin. 

Physician — A. H. Yarney. Tel. Agent— J. E. Simpson. 

BPRIBreFIEI.D9 BULLIVA iV— Pop., 731. N. W. fr. C., 88; N. 
fi. fr. Newport, 15. R. R. S. — West Andoyer, 11 m., on Northerul 
R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFIGBRS— a«rl;, M. M. Wiggins; Treat., 'J. T. Golby; Select^ 
mm, Wat, John H. Johnson, M. M. Wiggins, O. W. Glark ; SupLJ 
H. H. Messer. 

Postmasters — H. T. Sanborn ; £aurf, L. H. Wheeler. I 

Justices— Gbarles lie Daniels, D N. Adams, M. H. Wigfdns, D. P. 
Goodhne, Sltofe ; Jos. Dnris, Jr., L. S. Pillsbnry, J. T. Colby, S. P.I 
Golby, Willard Reed, M. 0. Boyce, A. H. Fowler. I 

Manufacturers— lumber, A. J. Kidder, F. P. George, J. T. Colby, 
Sargent Heath. Mechanic— blacksmith, J. H. GoUius. 

Merchants — flour and meal, M. T. Chase. 

West— Postmaster— J. T. Golby. 

Church — Meth., L. Howard. 

Mechanics— carpenters, J. C. Nichols, H. E. Quimby ; carriage mak 
er, K. Stocker; lumber, Alonzo Putney. 

Merchant- D. N. Adams. Physician— D. P. Goodhue. 

STABK, CO 05— Pop., 690. N. fr. G., 154; N. fr. l^ancaster, 16. 
R. R. &— Stark 1 Starkwater, on Grand Tmnic R. R. | 

OmCEtLB— Clerk, A. J. Smith; Trent., Dexter Cole; SdedmenJ 
SylTester Cole, N. K. Hinds, Seth Cole ; Supt., F. L. Cole. 

Postmasters— G. M. Smith ; Stark Water Station, J. W. Perkins. 

Justices— Wm. T. Pike, Slate; J. A. Pike, B. A. Teazey. 

Church— Uulon, J. L Babbitts. 

Exp. Agents— A. J. Smith, P. J. O'Connor. 

Manufacturers — flour and meal, Andrew Jackson; lnmbH>, 
C. W. Pierce k Co.. Milan Steam Mill Co.,F. A. Pitcher, ag't, J. M. Pike. 

Mechanic— blacksmith, G. R. Rich. 

Merchants— Geo. M. Smith, W. T. ffpae. 

Tel. Ag't— P. J. O'Connor. 

Stnrk HTnter— See Stark. 

ISTEWABTSTOWir, COOS— Top., 969. V. fr.C.lSO; N. ft*. 
Colebrook, 5. R. R. &— North Stratford, 20 mis, on O. T. R. RJ 
Daily stage, 

0FFICHR8— CTerJfe, C. B. Tewksbnry, 7Vm«. Oscar Lung* Selecfmm. 
Benjamin Fellows, E. W. Drew, Willie Hall ; Supt , John C. Poor; 
OmttabUe, P. D. Heath, E. F. Flanders, BenJ. Blodgett. Oscar Lang: 
OoUeetor, F. H. Chamberlain. I 

Postmaster— F. C. Jacobs. 


Justices— A. W. Drew, B. W. Brew, I. H. Plckard, 8tate; 8. H 
Jordan, J. If. Kidder, 0. D. Tonng, J. C. Poor, Alanson Owen, H. D 
Flandenr, Walter Drew, Oscar Lanf(, Jan. A. Morrill, I. W. Tyler, S 
,0. Uanaford, G. B. Tewkabnir, J. B. Aldrich, N. B. Kidder, F. 0. Ja 
cobfe, W.F. Alien. 

Church— Chrig., . Physician— N. K. Rum. 

Manufactunrs— lumber, A. Owen. Scott Harrim m, A. Owen, Per 
ley Knapp; shingles and clapboards, Perley Knapp; starch, Lurer 
jiiig k Co., Bustis 1 Co.; turning and general wood work, C. B 

Mechanics— blacksmith, A. J. Jordan ; builders, G. D. Tonng, Soott 
Harriman, C. B. Tewksbury, A. L. Oweu, S. M. Jordan. 

Merchants— Parkhnrtt A Jacobs. 

West— Postmaster— L. W. Alger. 

Church — Cong., . 

Hotels A Uv. Stables— Coos Honse, W. W. Llndsey. 

Manufkcturers — blacksmiths, A. B. Quimby, A. 1>. Parker; carpen< 
ters, Sumner Bowelt, Seth Tibbett, Charles Fletcher; barneHC 
maker, D. W. Delliber: clapboards, shingles and lumber, W. F 
Allen ; flour and meal, Q. Beacher A Son ; wool rolls, sash and doors, 
E. 8. Parker; ftirniture, J. B. Little; clapboard machines and 
planers, G. T. Stoddard. 

Merchants— L. W. Alger ; dry goods and clothing, Jacobs & Stein* 
feld ; drugs and medicines, G. S. Dalton, furniture nnd coffins, J. R. 
Little; groceries and hardware, Oscar Lang; millinery, Mrs. B. M. 
Fling ; tin ware, G. M. Quimby. 

Physician— — Ward. 

BTODBABD, CHE8mRE-'Von.,5bZ. S. G..40; N. B. 
fr. Keene, 16. S. R. S. — Keene, on Cheshire R. R., 15 milee ; Greeu- 
fleld, on N. A L. R. R., 10 m. on the Gonttiocook Yal. R. R. 12 miles. 
Daily stage to Hancock, also through Hillsborough to Keeue every 
other day. 

OFFICERS— Clerk and QmttabU. Wm/ S. Tnttle ; Trtas., G. P. 
Pitcher; &;«c<m«n, J. F. Whittemore, G. H. Dodge, W^. 8. Tuttle; 
SupL, E. B. Dodge ; Overseer. S. £. Tuttle ; Collector^ O. H. Robb. 

Postmasters — Henry W. Reed; Sottih^ James Simonds. 

Justices— E. B. Dodge, W. H. Chase, Btate. ; J. M. Rice, J. H. Soott, 
W. S. Tuttle. 

Hotels — Central House, S. J. Harrington ; tSouCht 0. H. Harding; 
Mill Village^ Island House, R. J. Brown. 

Manufacturers — lumber, clothes pins, kerosene tubs and pails, 
Christopher Robb ; lumber, G. Stacy ; pulp, N. Whitney. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, Cenier, Geo. U. Lane; carpenter, B. B. 

Merchants— James Simonds, H. W. Reed ; MUl VlUage, Mrs. G. L. 
Cnrtis: meat, Jms. D. Cutter, G. P. Pitcher; (knter, U. W. Reed; 
Stntthy James Simonds 

STBAFFOBDv STHA F705D— Pop., 1,568. E. fr. G., 25. M. 
W. fr., Dover, 16. M. R. &— Dover, 15, on B. A M. R. R. Trl-weekly 
stage. Pittsfleld, on Sun. Val. R. R. 7 m. 

OFFICERiJ — C7«rA;, J. S. Foss; Treaa.. Daniel Hnckins: Selectmen^ 
J. D. Clark^ D. J. Holmes, L. K. Fobs ; Sup<., G. H. Twombly . 

Postmasters— Cbrtter, D. R. Berry ; Northf G. T. Foss ; Bhu HilU, 
A. 8. Clark ; Sbw Lake, A. Waldron 

Justices— Paul Perkins, G. A. Colliath, J. B. Smith, J. 8. Fobs, M. F. 
Fotf. J. W. Jewell, 8. H. Foss, U. A. Drew, J. R. Palmer, C. H 

- '- - ■ ■- ■ . ■ ■ 



, ■ ■ — — -, 

Palmer, C. H. Twombly, N. C Twombly, J. 0. Boody, O. M. Fo««, 
StaU; L. C Critchett, J.H.Perry, H. 8. Hill. C. F. Felker, G. F. 
KoM, Abram Bvaas, J. C. Moody, D. S. Woodman, H. F. Touag, H. B. 

Churches — AdT>, — ; F. Bap., Corner^ Ezra Tuttle; 

'yorth, . 

Hotel — B(»w Lake House, A. W. Jewell, prop.; Corner^ Blue Hill 
.Cottage Home, J. M. Wbitehouse, prop. j 

Literary Institution— Austin Academy, I. Copp, prin. j 

I Manufacturers— A'ar^A, lumber, Paul|PerkinH ; nienl, D. J. Holmes.' 

< Mechanics— blacksmiths, Comer^ T. RoberU, S. D. Berry ; North^ 
Daniel Habb. 

I Merchants — J. W. Jewell, J. k D. Huckins ; Norths D. K. Avery. 
I Physicians — Nehemiah G. Twombly, H. G. Coburo. 

< Center — Postmaster — Bemeritt Place. 
I Church— F. liHp., L. H. Winslow. 

Manufacturers— Ium]>er, Tasker & Brown. 

Mechanic — blacksmith, L. Brown. 

Merchant— C. M. Uill. 

Bow IjHke. Church— F. Bap., H. F. Young. 

Manufacturers— lumber, Oaawell A Waldron, A. Waldron ; shoes, 
Austin & Parker. 

Merchants — auctioneer, H. A. Brew. 

ST]|ATFORI>« COOiS-Pop., 1,016. N. fr. C., 160. N. fr. Lan- 
caster, 14. R. R. S.— Stratford, on G. T. R. R. ! 
I OFFICERS— aerJk, Hollow^ W. G. Fuller; Treoi., W. R. Danforth ;| 
StUctmen^ Clark Stevens, J. T. Connary, F. N. Day; SupU., F. M. Day, 
!G. E. Moses. I 
I Justices— Chas. Mahurin, M. B. Johnson, SiaU ; W. R. Brown, F. 
N. Bay, J. C. Pattee, W. R. Danforth, Samuel Brown. I 

Physician.— C. G. Carpenter. 

Hollow— J2. R. ;S.— Stratford Hollow, % mile. 

Postmaster— L. B. Blodgett. 

Church— Metb., M. J. Crowley. Exp. Ag't— F. N. Bay. 

Manufacturers — carriages and bobltins, J. Larooli«, M. 0. Gray; 
flour and meal, F. N. Piper; lumber, £. F. Menili. 

Merchants— N. B. Waters, L. B. Blodgett, W. H. Merriam ; lum- 
ber, J. M. Butters; millinery, C. L. Ockingtou. 

€ooB— £. R. iS.— North Stratford. Stage leaves for Colabrook 
every day at 8J/^ P. M. arrives 7 A. M. 

Postmaster— J. H. Banfortb. Church— Bap., S. H. Cornwall. 

Exp. Ag't— James Toohey. 

Hotels— Hinman House, H. B. Hinman ; Willard House, Ghas. B. 
Moses ; Percy House, J. W. Tibbetts. | 

Manufacturers — flour and meal, J. B. Alger; lumber, G. W. John- 
son ; last blocks, J. H. Banforth. j 
I Merchants — Danforth, & Pattee, G. R. Eaton; drugs, medicines ft, 
fancy goods, Carpenter Bros.; groceries, H. B. Hinman ; millinery, Miss' 
Uattie Willard, Hartha Bonnaley. 

Physicians— C.E. Thompson; homeo., Moses Wbitcomb. 

STRATH AME, ROCKING ff A M^Vop., 720. S. E. fr 0., 40 ; B. 
fr. Exeter, 4. R. R. A—Stratham, 21^ m., on C. A P. R. R4 Newmar- 
ket 2V£m. ^'^ ' 

OFFICERS— CZ^rfc and Treas., J. S. SUples ; Selectmen, J. B. Odell, 
J. W. Rollins, G. W. Chase; Supt., R. M. Bcammon. 

Postmaster— J. 8. Staples. 


Justices— Levi Barker, J. O. Wiggin, iStaU \ Q. C. Brown, J. 8. 
Staples, J. E. Young. 

Churches— Bap., H. Stetson; Gong., A. B. Peabody; Chris^ 

; F. Bap., 

Manufacturers — ^meal and lumber, E. B. Jewell, George Wingate ; 
shingles, George Wingate. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, N. £. Norton ; builders, D. P. Batchelder, 
I. W. Tut tie. 

Merchants — florist, A. Graig; groceries, J. 8. Staples. 

Summer Boardin^j Houses— Mrs. Geo. H. OdelJ ; Highland Cot- 
tage, Ambrose Wlggin. 

SuHTttr Hill— See Lisbon. 

SITI^IilTAN, CHICSBIRE—Voit., 382. S. W. fr. C, 48. N. E. fr. 
Keene, 7 m. M. JR. & — Keene, on Cheshire R. R. Stage Moo. Wed. 
and Friday, returning alternate days through East Sullivan. 

OFFICERS— C?feri, East, Geo. Kingsbury: Treas., L. H. Goodnow, 
Selectmen, Henry Davis, F. A. Wilson, M. J. Barrett; Supt, Mrs. B. S 

Postmaster— A. G. Nims. Church— Cong., . 

Justices — L. H. Goodnow, Masif George Kingsbury. 

£f»st— Postmistress— Mrs. Lois M. Leland. 

Church — Cong., evang. union, ■ • ■ 

Manufacturers — blacksmith, Lyman Davis; builders, George Kings-' 
bnry; chairs, Goodnow Bros; bucket hoops, A. A. Ellis; lum- 

Merchant— lumber, Bugg, Harris & Co. 
ber, A. A. Ellis, Goodnow Bros. 

SUNAPEE, SULLIVAN—Vop,, 897. N. W. fr. C 37 ; E. from 
I Newport, 5. Ji. M. JS. — Sunapee, on C. A C. R. R. Semi-daily stHge. 
I OFFICERS— CTrrfc, M^ L. Sargent; Treas., O. H. Bartlett; 8eUci- 
\meny J. P. Smith, M. A. Bailey, J. S. Whipple; Supt., Qeo. Dodge: i 

j Postmasters— N. P. Baker; Sotith, Asal el Lear: George^t Mills 
jWra. Russell. Station Agent— H. Batchelder. | 

. Justices — T. P. Smith, W. C. Sturoc, D. A. George, Geo. Dodge, 
State ; Wm. Russell. D. C. Eastman, John Young, J. P. Knowlton, G. 
H. Bartlett, E. R. Boyce. I 

Church— Meth., S, G. Kellogg. Ex. Ag't— J. F. Davis. 

Hotels — Snnapee Lake House, A. Huiitoon; Runals House, John 
Rnnnls; Lake View House, E. P. Hntcliinson. i 

Lawvers— W. C. Sturoc, George Dodge. Physician— E. C. Fisher- 

LiTery Stables— F. Blodgett, J. F. Davis. I 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, Muzzey & Carnes: boots and shoes, 
J. W. Merrill; castings, M. J. Leavenworth; clothes pins, J. B. 
Smith ; coffins and caskets, L. H. Goss; excelsior, W. C. Stocker : flour 
and meal, J. C. Purrington; Flue Cle.iners, Granite Hxme Work8 ; 
fork handles and rakes, B. R. Sleeper; granite, C. E. Boyce. C- A.' 
Bailey; haraes, Granite Hame Works, Bartlett A Rowell ; harnesses, 
E. Jacobs; lumber, Runals Blodgett; machinist, J. B. Smith; rakes 
land handles, Alexander & Perkins; shingles, W. W. Trow; shoe stiff- 
^nings and inner soles, J. A. Tucker ; telescopes, J. B. Smith ; wallets,' 
M.L. Sargent; Georges MUU, shingles, Martin A Chase, E. P. Slick- 
ney, H. T. Eastman. I 

Merchants — N. P. Baker, Knowlton A Sargent, J. Russell ; George's 
Mills, Wm. Russell; furniture, J. B. Smith; meat, A. E. Sargent; 
paints and oils, J. B. Smith; tin ware, H. Cunningham. 

Steam Boat — Lady Woodsnm, Woodsum Bros. 

Mnncook — See Pembroke. 


I SUBIIY. CHBSHIBB^fop., 826. S. W. fr. C, 65 ; N. fir. Keene; 

7. jR. i?. S.—Keen^t on Cheshire R. R. Daily stage. ', 

I OPFICERS— CZ«r*, W. H. Porter ; Treat., G. K. Harr^y ; Select- 
meUy M. H. Porter, Ghas. H. Blake, W. H. Porter; 8upt., Mn. & W. 

Postmaster— W. T. Wilber. Justice— Q. K. Hanrey* StaU, 

Chureh— Metb., . Hotel— S. L. Newton. | 

Mechanics — blacksmith, F. B. Manhail ; builder, M. A. Carpen- 
ter ; carriage maker, C. W. Wilcox. I 
I Physician— W. H. Porter. 

SIJTTOSr, Jf^JZA/ifJCX- Pop., MS. N. W. fr. 0., 28. S. Je.l 
&— Bradford, on C. & C. R. R. Daily stage. j 

I OFFICERS— €l«rA:, J. B. Richards ; TVeot. A. D. Golcord ; Brt^otmem,^ 
John Pressy, J. B. Nelson, Howard Johnson ; iSh9>l., G. A. Fowlm:. 
' Postmasters— Fred Putney ; Norths Joseph Qreeley ; Bomth^ O. O. 

Justices— J. R. Smiley, Moses Haxen, BtaU ; Frank Chase, J. M. 8ar>. 
gent, O. C. Eaton, A. R. Cheney, F. M. Richards. i 

j Churches— AdT., Sovth^ ; C. Bap., NoriK Wm. Libby ; F. BapJ 

—"— — ; lkmt\ I. Peaslee. I 

I Manufacturers — blacksmiths, William Andrews; North, W. P. 
Sargent; carriages and sleighs, C. C. Manhall, O. Cbadwick ; North, 
H. Howe k Co.; clothes pins, William Little; excelsior, J. P. N«lson ; 
lumber, D. W. Couch k Son, M. 8. Blaisdell ; North, J. Kecer. 
I Merchants— Fred Putney, J. B. Richards * Co.; North, Jos. Ore«ley ; 
^South, Robertson k Wells ; flour and grain, H. W. Ghadwick ; meat, 
C. L. Andrew, M. V. B. Sbattuck ; millinery. North, Mrs. J. H. Saxigent. 

Physicians— S. N. Welch ; North, J. R. Smiley. I 

S WANZ£Y, CHESaiBE—Fop., 1,661. S. W. fr. C, 65 ; S. flrom 
Keene. 6. R. R. £f.— Swanzey, on Ashuelot R. R. ' 

OFFICERS— C/erit. Wut, 0. I. Cutler : Trea$.y Wut, Geo. B. Whit- 
comb ; Selectmen, West, A. A. Ware, D. B. 0. Hill, Alonso Wmrr ; 
BupU., A. A. Ware ; West, G. I. Cutler. j 

Postmasters— Asa Healey ; Westport, G.W.Brooks; Xatt, A. B., 
Reeci. I 

Justices— 1fe«fi>or<, Stephen Faulkner; Wett, Jos. Hammond, State ; 
F. Downing, A. A. Ware; WeH, G. I. Cutler, East, G. W. WUIis, 
Yolney Woodcock, J. Parsons, A. G. Bennett. I 

Churches— Cong., Benjamin Merrill; Meth., Wedport, George A.' 
Tyrrell. | 

Hotels— Central House, 0. L. Whitney; Prospeet House, A. N. 
Howe, p. o. ad. Keene. 

Mechanic— blacksmith. East, F. 0. Dodge. 
I Manufkcturers — clothes pins, Eoit. B. Wilcox ; neat and aauce 
buckets, lumber and stares, East» G. F. LAne; pail stock, L. M. Stone; 
paili, Eatt, II. W; Mason; Wutport, James Marsh, Ephraim Murdock, 
Jr., p. o. ad., Kerne ; toy and quarter pails and knife trays, C. G. A B. 
jR. Ransdell ; wool mattresses, Ecut, L. S. Lane; pail stock and lam- 
ber, L. M. Stone. I 

Merohants— Harriet Chamberlain ; Wutoort, Jamea Marsh * Go. 

H^cet— Postmaster . Exp. A Tel. AgH— S. H. Pox. 

Churches— Bap. S. G. Abbott ; Univ., . 

Hotel — Homer Evans. 

Manufacturers— beavers and cashmerets, Stratton Mills Co., H. 8^ 
Martin, Treas.; confectionery boxes. Parsons k Sprague, S, W. Snow A 
Co., leather, A. 8. Kendall ; lumber, C. L. Russell k Co., F. L. Snow, a 



H. Holbrook, F. F. Lombard ; pailii and bockets, 0. L. RoMell A Go. { 
pail stock, Walter Perry. * 

Mechanics — blacksmitba, A. H. Freeman ; builder, S. A. Spring. 

Pbysieian— G. I. Cutler. 

Merchants— S. B. Fox, Rnisell A Whitcomb. 

ft Wif turater— See Bath. 

TA.MLWORTH, C^AAOXZ— Pop., 1,274. N. B. flr. G.,GO: N. 
It. Oesipee, 13. B. M. A—Wnt Owipee, 4 u., on Ports., Gt. F. ft Ck>n. 
R. R. Daily stage. I 

OFFICERS— C1«rl;. Joseph Oilman ; 3Veaf., John D. Hidden ; Mtet- 
m««, 0. P. Cook, J. F. Roberts. Lowell Ham ; Bupt. H. T. Hodgklos. 

Justices — Joseph Oilman, C. P. Cook, Lowell Ham, L. £. Remick, 
L. D. Mason, D. M. Oilman, 0. O. Hatch. Alonzo Nickerson, BtcUt; 
Andrew NealIy,'N. F. Hoag, S. 8. Beede, Peter Mitchell. 

Churches— F. Bap. J. S. Runnals ; Cong. ; Meth. — 

Hotel— Oilman's, J. Oilman. 

Manufacturers— boots and shoes, F. N. Burleigh ; cottage bed 
steads, card boards, dry goods boxes and lumber, D. S. Morrill.! 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, N. H. Vamey, A. Uayford; carpenters, 
8. B. Remick, N. H. Yarnejr. 

Merchants— C. P. Cook, L. B. Remick, G. Robertson ; Bouih, L. D. 
Mason ft Son, W. Eastman ; auctioneer, S. S. Beede. 

Physician— J. C. Bassett. 

TEAlPIii:, HILLSBORO Z7<?^— Pop., 408. S. B. fr. C, 46 ; W. 
fir. Nashua, 22. R. B. &— Oreenville, on Peterboro' ft Shir. Br. R. R. 
Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— CterX;, C. P. Hay ward ; Tr«a$. Charles Rock wood ; Se- 
UotrnteHy 0. F. Barker, N. A. Brown, J. H. Cutler ; Board qf JSdueation, 
M. H. Fisk, chairman. 

Postmaster— C. P. Hayward. 

Justices-Jonathan M. Spaulding, C. P. Hayward, Lewis Howard, 
LMiiah Wheeler. Church— Cong.. John H. Melllsh. 

Exp. Ag't A Merchant— C. P. Hayward. 

Hotel— Central House, J. F. Howard. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, 0. F. Barker; lumber, J. B. Burton ; 
lumber, flour and meal. Bacon ft Walton. 

Summer Boarding House— O. D. Toung. 

THORNTON, ORAFTOJN—Fop., 774. N. W. fV. C, 66; N. fr. 
Plymouth, 14. B. B. ^Sl^Thomton, on P. V. R. R.; Plymouth, on B. 
C. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CterX:, J. A. Sanborn; Treat. 0. W. Fifleld ; Seleelmen, 
Bphraim Elliott, A. H. Kendall, Hiram Merrill ; Bupt. E. O. OuiMbrd. 

Postmasters— 0. F. James ; Wut, G. H. Weeks. 

Justices— M. B. Cone, M. J. Hazel tino, J. B. Pattee, J. Oilman, G. 
P. Sargent, Ephraim Elliott, 0. F. James. | 

Boarding Houses— Merrill House, William Merrill; Oampton Til 
lagct C. M. Bochannan, F. C. Willis, H. F. Durgin. 

Church— Chris., A. H Martin. Merchant — Enoch Bmmont. 

Exp. Ag't— Frnnk Chase. Hotel — West, Oscar Jones. 

Manufacturers— bobbins and dimension lumber, B. ft M. Foss; 
carriages. Carter Fobs, J. W. Pattee ; brush stock, C. F. Plummer. 

Mechanic— blacksmith, H. H. Fifield. 

Physician— E. O. Guilford. 

Tbomton'a F«rry — See Merrimack. * 

TIIiTON, BELKNAP—Vov. 1,282, N. fr. G. 18 ; S. W; ftr. La- 
conia, 10. B. B. <9.— Til ton and East Tilton on B. C. ft M. R. R. 


0FFICEK8— CSerit, 6. A. Stevens; !ZV«ar, R. T. NoyeH ; BeUetmen, 
B. B. Savage, Alden Moulton, W. H. Seave^ : Bupt. S. Dixon. 

Postmasters— D. E. Hill ; East, Chase Rollins. 

Justices— O. S. PhUbrick, B. T. Brown. J. B. Sanborn, W. P. Lang, 
W. T. Cass, C. C. Rogers, R. S. Perkins, F. C. Libbey, J. O. Lyford, Ed- 
win Moorhonse, S. O. Curtice, W. D. Hardy, State; W. 0. Wyatt, H. B. 
Savage, Oeo. P. Leavitt. 

Banks— Tilton' NatT, A. P. Pike, Pros.; W. T. Oass, Treas. Ion* 
Savings, A. S. Ballantyne, Pres.; Wm. T. Cass, Treas. I 

Churches— F. Bap., East, W. H. Yeoman; Cong., F. T. Perkins;! 
Rpis. Henry H. Haines ; Meth. C. S. Natter; JEast^ F. C. Libby. 

Eating Houses — Mrs. Mary Holmes. 

Exp. Ag't— Z. C. Perkins. Tel. Ag't— Miss Lizzie A. Blake. 

Hotel — ^Dexter House, J. F. Bryant. 

Lawyers — C. C. Rogers, W. D. Hardy. 

Literary Institution — N. H. CONFERENCE SEMINARY AND 
FEMALE COLLEQE, pres., S. E. Quimby, A. M.; preceptress, A. B. L 

Livery Stable— J. L. Loverin. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, M. C. Abbott, C. B. Garmon; build- 
ers, Daniel M. Page, Warren Smith, Franklin Morgan, J. F. Eastman ;l 
cottons, C. Almj's cotton mills; harnesses, W. C. Wyatt; hosiery, R. 
W. Colvin, Geo. E. Buel & Co.; job printer, G. B. Munsey, O. F 
Hill, C. F. Hall; lumber, B. P. Simonds, B. T. Brown, £asij 

B. W. Brown; spectacles. Lord Bros.; woolens, Tilton's woolen mills,' 
Selwyn Peabody. ag't., Granite Mills Co., A. S. Balantyne, ag't, Elm 
mills, R. Firth, ag't j 

Merchants— J. F. Taylor, Hill A Fletcher, Philbrick A HillJ 
Easty Chase Rollins ; auctioneers, B. T. Brown, W. P. Lang ; books 
and stadonery, C. P. Herrick; boots and shoes, S. London, G. W. Ab- 
bott; clocks and watches, Lord Bros.; confectionery and fruit, Q 
A. Stevens, drugs and medicines, G. A. Stevens, G. W. Lord k Co.. 

C. P. Herrick; dry goods, G. A. Whitcher A Co.; fancy goods, &, Con- 
don; fish, W. A. Colby; furniture, H. K. Thomson ; harnesses, W.' 
C. Wyatt ; meat and vegetables, Couch & Clough, W. P. Hill ; milli'' 
iiery. Miss H. Page, Mrs. M. A. Bryant ; tailor, ready-made cloth-l 
ing and furnishing goods, Davis & Boynton ; vegetables aud yarietioH, 
Couch & Clough, M. £. Holmes. 

Physicians — J. P. Osborn, C. R. Gould, A. A. Moulton. 

TKOY, CHESHIRE— ¥op.,7ii5, 8. E. fr. C, 60; S. fr. Keene« 
10. R. R. S.— Troy, on Cheshire R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZ«rfc, Franklin Ripley: Treas. Asa C. Dort; Sdeetnen^ 
Edmund Bemis, J. C. Parker, A. G. Lawrence ; 8upt.y M. T. Stone. 

Postmaster— C. W. Whitney. 

Justices— E. Buttricli, Sta^; E. P. Kimball, J. R. Stanley, Edward 
Bemis, G. H. Aldrich. 

Churches — Bap., 0. E. Brown ; Cong., D. W. Goodale. 

Eating House — Chas. Haskell. 

Exp. & Tel. Agent— J. H. Bigelow. 

Hotels — Monadnock, J. H. Metcalf; Kimball House, 0. Haskell. 

Livery Stable — Ezekiel Starkey. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, J. Capron; boxes, O. C. Whit 
comb, Winthrop Knights ; earthen ware, H. McCormac ; leather, W. 
G. A R. M. Silsby; pails and tubs, Edwin Buttrick & Co.; pails and 
nest buckets, C. D. Farrar; pail handles, Webster Corey; woolens,- 
Iroy Blanket Mills, Barrett Ripley, snpt. 

_r:i_:ii-L— ^ ■"-'_'- - - ■,!. . .. _ . -^ I 


Merchants— C W. Whitney, E. P. Klmbkll A S<m^ ; auctioneer,' 
H. W. Farrar; books, stationery and yankee notions, H. C. Newton ;, 
meat, 6. A. Starkey. 

I Physician—M. T. Stone. I 

! TtWTO^nonoVGWKj CARROLL— Pop., 923. N. B. ft-. C, 
io ; W. fr. Os9ipee, 5. R. R. S. — Wolteboro Bridge, 6 m., on Ports.> 
Gt. F. ft C. R. R. Daily StMfre. i 

; OFFICERS~Of«ri;, J. A. Bennett ; Treas., F. L. Hersey ; Selectmen^ 
J. E. Fox, J. B. Wbitten, F. £. Hersey. 

I Postmasters — Cbm«r, D. E. Palmer ; Mdvin Village^ 0. Richard-, 
■on ; Ctntre, A. L. Hersey. 

I Justices— J. F. Stockbridge, D. E. Palmer, Slate ; J. C. Seavey, G. W. 
Daris, J. A. Bennett, J. E. Fox, W. 0. S. Hodgdon, C. W. Pinkimm. 

Churches — Adv., T. W. Piper; Chris.. D. A. Wi^gin; Ist Cbris., 
Topping; F. Bap., W. H. Cutting; Meth., J. H. Knott. 

Exp. Agent— B. B. Neal. Physicians— T. A. Haley, D. £. Palmer. 

Manufacturers — blacksmttbs, H. E. Fernald, G. A. Hilton, A. Gay; 
bobbins, D. W. Homer; boots and shoes. E. A Black; coffins and 
furniture, Melvin Village, Piper Bros.; fiikins, pails and buckets,' 
Olark & Hodgdon. 

Merchants — Oomer^ Charles Ham ; OcnUry A. L. Hersey ; Melvin 
Village. D. Fernald. Richardson Bros., Dan'l Caverly. 
, Twin Hoantain— See Carroll. Union— See Wakefield. 
I CJWITY, aULLlVAN—Pop., 814. W. fr. C, 60; 8. fr, Newport, ' 
10. R. R. S. — Claremont and Newport, on Con. & C. R. R. Tri-weekly 
stage to Claremont A No. Charlestown; daily fr. E. Unity to Newport., 

OFFICERS— C^A:, J. M. Perkins; TVeax., Amos Perkins ; Select \ 
men, E. J. Glidden, F. Bailey, S. M. Gee : Supt., E. S. Bailey: Supervit-^ 
org, G. S. Severance, C. A. Newton. F. Wright; Overteer, G. B Lewis.' 
I Postmasters— Charles R. Lewis ; East, C. A. Clough ; Wezt, Miss 
J. Quimby. i 

, Justices — E. W. Woodell, Amos Perkins, iSlfa/«; J. M. Perkins , 
Harvey Sanborn, Moses Johnson, John Paul, B. F.French, S. M. Gee,! 
W. W. Hall, H. N. Johnson I 

1 Churches — Bap., ; Meth., Cloud; TFett, Geo. N. Bryant. I 

I Fire Insurance Co.— Unity Mutual, Selim Sleeper, Pres.; Amos 

Perkins, Sec. 

I Hotel — Unity Springs House. 

' Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, S. Smith, C. H. Cammet; carpenters, L. 

M. Whittemore, John Currier. 

, Merchants — ^groceries, J. P. Whitaker; Eatt, C. A. Clough. 

I Wadley's Fnlls— See Lee. 

I lirAKEFIEH>,.CJ/2ieOi£— Pop., 1,392. N . E. fr. C, 43 ; ?. 

fr. 0s8ip«e 10. R. R. S. — Union, Wolfeboro Junction, Wakefield, No.' 

and East Wakefield Depot, on Ports. Gt. Falls <fc C. R. R. | 

, OFFICERS— Cierifc, Geo. P. Dorr; Treat., Satch<'l Weeks; 8electmen,\ 

G. A. Teaton. P. 0. Cottle, H. P. Oilman: Supt., H. N. Cook. 

I Postmasters— Hiram Paul ; East, Tliomas Wood ; North, Mrs. J. C. 

Hill; East Depot,!. S. Lowd; Sanborn's Mills, G. F. Piper; Horn's 

MiUs, John G. Sanborn; Woodman's, J. M. Woodman. 

' Justices— G- A. Varney, J. W. Sanborn, E. Wadleigh, M. B. Smith. 

C. W. Sanborn, D. S. Burley, H. M. Libbey, L. D. Sawyer, Stale ; C. 

W. Page, G. H. Gage, J. Mc N. Cook, H. F. Barnard, I. S. Lowd, A. 

J. Millikeu. J. H. Cloutman, G. P. Dorr. 

' Churches— Cong., A. H. Thompson ; Epis., Wolfeboro Junction, W. 

L. Himes ; F. Bap. 


Exp. Agt's— E. W. Junkini, A. O. Bobinson, Henry P»«l, I. 8. 
Lowd. I 

Hotels— National Honae, Mrs. 6. H. Wiggin ; Wol/eboro Junftinn. 
Sanborn Ilous«» G. H. Prescott ; Ea^ fVaJtedddt Depots Davis House, 
S. Kershaw. I 

Lawyers — h. D. Sawyer ; Wol/eboro Junction^ G. W. Sanborn. i 

Livery Stables — Woj/eboro Junction^ 6. H. Prescott ; £aU D^pot^ 
Samuel Kershaw. I 

Manufacturers — ^blacksmith, J. Reynolds ; Wolffhnrough JtmctPrnJ 
H. A. Peayy; job printer, G. S. Dorr, Pioneer office ; Inmber, J. W. 
Sanborn, Pine River Lumber Co. ! 

Merchants — A. J. Milliken, Geo. A. Yeaton; P. 0. Cattle; co-oper- 
ative store, Andrew Hall ; Wol/eboro Junction^ J. W. Garvin ft' 
Co.: hard ware. Home A Haynes, auctioneer, J. W. Sanborn. 

Physicians— S. W. Roberts. 

Tel. Agt'S — E. W. Jnnkins, A. O. Robinson, I. 8. Lowd. 

fTn Ion— Postmaster— Elijnh Wadleigh. 

Church — Cong., G. 8. Butler. 

Hotel and Livery Stable— J. C. Penney. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith, I. H. Jenkins; chain, R. Sanborn; 
felt cloth, John Mickle; gmvoHtones, H. F. Stevens; lumber, J. F.' 
Hart & Co.; excelsior, F. B. Drew. | 

Merchant— A. F. Wood A Co., E. Wadleigh, J. P. Gilman; hard- 
ware, Union Hardware Co. 

Physician — J. E. Scruton. I 

WA LPOE.!!) CHESHIRE— Pop., 2,018. S. W. fr. 0., 60. N. W.j 
fr. Keene, 18. R.R.B. — Walpole ^ mile, and for Drewsville *c.,{ 
Cold River, 1 m., on Cheshire R. R. Public Conveyance to all trains.! 

OFFICERS— C2«rA;, A. P. Richardson ; TrtM$.y T.B. Bnffnm ; Select-. 
menHy H. Burt, C. R. Crowell, A. R. P. Robinson ; 8upt»., Geo. Aldrich 

Postmasters— R. L. Ball ; Norths N. Monroe ; Drew$viUe, W. A. 

Justices — E K. Seabury, Wra. P. Mason, J. G. Bellows. R. L. 
Ball, Boliver Lovell, State; H. E. Putnam, J. H. Heald,Ghas. Fisher, A. 
P. Richardson. 

Bank — Walpole Ssvings, A. W. Burt, Pres., J. G. Bellows, Treas. 

Churches — Chris., H. M. Eaton: Cong , Fred L. Allen; DretosvitUt, 
St. Peter's, E. A. Renouf, p. o. ad., Keene; R. Cath., N. Conenyer ;' 
North ; Unit., . 

Exp. Agent— H. A. Perry. 

Hotels— Wentworth House, C. G. Maynard ; DrewniUtf Mountain 
House, Thomas Tannt. 

Lawyer — J. O. Bellows. 

Uterary Institution— Walpole High School, M. C. Pease, prin. 

Livery Stables— H. Allen & Son, Warren Jeunison. 

Manunicturers — blacksmiths, Fred Lebonrvean, Thos. Walsh. A. 
A. Beckwlthj Drewnille; stock. Norths N. Monroe, J. H. Henid ; build- 
er, H. A. Watkins ; job printer, C. C. Davis: lager beer; Walker, Dew-I 
ey, Blake ft Co.; lumber, A.F. Maynard; lumber, C. B. Hall, John Sel- 
kirk : turned wood boxes, W. A. Bond. 

Merchants— G. P. Porter, B. K. Seabury : Drewnille, W. A. Bond ; 
North. H. G. Hawkins ; auctlone'-rs. S. H. Porter, Chas. Fisher ; books, 
stationery, drugs and medicines, C. C. Davis; boots ft shoes, R. L. 
Ball ; hardware, J. K. Sterling ; meat, Chapin ft Burt, Gorliam ft IM- 
gell, H. Chandler ft Co.; mUlinery, Miss Bowen. 

Physicians— A. P. Richardson, W. B. Porter^ G. A. Blake. 



Summer Boarding Houses— Orow«ll it Richardson, Mn. J. B 

Tel. Ag't— F. A. Spaulding. 

l^AKHrJBK, MERRIMACK—Vop^ 1,537. N. W. fr. C, 18 in. 
J2. M. S.— Warner, on C. & C. R. R. 

I OFFICERS— Ciferi:, W. J. Davis; Treat., 6. C. George; Selectmen 
ChaH. Currier, J. C. Graham, W. C. Dunbar; Supt.y 8. S. Bean. 

Postmasters— £. H. Carroll ; Roby's Qytner^ M. H. Roby. 
I Justices — Geo. N. Tewksbury, A. P. Davis. G. C. George, Rnber 
Thompson, S. K. Page, S. S. Bean, S. M. Harrlman, Samuel Davis 
6. F. Bean, H. S. Willis, Stau; P. C. Wheeler, A. C. Carroll, S. W 
Davis, £. C. Cole, B. F. Heath, £. H. Carroll, B. C. Flanders, L. H 
Adams, Arthur Thompson, D. C. Harrimau, H. R. Sargent, A. Kelley 
iW. J. Davis. W. P. Melvin. 

Bank — Kearsarge Nat'l. Geo. Savory, Presr, G. C. George, Cash. 

Churches— Bap., N. M. Williams; Cong.,G. H. Foss ; Uetb., 

Ex. A Tel. Agent— A. R. Putnam. 

'Hotels — Warner and Kearsarge, A. C. Carroll. 

Ins. Agents— A. P. Davis, S. K. Page, W. P. Melvin. 

Lawyers — Samuel Davis, A. P. Davis, S. K. Paige. 

Literary Institution— Simonds Fr6e High School, C. A. Strout, B 
lA. Prin. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, F. B. Turner, P. F. Clough, S. C 
Harriman, N. Chase, William Chuse; baskets, W. Haskell ; bedsteads 
John Rogers; boots, John Osgood; boxes, F. M. Watson k Co.; build 
jer, Ira Spaulding; card board, Davis Bros., p. o. ad., Contoocook 
jclothes pins and hubs, 0. P. C. W. Redington ; evaporating, Kear 
sarge Evaporating Co., A. Thompson, prop^ gloves, Merrimack Glovi 
.Co., A. G. Marsh, manager ; excelsior, John Rogers, Bartlett Bros, 
lelevator buckets, F. M. & B. II. W^atson, F. Robtiins, F. H. Savory. T 
iMelvin ; flour and meal, J. C. Ela, Davis k Co.; harneKses, G. H 
jingalls, J. Rogers ; lumber, M. T. Rla ; meal, J. C. £Ia ; Job printer 
j£. C Cole. 

Merchants— R. Thompson. A. C. Carroll k Son, B. F. Ht-ath 
M. Trussell, p. o. ad., Contoocook, Tipton k Upton ; auction 
leers, D.~C. HHrriman, Sam'l. Sliattuck; clothing, C. A. Benton ; jewel 
|ry, J. H. Morrill ; meat, W. H, Sawyer ; millinery, Mrs. W. W. Brown 
Mrs. J. Savory ; tin, sheet iron and stoves, J. B. Smith, B. H. Wat 

Physicians— J. M. Rix, J. R. Cogswell. 

DVABBEN, ^^ffuiFTOiV— Pop., 786. N. W. fr. C, 70. E. fron 
Haverhill, 12, fr. Plymouth. 20. R. R. 5.— Warren, Warren Summit 
on B., C. k M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/erA;, H. A. Whitcher; Treat. ^ Ira Merrill; Sdectnen 
Ezra Libbey, Daniel Clement, H. A. Little. 

Postmasters — J. S. Jewett : Bummit, N. T. Caswell. 

Justices- J. S. Jewett, J. M. Williams, State ; J. £. Davis, Bzr 
Libby. J. F. Merrill, H. A. Little. 

Church— Meth. N. Fisk. Ex. AgH— J. E. Davis. 

Hotel — Langdon House, L. H. French, manager. 

Ins. Ag't— J. M. Williams. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, W. Libby, E. k A. M. Pillsbnrj 
James Harriman, Peter Shampon ; bobbins, L. F. Jewell, Bartlett i 
jHibbard ; builder, J. W. Batohelder. 

I Merchants— J. 8. Jewett, E. B. Eaton k Son ; C. W. Cummings 
'Summit^ N. T. Caswell ; meat, A. Whitcher. 


! Physicians— R. B. Merrill, B. A. Toby; eclec, J. F. Willey. 
I Summer Boarding Houses — Amus L. Merrill, Eastman & Upton, 
C. B. Woodward. I 

I Tel. Agent— C. A. Caswell. I 

I W ASHIIf GTOHr, SULLIVAN— Voi^., 682. W. fr. C, 82. S. 
ifr. Newport, 14. R. R. S. — Hillsborough Bridge and Newport, on C, 
ft C. R. R. Daily stage to each. J 

i OFVICKKB— Clerk, G. M. Wright; Treat., J. Wilkins; SeUctnun, 
8. W. Hard, S. M. Farnsworth, I. Brockway. j 

Postmaster— B. F. Muzzey. 

Justices — Levi Hathom, A. J. Oatting, J. 0. Hetcalf, Supply Barney, 
M. M. Hadley, StaU; N. A. Loll, John Mcllvin. H. J. Gage, 8. W. 
Heard, H. Wright. 

Church— Cong., . Hotel — Lovell House, T. H, Holland. 

Literary Institution— Tabbs Union Academy, F. P. Newman, prin. 

Livery Stable— Charles Trow. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths. 0. T. Crane, M. J. Fowler; card- 
boards, shingles and clapboards, M. J. Fowler; coflSns, J. L. Safford, 
Job printer, A. P. Howe; lumber, G. W. Gage, M. H. Dole, Alon- 
zo Marshall, J. L. Butterfield ; , water wheels, G. L. Mellen ; -wool- 
en goods and men's socks. Brown & Young. 

Merchants— B. F. Muzzey, N. A. Lull & Son, W. H. Chapin. 

Physician — dentist, F. P. Newman. 

JEast— Postmistress— Nancy W. Friend. 

Churches— C. Bap., L. M. Powers ; F. Bap., B. P. Hoyt. 

Manufacturers — meal, N. G. Jones ; lumber, M. H. Carr ; rakea,' 
Mc Ilvin & Fletcher. I 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Chas. Jones; carpenter, Will 8. Eaton; 
painter, C. B, Seavey ; tailor, B G. Woodward. ! 

Merchants— H. J. Gage, A. J. Cutting. 

Physicians— homeo. G. W. Gage. ' 

WATCRVIIiliE, GRAFTON— ^oip., 64. N. fr. C, 68 ; N. ft-.' 
Plymouth, 18. R. R. S.— Camptonville, P. W. R. R. 
I OFFICERS— C7«-t, J. B.Drake; Treat. Levi Dolloif; 8wpt., Merrill 
Greeley; Selectmen, Samuel DolloflF, Merrill Greeley, 8. CL Drake; 
Constable f S. C. Drake. Justice — M. Greeley. ' 

Hotels — for summer boarders, Merrill Greeley, A. S. Drake. I 

Manufacturers — lumber, A. S. Drake, C. Joslyn. j 

Mechanics — blacksmith, A. S. Drake; carpenter, Samuel DoUofF, 

Water Tillace— See Ossipee. , 

WEARE, HILLSBOROUGH— ^oip., 1.829. W. fr. C. 14 ; N. W.' 
fr. Manchester, 18. R. R. &— Oil Mills, B. Weare, and N. Weare,' 
on Man. and N. Weare R. R. I 

OFFICERS— Cterfc and Treat,, 0. E. Hoag; Seleetmen, A. H. Wood,^ 
L. H. Dow, M. R. Peaslee ; Suptt., J. P. Dearborn, A. B. Johnson, Mrs? 
C. F. Chase. i 

I Postmasters— C. E. Hoag; East, A. B. Johnson; Oil Mia VUlage, 
jA. Frost. I 

] Justices — A. B. Johnson, M. A. Hodgdon, A. P. Collins, Daniel 
'Johnson, President Felch, D. P. Woodbury, J. L. Hadley, Zephaniah 
[Breed, 0. D.Sawyer, L. B. Laney, State; Abner Fro8t,C.E. Wood, W. 
L. Collins, W. T. Morse, C. E. Hoag, J. H. Nichols, 0. J. Hadley, a' 
H. Wood, J.W. Hanson, R. Peasley. 

Churches— Bap., East, ; F. Bap., ; Uniy., . 

Exp. Ag't— J. P. Chase. Hotel— JStw*. Terrill. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, A. C. Hadlock, H. G. Cram,&mtt, 0. 


L. Colbiirn, Norths Will Warreo, Ikutt D. S. Hazen ; egg cases, Z. Breed 
floar and meal, Oil Mills, H. Simons ; Had, Ray & Black ; lumber, H 
F. Breed, j^st, J. H. Day; Oil Mills^ G. E. Gove; medicines & Ahvoi 
,ing extracts, Eaxly L. E. Philbrick k Co.; toys, Eatt^ Toy Mauuf'g 
€k>., J. A. White, pres.; wheelbarrows, C. H. Leighton. 
I Merchants— C. £. Hoag & Ck>.; Eaat, A. B. rohnfton : Oil MilU^ B 
H. Simons ; auctioneer, G. E. Wood; meat, E-ixl, H. M. Felch. 

Physicians— homeo., J. P. Whittle: East^Y. Saton. 

Nortli— Postniiaster--0. D. Sawyer. Hotex— A. P. Collins. 

Church— F. Bap., 

Manufacturers— cider, S. S. Clark ft Son; evaporated apple 
and cider, J. £. Jones; knife, file and chisel handles, D. G. Chase 

I ladies' boots, L. li. Sawyer, J. W. Hanson ; leather, A. F. Paige 
lumber, Robert Peaslee, J. Thorndike, S. S. Clark & Son ; meal, A 
Flanders ; skiving machines, D. Hanson ; toys, J. H. Wallace ; woodei 
boxes, C. H. Thorndike; wool and woolen goods, Weare Woolen Co. J 
E. Jones, ag*t. 

Merchants— D. Sawyer, Simons ft Tacker ; Mrs. C. F. Chase. 

Physician — homeo., R. 0. Wood. 

Sea til— Postmaster— C. W. Buxton. 

Churches— Cong., . 

Hotel— J. P. Dearborn. Merchant — Almiis Morse. 

Manufacturers— clothing. C A. Thorp; lumber, H. R. Nichols. 

WEBSTER, MERRIMACK— ?o^.,6i7. N. W. fr. C, 13 
R. R. S. — Boscawen, 7 miles, on Nor. R. R. Stage daily. 

OFFI€ERS — Cl«rk and Treat., Atherton Sweatt; Seltcimm, Gee 
T. Sanborn, D. G. Holmes, W. W. Burbank; Supt., Ellen K. Abbott 
j Postmaster— Atherton Sweatt. Physician— N. H. Arey. 
I Justices— C. B. Putney, M. A. Pillsbury, T. i. Courser, J. L. Conch 
\StaU\ i. L. Gerrish, Thos. Elliot, J. D. Sanborn, Sherman Littlt 

Churches — Chris., ; Cong., Edward Buxton ; Meth, 

N. M. Bailey. 

I Manufacturers— chair stock, J. M. Snyder ; lumber, F. L. Burbanl 

ft Son. 

Mechanic — blacksmith, J. B. Chase. 

Merchants — George Little, W. J. Simpson. 

Weir's Bridee — See Laconia. 

WENTWORTK, GRAFTON— Vop., 939. N. W. fr. C, 66 
N. W. fr. Plymouth, 16. R. R. ^.— Wentworth, on B. C. ft M. R. R 

0FFICERS*-C7«r&, W. H. Davis; Treat., J. A. Davis: Selectmen, W 
H. Moore, J. L. Downing, B. M. Libby ; S^pt., Bartlett Foster. 

Postmaster — J. B. Brown. Lawyer — ^W. A. Flanders. 

Justices — W. A. Flanders, A. M. Cogswell, Stdte; H. D. More) 
David Gove, L. W. Currier, J. D. Osgood, 0. L. Whitcher. 

Church — Gong., C. U. Schoon. Exp. Agt's — Eastman ft Brown. 

Hotel A Livery — Union House, Eleazcr Smith. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith, Franklin Eaton ; bobbins. Knight < 
Crosby; carriages and sleighs, 0. Q. Cole; coal, Jos. Brack; coffius an 
caskets, H. D. Morey; gloves and mittens, Y. B. Merrill; lumber, "V^ 
iW. Brown, .Fohn Whitcher, T. P. Nutting, B. W. Brown; tiuwan 
Alfred Page. 

I Merchants — Eaton, Davis ft Co., Eastman ft Brown ; J. M. Colbnn 
p. 0. ad., West Rumney ; auctioneer, H. D. Movey ; drugs and med: 
cines, Eastman ft Brown ; furniture, Dean, Eastman ft Brown ; jev 
.elry, Eastman ft; Brown; meat, D. H. Colby, A. Wliitcher, Atwoo 
Colburn; millinery, Mrs. Wm. Gavel ry; ready made clothing, sev 


ing machines, wool, Ac, Baton, Dayis A Co.; 'watches and jewelry, C.i 
fi. Mason. 

Physicians— John Whitmore, A. A. Whipple ; bot., F. A. Bnrlcee; 

Tei. AgentS-^Eastman & Brown. 

l¥£8TiVIORClLAND, CHESHIRE— Fop., 1,108. S. W. fr. 
C, 65 ; W. It. Keene. 10. M. R. iS.— Westmoreland, and East West- 
moreland, on Cheshire R. R. 

OFFICERS— <?(«■*, E. J. Goodnow , 2Vea#., John Cowdery ; Seteet- 
mm^ John Works, O. J. Ware, C. M. Scoville; Bv^,^ G. W. Ohanaher- 

PostmasterS'-Jos. Shelley ; Eoit, W. N. Patten ; Dt^, C. H. OQokv 
JParkhill, C, W. Leonard. ( 

Justices — Willard Bill, Jr., StaU; Wm. N. Patten, Jasper Hall, 
G. W. Daggett, E. J. Goodnow, A. Fletcher, J. B. Mason, D. W 
Patten, Albert Thompson, John Works. 

Churches— .Km^ Chris. J. Claflin ; Cong., " . (^ase. 

Hotel — Bennett Honse, C. Steams. 

ManufttCturers^blacksmiths, G. G. Wells, B. Leach, 0. Keirer, H. 
J. Dutton ; meal, L. Wilcox, E. Bosworth ; lumber, L. Wilcox, IS. B. 
Butterfield, £. Bosworth; saw and planing mill, £. J. Qoodnow. 

Merchants— 2>0po<, A. Burt; East^ Albert Thompson, I\irkfUU, 
Warren ft Leonard. « 

Physician— G. W. Chamberlain. Tel. Agent— C. H. Cook. 

IVesf port— See Swanzey. 

HrhltcherTille— See Lnndaff. 

WHITEFIEI^D, COOS— Pop., 1,828. N. fr. C, 120; S. fr. I^in- 
caster, 10. R. R. &— Whitetield, on W. k, J. R. R., Whitefield, % ra. 
on B. G. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7erA;, W. N. Armington; BdetAmen^ B. F. Lane, L. J. 
Miner, S. M. Bray. 

Postmaster— E. M. Bray. 

Justices— I. S. M. Gove, J. G. Tmlan, W. F. Dodge, Joseph Colby, 
Julius Bond, W. N. Armington, Spragne Carlton, F. P. Brown, i^ofe : 
T. C. Grey. 

Churches— Adv., C. Pike; F Bap., Thos. Spooner, Jr.; Metfa 
James Carnes. 

Exp. Ag't— C. H. Gordon. Hazm^n MUl*^ T. Hazea. 

Hotel— Carleton House, C. P. Carleton. . 

Lawyer— W. N. Armington. 

Literary Institution— Toung Ladles' School, Miss Habcock. 

Livery Stables— J. A. Moore, 0. A. Brown. I 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, L. C. Aldrich, W. H. Webb, Wm 
Simons; boots and shoeb, A. J. Fowler, S. Gibson; builders, D. 8 
Snow, Ira Sturtcrant; butter tubs, H. L. Cole; carriages, A. M. 
Colby, W. Boles ; churns, Brown Lumber Co.: flour and mestl. Currier 
ft Co. J. Q. A. Libbey, Ctias. Eastman : job printer, C. J. Colby : lumber, 
L. D. ft L. T. Hazen, G. W. ft N. W. Libbey, Brown Lumber Go. 

Merchants — Lane ft Quimby, Currier A Co., Byrne Bros., Libbey 
Bros, ft Brown, O.S. Blood. W. B. Hutchins, L. D. ft L. T. Ifazen ; 
auctioneer, I. 8. M. Gove, w. W. Drown ; clocks and drugs and medi- 
cines, J. L. Mc Gregor ft Co., D. H. Wells, 0. S. Blood ; furniture. 
Currier ft Co.; millinery, Mrs. J. B. Lane, Eliza Eastman, Stella F. 
McGregor, Aida Clark ; tin and hardware, J. Q. A. Libby. 
1 Physicians— Geo. 8. Gove, G. R. Bugbee, J. L. Patten, M. Wood- 
bury ; homeo., G. E. Huntley, Geo. Morrison; J. L. McGregor. 
j Tel. Ag*t— B. H. Weston. 


post office in OarroII Oounty. 
IVillovrdflfcle — A post office m Grafton Goant.T. 
UriUHOT, MERBlMACK-'Pop., 1,081. N. W. fr. 0., 80. 

M, a. S — West Andover, 2 m., unNo. R.R. Daily stage. 

OFFICKRS— CZcrile, 8. Goodhue ; TrMt., W. E. Langley ; &/0C(m«n, 
J. P. Hale, J. Bf. Curr, tieo. Knowles; St^. L. M. Keniston. 
Postmaster— G. £. Woodward. 

Justices— M. StfMirns, W. W. Flanders, W. F. Langley, F. W. Flan- 
ders, Horace Webster, State ; J. P. Bean, G. E. Woodward, S. E. 
Philbrick, J. H. Greeley. 

Cliurcbes — Oong., supplied; F. Bap., Geo. Tewksbnry; Metb. 
8. 1^. W^yman. 

Manuncturers — Clumber, Dodge Brothers. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths. C. F. (jkive, 0. H. Langley; carpenter, 
and vndertalcer, 8eth Goodhue; embalmer, F. E. Goodhue; watch' 
maker, G. W. Whittemore. 

I Merchants— James Stearns, G. E. Woodward ^ Oo. 
I Physician— M. li. €k>lby, 

ritktr—B. R. S.— Potter Place. Daily stage. 
Postmasters— J. H. Greeley k Co. Lawyer— W. W. Flanders. 
Church— F. Bap., A. Sargent 
Hotel — Winslow House, Kearsarge Ht. 

Manufkcturers — ^leather, Glough k Smons ; lumber, A. Parker k 
iCo.: woolens, N. Johnson. 

I Mechanioe— blacksmith, F. W. Crockett ; painter, T. Clark ; tailor, 
H. Fisher. 
Merchants— J. H. Greeley k Co. 
Wilson** Crosalnc— See Londonderry. 

WIIiTOJr, HILLSBORO(rGH—Fov^ 1.748. 8. W. fr. C. 41 ; W., 
fr. Nashua, 16. J2. B. 8.—E. Wilton, on & L. A N. B. R. j 

OFFICERS— C/erik, W. D. Stearns; Treai.f G. W. Wallace: Select- 
weis C. S. Barrett, L. W. Perham, Wm. U. Barnes ; iSupt., G. C. Trow.i 
Postmasters— A. E. Jaques ; fre*^ H. 0. Sargeut. 
Justices— Josiah Fleeman, Moses Clark, C. H. Burns, State ; Jacob 
.Pntnam, A. J. Putnam, D. E. Proctor, Chas. ,UesseIton, Philander' 
Ring, Henry Gray, C. A. Stiles, Warner Clark, A. A. Ramvey. 
Banks — Wilton SaTinn, J. Fleeman, Pres.; M. Clsrk, Treas. 
Churches — Bap., G. C. Truw; Coug., A. E. Tracey ; Unit., J. II. 
Dix ; Ea$t, J. J. Twiss; R. Cath., E. £. Buckle. 
Ex. Agents — Levi W. Perkins, Lorraine Giddings. 
Tel. Ag't— R. M. Moore. 

Hotel — Everett House, S. N. Ceuter. > 

Lawyer — C. H. Bums. 

Livery Stables— Joseph Langdell, F. P. Kent. 

Manuneturers- blacksniithfl. Bales k Putnam, H. N. Gray, C. B. 
Smith; boots and shoes, C. B. k E. P. Dasconib; builders. W. D.| 
Btearns, J. L. Hardy, C. A. k II. L. Eiuerson; butter and cheese, D.' 
Whiting k Sons ; carriages, Flint k Gray, A. J. Parker; cotton yarn 
and twine, Wilton Co.; fancy boxes, H. W. Hupkins, H. A. Holt; 
flannels. Colony Bros.: harnesses, Lewis Tingley, £. I. Cm tis ; knobM,' 
fWeat, 8. W. Smith ; knobs and milk can bungs, West^ J. H. Hole ; 
leather, Pntnam k Co.; lumber, D. Whiting k Sons, Levi Putnam, 
jj. k H. H. Lirermore; plows, W. N. Patterson k Co.: ready made 
Icioihlug, Leyi W. Perkins ; vegetable ambroeia. Ring ft Son ; woodeu 
[wares and toys Daniel Cragin. i 

Merchants— A. E. Jaqnes, 8. N. Center ft Son, D. E. Proutor, 


G. A. Carter; auctioneers, R. J. Frye, Moses Clark; bookv and 
stationery, A. S. Jaques; t)oot8 and shoes, G. A. Carter; clothing, 
G. W. Wallace, L. W. Perkins; drnga and medicines, Henry Trev 
ett, H. A. Powers ; fancy goods and notions, P. H. Riiii; ; grocer 
ies, A. 0. Barker, Stanton Bros., 0. B. Bdwards; jewelry, A. H, 
Smith; meat, 8. H. Danbar, S. A. Spalding; millinery, S. M. Sniith; 
stoves and tin ware, S. K. Foster. 

Physicians ^ Josiah Fleeman, Henry Trevett, G. W. Hatch, 
A. H. Pierce: dentists. Frank M. Peavey, B. Wood. 

UriNCIIBSTCSR^ CHESHIRE-'Fop., 2,444. S. W. fr. C, 65 ; 
S. W. fr. Keene, 13. Ji. R. S.— Winchester on Ashaelot R. K. ' 

OFFICERS— Cf/«jr*,G. H. Snow; Treas., Henry Abbott; Selectmen, 
S. M. Morse, £. S. Adams, D. S. Swan ; Supts. G. W. Pierce, J. Nojes, 
E. Harmon. 

Postmaster— W. H. Guerneey. Exp. Agent— E. Alexander. 

Justices — Harvey Carlton, W. L. Felch, E M. Forbes, E. P. 
Tenney, State ; Wright Wood, G. W. Pierce, F. R. Peters, Henry Ly- 
man, A. A. Putnam, C. Barber, E. Hutchins, F. H. Eamen, A. W. BallJ 
Henry Gould, D. S. Swan, A. J. Barber, L. W. Coy, H. B. Swan, J. T.' 
Burnap, H. W. Brigham, E. S. Adams, F. C. Preist, £. T. Temple. I 

Banks— Winchester Nat'l, E. G. Thayer, Pres.; H. Abbott, Onsh.;' 
Secnrity Savings, J. Grace Alexander, Treas. 

Churches — Cong., E. Harmon; Meth., J. Noyes ; Univ., A. A. Rice. 

Hotel— Winchester, Geo. E. Richards. Tel. Agent— Geo. H. Snow. 

Lawyers— E. M. Forbes, H. W. Brigham. I 

Literary Institutions— Winchester High School, J. N. Mai lory, pr.; 
Public Library, 1,700 vols., Miss Jennie L. Weeks, Librarian. 

Livery Stables— 0. L. Howard, E. Wilbur. 

ManuTacturers— blacksmiths, L. B. Searer, H. B. Robbins; 
boxes, A. M. Howard. C. M. Norwood, Smith & Metcalf ; builders,] 
Henry Gould, Frank Hildreth, M. D. Spaulding, O. W Hosford,* 
V. K. Morse; hones, Adamascobite Co.; leather, N E. Stevens;! 
lumber, W. H. Jennings, D. T. Snbin, A. M. Howard, Dickenson 
A Baker ; pails, Dickenson, Weeks & Co.; palm leaf hats, E. S. Adams, 
H. B. Swan, J. W. Titus. 

Merchants— F. Weeks A Co., W. L. Rixford, B. P. H. Randnll, F. 
P. Willis, A Co., C. W. Scott A Co.; auctioneer, Henry Lyman ; books and 
stationery, W. H. Guernsey; clocks and watches, F.- R. Peters, J. A 
Powers; clothing, W. A. Alexander; clothing and furnisblng goods, 
Chase A Richards; drugs & medicines, J. A. Powers, M. C. Pierce; 
furniture, J. A. Lasure ; meal, E. H. Brown, F. P. Willis A Co.; meat, 
W. L. Rixford, Wood Bros.; millinery, Miss M. G. Bancroft, F. E. Rus- 
sell ; stoves and tin ware, J. Hutchlns. 

Physicians— E. Evans, G. W. Pierce, A. H.Taft; homeo., W. 0. 
Hardy ; dentist, W. C. Barrett. 

Ashaelot— S. W. fr. C, 67 ; S. W. fr. Keene, 15 m. 22. B, &— 
W. Aghuelot, 2^ m., on Asihuelot R. R. 

Postmaster— H. H. Pratt. Tel. Ag't— Wright Wood. 

Hotel & Livery Stable— 3. 0. Hawkins. 

Literary Institution— Ashuelot Union Library, 700 vol.. Mrs. E. A. 
Pickering, librarian. Exp. & Station Ag't — J. F. Howard. 

Manufacturers — cotton warps, Ashuelot Warp Co., lumber, Ansel 
Dickinson; pumps, A. H. Holman, John Burk ; woolens, Ashaelot 
M'f g Co., Thayer A Turner. 

Mechanics— carpenters, E. F. Stimson, L. W. Goss, B. C. Stimson. 

Merchants— Wright Wood, Ball A Felch, Howe A Pratt. 


UriBrDHAHl, ROOKING HA U^Pop., 695. 8. U. fr. 0.,33; 8 
W. fr. Exeter, 23. R. R. &— Windham Depot on, M. & L. R. R., 2}^ 
m., daily stage ; West W^ on N. & R. B. R., 3 ms. 

OFFICERS—CferA, Jas. Cochran ; 2'rea*.,J. P. Orowell ; Selectmen, 
H. S. Reynolds, A. E. Simpson, Chas. Smith ; Supt.. B. E. Blanchard. 

Postmasters-^ James Go<^hran ; Depots E. N. Stickney ; West, Charles 
Smith ; Golden Brook Aims, Q. S. Neal. 

Justices — J. P. Crowell, B. E. Blauchard, L. A. Morrison, Horace 
Berry, Slate; W. C. Harriu, H. S. Reynolds. 

Church— Pres., J. S. Cogswell. Ex. Ag't— B. H. Hnghes. 

Manufacturers — flannel. Golden Br^ok MillSy G. S. Neal ; lumber, 
T. W. Simpson; Depot, Gt. E. Seavey. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Ri»hard Esty; Wett^ Chas. Hammond; 
carpenters, £. B. Smith, A. V. Campbell. 

Merchants — West^ Chas. Smiih; 2>«pof, B. N^ Stiekney; aactlon- 
eer, J. G. Bradford. 

Summer Boarders— J. S. Clark ; Depot, B. H. Hughes, Wut, H. 8. 

W^INBSOR, HILLBBOROUGH—Vop., 66. S. W. from C, 30. 
N. W. fr. Manchester, 32. R. R. 8 — Hillsborough bridge, 7 mis, on 
Peterttorough and Hillsborough R. R. 

OFFICERS— a«rA; G. M. Russell ; 7rea«., H. E. Russell ; SeJeetmm, 
J. C. Chapman, G. M. Russell, F. G. Drestier; Supt., Mary E. Dresser. 

Justice— Mark Chapman, State. 

Manufacturers — flour, meal and lumber, J. G. Dodge. 

1¥0I«FB0R01JGH9 GARROLL^Top., 2,222. N. E. fi-. C. 
50: S. fr. Ossipee, 10. R. R. &— Wolf borough, on Ports., Ot. Fslls 
& Con. R. R. During navigation direct commnnication with B. A M. 
R. R., by steamer Mt. WMShington, and ^th B. C. & M. R. R., by 
steamer Lady of the Lake; Mill Village 1 m., Cotton Valley, 6 m.. 
Centre, 3 m. 

OFFICERS— CTerJfc, D. C. Frost ; TVeas., I. B. Manning; Selectmen, 
J. W. Piper, Joseph H. Biekford, T. J. Bickford, jr.; Supt., G. E. 

Postmasters — Chas. F. Piper; North, H«sekiah Welland; South, 3. 
U. Rnst; East, T. L. Whitton: Centre, S. Reynolds. 

Justices— Thos. RuBt, J. G. Cate, J. H. .Rust, Wm. C. Fox, 0. H. 
Hodgdun, L. T. Haley, M. T. Cate, J. M. Brackett, C. F. Parker, F. 
P. Adams, £. C. Baufield, I.- B. Manning, S. M. Garland, State ; 0. S. 
Parris, S. D. Fox, J. H. Martin, H. (i. Hvrne, G. J. Burke, J. H. Bick- 
ford, R. R. Davis, Ira Banfield, J. L. G<>ldfimitli,'A. S. Libbey, Cliarles 
Remick, C. F. Piper, A. J. Willand, Moses Thompson, C. G. Cate, H. 

Banks — Wolfboro' Savings, Ira Banfield, Treas.; Lnke National, 
Blake Folsom, Pres., C. F. Parker, Cash. 

Churches— C. Bap.. C. P. Smith; Cong., ; F. Bap. C. 

L. Plummer; Meth., foj/, . 

Eating House— H. Lucas. Ex. Ag't— A. H. Bickford. 

Hotels — Pavilion, J. W. Taylor, Lake, John York; BeUeview, 
Daniel Home; Glendon, G. W. Thompson; Gien Cottage, Levi 
ilorne. Livery Stables— F. B. Cook, L. T. Haley. 

Lawyers— W.C. Fox, E. C. Banfield. 

Manufacturers — blankets. So. Wolfborough Woolen M'f'g Co., T. 
W. Springfield, ag't ; boots and shoes, M. T. Cate, F. W. & 1, M.' 
Monroe, J. M. Cropley & Bro.; builders, Chas. Prindall, A. J. Mcj 
Donald; carrfages, C. H. Gsge ; furniture, W. B. Hodge ; job printer,' 


V. W. PrindHll; leather, 8w«tt A Co.; Cmirt, O. £. ChsmberUin : 
lninb«r, V. B. Willey, Libbej, Yamey k Co., Mill Village Lumber 
Co., J. L. Peavy. 

Merchants — Otis BTans, J. P. Heath., H. B. Parker. Mat- 
thews A Lewando, J. B. Haines A Son, F. P. Barker, C. F. Piper; 
BaU, Wm. T. Dorr ; Iforih, H. Welland, G J. Biirk ; South, W. C. A A . H. 
niles; anctioneer, W. C. Fox; boots and shoes. John Rogers, Otia 
Evans, M. T. Gate, f. Willand; clockttatad Jewelry, J. F. Sumner a 
clothing, C. F. Piper ; drngt and mediffncs, B. H. King, D. C. Frostd 
fancy goods and notions, L B. Manning; furniture, J/iU VUlagt\ 
W. B. Hodge; hardware, G. F. Horn; millinery, I. B. Man 
ning, 4f rs. L. M. Towle. 

Physicians— N. H. Soott, R. H. King; dentist, 0. Dovlin, F. L 
Ban field. 

Vlrolffboro Junction— See Wakefield. 

WOODSTOCK, QRAFTON—^mi^.,^%1. N. W. fr. C, «2; E. 
fr. HaTerhill, 17. B. B. iSL— Plymouth, on B. C. A M. &. &. Daily 

OFFICERS— r^ft, G. R. Pattee; Tretu., T. L Gilraan ; BeUeUun, 
IsaHc Fox, I. B. Campbell, Arthur Hunt ; Supt^ Wilber Hunt. 

Postmasters— G. G. Baston : Nnrth, G. F. Russell. 

Justices— T. y. Smith, J. W. Campbell, C. E. Davis, 8tate.\ Arthur 
Hunt, T. J. Gilman, D. Dearborn, G. G. Baston, B. B. Tucker, 

Churches— Adv., ; Bap., M. R. Favor : F. Bap., D. Conaell. 

Manufacturers — leather. J. W. CHmpbell; lumher, J. M. Moultoa, 
A. J. Sellingham, C L. Parker, E. M. Gordon. 

Merchants— T. J. Gilman, E. A. Sawyer. 

Summer Boarding Houses— J. Bryant, G. G. Baston, G. F. Busaell, 
S. S. Sharron, E. L. I>earl»orn, E. A. Sawyer, Jas. Darling. 

W»odavlll«— See Haverhill. 

SPSealand— See Carroll. 


Wrapping Paper, Paper Bags, 




White River Junction. Vt. 

I JA. - ' * ' ' ♦ ■ t^MJlf l^' 


GoYumetHf MJaisMrfi, 1883-85. 

Jn the fcUovring Uit r dttignatet republican* tend d dtmocrait, 


SAMUEL W. HALB, Governor from Jnne 1888 to Jane, 1885, 
District No. 1— Amos C. Ghask, r. Kingston. **' 

•• ** 2— GKOT£ifjntA.OuRTiCE,r. Hopkinton, ** 
«« «( 3— John A. Sl^iliDlMO, r. Nsshoa, ** • Ooauoillors. 

•I . M 4-^David ^. GtoODXLL, r. Antrim, •♦ _ 

" " 6— ^rii* M. Aldrioh, d. Whitefleld, "J 

A. B. Thompson, Concord, Secretary of State. 

I. W. HAMKOifX), Concord, Dep. Sec. of State and JBd. of State Papers. 

Solon A. Caktkr, Keene, State Treasurer. 

pABSONd B. CoaswEtL, Concord, State Printer. 

OuYKR PtLLSBUST, Concord, Insurance Commissioner. 

J. W. Patterson, Hoover, Superintendent of PabUc Instruction^ 

A. D. ATUNa, Nashua, Adjutant'General. 

WiLLiAX H. Kimball, Concord, State Librarian. 

F. S. DbivaE, Coneord, Warden of State Prison. 

JOHH K. Stokes, Concord, Janitor of Stat« House. 


rriie Senate, 1883 to t99ft« 


Charlbs H. BABTLETt, Manchester, Preft. 

Frank D. Currier, Canaan, Cierk. 

Ira a. Cbas^, Bristol, Assistant Clerk« 

Leonard E. Tilden, Harlbbrougb, Sergeant-at-Afms. 

Gbarlcs J. Hajolett,, Milford, Blessenger. 

No. lr-<!oos . JfrvM^ W. DumOy d> Lancaster. 

, ** 2— Grafton fianry Bingham, tf. Littleton. . 

** a^Lebaaon • . Bayid B. Willard, r. Orford. 

I *< 4— Plymouth . BeoJ. F. Perkins, n Bristol. • 

" 5— Laconta, J. M. Taylor, d. SiusbomtOQ. 

** O^Winnipesankee Levi K. Haley, d. Wolfeborongh. 

** 7— Sullivan • Chester Pike, r. bornish. 

** - 8— Hillsborough Thomas Dinsmore, d. Alstead 

I " . 9 ■ Me rrimack . Chas. H. Amsden, d. Penacook. 

** 10>-Conoord, Henry Robinson, r. Conoord. 

!" 11— Pittsfield, Aaron Whittemore Jr., d.Pittsfield. 

I ** 12~-SQmersvorth Chas. W. Folsom, r. Bocbester. 

I ** 13— Keene Geo. K. Hanrey, r. Surry. 

" 14 — Cheshire Geo. G. Davis, r. Marlborough. 

" 16->-Pet«rborough Geo. W. Cummings, r. FrancestowB. 

** 16— Amherst Geo. A. Wason, r. New Boston. 

** IT-^ashva Amos Webster, r. Nashua. 

** 18— Mancfaoster Chas. H. Bartlett, r. Manchester. 

** Id— Amoekeag Israel Dow, r. Manchester, 

** 2a-^I^ndonderry BenJ. R. Wheeler, r. Saletti. 

** 21— Rockingham Francis T. French,, t. Bast Kingston. 

22— NewmarEet Lafayette Hall, d. Newmarket. 

D3t— DisYec James F. Seavey, r. Borer. 

24— Portsmontll.. John. Lddghton, r. Bortsmouth. 




w*^ ' 


OFFICERS— Bahitxl 0. EASTirAir, Concord, Speaker; S»wiir F 
JonKSy M Miichester, Clerk ; Geo. A: Dicxkt, Derry, AsBistant Clerk 
Jonr trvDntHiLL, Chester, Sergeant-at-ArmB ; A. P. Kxik, Goiicot<*j 
Chaplain ; N. A. Dunckub, Concord ; C M. Dobhb, Rochester ; E. M 
Tappav, Bradford, Door-Keopers. Stifbxii 8. Jxwin, Laeonla, ISn- 
groniug Clerk* 

Democrats in Italic* 


Atkiwon, William C. Todd, ind. 
Auburn, Frank B. Smer^r. 

Xphraim O. Flanders. 
Cfaarlas H. French. 
Charles A. Wilcomb. 
Moses Anderson. 
John M. Ballou. 
Henry 8. Wheeler. 
Randolph B. Merrick. 
East^Kingston, \ ^^ ^ ^^^^ 







So. Hampton, 



J. 0. Bnrley. 
Oilman Marston, 

John J. Bell, 
Andrew J. Fogg. 
Fremont, Warren True. 

Greenland, Jbftn B. Brackett. 

Hampstead, Daniel F. Ordway. 
Hampton, John C. Marston. 

Hampton Falls, Edwin Janrrin. 
Kensington, La Rcy B, Banbotn. 
Kingston, James Bi^e. 

Londonderry, Owen Hinckley, 
Newcastle, Thaddmt Tarittm. 

Newington, Jama W. Ooleman. 


No. Hampton, 
Ward 1, 

Albtrt M. FHetL 

WiOiam X. Wblfom. 

WaUer C. Me, 

Levi W. I>eecrhmm. 

John J. IVUbmry- 

Harrison Mikieli. 

<3eorge Somaen 


William E. Madley. 
Thonras J. Mitcltel] 
Willard J. Sampson. 
William H. Sise. 

Joseph H. Gardino-. 

Ward 8, Jeremiah Sambom. 

Ward 4, David Urch. 

Raymond, Il<tri dcrihner. 

Rye, Joteph J. Jhrakt. 

Salem, Charles T. Maxwell, 

Joel O. Carey, 
Sandown, Geo. W. Hunt. 

Seabrook, John W. Xioeks. 

So. Newlnarket, D. O. lAnglands. 
Stratkarii, George A. wiggln. 

Windham, George S. Searey. 

BepablicsBs, 83; Democrats, 18; Ind. 1. 


Barrington, ChatUt W. W^let. 
Derep— Ward 1, Freeman Babfo. 
Alonso T. Pinkham. 
Alonzo H. Quint. 
William W. Cnshman. 
John B. Sanden. 
John C. Tasker. 
Benjamin F. Neally. 
Thomas M. Pray. 
Ptier Burke. 
John A » Ktfnan. 
Cyrus O. Hull. 
Frank £mer»on. 
DudUy L. Fmb€r. 
Lee, Joint C. BartlUt 

Ward 4^ 
Ward 6, 


Edwin L. Jenkins 

Republieaaa, 88; Demoefats,!. 



Milton, John F. Hart, 

New Durham, Jeftaftod P. Berry. 

Rochester, Edwin Wallace. 

Charles 8. Whltebouse. 

Augustine 8. Parshldy 

Joseph O. Hayes 

John B. Meaddr 

Rollinsford, J. Q. A. Wentworth. 

Somersworth,CbTi«top'r H. Wolls, 

James A. Bdgerly. 

William D.Merrick 

Charles P. Andrews. 

Jelin H. Smsfy. 

Strafford, John H, Ferry, 






Alloa, Herbert J. Nate. 

BarBtftaMi, . Jacob W. Booua. 
Belmont, Allea J. HaekeM. 

Oentor Har1>or, Qtarge Fogg. 

iGHlford, Benjamin F. Drake. 

GdoTgO W. MorrilL 
Oilmanto*, Henry E. Biarsh. 

Laconic, John T. Buriel. 

Bepablicans, 7 ; Dtmoofat*, 7. 

Charlm P. Btom 

Bbratio F. MmUton 

Ji^n H. Knfnolet 

Mote$ R. Marthall 

New Hampton, 'WiUiam B. RoMe 

SanborAton, Voted not to tend 

Tilton, Riehard Firth 






Brookfield« \ 

Middlefon, > 






Jofiah H. Hobba. 

Mben O. 0«rkmd, 

Jtmuff, WUU^. 

Ithiei B. Clay. 

John A. Barnef . 

Nathaniel tiuum. 

Edwin Snow. 

Silas M. Morse. 

Jontu f\uriittworth. 


Oynu F. 

Hart's Loeati<m, 



Hottltontwroagh, Darid Ambrosa 

Oesipee, Joseph Q. BoU$ 

Sandwich, William B. Smith 

Tamworth, BaHd M. Ciilmatt 

Taftonborough, M, D. L. Mr. Duffee 

Wakefield, J3bMon P. GUman 

Wolfeboroagh, A. J. Yarney. 

Bamnel Wyatt 

Bepnbiioans, 10 ; Democrats, 8. 


Coiicfwd, — 
Ward 2, 
Ward 4, 

TOted not to send. 

Bohtrt O. Oarr, 

Chas. J. Ellsworth. 

Leonard KtndaU, 

Joseph O. Cfurrier. 

Mtlton B. Neal. 


TOted not to send. 

Johk P. Locke. 

Mosen d. Farnum. 

Charles H. Jones. 

Samuel C. Eastman. 

F. B. Brown. 

Ward 6, Charle^ R. Corning. 

Wentworth 6. Shaw. 

Ward 6, Oeorge Cook. 

Bbeneser B. Hutchinson. 

John H. Can*. 

Ward 7, Jaoob fi. Butchim. 

D^Abnry, Oyrue B. Jonee. 

tnBbMioil, Lacian Hayden. 

Bpsom, David M. Knowtei 

Franklin, Edward B. 8. Sanborn 
Geo. B. Jlatthewi 
PUrker C. Hanooek 
Panlel F. Wvman 
Erastns M. Fuss 
yathanid aarke 
A. B. Wadsworth 
John S. Kimball 
Jeremiah Blake 
Beryasnin B. Marte 
Joseph 8. Phillips 
Jeremiah B. Smith 
Charles P. Morse 
Moses W. Lancey 
BeuJben T. LeaviU^Jr^ 
MUvin D. Oram. 
Salisbury, John Shaw 

Sutton, Voted not. to send 

Warner, Harlan S. Willis 

Webster, James L. Gerrish 

WUmot, Cfharlee F. Truuell 



New London, 


AspoliiMoaiia, 34; Democrats, !«. 










Isaac B. Dodge. 

Eqoch 0. Paige. 

John A, Riddle. 

no election. 

Calories E, BfuUtttek. 

BcoU F. J>ow. 

FrancestowB, Augustus H. BUby. 
Golfstown, DaTid A. Taggart. 

Greenfield, CharUf.H, Hophdiit, 
GreenTille, Stephen H. Bacon. 
Hancodk, CharUs G. Mathews. 
Hillsborough, J. B. WhiUemort. 
Uollis, Silas M. Spafilding. 

Hudson, Nathan P. Wiibvter. 

Litchfield,^ /VancM H. Mc Quetten. 
Lyhdeborougb^ D. B. Whittemore. 

Charles Canfield. 

Daniel G. Andrews. 

Wm. H. Wilaon. 

Edwin H. Hobbs. 

James If Briggs. 

Charles T. Meanf>. 

Zebnion F. Campbell. 

William G. Hoyt. 

Harvey B. Sawyer. 

Walter M. Parker. 

Robert Heath. 

Warren Harvey. 

Holmes R. Pattee.' 

Ralph Pearson. 

J>e$mis F. (yConnar. 

Jamesi Sullivan. 

John Lyons. 

Michael McDonough. 

Ward I, 
Ward 8, 

Ward 4, 

Ward 6, 

John J. Fljfmm. 

Daniel F. Siyta. 

Ward 6, Charles t>. Weleb. 

Jonathan Y* Mc Qneston. 

Frank S. Sleeper. 

Gbristopher G. Colby. 

Qeo.,B. Smitii.l 

CfharUt T. iVewaumJ 

George S. Eattman] 

Dana D. Goodwin^ 

John WheelerJ 

Jason T. Bums.| 

DaTid F. Thompson.! 

Mont Tf men) MUbrid^ F.iyifw.\ 

Nashua, — 

CbAs. H. Campbell 

Hiram T. Morrili 

IjBlzaphan /. Begrier. 

Harry R. Whe«ler. 

J>enni$ H. SaUtran. 

Aaron F. Stevens. 

Jrhn Morrill.! 

Wm. H. Glreenleaf.! 

J<Mepb Flatherj 

George E. Gage.! 

Flbridge C. Colby., 

Ward 7, 


Milfoj;d» < 

Ward 1, 
Ward 2, 
Ward 3, 
Ward 4, 
Ward ft, 

Ward T» 

Ward 8, 
New Boaton, 
New Ipswich, Edward O. Marshall. 


Pel ham, 

Temple, ' 


Republicans, 45; Democrats, 21^ 

George S. Butler. 
George W. Farrar. 
John H. Cutler. 

Brooks M. Heald. 
William T. Morse.! 
Almon L.''81eeper. 
James L. ffardy. 

Alstead, Bdvbard A. Tkmcr. 

Chesterfield, John L. Streeter. 
Dublin, Henry D. Learned. 

FitKwilliam, Orville "L. Brock, ind. 




Keene, — 
Ward I, 
. Ward 2, 
Ward 8, 
Ward 4, 

Lucius B. OuiUow. 

Geo. F. TnfU. 

Chas. J. Amidon. 

Joseph B. Mitchell, 

John H. Fox. 

William L^ Davis. 

George B. Poole. 

Hilton H. Spalter. 

Zebina K. Graves. 

F^ed A. Bafk«r. 
Marlborough, E. 0. Woodward, ind. 

Ind. 2 ; RepaMicaas, 14 ; Democrats, tO«, iit^enbaek, 1. 

Marlow, Milan P. J&m^. 

Richmond, John E. Nor#ood, g. 








Harrison G. Bioe. 
H. N. Scripture. 

Benry Abbott. 
Charles W. Brown. 
Jf«Mry JEL Pfitnam. 
Patrick B. Griffin. 
Wevtraoreland, Eli 41. Wellliiglen. 
Winchester, Jonailian 2>. AVurkn: 











William Brooks. 

George If. Messer. 

Ira Colby, 

George L. Balcom, 

William Brecic, 

0. H. Ainsworth. 

Hiram A. Day. 

Daniel Ide. 

Elisha II. Carr. 

Rufas Hall. 

Republicans, 18 ; Democrats, 










Does not send 

Yot'sd nbt to send 

Dana J. Mooney 

Oenrjge H. Towlo 

WiUiam C. True 

J. W. Hill 

Lyman CoJhum 

Alfred A. Gilm<in, 

Hiram J. Gage 




















Hot^rttekS. Ptrkim. 

Henry C. Dearborn. 

Bet^. H. Poor. 

Oeo. W. Manri. 

Lorin J. Atutin. 

Uriel Pike. 


Voted not to send. 
Gardner S. Bartlett. 
Voted not to. send. 

John C. Wheat. 



ff. H. Oofftwell. 

L. W. Currier. 

Wilhur F. Ptirker. 

Lyman M. Ford. 
Benj. T. Blanpied. 
C. P. Smith. 
HaTerbill* Willard W. Coburn, g. 
Wm. F. Westgate 

Lebanon, ■ 















Woods t04: 



w:k, V 
•th, j 


CharUt R. Cbx 

F. L. Owen 

John 8. Freeman 

Charles B. Drake 

Wm. H. Cummingt 

Jethro Aldrich 

UttAry F. Green 

Frank F. Moffett 

John P. Miner 

Petei M. Converse. 

Nathan T. Bolton. 

Alorno W.Blewns 

Daniel P. Wheeler. 

Wm. H. Page 

George H. Adams. 

Lyman Merrill. 

Chase P. KnowlUm. 

Joseph Clement. 

John A. Davis. 

ThowMs J. GUman. 

Republicans, 18 ; Democrats, 17 ; Greenback, 1. 

Berlin, Franklin Wheeler. 

[Carroll, Franklin B.Mo9dfrook, 












Herbert M. Smith. 

Loren G. Piper. 

Sbeu E. Noyefl. 

Frank P. Bond. 

Jhoe. G\fford. 

C N. Bic^ford. 

Jefferson, WUliam Crawshaw, 
Lanoaster, H«iry O. Kent. 

William S. Ladd. 
Milan, George W. Paige, 

Northnmb*rrnd, Nap. B. Perkins. 

radoTp"' } «""'" ^- «™»'' 
Stark, EphraiiA R. Forbnsb. 

Stewartstown, Oscar Lang. 

Stratford, Hiram H. Wright. 

Whitefield, Voted not to send, 

Republicans, 6 ; P«*oocrats, 11. 

RiinnTiliiuuiS. IfiS 9 DaitioMpatii. 116 ! Ind. 3 ! Greenbacks t. Total. S13 



»f New Hampshire is chosen biennUIIy according to Btatnte of June 
.877, on the Tnesday next after the first Monday in November, by a 
Qi^ority TOte. In case of no election by the people, the Leglsla- 
ure eU'Cts one of the two persons having the highest number of 
rotes. The constitutional title of the GoTernor is HU ExceU^ncg. \ 

To be eligible to the office of OoTemor, one most be thirty years! 
»ld, and an inhabitant of the State for seven years last preceding his 
nattgnration. In case of the death, disability or resignation of the 
}oTemor, the office is filled by the President of the Senate. I 

The EzecutiTe Council consists of five Ciouncillors, elected by dls- 
xicts, at the same time and in the same manner as the Governor. \ 

The Governor and Council appoint all Judicial officers — the attor- 
ley general, notaries, coroaers, Judges of probate and general and 
ield officers of the militia. 


The First District comprises the counties of Rockingham, Strafford, 
Selknap and Carroll and Allenstown, Canterbury, Chichester, Epsom, 
Sooksett, Loudon, NOrthfieM, Pembroke, and Pittsfield, in the county 
>f Merrimack; and Bedford, Goftstown, Merrimack, Hudson, Litcb* 
laid, Manchester and Pelham, in the county of HUisborongh. Rep- 
*esentatlve, Martin A. Haynes, Gilford. 

The Second District comprises the counties of Cheshire. Sullivan, 
jhrafton and Coos, and Andover, Boscawen, Bow, Bradfora, Concord,] 
[>aubury,Dunbarton, Franklin, Henniker, Hill, Hopkinton, Newbury, 
NTew London, Salisbury, Sutton, Warner, Webster, and Wilinot, in the 
;ounty of Merrimack ; and Amherst, Antrim, Bennington, Brookline,! 
Deering, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Hillsborongh,! 
tloUis, Lyndeborough, Mason, MilfordJ Mount Ternon, Nashua, New' 
Boston, New Ipswich, Peterborongh, Sharon, Temple, Weare, Wilton,! 
iud Windsor, in the county of Hillsborough. Representative, Ossian 
Etay, Lancaster. 


Councillor district number one is composed of and ooBtaliM the 
county of Rockingham and the county of StralTord, except the towns 
3f Middleton, New Durham and Strafford, in the county of Straffi)rd,' 
Bind the towns of Auburn, Candia, Chester, Deerfield, Derry, London-' 
derry. North wood, Nottingham, Raymond, Salem, an^ Windham, in' 
the county of Rockingham. I 

Councillor district number two is composed of and contains thej 
towns of Alexandria, Auburn, Belmont, Bristol, Candia, Chester,' 
Deerfield, Deering, Oilman ton, Gilford, Goffstown, New EUtmpton, 
Northwood, Nottingham, Raymond, Sanbornton, Tilton, Weare and 
the county of Merrimack, except the towns of Bradford and Newbury.' 

Councillor district number three is composed of and eoDtaina tte 
towns of Amherst, Bedford. Brookline. Derry, Francestown, Green- 
ville, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Londondeny^ Ljndaboronfl^ 

No. U. Ch«U». CDDtalni ChaterfleM, Dnbllo. Fiti-UIIun 
lis, Hlntdila, JtlTrtT, Ifirlbarangh, Blchmond, "■--■— 
TroT, ud WlDcboiMT. 


No. 15, Peterborough, contains Brookline, Frnnceetown, Greenfleld, 
Greenville, Holus, L3'ndeborough, MmoA, New Ipswich, Peterborough, 
Sharon, Teinple and Wilton. I 

I No. 16, Amher8t, contains Amherst, Bedford, Goffstown, Merrimack; 
Hilford, Mont Yemon, New Boston, and Weare. I 

No. 17, Nashaa, contains the cicy of Nashua. I 

No. 18, Manchester, contains wards three, four, fit«, six, seven, and 
eight of Manchester. I 

No. 19, Anioskeag, contains wards one and two of Manchester. | 

No. 20, Londonderry, contains Auburn, Candia, Chester, Derry,* 
Fremont, Hookaett, Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Pelbam, Ray- 
mond, Salem, and Windham. 

No. 21, Rockingham, contains Atkinson, Brentwood, DauTille, East 
Kingston, Exeter, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensing- 
ton, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow, Sandown, Ssabrook, and South 
Hampton. { 

No. 22, Newmarket, contains Durham, Epping, Greenland, Newcns- 
tle, Newington, Newmarket, No. Hampton, ward three of Portsuonth, 
Ryo, South Newmarket, and Stratbam. I 

No. 23, Dover ^contains ttie city of Dover and the town of RoUinsford. 

No. 24, Portsmouth, contains wards one, two and four of Portsmouth., 

Senatorial Tote^ Nov* 18S9. 

No. 1. Ooog DiSTBiCT.— Erastus V. Cobleigh, 1723 ; Irving W. Drew,! 

2,123; Scat. 60. No. 2. Geaptox District. — Alexander Warden, 

2,005 ; Harry Bingham, 2,895. — No. 3. Lebanon Distbict. — David 
|E. Willard, 1,993 ; Samuel Bean, 1,439.— No. 4. Plymouth Distbict.— 
{Bei^amin F. Perkins, 2,899 ; Davis B. Keni^ton, 2,338; Scat. 19.— No.' 
:5. Laconia Distbict. — Daniel S.Dinsmoor, 2,338; Jonathan M. Taylor,' 
;1,549 ; Scat. 8.— No 6. Winnipiseoqbb Distbict —Everett C. Banfield,! 
1,649 ; Levi T. Haley, 2,073 ; Scat., 33 —No. 7. Sullivan Di8tbict.-4 

[Chester Pike, 1,846; Herbert B. Viall, 1,396; Scat. 3. No. 8. Hills- 

iBOBOUQH Distbict. — Charles E. C»oke, 1,551; Thomas Dinsmore, 
!l.737; Scat. 155.— No. 9. Mbbbimack Distbict.— David S. Corser, 1,537 ; 
Chas. H. Amsden, 1,913 ; Scat. 13.— No. 10. CoxcoRD Distbict — Heni7 
Robinson, 1,737; Biiphalet S. Nutter, 960; Scat., 13.— No. 11.— Pitts- 
piKLD District.— Ezra A. J. Sawyer, 1883; Aaron Whittemore*jr.,i 
2,160 ; Scat. 9. —No. 12. Sombbswobth District— Chas. W. Fulsom— 
1,847 ; Charles S. Jones, 1,359 ; Scat., 1.— No. 18. Kbenb Distbict-^' 
George K. Harvey, 1,315; Frederick Tayler, 798; Scat. 3.— No. 14.; 
Cheshibe Distbict.- Geo. G. Davis, 1,87.4; Obadiah Sprague, 1,254; 
[Scat., 41.— No. 15. Pbtebbobo' DiSTBiCT.r-Geo. W. Cumraings, 1,290; 
iDaniel M. White, 1,207 ; Scat. 2.— No. 16. Amhkbst District. — Qeorge 
A.Wa8on, l.o26; Bben B. Bartlett, 1,144; Scat., 3.— No. 17. Nashua 
'distbict.— Amos Webster, 1,256; Clias, H. Burke. 1,179 ; Scat. 2. — No.' 
|18. — MAN0HE87XB DxsTRiCT.—Chas. H. Bartlett, 2,194 ;. Joel Daniels,' 
,1,722 : Scat. 2.— No. 19. Amoskeao District.— Israel Dow, 680 ; Josiab 
'Cai-penter, 222. Sent. 4. — ^No. 20. Londondbbbt District. — Benjamin 
IR Wheeler, 1,771 ; John Woodbury, 1,410 ; Scat., 61.— No. 21, Rockiko^ 
|ham District. — Francis T. French, 1,852 ; James H. Rowe, 1.232 ; Scat.,' 
'29.— No. 22, Newmarket Distbict. — Joshua B, Smith, 1,288; Lafay- 
iette Hall, 1,358 ; Scat., 3.— No. 23. Dover DiSTBicr.-^amea F. Seavey, 
1,337; Joseph D. Roberts, 1,042: Scat, IL— No. 24. Pobtskouth 
Distbict.— John Leighton, 949; Thos. E. Call, jr., 794 ; Scat. 7^ 

Bepublicani 17 ; Democrats, 7. 



ntait DXBTBICT. 

Amos C. ChM«, 7,901. Cha«. £. Sleeper, 6.012. Scattering, 143. 


GroTenor A. Cortkft, 8^3. Thos, Gog»ir«U, 7,622. Be»ttering, 106 


Jobn A. Spalding, 7466. John M. Chandler, 6777. c&ttering, 481 


I>aTid H: Goodell, 8,484; Jonathan H. Dickex, 6,823; Scattering 111. 


BenJ. P. Niles, 7.071 ; Darid H. Aldrich, 9,278 ; Scat 147. 


Martin A. BaysM, 19,702 ; G. B. Chandler, 16,904 ; Scatter ng, 868. 


Osaian Bay, 21,409; Jewett D. Hosley, 19,187 ; Scattering, 898. 


H. W. Blair, Plymouth, to Mar. 8, 1886. 1 o—- *— . 
Austin P. Pike, Pninklin,to Mar. 3, 1889. / «»«""» 

Martin A.Hayne8, Gilford, ") BeprugntativM. 

Oseian Bay, Lauonster. / /roM JVarcA 8, 1888, 


The State nilltia noir known as the New Hampshire National 
Gkard, is organised as oAe brigade nndet the command of Brigadier 
General J. M. Ciough, with head quarters at Concord. It is divided 
into three regiments of infantry of eight Companies each : two company' 
lies of caTalry, one feur gun battery of tWo platoons. The first regi-j 
ment, Col. John B. Hall commanding, 408 men, is assigned to that sec- 
tion of the State south ef Concord and'east of the Merrlmnck river. 
The second. Col. D. M. White commanding, consists of 418 men and 
is assigned to the section south of Concord and west of the Merrimack. 
The third, Col. J. N. Patterson commanding, consists of 882 men and 
is assigned. to the section north of Concord. The three regiments num- 
ber 1,208 men, which with 4 unattached companies are consolidated in a 
■ingle brigade. The unattached companies have an aggregate of 162 
men— >makittg, with field and staif officers, 1,390. The enrolled militia 
amounts to 1^,288 men, distributed among the counties as follows : 
Rockingham, 6,821^ Stratford, 3,263 ; Belknap, 2,382; Carroll, 1^876, 
Merrimack, 4,606; Hillsborough, 4,082; Cheshire, 8,244; Sullivan 
4,702; Grafton, 4,668; C<»os, 1,308.; His Excel 
eney The Governor. Augustus D. Ay ling, Nashua,' s A^lvtant Gen 



Tabular SlafvoMitt, br Viwnth, off 

Votes fbr Governor in November 1880 and Nov.. 1882 1 Populatioi 

1880 ) Valuation by Inventerlet of 1882 1 and Ap|K>rtionroent. 

BOOKINaHAM OOUNTT. 40 toviM and ww^ 

Not. 1882. 

Not. 1880. 


I I 

I 2 



AtkliMon, 80 

Anbarn, 98 

Brentwood, 129 

Oaadla, 179 

Chester, 198 

DaoTille, 93 

Deerlleld, 248 

IXerrr, 272 

B. Kingiton, 64 

Kpping, 221 

Exeter, 449 

Fremont, 96 

Oreenland, 68 

Hampatead, 121 

Hampton, 171 
Hamp'n Falls, 91 

Kensington, 61 

Kingston, 164 

Londonderry, 173 

Newcastle, 77 

Newmarket, 227 

Newton, 100 

Newington, 28 
No. Hunpton, 94 

Northwo<>d, 167 

Nottingham, 138 

Plaistow, 109 

Raymond, 98 172 

Ilye, 76 102 

Salem, 220 144 

Sandown, 662 69 

Seabrook, 122 169 

8. Hampton, 5488 

S. Newm*ket, 174 69 

101 814 

1 92 196 
14 72 173 

269 88 

16 167 246 

2 64 66 
1 166 6 


I j 




















































































































































19 1058 1327 



Ward 1, 870 ^W 3 387 398 4 SsoT 

Ward 2, 471 268 9 470 423 6 8769 

Wards, 81 178 6 66 286 6 1116 

Ward 4, 185 219 2 135 271 1 1666 























4 100 








1 126 







189 6827 6068 128 19,110 29,906,661 


17 towns and wards* 










DoTer («g.) 



27 1881 1184 


U698 10,664,694 46.76' 




8 281 




Ward 2, 



6 866 







12 327 







2 427 
































a 93 































New IHirban 

1, 42 


1 61 









76 791 




3.584,488 16.7$ 












11 608 




8,282,861 14.401 




8 160 








120 4626 





11 towns. 





6 287 



, 1477 





2 141 











. 1226 



Center Harbor, 69 











84 888 









2 234 









4 869 




2,692,435 11.37 



6 236 






N. Hampton, 



16 170 









6 187 

















78 2828 2472 


17,971 : 



18 towns. 



. 27 

















1 69 

















1 281 









9 37 





















Hart's Locat 

n. 7 






172 GOT VOTE — 









466 191,749 M. 






586 180,250 .70 







1254 434.418 1.91 








1782 623,»42 2.74 






1701 574,946 2.52! 






1274 475,059 2.08| 







028 336,790 1.4» 







1892 705,121 8.09' 







2222 1,276,829 5M 



36 2413 2616 


18,291 7,141,044 

H£&RRIMAOK OOUNTT, 83 towns and wards. | 






17J08 674,766 2.961 







1204 912,111 4.00 








1380 571,720 2.51 








734 031,964 4.09 







950 546,448 2.39; 








1034' 707,044 8.10 








784 899.031 1.75 

Concord (ag.) 1888 


35 1955 



14,456 211 68.43, 









Ward 2. 














Ward 4, 








W«rd 6, 















Ward 7, 





1620 1 








' 760 847,569 1,62' 








711. 602.415 2.64| 

909 456,071 2.00^ 

8265 2,506,863 11.39^ 



I 134 



















1326 896.088 8.93 







667 242,609 1.06 








1766 041,188 4.13 







1836 1,412.441 6.19 






1221 806,362 3.54: 






590 860,739 1.58; 

INew London, 





875 025,126 2.30 






918 688,981 2.58 








2796 1,752.057 7.68! 








1964 1,186,934 5.28 






795 442,133 1.94 






.993 484,751 2.12 




' 3 




1637 1,072,799 4.7ft 







647 449.353 1.97 







1081 377,858 1.66 



126 5897 5876 


49,291 34,742,412 

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. 45 towns and wards. | 






1225 1,040,788 4.67 







1171 6«r7,943 2.93 







1204 804,646 3.53J 























































































































22 2880 











Ward 2, 

















Ward 4, 








Ward 6, 























































2,301.899 10.101 

|Mont YernoQ 

, 60 





. 621 



iNMihua (ag.) 



36 1367 



1346312,196,266 63.61 








' Ufi 

Ward 2, 
















Ward 4, 
















Ward 6, 








Ward 7, 








Ward 8, 









New Boston, 










N Ipswich, 
















iPeterboroogh, 20d 



















































0903 6903 118 8621 6972 124 

70.683 61,049,621 


27 towns and wards. 




























fits William, 


























4 82 


. 870 429;i68 








1868 1,088,246 





1 207 



1267 1,078,517 





11 999 



6786 7,784,163 





2 237 














6 283 




Ward 4, 



S 181 







1 168 






6 276 



1387 788,S78 







701 513,680 







438 197,506 





S7 89 



669 335,748 





6 201 



936 667,224 






126 74,070 

66 - 




553 230,360 





1 76 


882 250,040 





1 64 


326 231,228 





60 196 



1661 067,386 





2 128 


706 604,270 





14 266 



2018 1.680,846 





1 176 


1103 888,022 





8 827 



2444 1,470,148 





144 4321 2868 


28,846 22,211,6aT 


16 towns. 




2 169 



082 488,100 







1686 1.201,163 





4 738 



4704 3,123,985 13.7l|| 




1 213 


1167 680.007 





1 HI 



608 266,234 







611 215,452 




1 89 


640 105,204 





8 63 



364 345,078 





4 96 


606 201,496 





2 300 



2612 1,866,397 








1372 601,208 






1 104 


781 205,563 





1 124 



897 366,483 







814 363.611 








682 348,110 




25 2720 



18,162 10,684,890 

GRAFTON COUNTY. 89 towns. 






832 274,313 






6 147 



060 635.472 








1038 670,392 









878 121,254 







1400 679.425 






1 56 


384 1677140 

■ 1 




1 2U 



1368 765,716 








' 1163 40fiS,888 
1768 678,466 



I iMk U M| 















































4567 47fi 96 4061 6281 166 88,802 19,835,366 
















































































































































































J afaatford, . 

OOOS OOUNTT. 22 towns. 























































































































































PBB8lt>£NTIAL V0T2. ,.. 


Wentwoith*a Loe. lOT 1 16 65 19,273 .09 

Whiteflfld. 17d 183 24 214 194 40 182$ 653,726 ZXT 
Aggregate FbpnUtion of pranta in Gonnty, S45 

1748 2096* 61 1834 2444 66 18,616 7^18,673 
B««n'a Purchase, 

Cambridge. 86 

OhandlePa Pnrchasek 

Crawford's Grant. 28 

Crawford's Purchase. 
Cntts' Grant 

Dix's Grant, 4 

DixTlUe. 8Sf 

Brvin's Grant. 

Gilraanton St Atkinson Academy Grant. 
Gore between Gilmanton & AtkJnion Academy Grants. 
Green's Grant, 8 


Low it Burbank's Grant. 

Martin's Location. 83 

Nash St. Sawyer's Loo. 101 • 

Odell's Township. 
Pinkham's Grant. 

Sargent's Pnrchase. 3 

Second College Gkttnt. 18 

Success. > 2 . 

Thompson Msserre's Purchase 56 






Bferrimack, . 


Hale. Edgeriy. Seat^ 

5983 4743 180 

8886 8857 12Q 

2192 2223 178 

2107 2267 85 

5606 5820 126 

6903 6993 124 


Hato.Sd«eriy. Best I 
8108 3017 144' 
2357 2028 26 
4594 4846 94 
1748 2006 ill 



























East Kingston, 

Epplpg, , 


240 291 

868 196 

68 88 

2S3 197 

•81S 198 12 





82 100 


Portsmouth (ag.,) 

1121 1257 



134 129 
223 143 


Ward 1, 
Ward 2, 






Hampton Falls, 

103 43 


Ward 3, 




78 89 

Ward 4, 





195 136 





252 142 






94 94 







30 75 






255 272 







150 159 

South Hampton, 



North Hampton, 

106 135 


. South Newmarket 




208 212 

Stratham, . 




133 163 





122 78 





Dover (ag.) 

226 241 
1413 1175 







244 169 





Ward 2, 

873 265 






Ward 8, 

333 196 


New Durham, 




Ward 4, 

430 253 






Ward 5, 

33 292 






152 105 





440 515 







237 195 






141 257 






166 150 

New Hampton, 




Center Harbor, 

77 82 






896 330 






240 189 



86 57 





84 175 






67 50 







56 62 






283 294 






89. 121 





124 139 





49 178 




Harf i» Location. 





65 100 

Ward 2, 




97 250 

Ward 3, 



;B^oawen, > 

800 187 

Ward 4, 



Bradford, . . 

90 135 

Ward 5, 





ld9 191 


Ward 6, . 




154 135 
96 138 

Ward 7, 



: Chichester, 




Concord (ag.) 

1960 1532 







221 186 

2 Epsdm, 









197" J 


sn 1 

IM n 1 PltUScld. 


M g 

ITS US 1 SalI»biU7, 

ns XW SnOoii, 

118 sa Wanier. 


Ul I 

41 IM WebMer. 



HO M Wllnut, 




t» IM 




1» US 1 





SI n 

lU lOS 





SB in 1 


151 se 


141 4 

MS «8 1 
M 1Z3 



111 i 


Ward 4, 




97 111 




«• m s 




loUto, ' 





led iw 




u u 

New Boaiaa. 



^SS?ffi,, "• «• 






sn Bi 




4M U5 1 



S17 11 


B<4 nr 




IBS we 




190 718 





«n sao » 




288 106 



116 un 1 

1§» 1« 1 

Martaw, ^ 











B3 l' 

89 8> 




tM IM 1 




aw ito J 



lOM 6B8 • 


M2 190 S 



S18 39 


190 SO 




131 ISO 1 


174 1 

Ward 4. 

181 86 8 






MS 14 




s! s "last. 







W fiS 


124 147 


889 870 



'V^ asnington, 

74 126 


178 191 

106 108 


IM 108 




79 161 

1 Iiandaff, 

89 78 


147 93 



572 294 


122 151 



8 10 


12 66 



217 277 


^46 2S1 


856 411 



66 47 


1 18 



247 146 



bO 88 


189 138 


m 119 


222 241 

83 48 


66 95 



51 89 



9 80 


173 180 


6 48 

Piermont, . 

117 76 


221 197 



248 227 


46 92 


165 llt> ! 


118 167 


72 162 


67 74 



55 166 2i 



314 209 


8 7 

268 847 



62 202 » 


89 • 68 


87 61 



77 136 





54 98 


868 848 ! 



181 84 


22 83 


112 148 ' 


22 57 


78 65 



179 248 



11 88 


114 107 


45 22 


61 87 


57 83 : 


44 60 


46 182 


12 42 


89 164 


126 169 

Wentworth»8 Loc 





69 174 



217 195 8! 













JTadiciarjr Bepartment. 


Charles Doe, Salmon Falls, Chief Justice. 
Clinton W. Stanley, Manchester, Attsociate Justice. 
William H. B. Allen, Glaremont, Associate Justice. 
Isaac W. Smith, Manchester, Associate Justice. 
Lewis W. Clark, Manchester, Associate Justice. 
Isaac N. Blodgett, Frankfin, Associate Justice. 
Alonzo P. Carpenter, Bath, Associate Justice. 
Mason W. Tappan, Bradford, Attorney Qeneral. 
William S. Ladd, Lancaster, Reporters 






' Charles G. Conner, 

. Exeter. 


George £. Durgin, 



Geo. A. Emerson, 

New Hampton. 


WUlium A. Heard, 



A. J. Sliurtleff, 



George A. Ramsdell, 



Edward Farrar, 



Geo. E. Dame. 



Charles B. Griswold, 



Moses A. Hastingp, 









W. R. Foster, 



Wm. R. Burleigh, 



C. G. Rogers, 

Til ton. 


John B. Nash, 



E. G. Leach, 



Robert M. Wallace, 



E. P. Dole, 



Ira Colby, 



Charles A. Jew«H 



J. H. Dudley, 


At CoNOOBD, on the first Tuesday in June and the first Tuesday iu 
December. There are also adjourned terms in March and August of 
lach year. 


For the County of Rookinoham, at Portsmouth, on the third Tues- 
lay of October ; and at Ezeteb, on the third Tuesday of January and 
:he second Tuesday of April. 

For the County of Strafford, at Dover, on the second Tuesday of 
February and the first Tuesday of September. 

For the County of Bblknap, at Laoonia, on the fbnrth Tussday of 
liarch and the fourth Tuesday of September. 

For the County of Carroli^ at Ossipbx on the thixd Tuesday of 
A.pril and the third Tuesday of October. 

, I ■ . > , . ■ t ■ . I, 


■ ■"HI*. 


For the Cioanty of Mbrkxmack, at Gohcoed, on the first Taesday ofi 
{October and the first Tuesday of April 

I For theCounty of Hillsborough, at M&hchester on the third Tnes- 
'd*7 of March, ; at Nashua on the third Tuesday of September.' 
i) For the County of Ghksuire, at Keem£, on the first Tuesday of 
April and the third Tuesday of October. 

For the County of Suluvan, at Newport, on the fourth Tuesday of 
January and the'flrst Tuesday of September. 

For the County of Qraftom , Western J udiciul District, at Hayerhill, 
on the third Tuesday of March and September; and ii^astern Judicial 
District, at Plymouth on the secoud Tuesday of May and November. 
j For the County of Coos, at Colebrook, on the first Tuesday of FebH 
;ruary and the first Tuesday of September ; and at Lanoabtsr on the 
third Tuesday of April and the third Tuesday of October. 







Thomai} Leavitt, 



Jacob D. Young, 



Samuel W. Rollins, 



D. H. Hill, 



Arthur W. Silsby, 



B. £. Parker, 



Josiah G. Bellows, 



Edwin Taughan, 



Frederick Chase. 



Wm. D. Weeks, 






Woodbury M. Dnrgin, 



John T. Welch, 



John G. Jewett, 



C. L. Wood, 



John P. Nutter, 



Elbridge J. Copp, 



H. 0. Cooledge, 



8. L. Bowers, 



Samuel T. Page, 



Geo. H. Emerson, 



Rockingham County. 

At Exeter on the Wednesday next following the third Tuesday of 
Febmary, March and August, on the Wednesday next following the 

Frst Ttiesdav of April, and on the Wednesday next following the 
scond Tuesday of every other month. , „ ,, , ^^ 
At Portsmouth on the third Tuesday of March, and on the second 
Tuesday of January, May, July, September and November 

At -Derrt on the third Tuesday of February and on the second 
Tnesday of June and October. .. x» , j m a 

At Raymokd, on the first Tuesday of April, and on the third Tuesday 
of Angust and on the second Tnesd ay of Decembe r. 


8traffcTd Oauwty, 

At DoTBE on4he fint ToMday of erery month. 

At RooBBSTKB on the third Tnesdaj of Jaauary, M«reh, Jane end 

At SoMKBSWOBTH on the third Tneeday of Tebmary, May, Jnly, 
September and November. 

At VARMiiraTOH on the third Tneeday of April. Angoat, and Dee. 

BeOnuip Covnty. 
At LAOOiriA on the third Taesday of each month. 

CarroU County, 

At CoNWAT on the first Tnetday of January, May and September. 

At Wist Ossipbb on the first Taeaday of February, Jnne and Oeto- 
'ber. I 

At Ossipn Coum on the first Tnesdaf of March, July and No- 
rember. * | 

At Woi7BBoBOUQ%JUHcno2ion the first Tuesday of April, AugUHt; 
and December. 

Mtrrimaek County, 

At CoNCOBS on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 
10 A. M. to 6 P.M., and on Wednesday next following, frOm 10 A. M. 
to 12 M., with such special sessions as may be neceesary. In the fore- 
noon of Tuesday applications for appointments, and matters in which 
no prerious notice is required will be attended to. Settlements of 
accounts and all matters in which previous notice is required, wfil be 
attended to in the afternoon of Tuesday. It will ordinarily be con 
▼enient for the Court to attend to special hearings on Wedneeday, the 
second day of each term. 

HiUi^iorough Cowidy, 

At Manobbstbb on tl)e third Tnenday of February, April, June 
August, October and December, and on the fourth Tuesday of Jan- 
uary, March May, July, September and Norember. 

At Nashua on the fourth Tuesday of February, April, June, 
Augunt, October and Decern Iter. 

At Fbanckstown on the Friday next following the fourth Tuesday 
of August. 

I At Amhkbst on the Friday next following the fourth Tuesday of 
June and December. 

I At MiLPORD on the Friday next following the fourth Tuesdsy of 
March and September. 

{ At PBTEBBOBotTOH on the Friday next following the fourth Tueeday 
of February, May and NovemUer. 

I At Orbxittillb on the Friday next following the fourth Tuesday 
of April and October. 

I At Hillsborough on the Friday next following the fourth Tusiday 
of January and July. 


Chuhirt 09iin(y. 

At KoKi on the first ftnd third Fridays of J&n,, Feb., Uarch, April, 
lUy, June, September, October, Novembet and December, and on the 
first Friday of July, and on the third Friday of August. 

SuUivan Cownty. 

At Nkwfokt on the last Wednesday of Febmary, April, Jane 
Angnst, October and December. 

At Olssmiowi on the last Wednesday of January, March, May, 
July, September and Norember. I 

Chroiflon Ooutdy, 

At LiPkiROir on the first Tuesday of March and September. 

At LuBON on the third Tuesday of April and October. 

At Plymouth on the second Tuesday of May and Norember. 

At Hatxbhill on the third Tuesday of March and September. 

At WoonsTiLLS on the first Tuesday of July. 

At B&ISTOL on the third Tuesday of July. 

At LiTTLXTON on the third Tuesday of Januar^^ 

At Orford on the third Tuesday of February. 

At Canaan on the first Tuesday o% June and December. 

At WiNTWOBTH on the third Tuesday of August. 

Cbof Cbtm(y. 

At GounKoOK on the last Tuesday of January and Angiut. j 

At GoftHAM on the first Tuesday of April and October. I 

At Lahcastsk on the first Toesday of Jaiuiary, March, May, Joly 
and November. 

Population bf Ifew Hanipshirey 1800— 1880* 


QmiMM. 1880. 1870. 1860. 1860. 1840. ISSQ. 1820. 1810. 1800 

Belknap, 17071 17681 18649 17721 

Carroll, 18201 17382 20466 90167 

Cheshire* 28846 27266 27434 80144 26429 37016 46876 40986 8882e 

Coos, 18616 M062 1:^61 11863 9849 8388 6649 8991 

Grafton, 38802 89108 42260 42843 42311 38682 82989 28462 23098 

HOlsborovgh, 76663 64238 62140 67478 42494 87724 68884 49249 4889( 

Merrimack, 46391 43161 41408 4038T 86263 84614 


Rockingham, 40110 47297 60122 49194 467n 44825 66107 60176 46421 
Strafford, 86603 S0i43 8149B 29374 61127 68910 61117 41096 82614 
SnlliTan* 18162 18068 19041 19376 20340 19669 

TOVAI.IM BVAfS, 4XS\l nSSOO 830078 Slivm 184574 18^818 8440X8 814480 1888SI 

• All other persona, except Indians not taxed. 


ConnCjr Officers) Coroners and Notaries Public' 

Note— JoaticM ot the P«ace will be foand In Basiness Directory In' 
connection with their respective towns, immediately after town 


JUffitter^-^wrge W. Weston, Exeter. 

ZVscuKrer — ^Winthrop N. Dow, Exeter. 

Cbmiiii9fu>fi«r«— Joseph C. Barley, Bpping; Newton Johnston, Ports- 
mouth ; Wells C. Underhill, Auburn. 

8fieriff—J. H. Kent, Portsmouth. Deputy Sherifft—Oeo. £. EatonJ 
Candia ; Ezra A. J. Sawyer, Deerfiold ; Isaiah A. Dustin, Derry ,i 
George W. TiltOD,T. B. Hoyt, Exeter; Samuel £. Woodman, Kingston;' 
William Clark, Londonderry, p. o. ad., Derry; J. W. Smart, A. D.< 
Wiggin, Newmarket ; Joseph A; Trickey, Northwood Narrows ; Wm.' 
F. Watfeon, Nottingham ; Cbas. A. Shepard, Buy mond ; Bei^. K. Wbeeler,! 
Salem. Deputies for Bockinghnm, residing in other Connties — Harri- 
son D. Lord, D. F. Healey, Wm. Q. Everett, Manchester; Alvin 8 
Eaton, Nashna. * 

Jailors — J. H. Kent, Portsmouth ; George W. TlUon, Exeter. 

O»ronerf— Samuel C. Whittier, Portsmouth ; T. M. Qoold, Bsymond ; 
A. F. Fox, Auburn ; Thos. 0. Keynolds, Kingston. 

8eaUt^-J. B. Clark, Derry. 

Notariti — James P. Bartle'tt, Marcellus Bufford, C. E. Batchelder, 
W. H. Haokett, Wallaoe Hnckett, Albert Laighton, Calvia Page, John 
Sise, G. T. Yanghan, B. M. Parker, J. E. Eider, A. F. Howard, 
PortsmoQth; G. a Bartlett, G. 0. Currier, F. J. Shepard, Derry; J. 
M. Godfrey, Wm. H.Drury, Epping ; Fred S. Hatch, W. P. Monlton, 
W. B.Morrill, W. F. Putnam, Exeter; A. P. Colby, Londonderry ; 0. 
C. Gordon, Salem; T. M. Gould, Raymond ; I. B. Hoitt, Northwood; 
John Hatch, Greenland; L. G. Hoyt, Kingston ; G. H. Jenness, Warren 
Parsons, Bye; TimothV Murray, C. H. Smith, Newmarket; John W. 
NoxBs, Chester ; John H. Nutting, Candia. 


Regirier — Frank i9. Tompkins, Dorer. 

Treasurer— Charleu S. Cartland, Lee. 

Cbmmiitionert — Balph Hough, Dover ; John I. Huckins, Farming 
ton ;William E. Waterhouse, Barrington. 

Sher^— -John Greenfield, Bochest^r. Deputy Sheriff*— 3. H. Davis, 
George W. Colbath, Dover; A. E. Went worth, Gt. Falls; John G. 
Johnson, Farmington; Asa A. Fox, Milton Mills; Jonatlian Dnstin, 
Barrington; Deputy ShefiiT from other Connties, Daniel E. Tattle, 

Jaa'IorM^has. B. Meserye, Dover. 

Cbrtmers— T. J. W. Pray, Jason W. Drake, 0. A. Fairbanks, Dover; 
Stephen S. Chick, Somersworth. 

Bealer — BzraH. Twombly, Dover.. 

iVe<ari«r-B. B. Brown, B. C. Carter. C. 8. Cartland, a A. Dodge« 
Harrison Haley, Calrin Hale, John Kivel, V. H. Mc Daniel. C. W.' 
Woodman, Sam'I M. Wheeler, Dover; H. F. C" - _ • 

Cloutman, D. W. BdgerlyJ 



J. B. Kdgerl.T, FArmlngton ; E. W. Fox, Milton ; C. B. GafTney, Johi 
Mfc Dnffee, H. M. IMuinmer, G. K. Sanborn, Wm. Rand. Rochester 
W. R. Barleish. H. 0. Gilpatrick, A. A. Porkint, I. H. Parker, S. S 
RolKns, B. J. Randall, J. A. SUckney, SomerswortU; W. H. MortOB 
C. F. Wood, Sollinsford. 


ReffiiUr — John F. Laighton, Laconia. 

IVetuurer— William F. Knight, Laoonia. 

Cfommissioners — Kenrick W. Smith, New Hampton; Ira L. Berry 
Bamstead ; Artlinr E. Learitt, Meredith. 

Sherif—DtkYld B. St >ry, Laconia. l>epuiif Sheriffk-^. W. Gogfwell 
Qilmanton ; J. Inrille Prescott, Meredith, depntixed in Orafton Co. 
Daniel E. Tnttle, Bamstead Centre; D. P. Evans, Alton, depntiiec 
in Strafford Co.; W. P. Laug, Tilton, depntised in Merrimack and 
Carroll Cos.; Joseph P. Whittier, Lake Village; Walter 0. Weill 
Belmont Deputies for Belknap residing in other Counties^^Asa J , 
rhnrston, Franklin ; James T. Sanborn, Bristol. 

J^tfor^Rnfus Clark, Laconia. • 

Coroner — D. A. Ambrose, Meredith. 

Sealer — S. W. Sandera, laconia. 

Noiaries-^oha W. Currier, Alton: Charles A. Hackett, E. F. 
rbompeon, Belmont; S. S. Jewett, A. C. Learitt, F. W. Reeves, 
Laconia; Thomas Ham, J. P. Hutchinson, Gilford; S. A. Ladd, 
Meredith ; W. T. Cass, G. C. Rogers, Tilton. 


Jfe^rifter— Aldo M. Rnmmery, Osslpee. 

Trtasurer — Henry W. Furber, Wolfeborough. 

Cbmmisiionen — John F. Fox, Tnftonborough; Edwin F. Browni 
Honltonborough ; John Hodge, Jackson. 

iS%«»tjf— Andrew J. Milliken, Wakefield. Deputy Sheri^— John H. 
Plumer, Sandwich; John Parsons, Freedom ; Goorge B. Sias, OAsipce ; 
James 0. Gerry, Madison ; J'chii Chase, Conway; Ilerbert B. Moulton, 
Sandwich; William Pitman, Bartlett; J. I. Prescutt, Meredith. 

Chroner — Ira BHnfieid, Wolfeborough. 

Seller — JefiTerson U. Jewell, Ossipee. 

Aotariet—Qeo. W. M. Pitman. Bartlett; C. W, Wilder, Wm. F. 
Thompson, J. W. Thompson, G. H. Westcott, Albro Garlai)d. Conway ; 
IE. I. Towle, Freedom ; J. E. French, Monltonboro' ; Frank Weeks, 
lOssipee ; J. F. Stockbridge, Tuftonborough ; C. C. Fellows, Sandwich ; 
John M. Brackett, J. G. Cate, Wolfeborough ; M. C. Morse, EfBnghum. 


Bepitter — Charles H. Ordway, Concord. 

Treanurer—Oeo. P. Little, Pembroke. 

Oontmistioneri-^ ohn C. Pearson, Boscawen; J«imea B. Tennant, 
Ipsom ; Gordon Burleigh, Franklin 

Sheriff— Wm. K. Norton, Concord. Deputy Shtrifft—^. F. Tncker, 
Ooncora; G.. H. Dimond, Penacook; L. H. Adams,. Warner; 8. H 
91sDders, Snncook; 0. W. Emerson, Andover; E, K. Webster 


Mttsfleld ; A. H. Whipple, New London; W. B. Gilley, Newbory; 
laloph Bate*, Bradford; A. J. Thurston, Franklin; Geo. Robinson, 
ntton ; B. A. Vamnm, Danbory. D^nties for Merrimack residii^; 
a other Oonnties— W. P. Lang, Tilton; D. L. SteTens, DAaneheater: J. 
'. Sanborn, Bristol; F. W. tionid, HillsboTO Br.; M. S. Jackson, 
Tewport; D. £. Tuttle, Barnstead Center; W. G. Wells, Belmont 

Jmior — W. K. Norton, Concord. 

Cbronerf— H. W. Kilburn, Andorer; W. H. Berry, Plttsfleld. 

iSSsa^er— Samnel F. Morrill, Concord. 

J\rolart'et— Charles F. Hildreth, Allenstown; J. M. Shirley, AndoTer; 
d. W. Titppata, Bradford; F. P. Andrews, 8. F. Brown, W. M. Chase, H. 
. Crippen, Asa Fowler, Geo. A. Femald, Wm. P. Fiske, Isaac aJ 
till, Isaac W. HammoBd, Arthur Fletcher, J. B. Frenald, 8. 6. LaneJ 
L A. Lame, Jas. Mjnot, N. B. Martin, J. B. Rand, Lyman D. StvTensJ 
. S. Streeter, A. fi. Thompson, Wm. F. Thayer, E. H. Woodman, S. 
. Eastman, H. M. OaTls, Concord; Dan'I Barnard, Alexis Proctor, F. 
r. Parsons, Frank Proctor, E. B. S. Sanborn-, B. W Bennett, Franklin;! 
. H. Albin, Uenniker ; F. J. Eastman, Northfleld; C. T. Cram, J. A.| 
oiB, Aaron Whittemore, Jr., Plttsfield ; A. P. Daris, G. C. GeorgeJ 
ohn C. Page, Warner; Isaac K. Gaga, Boscawen; J. F. Jones, 


RegUUr-~JiKtiK W. King, Nashua. 
Trtaturer — ^Darid F. Clark, Bianchester. 
Commiuionert — Joel ' C. Annis, Nashua ; Alfred O. Fairbanks, 
anchester; Geo. A. Cochrane, Antrim. i 

Sheriff— ChtixXw Scott, Peterborough. Deputy Sheriffs— J>. L. 8te> 
ins, Daniel F. Healy,*H. D. Lord, Manchester; A. S. Eaton, M. R.I 
nxton,' D. R. Marshal], Nashua; F. W. Gould, Hillsborough; J. aJ 
artshom, Greenville; Moses Clark, East Wilton ; Wallace OaldwelV 
uffstown : D. K. Manrell, Milford; I. A. Onstin, ;Derry. 
Jailor — ^David Wadsworth, Manchester. 
Coroners — B. B. Whittemore, Nashua; Jacob F. James, Manchwtar. 
Sealer — ^Wm. H. Vlckerjr, Manchester. 

Notaries — Charles Richardson, Amherst ; Isaac N. Riddle, Bedford ; 

. H. Bixby,*G. W. Cummings, Francestown ; A. F. Carr, H. W. Parker, 

)ff8town; James Taft, Oreenrille; J. C. Campbell, Hillsborough;' 

H. Andrews, S. N. Bell, C. E. Balch, C. H. Bartlett, H. E. Bumham., 

B. Clark, C. £. Blsco, B. P. Cilley, L. B. Clough, G. B. Chandler, 

F. Clark, P. F. Clark, J. M. Chandler, E. H. Carpenter, J. £. Dodge, 

P. Dodge, Jas. L. Foote, R. J. P. Goodwin, C. A. GaUagher, N. P.{ 

ant, E. W. Harrington, J. F. James, D. W. Lane, C. F. Morrill, J. P.- 

9well, A. C. Osgood, W. R. Patten, E. H. Paine, D. R. Prescott, J. AJ 

ddle, E. W. Sanborn, J. B. Straw, N. H. Wilson, W. M. Parker,i 

iinchester: D. Goodwin, Mason; C. 8. Averlll. F. T. Sawyer, C. B.' 

Qight, Milford ; M. R. Buxton, H. H. Davis, F. A. Eaton, G. B. Frenchj 

B. Gage, Wm. A. Farley, O. W. Hoitt, I. F. Harris, A. McKean, F.' 

BKean, A. J. A. Spalding, L. L. Tllden, J. W. White, B. Bj 

hitteniore, Nashua; W. A. Preston, New Ipswich; F. e. Clark, R.! 

Hatch. M. L. Morrlaon, B. M. Smith, Peterborough; O. B. Hoag, 

earej 0. H. Bums, Wilton. at. «w-b, 




Btgiiter — Charles C. Bnffnm, Keene, appointed by court July 3, 1883* 

Treasurer — Gardner C. Hill, Keene. 

Commissioners — Joieph B. Abbott, Keene; Geo. W. Steams, Bindge, 
Alfred W. Burt, Walpole. 

<SA«r(/^Horace A. Perry, Walpole. Deputy SheriffsS. 0. Gated, 
I.C.Rice, J. W. Babbitt, Ralph J. Holt, Keene ; D. S. Swan, Winchester: 

. Harfield Henry, Hinsdale; F. S. Pierce, Bast Jaffrey, Deputies for 
heshire residing in other counties: J. S. Walker, Langdon; E. P. 
'imball, Troy ; Charles Scott, Peterboro' ; Fred W. Gould, Hillsboro'. 

Jailor — Chas. Q. Gilmore, Keene. 

Coroner — C. F. Rowell, Keene. 

ifeoZer— Virgil A. Wright, Keene. 

iVotaru<— Henry Abbott, B. M. Forbes, H. W.'Brlfham. W. H. 
Jennings, Winchester ; A. J. Blalce, Fitzwilliam ; Hiram Blake, J. R. 
peal, A. T. Batcbelder, H. P. Cooledge, F. C. Faulkner, H. S. Martin, 
). G. Nlma, R. H. Porter, Keene ; F. J. Barber, L. B. Lanison, H. R.i 
Taille, Jr., Q. S. Wilder, Hinsdale; J. G. Bellows, Bolirar LoYell, 
IfiOpole; B. 8. Steams, Bindge; Peter Upton, H. D. Upton, Jaffrey. 


Register— Wm. B. Brooks, Newport. 

JSruuvrer — ^Elisha H. Carr, Goshen. 

Commissioners — William E. Tutherly, Claremont ; Horace F. Goss, 
ipringfield ; Lucius A. Pnrmort, Lempster. 

AwUtors—Qeo, E. Dame, Newport; Chas. Hi Long, dartinoiii 

SJisriff—M. S. Jackson, Newport. Depiuty Shervffi^unM Holt, B. 
W^ Tolles, Claremont ; John S. Walker p. o. adT Alstead ; G. . W. 
Stockwall, Croydon. Deputies liring in other conn ties : N. C. Brldg- 
nan, Lebanon ; Charlep N. Emerson, Andover. 

/mior— Milton S. Jackson, Newport. 

Ommcrs— Nathan Hall, Croydon ; Otis F. B. Waite, Claremont 

Aofer— George W. Fitch, Claremont. 

Notaries— B. W. Bond, George Olcott, Charlestown ; B. D. Baker, 
J. L. Farwell, Geo. N. Farwell, 2d., Albert Rossiter, 0. F. R. Waite, 
Kermon Holt, Ira Colby, Claremont; George Dodge. E. W. Lewis, 
A. 8. Wait, Newport ; A. 3. Bartholomew, J. T. Duncan, Plainfleld. 


Seffisltr—Uenrj H. Clark, Harerhill. 

2Vea«»r«r— Porter B. Watson, Littleton. 

Commissioners— ChMlea F. Kingsbury, Lyme, Solomon 8. Carbee, 
Bath, R. A. Homer, Bristol. 

8h^ff—Collin» M. Buchanan, Thornton, p. o. ad. Campton Tillage ; 
DeptUy Sheriffs— Wm. P. Norris, Ashland ; W. B. Blandin, Bath ; J. T. 
ianbera, M. F. Wilbur, Bristol; Elijah Smith, Canaan; J. H. Foster,' 
BanoTer; L. B. Ham, Hayerhill; N. 0. Bridgeman, Lebanon; H. A.| 
Johnson, Littleton ; J. K. Carr, Orford : C. A. Fellows, Plymouth ; 
C. H. filUott, Rumney ; J. Q. Osgood, Wentworth. Deputies living 
bother Counties, J. I. Prescott, Meredith, 

Jat'Ior— Chas. W. Pike, Haverhill. 

€broner«—E. B. Huse, Enfield; Isaac Willard, Orford. 

Sealer — ^Harlan P. Goodiich, Lebanon. 


I Notaries— T. P. Cheney, Aehlend; Philip Carpenter, Bath; G. T. 
•Cmft, Bethlehem ; K. £. Dearliorn, H. A Randolph, L. W. FliogV: 
Bristol; O. W. Marray, Canaan; B. B. Huae, Eufleld ; Corneliutt A.; 
'Field, Newton S. Huntington, Frederick Chase, Hunover ; G. W. Chap-' 
man, S. B. Page, W. F. Westgate, Uaverliill ; £. J. Durant, J. B. Dew- 
ey, Kdward A. Kendrick, J. L. Spring, Lel>anon; F. A. Cofntn, H. W.' 
Denio, Oscar C. Hatch, E. C. Stevens, E. M. Warner, W. H. Mitchfrll.- 
Littleton; H. H. Holt. Lyme; Paul Lang, D. £. Willard, Orford;! 
!0. H. Adama, 0. B. Copelund, Plymouth ; Samuel Herbert, Kumney l- 
J. H. Willianu, Warren ; W. A. Flanders, Wentworth. 


Regiitter — Charles A. Cleaveland, Lancaster. 

2>eanfrer-^ohn C. Patiee, Stratford. 

Oomminioners—B. A. Taylor, Dal ton ; Jonathan Oilman, Colambia; 
Engene W. Scribner, Berlin. j 

i S/fe^i/T— SAniuel I. Bailey, Colnmbfa. DfptUy Sherifi-^. S. Ckpen,. 
Colebrook; George H.Stevens, Lancaster; George farr, Littleton;' 
John B. Noyes, Berlin ; Levi Shedd, Gorham. j 

Jailor — John S Iii};er8on. _ j 

Coroneri — Geo. S. Leavitt, Colebrook ; E. v. Cobleigh, Lancaster. ; 

Sealer — E. V. Cobleigh, Lancaster. 

Notarie* — Albert Barker, J. H. Dudley, J. L Parsons, Colebrook v 
M. A. Hastings, F. D. Hntchins, Richard P. Kent, Lancaster; Alfred R.- 
'Evans, Shelburne ; J. G. Trulan, Whitefield. i 

ComaiissiciierB In ofber States to soleatBiBe 
marriage In Kew Hampshire* 

John CoIUbs, So. Berwick, Me.; Horace Bnrchard, Brattleboro, Tt., 
S. J. Bryant, Hartford, Yt4 Edmund Edwards, Boston, Mass.; John 
iMalvern, Haverhill, Muhs.; G. A. Sliaw, Ashley, Mass.; A. H. Morrill,. 
'Harper's Ferry, W. Ya.; James B. Black, Montreal, P. Q.; Beverly 
jWarner, Strafford. Conn.; C. P. U. Naeon, Chelsea, Mass.; Samuel 8. 
Barter, Poultneyville, N. ¥.; Harry Brickett, Tbetford^^Tt.; A. C. Obilda, 
JGIoucester, Mass.; Edward Smiley, Putney, Vt.; A. A. Miner, Boston. 
Mass.; Jacob Patch, Stevens Point, Wis.: Henry L. Foote, Holyoke, 

f- "f .M W H Mli^iWl I^SW 

Guumaiesioners far etiier St^vtes. resldinff ia 

Arkansas — Sylvester Dana, Concord. 

CALiF0RNlA-«>Wm^ H. Hackett, Portsmouth. 

District of Columbia, — Wm. H. Hackett, Portsmouth. 
' Mains — Albert S. Twitchell, Gorham. Chas. W. Woodman, Dover: 
Wm. H. Hackett, Portsmouth. 

Massachuskvtb — Moses Hasen, Sutton; Asa Fowler, Concord ; Chas. 
W. Woodman, Dover; Wm. H. Hackett, Portsmonth; Chas. A. 
Carpenter, Manchester. \ 

MiCHioAN— Lyman D. Stevens, Concord. 

Nrw York— Williamm. Hackett, Portsmonth; Lucten B. Clongb, 
Arthur P. Dodge, Mancliester ; Ciias. G. Connor, Exeter. 

Wisconsin— Wm. H. Hacltett, Portamonth. 

Pbnnstltania— Wm. H. Hackett. Portsmoath. 


IT. S« Ooiiinilasteii#rs« 

G. H. Rartlett, Manchester; W. H. Hackett, L. Odell, PortsroonM 
■C. W, Woodman. Dover ; Heury Iluywood, Lancaster ; A. P. CarpentM 
jBath ; Asa Fowler, Concord. 

Railroad Commisaioners* 

Orren G. Moore, Nashua, 3 yean ; Edward B. 8. Sanborn, FrmnidI 
2 years; Sdward J. Tenney, Claremont, 1 year. 

Special Railroad Commlssioiiera. 

Fo« BosToir AKD Mains R. R-^reenleaf Clark, Atkinson. 

Won. Petexboko and Shirley R. R.— Wm. P. Chamberlain, Keeni 

Forestry Gomuilssionere* 

H. O. Jesvnp, Hanover; W. S. Ladd, Lancaster: W. F. Flio' 
Winchester ; .Jot. Barnard, Hopkinton; Ithiel £. Clay, Chatham 
!W. H. Hills, Plaistow. 

Coaimisi»loneni of Pilotagfe* Port of Portumonth 

Wm. H. Side, Joseph Grace, R. G. Bartlett, POrtsnioath. 

Stat4 Roard of Eqaallzatlon. 

John M. Parker, GofTstown ; Edwin W. l>rew, Stewartstown ; Jf 
wett Conner, Exeter; Wm. Butterfi«Id, Concord ; C. A. Dole, Lebanon 

Stat6 Board of Health* 

Go^S. W. Hale, and Attorney-general, Mason W. Tappan, ex-officic 
€. H. Horsch, M. D., Dover, I. A. Watson, M. D., (2 years. ) O. V 
Conn, M. D.j Goneord, J. A. Weston, Manchester, (4 years.) * Di 
Watson is Secretary, oflSce in the State-hoosOt 

CommiaaioBers to Examine into tike Condltloii oi 
the Insane In Countjr Alnis*hoa«es* 

J. B. Walker, Concord ; John J. Bell, Exeter ; F. A.Stilliugs, Concord 

Rank Oomaslsslonem. 

John D. Lyman, Exeter; Bnel C. Carter, Dover. 

Inspector of Steamboats. 

Chas. H. Hntchinson, Maniiliester 

FIsil rommUsloners* 

George W. Riddle, Manchester: E. B. Uodgo, Plymouth; Lnthe 
Bayes, Milton. Inspsctob or Vuh, E. J. Connor, Portsmouth. 

Conunlssioiiers of Pbarmacy and Practical 


0. A. Tufts, Dover ; Sdward H. Carrier Manchester ; E. F. Hlldrith 


Avditors HtMtm PrUil«r>s Account. 

Honee A. Brown, Wm. Battecfleld, Oonoord. 

Jvstlcecoff Police <?oiirt 

Goneord, Sylrwter Dana; tpeeia], A. W. 'Siltby. HanchMtorJ 
Nathaa P. Hunt; •peoUl, laaao L. Heath. Portsmouth, a K. BatcW 
older. Nashaa, J. B. Fiwaett ; tpeeial, Wm. 0. Cloagh. Dover, J. BJ 
Yaraey ; tpecUU, 0. 8. Froet. CharloBtown, Henry HubbArd. Keene^ 
Bdward Ferrer; epeeW, J. B. Abbott. Somorsworth, Wn. D. Knapp ^ 
•pecial, G. B. Beecbam. Farmiagton, John Tattle. Alton, Wm. Bm-j 
erson ; special, Nat'l Dorman. HaTerhill, Hiram Morgan ; special, JTasi, 
Bell. Pembroke, J. B. Haseiton. Rochester, G.S. Bias; special, Steph-j 
'en D. Wentworth. Pittfleld, John T.HiU; special, Frank E. Randall;! 
■Wolfeboro* Samael D. Fox ; special, Moses T. Otte. Littleton, Qeoige. 
Farr; special, Albert S. Batchellor. Hanorer, Ghas. Benton. Hamip-' 
!ton, Ghas. M. Lamprey. Laconia, John G. Jewett; special, Saanel WJ 
Sanders. Lebanon, James G. Tick nor ; special, B. J. Duraot. Kxeter, 
jH. A. Shnto ; Plainfleld, John T. Dnnean. Bath, Geo. Merriaoa ; spe-. 
cial, Frank P. Monlton. 

Internal RcT-enue* 

CbUedor. Henry M. Putney, Portsmouth. 


H. W. Putney, Portsmouth, Jas. E. French, Moaltonboro, Jas. B. 
Dodge, Manchester, F. G. Faulkner, Keene. 

v. A. BoaHI of JEsLaoiinteir Aaviooo* for Poosit 

om at Coacord* 

Drs. G. P. Gage, G. P. Goun, A. H. Grosby. > ^k 


Agent to pay pensions in Nem Hampskire and Vermont, — B. L. 
Whitlbrd, Goneord, N. H., Main St., orer P. O., White's Opera House. 

B^trgemutoeaBominepensioneninNem MampAire. 

Glaremont, Osmon B. Way ; Golebrook, Freeman G. Harris ; OoDCordi 
Ghas. P. GHge, Albert H. Grosby, Granville P. Gonn; Great FallsJ 
John A. Hayes; Dover, James H. Wheeler; Epping, fib>sea B.J 
|Burnham; Exeter, Wm. G. Perry; Franklin, Luther. M. Knight;' 
Keene, Geo. B. Twitchell, John H. Leach, Wm. R. Dunham ; Laconia, 
jDavid B. Nelson; Lancaster, Frank A. Golbj, Ezra Mitchell, John; 
L. Patten; Littleton, T. B. Sanger; Londonderry, Eugene Wason;i 
Manchester, Lyman B. How, W. W. Wilkins, W19. A. Webeter,' 
Moultonborough, Wm. (I. H. Mason; Nashua, J. 0. Garland; New, 
Ipswich, Francis. N. Gibson ; Newport, David M. Curlier ; Pet«^ 
borough, W. D. Ghase : Portsmouth, J. F. Hall, Dan! W. Jones, 8. CJ 
.WhiUier; Plymouth, Jesse A. Sanborn { Wakeaeld. S. W. Roberts; 
iWolfeborongh, H. King. 

> — I , 

-^^ — -'■ ' • 



PnifeltlFe ana RetemiBtorir. 


frank 8. Dodge, Warden ; T. A. Pilsbnry, Depnty Warden ; Pbjn 
eiaoB, A. H. Crosby, F. A. StUlings; Chaplain, SnDiran HoliMt 
Prisoners employed in making: bedsteads — ^prfce reoefved for each ma* 
labor, per day, 60 crnits. Earnings, $ 1,866.44. Expenses, $18,4<H2 J 
Wbole number of convicts in prison May 1, 1882, 192 : Commitmsai 
during the year 86; whole number, 168. Discharged 41 ; pardoned, ! 
died, 4. Number in r>^on April SO, 1883, 121. Whole number cM 
mitted to prison since its estabUsfament, 2,069. Whole number i 
during same time, 20. Whole number who bftTS died in prison 
(Whole number pardoned, 640. 


Tstrsnss. — President, G. A. Ramsdell, Nashua; Secretary, Boi 
Daniel Clark* Manchester; Oliver Pillsbury. Concord; J>. II 
Xohnson« Claremont ; D. W. Bill, Gilsum ; Geo. A. Ranisdell, Nashua 
J. W. Peppard, Rumney ; Treas. and Snpt., John C. Ray ; Matron, Ml) 
John G. Ray; Teachers, Miss B. F. Scoville, Miss Juliet W. Stimpsoi 
H. P. Ray. whole number in school during year, 149. Whole nun 
ber admitted to the Institution since its organication, 1,1S0. Numbe 
la sdiool Maj 1, 1883, 106. Ordinary expenses for year ending Ma; 
1, 1B8S; $26,697.89 Receipts $26,696.65. 

The Trustees report the school as prosperous and doing a most ei 
JMlleat work. 

The parentage is stated as French, 24, American, 60, Irish, 02. 



There were la the Institution April 1, 1882, 286 patients, of whon 
m were men and 164 women. 71 men and 62 women were admitte* 
daring the year ending March 31, 1883. Number In the Asylum Apri 
1,1883, 128 men and 167 women. All but 68 of those admitted duriuj 
the year were bom in the state. Of the men admitted 20 were farmert 
Hts were supported by the state, and 19 by their counties. Death 
during the year 25. Superintendent. 0. P. Bancroft. Trustees, Dexte 
Richards, Newport ; E. Spaulding, Nashua; E. A. Hibbard, Laconla 
W. 6. Perry, Exeter ; Waterman Smith, Manchester ; E. J. Randall 
Somsmworth ; Joseph B. Walker. Concord ; Geo. B. TwlteheU, Keene 
John H. George, Concord ; Carlton P. Frost, Hanover ; Jeremiah f 
Hall, Portsmouth ; W. H. H. Mason, Moultonboroogh. 

Webster Ihrn^ Franklmy N. H. 

Inaugurated Oct. 19, 1871. This institutioji is for the destltute[an< 
homeless orphans of the State, without regard to sect, and is support 
ed entirely by voluntary contributions. 

Pres., Hon. Geo. W. Nefmith franklin ; Vice Pres., Hon. t*rederlrl 
Smyth, Manchester; Treas.. Hon. John .Kimball. Concord; Sec'y 
InuM K. Gage, Fisherville; Financial Agent, Rev. D. A. Mack Supt. 
•nd Matron, Mrs. A. R. Mack. 

-^"■"■*"^"- - ■' * '- --■■■'- " ■- ^ — 





Geo. W. Netmith, L. D. D. Franklin, Pres.; Frederick Smyth, Man 
cheeler, TreM.; C. W. Stanley, Manchester; Sam'l C. Bartlett, 
HaDOTer, Q. A. Wmod, New Boston ; BenJ. F. Prescott, £pping; W H. 
H. Miteon, MoultoBborongh ; HiFam Bitcbcock, Hanorer; L. D. SteT-| 
ene. Concord ; Joseph Kidder, Manchester, Secretary of Board. 

Receipts and expenditure about ten thousand dollars a year. 
The Incqme is derived (h>m interest acccning froo sale of lands, 
furnished by the general goTemment, fr<Hn interest on Mr. 0onuit*i 
donation, from rents of buildings and from the State. The number '<A 
students Is increasing. The course occupies three yean. The farm con- 
tains three hundred and sixty acres in the immediate Tlcinity of the col- 
leg^, which Is located at BbinoTer. The college is now free of itobt 
and the prospects are gratifying to the most ardent friends of the in- 

There is a winter Course of lectures on practical farm topics for.tiis 
benefit of students, but open to the public. The course last year WM 
very successful. Number of students, present year, about fifty. 


Rooms at the State House. 
Members. Moses Humphrey, Concord, Chairman; W^ H. HJ 
Mason, Ifloultonboroagh ; Hiram Parker, Lempster ; . Qeorge. K. 
Harvey, Surry; Wm. H. Hills, Plalstow; Albert DeMemtt, Durham; 
David H. Qoodell, Antrim; S. B. Whittemore Golebrook; Charles 
W. H&ckett, Belmont; J. £. Carr, Harerhill ; J. 0. Adams, Manchester, 


Librarian, Wm. R. Kimball ; Trustees, Wm. M. Cbaae, OoncordJ 
Wm.L. Foster, Concord, Austin F. Pike, Fninklin.- Tolnmae added.— 
by purchase, 132; by regular exchange, 419; special recaiptS) 484— 
total 1066— epeoial issues, 202. 


TruBtees, Geo. B. Spalding, Dover; DAuiel C Roberts, Oonoord; 
Wm. E. Buck, Manchester; Hosea W.Parker, Claremont; Chas. A. 
Jewell, Plymouth ; James W. Patterson, Hanover; Principal, C C. 



TiOcated at Til ton on the B., C. ft M. R. R., 18 miles north of Con 
cord, was established in 1845, and chartered as a Seminary and Fe< 
nwle College in 1852. It employs eleven teachers and has haul an aver- 
age attendance for the last academic year, per term, of one hnndrad 
and thirty>nine. 

There are nine regular courses of study : Ladies' College ClaasicalJ 
Ladies' CollegA Belles Lettres, College Preparatorvt ProfesaioMl 
School Prepasatory, English Scieniific, Indnstrial Science, ConuMr< 
cial. Musical. Instruction is given in all departments uaoai ia Acad 
emies i^nd Seminaries. 

The school year consists of three terms of thirteen.weeka eactt. 



Wf nter term Imsad D«c. 5, 188S, tmd ends Mnrch 4, 1884. Spring term 
begins Mar. 19, Hiid ends June 18, 1884- FafI term begins Angnsf^iT, 
IQ84. Annirersaries, JaneL5,16^17,aBdl8. Ck>inttiencf ment, June 18. 


The Bev. Fred^ck M. Oray, Ptincipai, 
The Holdemeea School for Boys was estaUlithed in tt77 a«d Incor- 
porated hy ail Act of Leftislatore in 1878. It is located in the Pemi- 
gewaftmt Vnlley ^ of a mile from Plymonth, in one of the finest 
iportiona of N. H. ' 

I The prvmiaes oocapied are a new brtek stractare bnilt on the site 
nf tlie old LiTermure Mansion, capeble of accomodating eerenty, 
pnpUs, to which is attached fifteen acrtts of land. The fifth school 
^ear began Sept. 6. 1688 and will close Jane 19, 1884 with a recafs 
m fire woahs, beginning Dec. 20. 

I Boys are received at any age orer 10 years, and are fitted fbr 
jeollege^ or may take instead of Latin k Greek any of the utnai 
pranchea of school study. ' - 

I The terms are $ 2fM) ner annum tor residents of New Hampshire, and 
j$ SeO for others, payable, one half at the beginning of the school year, 
yutd one half Feb. 1. There are no extra chaises. 
\ The Rt. Rot. W. W. Niles D. D. is President of the board of Tmsteca. 
p. 0. Address, Concord, K. H. FQll information can be had by writ* 
ntg to the Rector at Plymouth. 


cwganised in 1823, has for itsol^eet the preserration of the history of 
the State, by addresses, eseaya and papers read at the meetings of the' 
Society, by publication of important docaments which might other-l 
wise be lost, and by bringing together in a library, both printod books! 
and manuscripts relntiug to the towns, counties and state, and ai«o to 
individuals and ctiaritable and religious organisations. Its library 
consists of al>ont lU.OOO volumes and a great number of pamphlets. An- 
imal reports of towiu and all printed jNunpblets relating to the «tatel 
are eameetly desired. They may be sent by mail to tiie librarian at- 
'Concord. All persons, whether members or not, are invited to nse thej 
library on Tuesdays wlien it is open. 

OrricxES, President, Hon. Charles 0. Bell, Exeter; Oor. Sec'^y 
John J. Bell. Esq., Exetf r ; Librarian. Sam'i 0. Eastman, Esq., Oon- 
eord ; Rec, Sec, Amos Hadley, Ph. P^., Concord* 


was ittMrporatedand organised in 1701, with the Hon. Joslah Bftft- 
letft then PnmdmU 9f Ou StaU as its President. 
Annual meetings are held in Concord on the third Taeeday of June. 
The ollkors for 1883 and 1884 are: president, John W. Parsons,! 
Portsmouth; vice president, John Wheeler, Pittslleld; treasurer.* 
D.S.' Adams, Manchester; sec'y O, P^ Conn, Concord; anniversary i 
ishalrmao. A- P. Richardson, Wnlpole, witii a council of twenty ineoi-l 
bars, and ten censors; cxeputive committee. A« H. Crosby, C R. 
Walker, both of Concord, and Geo. D. Towne, Manchester. i 

I Haw UAMPsmaK Uomieo?athio Mu»ical SocmT— Incorporated in 
9S^ Annual meeting in Concord on 3rd Wednos<lay In Ji^oe. OtB* 
for 1881-82. President, W. E. Keith, M. D. Franklin Falls: vice 
Jdaot, S. J.-Donalneon, M. D., Portsmouth ; Secretary and Tress., 
D. Smith, M.D. Manchester: Ceniiers-^. H. GaflinMr, M. B. Con- 

^» Jm nKtAiui Ir. Iff. D. fLktifiArdf A. Ct. Alrnxmndtur. M D. Penacouk. 

104 STATE SDdEriBB. 



N. H. Baptist GoiiTS!rnajr.r->Ooni posed of ■tSnistera and dciegiUet' 
from the chnrcbee. The lut HBDnal Bieetinjc wae nt Mancbeeter, Oet.liJ 
18, 1883. The offlceni are, PreeMent, BeT. J. N. Chase, Bxeter; Secre^ 
tary, Ber. Wm. Hnrlin, Antrim ; Treasurer, A. J. Preec^tt, Oooeofdj 
iThe Board of Tmstecs is compooed of twenty-fonr potbob« in additioD 
;to the above. Assoeiatlwis, 6 ; Churches, ifl; Members, 8,774; bap- 
tised during the year, 242. Ordained ministers, 89; licentiates, 8; 
itweaty-fire efavrcbes were aided in supporting pastors; and some 
wurk was done at two other stations. Total approprUdoaa $2,332. 
The next annual nieetinf will be Oct. 15, 1884. 

CoHrasKNeB OP Baptist MiititTiKS in K, H. — Annual meeting at 
Miinchester, Oct. 15. 1883. OfBcen,' Presidents, Rer. W. Y. Gamer, 
Concord; Rer. E. E. Onmmings, D. D., Concord; Secretary, Reir. A. J^ 
Hopkins. Franklin Falls; Treasnrer; Rer. N. Hooper, Kzeter. The 
jotijects of this organi2ation.are matnal improrement, increased nselM- 
iB«ss, tind the raising of a fund the interest of which is to aid indigent 
and disabled Baptist ministers in N. B,, The next annual meetiag 
jOct. 14, 1884. 

N. H. Baptist SmrnAT Soiroot ComrxicTToir.— Annaal meeting at 
'Hanehester, Oot. 16, 1883. OiSeers, President, Rer. J. A. Johnston, 
Nashua ; Secretary and Trees. Rer. H. F. BrowQ, Antrim. No. of 8an< 
day Schools. 77 ; officers and teachars, 1,056; sdioiars, 8,608. Next 
meeting, Oct. 14, 1884. 

N. H. Baptist IlisTOftiCAi I^cixtt— Object, To collect and preserrs 
printed snd manuscript documents relating to the history of the! 
Baptists in the State. Annual meeting at Manchester, Oct. 16, 18SSJ 
Officers, President, Rer. W. H. Eaton, D. D., Reene ; Secretary, Rer.| 
T. 0. Gleason, East Jaffrey ; Librarian, Rer. A. J, Hopkins. Frankliu 
Pans. Next meeting, Oct. 14, 1884. Tlie place of meattog' fbr tbi 
abore Societies in 1884, has not yet been designated. 


Th4 GenenU Association of N. H. is oompoeed of delegates fhMm tiie 
Congregntional and Presbyterian ministry and «hntcbes at the State. 
It ni^ts annually in September. 

The officers arO) Secretary, ReT. J. M. Dniton, LebanoB; stakis-' 
tical Secretary and Treas., Rer. 6. L. Oeronld, GnfTstown. | 

Number of Congregational ohnn-hes, 185 ; Presbyterian, 7 ; menn 
bers, 20,420; connected with Sabbath Schools, 22,076; ministers, Oon* 
gregational, 180; Presbyterian » 5. Bcnerolent contributions last 
> ear, $41,422.75. 

The next meeting of the General Association Will Imi hitid Sept. 19, 
1884, place not appoint^. 

N. fi. Home MissioMABT^^SociXTV-^nnual meeting. in oonnecties 
with the a eneral Aasocist jon. Bee. B. U. Oreeleyi QpQOordf neoretN*! 
I Sixty .i[eel|le churches aided in 19i^ 

STATS 800ISri£». ii^ 

M1NI8TXK8* AND Wxi>0W8' C9A9ITABLK jSooiKTT. Annual mf!«ting in 
connection with the GeneraF Assodation. R. P. StanieU, secretary, 
John C. Tbom, treasurerr both of Coi^cord. 


This- denomfnntfon, now niifnhering 75,000 had Its origin In New 
Hampshire. The first church was organised in New Darham in 1780. 
Ttte New Bampshire '.yearly aeeting held its hut session in Noi^jth- 
wood, an,d embraces 109 churohss, 129 ministers ttod 8,893 members. 


This institution was-inporporat'td in 1846, and is located In Dover, 
X ^' Stewart being Agent and Treasarer. It runs several steam 
ipresses, and publishes the Moejtimg Star, a larg,e religious weekly 
Ifiaper of eight pages, in its 58th vol., and Is the organ of the de- 
[nomination. ReV. G. A. Bickford, Ed. 

I TheLmiK Scab and Mtbtle are Sahbath School papers, published 
l^lternate weeks, the former being desigftdd for an older class of read- 
ers than the Myrtle. Rot. G. C. Waterman, Editor. I 



The New Hampshire Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal 
Gharch held its fifty-fourth session at Coucord, April 18-23, 1883, 
This conference includes the towns in Massachusetts north of the 
|li«rriafack river, and- does not include that portion of New Hampshire 
,east of the White Mountains. 

I President, Bishop Matthew Simpson, D. D.; Secretary, Rev. S. E. 
Quiraby; Presiding Elders — Concord district, Rev. M. T. Cilley 
Concord; Clarement 'district. Rev. 0. H. Jasper, Nashua; Ddverdis 
jtrier, Rev. G. J. Judlilns, 80. Newmarket. Members of Oonfersnc*, 
124; Probationers, 6; Pastors in charge of chnrchfs, 107; Members. 
11.079; Probationera, 1.891; LecM preachers, G2: deaths, 222; bap- 
jtisms, children, 91; adnlts 472; churches, 119; probable value, 
i$to7,9AO; parsonages 71 ; probable value, $112,950; Paid for build-' 
iings, repairs, or debts, $47,081; indebtedness, $15,694; 8>tiAday| 
filcnools, 128; oftcers and teachers, 1,671; scholars, 13,562 ; aggregatCj 
of pastors' salaries, $ 74,018. 

The liezt session will be held at Manchester, April, ^884. 


There tre two Societies in New Hampshire. One is in Oai^rbur^, 
Post office address Shaker VtliHge, Merrimack Cn., N. "A. 

Trustees, or business agents for the Society, James S. Killme and 
uoseph Wbods. ' 

f OneSkxsl«ty at BnfieM^P; O. uMIdresS. Enfield, Grafton Co., N.^H. 
iTrnstees, John Bradford, Hiram C. Baker, Wm. Wilsoa. ^ 

196 8TATS S00IXTIB8. 


opnciM or rm akaks lodok or wkw wjJtnwnM, • 

Onuid MmtBr, John f . Webcter, Co9cord ; Dofratj OiMid Mwt«r,' 
Hmirjr B. Bnnilmin, Mancbwler: Senior Grand Wnrdeo, WilliMii K^ 
Snr)«>fh, Grant Fallii{ Junior Qnnd Wpu^len, O. W. Currier. Natihans 
SraiMl TreMnrer, Joeepb Kidder, Unncbeitor ; Gmnd Secretary, 0. P« 
|Clen!ree,Goneord. { 

I DistriBi J>tpmfy €frai»d Mtuten. »- IHstrict No. 1, W. O. JnokiM.' 
GroetilnBd ; District No. i, O. S. Tbonpeon, MnaclMeter ; District No. 
,3, F. H. Whitcomb, Keene; District No. 4, Geo. H. Lsmbee, Snncoek; 
District No. 6, M. II. Bowker, Lisbon; District No. 6, Asa M. Brack- 
ett. Union. | 

State 6nmd Xsefvrsr— Edward F Sberbnme, Ifancbester. } 

Grand Leetmtrt, — District No^ 1, B. 8. Kinsman, Newnarkot; 
District No. 2, Chnrles II. Webster, Naubna : District No. 8, Gowge W. 
Flagg, Kerne; District No. 4, H. H. Felt. Hitlsborongh Brid|re Dio-' 
trict No. 5, William II. DaTls,' Went worth; Distric| No. 6, Geo. F. 
Home, Wolfeboruogb. ! 

Gnmd Chaplttint^Jitr. D. G. Roberts, Concord; Rev. Ithamar W. 
Beard, Dover. 

Smior Grand Deaeei»— Frank D. Woodbury, Concord. 

Junior Gnmd Dtaeom-^ohn Pender, PorUmouth. 

G rand Stewardi—Q^orff A. Batley, Ifanchesten; Thomas C. Grey, 
Whttefleld; George 0. Perkins, Lebanon; J. K. Wilson, Mauchsstor. 

Grand JfortAaT— Joseph W. Hildreth, Manchester. { 

Grand Sword Hearer— Charles C. Danibrth, Concord. | 

ITrond /WsMisanls—BeqJ. F. Heath, Warner; Nathaniel a Qslsi 

Grand 3>fer— Samnel W. Xmerson, Concord. 

The Annual communication of the Grand Lodge is held at Con-' 
eord, on the third Wednesday in May ,.at 11 o'clock In the foronoon. 

omens or rn okaits sotal abob oHAPrn or nxw hampshxu. 

Chas. N. Towie, Concord, Grand Iliirb Priest; A. W. Baker, Leba. 
non. Deputy Grand High Priest ; J. F.Webster, Qaneord. Grand King; 
Andrew Bunton, Manchester^ Grand Scribe; Jos. W. llildreth, Man> 
Chester, Gmnd Treasnrer; G. P. Cleaves, Concord, Grand Secretary ; 
Joseph Kiddes, Msucbevter, Grand Chaplain ; Juhn C. Neal, FniukUn 
Falls, Grand Captain of the Bof>t; BaKlan P. Goodrich, Lelmnon, 
Grand Principal Sojonrner ; Geo. W. Flagg, Kei-ne,, Grand Royal 
Arch Cbptain jChas. M. Dorr, Great Ful s. Grand Master of the Th'ird- 
Veil; N. P. Hnnt. Manchester, Graiid Master of the Seci>nd Tell- 
R. O. Wright, Plyntoutb GcHiid Mavter.of the Ei ret Veil- W. H.W. 
Hinds, Mllfitid, G. P. Kfnilmll, Nashua, Grand Stewards; Samuel W 
Emerson, Concord, Grand Tyler. i 

sn'tiToyDiSdiTTt^L?" n^\^.?y ^ Ohaptor ta held a» Conooid, 
?n thSJfoJSSi. ' ^ **"* Wednosday of May. •* U o'olock 



John J. Bell, Exeter, President; Albert S. Waif, Newport, 
Vice Preetdent ; \BH8lm Ayer, Ket-ne, Chnphiin; AlpluMis W. BNker,j 
Letmiion, Treasnrer; Ge(»rge P. Cleaves, ^mcoi-d, Secretary; Fmuk 
O. Woowmry, Conoord, Master of Cttremonic-s; G. W. Flaffg, Keenu, 

jCSonductor ; Hartan P. Goodrich, Lebanon, Herald ; W. A. Ratiell, 

|Conc<ml, Onard. 

orncxxs or thk amAsrD couhoii or botax. avd bukot m ASTtst ar mnr 


George P. Cleaves, Gonoord. Orand Master; John Oillls, Mancheater, 
Depu^^ Qraod MHBter; E. B. Hud«^,^PI>nioiitb, Ornud Principal Con* 
jductor of the Work ; Joneph W. Hiidretb, Manclieater, Grand Treas- 
Inrer; Frank D. Woodbury. Concord, Orand Recorder; W. A. Russell ,! 
|Goncord, Gmnd Cnptain of the Guard; J. W. Hunt, Nashua, Graudi 
lOondilctorof theConncil; Rev. D..C. Roberts, Concord, Grand Cliap-| 
lain ; John W. ColUiis, Claremont, Grand Mai-sbal ; C. J. Darrali, Man-, 
|ctieftter, Orand StewanI ; S. W. Emerson, Concord, Grand Sentinel, i 
I TliH aunual asaeiubly of the Gran«l Council Is held at Concord on 
the Monday preceding the third Wednesday in May, at i o'clock, P. M. 

orriG£BB or thk OBAirn coxxakdcbt or kkiqbts tBMnAB or 


Grand Commander, Andrew Ban ton, Manchester: Deputy Orand 
Commnnder, J. P. Webster, Concord ; Grand GenerHlissinio, Gbas. N. 
Towie, Concord ; Grand Captain General, Don H.Woodward, Keene; 
Grand Prelate, R«v; Daniel C. Roberta. Gcuioord; Grand Senior War- 
jden, E. R. Kent, LHncaster; Grand Junior Warden, Chas. C. Danforth, 
.Concord : Grand Treasurer, Frank A. McKean, Nashua; Grand Re- 
[corder, Geo. P. Cleavca, Concord ; Grand Standard. Bearer, N. W. Cnm- 
Iner, Manchester; Grand Sword Bearer, Henry A. Marsh, Naeliua; 
Grand Warder, Chas. C. Dorr, Dover; Grand Captain of the Guard, 
n. W. Parker, Clareiitont. 

The annual- conclave of the Grand Commandery is held at Con 
C(w4 on the last Tuesday in September, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. 

Odd S'cilowBhip. 

The order o^tMd Fellows hag becohie a nnhi^rods and influential^ 
origHutzation in the State. It has a Grand Lodge and sixty-eight ixub- 
ordinatee. Its nictuborship is eight Vif/Uiand, tit^ hundred and f,v€,\ 
not women and childreu, but n»en who are legal voters and prom- 
inent among other citieeus in supporting and upholdjiig the best! 
'interests of the State. The sixty-eight Lodges, in addition to owning 
Siiany thousands of doll.'irs iu furniture, Itxturcs, nnd working niateru 
|h1b, biiTe surplus funds aniounting to two hundred lind fifteen thousand 
IdolIarH, every dollar of which is pledged to benevolent purposes.' 
There Is also an Encampment Branch with twenty-eight local or- 
ganisMtioofl and a membership of nearly twenty-tive hundred. Tear 
hf year the order is gaining in strength, popoJarity and usefulness. 
'it never stood so well as It does tonlay. In connection with the 
Order in thfe. State are eighteen Rftbekah Degfee Lodges. | 


tBtOBlHtl LOIMI ornCEBS th< 7nr ISB3-4, >re u rullswi : 
I- 0Dtw A, Brown, Cobcordf Grand Uivtar; 
._. ..rn. LiuwiiliL Depntj: Oruid Muiisr; CImHh A.JsHe 
QrwHI WudMI ; Jiwiih Kiddsr. MiulKater. enui'l S«r« 



t«n«Uw lii 



rand Itlgh PrlHt; Wtlliiiu V 


DMClDlb C 

ncord. Trntdrnj L«lor« Um 


AoMoiwI Oroagi, 

OmCBBI— Huter, J. J. WooilinBii, Hlch.; Otenetr, I 

l>ard«n, Hlae.; Lecturer, P ' ' *' » «' 

I, K^m.; Asgletant Stetrard. J.J 

' '-" "•" ; TreaiOrec, F. M. Mi _ . . 

.. D. C-i Gate Keeper T. \ 

O.DevriCB, Md;Tr«aiOrec, F.M. McDtiwell, N. T.; Beoretiry. 
.IF .. ._.._j ^ „ . „ — T n. o ScoCl; Cerea, Hn. 

J. J. WoodRUD. HIcb.; Pomona, ^rs. Pat IMr^en. iilt 
FlonuUrB. 1. W. Nicholaoa, N. J.; Ladr Atejsttut Slewuu., 
Hn.Wm. Slmg,K(uiSM. "■ - ' | 

I ExECDTivs CowHiTm.-a. 3. WooMian, ei-offlcto; J. K. 
Blaoloa, Ta,; D. W. Alkeo, S. C, teaetarj; Herter Juu>. 

JlTeu Baa^thire Slate Graagt. 

Oaaat for Oro yean— sleeted Dec, 18S1. 
. Master, Gen. A. Wnaon, New Boston; OTerscer, Frank L. 
Tavlor, Danburv; I.ei'turPr, Jcibo D. Lyman, Exeter; Sle«-ar.l, 
E. C. Hutcbln«oD, MLlrord; Adslatnnt Stewiml. Frnnh H. Weld, 
CumlBh; Ctiaplaln, G. L. Dasconilje, WUlon; Trensuret. 
Edward Osgooa. Conterbury; aocrctarv, Wm. H, SUnaou, 
DnnUartoni Gate KwpLT, GeoTM Pattee, Goffslown; Cvrei, 
Kr*. O. A. Wason, New Boston: Tomomi, Mrs. Cbaa.MoDan- 
lel, SpHnffleld ; Flora, Un. O. £. fkrgent, Cbeaurfleld; Lady 
VulstanC 9lcnard, Sirs. Elmlial] Webster, nndsaa. 

gg^s^.i.^.u.u —u i awBwg B— ^ p— y. 


Executive Cokmittee.— Geo. A. Wiuon. New Boston, ex- 
off., C. C. Shaw, MilforU, J. M. Connor, Hopkinton; Stephen C. 
Pattee, Warner. 

I Officers of the Patrons* Relief Association* 

r President, Dudley T. Chase, Claremont; Vice President, C. 0. 
Shaw, Milf ord ; Treasurer, Geo. A. Wason, New Boston ; Sec- 
retary Wm. H. Stinson, Dunharton ; Directors, The President 
and vice President, ex. off., Isaac Story, Hopkinton; Frank L. 
Taylor, Danbnry ; Edward Osgood, Canterbury ; Thomas M. Har- 
▼eU, Amherst; Geo. A. Spofford, Chesterfield. 


The followlog it a list of th* PrMidents of the United 8t»VM> with 
tlie yean of the coram encement o^ their termaof ofBce. J 

(died July 9, 1860) ! 

Millard Fillmore, 1850 

(elected as Y. F.) 
Franklin Pfei«e, 1853 

James Buchanan, 1857 

Abraliahi Lincoln, 1881 and 188S 

(assassinated Apr 14, 1866) 
Andrew Johnson, 1806 

(elected as V. P.) i 

Ulysses 8, Grant, 186t airf 18T3 
Rutherford B. Hayes^ 1877 

Jas. A. Oarfleld, March 4, to Sept. 

19, 1881, (assassinated.) 
as V. P.) from Sept. 19, 1881. 

George Washington, 1789 and 1793 
John Adams, 1797 

Thomas Jetfersoa, 1801 and 1806 
James MadUon, 18rw and 1813 
Jamea Monroe, 1817 and 1821 

John Qntncy Adams, 1826 

Andrew Jackson, 1829 and 1833 
Martin Tan Bnren, 1S37 

William Henry Harrison, 1841 

(died Apr. 4). 

John Tyler, (elected as Y. P.) 1841 

Jamee Knox Polk, 184n 

Zacliiary Taylor, 1S49 

Chester A. Arthur, (elected 

lasaranco Gampanie«* 

At th* close of the year 1882, according to the Annual Report of 
the Insomace €!emmlssioner presented to the Governor in J-une, 
1883,. there were in tl»e State eighteen Ti»wn Mutual Insurance Oc«i*. 
panies. They then carried riskis to the amount of $2^05.472. The 
losses and ejq>enses of the pceeediag year had been $2,234.48. Ati 
the abore date there were four Stute Mutual Fire Insurance Coropa* 
nies. They carried risks to the amount of over seven and a half millions., 
Tbe New fiampshire Fire Insurance Company, Manchester, had a paid 
up cupital of $6(K),000. At the close of 1882 it carried risks to the 
amoant of $5,469,868. There were at the aboye date, 62 Foreign! 
Fire and Fire and Marine Companies licensed according to law to do! 
business in tl>e State. These companies carried risks to the amount of 
over $42,794,361. The premiums received amounted to 630,660.89 and; 
the losses of the year to $ 360,723.15. T weuty-fonr Life and Lifeand Ac ! 
ident Insurance Companies bad, at the close of 1882, issaed to partieii 
in the State 7,674 policies, insuring $11,960,766. Premium^ received 
in 1882, in cash, amounted to $ ?<65,4i2.86, and the losses, annuities 
and endowments psid, to $269^^53.97 . The nmoiint of tax paid bj 
tbes^ several companies to the State, according to lav, is one per 
cent, of tbs wfy>\e amount (^ pr;ei|iilnms received. j 



With publication day, corrected ap to Not. 10, 18SS. 

Tmnu. Namei of Papers. 
AiniiersC, Farmer*i Cabinei, 
Antrim, S^portgr 
AsblaiiU, AtfilanU Advance, 

I <' Jshiand JUm, 
,*BethIehein, White JUaumtain Echo, 
[BriBtoi, Wf«kl^ EnUrpriM, 
Cannan, E., Qinaan JUp^er, 
Clareniout, Hatinnal JStgle, 

Hie narrative^ 
Colebrook, Nwrthem <Sfj«t»fMl, 

Independent StaUtmanf 
Concord Tribune^ 
OrmiU MontMif, 
Btandard Bearer^ 
Contctocoo}s.tHopkintnH TinuM, 
Dorer, Dover Enqyiirer, 

** Morning Star, 

** fh$ter*e Democrat, 

** BeptUflican^ 

Dnnbarton, Snow Flake, 
Kxeter, Aewi-JjeUert 
** JSxeter Oaaetie, 

•• Tht PnAtet, 

|Farmihgton, F\irminf^on Nevi, . 
Fraiiceetowu,Stu<^fnt'j Journal^ 

I I anKiiiif jiet i ihmtciv ^omi ihic, 

** Tranteript, 

Gorham, The Mountaineer, 
Great faltt, Free Preti dk Journal, 
GrvenTilie, OretnHOe AdverUser, 
Hanover, The Dartmoutk, 
Ilaverliili. Orafton Ob. Signal, 
llillsboro B.,itei»enger, 




BoylstoQ A Kotch, 
S. N. Bair, 
G. 11. KimbMll, 
R. B. D. Dearborn, 
M. Add^y, 
R. W. Mnagrove, 
C. O. Barney, 
U. C. Fny, 
R. £. Mnezey, 
8. U. Story, 
Albert Bwlcor, 
J. O. Bridge A Go., 
Rep. Press AseeciatioD, 

Pearson k P)itte«t 
Trilmne Pub. Co., 
*J.y. HcClintock, 
J. M. M«rdei|, 
U. 8. Gbasp, 
Libbey k Go., 
I. D. Stewart, 
Q. J. Foster k Go., 
Libby k Scales^ 

J\tb. dajfs. 






















Daily k Friday 


Star ^tngled Beanner, 

New Hamp. Sentind, 

Chtshire Hfpubfioan, 

fiem Kng. Obserter, 


Jfetknap fbciin. 
Lake Vfllagi»2Ymef. 
[Lancaster, Qxn Repuhlican, 

Lancasfer Gazette, 

Granite St. Free Preet, E. ll.Cliuncy, 

Index, L. A. Yonng, 

W. Mountain Repuhlic, Geo. G. Furlier, 

Littletm Journal, ' Robinson k Goold, 
Manchester, Jftiror «( American, John B. Glarke. 
" Mirror ii Fhrmer, 

• White ML Mehc, Is pub. only dnr*g the season of Mountain tra^al 






Snow FlHke Pub House, TfanrRday' 

W.B. Mori ill, Friday, 

J. P. P. WiDgate, TburddNy 

A. J. Iloyt, Weeklyl 

J. E. Fernald k Son, Friday! 

8. J. Pub Aesn., Monthly 

R. fi. Collins, Friday! 

Transcript Pub. Go., Friday! 

V. r. Twltchell, Friday 

G. H. Wells, Friday 

J. W. Sllnm. Saturdny 

8en.G:HB8,Dart. Collece,Seini-MoB' 

W. G. Mahairin Satarday 

G. W. Hutchius, Thursday 

Banner Publishing Co., Monthly 

Sentinel Printing Co., Thursday, 

J. D. Colony k Sons, Saturday 

Republican JE^rinting Go-.ThursdHy' 

Lewip, Vaugbn k Co., Fridayi 

E. II. Wilcomb, Thursday- 

Martin A. Ilayues, 

C. W. Griffin, 

UiucttHter Printing Co. 




. Friday 







llk1VBt>AMlR»<>^-IAy||!Q| ftAlrlst. 


-^-^■,, ^-i' L j-».La »n».— ,^i^-»». iTi I -y-TMiTnniim» 

'ManchMter, iAm. Daily Unimi, 
I ** 27i^ IMi^H Demoerai, 

Weeklw Budget, 


Weekijf Mewi, 


Jfathua TeUgr4»ph, 


\ ^ 

Union Pnb. Co., 

Kendull A Ud<t, 
Geo. K. KoAter, 
G«o. F. Sanltotn, 
C. H. Kfnitmll, 





O. C. Moor», Daily k Satnrday, 

Jf.€hu.d Hilftb. O.Adv. B. B. k F. P. Wbittepiore, Tbnrt 

Ktiihua Daily €a*ette, 
Newmarket, JdverU'ser, F. H. Pinkham, 

Newport, N. H. Argfutit Spectator, Barton k Wlieeler, 

i ^ Rffmbliedn (^tampi&n, 

N. Gotiway, WhUe ML News, 
Snneook, Suncooi Journal, 
yermcook, Bay$ of Light. 
Peterboro, Transcript, 
Pittalleld, Tribune, 
PlymoQtb, Orafttm On. Journal, 
Grafton <y». Demoerai, 
Rfpubliean Star, 
Portnnontb, F^trtsmouth Journal^ 
N. H. Oazettt, 
Eif^ning Times, 
State* and Vni&n, 
Rochester, Clourier. 

Anti MonoptUUi, 
Home O-mpanion, 
Kearsarge Sentinel, 
Wilton Journal, 
Weekly Enterprise, 
Granite State Aews, 

F. W. Choney, 
J. A. Seitz k Bon, 
BnfrenA Lnne, 
8. G. Noyee, 
Farnnm k Scott, 
TribniHf Pub. Co., 
C. II. Kimbnll, 
Deni. Pnb. Co. 
Rep. Star Pnb. Co., 
Lewis W. Brewflter, 
















iWoIfboto* J., Carroll Cb. Pioneer, 

Ohroatcle k Oaxette Pub.Co., Dsiily 







' Saturday 





j^lpbevs A. HanneoQ, 

0. W. Folsom, 
Geo. O. Berry, 
II : C. Newton, 
Sentinel Co.« 
Geo. B. Foster, 
S. B. DTallare, 
C. H. Parkfer, 
060..S. Dorr, 


LocsMon, , 






Alton Flve-Cls., 
Ashland Savings, 
Bristol Savings, 
Connecticut Riv., 
Sullivan Sav. Inst., 
Merrimack Co., 
K._ H. Savings. 
L*ian d: Trust Sav., 
Omway Savings, 
Far Co. of Strafford, 
Dover Five Cents, 
Chcheoo Savings, 
Epping Savings, 
Union Fiife Cents, 
Snutmsoott Sav., 
Fatrmington Barings, 
Fremcestoum Sav., 

treasurers. Depoi^org^ 

A. L. Rollins, 238 

Frank 8cribner, 30*2 

G.M. Cavis, 1,040 

George Olcott, 1.2a6 

J. h. Farwell, 2,746 

John Kimball, 1,894 

"Wm. P. Fi8ke, 6,383 

Geo. A. Feruald, 8,279 

B.C. mil. 292 

AH)ert 0. Mathct, 5,8a'V 

Calvin Hale, 1,246 

Harrv Hough, 667 

U. 8. Rundlett, 258 

Saruli C. Clark. 866 

Francis IlilHard, 67 

Wm. Yea ton, 920 

S/ Batclieller, 4iO 

Sam' I D. Downs, 272 


$ 64 788 




















B HA>1C». 

— - 


^.. 1 


£jlu li. Tswla, 







K. r. IhkhU., 




Jr<wn Kit Sbb, 

MilUn H. Hardr 

/lor(«Mrt* Hat., 



HtHMdaU Ssnfvl, 

O. H''.u'q»n, ' 


Pctet Uptiia, 



K«« ««&•<«, 

J. A. LitrhBuW. 




W. I. Msldut, 



r. w. B<».«, 





ThoDlM a«D, 





H. 0. K.ut, 

K. A. Kaadrlck. 





0. C. lUIch, 







Gaarmll/ Snups 


Fr.d-k Byflb, 


1. lt.4S3{ 

a. B. ChSpdl'er, 
GeDsa A. UM, 


/Wb-i AnKWt. . 






c. a. *„rim 




J. W.Whl.^ 



Virgil C.OflmH, 



E. p. BniOD, 



y. H. BibM^ Ob. 

J. 0. Klmu.ll, 



Hn Imwlcb 


F. W. p™>ton, 




KtxfmarhH Sn, 








fttuont tiin'<HF(r 

S.T. Brawn,' 



, nta-hor^ SuvCvii 



ntUfleld. ' 










ArtT.rfCiwr. Ol. 




HM pfo'^i!™- 


190,1 40 ' 

RosfcirfCT- Sartivi. 

B. D. W.nWotlb 

SoUini/ora &»., 

Wm. H. Mortan, 


EanHvich SUTiKBI,„rd, 


A. A. Pei'klni, 


China Sariiv'. 


Jaiffl Sunniri, 

Wn.! T. Cm., ' 



Ho.«Cl.rk, ^Ml 




J. Q. Al'inndn, 





13.1B7^ u 

NaiDber Sn 

Tfnn B>nk> to BUM 

,736. Aoioant d.pc 

....d. 1 39,iat.81 

WAIK- T"»l «■»'»'"' B' l'« 

<DCludiDB Bonil.' 

>Dd Btock^ 1 li;l»>;Ul. AuM 

Dl of SimTuu ptld U lg«3 »W 





With names of the Presidents and Cashiers, and the amount of Capll 
IMid in>-according to report of Bank Gonimisioners, May 1888. 

ZooaMon. ' Btmks. Prttidentt. OtsUeri. Ouptfl 

'Ch«rl90tQ^il, Conn. Miv. Nat, Rob't Elwell, George Olcott, $1<K)^ 

Claremont, Clarewumt Nofi G. N. Farwell, G. N. Farwell. 2d, ISOJi 

Concord, First National, Vfu\. M, Chase, Wm. F. Thayer, VbOM 

** Mtchanic* Nat. B. A. KiiiiUU, James Mioot, IQOfik 

** N. State Cnpital, LtwXa Downing Jr., J. E. Fernald, 2(»fJ0K 

Derry Depot/Terry National, John W. Noyes, F. J. Shepard, 80,01 

Do'Tsr, StrajfOrd Nat. Wm. S. Stevens, K. R. Brown^ 160,0( 

*• l>wt!t NaUonal, Oliver Wyatt, Calvin Hale, 100.0( 

** Coeheeo Nat. J. £. Lothrop, Harrison Haley, 160,0( 

Bxefter, Nat. Granite &, C. A. Merrill, W. F. Putnam, 100,0( 

iFarmiugt'n, Far. National, J. F. Clontman, Jas. B. EUgerly, 10U,tA 

Francesto'n, Firet Nationalt H. L. Morrison, Q. W. Cnntiiiings,l(X),0( 

'Franlclin, National, A. W. Sulloway, Frank Proctor, 1(K),U( 

.Great Falls, CTt F. National, A. A. Perkins, Jos. A. Stickney, Ifiu.or 

** SomerswHh Nat., E. Hargraves, H. 0. Oilpatriok, lUO.UC 

'Hanover, Partmouth Nat. N^.Huntington,Chas. P. Chase, 60,00 

jHillsboro. First National^ Steph. Renrick, J. C. Campbell, 60,OG 

Ijaffrey, {E.,)Monadnock Nat. Peter Upton, H. D. Upton, 100,0€ 

;Keeoe, Cheshire Nait. John H. Elliot, Royal H. Porter, 200,00 

•* Ottisens' NaVl, 0. G. Dort, • H. 8. Martin, lUO.UO 

** Keene National, Edward Joslin, J. R. Beak 100,00 

•* Asfiuelot Nat. G. A. Whcsalock, H. O. Coolldg*, 160,00 

Laconia, Ldconia Naft, J. G. Monlton, O. W. Tibbetts, 160,00 

Uuienster, Lanea^er NaL Geo. R. fiatoQ, F. D. Hntchins, 125,00 

L«b«aon, National of, WUUam S. Ela, S. A. Kendrick, 100,00 

UtUetoQ, JAtaeiDnNat% John Farr, O. C. Hatch. 150,00 

Manchester, Amoskeag Nat. . Moody Currier, O. B. Chanaler, 200,00 

" First National, W.Smith, Frederick 8rayth,160,00 

** Manchester Nat., Nathan Parker, Chas. B. Baich, 160,00 

• •• JMtrcAah^siV^a^., Jas. A. Weston, D.W.Lane, 160,00 

** Second National, Aretns Blood, Josiah CarpenterlOO.OO 

Mllfbrd, Souhegim Nat., C. S. Averill, Fred. T. Sawyer, 100,00 

Nashua, First National, G. A. Bamsdell, J. A. Spalding, 100.00 

•* Second Kat\ J. W. Wbit«, F. A. Eaton, 160,00 

** Indian Head A^.,Edw. Spalding, F. A. Mc Keao, 120,00 

Nevnnarket,iV««nnar](:et iVa<., J. C.Burley. Sam'l A. Haley, 80,00 

Newport, Ftrsi National. Dexter Richards,Fred. W. Lewis, 100,00 

Peterboro*, First National, F. Livingston, C. P. Richardson, 100,00 

Pittflfleld, Pitt^fleld NaCl, C. H. Carpenter, J. A. Goss, 60,00 

Plymouth, f^mif/twassett Nat.. N. H. Woeks, O. B. Co|jeland, 76,0(> 

Portimonth,fir«e National, E. P. Kiml>all, R. C. Pierce. 800,00 

*** N.Meeh. t£ Trad., John Sise, J. P. Bartlett. 300,no 

** Rockingham N., J. J. Pickeriiig, John P. Harr, 200,00 

** N. H. National, E. A. Petemon, L. 8. Butler, 160,00 

Rocllesteri Bodtester Nat, John McDuffee, &. M Plumer, 60,00 

RolltDsford, aalm>onftilfs8.BQ. W. Roberts, W. H. Morton, 60,00 

TiIt<Sn, Citisens* Nat., A.F.Pike, William T. Cass, 70,00 

.Warner, Koarsarge Nat., George Savory. G. C. George, 60,00 

^incfa^t^r, HVhcAetter ^(i^.,B. C. Thayer, ' Henry Abbott, 160,00 

olfclioro'. Lake National, Blaka Folsom, C. F. Parker, 126,0(1 

Thereia one State Bank, at Salmon Falls, having a Capital of $50,00 




00H00S9 R. %., Sfi m. 

Double Track,— J. ThooiM Vose, 
Boston. PKS*t; Nathan pNrker, 
Manchtister, Traat.; 11. B. Cham- 
berlin. Concord, Superintandent. 

Prom Bo$t0H, Matt.^ MiiM. 

To Nashua if 40 

Tiioniton'i Ferry — »6 — *6 

Merrimack 1— *7 

Reed's Ferry 2— 4'J 

QofTn Falls 4— 63 

Mandiester -.4— 67 

Martin's Ferry 6— 62 

Uooksett 4— 66 

Siincook 2— 68 

Robinson's 2 — 70 

Concord ~6— 76 

CoH. k PoEffmouTB R. R.,40.6 n. the Concord R. R. 

From Concord, Miles. 

To Suncook iaM..«MMM..>M....7 

Hooksett a— 9 

Manchester .....•.•>.••.•• «.*.«.^~- 18 

Maseabasic.............. 6— 23 

Anburn .8— 26 

Candia — .4— 30 

Raymond 6— 36 

West Kpping 

Epping........ 6— 41 

Newmarket Junction ......S-* 49 

Btratham — 


Qreenlaod........*.........*M..6— 66 

Portsmouth......... ...... «.««i4— 60 

MAVOHUTxm k Lawebmoi R. tL. 
22.30 m. 

From Manchester Miles. 

To f^ndonderry is «...0 

Wilson's i...2— 8 

Derry 8—11 

WindlMm... 3—14 

Salem 6—19 

Messer's 4—23 

IfefAneit, M<ut 1—24 

^a^0^^99C^ •••••• •••••■ ••••••« ^sn 

BatUm - 26—62 

Makcbbstxe 4 No. Wsars, 10 m. 

Owned by Concord R. R. 

From Manchester Miles 

To Bedford is .....1 { 

Qoffiilowu Center 5— 6' 

Goffiftoa-n 3 — 9, 

Parker's.^ ....1—10 

Oil Mills 1— 11 

Raymond's 4 — 15 

Biuft Weare 1—16 

North Weare .3 — 19 

SuircooK Vallct R. R, 19 iu. 
Leased by Concord R. R. 

From Hooksett MMee. 

To Suncook is 214 l 

Alleustrtwn 4i§— 7 

Short Falls 3>S'-10U 

E|>som 2 — 12Vl 

Chichester 2U— 16 i 

Webster's Mills 2 —17 ( 

Pittslleld. 214— 19>4 

NoRTHXRii R. R., 69.0 mu | 

n. C. Sherbnrne, Gonoerd, Free.' 
Qw. A. Kettell, Bootoa, MueJ 
lYsas., George E. Todd, OoacMnd, 

From Concord 

To Penacook is 7-» 

Boscaaren So- 
North Boscawen ..^........i^ 

Franklin — ,. 

last Andover.«..M..«... 

West Andover.'...^ 1— 

South Danbiiry....M....M..,S — 

Panbnry .......3— 

vriAiiOai ••••••••«•••«•••«•••••••• «9"^* 

Grafton Center .....2— 

Canaan 0— 

West Canaan &.— 

Rnfleld 3— 

East Lebanon.......M.....«..2— 

Lebanon .4«- 

WiUe River JundUm^ Vt. 6 — 

Bbistol Brasoi, 13.41. 
Oiierated by Northerti K. R. 
From Franldin 

To HilU 7 

Bristol «^ 













COHOORD A GL4ftKlf ONT, N. H^ R. R. 

69 m.Geo. B. Todd,CoiiGord, Snp't. 


••• ••••••••< 

From Bo$tan^ Jl«if., 

To Concord U 
West Contord... 
Matt Yard. 

Pinioud's Comer ~.2i^— 89U 

Warner ^ ^4 — 93i]Z 

Waterloo ^U— 96 

Roby'e Comer 2— 98 

Melvin'i Milis 2—100 

Bradford J2,\i—\in\i 

Newbury 6U— -lOV 

Ht. Snoapee ....2^—111 ^ 

Sunapoe. » ^M-^l ^^ 

Neifport.......^.i.,.i 3—118 

Northrilie. ...3—121 

Keileyrille 2—123 

Claremont •^^— 129ii 

Glaremont Janecion....^l31>^ 
Braach ofConcord A Claremont. 

From Cootoocook Mileii. 

To Weet Hopkinton la 3— 

Henniker ..«. 5— 8 

Went Henniker I— 9 

Hlllsboro ...: «— 1ft 

PMtEMitouaa k Hiluboko* R. R. 
real Hilteboro* Milee. 

Te Antrim » .«..«W— 

Bennington..^. 2— 8W 

Hancock Jaaciioo...*.... SU— if 
PeCerboro*. ^......7—18 

OHxsaiEB R.R.,64 m. 

Wn. A. Rnstell, Boeton, Mate., 
Pree't; E. Stewart, Qeiri Nana- 
car, Keene; F. H. Kingsbury, G. T. 
Ac*! A TwM^ Keene ; J. VF. Dodge. 
Q. Ft. Af 't, Keene. 

rrom BttUmt fktOi, VL, Miles. 

To Cold RiTor is 1 

»» a ipoie ..«»..«.>.»««. ..»....,. ,«.S-i^ 4 

Wetitmoreland 6— 10 

Best Weetmoreland.: 4— 14 

Keene . — ......................S — 22 

Marlborough 6-^ 28 

Troy 4—32 

Fttxwilliam : ^.5— 37 

State Line 6 — 43 

Winchendott 3 — 40 

No. Aslibnrnham 4— 50 

8o. Ashburaham.....,»»^ ..4^ 64 

FitchbQrg 10— 04 

B^doH , 50^114 


' t' » i 

AfBOBLOT R. R., 23 m. 

Operated by Conn. R. R. R. 

From Keene Mil« 

To Swansy ie........ — ......... J^— 

Westport %^ 

Winchester.......... ....«6— 1 

Ashuelut ........ 2—1 

Hinsdale .........................4—1 

Stmth Vernon, Vt ..6—2 

Botxojr CoKooan A Mo.xtuai. R. B 
146 m. 
J. TIipnitB Vote. Boston, Prasi 

dent; Wm. A. Stqwell, Plymoutk 


Fn>m Concord MUei 

To Bast Concord is 2— 

North Concord ^..6— ' 

Canterbury ...2— ' 

Northfleld 4— i: 

A 11(00.......^.^. »...........,«,Q ■ ]i 

Best Tilton ^4.« g 

Laeonia., j^^ g; 

Lake Village ........2— 2J 

Weir's ;„5^ 3^ 

Meredith Villnge 4— 3< 

Ashland ...»»..........,.„.....8— 41 

Plymouth fr-. g] 

2?">"«y 8-^ 6J 

West Rumney. 8— oS 

Wentworih ...1.. .5— 6^ 

Warren ....«mm........ .3-~ 7( 

Warren Sninnit...... 

Bast Haverhill 10— k 

Haverhill, AiVeio6Mf:y,n. 6— %L 

North Haverhill „3— 8{ 

Wooddville ft W. JKv.,n. 5— 9£ 

Prom Wtttt River, Ft 

To Bath ..„,. 5_ o{ 

Lisbon „.6— lOS 

No. Lisbon «...,...,Ji— lOi 

Littleton 6—112 

To Wing Road. ; 0— IH 

Bethlehem June .....4-129 

Profile House:...............„0—12J 

Twin Mountain 12« 

Fabyan's 6—133 

Base Station 7—141 

Mt. Washington 3—144 

From Littleton 

To Whitefield......... .0—119 

Jefferson ...» —124 

Daltott 6— 12S 

80. Lancaster 5 — 134 

Lancaster 2— 13C 

GiiildhaU 4-^14C 

Qroveton June 0—141! 



Op«nil«l by irUcbbarg K. ». 
'rom Jlyer June.t Ma$t^ MiUi. 

o Hasonls ^I*>n 

nktt't**>»«M**«««««>***** ......3— *o 

Green villc».«»««»««»»«»» ....8*^23 

Moitadhock R. B., 18.76 m. 
Leased to Cheshire B. K. 
Tonn Petevboro* Mflep. 

b Sast JaiArey is.*- ^ 

Riadce ...,.-..«-,6-t-11 

WinMiendon, Maut^ <^-^17 

Boston A Mains R.^R., 34 J5 m.. 

\,C Lord, Lawrence, Ms., Pres. . 
Jas. T. Farber, 8up*t. 

'ram Boston, Jfoss., Miles. 

'o -Atkinson is ,..m.««.«<37 

Plaistow .%.........l— 38 

Newton Jnnc ~3 — 41 

Bast Kingston Depot......4— 46 

Kieter »..•«••• .«...••«• 6-~ W) 

South Newmarket. 5— 56 

Newmarket June.,..........!— JJ 

Newmarket «2— Jo 

Durham .........* ^ 5? 

Madbury ^ 2t 

Dover......... *-* S° 

BolUnsford..., 2— < 

Oieat Fails „..„.....,...8- 73 

R^XanA, Mt.,.„ 42—116 

DoYift * WiNNipnauKiK B. R. 
20 m. 

Leased to Boston A Maine B. B. 

'rom Botton^ Ma***, Miles. 

?6 Dover is 68 

Pickering — 8—74 

Gonlc —••?"!$ 

Rochester 2—78 

Place's. 4^82 

Farniitigton 4 — 86 

Davis's .4— W) 

New DUthiun « 2—92 

Alton... 3-95 

Alton Bay 1— W 

Eastbrn M. U. B. B., 15.9 m. 
Leased by the Bastem B. B. 

From Boiian Uau. Miles. 

|?o Salisbury i ..........39 

Seabrook 4 — 43 

Hampton Falls ....2 — 45 

' Hampton ... •...«».»^......».».^"*~' 47 

Korth Hampton 2— 49 

Qreenland 8 — 52 

Portsmouth ...«. ft-* 67 

WoLnseso' B. B^ 12. m. 
Leased ta Bastem B. B. 

From Wolfeboro Junction Miles. 

To Cotton Valley Is .*— 

Fernairs: ......: 3-^ » 

Mill Village 2—11 

Wolfeboro .1—12 

Pobt&m'th Gt.Falls k Cok wat £&• 
Managed by the Eastern B. B. 

From Portsmouth Miles. 

To Conway Junction..........!^ 

South Berwick ...... .......2— 13 

Salmon Falls 1— 14 

Great Falls ......3 — 17 

Rochester* ••..•m,m*...«6«-^ 23 

Hayes 6— 28 

Milton .3— 31 

Wolfeboro' Junctioo.......ii — 39 

Wakefield 2— 41 

Bast Wakefield .......^•...4— 46 

North Wakefield... ...2— 47 

Ossipee..... .....5 — 62 

Center Ossipee...............? — 60 

West Ossipee....... ...6 — 65 

Madison 4— ©9 

Conway 7— 76 

North Conway 6— 81 


. ft BocHESTSR R. B., 66.44 m. 
From Worcester^ Ma*9,t Miles 

To HoUis is 59 

Nashua «7— 46 

Hudaoru......* • — ....... 3-r49 

W. Windham... 4—63 

Windham..... .4—67 

EastDerry ...;.....4*-61 

Elampstead ^....2— 6S 

Saudown % .2-— 66 

Fr«mont .6— Wi 

Bpping '4—7* 

L« vi. *-» 

Harrington ,.,m.*... 8 - -88 

Gonic. «..»...•••. .»»•.•.» #»..»••« 0"™"Wo 

Bochester .,••«<«... 2— >96 

Pottland\ Jfe.*.. ...... ...... 62-147 

Grand Tbvnk R. R. 

S. E. Spring, Portland, Me:, Pree. 
From PofttfJAid, Me. MUee 

To Shelburne is ...86 

GorhHin • 6~- 91 

Berlin Falls 7— 98 

Milan .5—103 

West MHAta 6—109 

Btaik, W. S ; 5—114 

awi— gffr* u . . 


Stark ~.....MM..«i*.jb^Miui.«&"-^117« 

GroTeton ......m*. ...».»*{(— 122 

Ordretoo June 1^-^123 

Stnitlord BU)tloir..MM 8^136 

North. Stratford ^4—134 


Jonas Hamilton, Portland. Snpt* 
From Portland, Mt, MUm. 

To Ck>nway is. .55 

MprtbOonway... 6 — 60 

0l4n Statipn* ••••••*«•••••••••&'** 66 

Upper Bartlett ..^6— 72 

BemU. »•..••••• » &— 78 

Willey House .....«••«.*«** 

Gmwfopd •••.••.. 9-* 87 

F«l»yan'e. • ^ 4-^ 91 

Twin SIonntaiD J>^ 96 

B«thlehem 4—100 

Wing itoad- 4—101 

■WWitofteMvM..A— 10 

,l^iMunb¥Tg, n.> ft— II 


From Keene ' JUifei 

To MArlboro is* ....... ....J.....7*-*- 

West Harrisville....«.«. # — 1 

Utist Harriflville »..3— ] 

Hancock Janction 4 — ^2 

So. Bennington 1 — % 

vrreeiiOeia w«..«»«»m«.o»....««.« 4 ''» 9 i 
Sullivan R. R., 26 m. 
A.B. Harris, Springfield, Ma.,prei 

From BtUowt FaUt^ Ft., Mtfei 

To So. Charlestown is..». 4 

. Charlestown. ...... .....4 ^....,4— I 

Sprlngfiekl ...»»..«.. ...2— K 

North Charlestown.....,.....^— 1« 

.Claremont .^.^...............Mat— 1: 

WttuuoTf Ft., ...M...«.*.«M«...8--'2i 

Besides the roads of which we give the Distance Tables itfoote;ther4 
are the following, all of which are ia coaiiplete running order. 
j I^Uerboro R, R, Froi.n ESast Wiltyn thrj)ush I^^deb9ruuglt.tu Qreen- 
|lleld 11 ra.' Operated Add managed by flie Boston audljoweil R. R. Co 
i Ptmi^evpaueit ValUy R. £., from Plyuonth to M(vrtli "Wooditock 
20 miles. Leased to the Boston, Concord A Montreal R. R. 
I JVofAtME, AcUm dB Boit^i, passes, from Nashua, a distance of 4 ^ 
mile< over oar territory befor.' it s.trikes the StAte line. Operated h) 
itbe Crbncord R. R., on a ten years lease from Jan. 1, 1876. 
I iVoiAua (C Lmdell passes fr. Nashua, a distance of 4.75 mis. orf r N. B 
territory, to the Mass. line. Double Track. Leased to Boston k liOWflL 

The West AfMtbury Branch, from State line, Mass., to KeWton 
J«nQ., t^only 4Hniil«s in length. It is leased to the Bost^nr AMaiHe. 

The Wilton R. R., ft-om Nashna to W.ilton is 1^43 miles long. It 
was leased to the Nashult ft Lowefl In 1873, for^O yeiri. 

F&rUmouih tf Dover. R. i?., uniting those two cities is 10.88 milei 
lone. It is leased to thjO IBasteni R. R. lb? SO years ttom 1874. 

Fdrtland <0 Moehesttr i-^ 52.5 miles long, but onVjr 3. mllea la N.- H. 
Geo. P, Wes^tt, Portland, President. 

The Wuff itoad Iq an extension of the Boston, Concord k Blontltal. 
from Wing. Road Station to the base of Mt. Wshiogtoa, 20.39 miles. 
Operated by B., 0. A M. 

Whit^itM dt Jefftrvm R, R. , 10 m, Aatod Ordway, Prw^ B. D. 
Harlow^ Boston, Yreas.; A* ^ JBrown^ Snp*t. 

. /Vo/l/e <§ f¥aiu9nia Notch R. R^ 10 miles ; 3^ gauge. B. Raymond 
jBoston, Pres.; C. H. Oreenleaf, Supt. 

The cilgr <sf Jf sttadba^ar bas'iaihotM lUiKi of S.37:«il9. length, and 
4tbe o^ty of Conoord has a horse R. & 4 miles in length. 

The total length of 'railroads in operation within the State at the 
time of last Report was l,<M)9miIe8,andthiH is above the. proportion* of 
i^ny other New England. Staite, to the inhabitants or wealth, of tbs 
respective States. Thirty-Ave diflTeren^. corporations made 'retiimi 
to tlM Secretary of State fori the last year. 
*i< — ^— ^i^ , - ■;■ w^-^/ ■■■ ■ 

906 u. 8. GoyEsiminr--u. s. corsrs. 


JA8. A. 6ABFIELD, O., Pres. nntU S«pt. 19, 1881. Salarr $8Q,< 
CHESTER A. AKTHDK, N. Y., Vioe-PrMiaeot until 

8cpt 19, 1861. 8alM7 ** #10,< 

CHESIXB A. ARTHUR, Pres. from Sept 19,1881. " BO,t 

F*r MMOOTsloB of PmideaU tnm lh« MrgsaiaatiM of tk* Ooywmwit to th« 
I ar Mr. CNurflald, liW, M* pi«« 199. 

■hiiliB I 


Saomel F. )f Uler, of Iowa, 
Stephen J. Field, of California. 
Joseph P. Bradlej, of K. J. 
James Harian, of Kentucky 

FsXD T. FSBUiroHirrsEN, Secretary of State ** $ 10,00( 

Chas. J. FuiiOBR, of N. Y. Secretary of theTreaa., *' '* 

ROBERT T. LiKCOLV, of 111., Secretary of War, •' " 

Wm. £. Chani>lxb, of N. H., Secretary of the SKvjt ** - '* 

Hen&t Ji. Teller, of Col., Sec'y of the Interior, *< ** 

Walter Q. Gresham of fa. Postmaster General. *' ** ' 

Bemj. H. Brewster, of Pa. Attorney General, *' ** 

CommUtioner of Agriculture, GEO. B. LoRlvo, Washington. 
C<nnmi$Honer of Education, John Eatok, Washinapton. 
Supt. of the Cennts of 18S0, CH8.W. «m., Washington 
Librarian of Congresa, AiNS worth R. Spofford, Washington. 
PubUe Printer, S. P. Rounds, Washington. 


SvpreMM Covrt ^f tlte ITnlted Btmtm: 

ICorriaon R. Walte, of Ohio, Chief Justice, Salary $ 10,000 
ASSOCIATE Justices— SALARY f io,ooo. 

Wm. B. Woods, of Georgia. 
Stanley Matthews, of Ohioi 
Horace Gray, of Mass. 
Samuel Blatchford, of K. T- 

J. H.McKenney, Clerk, $5000; J. C. Bancroft Davis, of Maaa., 
Beporter, $ 2.600; ^ohn G. Nicolay, of IlUnoU, Marshal, $ ZfiOSk 

I7« 8. Circuit Court JTudgpos* 


1 Me., K. H., Mass. and Rhode Island, John Lowell Boston. 
• Vt, Conn, and New York, Wm. J. Wallace, N. Y. Cl^. 

5 New Jersey, Penn. and Delaware, Wm. Mc Kennan of Th. 
4 Maryland, va., W. Va., N. and S. Carolina, H. L. Bond of Md. 

6 Ga. Fla. Ala. Mies. La. and Texas, Don A. Pardee, N. Oileana. 

6 Ohio, Mich., Kentnckyand Tennessee, John Baxter of Tenn. 

7 Iiidlana,' HUkMb and Wis., Thomas Drummond of Illinois. 

8 Minn., Iowa. Mo., Kansas, Ark, Geo. W. McCjrary of Iowa. 

9 Oalifwaia, Oregon and Nevada, Lorenzo Sawyer of CaL 

Court off Clulais off tlte UniioA Stutea. 

Chas. G. Drake, of Missonri, Chief Justiee^ Salary, $ 4,00(1 

Charles C. Nott. of New York, 
Wm. A. Richardson, of Mass., 

Glenni W. Scolleld, of Pa., •• «• 

Archibald Hopkins, Clerk, 8,000 

^ ^—. . _ 



nrif Anion March 4, 1883 to Mareh 9, JSSS. 

[Dems. In Italic, Bepa. In ronuui.] 
Gbo. Emitnitis of Yt., Freslionl of the Senate. 
FiuiiciaE.SHUBKR aeMng Secretary. 
RICHASD J. BHlaal, Serueanl at Arms, uUrv, t 

Alabama-^amei I.. I-ugh, ISSi; John T. Sforoan, KtH. 
jlrbanuat-Jru. D. Walker, IBW; ^lututui R. darland, 
CoMfomia-Jamtt T. FoTlcy. iSSH; Johii F. Miller, 1E87. 

-,_,___j_ >T '-"■ ■- •■ " 

ISSS; Thomas M. Bowen, \Sa. 
^v,»»v.«..^s<..i..c^<u.vl, 1§8.1; J. K. Hawley, 1S8T. 

rlorUla-Wttlciiuoi, Call, 1885; Clwrla W. fima. 1887. 
aeorgbt—Jattph X. Bromi, ISSt; Alfred n. CoitmiU, 1SS7. 
IlUnolM-^obn A. Lonn, 18851 Shelby H. Cnllom, 1"" 


Xamtat-Jebn J. Inntla, 1885; PreBloa B. Plumb, 1880. 
XtKtiety-jam S. Williaau, 1881; Jama S. Beet, 1880. 
Louiilma-Beni. F. Jonai, ISS.'i; BatfiaU aib$<m, US9. 
JfiBM-EHBeEBHale, 18S-; Wm. p. Frye, USS- 
MaryUmd-Jamet B. Grwina,iesj; A, P. OornuBi, 1887. 
AfoHoekiueHi-Henryl.. Dawca, 1887; Ueo. F. Hoar, 1880. 
AHck^BB-O. D. Conrar. 1HK: ThomM W. PnlniCT. IJMB. 
Jtf:«MM(a-S. J. K. I 

mitmA—ate. G. Veil. l&A; F. M. Catkria. II.... 
^«»nute— Cbartea H. Vab Wyck, 18ST ; C. F. Mandonon, UtS. 
Ars»<li>~J.P./Doea,ll«5: ^. 0,^air.l887. 
JTev A»iij>«Jllr*— HeDiT W. Blair, lESS ; A. F. Pike, 1880. 
Ntm Jereeg-yf. J. Sewell, 18tiT ; JiAn B. Mae PAerton, 1S( 
jr» rorifc-ElbridnO. Lapban, 1S8!1: Wairen UUler, ISw 
Jforlh Carolina— Zebubm B. Fimcs, I8W; M. W. Santom, 1882 
OUo—Oeo. B. Ftivlietoa, 18*0: Jobs Shenuan. 1887. 
OregoA-JaiMt H. Slater, ISgS; J. N. Dolph, 1888. 
Pmmglvania-JM. D. Cameron, 188G; John I. Uttctiell, 188 
"'-'tftloB.J— N. W. Alrtrioh, 1887; HenryB Anthoni, 1881 
Carolina -tFade Hampton, imS; Ml C. BtUler, isSO. 

Texai—SanMtB.Maxev.iS^-. lUehard Coke, isg». 
TcnuiK-JiutiD a. Morrill, J885; Geo, F, KilnranOii, 1887. 
nrffMa-W. Uabone, Ualioaite, 1887; H. H. BKklleberger, 
lahoaltu, 188S. ' 

Wetl rtrfflnia— 7. Sf. CanuUn, ISgliJokn E. Ktnna, 18SS. 
IFUconitn— Angaa Cameron, 1S8S: PhlletuB Sawyer, 1887. 
Total-B«[HiUlc»D(, 88; »eiiic>craM, SB; Haboul£».3. 
ilt Settien Dec. S, 1SB3. 
Beinibllcanf in roman; Democrat* In Italic; Qieeobavk^ 
_a amBll caps. The uamea are glyen Id the order oT the '•-"'•-• 
iraisioiial district*. ^^^^^^ 


Alabama— James T. JoHeK, W3arjf-A. Serhtrt^ Win. C. Oo^m, 
Charles AT. SheUey^ Thps> Jf^i^if^, G. W. Memtt, Wm. H. For 
neyt Luke Pryor. 

Arkansag-^ Poindexier IHmih James K, Jones, John K. Rogers, 
Samuel W, Peel, Clifton R- Breckenridge. . 

California— W. S. Rosecrans, Jam^ H. Budd, Barclay Hen- 
ley, Patrick B. Tulley, Ckarlee A. Sumner, John R. Glascock. 

Colorado- James G. Belford. 

Connecticut— }Vm. W, Eaton, Charles L. MUchOl, John T 
Wait, Edward W. Seymxmr. 

Delatoare— Charles B. Lord. 

Florida— R. H. M. Davidson, Horatio BIsbeeJi*. 

Georgia— John C. Nichols, Henry G. Turner, Charles F. Crisp, 
Hugh Buchanan, K. J. Hammond, James H. Blount, J. C. 
Clements, Sedbom Reese, A. D. Candler, Thos. D. Hardeman. 

iZZ»noi«— Ransom W. Dunham, John F. Finerty, Ind., Gr«o,R. 
Davis, Geo. E. Adams, Reuben Elwood, R. R. Hitt, Thos. J. 
Henderson, William Cullen, Lewis E. Payson, N. E. Worthing- 
ton, Wm. H. Neece, James M. Riggs, Wm. M. Springer, J. H. 
RoweU, Jos. G. Cannon, Aaron Shmo, Samuel, W. Mowaon, Wm 
R. Morrison, Richard W. Townsend, John R. Thomas. 

Indi€ma.--JohnJ. Kleiner, Thomas R. Cobb, S. Jf. Sfoehslager, 
W. S. Holman, C. C. Matson, Thomas M. Browne, Stanton J 
Peeile, John B. Lamb, Thos. B. Ward, Thos. J. Wood, Geo. W 
Steele, Robert Lowery, Wm. H. Calkins. 

/otra.~Mose8 A. McCoid, J. H. Murphy, D. B. Henderson, 
Lyman H. Weller, James Wilson, Vacant, John A. Kasson, 
W. P. Hepburn, W. H. M. Pusey, A. J. Holmes, Isaac S. Strnble. 

JTaTMCM.— John A. Anderson, Dudley C: Haskell, Thos. Ryan, 
Edmund K. Morrill, Lewis Hanback, Samuel R. Peters, Bishop 
■yr" pA]*kins^ 

jAntucky'-^Oscar Turner, James F. Clay, John B. HkOseU, T. 
A. Robertson, Albert S. WilHs. John G. Carlisle, J: C.8. Biaok- 
burn, Philip B. Thompson, jr., W. W. Cnlbertson, John p. 
White, Frank Wolford. 

Louisiana— Carieton 3uni,B. J. EUis, Wm.P. Kellogg, N. C. 
Blanchard, J. F. King, Bdward T. Lewis. 

ilfaine— Thomas B. R^d, Kelson. Dingley, jr. Ghas. A. Bon- 
telle, Seth L. MiUiken. 

Maryland.— G. W. Covington, J. F. C. ToJbott, F. 8. HobUt 
zell, J. V. L. Findlay, Hart B. Holton, L. E. McComas. 

Mcusachusetts.— Robert T. Davis, John D. LonjB^, Ambrose A. 
Ranney, Patrick A. Collins, Leopold Morse, Et. B. Levering, 
E. F. Stone^Wm. A, Russell, Theodore Lyman, Ind., Wm. W. 
Rice, Wm. Whiting, Geo. D. Robinson. ' . 

Michigan— W.C. Maybury, Ni B. Btdridge, Edward 8. Laoy 
Geo. L. Yqpels, Julius Houseman, Edmn BWiiums, Batra O. 
Carleton, Koswell Q. Morr, B. M. Cut6h^on, H. H. Hatch, Ed- 
ward Breltung. ^ ' * ^ 

Minnesota.— Wlo White, J. B. WaStefleldi H. B. SCMit, W. D. 
Washburn. Knute Nelson. . 

Mississippi.— Henry L. ifxildrow, "R. S. JetfotQiB, H. T>.' Mon 
ey, Otho R. SitMleton, H. S» Van Baton, EtKeJhert Barkesdaie. 


Vlardu. Bichard, P. Bland, Cluales H. JJorgaa. Jiobert 
Lovmdrs H. DavU- 

" Irojla.— Edwird K.TsIenUne, Archibald J. Wca 

B. r. HowbWw. W.'phflluB, w'U-F'.t\fdttr, 
Ntte r«-t,~ Perm Btlvwnl, WUUam K. B 

lionet, Riiden T. Bta 

Ohio.— John B. FeOett, I. M. Jordan, Rntert AT. Murray. Bfvj 
LeFeure, GtorueF.. Stnty, ITm. n.HW, Henry L.Morev, J, W 
Kiefer, J, S. BobinBOD, J'.ff.Httr* J.W.McConnick, ATphnnsi 
Hart, Geo. L. Canverae, Geo. W. Geddei, A. J. Warner, Meriai 
watina. Wm. McKiHlej, jr., J. D. Tajlor, D. B. Paint, MotHi 
A. Foran. 

Oregon.— 'il. C. Qeorefi. 

/•mniwiiionto.— Henry H.Blngliani.CliM. O'Neill, Samuel J 
Bandali, Wm. D. Kelley. Alfred C. Hflrmer, J. B. Everhait, 1 
S. Evans, Daniel EnafntrBVl, A, H«t Smith, Wm. Mnichler 
J. B. soma, D. W. Connelly, C. S. BBl'Mll, S. F. Barr, O. A 
Pott, W. W. UrowB, J. M. Campljell, L. E. AlilnsOD, W. A 
Dnncan, A. Q. Cttrtin, C. B. Bosh, J. H. Bopklns, TlioB M 
BAvne, 0. V. LBurenre, J. D. Patton, Sunnel H. UlUer, S. M 
Bralnerd, M. F. EtliaU. 

Rhode /atniui^-IIeniy J. Spooner. jDnatlian Chace. 

BoaOi CaToliiui.~Sam<Ul DMIe, Geo. D. TiUman. D. W. Alien 
JohnH.Evini.J-J-Bemphlll, O. IF. Oaroon.E. W.M.Mackcv 

T^ntnet.-~A. H. FeuitHine, LennKlae C. Houk, Gto. G. Dil 
reU, Benton McMilUn. Richard Warner, A. J. CaltHeell, Johi 

rermonl. — Ji>lin W. Stewart, L. P. Poiaud. 

Rrotnio.-B. M. Mayo, IMalionite,) Harry Libliy, [Mahonltc) 
Geo. B. Wise. B. S. Homer, (Mahonlle,) Gfo. C. CabeU. Join 
B.ruektr^^J^nS.Barioar, Henry S. Bo wen, (Mahonite,) J 

ianGoff,Jr., W. L. Wltion, C.P. Sni/der 

,'.'i)™Jieri Joiepi Bankin, l-_. 
tf-ard, W. T. Prlf«, leano Stephen 




Trrritorial VKhEGAJlUi.— Arizona —GranvilU JET. Oury. 
Dakota, J. K. Raymond. Idaho.— Tlteodore F. SingUer. Mon- 
tatia.— Martin Maginnis. Kew Mexico. — TmnquiHao Luna. 
Utah— J. T. Cane, Mormon. Wd*hingtan.—Tho», H. Brente. 
If yoming— Morton E. Jfost. 

TotalB Forty^ei^hth Congress.— Democrato, 191 ; Republicans, 
119; Mahonlfces, 6; Independents, 9; Greenbackers, 2; yacan- 
des, S-^Total, 325. I>emocnitlc nu^ority over Repablicans, 72; 
Democratic nuOority over all, 59. 

RUnlsters to F^relfrn €»nittrles* 






Chi DO, 


Ireat Britain, 




3«r*n Srapirs, 




Capitals. Ministers. 

Yivnua, Alpli<>nM> Taft, 

Rio do Janeiro, ThoS A. Osborn, 



Saotiago/ Cornelius A. Logan, 

PekiD, John Rns«ell Touiig, 

Paris, Levi P. Morton, 

Lon<lon, James Ritsseli Lowell, 

Rome, W. W. Astnr, 

Mexico, Philip II. Morgan, 

Lima, James R. Partridge, 

Berlin, Aaron A. Sargent, 

8t. Petersburg, Wm. U. Uunt^ 
Constantinople, Lswli Wallaos. 

Mumrns aismm. 

N. T, 


Argentine Kep. Bnenos Ay res, Tbomas O.Ojiboni, HI. 

Belgium, Brussels, . Nicbotas Fish, 

Central American States ) 

of CosU Rica, Gnatemala, { Gnat. City, Henry C. HslI, 111. 

lIondura8,and Nicaragua. ) 

Denmark, Copenhagvu, 

riawaiian Isles, Honolulu, 
Japan, Tokei, 

Nothorlands, Hague, 
Paraguay, and 
Uruguay, Montevideo, 

Portugal, Lis! ion, 

Swed'n A Nor*y .Stockholm, 
Switzerland, Berne, 
VenesuAla, Curaccas, 

Rollin M. Daggett, 
John A. Bingham. Ohio, 

William. L. Dayton. N. Y. 








Wm. Williams, charge d.'Aif. 
John M. Francis " * 
John L. Stevens, Maino, 

M. J. Cramer •• ** 

Jehu Baker, 

iinnsTsms EUxniirT anp oobtbols aunoAL. 

Haytl, Port an Prince, John M. Langston, D. C. 

L{t>eria, Monrovia, John 11. Sm>tb, 

Bolivia, La Pas, Geo. Staney, 

Culnmbia, Bogota, Wm. L. Scruggs, 

^ v"n"fl%!S* \ »««»»*«»«. IBoK*ne Schuyler,Min. Res, * ch. 
Siam and Bankok, John A. Halderman,l[in Res. 




U. 8. OOUitTB IN K. H. — BATES OF P08TA0I. 913 

Vnited States Coarta In Now^Haiupslilre. 

Circuit Court Judge — John Lowell, Ronton. 

(HreuU Qmrt CTerit— Willlnm II. Iinckett, Porttmontll. ^ 

Dtttrict Cbmrt Judge — Dniiiel Clark, Mmichmter. 

Dittriot Court Clerk — UetiJ. K. GUrk, Maucheater. 

Mar^al-^. N. Patterson, O>ncord. 

Dt/nUg JlartAaia— J. Uomce Kent, Portsmouth. 


Ck'reuU Cburt at Portsmouth, 8th day of May, and at Concord, 8th 
lay of OctobAr. 

District Court at Portsmouth, 3d Tuesday of March and September ; 
At Ooucord, 3d Tuesdays of June and December. 


Postal cards, one cent each, to ali parts of the United States, and 

Letters, and all other mailable matter of other classes snbject t<j 
etter pOMta^e by reason of a violation of the poatal laws, 2 cents pei 
lalf-onnce to all parts of the United States and Canada. 

On registeretl domestic letters and third clam matter an additional 
ee of 10 cents is required. 

Local or ^^drop" letters, that Is, for the city or town where depoei 
(e<l, 2 cents if delivered by carriers, and 1 cent if there is no earriei 
system, per half ounce. 

Manuscript for publication in books, (except when accompanied 
(>y proof sheets) newsimpers and maicaxines chargeable as letters. 

Newspapers, to each actual snbeeiiber, in the county where p«b 
lished, free of postage. 

Newspapers and periodieale, transient excepted, to be prepaid at 
the olBce of publication, at 2 cts. per pound, or fhtction thereof. 

Packages of mall matter must not exceed four pounds each iii 
vreight, except in cases of single volumes. • 

One cent for tuw owneei.— Almanacs, books (printed or blank), 
calendars, catal<^n>Mi corrected proofs, with copy accompanying, hand- 
bills, magasines, when not sent to regular snltscribers, maps — litho- 
fl^raplied or engraved— music (printed sheet,) newspapers, when not 
tent to regular subecriliers, occasional publications, pamphlets, 
{losters, photographic views, printed cards, stereoscopic views, proof- 
sheets, prospectuses, and regular pnblications designed primarily fo) 
idvertlsing purposes, or for free circnbition at nominal rates. 

One cent for each ounce.— Blank cards, drawings, designs, plans, 
•ard boards and other flexP/le material, chromo-lithographs 
circulars, engravings, envelopes, flexible pntlems, letter envelopes 
letter pa|>er, lithographu, merchandise, niodela, ornamented paper 
postal cards, when sent in bulk and not addressed, photogrnphh 
paper, printed blanks, sample cards, samples of ores, metals, minerals 
md nierclmndise, seeds, cuttings, bulbs, roots, and aciona, 

Undelivered letters and postal cards can be re<«ent to a new address 
without additional charge. 

Senders may write their name on transient newspapers, books, Ac, 
i)recede<l bj* the word ** from." 

Stamps cut from stamped envelopes are rejected by the post offlce. 

Stamped envelopes and wrappers, postal cards, aad stamps of differ 
•mt denominations for sale at post-oflSces. 

Stamped en velopee accidentally spoiled redeemed at any poatofflor. 




Po«t-offlc«s in«rked B., in the list of money order offleee are author- 
ized to issue postal orders on the Postmaster at Mew York for pay 
ment in the United Kingdom ot Qreat Britain and Ireland, at the ful 
lowing rates: Orders not exceeding $10, 26 cents; orer $10 and noi 
exceeding $ 20, 50 cents ; over $ 20 and pot exceeding $30, 70 cents ; ovei 
130 and not exceeding $40, .85; over $40 and not exceeding $50 
11.00. No single order issned for more than $50. 

Ordkrb Pat Abu iir 8witekrlani>, — Uarked S. The Pott Offio 
marked S. is authorised to issue money orders not exceeding $60 on 
the Postmaster at New York, payable in SwitzeT-land, at the follow 
ing rates; not exceeding $10., 25 cents ; over $ 10 and not exceeding 
$20, 50 cents; over $20 and not exceeding $30, 75 cents ! over $ Sc. 
ind not exceeding $40, $ 1 ; over $ 40 and not exceeding $50, $ 1,26 

Can ADiAH, Fkevch, Italian and German Rates— Marked C. f . I. 
iDd G.. orders not exceeding $10 — 15 cents; over$ 10 and not exceeding 
{20—30 cents; over $23anidnot exceeding $30 — 45 cents; over $30 
ind not exceeding $ 40 — 60 cents; over $40 and not exceeding $50—75 






Btrlin Pit, 







Franklin Falls, 


Great FaJltf 

Center Sandwicfa,Green1an(l, 
Oharlestown, Greenville, 











Ilillsboro Bridge 



Bast Hampstead, Hopkinton, 
Bast Northwood, Keene^ 
Knfield. • Laconia^ 

BnfieM Center, Lake Yillage, 

Meredith VUlage, 
Milton Mills, 
New Hampton, 
,New Ipswich, 
New London, 
North Conway, 









Til ton, 




West Lebanon 





Woods ville. 

All offices in italic are intematioxial offices. 



Postal Notes, 3 cents. 

On orders not exceeding $10—8 cents. Over $10 and not ex- 
eeding $16—10 cents. Over $15 and not exceedin^c $30^15 cents 
Over $80 and not exceeding $40—20 cents. Over $40 and not ex- 
eeding $50—25 cents. Over $50 and not exceeding $60—^ oents^ 
Over $60 and not exceeding $70—85 cents. Over $70 and not ex- 
ceeding $80—40 eents. Over $8»i and not exceeding' $100—46 
oents. • 

" " - # ■■■■ 

Tims of state Ancb teh. 'lA&tsLLttnxtss* 915 


Mtf Beer^ Lager, Porter, and all F^munttd Liquori, per bbl. of not 
more than 31 pillont, $ 1.00; wholebalo dealers in, $60, retail %20. 

BankSf Naiimal, on average amount of deposits, pay semi-annnall^ 
V^ of 1 per cent.; on average amount of cirenlation, senil-annaally, U 
*f 1 per cent ; «»•! aleo on amount beyond 00 ^ ct» of Ui e ir ca p i t a l ; ^ 
9f 1 9 ct4 on notes of State banks used for circulation, 10 ^ et.— 

Bankert, on capital employed beyond amount inveNted in U. fl 
t>ond8, K of 1 V) ct. semf-annnally. 

Brandy f made fh>m apples, peaches, or grapes, per gallon, 90 ets. 

Brewerif less than 600 bbU. $60.00. Brewers of 60u bbls. or uon* 

Cigars, made of tobacco or any substitute, i>«r 1000, $ 8; manulkr 
turers of^ special tax, $6. See Tb6aceo. 

CigmttUty not exceeding 8 lbs. per 1000, $.87^ per 1000 ; if wtfgbinp 
more per 1000, $3 per 1000. 

JHsHUed 4>^rite, per proof gallon, 90 cents.— See WtioluaU Liqtun 

MofimfiuAuren ^f StUUf for each still or worm, $20, and special 
tax of $60. 

Redi/iers of distilled spirits lees than 600 barrels, $ 100 ; of 600 or 
more $ 200. 

Retail DedUrSf in liqnors, special tax, $^5; in malt li<iours, $ 20. 

Snuff", manufactured of tobacco or any snbstiittte, per lb. , 8 cents 

SbiritMy DitHUtd, per proof gallon, 90 cents. 

Tb&aeee, manufactured chewing and smoking, of every description, 
per lb., 8 ; special taxes — retail dealers in, ctgMTS and tobaoco, $2.40 
liealers in leaf^ $6; manufaoturers of, $6: peddlers of to- 
liacco, snuff, or cigars, with more than two horses, $30, with tw( 
horses, $15, with one hotso, $7.20. on foot or by public oonvevanci>. 
^3.A0; retail dealers in leaf, $230, and if annual sales exceed fSOOi 
30 OAuts for every dollar in excess. 

Wholnale JA^unr Dealfr*, nperial tax. $100: retail, $25. 


Skolet and tim4^ LimUA^SbUet and time. Limit. 

Ala., 2 T. Nov. f 60 ds. 
Ark. 1 M. Jan. 80 days. 
Cbtl., 1 M.Sec. 60 •' 
Ool.,l W.Jan. 40" 
Conn.,* 2 W. Jan. none 
Del. 1 T. Jan. none. 
9\oT. 1 W. Jan. 60 days 
|Oeo.2W.Nov. f^O- 
[II. 2 W. Jan. none. 
End. 1 Tb. Jhq. 60 days 
(owa, 2 T, jAn. t none. 
Kan., 2T. Jan. SO days' 
Ken.,1 M.Dec. 60 " 
t4>u.,*l M.Jan. 90 " 
Me., * 1 W. Jan., npufi. 
Md.,1 W.Jan.fOOdays 

Mass. * 1 W. Jhu. none 
Miob., 1 W. Jan. none. 
Minn., 2 T. Jan.f 60 ds. 
Miss..* 2 T. Jan. none. 
Mo., 1 W., Jan. 70 days. 
Neb., 1 T., Jan. 40 " 
Nev.,1 M., Jan. 60 '« 
N.H., I W.June none. 
N. J..* 2 T. Jnn. none. 

N. y.,* 1 T. Jan. none. 
N, a, 1 W. Jan. 60 di^ys 
Ohio, I M. Jan.f none. 
Ore., 2 M. Sept.f 40 ds. 
Penn., 1 T. Jau4 none. 
R. I. last Th. in May A 

Sto/M ofMt Imm.' LimU 
S. C, 4 M. No<r. noncj 
Tenn. 1 W. Jan. 76 dayi> 
Texas, 2 W. Jan. 60 *« 
Vt., 1 W. Oct.t none. 
Va.. 1 W. Deo. 00 days. 
W.Va.«2W.Jan.46 '• 
Wis.,* 2 W. Jan. none 


AriR., I M.Jan. 40 day> 
Dak., 2 T. Jun. " 
Ida., 2 T. Jan.t •• 
Men., 1 M. Jan. " 
Utub, 2T.Jan.t 40 ds. 
Wash.,! M., Oct. " 
Woy., 1 T. Nov. 


4 T. in Jen. nonew 

* fitatot and territories having annual sessions. All othen biennial . 

f States and Territories having Uennial sessions^ in the even yean- 

Biennial seaaions not thus marked meet in the odd years. 

lie ro^-i-r 

VoM for Proa 

""• "" -■"" »«»' [ 


>'«•■' . d 
















ij^ifl' oftra 



80,318, l»,4M 





K.MO' 24.647 






































































34 .8» 





































110 JUS 




Sew York, 







Snrlh CaroUna, 

108.4 1; 



















Rhode Island, 




SouUi CsroliDB, 

























West Vtrginla, 













4,4M,4I6 4,444,Wi2'30M7H 


• Greonback. S 

.737; Pr 


!i,«-J: Amerlean, SM; aCAt-H 

a?rinK, U.TIS. tP 



Kvar. 1 Tot. Vut 

Vrar.i Tul. Vole. | 

Veur,, ■1-ol.VuK. 

1 3.«a, 


m. < t.aifm W 









L3W. k a,<HIJ7 


' *-" 

'•^ - 


M^MI f 



FOP, or THE 




StaU». Prob.iiw 8K Oapitai*. Ocv^mort. Elfction. \ 




K. A. OWeai,* 

I MAug. 



Little Rock 

.1. R. Berry,* 

1 M Sept 




Qeo. Stoneman,* 

See note. 




Jas. B. Grant,* 

See note. 




Thos. M. Waller,* 





Cliss G. Stokeley,* 

See note. 




Wni. D. BiuxiiHiti,*' 

See note. 




II. D. He Danii-ls,* 

1 WOct. 




John M. Ilnniilton, 

See note. 




Albert G. Porter. 

See note. 



Des Moines 

Bnien R. Sherman, 

2 Tu Oct.j 




George W. QlUk* 

See note. 




Luke P. Blackburn,* 

1 M Ang. 



New Orleans 

John McEnery,* 

See note. 



A ugusta 

Frederick Kobie, 

2 M Sept. 




R. McLane.* 

See note. 




Geo. D. Robinson, 

See note. 



St. Paul 

Joseph W. Begole,t 

S**e note. 



L. F. Hubbard, 

See note. 




Robert liowry,* 
T. T. Crittenden,* 

See note. 


2,168 380 

Jeflerson Cit. 

See note. 



Jamm W. Dawes, 

See note. 



Carson City 

Jewett W. Adams,* 

dee note. 




Snuiuel W. Hnle, 

See note. 

Xew Jersey , 



Leon Abbett,* 

See note. 

New York, 



Grover Cleveland,* 

See note. 

Vo. Carolina, 



T. J. Jar vis,* 

See note. 





2 Tu Oct. 




Z. B. Moody, 

1 M Jnne. 




Rob*t K. Pattison,* 

See Note. 

Rliode Island, 


Newpt * Prv 

A. 0. Bourn, 

1 W April 

Mi, Carolina, 



Hngli 8. Thompson* 





Wni. H. Bi«te,* 

See note. 




John Ireland,* 

Soe note. 




John L. Bamtow, 

1 Tu Sept. 

\\\ Virginia, 



Wm. K. Cameron,* 

See note. 



J. B. Jiickson,* 

2 Tu Oct. 




J, M. Ru&k, 





Unorganized. . 




J. C. Fremont, 

See note. 




N. Q. Ordway, 

See note. 

i>ist. of Col., 



See note. 



Roise City 

John B. Neil, 

See note. 




Scliuyli-r Crosby, 

See note. 

Mew Mexico, 


SnntH Fe 

L. A. Sht-l.ton, 

1 M Aug. 



Salt Lake Cit 

B. H. Murray, 

See note. 




Wm. A. Nowell, 

1 Ta Sept. 


20 789 


Wm. Hale, 

Indian Ter^ 




Total Pop^ 60, 

166.7^3. • Beraocratio. f Fusion. All others B 


Ken— Tim*, ml 

ter first 1I*B. la Nor. t CxMptln PrMldMiial j««r. 

^•r tfOlM «r BM 

ictiiin of L«gl«I»tiim as* pf Sl6. 

„ .. 

910 P#|NilA# 

V*«# r#i» l^rtfftMI«lii 

t»im mmm iM«ii [1 

1«7<I.« 11 

""""iii€H^.i . B 








td . 


03 i 






Si »l,18oi 4,642. 10 11 





16 60,775 







8 80.426 




By Leg 



lO 24.647 







1 64,415 







A 15,275 







4 27,964 






» 1(^,470 







!7 277,821 







'4 225,522 







17 106,845 






121 ,.54 

9 59,801 







16 149,068 







7 65,067 







9 65,171 







5 93,706 





» 108,777 


)5 111,960 







1 131,597 







t3 53315 







4 75,750 






J 208,609 







^) 28323 







2 9,613 


New Hampshire 




*2 40,794 



New Jersey, 




5 122,i)65 



New York* 




4 534311 



North CarolioA, 




4 124,206 







8 840,821 







9 19,948 







4 407,428 



Rhode Island, 




e 10,779 



South Carolina, 




1 112,.112 







7 128,191 







8 156,428 







17 18316 







rO 128386 


West Virginia, 




3 57391 













6 4,444,952 806,578' 

* Greenback, 81 

L,737; Prohibition, 


American, 5.^9; scat* 1 

terlng, 14,715. fP 

pohlbim, 10,305; i 


n, 707 ; scattering, 989. 1 


Tot. Vot 






Tot. Vote. 







4,024 793 






















1810. \> 2,410,77^ 


1880. 4,67 




















Ncvpl * PCT 








J, B, B.rrj.» 

Thi». M. W^hl.r,' 
CI.KS 0. 8l<.kt[.'i,> 
Wni. D. B1.,i1hi.i,> 
[|. D. He O-niHl.,* 

0«wg« W. Oll.t/ 

UN. D. Uublnaon, 


Jamn W. Da.™, 

J»>lt W. AdKBlt,* 
BmiiiHl W. HkI*, 
L«>n Abbe 11.* 

T. J. J. rill-.' 

JobD L. nanlow. 

J.BiJick™.* ■ 

J.O. tmiiDnl, 
K. 0. Ordwa^, 

Mid B, 

ScliMjI.-r Craiby. 
M. IL Unmix, 


\tt Data. 
1 WOcL 
Sh iidk. 
2Tii Oci 
if« nota. 


iea nuts. 

^ D°ta! 

taa not*. 
1 u"jnB 





« BOlr 

.■a n"la 





THE NATIONAL DEBT, Nov. 1,1883. 


Bonds at 5 contlnned at 8|^ per cent, 9 4 970»S00 00 

Bonds at 4)i per cent, 250,000,000 00 

Bonds at 4 per cent, 737,620,700 00 

Bonds at S per cent, 805,529,000 00 

Refunding certlflcates, 325,850 00 

Navy pension ftind at S per cent, 14,000,000 00 

Principal • 1,812,446,050 00 

Interest, 9,506,186.47 

Prlndpali $4,348,745 26 

Interest, 288,857 Oe 


Old demand and legal tender notes, 9 846,789,816 < 

CertUcates of deposit, 12,620,000 < 

Gold and silver certificates, 182,908,061 4 

Fractional currency, 9 15368,840 81 

Less amount estimated lost or destroyed, 8,875,984 6,900308 31 

Total principal • 549358,i£00 31 

Total unclaimed Pacific B. R; interest, $4,229.96 


Principal, • 1,886,052,995 57 

Interest, 9,801,243 51 

Total, • 1,875,854,239 08 

Total cash in the treasury, 364,347,501 9S 

Debt less cash in the treasury, Nov. 1, 1883,. 1311,606,737 15 

" " " •* Oct. 1, 1888, 1,621 811,^35 98 

Decrease of debt during past month, 10304,79B 83 

Decrease of debt since June 30, 1888, 39,584,470 83 


Interest due and unpaid, $ 2,898375 27 

Debt on which interest has ceased, 4348,745 26 

Interest thereon, 288,857 08 

Gold and silver certificates, 182,906,061 00 
U. S. notes held for the redemption of oertiflcates 

of deposits, 19,620000 00 

Cash balance available Nov. 1, 1883, 161,483,448 32 

Total, • 364,847,501 98 


Cash in Treasury, $364,347,501 99 


Principal outstanding, $ 64,623312 00 

Interest accrued and not yet paid, 1,292,470 24 

Interest paid by the United States, 69,222,096 46 

Interest repaid by companies by transportation 

service, 17,056,755 75 

By cash payments, 5 per cent of earnings, 656,198 87 

Balance of Interest paid by the United States, $ 41,510488 U 




GOLD SCAIXS, ete., etc, 

Wte Mtf Vf the oriKioal ImenMn, at fit. JobOBbarir, Tl, 

Famphlel, with lUuMratloDS tmd full descrlpUons ot Om 

Tkiioiu modlflcatloDS ot xslea. furnished upon 

appllcalton tgr null or otl^ei'wlBe. 

[E. ft T. FAIRBANKS & CO., MaiiDfiwtarers, 


FAIRBANKS & CO., 311 Broadway, N. Y. 


83 Milk street, Boston. 

WAlK> ,AgQita for IfilM' Fileat Alarm Hone; Dimver. 


Canada, Michigan & Southerni 

Quebec Spruce, 
Black Walnut, 

Cherry, Oak, Ash, 

Chestnut, Butternut, 
White wood, Maple, 

Birch, Bass wood. Etc. 
Pine and Cedar Shingles, 

Clapboards and Lath. 


D. W. ROBINSON, Manager. [ 



Jew Hamp^MiiE REgigtef 



FOB , 


id ctotiaf dx ons hiuidr*< u 

fOrIliep(wltlBDo(WestL«hanon.lM.4S°l« Korth Inai 

1° 4S' EsM Irom tbe Naval Obserralory « WuldngMD 



Oolden llmnb«r', 


i)h:ham^l9isicml Cycle*. 

5)Solar Cycle* 

I8[ttomai] IndicHon, 



14| Domliiicftl L#tttr, DlJaliu Period, 
Cliaractem of Uie Planets. 

Mercury. \ll Jupiter. 

Yen as. b^ Satarn. 

^ M»r8. \m UmaiMi 

Of tlie SIffiM of |lie ^^dlac 


7 £2: Libra, tbe Scales. 

8^ HI Scorpio, the Scorpion. 

9 / Sagittarius, the Archer. 

f WIHTU ffiOVS. 

10 1> Ovprioomns, tbe Goat . 

11 71 Aqnarins, the WaterMbn 

12 K Piices, the Fishes. 
Of tbe 

8PBIHO 816H0. 

1 9P Aries, the Bam. 

2 8 Taams, the Bull. 

3 II Gemini, the Twins. 


4 s CSsoeer,' the Ciab. 
6 Q Leo, Ibe Lioir. 
e IQ Virgo, the Tirgin. 

Yemal Bquinox — Spring begins, March 20tb, 5ii 44.2m Morning. 
Summer Solstice — Summer begins, Jane 2l8t, 2h 1.4m Morning. 
Aatumnal Bqninox — Antumn begins, Sept 22d. 4h 26.4m Brenin 
Winter Solstice— Winter begins, Dec. 2lBt^l0h S8.1m Morning. 
Lble FestlTAle mnm Vovte of tlie Cliitrcb. 




Low Sondny, 
Bogation Sunday, 
Ascension Day — ^Holy 

Thursdsy, •• 

Pentecoot— Whitsun-day, " 
Trinity Sunday, " 

Corpus Christi, 3m t 

Adrent Sunday, Not. 

Septuagesima Sanday, ^eb. 1 

Bezageslma Sanday, ** 8 


Sunday, ** 15 

Ash Wed.— Ist day of Lent, ** 18 

Quadragesima. — ^Ist San- 
day in Lent, *' 22 

[Palm Sunday, If arch 29 

QooA Vriday, April 3 


In the year 1886 there wfll be two eclipses of the San and tw 
the Moon. 

I. — An annular Eclipse of the Sun, March 16th, Tisfble from na- 
all of North America. Tbe general Bclipse begins March 16th, ' 
28m morning . and ends at 3h 36ra in the afternoon. Tbe cen 
Eclipse begins in the Pscific Ocean west of San Fmcisco at Ufa 
morning, and moring in a northeasterly direction first touches 
continent near the northwesterly comer of Oalifomia, and oonlinf 
its conrae northeasterly crosses near tbe middle of Hadson's and i 
fin's Bays, and tbe central Eclipse ends at 2h 3m in the Atlantic Oc' 
near the eastern ehore of Greenland. 

II.— A partial Bclipse of the Moon, Mar. SOth, iuTisible in New B< 

III.— A total Bcm>se of the San, September 8th, biTislble In ' 
England, but Tisible from the eastern part of Australia and 
southern part of Soath America. 

IV.— A partial Bclipse of the Moon, September 24th, Tisible in ?> 
England as follotf s : 

First contact ^th the shildow, Sept. 24th, Ih 25.7m Morning. 

Middle of the Bclipse, fept. 24th. 2b 69.0m Morning. 

Last cim tact With tbe shadow, Sept. 24th, 4h 32.3m Morning. 

Magnitude of the Eclipse (Moon's diametei--=l) 0.78 on the llc< 
northern limb. 

jUWiBU coLimt LiBiuiiir 





1*UA8B8 01 TBI MOOH. 

i PnU Moon Ist day Oh 36.8m M. i New Moon 16th day 3h 47.0m 
kJLMt Qoftr. 7th day lOh 47.1m B. | Vint Quar. 2M day 8h 86.8m 
Full Moon dOth day llh 29.7m M. 



I I 

4|iiM sets 












































344 3d 






b m 

4 349 





























h m 














































9 30iO 11 


















6 10 

6 55 

7 41 

8 27 

9 13 
10 I 
10 48 














9 5210 13 47 













2 41 

3 27 





6 46 

7 41 

8 39 

9 40 

10 41 

11 41 


n m 

5 43 

6 58 

8 4 

9 14 

10 23 

11 27 


1 28 

2 25 

3 22 

4 16 

5 6 
5 53 


5 32 

6 ») 

7 80 

8 32 

9 84 

10 37 

11 42 

1 57 

3 5 

4 10 

5 10 

6 4 

6 47 





Circumcision. i 

9 south 9h 56mmo4i 
Oinf. (5 

( C crosses eq. Soath* 


9 south 19h 4m mora 

St Luitian. 

Qgr. h0U. lat. donth. 

f} sooth 9h 47m eira. 

Sunday aft^r Kplph. 

(adec. 180 30'South. 

St. Hilary. ( 9 < 

<( Q (5 ati 

% south 2h 44m mom 

(St. Prisa 
2d Sun. after Bpiph. 
(<( crosses eq. North. 
Si. Tabtao. 

9 sooth lOh 24m morn 
St. Vincent. 

(OonT.ofSl Pavl. 
3d Son*, after Epiph. 
§ elong. 24° 51' W. 
<[ dec. 18° 25' North. 

(f sooth Ob 26m eve. 

<t %( 


MMMtauaau. worn, jamvamj. 

SI day 

1 Thursday. 

t Friday." 

3 Saturday. 

4 Sunday. 

5 Monday. 




6 Tuesday. 

1 Wedaeaday: 


9 Friday. 

10 Saturday. 

11 Sunday. 

13 Monday. 

13 Tuesday. 

U Wednesday. 

l6 Thursday. 

16 Friday. 

17 Saturday. 

18 Sunday. 



■^^M • ^*« •■ m . ^ L^ •«« ,* * 

- - 





19 Monday. 



ao Tuesday. 


21 Wednesday. 


22 Thursday. 


23 Friday. 


24, Saturday. 


25 Sunday. 

26 Monday. 




27 Tuesday. 


28 Wednesday. 


29 Thursday. 


* ^ 


80 Friday. 

' "'- 



31 Saturday. 

» FEBRUARY. ^^^■ 

Uit dan. SLb d«7 Sh U.lin I. 1 Fint Qnir. 2Zd dij Gh 4IJJ m M. 

N«w Moan Itth dky Sh 3iJ B. | rail Muuu 28tb dsj Ith li>.9i> B. 

:i;i«^".ui,a „':s,i Si-.i ^.i„5..(;,ii —». - 



6 11 1 MO 13 WIS 64 

T 6I>M Wt°i««ri«B«<d>rJ 

S13 (I6T0U a'lear 

8 3 1H Purir.sf B.¥l,¥ln. 1 

6 14^10 I<|ai4 8;1«1 

lo 3:=:Hid.<Icniw»eq.S«U< 

11 lul^lH'Er.lK.II.I^.S. II 

El?!" MJIlJiU 

ti e;ioEii8!i<i iftusi'UM 

b 31 

ni: ^MHihiiLGan. iTc 1 

i\;i >S181Ululal<24,lfi G 

SDI T'«^10 13'01<i«!ll«b 

B J|7 6621:10 160H«:14W 


;i cdi^.]8°2i'Soiiib. 1 

10 31 « 

>-^i6igN) t2g:u ■ 

S 4i 

ifA'rf'rt " "S'V'rtH 

LI IT 4 

2 sH 1 

l|w|o JwjlsS 

( a 9 a a 6 

6 SBiTl 

i(8l. ValfDllne. 

isallDJSU 4^!w4T 


15 oe*8 

8SiM0 3ilO 4 2n!lli6 



10 a9W6Si|in»6ioMi«!ia 6j 

r :taM 

1- 3eM63S;l'l3)> 

a 12 



14 ansa' 3 o 

10 6»W,&mIiO*. 

014 Oil 2: 3 48 

?lS..„b «».„,. 

W BS Mil 37110 47 

4 41 

21 TSMieSU'lOM) 

U13 46 



SM, a ,1, ,i 

a Be 48:6 1010 6! 

13 38 

65 11 

^ 2[«46:fi41|IG»b 




U 3S4(i;( 43:10 se 


t 28 

Bl. Uuiblu 

iS4|«43!iMll I 

13 10 









1%d rflnp*. 

im .U..U.U ». FDMUl. M <k}. 

1 urmatj. 

3 Mond.,, 


S Tue^tay. 

4 WetoBSJay. ' ■ 1 

— ^ 

' ■ ', 


1 Friday. 

7 SiXOt^f. 

8 Sunday. 

^ Monday. 

\ 10 ^hiesday. 

11 Wednesday. 

13 Thnnday. 

IS Friday. 


U Saturday. 

15 Snnday. 

16 Monday. 



17 Tueaday. J" ^" 

18 Wednesday. 

19 Thursday. 

20 Friday. 

31 Saturday. 

22 Sunday. 

2S Monday. 

24 Tuesday. 

25 Wednesday. 

26 Thursday. 

27 Friday. 

28 Saturday. 

• i 

il d's ate 40 

Mtoirgthl loulli I Jwi'n I 

4 IS'U M'lnji Jin"i!ph.1tali, 

a amoni!/ Ptrnmnii. fljc 

B 4e u 511 J l^d guinUTin Lant. 

■ "I 1 4(1' H I 

e I <il SSljIO tfl'tj :0*nl. T. Byj 

iday In 

aT|6 IStfd 


6 Friday. 

7 SaHtardayT 

8 Suiidaj^ 

9 Monday. 

10 Tueaday. 

11 Wednesday. 

1^ ThuncUvy. 

13 Frrday. 

U Saturday. 

15 Sunday. 

17 Tuesday. 

18 Wednesday. 



16 Monday. -rr^ »^ 




19 Thursday. 

ao Friday. 

21 Saturday. 


22 Sunday. 

23 Monday. 

24 .Tuesday. 


25 Wednesday. 

26 Thursday. 

27 Tsi>Ssy, 

28 Saturday. 

28 Sunday. 


av jnoncuiy. 

31 Tuesday. 


1* APRIL. »*,•. 

J Lul (faur. Ttta d*T 9b U.Om M. 1 rinl duu-. 21>l itf Sh BO.Tb E. 
; N.W Hood Ulb tey Ih l.l>» M. I Full Uooi. l»lta *.j Ik !4te H. 

:i:u"".»i?.» eu'..i,.s..isii --«- 



B3G13 T 
S 37 13 11 


1 M 13 41 
1U13 6( 




1 Ml; 

1 us: 

1 6T41 
1 67 11 



8 11 

11 w 


10 « 

I 3J 

< lJ 



11 a: 

1 £ 

s w 

4 4: 






l^w SAd.T. 

a rroHci nq. Sorrh. 

2d Bun. olMr Cutar 
UdM. 1S° 14' North 

■If •oiiUnhebiB.*™. 

6 in°r."'d ©' 

................ »^.|| 


e Wedneedsyr" 


18 Saturday. "^ ' 

19 Sunday. 

90 Monday. 

21 Tuesday. 

28 Wednesday. 


28 Thursday. 

24 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

26 Sunday. 



28 Tuesday. 

29 Wednesday. 

80 Thursday. 

n- •- \' 

4 IS IS 1 m] bm jllH«nthai..4Sm.s. 

116S4, 2 2210 U; J,l(aiiM. 18=lB'&.iil 
l|iaS2 3V|l|l I'O llhSlin.mnaSul 
6 IB 9; 3 5711 laialln.-DdheCroM. 
flicas, 4 4i:ni<.rH Lfl. If ! 'np. do 
il8 43| S 3U M=,l)olm &..nB.II«. 
lllflSS^ eiB OftS 1-^™ hghtin.. e 
I I xlli IhSh m. H 

1« T14M1WH 
Rt' O 4 8*7 2«1« 

|W^ «12ST23;UM 

t ^'* 

• M MEMOIUNDA FOB MAY. 81 dAy* |l 

6 Wednesday. 

8 Fridi^ 

9 SatordAf . 

10 Sondaj. 

11 Monday. 

13 Tueedi^ 

18 WAdnesday. 

U ThimdAy. 

15 Friday. 

16 'Saturday. 

17 Sunday. 

18 Mondi^ 






*> ■■ 


19 Tnesday. 

20 Wedaesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

23 Saturday. 

•2i Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

26 Tueeday. 


' 27>redneBday. 

.^ 28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

30 Saturday. 

81 Sunday. 

I - 

JUNE. 3odv 

7h lS.3rn E. 1 Flrel Q.i«r. 1011. d.j Sb M.Om M, 

,.« Moon IllL d. 



•»nth .d»o'nU...|rA.ipl 





4 1( 







1 ' 

11 ST 81 
1161 t( 

11 M B 











T W 

ID 68 
11 JB 





i; K. sii. ird. ■«, 

il<:ta«n«q. North. 

<r 10. lOhizn noni 
^ .o. Oh. 41ni. tit. 

add <4ec 

Jd Sua. »ft>r THnlij 

3hcS (Btxr 
lltruMMeq. Soulh. 
W Son. nflm Trim I j 
1( «, 41, lOm ««. 
Oh (5 


SK. ■moii.i.r. roi JD!». SOd.x>, 







e Saturday. 
~T Sunday. 

1^ — — — ^^ 


tt Hmrsday. 

U Friday. 

90 Saturdiorr 

21 SnndayT 

92 Monday. 

23 Tneaday. 

94 Wednesday. 

95 Thnraday. 

96 Friday. 

97 Batarday. 

98 Sunday. 

99 Monday. 

80 Tuesday. 

;>1 "Ban , dur" I Hon , Hnn ■ fl I i! |C|, „_„ 

n] 2 « M^T 2» U « 
«| 3 4 45;7 n 14 42 

BJ 5i4iTMUaa 
111 tf4 4a|;3<|u36 

3u|t£ 3§ e 43 

e'u iiiiin IS 


■11 a<i;«-t».,= ! u' 

--' - -- ■'-■ Snn.»ft.Trtoll 

1 iJl'S Tj^ianaf"""" 
1 m;/. (ttrfM-iB" »■ South, 

B 7j 7 sii-=';5 fn. 


81 days.|| 

$ Monday. 

7 Tuesday. 

8 Wednesday. 

9 Thnnday. 

10 Friday. 

11 Saturday. 

12 Sunday. 

IS Monday. 

14 Tuesday. 


16 Wednesday. 

# • 

16 Thursday. 

17 Friday. 

18 Saturday. " """ 


19 Sunday. 

90 l^ondsy. 

U TuesdftjT. 

^ 22 Wednesday. 

23 Thursday. 

24 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

2B . Sunday. 

27 lion<iay. 

88 Tuesday. 

29 Wednesday. 

80 Thursday. 

31 Fridfty. 




I 3»'10 3«|(> |Uih Sdd. Bit. TrtnJtr- 

I 1911 6S,a 'Slid 
■ISuiornlll fifiodg.M-ai 
1 11 OMlllfrmnttlguriilloi) 
111 l*ka!|fld«,lS<'18'(i 
■ -'" ■4!3i|Mh, 51(d rflld 

I 13' M 

b aiin. . 


asouBS 9 17 
1 2tin 'u 
1 47;io St 

3si;>| fldM. is° 18' South 

2 ISlli- 'a«o.0h.33lo..tfl. 

3 ]2lTs|,I-ilL Sua. »ft. Trlnld 

T lO.K (Tfeti 

1 iilH CcrosMsen.Horti. 
S ICIiT |8t. AHEuKlue. 

1 i3|() John Bail. (MhndaiL 
B 17]H 13ihBnn,.(l.TrioHj. 

isas. hxmOramda tob Acorar. -a. 

B 8ond«y. j 

10 ltond»y. 

n Ta«*ta7. 


19 Wednesday. 

90 Thnrsday. 


91 Friday. 

32 Saturday. 

23 Sunday. 


24 Monday. 

25 Tuesday. 

26 Wednesday. 

27 Thursday. 


28 Friday. 

29 Saturday. 

30 Sunday. 

81 Monday. 


" - *■ I III I I ■■- 1 I I jL Mim 



isw- SEPTEMBER. s 


.S,uU..'i?.ii *•""»■ *^ 


8 311 3l|lI.,Clnf. [ja 


TSll|«20=I.U.,C5 iOd'f 

4 4? 


mm' 114 

7 66 D 10i> J tloiig, nOBl'W. 

iv I. 

63 la 

.30; 1 Bil=il6lli8. «fti.tlrin!lj 

12\ S|14g:i57W »■ 


Iffll 7 19 H iSt. Cjprlmn. 


4 BftlmSJU SI, Q*! C 


oa ecPT.»n. 30 d.„ 


t Fridnj. 


' 6~~Satiird8y^ ^~" • 

6 Sunday. 

7 Monday. 

8 Tuesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

le Thursday. 

11 FrtdAy. 

12 Saturday. 

13 Sunday. 

14 Monday. 

15 Tuesday. 

16- Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 






18 Friday. 


19 Saturday. 

20 Sunday. 


21 Monday. 


22 Tuesday. 

\ : 

23 Wednesday. 


24 Ttmrsday. 


26 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 



27 Sunday. 


28 Monday. 


29 Tuesday. 


^. ' 

30 Wednesday. 


raun or toi himh. 
iMt Qur. lit <bf «fa aa.siii x. j nm Qiur. ittii < 

Maw liaoa Sib diji Sb 41.>m K. ro[l Kaon Z3d d 
LmI Qqur. 3 l)th il»T Ih g.»m B. 

! ! [",11 

3 (Mill 

3»\i I 

■i«'=ik "■»•"■ 

8 «.T8 b: o Mjal f ». Jh Mm nicm. 
a IS 1 .01 J 6 III, laffti 

» 7iflM 
>£« Tga 

:» 311 9 39 
.OM.IO % 

11 ST Loru rlni. 

11 5i^ fl 6 S M 

12 U ST S 35 
1H0| 1 5a T 83.-1 

l|13Za. 3 41 9 t-ln\ 

I'll 0, BiaiiMQ! 

39 3 43;X; 



6 Tuesday. 

7 Wednesday. 

8 Thursday. 

9 Friday. 

10 Saturday. 


11 Sunday. 

13 Monday. 

IS Tuesday. 

14 Wednesday. 

15 ThuFsday. 

16 Friday. 

17 Saturday. 

18 Snhday. 


81 day».| 

19 Monday. ^ 

20 Tuesday. 


21 Wednesday. 

22 Ttmnday. 

23 Friday. 

24 Saturday. 

25 Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

27 Tuesday. 


28 Wednesday. 

29 Thursday. 

30 Friday. 

81 Saturday. 


N8W Moon mU dB, Ih'ia's'nE, !"F=ll°M*>d 2 
^init Quar. 141h djH 5)i lOJm K. , Ual ftusr, a 


"'I'em t 



I i^6 MTii oiliH i*ji *a n|n 3». T ^ 

s uivu iliT so -a-u 

I Sunday 


6 TlnindAy. 

6 VkUay. 

7 Batnvdayr 

8 SiDidayri 

9 MondayT 

10 Tneidjiy. 

U WedDesday. 

18 Vrlday. 

U Satnrctoy. 

16 Sunday. 

16 Monday. 

17 TQMday. 


■^ ■ ■ 


18 Wednesday. 

10 Thursday. 

ao Friday. 

21 Saturday. 

22 Stmday. 

tt Monday. 

ai Tuesday. 

95 Wednesday. 

96 Thursday. 

27 Friday. 

88 Saturday. 

39 Sunday. 

80 Monday. 



6 Sunday. 

7 Monday. 

8 Tuesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

10 Thorsday. 

11 Friday. 

12 Saturday. 

19 Sunday. 

U Monday. 

15 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 

^18 Friday. 

■. FMaBK. a dm 


AlpKabetioallT' Ajnransecl. 


X. The names of aU d>e Towns and all the Pott Offices in the Slate, 
except those which have Nortfa^ East, South, West or Center prefixed to 
the names of the towns of which they are a part, are here alphabet- 
ioally arranged. 

a. For villages above excepted, look uqder the name of the town. 
But East Kingston, North Hampton, South Hampton. South Newmark- 
et, and Westmorelamd are towns. 

3. Aftor die name of each town, ^pu find the name of the county in 
jwhidh it is located, the population m 1880, the direction and s^proxi- 
mate distance firom Concord and firom the Shire town of the county, 
the wajr <^ reaching it by rail, the town officers and the pn^essaonal 
and business men, arranged under different heads, as nearly idphabet- 
ically as is convenient, some regard being had to economy of space. 

4. Merchants are supposed to keep a general assortment and phyii- 
oians to be ** old school unless otherwise specified. 

5. All these items are referred every year, usually between Aug. x, 
I and Dec x, to the Town Clerks, Postmasters or other prominent men 

of the seversil towns and villages for correction. 

6. We eamestlv solicit corrections fitun all other persons who may 
|Dotice things which they know to be errors. 

7. Of course changes are made, in March, of Town Officers, and 
ner changes are constandy occurring, so that one need not expect to 

nd this Da-ectory absolutely correct all die year roimd, but tut it widi 
is understanding and you will find it very yaluable. 

. — 1 ^ ■ 

ACirORTn. SULLIVAN—Pop. 982. W. tt. 0.60; 8. W. tr, 
evrport 14. B, R. A-^-COiarlestown, 8 ra. on Goon.B. R. B. and Naw- 
rt, on G. & G. R. R.; Daily stage to Newport, Gharlestown and to B 
alia, 12 m. 

OFFICSB8— CSeri, William Brooks: IVeoa, C. M. Woodbury; 
Selectmen, 0. J. Davis, .1. N. Davis, W. C. Seal ; Bupt.^ B. O. SMone. 

PostmasUrs— William Brooks; Etut, Mrs. R Buss; £faNiCA,D. C. 

Justices— J. B. RiehardBOD, J. H. Dickey, J. A. Wood, State; J. N. 
Daris. Wm. Brooks, D. G. George, A. M. Mitchell, "O. EL Dodga, 6 
W. Buss, J. S. Qore, H. N. fiayward, G. J. Dayls. 
Church— Gong., E. G. Stone. PhysicUllI— C. A. Allen. 
Manufiioturers— blacksmiths, Asa Dodge, M. P. Thornton ; cooper, 
0. B. Kemp; handles, boxes and lumber, Eattt J. M. Reed: lumber, 
tuba and kits, Kemp A OalL If erehant— William Brooks. 

Sevth— iK. B. ^— Gold Riv. 11 m. on Gheabire R. R. and New. 
r>ort, 16 m. on C. A C. R. R. Daily Stage to Oharlestown and B. Falls. 
Churches— Bap. B. F. Tuck ; Meth., S. F. Johnson. 
Hotel— S. A. Reed. 

lufteturers— blacksmith, G. W. Barney; lumber R. S. Mor- 
meal, R. 8. Morrison: patent road acrapers. J. Leavitt Mc 
shoe pegs, G. B. Cnmmings A Son. 
chants— J. B. Richardson, D. 0. George ; millinery, Miaa E. 



AL.B AN if, CARROLL— ^oi^. 361. N. B. fr. C. 74 ; N. V. fr. Oe- 

pee 27. 12. £. £[.-.-€oii«iaajr, ll> m. cm Biwtani IL.&. Daily stage 
I Eaton Center. 

Of VICKRA—Cierk and Treat. John B. Parrieh ; £h*pt. Geo. W. Ma- 
•n ; Selectmen^ B. 8. Kent, Qeo. W. Pnrini^ton, lohabod Hammond. 

Postmaster— CA<7Corua,Alvab Blackey. Cburcll— F.Bap. T^ Brown 

Justices— G. W. Parmgton, B. S. Kent, J. M. Sbackfurd, D. O. San- 

Hotels — Shackford Honie, J. If. Shackfofd, Prop.; Trout Palc^ 

Manufacturers- lumber, J. Douglass, Swift Blver Lnml>er Go., Lord 

Sanbourn, Hili A Wardell. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. M. Shackford, Albert Moody ; carpen- 
)r8, J. R. Parrisb, J. N. Piper. Daniel Giun, Jeherbad Hammond. 

Alder Brook— See Betmebem. 

AI.EXANDBIA, GiZ^l^OiV^Pop. 832. N. W. fr. C. 34. 8. W 
•. Plymouth, 12. R. R. S.— Bristol, on Br. Br. R. R. Daily stage. 

OKFIOERS — Clerk, O. S. Gal© j Treag. G. A. Bnllock ; Select%nen^ 
. W. Saunders, J. F. Phillips, G. B. Davis ; Stept. A. F. Cheney. 

Postmasters— G. A. Bullock; Sovlth, Kliza M. Pillsbury. 

Justices— H. J, Welton, StaU; 0. S. Gale, S. B. Sleeper, T. C. 
erren, W. P. Simonds, A. F. Clieney, E. C. Merrill. 

Church— Union, G. G Wiggin. Merchant— G. A. Bnllock. 

Exp. Ag't— L. L. Ballon. 

Manufacturers— lumber, 8. .8. Patten, J. P. Berry, B. T. Hntchfns, 
. W. Saunders, G, H. Berry. 

Mechanics— l>lHck8mit|is, L. k O. S. Gale; carpenters, Harrey 
locke, H. J. Welton, S. Kirk, E. M. Tenney. 

Physician— Wra. JElichardson. 

ALiLENSTOWN, MERRIMACK ^Vop-K*^^ 8. E. ft*. C. 7 
I. R. iS.— Allenstown A Snncook on Sun. Tal. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7«f A; A. A,-BIodgett; Treat., 70hn F. BtfCldtt; Sdeet- 
ten, Samuel B. Gofran, Joseph LacMse, Eugene G. Cate; Acpt., H. H. 

Postmistress— Mrs. Mary B. Evans. 

Justices^H. H. Hartwell, Wm. HajMltine, C. V. Hildretb, D. L. 
e welly J. B. Hazelton, N. Kenison, SUxtt; H. B. Emery, 8.B. Gofran, 
!:B. Hildrith. 

Churches— Meth. H. H. Hartwell ; R. Cath. J. H. 0. Dowignon. 

Exp. Ag'tS— Harvey Depnison, "Warren Martin. 

Lawyers— .loAu B. Haacelton, C. B. Hiklrefth. 

Manufacturers-^bYick,.P. &. W. Sangeut, Jabes Green; cottons, 
ihina Manufg Go., D. L. Jewell, ag't ; lumber, A. K. Osgood; lumber 
nd wood, S. B. Gofran. 

HeebanicS--carpenter8, R. Brown, F. Batchelder. 

Merchants —> books and «tatiouei7, J. Jones ; boots and shoes, 
bseph Lacfltsse ; dry goods, Appleton Sister6 ; drugs and- nedldDf s 
' ■■ ' HUdreth ; Airnitnre, stoves and tinware, 0. P. Morse; gro- 
eries, Bartlett ft Dalton ; hardware, Williams k Hosmar, David Hayes. 

Physicians— 0. F. Hildretb, A. Brian, C. A. Stark. 

ACSTEAOk CHSSHTRE-^Top. 1,037. 8. W. from 0., 60. N. 
r. Keene, 10. R. R. £!.— Cold River, on Cheshire R. R. Telephone 
rom Bellows Falls. 

OFFICERS— C{«r* F. L. Pjrentisp; Treaty 0. K.. Vilas; BHeehmn, 
B. A. Turner, H. D. Dickey, G. E. Nevrman; flfapt., E. M. Smitli: 
hipervuon, A. S. Thurstoxi, Jotham R/der and Russell Tinker. 



Postmasters— ▲. &. £mMion: Cwitr^ Mary Shepard; EoA^ X. 1 

Justices— Chaa. E. Cooke. E. M. fimitb, StaU; Timofby Tofti, A. I 
Kknr8ton,Whitiifl!y Bread, J. ▲. Brown« G. A, Hajo, ^H. A. Lorell 
. Ua[tcb. . 

Cburelies— Oohk. — — — ; ^fiui, Geo. Beckwith ; Uair. — 
Exp. Aa't— E. W. White. 
Hoiel--Hxuiiphi<ej House, F.J. Bnrgew 
Lawyer— E. M. Smith. 
Livery StaMes— E. Ball, B. Whita 

Manufteturers— blacksmiths, H. P. Ware, G. A. Watte, Hanre; 
r»ylor ; builder, J. V. Dickej ; cider and cider viuegar, John Hopkins 
edgne tools, G. A. Brooks; floor k, meal, V. W. Noarse; hamesees, £ 
Powers ; iron fonnders, iron ware, plows* etc.'CLE. Cooke { lumber. J 
P. Porristal^ G. Q. Banks, John D. Holmes, 8. G. Anderson ; plows, C. M 
Lnfkin; pnmpe, 8. Morrison; stov«» and tinware, G. 8. Anderson 
EoMt^ rakes, E. P. Kidder ; scythe nibeand pail handles, a H. A F. D 
JBIeeaer ; scythe sticks, Lewis Beiuerse. 

Merchants— H. A. Lovell, Timothy Tnfts, Bgerton A Marvin ; JBciw 
Josett Ohaudler; auction«er, J. S. Walker; boots and shoes, H.D.Ran 
dall, Wm. Howard ; coflBns and caskets, G. 8. Ainger, B. H. Fisher 
dms* And BMdipiitfB, C. K. VU«w; fancy goods, Jewelry, ete., D. F 
Kingsbnry; horse rake^, mowing machines, tedders, threehing nia 
chines, H. A. Moore ; junk and ragH, F. L. Prentiss ; meat, H. A. Moore 
picture frames nnd fancy goodn, £Mi, H. A. Lovell ; stationery, cutler; 
confectionery, fralts, nuts, tobacco, cigars, etc. A. R. Emerson ; vari 
ety store, school books, etc., B. H. Fisher; watches, N. P. Meirttl. 
Physicians— 8. T. Smith; bomeo. C. M. Lnfkin. . 
AiiTUN, BBLKNA P— Pop. 1,477. N. B. fr. C. 28 ; 8. E. fr. La 
conia 20 m. R. R, jS.— Alton and Alton Bay, on Dover and Winuo 
piseoget« R. R. Conveyance to Gilmnnton Iron Work« daily. 

OFFICERS— CVerib, J. W. Currier ; 2V«a«., A> H. Sawyer ; Htlectmen 
A. L. Rollins, M.orrison Bennett, Joseph A. Moouey ; fiupt., 0. J. M 

Postmasters— D. M. Mooney ; Bay^ E. J. Emerson ; Wut^ C. H. Posf 
Justices— A. U Rollins, J. E. Smith, Charles Hayes, J. W. Curriei 
Mofrasou Bennet, State ; J. B. Berry, A. B. Sawyer. 

IBaQk^-Alton Five Cents Savings, Pres., Henry Hnrd, Treas, A. L 
Churches— Adv. ; ISast^ ; Cong. -^^ Merrill ; F. Btq. 

T. H. Snuthers. 

Exp. Ag'tS— J. B. Rogers, Pierce Jones ; Bay, J. M. French. al« 
Tel. Ag't. 

Hotels — Cocheco, Geo. F. Savage ; Fifield, J. H. Fifleld. 
Lawyer — J. W. Currier. 
Livery Stables— Geo. F. Savage, J. H. Fifleld. 
Manufacturers— flour, I. Wentworth; lumber, I. Wentworth, ." 
Woodman : shoe boxes, L. Woodmnn. 

Merchants — Mooony A Vamey, J. Jones St Son. H. T. Niite & C< 
O. K. Rollins; Bay, C. II. Downing A Co. W. G. Osborne; meat an 
provisions, A. J. Jones, John Uilman. 

I Physician— P. H. Wheeler. 
A]JnHCR8T. BILLSBOROUGH-^Pov. 1.226. S. fr. C. 80. J 
W. fr. Nashua 10. S. W. fr. Manchester 12. R. R. .K— Amherst o 
Nashua A Wilton R. R., 8 m. coach to and fr. all tra'-ns. 
OFFICERS— CWrij A. A. Rotcb ; TrtuB., J. 0. Pulslfer : Selecfnyn 


r. P. Trow, J. n. Goggin, Frank A. Holbrook ; Bwiurd <^ JBducaHtm, 
r. 0. DftTte, G. L. Trow, J. R. Steams. 

Postmasters— W. D. Forsaitb ; BtcOhn, 0. H. Mackay. 

Justices— Ghas. Richardson, Perley Dodge, A. A. Rotch, J. O. BaTis 
?UUe ; E. 6. Glark, A, M. Wilkins; J. B. Faj, J. 7. Osgood, Jr. 

Churches— Bap. T. A. Howard. Gong. — - ; Meth. — 

Exp. Ag't— W. R. Glark. IBS. Ag't-^-Gharles Richiirdaon. 

Lawyer— Perley Dodge. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths. Gilbert Small, George Walker, J. F. 
)8good, Jr.; brick, W. Rhoades; flour and meal, J. P. Nomse, 
Tyros Gross: kitx. Gyms Gross, picture frames and axe helres, O. S. 
barker; printers, BoylstoB ft Rotch. 

Merchants — H. G. Dodge ; anctioneer, J. G. Hasdtine ; broker, A. A. 
lotch ; drags and medicines, H. D. Hicks ; groceries, W. D. For- 
aitlk, A. P. Sawyer ; groceries and proTisions, G. W. Osgood ; meat, G. 
W. Osgood, G. K. Walker, R. H. Prince; stoves and tin ware, J. B. Fay. 

Physicians— H. D. Hicks, J. B. Pettingill. 

Tel. Ag't— £. Aiken. 

Telephone Ag't.— H. G. Dodge 

Anaoskeair— See Manchester. 

ANDOVEK, IlEBRIMACK-^Fop. 1,204. N.W. fr. G. 22. X. 
8. iS^.— West And., Potter Place, And. Gen., and E. And., on N. B. R. 

0FFIGBR8— C7erX^ H. M. Boaworth; Trecu, D. B. Weymonth; 
Mectmen, Henry W. Kilbnrn, Ghwrles G. Davis, Lnther T. Frost ; Su^. 
I. 3. Bachelder. 

Postmasters— W. S. Qnimby ; Eaaiy G. G. Pevare; Westy M.P. Melendy . 

Justices— J. W. Kenniston, G. G. Perare, J. M. Shirley, G. S. Carr, 
William E. Melendy, H. W. KiUmrn, J. D. Philbriek, State ; H. A. 
Weymouth, S. M. Ellis, Glark Dnrgin, G. W. Stone, J. S. Babbitt, 
). N. Emerson. N. J. Batchelder. 

Churches^J5ii«£, Gon^r., Howard Moody ; F. Bap., — ^ — ^. 

Ex. A Tel. Ag'tS.— £eu£, ^- B. Dnrgin ; Weft^ A. A. Emeiy. 

Manufacturers — hosiery. East, H. M. Bnsiel ; hnbs, CHtteynfiOe^ G. 
r. Wliite; Inniber, CU-leyttHle^ Daniel Downes. 

Merchants — ire«f, Melendy k Emerson; £!a«£, G. G. Perare, G. W; 
Tole ; (^UeytviUty J. T. Emery ; anctioneer, (XUeytmJU^ G. J. Whfte . 
mtter, Emty B. E. Smith : flonr and meal, CUiey»vffIey Daniel Downes ; 
^oceries, patent medicines, etc., JScuf, Glark Dnrgin. 

Physician — H. A. Weymouth. 

Center— Church— Unit., T. Thompson. 

Lawyers— G. E. Garr, Shirley ft Stone. 

Literary Institution — Proctor Academy, Herbert Dow, prin. 

Manufacturers-Thames and saddle trees, Baker, Garr ft Go. 

Merchants— Quimby ft Weymonth ; auctioneer, dUeygville^ 0. J. 
^ite ; meat. A. G. Fifleld ; stoves and tin ware, G. A. Gochran ; whips 
ind potatoes, R. N. Mes^er. 

Potter Place— Postmaster, Ex. A Tel. Ag't— F. P. Goss. 

Mechanics — blackimiths, Jerae Baker, E. P.Zeaton. 

ANTRIM, »ILL8BOROVGH—Pop., 1,171. S. W. fr. G. 30 
J. W. fr. Manchester, 30, and fr. Nashua, 33. S. R.S. — Antrim, on 
lillfiboro' and Peterboro R. R. — an extensiion of Gontoocook Valley R. 
I. Greenfield 8 m. on Nashna and WMton R. R. N<H:th BBranch. 
>ailv Stage to North Branch. 

OFFICERS— aerft, C. B. Dodge ; 7Wa»., J. a Woodbnry; SeUetmen. 
}. 8. Sawyer, Anaon Swett. P. W. Glark ; Sup*., H. F. Brown ; Buper- 
nsor$, A. H. Ingram, Alliert Clement. 



Postmasters— B. D. Pntneir ; North Bramch. Almm Fairfield. 

Justices— D. H. Ooodell, N. C. Jameflon, Morris Christie, Joual 
LoTeren, G. B. Dod^e, A. H. Ingram, A. Fairfield) S. W. Bakei 
jataU; S. D. Patney, W. K. Garr, A. A. HiUer,a W. Kelsea. 8. 8 
ISawyer. J. O. Abbott, A. B. Crombie. 

Ctaurebes— Bap. U. F. Brown; Meth. N. 0. Alger; Pros. W. B 

Exp. Ag't— U. 8. A C. Ex. Go.,E. D. Patney. 

Hotel — Garter House. Milton Tenney. 

Insurance and banking— £. W. Baker. 

Library— Antrim CircalatiDg Library. 

Livery Stables — Milton Tenney^Chas. Bass. Sdd. Proctor. 

Manuncturers — blacksmiths, L. W. Uilf, J. A. Bryer ; North 
Branchy Darid P. Bryer. C. A. Conn ; brick, Willard Manning ; build 
ers, 8. N. Wortbley, Ed T. Worthley ; cherry stouers, fruit parers, seei 
sowers, water proof cutlery, silver plating, knife and file bandkc 
hammock chairs, Ooodell Co.; bedstMids, £. Z. Hastings; braided fisl 

lines, G. B. Cochrane ; cribd and cradles, J. G. Abbott ; excelsior, M. I 
& A. M. Poor ; folding cribs and swing cradles, C. SL Brooks ; knife 
pail and bundle strap handles, C. F. Holt; lumber, G. F. Holt, W. A 
Hiidreth, M. D. A A. M. Poor ; North Brameh, Josiah Loyeren ; paste 
board boxes, 8. B. Robinson ; picture ftames, Geo. Wilkins; piintei 
8. N. Ball ; rocking cradles, £. G. Paige: tailor, F. F. Koacb ; wash 
ing machines, J. O. Abbots web silk. North Branch, J. N. Kelsea 
youth's bedsteads, folding crilM, Dodge Brothers. 

Merchants—^. E. Whittum, A. A. Bamsey, G. B. Cochrane; Nort, 
Branch, G. P. Little ; auctioneers, G. A. Cochnine, N. W. C. Jamc 
HOB, J. N. P. Woodbury ; boots and shoes, B. F. Walton ; grocerie 
and fancy goods. Jameson A Co.; harnesses, B. V. Upton ; milliner3 
Mrs. B. F. Upton ; Jew«lry, W. K. Call : photographer, 8. A. Putnam 
stores and tin ware,8quiresFor8aith; undertaker, J. G. Abbott. 

Pbysicians — L G. Antoiue ; homeo., Morris Christie. 

Station Ag't— A. H. Ingram. 

dimmer Boarding Houses— Sben Boss, Mrs. E. Whitely, J. ft 
Duncan, Mrs. L. F. Covell; North Brattch; A. B. Crombie^ Mrs. H 
W. Pike. 

ASHIiANB, QRAFTON-^Vop. 900. M. fr. C. 46. 8. E. f\ 
Plymouth, fi; R. R. «SL— Ashbmd on B. i; L. B. R.; Wh. Mt. Div. 

0FFICSR8—CIerik, A. £. Porter ; IV'OS., F. L. Hughes; BeUetmet 
G. B. SteTens, 8. 0. Baker ; Supt^ H. C. Dearborn. 

Postmaster— E. G.Clapp. Tel. Ag't.— W. F. Harris. 

Justices— J. L. Wilson, E. F. Bailey, T. P. Cheney, J. F. Keyes, i 
R. D. Dearborn, State; F. M. Hughes, E. B. Currier, A. E. Porter, E. C 


Churches— F. Bap. D. W. Davis; Bpis. Lorin Webster. 

Ex. Ag't— T. P. Woodman. 

Hotel A Uvery Stable— Squam Lake House, J. M. Cotton, T. 1 

Ins. Ag*ts— W. B. Fellows, J. L. Wilson, F. M. Hughes, Dextc 

Lawyers— J. L. Wilson, W. B. Fellows. 

Manufiicturers— blacksmiths, Frank Chick, C. A. Huckins. buil< 
em, Shepard A Fletcher; harnesses, D. C. York ; Job printer, R. R. ] 
Dearborn; leather board, E. F. Bailey. Inmber, Lake Co., H. Page 
lumber, packing boxes, etc., H. H. Shepard ; maniUa wrapping pstpe 
Wilder ft Co.: Ply month |[>ack8kin and kid gloves, J. F. Draper A Cc 


J. 0. MorriBon; lestber and straw board, S. 0. Baker, ag't ; waterproof 
And iHdieB' cloth, Brethrick A Firth, Carter A Rogers. 

Merchants — E. Rogers, Hnghei & Uncking, R. Dean, Pollard 
Bardy A Smythe, Feaas A BatcheHlder ; anetioneer, B. F. Pease ; drags 
and medicines, A. E. Porter; foncy goods and millinery, Mrs. S. J. 
Brown, Susie Dean; m«at and regetablee, Caliey A Warner; 
stotes and tinware, E. G. Clapp. 

Physicians— M. G. S^tilding, A. R. Oarey. 

A»llueloi — See Winchester. 

A ■ ifcl .^ M»I«, ROCKlN&ffAM—Top. 501. S. H. from O. 38 ; 8. 
W. fr. Exeter, 16. B. R. ^.—Atkinson, on B. ft M. R. R. Dailv stage. 

OFFICERS— ^^A;, S. B. Mason ; Trtat. Oilman Greenongh; Stleetmeri, 
rsaac Shoges, 8. C. P. Trefry, 6. N. Little; Supt. J. 0. Barrovrs; Ooi-i 
'.ector, Cburles Femald. ' 

Postmasters— G. P. Dow; Depot, M. F. Hoyt. 

Justices — Qreeuleaf Clarke, Samnel O. Chandler, State; Isaac R 
SoTuy, Chas. Ferimid, Gilman Greenongh. 

Churches — Cong., J. 0. Barrows ; UniT— — . 

Ex. A Tel. kg'i—Depot, M. F. Hoyt. 

Literary InsiitutiOn— Atkinson Academy, B. H. Weston, prin. 

Mechanics —builders, C. B. Sargent, Nesdiith & Mason, W. H. 
I^ason ; Merchants— G. p. Dow. M. Q. Oalef. 

Atkinson J>epot— See Plaistow. 

AUBUKir, ROCKINOffAM-'Pop. 720. S. H. fr. 0. 18; W. fr 
Exeter, 18. R. R. &— Aubnm, 1^ m. on 0. ft P. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«»-fc, 8. 0. Prescott ; 2V«a«., W. 0. Underbill ; SOeeimen, 
K. F. Fox. Edwin Plammer, A. D. Kmery; Bupt., G. B. Allen. 

Postmistress— M. A. Wiley. Ex. Ag*t— Henry Saltiuarsh. 

Justices— A. F.Fox, W. G. Underliill, wm. M. Neal, A. D. Bmefy. 
State; Harrison Bttrnham. 

Churches— Cong: T. C. Prat*; Meth., Mc Nelley. 

Manufacturers — feAtber flowers, R. G. Smith; lumber,G.G.€hriffln, 
1. p. Clark. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, A. E. Preston ; carpenters, Stephen Em 
jry, J. P. Chase. 

Merchants — Prescott ft Clarke : groceries, Henry Saltiuarsh, Chas 
N. Calef; meat, Wra. Emery, Alfred Sauborn. 

Physician— G. B. Allen. 

Baffley — ^ post-office in Merrimack Connty. 

Bank Village — A post-office in HtllHhormigh County.' 

BARNSTEAO, BELKNAP^Pop. 1,817. N. E. fr.O. 80; 8. E, 
r. Laconia, 18. R. R. 8, — Pitt»iicl<i,"4 ra., Alton Corner, 10, Dover, 25 
lochester 18 and Farmington, 14 ; coiiTi'yartce to i»ach. 

OPPIOERS— C/erfc, Center^ A. V. Sbnckford: Treas., N. 8. Nutter; 
hlectmen. South, I. L. Bert-y, Horace Walker; i^rade, A. P. Nut 
er ; Supt. Wm. H. Nute. 

PoStrtiasters— C. W. Blanchard; Cenief,'Q. W. ttusej BotUh, E 
lanson ; North, W C. Berry. 

Justices— S. Sbackforti, J. P. Blaisdell, C. 8. Geot-ge, H.U. Colbatb, 
. L. Berry, W. H. Rixford, E. 8, George, D. E. Tnttle, F. P. Fletcher. 
I. T. Pitman, iStote; G. W. Huse, Ebi-n Hanson, J. H. Jenkins, C. H. 

Churches— Ctiris---^ — ; (Jong., Parade, W. 0. Oarr; F. Bap., 
; iVb»*«A, Charles Delaild: On<er, 

Hotel— Shackford's, S: G. Shackford! Lawyer— C 8 G(»or£re 

Manufacturers-bla. ksmiths. E. BT. ^m. Timothy Bn.Sr^on T 

Business dieecjtoey. - 45 

Grifixet- OmUr^ boots and sboeaj. BartlaU j^.Do^k;; ,|^a<2e, J. A. 
Nichols; builders, John ^V'aldo, Frank f^blmer; lamber, Frajak J«b<- 
kins, Oscar Foss, T. K. Proctor ; woolen gcpdi 8^ kofliwj« J* Q^ Fi<)C9riAg 

M«rclMint%-^. W. BlauQhard} Sov^h^ i^hen ^tln9jl^; OBntw, G. W. 
Uusei & Co., J. ^. Ch^sley; auctioneer, J. P. Blaisdell; JrafiOkte, 
F. S. Jennis; clocks and watcneif, Daoi^l.Tjattlif,, 

Physicians— Om/«r, a. H.IIawley; N<»-tht Wm. H. Nate; dentlits, 
Jaiiies Kowe. Cfeo. W. £merson, Sd. 

BAR]ftI5l6TOiy« STRAFFOBD—Vop, 1,405. B. fr, 0. 80, 
Vf. fr. DoTer 8. J?. jB. &-~BarringtOQ, on N^ A A. H. 9- IMI7 aMl 

0FFICS:ES->C7«rX;, JScwt. t. M- Locke; 2yea«.,F. J»3errj ;.dal«siNMn 
Q. 0. A. Cheslej^ A. J. Mker^ 9. M. Oefkr; .^<., W. ^ amith. 

Postmasters— Jeremiah X^aterbonse ; JEScut, Ol B. Haley ; Nortk^ 
Daniel Cater. . , 

Justices— J. 8. Daniels,' wiliam WaterhQaf«!,../ooa. DttBtin, BttU; 
H. O. Cater, H. Thompson, John Watson, A. J. Moo^. 

Chui'Ches-^-Cong., ; Bap.,.-^- ■; F. W. B«p. 

J. H.. Hutchins. 

Manufacturers-Huc handles and boxes, Warren ft ElpaaBi. Hall; 
baskets, fibeh Capeo ;' blacksmiths, James Qnppy, 01>9Bley ft Caoney, 
(i. W. Uoitt, O. 0. A. Chesley, £. IS. Hall, J. Payis; brick, OwUt ft 
Quad, Albert L Hdll ; builders, B. T.HaU, C. F, Bu;»»ell,/J. W. Berry ; 
creamery batter, C/-,H. Waterhonse; lamber, P; W. ftr j< H. Loc)^, 
J. F. ft J. W. Berry, El ma E. Hall; sleighs and wagons, G. H. Swain ; 
spokes and felloes, W. B. Bazzell. • .. • 

Herchaiits— graiQ and flour, Q. B. Haley ; grooeriei, J. Bi. Oale^ 
r. R. Hali; W. R WatgrboQse, E. B. Brown. 

Physicians— Wm. Waterhous^, David McD^el, J. 8. Daniels, 
lohuL.Giiman, Mrs. Addie McDanieU ^ .<- 

iBARTtErX} CAMJR0LZr-Vo9. l,(m, N. E. tr.O, 86; N. W. 
fl:. Ossipee, $5. S. S. ^.— Bartlett and (xlen Statioii. on P. ft. 0. B. R- 

OFFICERS— GZerA^ A., W. BurnejU ; SeUotniifn, Joseph Pitman, Aqstin 
L. Stilling^s. H. If^ Rideout. . . . ,1 | 

Pbstmasiers-^Frank 0eerg9; Ztowtr, Joseph Pitman;. CMrc^ C. 
Steipben. • j . ■ • , 

Justices— O. ,n. H. Pitman, A* Ij,< lleserTe, J^ona. Oale, State i 
Frank George, J. R. Gillis', Wm. Pitman.^ 

Churches— Ad V. J. R, jDearing : F. $ani, ^ ; , Haih. . ►-. 

Exp. A^'t. k Tel. Operisitoir— J. R. Gilifes ; iOentre, A. W. Bpmell. 

Hotels — Bartlett House, Frank Geoxge; lUat Branch Hpiue, Pit- 
man Bros.; Pequaket' House, Hazen Pitman ; Pendexter Mansion, 
C. C. PendejKte^Olsn^^, H. C. FernaId,.C. S^eipben. 

Lawyer— G. w. M. Pitman. Physician— 0*. at. Brown. 

BSanufacturers— blacksmf^^, 6. T. \Vil8on.; lumbef, Bartlett l4md 
and Lumber Co., Kearsarge Peg Go, . ' , 

Merchants— A. L. Mesecve, W. S. I'ost^r, Gardner Bnffum ft Co.; 
CkMer:, Joseph' Mead, Josiab Eastinan, Austin L. SjiUiogs, A. W. Bur' 
nell, John Oryon; Zi^wer,^. R.Carson. , 

BATK, QRAFT0N—'9aQ.,\M^ N. W. fr. 0. 8p. N. fr. HaTer- 
hill, 14. k. R S.— Bath, on B. ft t. K. K. Wh. Mt. Diy. 

OFFICERS— CTSptA:, 0. C. Foster; IViljw., Edward Woods; SeUahMn^ 
A. J. Leigbton, J. M. Nutter, A. H. ^urt<|fn. 

Postmasters — D. G., A. Foster: Swiftwatert D. F. Richardson. 

Justices— A. P. Carpenter,: Ed ward Woods, jStoie; H. C. Oarbee, 
Moses Abbott, X A, Davis, H. H. Clarke, C. 0. poster, W. fi. Jplajadin.) 
S. 8. Csirbee, J. C. Noyes, Geo. Morrison. 


r ToMOIiy "" 
1 ■ Wedueada;. 







6 Sunday. 

I 7 Monday. 

8 Tuesday. 

» Wednesday. 

10 Thursday. 

11 Friday. 

12 Saturday. 

Ijf Sunday. 

14 Monday. 


16 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 

18 Friday. 


Postmasters— O. t. Abboft : Alder Brook, H. C. Libbej ; Maplewoed, 
LT. Crufl; Fierce* Bridge^ti, V^cDovmBlds 

Jusftces— C. 15. Baker, H. W. Wilder, o; T. Crnft, audeiWlo 
Jak«r, M. 0. Woyei, H: 0. Libbey, J. L. Weriej. T.^. Fletcb^sr, J. ^ 
tecret^, G. F.AhboUf 

Boafdihg Houses— Tomer HoUB^ J. K. Turner ; Betovne, Dayid 
^hillips; Strawberry Hill, J. K. Barrett; Avenne, Kelly A^Souj^ Mt., 
Igami^, H, Nye; Fnwpect,^. W, Pbimi;>8; HlDJBlde House, JD. F. Da- 
rQ; Bbmohi .House, u. X. Kussen ; Celltebnial House, H. W. WUder ; 
ioward House, G. B. Ilunker, A^j^lQe House, 0. H. Claris: Mt. 
^Mhiugton House, 6. 1/. Blirtlett, Highland House, J. H. Clstrk, Up- 
and House, Mrs. C. H. Abbott. . . , 

t!liurdi05-^Coiig. H.. Jordan ; Epis. —^ ; Meth., P. J. Smith. 

Hoteh^— Srnclair Houie, Durgin A VoXi M»plevo9d Houae, I. S. 
Jmtt ; Ranlet's, Daniel Icanlet, prop. 

ILyery SUbles— H. W. Wilder, Dtirgfn Sk Vox, Q, 0. Ck>barB. W. 
^. Smith. Cogswell Bros. . 

ManufactulrerS— hatceflses, Btick ft Barnard; lumber, J<^n Pierce, 
T., Noyes A Co., Libby Co.; printer, M. Adda. 

nefchants— C. Q. White, iTennis PhllUptf; aubtioneeri, H. W. Wildr 
ir; drugs, ^. f. Abbott; H. P. Stnltb & Co. 

BOSCAWKNy ir^^^iOJUCA— Pop; X^80. N. W. ft. C, JO 
S J2. S.-' BoscaWen and Nb. Besca'teen, on Northern Div. B. ft L, KB. 

OFFICERS— Cl«r*, C. B. Chad wick; SeUctmen, W. P. Abbott, 8. B 
;)hadwick, ^. ^. Pearson, p. o. .ad., Bfnacobk^'S^yii^A. G. Alexander p 
>. ad., Penacdok,' F. Bftley. 

Postmasters— O.B.Chadwickt 'NoHh^'B. t. Morse. 

Justices— L. M-Chad^iek, X.K.Gage. J. C. Pearson, Charles W 
Webster, Luther Gage, W. G. BUxton, StaU\ B. B. Graves, G. W^ 
risher, F..L. Gerrish, Samuel Choate, C. B. Chad^i(^k, W. P. Abtbott 
}.' jl^'. Morse. Church— Cong. Frank ^aley. 

Mknufktfturei'S— brick, 3. B. Rtnea ; leather, B. Kaymond; lam- 
)er, H. W. Flanders.. , 

Meehaiiics— ^blabkstnlths, G. H. Emerson, E. W. Bnrgin, H.'S. Aa 
ifs J carpenters, Bradley Atkinson,' G. L. Pillsbnry. 

Merchaols— vP^> C. W. Carten Foot ft Morsa. p. o. ad. Penacook ; 
)eO. K.'KhnbaIl, p. o. nd. Penitcook ; elirrlagetf, C. J. Chadwick ; fim- 
$7 goods, C. B. Chadwick. 

Phv^iuis — B.. E. Graves, A. C. Alex^der, p. o. ad. Penacook 
'lloW^ifi!7JtS/ir.^CX:— Pop.,734. S. fr.C. 0. R. R. S.— Concora 
kud Robinson's Ferry, on C. R. R. 

OFFlpERa^-C««-^ Rodplphuij Greep; Trecu. Henry H. White 
Si^eAnen, John W. Goodhne, B. F. Smith, Byron W. Clough; 5bp<. 
?. Merriam. , ' 

Postmaster— .T". C. "Hammond. Merchant— groceries, W. Colby. 

JiiStlo^S— ^.' W. Gbodhue, H. M. Baker, U. K. White, Leonard Ken 
lall, iSSfote; Harrison^Colby, J. Hammond^ 

Churches— Bap., F. M'errlam ; Meth: — 

Manufkcturer— Ihmber, Geo. W. Colby. 

'Bow MlllA— Postmistress— Mrs. J. L. Colby. 

Manufacturers— brick, John Brown 2nd ; carriages, Ordway ft Co. 
jigars, M. A. Hadley; lumber, J. B. Birowii, Mafk Upton, M. T 
U»dd ; pulp, Brpwn ft Co. . ' 

MiechanlCS — blacksnitth, Wlllougbby Colby, ' James Brown ; ca^ 
!>enters, Berlah Morgdn, George Sanborn. 

BoiV JLfike — Sjb© Strafford. No Post office. 

BUtfllUfiHa DUllgO TDgY: 

BJKAJMF.OJ&D, MJERMIMACK—Fop, d5(U W, fir, C, ] 

. B. £(.— Brudford and MeWin's Mills, on C. A G. B. R. Stags to N« 

OJVICEB»-^Clerk, MT. J. GilUngfaam; Treat, H. K. Martin ; aeltctm 
A.P«ft»l«e,F. B. Craig, P. W. Cofran; iSwpt., £. P. Pwnteo. 

Postmaster—^. A. C5arr. 

Justices— £. H. Eaton, J. W. Morse, M. W. Tappan, F. M. Tappa 

. f. Davis, iSfaO; ; W. Av Garr, Joshua Saton, H> .G^ JPsleb, Q. 1 

Qcker, A. S» Cressi* j, W. P. Melvin. v 

Churcnes— Bttp. I. H. Gannett; Cong., . 

£x. A Tel. Agn— O. L. Mitchell. Ins. Ag't— J. K. Lnnd, 

Hotels— Raymond Honse, Charles Oillis; Bradford, M. C. BartleC 

pringB, Mc Coy & Nichols. 

Lawyer— M. "W. Tappan. 

Livery Stables— R. Bates, Oi Hall, Z. Woods. 

ManuTaeturetS ■p'Chairs, F. A. Brown ; chairs and milk stoiH)Ie 

ohn Rogers' & Co.; cider, C. H. Morse ; coffins . and caskets. J. 
pSailej ; farmer's blacking Ac, H. W. Belkaap & Co.; faam«{sses, Sili 
wtelle, A. E. Choate ; lumber, L. B. Woods, D. G. Peaslee, Frenci 
."ucker &, BI004: iparble, W. L. Day A 8on ; picture frames and clothi 

rs, C. P. Eaton; tin, C. H. Marshall; vinegar, A. W Chellis. 

Meoltf^nics— blaok8Uisths,C. M. Newman^ £. -H. Hadley; boilder 

ates &' J ones', John Hoyt. 

Merchants— A. B. Jenney, J. W. Morse, W. A. Garr, Silas Colby 
i]cti<»neQr, C. Gillis ; clothing, A. B. Jenney; drugs and medicine 

. D. Peaslee; dry goods, Mrs. Sarah W. Smith; fish and oyster 

. H. Patcks flour and meal, D. D. Butman; jewelry, W. M. Carr ; mi 

nery goods, Mrs. Oi Hall; sewing machines, W. M. Carr, H. 0. Folc 


Physicians — J. B. Raynes, B. F. Peaslee; dentist, J. E. Ntchpls. 

fSreeasT pQini— A Post Office in Grafton County. 

mXLWlN'rW 000, ROCK/ AG HAM-^Pop. 099. S. E. fr.O. 30 
[W. fr. Exeter, 6. R. R, ^.— Eppiug, 4 m.; Exeter, 6, on Boston 

aine R. B.; Fremont, 3 m., on N. A R. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7«ril-, D. 0. Waldron ; Treat., Joseph R. Rowe ; Selw 

eUf, £. G. Flanders, J. W» Smith, J. H. Fellows, p. 0. ad. W. Bren 

ood ; Bupt.^ E. A Pike. 

Postmasters— G. D. Bartlett; IFes^ J. H.. Fellows; a>mer,Orri 

Justices — E. G. Flanders, iSfa(^ ; Orrin Sanborn, G. C. S. SteveBi 

. A. F. Tuck, William Morrill, N. L. Scett. 

Churches — Bap., Geo. A. Gliaes ; Cong. E. B. Pike. 

Manufacturers — boxee, Stephen Fellows A Son, W. R. Smith; lun 

er, W. D. Robinson, R. H. Fellows, J. W. Sanborn, p. o. itd 

ingston; paper boxes. Went, J. fl. Fellows; soap. J. H. Tayloi 

o. ad., Epping; wheeiH and carriage wood works, Robert Rowe < 
ons ; water wheels, Charles Young. 

Merchants — ^E. B. Wo«d, p. o. ad. West Brentwood ; D. 0. Waldron 
meat, J. R. Smith ; nursery plants, Ac. J. W. Smith, J..T. Smith A Soni 

Physician— M. W. Caverly. 

BKII><)(£WATKR, 6'tt>1JFTDA— Pop.384. N. W. fr, C. 30 
6. W. fr. Plymouth 4. R: R. if.- Bridgewat«r, on B., C. & M. R. R. 

OFFICERS — Clerk and 8upt.y J. L. Moiiis<in; Trf(is: J. 8. Morrison 
8electmm/D, B. Clement, jr., G. B. Doiloff, M. M. R. Mitchell. 

Postmaster A Merchant— J. F. Morrill 

Justices — Chas. Woodman, Stfxtn ; D. B. Clement, S. W. Cross. 


Chureh— Ohris. John Nutting; Uaion, X. H. Ri|^t. 
ManuflBictur«rs— lumber, Bichard Brown, J. B. West. 
Meohanie— blacksmith, A. F. Wheeler. 

Summer Boarding Houses^DaTid M. Webflter, Krs. Walter B. 
debater, G. B. DoUoff, E. W. Baakins, Lake YiewHooee, F. M. Beck- 
ford, manager. 

BRISTOIi^ GRAFTON— Vop., 1,S&8. N. W. fr. 0. 30 ; 8. ttom 
Plyraonth, 16. S. B. S.— Bflatol. at terminns of Bristol BraosU B. B. 
OFFICEBS — CferJfc, C. H. Galley; Treat., L A. Chase; 8^ 
lectmen, A. J. Ferrin, J. B. Conner, 8. H. Oross ; 8tipL, J. M. Bish- 
op ; Fitliee, J. W. Welts, Albro Wells, 0. B. Keezer ; Board pf Educa- 
turn, L. W. Fling, L A. Chase, Margaret Fling, K. E. Dearborn, H. 
9. Pillsbnry. 
Postmaster-John H. Brown. 

Justices— L. W. Fling, Albert Blake, K. E. Dearborn, F. H. Bartlett, 
J. F. Sanborn, W. A. Berry, Ira A. Chase, J. O. Whitoomb, F. M. Beck< 
ford, M. F. Wilbnr, B. A. Horner, C. H. Kelley, Sbaie; J. H. Brown. 
Bank— L. W. Fling, Pros.; G. BL Gavis, Treas. 
Churches— Gong., G. H. Paisbory ; F. Bap., Geo. 0. Wiggin ; Ueth. 
J. A. Bowles. 
Eating House--C. H. Galley. Livery Stable— Bncklin k Wilbar. 
Ex. Ag't— O. F. Morse. Tel. Ag't— a H. Dickinson. 
Hotels— Bristol House and Brown's Hotel, 0. K. Backlin. 
Ins. Ag'ts— Are and life, K. E. Dearborn, J. G. Whitcomb, L A. 
Chase. Hawyers— Fling A Chase, K. E. Dearb«m. 
Literary Institution— Public High School, prin., Clara M. Smith. 
Manufacturers— bobbin stock, M. B. Pray; buck glores, A. M. 
Draper A Co., M. A. Kent; carriage Jacks, W. £. Locke; carriages. 
Bucklin A Bobie, Haynes & Boardman: eider, G. A. Bobie,T. T. 
Mas8ey,E, Sanborn; coffins and caskets, G. A. Bobie* croqnet setaJ 
ten pitas and chair stock, *£. D. Crosby & Cu^ cratches, Galley A 
Currier; flannels. Dodge, Daris A Co.; flour and meal, Taylor A 
Merrill, Wm. C. Kelley ; iron, George A. Bobfe; leather, E. K. Pray, 
lumber. Lake Co., E. Sanborn, T. T. Drake; lumber rules, G. B. 
.ianbom ; manilla paper and pulp, N. H. Pulp A Paper Co.: picker 
sticks, Marshall Ballon, Taylor A Gordon; photographer, F. U. 
BrigKS ; straw and leather board, colored poster paper, Mason, Per^ 
kins A Co.: wood pulp. Mason A Berry. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, Anwn Buxton, C. A. Pear- 
sons, C« A. Smith ; builders, Tbylor A Gordon; harnesses, G. H. Tukey, 
Frank Bingham ; job printer, B. W. MusgroVe. 

Merchants — Chas. Boardman, L. W. Hammond, H. T. Alexander, 
Seavey A Co., Gyrus Taylor; auctioneer, J. W. Griffith, S. Follansbee 
Lock Bice ; clockis and vratches, A. B. Pray ; clothing and gents* fomiailb 
ing goods, C. H. Dickinson, 0. B. Bay ; dry goods, W. George : boots 
and shoes, Dickinsou A Homer, A. P. Htirriman ; drugs and meoicines, 
C. H. Whitton A Co.; fish and oysters Geo. U. Kendall, J. D. Follansbee ; 
flirniture, G. A. Bobie; fhrs and pelts, E. Follansbee; meat, Bncklia A 
Co., T. II. Daniels; millinery, W. George. Mrs. 8. M. Ballon, Miss O. C 
Dyer; music, B, W. Musgrove; oysters, C. H. Galley; tinware, etc^ F 

Physicians— H. B. Fowler, L S. Chase, 0. H. Galley, JohnC. Wheet;| 
eclec, J. M. Bishop ; dentists, Q. A. Ballon, C. W. Coolidge. 

BBOOKFIEI^D, CABBOLL—Fop. 428. N. B. fr. C. 60 ; 9. B 
fr. Ossipee, 12. B. B. <&— Pike's Crossing, 1 m., WoIfeboroMnnc. 
m.. Union Til. 6 m., on Ports. Gt. F. A Conway B. B. 




OFFICERS— CUrk, J. F. Bobinson ; Trtat. J>. C. OolemMi ; BeUetwm 
Ghas. Churchill, L. M. Suiboni, ThomM Goodhue -, Sitpt. B. H. Hntol 


PostmasUi^-Charles Ghurebill. 

Justices— J. N. Cate,D. C. Col^num, Btate ; Charles Ghuohill. 

Church— Bap.. P. Lovering^ 

Meehailics— blackflmiths, J. F, Hackett, J. H. leigiuoB, carpenter! 
S. H. Plammer, D. W. Lang, 6. A. Wiggin. 

SROOKUINE9 hRlSBOSOUGB— Pop. 608. S. W. fr. C. U 
W. ft. Nashua, 18. £. £, fi.— Townsend, Mass., on Vitehburg K B 
stage twice a daj. 

OFFlCKBS—OUrk, Alpha A. Hall; Trtas.'W. J.Smith; SeUdmen 
D. D. Bockwood, A. W. Corey, I. F. Lund ; Board qf Educaiion, F. B 
Sargent, A. S. Wallace, G. W. Bridges. 

Postmastcr—H. B. Stiles. Hotel— Samnel Thompson. 

Justices— Bei^. Gould, State ; Q. W. Bridges. 

Churches— Ceng. F. D. Sargent ; Hetb. J. H. Hillman. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths. G. W. L. Hobart, F. O. Hobart ; oabine 
makers, Hobart, Kendall k Co.; carpenters, J. Baldwin, N. Hobart 

Merchants— Samuel Swett, W. F. Bockwood, J. H. S. Tucker. 

Phjsician— A. S. Wallace. 

CAMLPTON, GJRAFTON—Fop, 1,168. N. W. fir. C. 62; M. B. tt 
Plymouth, 6. H. M. £.— Pemigewassett Valley B. B. Train daily. 

0F7ICBB&— CZsrJIr, E. H. Sanborn ; Trwi.,Q. S. Bartlett; Sebeimen 
S. M. Stickney, J. B. Foss, A. P. Bowe ; Supt., J. L. BeMott. 

Postmasters— C. W. Cook; West^ B. H. Sanborn. 

Justices— T. B. Puhdfer, G. W. Ceok, J. W. Morrison, C. W. Nelson 
G. 8. Biartlett, C. W. Johnson, Jr., £. J. Young, B. 8. Perkins, D. C 
Hill, B. H. Sanborn. 

Churches— Cong., Q. Blakely ; Wut, F. Bap. ■, J. L. DeMott. 

Ekd. Af *t— F. Chase. Livery Stable— J. H. Plnmer. 

Hotels Jb Summer Board— J. 0. Blair; W«st, T. J. Banbont J 

Manulkcturers— harnesses, J. B. Davis ; lumber, F. X. Morse, J. 8 
Bump ; ITett, Moulton A Smith. 

Mechanics— blaeksroiths, John G. Moulton; caipenters, W. B. 
Bickford, Davis Percival. 

Merchants— C. W. Cook ; YFest, A. P. Bowe ft Co. 

Tl liaise— Postmaster— H. B. Dole. 

CBurch— Bap., 0. W. Kimball. 

Hotels it Summer Board— F. Chase, C. G. Webster, 0. Cutter, 8 
C. Willey, F. A. Mitchell, W. W. Buchanan. 

Manufkcturers— oarriages, B. J. Plnmer, clothing, Jos. Cook ; ooflBni 
and caskets, doors, sash and blinds, E. F. Emerson ; excelsior, Josepl 
B. Dole Cook; furniture. Nathan Pierce; flour, meal and woolens 
A Co.; lumber, Daniel Morrill; woolens. Mad Biver Mills. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. B. Foss, L. D. Glorer, L. D. Smith 
carpenters, D. Morrill, Frank Hart, G. D. Mitchell. 

Merchants — Cook A Adams, J. W. Morrison A Son; olotbfug, Josepl 
Cook ; millinery, MIhs Mullen ; stores and tinware, 8. D. Kinsman 
Hg*t; watches and jewelry, H. £. Dole. 

Physicians— W. A. Smith, John Ijance, A. D. Muchmore. 

CAIfAAITy Gf^JTOiSr— Pop. 1,768. N. W. fr. a 48. S. fron 
HaTerhill. 30. R, R. <9.— Canaan, Bast and West Canaan on N. B. B 

OFFICEBS— Oerib. A. M. Sliackford; Trtat., Chas. Day; Bdaimw 
Isaac Davis, H. B. Whitney, G. W. Haselton ; SujtL, S. B. Swett. 


PolCmasters— Fred Peaslee ; Bast, John B. Cobnm ; Wut Warrw 
loitt; Sh^t. Fmnk Carrier. Ex. A Tei. Ag't— A. M. SiiHck'ford. 

Justices— Eleaser Bftrney, S. R. Swett. G. W. MurrayjJ. D. Weeks, 
^ D. Currier. H. F. Wooater, SUUe; W. A. Wallace, H. H. Wilaon, 
1. T. Colby, J. M. Barber, C. O. Barney, W. 0. Fogg, W. B Hoitt, A. 
1. Shackford, Isaac Darig, John Currier, H. R. Norris, O. E. Cobb, 
J. 8. DiiTto, A. F. Jone8,\B> H. Tricker. 

Boarding Houses — Crystal Lake Hotue, Hn. H. A. Derby k Son. 

Churches— Bap., H. 8. Davis ; F. Bap., t^actory VUloff^, Nathan 
rones; Meth., B. J. Taggart; Eeutf—— " ' ■ ■. 

Hotels— Parker Iloase F. S. Parker ; Cardigan House, A. H. Brown. 

Lawyers— O. W* Murray, J. D. Weeks, Frank D. Currier. 

Livery Stable— Cardigan House, A. II. Brown. 

Manufkcturers-^blacksmiths, Josuph Hebert, Wm. Huntley ; Westy 
). M. Uarrigan, Bad^ F. W. Stlckney, H. D. Bisbop; boots and shoes, 
}. D. Washburne, W. A. Norris; carriages, P. H. Stocker, F. 8. Far- 
cer ; machinery, E. Flint ; stmwboard, Stephen Peaslee. 

Merchants — F. Currier; Factory Village^ L. S.Davis; JBastt 
). L. Rand, A. B. Barney, H. M. Milton, A. B. Smith; Wk$t, W. E. 
loitt; auctioneer, S.- R. Swett; drug$ and medicines, J. B. Cobnm; 
nillinery, Mn. E. D. Muzsey, Birs. Miary B. Sanborn ; mineral spring 
(rater, A. A. Puringtou ; stores and tinware, C. O. Bamea, C. S. 

Physleians— Ara Wheat, G. B. Leet ; Bast^ B. M. Tucker ; homeo., J. 
L. Rogers, H. 8. Davls^ 

CABTDIA, SOCKING ff AM— T»op.l,S40, S. E. te. C.16; N W. fr 
Bxeter, 20 m. R. R. S. — Candia and East Candia, on Coficord ft Ports. 
ft. R, Stage from 'Deerfleld oonnects with trains in the morning, and 
nrith down train at night. 

OFFICERS— Cfsrt, F. P. Brown; TVsor., George Emerson; St 
eetmen, S. F. Colcord, E. E.Smith, B. F. Long; Suptt. J. W. Rich. 
'^ PUStmasters— G. C. Lang; Village, W. J. Dudley. 

Justices — Jonathan Martin, H. M. Eaton, J. H. Nutting, J. L. 
Pitts, John Rowe, State; J. G. Langford, Bdlnond Hnf, J.H. Phltbrick, 
M F. Emerson, W. J. Dudley, William Crane, G. F. Cass, F. P. 
Iitrown, H. W. Uoore, F. W. Eaton, F. P. Wallace. 

Churches— F. Bap. John N. Rich; Cong. A. B. Peabody. 

Exp. AgH— J. H.Philbnck. 

Hotel— Whittier, Geo. W. Whittier. 

Ins. Ag'tS— J. H. Nutting, J. L. Fitts, Moses Palmer, E. E. Smith. 

Manunieturers — lumber, E. B. Smith ; lumber, flour and meal, 
0. H. French, J. Johnson, S. A. Daris. 

Mechanics — blaekmnitha, Fmnk Maloon ; builders, P. M. Towie, 
J. R. Batehelder, S. A. Davis ; harness maker and upholsterer, Hiram 
(Jlark : undertaker, J. M. Young. 

Merchants — G. C. l^angA Son, W. J. Dudley, F. P. Brown; auc- 
tioneers, J. M. YoanK, F. P. Langford ; carriages, J. R. Batch^der : 
i;lock8 and watclMS, J. M. Young, Daniel Baker. 

Miscellaneous — real estate brokers. Joseph Watson; civil engineers, 
a.. M. Bxton. J. L. Fitts, G. W. Crane. 

Physicians— i'. B. Grant, Mrs. J. F Pease. 

GANTEItBURf^, JlBRRrMACK-^Pop. l;(^i. C. 9.' 
R. R. «.— C»nterUury,.2»;^ ni. and No. Concert!, 3m., on B. ft L. R. R. 
VVli, Mt Div. Stage to and from mail train to Shaker Village. 

OVW\GKRS^Clerk,k. H. Brown: Treas., Bd^vard Osgood ; Sel»ctmmi. 
.1. G. dough, G. y>. Fletcher, L. T. Ma*^n. ' 


Postmasters—Mrs. M . L. Brown ; SfuAtr TUlage, B. H. Smith ; IKi 
ville, Charles W. York. 

Justices— £d. Osgood, Luther Sargent, DaTld Morrill, B. H. Clouf; 
H. L. Clough, A. H. Brown, State; E. H. Knowles, 0. W. Imer 
Chaa. Smith, M. P. Em6ry, G. S. Osgood. 

Churches— Oong. Jus. Boidt; J9iU> Corner^ — — <-—:.; V. Ba] 
A. D. i<mith ; Shakers, J. S. Kaitne, fi. G. Blinn. 

Hxp, Ag't-^ilh Trae. 

Manufacturers'— ax bt;lTe wedges, Ac, G. P. Morri}| ; grain cradltt 
P. G. Clongh ; Inniber, David Morrill ; shingles, Ot»o. H. Gale, A Go 
John H. Moody ; wash mills and mangles for laniidry, N. A. Briggs. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. E. Tujlor, G«o. H. Gale. 

MerchantS'^A. H. Brown ; auctioneers, I>ayid M. Clougb, Alfred E 
Brown; fish, Alfred H. Brown ; meat, B. L. Bftt<Ae]d«r, M. 8. Morril 
G. F. Blanciiard. 

CAItRbl^Ii, C700£f— Pop. 632. N. fr. G. ISO; S. fr. Lanoaste 
15. R. R. ^.— Twin Mountain, on White Mt. Ri R. i^ m. Vabyai 
House, 4 bi. on B. 0. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CiE«rX;,H.E. Jenness; TVeeu., Isaac Thomi>sr>tt; tkUe^ 
men, Oscar Barron, George Thompson, N. A. Glines ; BupL Mrs. B. ( 

Postmasters — Twin Mountain^ Oscar Barron ; Jbdyan JETtfute, Mn 
J. L. Barron : Zealand, J. E. Heury. 

Justices— M. P. Rosbrook, &ate; H. E. Jenness, O. G. Barron. 

Boarding Houses— Hardy's Cottage, D. M. Hardy ; Pleasant Yfei 
Hons«i Ghas. Miles. 

Church- F. Bap., J. Dntton. Physician— Oscar Worthlsy. 

Hotels — ^Twin Motmtain und Eayban Houses, G. R, HilllkoB ; Whit 
Mt. House, R. D. Rounsevel. 

Manufacturers— charcoal, J. E. Henry; lumber. Baton A Calhoun 
p. o. ad., Zealand. 

Merchants — J. B. Henry, H. E. Jenness. 

Station Ag% Ex. A'gt A Tel. Operator at Fabyan— E. H. Blossom 

Tel. Oper. Station & Exp. Ag't. — 'iohn Eastmun. 

CENTER HARBOR, BELKy A B^Pop. 621. N. fr. C. 87 
N. W. fr. Laconia, 12. R. R. A— Meredith. Tillage on B. A L. R. R 
Wb. Mt. Div. stage and steamlKMt (in Summer) twice a day, to Wein 
and Alton Bay, counocting with B. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS — W«r*, Geo. H. Piper: Treax. Jas. M. Paine; S^Isei 
iHsN, J. C. StnrtCTant, Alonzo Perkins, Malth^no G. Clark ; 8upl. Geo 
L. Mason. 

Postmaster A Ex. Ag't- Rnfus Fellows. 

Justiees— Wm. C. Cliflon, 0. H. Canney, SUUt; D. M. Whitcher 
D. M. Hawkins.. 

Churches— Cong. A. N. W'ard; F. Bap. WefH. J. Ersktng, p. 
Meredith Yillntre. 

Hotels A Livery Stable— Sinter Honse, II. L. Huntress ; Moultei 
House, 8. F. Emery.- Tel. Agent— F. U\ Morse. 

Livery Stable— R. A. li. B<<nson. 

ManuTacturers— nieal, .1. W. Goodrich ; lumber, clapboards anr 
ihingles, D. &1. Hawkins; lumber, J. W. Goodrich. 

Mechanf«S-^blacksniith6. C. H.-WeekM. builder, O.S. Piper. 

Merchants — Rufus FellowB ; auctioneer and groc6ries,R. fj. Goe 
R. Ij. Ooe ; ready made clothing, R. Fellows. 

Physicians— Geo. L. Mawn, W. A. Prtge. 

Summer Boarding Houses — Almon Benson, W. A. Puge^ B. L 


•e, B. F. Kela«a, T. C. Gordon, B. Pellows, Brown Cottage, B. F. 

GentreTllle— A poet office in Carroll Gonnty. 
Cliaildlerrille— Se« Newbory 
CHABLiESTOWir, 5Cr£X/Ful^— Pop. 1^89. W. fr. C. U; 
W. fr. Newport, 20. M. M. &— Charlestown, North C. Sovth 0. 
td Sprinfffleld, on Conn. Birer B. B. 
OtnCSBA—CUrk, S. G. Foster ; Treat. George Olcott ; SeUeimm, 
. B. Viall, 8. J. Demary. G. Way ; Supt. T. D. Howard 
Postmastsrs— S. L. Fletcher, South, B. H. Bamaey; Horih, W. 
. Hunt. 

Justiees-^H.B. Viall, George Olcott, State; L. W. Albee, Q. S. Bond, 
aaa. Gay, 8. E. Gowing, 8. C. Foeter, H. W. Bond, J. G. Briggs. 
Bank--<^nn. Birer National, J. G. Dinainore, Prea., Geo. Olcott, 

Boarding Houses— Mm. T. 8. EtanB, Mrs. Ohaa. Allen. Mrs. F. W. 
AiTia, Mra. J. A. Hunt. 

Churebes— Cong. Geo. H. French ; Epis., St Lnke'a, G. W. Timlow 
nit. Thot. D. Howard; Meth. Norihf A. B. Lunt. 
Exp. Agents— D. G. Stongbton ; Iforthf W. A. Hunt. 
Hotels— Mansion and Eagltf, T. B. Marston; Star Hotel, G. W. Race; 
onn. Biver Home, Souths F. J. Hurton. 

Uvery Stable Briggs. 

Manuncturers — baskets, W. H. Gage & Co.; grist mills, Cephas 
Talker; grist Hnd saw mills, North, David Farwell; lomber, Chsrles- 
>wn Steam Hill Co.; SoiO/i, Eli Adams, iVbrtA, C. A. Way; Tiolin 
kses, G. 8. Bond. 

Mechanics — bakery, Mrs. J. M. Bowman, blacksmiths, Samael 
'oss, G. 8. Blood, M. G. Milliken, D. Eastman; North, Frank Elie, 
). W. Parks ; cabinet ware. North, C. A. Way ; carpenters. A. 8. 
pooner, J. Bnrtt, W. S. WestKSte, H. 0. Ellinwood, W. F. Merrill : 
forth, A. Glark, W. G. Hobart; harness maker, W. W. Harris; job 
rinter,G. W. Foggett. 
Merchants— C. L. Gorbin A Co., W. H. Labaree, F. W. Putnam, 
s't. ; North, 8. G. Smith; uuctiuneer, J. G. Stebbins; boots and 
noes, J. A. Hunt; drugs and medicines, M. N. Boot ; flour and bran. 
f. E. Bntterfield ; jewelry, foncy goods and notiuns. Miss B. L, 
letcher: groceries, Edward Gooley; millinery, Mrs. J. A. Hunt; 
revisions, D. Clough; stoves and tin ware, Fred Saker. 
Physicians-^. M. Wbitaker, N. G. Brooks; dentists, S. S. Taylor^ 
outh, L. W. Albee. Restaurant— 8. L. Lawrence. 
4;EIATEIA8I, CARROLL—^op. 421. N. £. fr. G. (» ; N. B. fr 
«sipe«*, 4f). R, R. &— Fryeburg, Me., 12 m., on P. ft O. B. &. Con- 
eyance daily. 

OFFICERS— CSerit:, Charles Binford; Tr^at., Jonah Hill; Selectmen, 
Vm, Fife, E. 8. Lang, Bichard Chandler; iSupf., Horace Binford. 
Postmasters— I. E. Cla> ; Nn'th, M. N. Fife ; SotUh, J. Hill Jr. 
Justices— I. E. Clay, iStote; J. C. Eastman, J. Hill, C. Binford. W 

lampstead, on N. A. R. B. R., 5 m. 
OFFICBR&-C/rr*, C. F. Marston ; Treae. J. W. Noyes ; Beteetmm, 
L 8. Webster, 0. F. Marston, B. M. Mitchell ; Smpt. Hamet A. 




Postmaster— C. A. Wilcomb. 

Justices— J. W. Noyee, l^fayette Chealey, SUOt; John U&derhU] 

C. F. Manton, Hearj Moore, Parker Mono, G. A. Wiloomb, 0. H 
KdowIob, H. H. Lane, J. A. Hook, G. A. Weat, A. t. B. Edwardf. 

Chureiies— Bay., Qeo. B. Fitte; Gong., Ghaa. Tenney; Methn &- M 

bp. Ag'ts— G. H. Merrill, John Melrin. 

Hotel & LiTery Stable— O. O. Sanborn. 

Manufacturers— apple eraporaters, Thompson, Wtloomb k Go. 

Mechanics— blacksmitiiB, Nelson Gillingham, E. T. MonM, J. G 

Merchants— G. A. Wilcomb, R. M. Sandera, Webster Bros.; aaction 
eers, N. 8. Morse, 8. F. Leonard ; evaporated apple, G. A. Wilcomb 
sewing machines and spectacles, G. F. Marston. 

Physicians— A. L. Bmenon. L. Gbesley. 

Tei. Ag'tS— C. A. Wilcofiib,G. F. Marston. 

S. W. tr. Reene, 12. R. R. i9— Keene, on Gh'eshire R. R., 12 m. Dailj 
stage. IXnmmerston or Brattleboro for Wut^ on Tt. Yalley R. R. 

OFFICERS— OerA:, J. H. Goodrich, 2d ; Treat. Hermon G. Harvey 
Seleetmm^ Darid Hoi man, H. Ricei Larkin Farr; SvfAt.^ A. B. Hall 

Postmaster— S. F. Rneg. Mechanic— carpenter, Ghas. Hildreth. 

Justices— H. G. Harvey, G. G. P. Goodrich, J. H. Goodrich, StaU, 
Murray Davis, J. W. Chamberlain jr. William Bennett, J. H. Good 
rich 2d, S. F. Rngg, J. M. Richardson. 

Churches— Cong., A. B. Hall ; Meth. T. L. Fowler. 

Ex. Ag't— B. Kilbnrn. 

Hotel ft Livery Stable— JSEpojJfbrd XnXre, Prospect Honse, A. R.Mason 

Manufacturers— lumber, B. F. Pierce, H. Bntler, T. Bntier. 

Merchant— J. H. Goodrich 2d. 

Physicians— D. F. Randall W. G. Cain. 

W^wt—R, R. 8— Dummerston, Tt., 1 m., on Yt. Valley R. R. 

Postmaster— B. H. Colbum. Church— Univ." ^ 

Manufacturers— flonr and meal, W. Ford, W. W. Farr ; lumber, 0. 
R. Farr, W. W. Farr. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, 0. Peltier, S. Starkey ; carpenters, I, 

D, Farr, L. D. Farn 

Merchant — ^groceries, 0. P. Gilson. 

Cbesterileld Factory— Postmaster— J. C. Farwell. 

Church— Union, A. £. Hall. Hotel & Livery Stable— A. L. Proctor, 

Eating House— ^ojbe, F. H. Farr. Physician— J. F.Butlfr. 

Manufacturers — bits and augers. Currier Brothers; flour and meal, 
B. C. Farr ; lumber, H. J. Fowler, Steam Power Co.. J. H. ft George 
Goodrich; pails and backets, H. Fowler; sash, blinds and doors, 
Geo. L. Hamilton; staves and shingles, 1. P. Buxton, 8. S. Campbell: 
wheel heads, S. S. Campbell ; wool, flax wheels, aud brush handles, F. 
B. Pierce. 

Mechanics— builders, J. W. York, C. 8. Campbell, A. Wilson, H. 
Starke.v, A. Farwell. 

Merchants — A. H. JHckson, D. W. Slade; Jewelry, Geo. F. Barling; 
millinery. Lizzie Bonney. 

CHICEIESTEB, Jf^AJB/iTJC/r— Pop., 784. E. from C, 8 m. 
R. R. S. — Chlcliester, on Snncook Valley R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«rJfe, N. M. Batcbelder; 2Vea«.j C. A. Langmaid; 0ft 
Uctmtny N. G. Hdmunds, Bepj. Shaw, N. D. Fitts ; Supt, S. A. Kendall. 

Postmasters— Solomon Leavitt; Northy G. P. Haines. 

)B" fio^nrBR TjrswjRwr." 

Jl»tiM»— C B. Carpenter, H. C. Knowlton, M. 8. Batoheldar, 
^taU ; Charles Lake, C. A. Langmaid, J. H. Leavitt. 

Ctaurolies— CoDg. H. W. L. Thunton ; Meth., J. W. 9aan. 

Manuftieturdrs— ^lumber, Q. W. Lane, Q* H. Munavy ; wooden han 
lies, M^ 8. Batobelder. 

MAebanies^-KMurpeoters, M. P. Fitts, C. B. Sanborn; painter, as. 

Merchant— H. T. Learitt., Exp. Ag't— 0. 8. 8an<)erB. 

Nortli—Churcbes— Ady. . — Bap. « . 

Boarding Housas— 8. W. Langmaid, A. 8. Brown. 

MJLnjifiicturflrs~boot« and shooB, B. * Q. 8. Sanden ; lumber, 0. G. 
Sanders, Q. E. Ordway. 

Merehants— ^.. P. Hsinee, Joeei^t Moiae* 

ClMMSorna Soe Albany. 

CliAREMOMT, SULLlVAN—Pop, 4,704. N. W. fr. O. fiO; 
W. fr. Newport 10. B. B. iS.— Claremont on C. A Q.R, B.; OlaMnoBt 
I line. W. Clare. 2U m. on Snlliyan B. B. 

0EFIGBB8— CZ«rJt T. t Haskell; 2y%«. ^ N, FarweU, 8d. ; Ss^el 
'nM, Isaac B. liOng, M. 8. Boesiter, H. C. Sanders ; Supt. Uenry l>on:i 
OoZ/ector, H. L. Hubbard. 

Postmaster-^obn M. Whipple. 

Justiees-vHemion Holt, C. O. Bastman, B. W. Silsbee, Jamea Holt, 
A.rthur Gbase, F. H. Brown, H. W. Parker, O. F. B. Waito, J. L. Far 
«f eU, E. D. Baker, Ira CelWy. W. B. Ta^b(u-1;, F. A. Brigga, M. 8. Bos- 
si tor, H. G. Sanders, J. 8. Walker, Edwin Yaogfaan, G. H. Waed, SlaU; 
I. D. Hall, J. W. Sanborn, Sumuer Putnam, I. H. Lang, J. W. Jew 
Btt, J. M. Whipple, B. Lamb«rton, Bnrt Cbeilis.. 

Bank— Claremont Nat., G. N. Farwell, Pre8..,G. N. FarwelL,2d, Cash. 

Cburdiet— Bap. T. G. Cass; Cong. F. P. Tompkins; Bpis. C. 8 
Hale; Meth. Henry Dorr; B. Cath, P. J. Finnegan; UniT. Lee 8 

Ex. Agent— 0. J. Brown. Tel. Ag't— Henry Judkins. 

HotetSr-SuUivan House,. Charles Bowles; belmont House, Batchel- 
der Bros. 

Ids. Agents— 0/0. Eastman, B. C. A H. 8. Osgood ; life, H. Jndkins. 

Lawyers — E. D. Baker, Irn Colby, H. W. Parker, Bdwin Vaaghan, 
Arthur Chatie, Hermon Holt, F. H. Brvwn. 

Literary Institutions— Stevens High School, LT8. HastiqgB, prin 
Fiske Free Library, 3,8U0 vols. Librarian, Miss Abbie Field. 

Livery Stables— F. P. Huntley, Herbert F.Micbols, L. W.Watriss, 
Cbarlen Merrill. 

Manufacturers— books, CLAREMONT M*F'G CO. L. N. Ide, Ag't. ; 
boots and shoed, Geo. A Barrett, S.E. Noyes. W. Bedfield, F. V. John 
son A Co. Maynard A Washburn ; brick. M. Harlow, Welch A Sleeper, 
E. D. Baker : carriages and sleighs, Gell Leiiven ; clKars, Abbott A Ken* 
nedy, G. A T. Hales ; cottons, Monadoock Mills Co., D. W. Johnson, ag't; 
doorR, SHsh, Mindx. tele^rrHph plus, &c. Freeiiian, 0*Neil A Tildeu ; flour 
and mill feed, Mann. Whirmore & Co; files and ranps, 8. BTCHABD- 
30N; knit shirts and drawers, Herbert Bailey; lumber, Monadnock 
Mills Co., Freeman, O'Neil «t Tildeu, C. H. Swain; mill feed, I. C. 
Hjirriman; puper, SUGAR RIYKR PAP£B MILL CO., J. T. Kmenon. 
ag't; patent cone (<'np;ine) wnsbers, J. T. EMERSON; shoddy. Rolls 
Bsirney ; turned guods,'U uion Toy Turning Works; tricots, rassimeree, 
doeskins &o. G. L. Balcom ; vine^r ami wine (communion) Albert 
HNle; water wheels and paper engine washer, John Tyler. 

Mechanics & Artisans— bakers, Henry C. Kim bail, F. Pai-adise; 



iilAcksraithfl, L. W. Watrias, C. £, Albee* Petur Millett, Charles. Bal 
Wm. B. Hour J ; curator of tuwn hall, H. C. Saodttrs; boukbinden 
Newtoo, John Hwadea, G. J>. Osgood, L. D. Hall, Gaoive Murphj 
D. J. Livingston, N. L. Davis. Geo. T. Stoekwell, I^. R. GbANe, U. II 
Beck with, William Chandler, 0. P^ Bailey, Hiram H. StoQkwell. E, C 
Kiaher, Bdmand Neal, G. W. Fitch. E. S. Carletuu; fork handles etc 
Graves & Eatou ; hair dressers, E. H. Jaques. Eugene Millett, DiiTi< 
Cushion, George Millett ; harness makers, T. Dart, K. J, Bowen, L 
D. Patten, R. 0. Bradford; machinists. SULLIVAN MACHINE CO 
J. P. Upham, pres., M. A. Nott * marble workers, Blood A Woodcock 
inaaons, C. F. Tlbbels, G. A. Walker, Geo. Carroll, A. Walker, L. Steamf 
J. D. Walker; music tSHchei-s. (instrumental) Mrs. M. E. Partridge 
Miss M. E. Partridge, C.H. Thay«r; painters, K. B. T«nne}-, John Bai 
nard, G«o. Heath, XB.O'Neil, (landscape), R. B. Mlllert phutographerti 
A. B. Harlow, F. D. Kenyon; printers, CLAREMONT MANUr< 
COMPANY, R. E. Mnssey, H. C. Fay, 8. H. Story; rag packer, H 
N* Webster; tailors, Eo F. Houghton, L. M. Blood, 0. E. Perry; tin 
sheet iron and copper plate workers, 8.- 8. Rand, A.. C. Stone, J. G 
Brlggs ; undertaker, A H« Barker ; watchmakers, Reuben Spencer 
S. I. L. Woodbury, Joseph Way. 

MerebantS— I. D. HmI1> auctioneers, H. L. finbbard, F. A. Brlggs 
b<K>k8 and stationery, Claremont Stationery Co.; boots and sHoeti, V 
R«tfiield, B. F. Jbbbson & Co., C. L. Nuyes; dry goods, 0. H. Weed i 
Co., Coburn & Doan, Heywood ft Co., 3. Banm ; dntg-i and medicines 
Ladd it Holt, H. L. Brooks, P. G< Winn, Geo. A. Briggs ; flour, Mann 
Whitmore ft Co., I. C. Harriman ; fancy goods and toys, E. S. Rand, K 
Spencer; fish. B* Mitchell, B. F. Thrasher ; Aimitnroand crockery 
Haskell ft Tolles, A. 'M. Hannaford; groceries, Jewett ft Peabody 
Frederick Jewett, Hamlin ft Co. 0. Jones ft Co., Howe ft Qainiby 
Welch ft Sleeper, P. Lynch; hardware and agricultural implements 
George H. StoweU, C. Jones ft Co.; ice, M. 8. Ronsiter ; Jewelry aii< 
silver ware, R. Spencer, S. I. L- Woodbury, Hoy wood ft Co. ; Juni 
dealer, H. N. Webster ; meat, B. F. Thrasher, G. W. Dole, C. H. Dole 
Jonas Hastings, W. H. Harris, I. D. Fogg ft Co.; millinery, Mrs. M. H 
Bal>cock, C. iL r«eet ft Co., Mrs. M. A. Davis, R. b. Fletclier ; musica 
instnunents, J/Ln^ M. E. Partridge; periodicals, E. S. Rand, Claremon 
Stationery Company; ready made clothing, (tnd gents' furnis^iini 
goods, F. Haubrich ft Co.. James Holt, William Ellis ft Co., 8tai 
dothiug House, I. D. Hall; sewing machines, G. F. Whitoomb, A. B 
Campbell ; sgap, F. C. Kelaey ; spruce lumber, L. N.Ide ; tin ware, S. S 
Rand, A. C. Scone, J. ^. Briggs. 

Physicians— S. G. Jaryis. A. R. Cnmmings, C. B. Baker, 0. ft 
Way, L. J. Graves, C. W. Tolles, J. P. Holt, Leonard Jarvis ; liomeo. 
Mcintosh ft Parker: dentists. Smith *ft Jarvis, J. Back; vet. surg. 
F. C. Wilkinson. 

We«t~Postmaster— H. G. P. Grose. 

Church— Epis. W. B. T. Smith. 

Hotels— H. G. p. Cross ; Junction House, H. L. Barker. 

Man ufisicturers— paper, B. Jarvis, West Claremont Paper Oo. 
lumber. R. Jarvis. 

Merchaut- 0. S. Eastman. 

Physician— S. G. Jarvis. 

CI^ARKSVIIiliE, C005— Pop,, 328. N. fr. C, 145. N. B. fr 
Colebrook 10. S. B. 5.— Coos or No. Stratford, 2Q m., on G. T. R. R 
Stage twice a week. 


CftYlCEnS—CUrk, Cha«. Toung; TrMt., N. C. Tonng: Selectmen 
Chu. Toang, Horace Comstock, W. W. Scott; SupL., C. W. W iswolL 

Postmaster— €. W. Wiswell. 

Justiess— -J. W. ToQDg, Horace Oomatock. 

Manufaeturers— blackamith, Bomaine Richards; carrtogM, J. M, 
Orawford ; starch, John Keyaer. 

GlIntoM Orove— flee Weare. No poet office. 

COIiKBBOOK, COOS-^ Shire town. Pop. 1,581. K. fr.C, 
150 ; K. B. fr. lAncaster. 85. J2. B. S,—Vo. Stratford, 14 m., on G. T. 
B. B. Daily Stage. 

OFflGBBS— Cferi, D. B. Cnmmings ; Treat. Warren B. Drew; 
Seleetmen, John Oonld, W. H. Mnllekin, ?. P. Govell ; Supt. B. F. 

Postmaster, Exp. k Tel. Ag't— J. B. Biley. 

Justices— I. H. I>Ddl(^, J. I. Parsons, Wm. H. Shnrtleff, H. Bedel, 
Albert Barker, F. F. Johnson. D. B. Oummings, J. W. Bemick, W. A. 
Oraham, S. F. Whitcomb, O. A. Lnce, SUile; H. B. Parsons, B. 6. 
Jameeon, Bansom Harriman, C. 8. Aldlrlch, W^Iey Wentworth, Jesse 
€k>oper, W. B. Prew. John Whittemore, H. W. Woodrow. 8. B. Whit- 
teniore, J. S. Oapen, Hilton Harriman, J. B. Annis, Walter Drew, 
John Oonld, G. B. Clark. 

Clliirclies— AdT. D. N. Ohadsey; Gong., N. W. GroTor ; Meth., O. P. 

Hotels— Honadnock, T. G. Bov^n ; Parsons House, B. F. Bailey'i 
est a^ ; Mohawk Honse, George Tibbets. 

Ins. Agents-J. Whittemore, J. H. Dudley, W.H. Shartleff, J.L 

Lawyers— A. Barker, J. H. Dudley, W. H. ShnrtlefT, J. I. Panose, 
T. F. Johnson, J. W. Bemick. 

Literary Inst. — Oolebrook Academy, T. F. Bdmhnds, prin. 

LiTerystables— B. F. Bailey, T. G. Bowan, H. Jacobs. 

Manuncturers — blacksmiths, R. G. Jameson, D. P. Bobie, M. Mon- 
ahan, J. A. Gleason, 8. Cummings, J. M. Jordan, P. J. Plnnket, B. 8. 
Dnnn ; brick, Orlando Fanestall ; brooms, Edw. Diniick; builders, W. 
8. Rolfe, F. C. Bolfe, 8. W. Terrill, A. B. Haines. W. L. Keyee, A. G 
Hicks, B. p. Hicks ; furniture, Dau'I Sterens, J. D. Littlej bameases, 
G. G. Garleton, A. G. Day, I. G. Andrews ; leather, 0. B. Hfiliard; 
lumber, H. Bedel, Bich ic Spencer ; plows, stoves and castings, Gra- 
ham A Gilkey ; rat exterminator. Charles Parions ; sash, blinds and 
doors, H. Hammond, C. B. Rolfe; starch, 8. R. A 8. S. MerriU, H. 
Bedel, Lovering A Patrick, Harriman & Co.. I. Young, J. W. Cooper, 
L. G. piper, Cmwford, Aldrich A Eustis, Gould, Harriman A Cross; 
tailor, Michael Tobin; woolens, W. A. Loomis. ^ 

Merchants — Merrill A Drew, J. W. Cooper A Son, Wentwiirth A 
Drew, G. Colby A Co., G. H. Bang, E. H. Williams, H. G. Toung; 
agricultural implements, F. P. GoTell ; auctioneers, C. G. Garleton, W. 
R. Rolfe; boots and shoes, C. G. Hicks, Jesse Cooper, Y. F. Day, 
Merrill A Drew; clocks and watches, D. N. Chadsey, G. S. Rem 
ick ; clothing, E. G. Wilder, drugs and medicines, J. B. Riley ; fur- 
niture, Henry Hammond ; groceries, H. A. Keach, Henry Marshall: 
hardware, Eustis A Knights; meat, J. F. Keysar, William Whipple; 
millinery, Mrs. E. H. Williams, Mrs. 8. Cummings, T. F. Day; shin- 
gles, Hayden Bedel, Ira Young, H. W. Woodrow. 

Physicians — Oscar Worthley, C. C. Norris, F. C. Harria, Gny 
Hoibrook, F. B. Locke; dentist, G. Raymond. 

Job Printers, Book-Binders, Paper-Rulers, 



Having recently' added to tlieir extensive Job Office a Campbell 
fast Cylinder Power Press, are prepared to do all kinds of Job 
Printing more expeditiously and at lower rates then formerly. Al- 
ways in Stock ilie largest assortment of Paper, stationery and Fancy 
Goods iu the State. Concord, N* !!• 




122 k 124 North Main St, Opposite State House., 




GGnc$' FUHnijRinG good?, 


JLgmntm for tlte Sim Citj (Shirts. 

¥. B. MRGIN, 





Concord, N. H. 

Where you will And one of the most complete stocks of Dry 
]ioods aud Small Wares to he found in this City and at prices 
o please the closest buyers. 

Give Them a Call. 

Boolseller, PiiMislier & Stationer, 


Books and Blanks for Town Officers, Sun- 
da jj School andy Day School Supplies, 
Standard and Miscellaneous Books, 
Family, Focket and Teachers' 
Bibles, Diaries, Blank 
Books, Fhoto graph 
Albums, Gold 
Fens, Fancy Goods and Stationery. 


c-A^XiXi -A^isriD see: xjs. 



COItlTMBIA, COOS-~Pop, 762. N. fr. G. 138 ; N. fr. lABcms 
tor, 32; 8. W. fr. Golebrook 5. B. B, &— North Stratford, 2^ m. fr. S 
line of town, 8 m. fr. Golnmbia post office, and 3 fr. S. G. pott office 
on G. T. R. K. Stage connects with morning and evening tralB*. 

OFriG£R&— Cr«r4;, Hazen Bedel, jr. ; ISrwas. B. A. LoTering: Btieet 
nun, John Gook, G. H. Pitts, F. Q. MHrshall ; Supt.^ Fred Gnrrier. 

Postmasters--^. G. Harrey ; flbnf^ Lewis Snow. 

Justices— S. M. Harrey, L. B. iMinforth, State; Jonathan Oil 
man, B. R. Kelsea, Lewis Snow, S. I. Bailey, Q. G. Gole. 

Churcbes-^Meth. SotOhf J. G. Olan ; JSast, O. E. Lnce. 

Hotel — Bouthy Trarellers* Home, Oeo. Bamett, So. Golnmbia 

Manufticturers— Ininber, H. Bedel ; W. H. Glereland, Wm. Fairman 
South, W. S. Jewell A Go.: starch, Wegt^ Hazen Bedel, San*l Harvey 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, H. M. Hobart; carpenters, SottfA, A. L 
Day, J. W. Weeks, C. D. Ln&y. 

Merchants — auctioneer, J. F. Locke, p. o. ad. So. Golnmbia ; con 
and meal, 8. M. Harvey ; South, Wm. Keach ; groceries, B. R. Kelsea 
South, Iiewlii Snow. 

CONCORB, MEBBIMACK—VoT^^ 13,846. R. R. R— Goncord, 
on Concord R. R. Northern R. R.. B., A h. R. R., and G. A G. R. R. 

OFFIGBRS— CS^ Clerk, J. A. Cochran; City Trecu., Wm. F. Thay 
or ; Mqyor, E. H. Woodman, Aldermen, liruieook, J. B. Marden, War< 
1: C. H. GloQKh,Ward2; Albert Saltmarsh, Ward 3; B. N. Shef^ 
ard, Oliver Piilsbnry, J. G. Thorn, Ward 4;E. Dow, H. A. Mann 
Ward 5 ; J. T. Batchelder, J. H. Lane, G. B. Emmons, Ward 6; J. H 
Lamprey, Ward 7 ; Common CouncU, G. H. Emery, Pres.; J. W. Powell 
Ward 1 : F. P. Tirgin, Ward 2; Jeremiah Qninn, Ward 3 ; J. F. Rooney 
E. A. Monlton, H. A. Roby, Ward 4*1. S. Ring, F. S. Abbott, Ward 6 
G. H. Emery, II. S. Fairbanks, L.W. Bean, Ward 6 : D. R. Smith.Ward 7 
Aaeuors, Abial Rolfe, J. G. Ttillant, Harrison Partridge, G. H.Seavey 
Curtis White, G. 8. Dennett, J. B. Weeks; (My Phytieian, Geo. Cook; 
Atsistant, A. E. Emery ; Oommissioner of Highway t, E. H. Woodman : 
Collector of Tbxes, Thos. M. Lang, 2d : Buf>eriiUendmg School Committee 
W. W. Flint. Abial Rolfe, C. B. Staniels ; Board of Education foi 
Union School district, P. B. Gojcswell, President; H. J. Grippen 
J. C. Thorn, C. P. Sanborn, G. W Groekett, J. H. George, D. B 
Donovan, J. C. A. Hill, Supt. Warreu Clark ; City Solicitor, Robwt A 
Ray ; City Marsha!; John Connell ; A»sittant Marthed, Ptnacook^ Geo 
W. Corey ; Chief Engineer, J. M. Hill ; Police Court, JuAice, Sylves 
ter Dana; Justice Special, B. B. Badger; Clerk, R. P. Staniels; Ih- 
lice, J. E. Band, C. H. Jones, B. A. F. Hammond. 

Postmasters— L. H. Carroll ; Bast, Miss Florence A. Tonng ; Weit, 
0. L. Sheimrd; Mast Yard, D. O. Holmes. 

Justices — George Abbott, L N. Abbott, W. H. Allison, B. B 
Badger. W. H. Buntin, W. H. Bell, J. P. Bancroft, H. A. Brown 
B. R. Benner, W. M. Chase, W. A. Clongh, H, J. Grippen, Johi 
Connell, Warreu Clark. G. P. Cleaves, J. H. Chase, H. M. Gavis 
H. B. Chamberlain, B. H. Couch, G. R. Corning, L. H. Carroll 
£. B. Craddock, Harvey Campbell, D. S. Gorser, G. W. Corey 
P. B. Cogswell, G. A. Cummings, Sylvester Dana, F. S. Dodge, C. C 
Danfiorth, G. H. Dimond, L. P. Durgin, D. B. Donovan, C. 8. Danforth 
S. C. Eastman, M. R. Emerson, Arthur Fletcher, Asa Fowler, G. A 
Femald, W. W. Flint, C. B. Poote, W. L. Foster, J. H. George, Bnocl 
Gerrish, F. H. Gould, J. P. George, J. C. Grandy, I. W. Hammond, W 
H. Foster, Amos Hadley, Stillman Humphrey, I. A. Hill, D. E. How 
ard, J. C. A. Hill, A. C. Hardy, A. G. Jones, Lyman Jackman, John Kim 

1 BUBIKi^ I><BE^OBY. 61 



] 1 

Bann•l^ «■«(. C. uaai Mwinrg C. 

. .>;.-o; wood pulp. Brown, li«tf<i A Co. 
,,,■, .irt^hltedB, Dow i WllMl«i UukWoil. 

ii M«i3.a.K»d. 

y«on 1 Cn.i iTvcu pJnlen, W. 8. 

Wbir», H. fr. ctapp * ca, s. p. 

■..lTI«tlkJll)ktll,J. A 

,l.te wiTkni. CqmBi 

nm Bro.. H. K. V-rW* Cj.ip.ll.1' 

....,, Benj, 

_''.;, l'.*-,*K"S;il'BrM.^B!'r.n.'t: 

^.liir,.l pm. Geoigr OnHlhus, Mqdiu 

!■ :!■ trin'm, Kfpiil.Ili-»ii Prwu 

Jl 1] fiLSJIT&BON.F.J.BOch. 

Enii.. F. •;. K.^, 

>. ,1-1... P. Ktlkj; .llv,r pl»li«,, 

WfcrT! »i>ir l.ii'l.l.'i 

?,TM„d tt-„I1.c= *8™;.l^u^cul- 

■b>rib,r. B.Ht 

.«' ?.U<tig<.f, TboDM-Nnwu. Doi.- 

^Btffl^ B^].a, 


Wret-. W. J. Fernsiii, 0. L, Lincoln. 


jemtnli ud hurdwsre. Humph r«r. 

^ ^H 

r^ ^ 

■Hl'u'rviwry. J. B. Sooho.n. K. 

W M 

■Ul P. IIKB; boou .Id >),«. 

i P 

■ '••B* Co.. F. JLirdsn. Cl.rlii 


™W.Cl.rk. J. c'Thnm 

•tkrrj A.R Aj,.n,J.M. 


^ ud luUccD, S. Wi>r<l 
t.M. I*dd, biw.jMh 
^tLEfcbKiljon 1 AslHW. 



Alllhw; conrtrlionen' 

»3™m1B,.™.,Jokp1. P.. 

||M*. W. F. Dnororllj 


St« B™.. E. K0i,h. 



Unley A Ayer, A. P. Sherbarne, J. Galloway, N. G. Nelson ; drags 
nd medicines, A. P. Fitch, W. P. Underbill A Co., UnderhiU A Ktt- 
redge. H. B. Toiter, D. H. Aldrich, C. H. Martin A Co.; dry goods, 
I B. Orapo, 0. Q. Blanchard, F. 0. Hardy, A. W. Davis, D. E. Clark, 
L W. Willard A Oo. 0. M. Boynton, G R. Schoolcraft, I. IC Savage, 
ames Haselton, HAMMOND A THTJBSTON, Carrier A Sleeper A. H. 
'ollett, Amos Blanchard, JBait, A. B. Tonng ; Wettf Bastman A Co.; 
uicy goods and stationery, O. H. H. Silsby A Son, S. O. Noyes, O. L. 
looper, Repablican Press Association ; flonr and grain, Stratton, Mer- 
111 A Go. Hosely A Co. Wood worth. Dodge * Go. Frank Coffin ; Axmitore, 
V. J. Pemald, YOUNG BRO&; groceries, J. F. Hoit A Co., Woodworth, 
»odice * Co., H. W. Brickett A Co., Whittemore A Reed, h. B. Hoit A Co., 
Lmos Blanchard, P H. Larkin. H. C. Starterant, C. R. Schoolcraft, 
L. M. Follett, Batchelder A Go. A. Webster, Carter A Co., I. M. Sav- 
ge, GnsUTns Bartlett, Lee A Kenna, Carrier A Sleeper ; TTcst, Sast- 
(utn A Co.; gans, pistols, and fishing tackle, E. B. Fisher; bats, 
aps and ftirs, A. T. Sanger ; iron and steel. Walker A Co., Jonk 
lealer, J. Kimball; millinery, Mrs. D. B. Jones, Mrs. M. ML. Smith, 
irs. J. L. Crawford,! J. Haselton, Mrs. 0. 0. Stanlej, G. W. Wadleigh, 
Irs. H. N. Newell, Mrs. H. M. Wyatt; musical instrnments, W. K. 
>ay, S. G. NOTES; paintings A pictnres, Robinson A Ballon, J. G. 
^hase, F. D. Batchelder; paints, oils and glass, A. P. Fitcb, C. H. Mar- 
in A Co., T. J. Carpenter ; paper hangings, J. M. Stewart A Sons, 
L. R. Ayers, S. Blood ; provisions, G. B. Emmons, Pitman A Co., Per^ 
[ins A Dndiey, John Kilbnrn, G. F. Hillsgrove, Reed A Modget, 
Jpencer A Abbott; saddlery hardware, Smith A Walker ; sewing raa- 
ihlnes. S. G. NOTES, W. K. Day A Son; stoves and tin ware, J. 
3. Chase, Stevens A Danklee, Scribner A Blood, J. A. Dadman, F. H. 
)eorge; trunks and valises, J. R. Hill A Co., A. T. Sanger. 

Miscellaneous — brokers, Grippen, Lawrence A Co., S. H. Rol 
ins ft Son; civil engineers, J. N. McClintock, B, B. Badger: dye 
lonse, J. D. Perkins ; music teachers, W. K. Day, J. H. Morey, 
i. A. Spauldlng, Miss Susan G. Sargent, Miss Helen B. Robinson, 
Tohn Jackn^n ; portrait painter, U. D. Tenney ; nursery men and 
lorists, W. M. Colby, Geo. Main, John Hawkins; public library, 
MXX) vols., D. F. Secomb, librarian ; real estate, S. G. Lane ; short 
land reporter, A. J. Shurtleff. 

Physicians— G. P. Bancroft, B. R. Benner, Asylum ; Wm. G. Car- 
ter, Geo. Cook, Granville P. Conn, A. H. Crosby, C. P. Gage, S. D. 
tfittden, A. P. Ghesley, N. C. Nutting, A. H. Robinson, M. W. Ras- 
lell, H. M. French, C. R. Walker, F. A. Stillings, S. C. Morrill, J. 
J. W. Moore, Mrs. Wallace Russell ; hot., B. S. Warren ; homee., J. 
H. Gktllinger, E. Morrill, E. H. Foster, Joseph Chase Jr. ; speciaL 
Ifrs. Lucinda S. Hall, E. W Abbot, H. G. Mclhtire; dentiste, & 
?. Cnmmings, G. A Toung, C. N. Towle, J. M. Fletcher, B. B. Davis, 
D. A. Rowe. 

Tel. Ag't— H. H. Morrison. 

Penacook* Pop. 3,000; part of Concord and Boooawen but 
distant ft*, the city 6 m. B. R, S. — ^Penacook, on N. R. R., oonv^ 
uioes to all trains ; and N. Concord, on B. Q..A M. R. R., 1 m. 

Postmaster— Lather Gage. La wy ers— W. G. Bu xton, D. F. Dudley; 

Justices— Isaac K. Gage, J. C. Pearson, George Abbott, Abial Rolfe^ 
J. D. Fife, H. E. Chamberlain, C. E. Foote, Luther Gage, SUUe ; G. S. 
Morrill, W. H. Bell, G. H. Amsden, J. G. Linehan, A. W. Bolfe. 

Churches— Bap., W. B. Bates; Gong., G. B. Mllliken; Meth.. C. W. 
Taylor ; R. Gath. John McDonald. 


Busiiriss DisicrrosT. 6! 


Bxprass Ag't—John C9iadwick. 

ltolels-*F«Qaoook Honse, Hannibal Bonney; WaahingtoB Houai 
Qilman Shaw. Insurance Agents— W. Q. Buztoa * Ga 

Library— Fisherrille Library Aaiociation, G. H. flaadart, Librarian, 

Uterary Institution — ^Pennaoook Academy, — — ,prip. 

livery Stables— M. Bickfurd, O. Shaw, J. Ohadwick, John Tnoken 
, llanulkcturers-ax« helTea, H. M.n«her ; carrlai^, A. fflUott : Thoa 
French; oarriagv azlea Ac, Oon'd Axle Go , B. A. Brown, BOp*!.; oiroolMl 
dt other aawg, whiffle-tree iprings, Fisheryille Saw Go.; oottons, J. 
S. Brown, Oontoocook Maa*f A Mechanic Go.; doon, aath and blinda, 
a H.A A. W. Bolfe; flonr, Ac., Strakton tfenill ft Go.; extwuion 
tables, J. E. Symonds k Co.; fomitore, H. It. Amsden A 8(Mds; lumber, 
J. Whlttaker ft Go., a M. A A. W. Bolfe ; mackerel kite, Moeea 
Mnmphrey; woolenb, B. 8. Hairis ft Co. 

Meehanies k Artisans— blacksmitha, Samnel Sanbern. Edward Mc 
Shane ; builders, G. W. Hardy, Ghas. Daris, Ghas. Stark, F. H. Brown; 
ciyil engineers, J. D. fife, Geo. S. Morrill ; masons, B. F. Bntler, H. W. 
Knowlton, A. W. Knowlton, George Nellie, Fred Williams ; phato- 
srapher. M. 'S. Lamphrey ; undertakers, J. A. Cobnra, J. F. Kutings. 
r Merchants— bakery, F. E. Bean; boots and shoes, J. P. Sanders; 
Mdothing, J. P. Sanders, A^ Appril ; oofflns, J. A. Oobvm, J. F. Hastings ; 
(dry goods. Foots ft Morse, W. H. Allen, Btown ft Foote, J. G. Linnefaan, 
Sanoerson ft Button ; drugs, J. I. Hoyt, G. Fowler ; flincy goods, W. J. 
Marsh ; ftimitnre, Amsden ft Son, M. E. Dudley; groceries, J. G. Line- 
han, O. B. Kimball, Fre^ Holt, Brown ft Foote, Foote ft Morse, James 
Bowen, ag't ; hardware, stoTss, cutlery, fto., N. S. Gale, Isaac Baty, 
Brown ft Foote ; jewelers, W. H. Bell, S. G. M0¥B8; medloiaes, J. I. 
Hoyt, G. H. Fowler ; meat, ftc., Daniel Smith, J. Foes, E. S. Garpenter 
ft Co., W. B. Gnnningham ; millinery, Misies Peaslee, Hale Ghadwick ; 
paper hangings, W. H. Allen, Brown ft Foote; sewing machines, 8. 0. 
NOTES. D. F. Silloway ; stores and tin ware, N. S. Gale, Isaac Baty. 

Ptaysieians— W. H. Hosmer, A. X. Emery, A. C. Alexaadar ; dentist, 
JJ. H. French. 

<l««MecUciii I^aMe— See Pittsburg. 

€)ON WAT* CABBOLL—Vo^, 2.124. N. K fir. a 71 ; N. fir. Ossi. 

Contoocoolc— See Hopkinton. 
pee, 28. B. B. &— Gouway, on P. ft 0. IL K. and XMtem R. B. 

OFFIGEBS — CZsrft, F. W. Morten; Trtat, J.A.Garlton; aOcet- 

m, F. W. Bussell, L. T. Hale, D. Wakeileld ; Af>(., F. A. Bragdon. 

Postmasters— Abel M. Ayer; Omlrc, H. McNorton. 

Justices— L. H. Eastman, G. W. Wilder, H. McNorton. L. Pitman, D. 
B. Thompson, J. A. Farrington, J. B. Nash, STols; G. F. Mansfield, 
jSamuel Haxelton, J. G. L.Wood, Andrew Dinsmere, J. A.Garlton, H 
iH. Dow, G. H Whittaker, F. B. Osgood, John Chase, L. 0. Quint, Al 
bra Oikrland, G. H. Shaokford. 

Churches— Cong. S. 0. Norcross ; Math., F. A. Bragdon. 

Hotels — Conway House, Grove House, Pequaket House; CVnter, 
Center House. 

Lawyers— Cbnler, John B.Nash. 

Uvery Stable— L. H. Esatman. 

Manulketurers— carriages, L. S. Merrill, Baton ft Bnmell ; lumber, 
and flour, CWiisr, H. B. Cotton; pegs, B. F. Sturtevant; spools, 
H. Metoalf : straw board, Merrill ft Co. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, J. Glontman, Horatio Car- 
tar ; Job printers, 0. B. Merrill. 

Mer«banta— J. G* L. Wood, D. Davis, S. Flanders, L. G. Quin, 


•wyer Bnw, Oarltbo * liobertaDo ; OnUer, J. A. CarltoB, OttrUnd 

Potter. I 

Physfolan^— Simeon Evans, 8. N. Oremlaw, David Watson. | 

Tel. Amot— V. W. Duyis. I 

Wortifc— fi, B. 8.^}Xo. CioQway, On P. A O. R. R. «nd Kastera &. 

Postma£t«r^E. Goedwin. Lawyer— F. B. Osprood. 

Justices— b. Pituiau, state ; H. H. Dow, C. H. WhiUker, V. B.| 
Isffood, L< C. Qnint. 

Boarding Houses— M. Seayay, J. G. Willoy, J. A. Bamee, Mrs. Pen-' 
axter, T. O. Eastman, L. Whealer, Kassell Gottega, IferriU Honsa,' 
omner Hoose. 

ChurohM-r-Bap. T. CQleason; Cong., S. O. Noraroas ; ^ia., H. A. 
*ar ker : Meth. D. Pratt. 

Hotels— Kearaarge Hmiaa, Sanaat Pavilion, Mc MiUaa Hanaa, Wash- 
■irton House. North Conway House, lutarrala Hoase, KandaH- 
[ouie. Eastman Hoose, Artist Pall House. 

Literary Institution— North Conway Aoadamy, » ■ .prin. I 

Livery Stables— Mudgett A Sons, W. C. Eastman, J. W. Whitaker, 
. v. Randall, Eaatmau A Soodwin. 

Manufacturers— carriages, I. M . Chase ; lumbar, Farber Bros. A.' 
i. Barnes. 

Merchants -^ N. 8. Davis, N. R. Mason, 0-. V. Eastman, L. W^ 
Urock4 drugs and medicines, L. Pitman ; millinery, Wilson A Goodwin ; 
tOTe« and tinware, Wiliey Bros. ' 

Physicians— Wm. H. Bragd»n, J. H. Pitman. 

OaiM'— Sea Stratfinrd. . 

Ooppervllle — A post offloe in Coos Co. 

CORNISH, aULLJFAN-^lfop, L,167. N. W. fr. a 60: N. W. 
k*. Newport, 12. B. 12. :&— Windsor, Vt., junction of C. Vt. A Connj 
liv. Rk R. . - . 

Postmasters— W. B..De]ping; Ont^rs, G. Bl Killiard; Souths Q. BJ 
Tairbanlcs. • I 

Justices — Orlando Powiws, -Ohesfcer Pik«, Slate; B. & Flateber,' 
S. F. ChelllR, G. L. Deming, W. H. Sisson, Wm. Balloeh, G. D; 
Unyoll^ /C,- D. IVevena, E. Q: Day, C. P. Jennay, G. E. Hilll«rd, W. C 
lart, H. L. Bnrpea, 8 M.Green. • 

•Church— Meth., Omter^ —— »— ^. 

Hotel— Oona^ticut River Honse^ R. Dannett. 

Manuracturers— lumber, .Cljflster Pike, G.W. Satgeat. 

MerotiaAt^— wool, C. Pike ; Bryant & Powers. 
• €omlJ»ll Flat— A. R. 8 — ^Uremont, 10 m. on C. AC. R* R^ 
jabeMODi 12.01. on N. N. U. R. R.; Windsor. Vt., 8 m. on C. V. R. R. j 

OFFlCBRS-HCHerk, J. O. Buynton ; Trade. W.D. Spaulding; SeU(A- 
nen, C. P. Jenney, 0. B. Williams, W. E. Westgate; dnpt. Gaoiga 
>emiag. . 

Postmaster— J. C. Boynton. 

Churches — Bap., D. Donavan; Cong., J. T. Jackson. 

Hotel — Hampshire House, Qeo. Watts. 

ManufSicturers— carriages, B. C. Heath; gons, Cbilrc, G. B. Hil 
iard; lumber, B. O. Day, J. G. Whitaker, B. 0. Heath; leather, Alvla, 
Comings ; patent medicines, H. Hardy's Sons. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, S. M. Sherbnm, A K. Spaulding, C. T. 
Sturtevant; bridge buUder, J. F. Tasiier; carpo&tar, Charles. Tyler; 

Merchants— Boynton Bros.; South, G. E. E^irbanka; anolio'n 
>lock8 and Watches, S. W. Bryaat; wool, 0. Powttn,.S. W. Bryant. 

Physician— G. W. Hunt. 




Craivtoni Kon«e— See OarrolL 

CRO^TDOIf, 8trLLnrAN—¥op. 608. N. W. fr. C. M; N. ft 

Newport, 7. R. R. £.— Newport, on C. A O. R. R. Bally •tag* i non 
weekly staice fr. I«e>>anon on Northern K. R. ' 

OVFlCEfHS^Cterk, M. 0. Cooper: Treat., Q. W. Dunbar: SeUetaui^ 
H. K, Hanson, W. B. Kibby, P. 8. Bianchard ; 8upt., Mra. Harrol FaH^ 
tier. ' 

Postaiasters— Alonzo Allen ; FlaLJf. R. Bo^ce. 

Justices — Elias Powers, Albina Hall, Natban HhII, Alouio AU«« 
State ; M. 0. Cooper. 

Churches— Cong., H., A. Ooodhue; Hetb., ; Fku^ Unlr., Jam«i 


Hotel — Croydon House, B. A Sargent. 

Manufacturers— Kot, excelsior and mattress filling, PQlsbury Broa.: 
lumber, FUd^ HamphreyA Hanson, 0. H. Read, p.o. aid. Oornfsh Vlati 
S. 6. Walker ; blacksmith, Harry Leeds. 

Merchants— Rnrtis dall; Flat, Mrs. Harriet Pflltbury; auetlonear, 
J. 8. Huntress, p. o. ad., Newport; groceries, D. A. Sargent. 

physician— Williams Bnrton. 

ttAfj'ffOM, COOS— Pop. 671. N.,f\r.0.,1l2; S. fr. Lancaster, 8. 
R. Rf S. — Dalton, on B. St L. R. R. Wh. Mt. Bir. Stages connect 
With trains twice a day. LunentMurg on P. A O. R. R., 1 m., fr. Sam> 
ner House. 

OFFICERS— CfsrX;, F. PJBond; Trtms. W. 8. Craueh; SeJtetm^ W. 
S. Cranch. Q. B. Wallace, J. W. KqIso ; Supt.t J. P. Stone. 

Postmaster— F. P. Bond. 

Justices— B. A. Taylor, State; F. P. Bond, J. M. Lang. 

Church — Oofnff., J. P. Stone. 

Manufacturers- lumber, G. W. A N. W. Libby. 

Meehanics— blacksmiths. B. E. Somers, B. P, Oosbouui; oarpan* 
ter, Q. B, Wallace ; mason, B. P. Cnshman. 

Merchants— Bond it Taylor. 
, DAHrBVRT, MERRIMACI^—Vop. 7«0. N. W. ft. 0., -90; 
R. R. 8 — Banbury Sk So. Danbnry, on N. R. R. 

0PFICBR3— a«rfe, J; C. Webster; T^eas., F. B. Litchfield; Sekct- 
men, Timothy Spear, J. H. Emmons, J. A. Butrlck; 8upt., A. A. Bfck- 

Postmasters— O. H. Gordon ; Southy Alfred Sleeper. 

Justices — Stillman Clark, M. U Taylor, J. S. Knowlton, W. T. Nor* 
ris, J. A.. Knowles, J. H. 'Emmons, I^bert Ford, J. C. Webster, State ; 
I. S. Brown. 

Churches— Bap. A. A. Backford; Cong. Lewis Goodrich) Chris. 
3oiUhy John ICoung 

Ins. Agents— Stillmnn dark, J. C. Webster. 

Lawyers— Stillman Clark, W. T. Norris. 

Livery Stable, Exp. ft Tel. Ag't— G. H. Gordon. 

Manufacturers- boots and shoes, H. P. Taylor; leather, N. P. 
Clongh A C04 lumber, Frank Famham, K. Bullock, Claflin A Wood- 

Mechanics— blacksmith, O.B.Hall, carpenter, W. H. Trarer, G. I. 
Sarxent, G. K. Jewett, F. S. Ransoms, J. T. Morrison \ Job printer. W. 
H. Traver. 

Merchants— J. C. Webster, Stillman Clark, L. M. Jackson. ; SImiIA, 
i I fi-«d Sleeper; auctioneer, J. C. Webster ; cattle and horses, Bdwin 
Litchfield A Son; millinery, Mrs. A. J. Traver, Hiss Rettle S. Bm< 
uions ; variety store, H. F. Taylor. 

t50 BU6IVE68 DIS£CTO&7^ 

liall, S. 6 lADe, T. M. LHnp, R. E. Gale, Josiah Minot, J. B. MerrillJ 
DHrins Merrill, T. B. Martin, N. E. Martin, J. N. He Clintock. L. a 
MorrUI, B. 8. Nutter, J. S. Noyee. J. P. N'ntter. A. F. L. Norris, 
8. S. Locke, H. H. Metcalf, J. M. Mitchell Woodbridge Odiin, J. W. 
OdJin, J. L. Pickertng,H.E. Perkins. J. N.Patter8ou, Oliver Pillsbnry. 
A. J. Prescott, J. B. Kobertsun, H. P. Rolfe, Abial Bolfe, J. B. Rand, 
Henry Robinnun, R. A. Ray« E. H. Rollins, F. W. Rollins, II G. Sar- 
gent, H. C. Sherburne, L. D. Stef^na. 0. P. Sanborn. D. F. Secomb, N. 
a. Shattuck, R. P. Staniels, A. W. Silsby, J. K. Stokes, F. S. Stre«ter, 
H. W. Stevens, J. E. Sargent, J. B. Sanborn, W. A. Stone, A. B. Thomp- 
son, B. F. Tucker, G. E. Todd, A. F. Odlin, C. H. Ordway, A. J. Shart 
leflf, Peter Sanborn, G. W. Weeks, J. B. Walker, H, D. Whit<', G. F.' 
Whittridge, JoHeph Wentworth, J. F. Webster, E. H. Woodman, C.l 
White, W. R. Walker, B. B. Walker, W. K. Norton, Slate; 
J. W. Edgerly, F. D. Hager, 8. P. Danforth, F- A Abbott, F. P. 
Ai drews, F. D. Alibott, J. E. Brown, J. T. Clough, S. B. Clifford, G.i 
F. Blake, L. B. Brown, G. £. Chesley, J. A. Cochran, John CarterJ 
Geo. Cook, C. C. Davis, G. H. "Emery, D. F. Dudley, H. B. Foq3 
rer, J. E. Fermkld, Philip Flanders, F. A. Fowler, W. W. Holden, J. E: 
SutcbinN, V. C. Hii^tings, W. H. Johnson, J. C Linehan, C. S.Mellen, 
v. A. PiiLsbury, A. W. Rolfe, A. S. Smith, 0. L. Shepard, J. P. Sargent, 
M. S. Stuiborn, J.G. Tallant, Giles Wheeler, J. B. W< eks, F. D. Wood- 
bury, J. H. Carr, G. H- Fletcher, W. J.Giles, J. E. Marden, W. M. 
Mason. 0. S. Parker, B. 0. Pearson, J. M. Smith, C. H. Saal^orQ. 

Churches— Adv. — — — . ; Fii-st B»»p. — — ^— ; Pleasant St. 

Bap. ; E. £. Cnmmiugs: F. Bap^ A. T. Uillnoan, J. P. Nut-, 

ting; Cong., F. D. A.ver; Sontli Cong., Wm. H. Hul)l>ard, B. H. Gree-' 

ley, W. R. Jewett ; West, ■ ; SaH^ J. T. pike, 0. L. Tappan, 

H. A. Kendall, Daniel McClonning; Kpjs., St. Paul's, W. W. Nilesj 
t>iiihi>p of the diocese aiMl rector ; D. C. Roberts, vice rector; MUlvillr^ 
a. A. Coit, J. H. Coit ; First Meth., J. H. Haines ; Baker Memorial 
Itfeth., G. W. Not ris ; J. W. Merrill. S. Holman ; R. Cath., J. S. Barry ;' 
[Juita., S C. Beane: Univ., A. P. Rein. | 

Eating Houses— I. C. EHgeriy, E. C. Bailey, F. E. Colbnra, C. P. 
jhepard,n, M. Sinclair. Exp. Ag't-C. W. Pierce. 

Hptelfr-KAG LE, JOHN A. WHITE ; Phgenix, J. R. Hill ; Elm House^ 
rbo«..Oray: American House, Urown & Otis ; Cale<]onia House 
^lessauder McDonald ; Central Hon^e, C. 0. Stanley ; Birckdale Spring^ 
idams ft Co. 

Ins. Ag'tS — Staniels, Allison ft Co., Morrill ft Danforth, L. Jack- 
nan A Co, J. H. Ballard. D. E. Howard, Wm. A. Stone, M.R. Emerson. 

Lawyers— 'R. A. Bay,, R. £. Walker, J. H, George, h. T>, Stevens, 
W. L. Foster, H. E. Perkins, S. G. Lane, B. B. Badger, Warren Clark, 
Dhasi P. Sanborn, S. 0. Eastman, Wm- M. Chase, L. S. Morrill. J. H. 
dlbi'n, F. g. Streeier, A. F. L. Norris, M. W. Tappan, Fred H. Gould* 
Qfenry Robinson, N. E. Martin, D. B. Donovan, F. A. Fowler, John M. 
ttitchfll. J. E. Sargent, Josiah Minot, Sylvester Dana, A. Fletcher, A. 
SV. Silsby, H. W. Stevens, H. G. Sargent, C. R. Corning, T. L. Norris, 
^. M. CaviH, J. P. George, F. W. Rollins, C. E. (Bifford, Asa Fowler, 
EI. P. Rolfe. 

Literary Institutions — St. Paul's School, H. A. Coit, prin.; 
[Jnion Hi^b School. John F. Kent, prin.; private tutors, Moses Wool- 
»n, Ani08 Hjviley. 

Livery Stables— Norton, Glennon ft Brown, A. 8. Dill, A. ft Q. A. 
Fostei-, 5f. A. Duncklee, D. Philbrick, Clarence W. Dodge, Brown ft 
His, J. A. Wright. ^^ 


ManufkCturdrs — awnings, tents, &c. Tliomaa Woodward ; bak^ 
orris & Crockett, Sonth End Bakery ; bedsteads, Q, T. Comins ; boq 
nd shoefl, Howard L. Porter; bricks, Saniuel HoH; brooms, H. Tboal| 
son ; brown earthen ware, J. F. Clark ; candles and lozenges, W. 
Danforth, Norris & Crockett ; candles and soap, Critcbett & Co., CM 
Barker 'carriaires, Abbott Downing Co^ Holt Bros., Flanders A Hon 
ton, J. F. Dur«H A Co., t\'. S. Davis & Son ; carriage springs^ J. Paliti 
Sc Co.; carriage wheels etc.. Holt Bros^ car wheels and brass castiaii 
Ford A Kimball; casting.M, H. W. Clapp A Co.; churns, P. Blan<s] 
ard*8 Sons; cigars, J. S. Hubbard, S. Gardner; fire engine hoa 
E€i*t, Sam'l Eastman A Co.; flannels, WeH, C< ncord Manuf'g Co.: h* 
nesses, J. K. Hill A Co., £. E. Chirke, f. S. Johnson, W. A. Sl«ep« 
E. O. Mnrphey ; leather and belting, Page Belting Co.; £ast, S. JSiui 
inan A Co.; mouldings, brackets, etc. E, B- Hutchinson; mowin 
machine?, J. A. White; orgHUs and melodeons and organ and piai 
stools, Prescott Organ Co.; picture frames and looking glasses, Bobii 
son A BuIIou, F. J). BHtcheMer, J. G. Chase, 8. Blood; plaster, Sat 
J. T. CloQgli^ plows, stoves and castings, Wni. P. Ford A Co.; silyi 
ware, W. B. J>TJBGIN; sash, blinds and doors, Lowell Eastman ; steal 
boilers and radiators. Holibs, Gordon A Co.: tinMare, J. H. Chaa* 
Scribner A Blood, K. U. George; wood pulp. Brown, Moore A Co. 
I M«cfaaoiCS $L Artisans— architects, Dow A Wheeler; bookbinden 
Crawford A Stock bridge, G. H. H. SILSBT A SON, N. Giles; brie 
masons and builders, N.Hobinson, Ordway A Ferrin, h. Fellows, C. 1 
Thompson; bnilders, B. D. Brainard, E. B. Hutchinson, Miller A Sai 
bom, Webster A Morgnn, Mead, Mason A Co.: fresco painters, W. £ 
Henay A Son ; mxcbinjMts, J. A. White, H. W. Clapp A Co^ N. I 
8tbvens; marble worker*, Cnmmings Bros. H. N. Farley A Co.;pain1 
ers, J. C. Tilton, fienj. BilUborough, C. JB. Sarary, Geo. Abbott, T. J 
Carpeater, Geo. Prescoti ; photoifraphers. Kimball Bros,, £« P. Oei 
ould, H. P. Moore, H. C. Bailey ; plumbers, George Goodhue, Muno 
A Piiige, E. H. Randall, M. Bateman ; printers. Republican Pres 
Association, Pearson A 1,'attee. G. H. H. SItSBT ASON,F. J. Batcti 
elder, 1. C. Evans, F. G. Kdgerly, John P. Kelley ; silver platen 
Smith ft Wxlker: stair buildera, Samuel Wullace A Son; stone cut 
ters. Flood A Bosworth, C. B. Hill, W. S.Lougee, Thomas Kawu, Don 
negan A Datis, Gftinite Railway Co., Hu\)t<^n A Anderson, G. W. En 
erton, Sargent A Sulliyan; upholstf rers, W. J. Fernald, G. L. Lincoli 

, Merchants— Agrlciiltiiral implements and hardware, Hpmphraj 
Dortge ft Smithy Thompso'n ft Bethnne; auctioneer and coinniissioi 
raerchant, J. L. Pickering; books, and stationery, J. Jt. Sanborn, E 
O. Ensfmnn, D. L. GtJERNSEY, Frank P. Mace; boots and shoei 
:A. G. Ifarrig, W. A. Thompson, F. P. Hoben A Co., F. Marden, Clark 
A Marden, J. Welcome, A. K. Kn^kpp,. C. W. Qark, J. C. Tboni 
(3«o. H. Moore; carpets, cnrtains and crockerj-, A. R. Ayert^. M 
Stewart ft Sons, T. A. Heath, S. Blood ; cigars and tobacco. S. War<i 
ner. J. S. Hubbard; clothing, C T. Batchebler, M. Ladd, Shaw, Jack 
son A Ahern, M. ^t^olft', Eagle Clothing House, Richardson A Adamf 
E. W. Woodward A Son, Sleeper A Hood, T. W. ft. J. H. STEWART 
Coijcord Cash Clothing Co., T.A. Freeman, T. J. Sanford, W.8. Baker 
coal, wood and ice, Ranlet ft Marsh, Robertson, Rowell ft Co.; co^i 
and cask<t8, G. L. Lovejoy, H. Thompson, A. C. Fisher; confectioner} 
fruit, Ac, Norris A Crockett, Miss E. A. Estes, Broggi Bros., Joseph Pc 
liQp, F. E. Colburn, R. F. Robinson, I, C. Kdgerlj, W. F. Danforth 
clocks, watches and jewelry, N. G. Carr, A^rrill Bros., E. Knigbi 


Postmastert-'CBrrto Norris; Northy Q. W. Coborn. 

JusUCM— 8. W. Clem«jit, O. t. Cbtbarn, J. A. Norri«, J. H. Fftta, 
F. R. Tollantb«e. 

Churoh->F. Bap., J. D. Cfobb, p. o. ad. Vershire, Tt. 

HanufkcCurers — charcoal. North, Qeo. F. Golbnrn; lumber 
Janiea La Hott, p. o. ad. Canaan. Adolph flerrill, p. o. ad. Oknaan, 
L. 8. Fellows, Alden Whicher, Shinglos, clapboards, and baildittg 
timb«n, J. A. Norris, J. K. Woodman. 

Mechanics — blackamith, Stlllman Merrill; carpenters, 8. W. 
01em«nt, J . K. Dow. 

Merchants-^. M. Fitto, p.ojul. Fittsrille, N. H.; Jewelry, A. S. Noyes 

0OVBR« STRAFFORD— Fop., 11,603. £. fr. C, 40. R. X. 8 
->I>oT«r, on B. * H. R. R. Dover Jt Portamodth R. R. Dorer A 
Win. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Elected Jan. 1884. Mayor, Jatees S. Lothrop ; CUy 
CUrky J. B. StevetM, Jr.; C^ 3Vea«., Vraok Freeman ; Chmrman of 
Board of ItutrucUon, A. H. Qnint ; iSec'y, C. A. Fairbanks; City Manh. 
si, R. A. LIbby ; Auidani Harshal, John Oftnney; Pniice Jtutic^, 
9. 8. Frost; i^ecia/ Jiu«fic«,C. A. Tutts; ^M«Mor«, M. 8. Hanscom. G. 
9. I4>well, N. E. Hobbe, J. H. Davis, Andrew Killoren, Thoinan Gar- 
rev, Ward 1, Aldermen, Nathaniel Home, Geo. F. Nute; Oounc&men 
William T. Page, Walter F. Chige, John C. Pray. 2. Aldermen, J. W. 
Ireftthen, Timottiy H. Snell ; ComcUmen, 0. P. Ricker. Cbas. T. Monl- 
ton, Geo. H. Bradbury. 3. Aldermen 8. W. Hatch, Wni. U. WeDt> 
worth; Cbuacilmen, A. R. Clongh. J. H. Ingraham, 8amuel Hnsaey. 
I. Aldermett.'H. £. Perry, Isaac L. Lucas; Oounoihnen, W. D. Taylor 
NathanM Home, Chas. H. Fobs, 5. Aldermen, J. F. Gorman, Patrick 
Oosker ; Oouneilmen, Jas. Mc Gooey, T. J. Cassily, Gorneliae Mahoney. 

Postmasters— Joshua Varaey ; Jbin^, G. W. Ford. 

Justices — £. v. Brewster, S. R. Brown, J. B. 8teveni Jr., Thou 
Bennett, B. B. Brown, G. A. Fairbanks, J. G. Hall, C. H. Hortoit, 
Harrison Haley, F. W. Jenkins, C. 8. Mc Lane, Harry Hough, John 
Holland, J. T. 8. Libbey, W. B. Lyman, D. T. P. Chamberlafo, Dan- 
iel Hall, 8. 8. Jenkins, C. M. Murphy, V. H. Mc Daniel, W. T. Per- 
kins, H. A. Redfield, Wm. 8teraB, Jeremiah 8mith, J. T. Welch. D. 
3. Ward, Peter Burke, C. W. Woodman, Z. 8. Wallingford, J. Q. A 
3wain, G. £. Dnrgin, J. Hayes, T. J. W. Pray, 8. M. Wheeler, W, 
P. Nason, J. M. Pray, J. H. White, T. W. Caswell, 0. A. Dodge, G. G. 
Lowell, A. H. Quint, P. A. ^tackpole, C. W. Tibbetts, John Klvel. 
SItote ; J. B Barnes, John Clement, W. M. Courser, J. H. Davis, C. C. 
[Ihesley, J. 8. Hayes, J. W. Drake, Frank Freeman, G.W. Ford, O. 
P. Foss, J. W. Hartford, J. E. Porter, T. L. Tibbetts, A. G. Wbitte- 
nore, 8. H. Mathes, E. H. Whitehouse, J. B. Quaid. F. 8. Tomkins, 
loshua Taraey, D. H. Wendell, Oliver Wyatt, A. J. Toang. O. W. 
[^olbath, J. D. Guppy, 0. F. Kimball, C. R. Meserve, F. B. Stevens, E 
tf. 8wan. G. W. Vamey, D. C.Wigeins. 

Churches— Adv. A. Phelps ; F. Bap. Washington St. F. K. Ohase ; 
Charles St. H. F. Wood ; C. Bap. C. B. Tnmer ; Cong. Geo. E. Hall ; 

Bpis. I. W. Beard ; Metli. J. M. Durreii ; R. Cath. , D. 

W. Murphy; Unit. W. R. G. Mellen; Univ. 8. H. McColliater ; Cong. 
— ^. • • j 

Eating Houses— H. D. Freeman, John Rollins. 

Exp. AoentS— Niles k Co., Am. Ex. Co., Jackson A Co., Good\vin*e 
}reat Fails. 

Hotels— American House, A. T. Pierce * Co.; New Hampshire I 
Elouse, M. O'Donnell; Kimball House, C. A. Dore; Mansard Honae, 



8. F. Toung; Uaited States Hotel, J. W. Ricker; National House, "W 

Ins. Ag'tS— D. H. Wendell, G. A. Tufts, H. A. REDFIELD, F. Free 
man. G. B. Prescott, W. W. Cnshman, Ksra Twombly, M. W. Sterns 
J. B. Qaaid. 

Lawyers~S. M. Wheeler, J. G. Hall, C. W. Tibbetts, T. J. Smith 
Calvin Sanders, W. F. Nasou, J. Colliy Caverly, C. 8, Mc Lane, B. C 
Carter, John Rivel, A. G. Whittemore, K. G. Pike, C. W. Woodman 
Thomas M. Pray. 

Literary Institutions— Dover Hijprb School ; Franklin Academy. 

Livery Stables— W. R. Brown, C. W. Davis, S. Mitchell, J. F Slavey 

Manufacturers— boots and shoes, G. B. Wentworth. G. W. Tash 
i. U. Kurd & Son : carriages, J. H. Randlett, W. B. Walker & Co 
H. A. Worthen: coffins, 8. 0. Martin, J. A. Glidden, John McArdle ; cot 
tons, Oocbecn Manafg Co.; hair, G. J. Brown: harnesses, G. W 
Hayes, G.D. Vincent, Henry Law; hoop skirts, 0. W. Farrar; iron am 
brass founders, Dover Iron Foundry; marble and soap stone, 8. H 
Foy, R. H. Twombly ; glu«*, Stevens A Wiggins ; soap, L. Beach jr. i 
Co.: woolens, F. A. A J. Sawyer ; clothing, Dover Clothing Go. 

Meehanics A' Artisans— blacksmiths, J. Burleigh A Son, Jarae> 
Ikwton, C. F. Furbish, H. A. Hall, J. IL Hartford. J. B. Hull, Reuhei 
Nason ; book binder, C. H. Horton ; builders, Beede A Shaw, J. M 
Clark, Hanson Bro^., G E. Joy, Joshua Converse, George Brown; joL 
printer, Charles Dame. 

Merchants-Auctioneers, J. W. Foss & Co., J. S. Hayes. V. H. McDtin 
iel; books and stationery, K.J. Lane A Go. Lorhrop A Pinkham, J. 
C. Varney ; boots and shoes, £. V. Brewster, Dennis Gash, C. W. 
Vorris, 0. C. Ingnihani, R. J. Shaw, D. A. Page, J. H. Winslow, J 
6. Stratton, Tash A Co., O. A. Reynolds; bread, B. S. Hodgkie-s 
|G. H. Biddle ; clothing, D. Lothrop A Co., A. F. Hussey, D. Foss,.! 
A. Hoye, J.F. Seavey, A. Friisier. S. Backley, Ingraham A Hobbs, B. F 
Baley, F. C. Snow A Co. ; coal and wood, G. H. Trickey A Co , O. B. 
Wentworth, R. QaleyA Co., V. Mithea, crockery, W. A. Mr)nill,G. W. 
Wiggin A Son, J. P. Lowell; dry goods, W. H. Moore, W. K 
Tapl«y. I. W. Nute A Co, W. Sterns, E. G. W. Tash A Co.. B. P. Ne&ley. 

A. E. Parker, O. W. Farrar; druisrs and medicines, J. Y. Wingate, 
a. W. Smith, C. A. Tufts, W. H.Vickery, Lothrop A Pinkliam. 

B. F. Rackley, G. E. Yaruey, H. C. Goodwin : fancy goods, J. C. 
Varney, G. E. Horton, B. Dal ton, W. B. Dennis, J. W. Foso A Co.: 
ftsh, Bart Rich, W. F. Walker: florist, G. A. Davis; groceries. 
ICiite A Foes, J. F. Roberts, J. H. Grimes, John McCuvey. 
Whltebouse A Pinkham, J. P. Lowell, E. V. Brewster A Co., H 
Roberts A Co., J. G. Tasker, John MesiTve, Strout A Littlefield. 
W. M. Courser, M. Killoren, J. C. Hutchins, J. Roberts, 
|G|. W. Tash A Co., C. T. Henderson, J. A. Wisfgins, Faxom A 
jChurbuck, V. M. Swan, Coleman A Cudhing, J. F. Griffen, J. S. 
P. Ham; groceries and crockery, Boston Branch Store; guns, fishing 
tackle, H. H. W. Twombly, Eugene Smart; hardware, C. L. Jen- 
ness, J. H. Seavey, Foot A Snell : hats and caps, J. T. W. Ham, J. 
H. Winslow, A. F. Hussey, J. A. Hoye, J. K. Puringion A Son ; jewel- 
ry, C. S. Kingman, J. A. Horn, C. E. Bacon ; junk dealers, 
W. T. Lucas, F. A. Ln||t A Co.; leather belting, I. B. Williams, 
ft Sons; lumber, lime and cement. Converse A Wood; meat, Bart Rich. 
F.B. Clough, Colbath Bros., J. M. Burnham, S Tappan, G. F. Nute A 
Go., J. B. Sanders, G. M. Bosworth, J. E. Kimball A Son, B. C. Berry: 
miUiaery, Miss E. Husband, Miss M. Byrne, T. P. Cressey A Son, K. I. 



Flyiin; muBical iiMtnimeiita, D. Lothrop A C04 miQ^ral wat«r. Dr. 
ilorsch; paintgand oil8, J. B. Folsom ft Co., A. J. Roberts, J. BedelL 

C. L. Jenness, B. F. Buckley; pianos, and organs, D. Lothrop & OoJ 
Jos. Pinkfaani ; picture (hiines and artists' materials, T. C. Hovejr 'J 
se\vin}( machines, J. Pinkhain, D. Lothrop & Co., Singer Hanurg Co.. 
Ingraham & llobbs; stoves, M. D. Hiil ft Co., John Baty, Moalton ft 

Physicians— L. Q. Hill, A. G. Fenner, Jeremiah Home, T. J. W, 
Pray, J. Li. Wheeler, P. A. Stuclcpole, M. C. iiathrop, J. K. Ham. C. A. 
Ttifts, £. 8. Berry, Smith ft CliamberLiin, C. H. Fairbanks ; H. R. 
l*ark^r. W. B. Sullivan, J. W. Draice, C. H. Horsh, Wm. Hall; den- 
tists, D. Malcoiui, A. J. Young, C. W. Tasker, W. W. ilayea, C. C. 
Cliesley; vet. surgeons, A. J. Seavey, 0. A. Oibbs. 

Telegraph Company — Western Union, C. A Tufts. airH. 

Telephone Company^Boston ft Northern, J. D. p. Wingate, Div. 

JDrevrsirille— See Walpole. 

JDUBI^IHr, CHESHIRE— ^o\*. 456. S.W, fr.C. 45; B.fV.Keene, 
13. R. R. 8. — Peterboro, and Jaffrey on Monad nock R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS—Oerib and Treas.yW. L. Fiske; Sefectmnn^S. Adams Jr..i 
0. H. Moore, ^Honry C Piper ; Supt, Ileury H. Piper: HighS(^wti 
CommiUe; Henry U. Hiper, James Allison, WarreaJL. Fiake; AgetUa. 
Jas. Allison, licnry D. Leonard. 

Postmaster, Exp. A Tel. Ag't— O. W. Gleason. 

Justices— H. C. Piper, iSfate; James Allison, W. L. Fiske, H. D. 
Learned. Milton D. Mason. 

Churches— Cong. ; Unit. H. D. Gatlin. 

Manufacturer— blacksmith, Washington Proctor. 

Merchants— O. W. Qleason, BL D. Mason. 

Physician— H. H. Smith. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Thaddeus Morse, Mrs. J. Qleason, John 
H. MiLson, H. H. Leffingwell, Qw). A. Gowing, Joseph Morse, W. jJ 
Greenwood, Samuel Adams, jr. 


lis ; Selectmen, J. B. Lovejoy, Walter Philbrook. L. C. Jewett. 

Justices — C. W. Muzz(*y. Isaac C. Wiglit, J. B. i^ovejoy. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, A. S. Eilingwood; lumlier, S. W, 

DUNBARTOIV9 MERRIMACK—Pop. 711. S. fr. C. 10. B. B. 
8. — E. Weare, 3, Goffiitown 6, on Manchester and N. Weare R. R\ 
Conveyance to first trains down. Dally stage to meet fast train from 
Concord to Boston. 

OFFICERS— ^YerX:, W. S. Twiss; 7V«as., F. L. Ireland; Seltctmeal 
J. B. Ireland, Willie F. Page. J. P. Jameson ; SupL, L. Hayden. ' 

Postmasters— O. P. Wilson; yorth^ D. P. Walker. 1 

Justices— W. B. Biimham, W. ILStinson. Alfred Colby, J. C.XillsJ 

D. II. Parker, Slate; W. S. Twiss J. A. Clmmberlain, J. H. Barvj 
roughs, S. B. Hammond, 0. P. Wilson, T. 8, Wilson, C. W. Colby, D 
S. Person. I 

Churches— Bap. L. Hayden ; Cong. T. C.^Bouton; Epis., Edward 
P,irker, P.O. ad.. Concord. I 

Hotel— Prospect House, E. Stan3'an. 
Manufacturers— (IX handles, Ansel Marshall ; lumber, B. ft L. Ps«l 

Wnfth Rt'arlr 'Milla . l.lonV»».i*k. « e\ Tir..:* T ._ n «. .. 1 

twood, Samuel Adams, jr. , 

[JMaiEIU COOS— Pop., 514. N. £. fr. C.,156; N. B. fr. Lan^ 
r, 24. R. R. S.—W. Milan, 4 m., on G. T. R. R. 
FICERS — Clerk, T A. TwitchoU ; TVcat. and 8:*pf., W. A . Wil- 


1. B. Ireland, 8. Flanders ; builders, J. D. Bnnten, T. S. WilsoD ; 
ol> printer, O. H. A.TllhHniberlin. 

Merchants — O. P. Wilson ; ai>ple treen, J. P. Jamei^on. 

Sunamer Boarding Houses— Wm. B. BarDham, J. A. ChamberlaiD 
Peter BiitterfleM. 

Veterinary Surgeons— T. W. Kimball, Horace Gnlduell. 

DfJRUAIVli STRAFFORD — Fbp. 962. R. fr. C. 34; 8. W 
V. Dover, 5. R. R. £>.— Duriiani, >^ m., on B. A M. R. R. Stage. 

OFFICERS— C?edt, Samnel Rnnlett, jr.: TVazs., J. W. E. Thomp- 
son ; Selectmen^ J. B. Smith, Stephen Rand, Charles E. Huitt. 

Postmaster — J. H. McI>Hniel. 

Justices — JotL C. Bartlett, Ephraim Jenkins, J. B. Smith, SXate; K. 
K . Davis, F. 8. Smith, C. G. Hull. 
' Churches — Chris. Bap. — ; Cong. 8. H. Barnnm. 

Manufacturers — bhirksniith, Richard Drew ; builders, I. P. 
Church, J. J. Bunker; brick, H. A. Matlies; lumber, Sam'l Runlet, 
r. H. W iswall. 

Merchants — John Mc Daniel & Son, V. Mathes 2d, Alvin Jackson 
M>al, V. Mathes 2d; dry goods, J. R. Me Daniel; hay dealers, Jere- 
miah Lttngley. 

Tel. Ag*tS — J. W. E. Thompson, Alvin Jackf^on. 

12; S. fr. Exeter 6. R. R. tf.— E. Kingston on B. & M. R.R. 
L OFFICERS— CT«rife. F.J. Philbrick ; TVeo*., G. W. Sanlwn; Select- 
ften, K. W, Philbrick, P. T. French, A. H. Tiltotf ; Sujrf., Ida K.Tilton. 

Postmaster— H L. Roweil. 

Justices— Geo. B. Webster, E. F. Currier, B. K. Webster, S. W. 
Philbrick. State; J. P. French, C. F. A. Currier, H. L. Roweil. 
[ Church— Meth. C. U. Chase. Ex. A Tel. Ag't— J. B. Morrill. 
t Manufacturers— biirk, J. S. Lamprey . 

Mechanics— blacksmith, C. E. Marsh ; builders, B. W. Philbrick, F. 
J. Philbrick. 

1 Merchants— Merrill Bros., E. A. Tilt >n, II. L. Roweil, J. W. Bnswell, 
! E ASTON, GRAFTOy— Top 302. N. W. fr. C. 90; N. E. fr- 

averhill, 20. R. R. iS.— Lisbon ft Bath, 12 m., each on B. & L. R. R. 

hfte Mt. Div. 

OFFICERS- Cr«ri, Frank J. Bartlett, 7Vea». D. J. WhitchtT ; Seleet- 

en, N. O. Cogswell, Otis Brooks, A. G. Aldrich ; SupL, Mrs. Josle Y . 

k Postmaster— R M. Toung. 

f Justices— Geo. W. Cogswell, StaU; Willis Bowles, T. B. Toung, N. 
D. Cops well. 

i Manufacturers— blacksmith, Frank J. Bartlett; builders, T. B. 
jToung, G.' W. Kendall; carriages, F. J. Bartlett; lumber, Drnry 
Liby A Co., Whitcher A Kondhll, Noyes k Kaw^on, D. Whitcher. 
k. W. Tonng, 0. & W. Brooks ; shingles and bobbins, C. A. Toung. 
I Merchant— Mrs. 0. P. Kendall. 

EA'ro;^9 CARROLL^Pop., 629. N. E. ft. C. 69. N. fr. Ossipee, 20 
\R, R. S, — Conway Corner, 6 m., on Eastern R. R. Daily sfcige. 
Brownfield. Me., on P. & 0. R. R., 10 m. 
k^OFFJCEBS — Clerk, James O. Dearing; Treat., Benj. F. Wftkefleld ; 
mlectmen, Frank M. Hatch, David M. Thurstun, J. S. Allard ; Siipt. 
1. W. Hatch. 

Postmasters — Centre, H. H. RoVertson, Snowvitle, E. A. Sanley. 

Justices— Silas Snow, S. W. Perkins, Edwin Snow, J. E. Perkins, 
e ; Clement Drew, B. M. Allard. 



Church— Bap. 

Manufacturers— carriages, Snoir Bros.; lamber, boards, sfafnglM 
stHves, &;c., Edwin Snow. 

Mechanics — blacksmith. Henry Kenneson; cabinet makerft am 
carpenters, Silas A Alvin Snow, B. M. Allard, E. E. Bryant. 

Merchants — E. Snow A Son, Robertson ft Snow, BJ. R. Read, 
Clement Drew; millinery and fancy goodi*, Mrs. Gioment Drew. 

Physicians— W. P. Atkinson, L. W. Atkinson. 

EFFIirOHAM, CARROLL-Pop. 8G5. N. B. fr. C. 70; N. E. 
fr. Ossipee, 8. R. R. 8.— It. Wakefield and Ossipee Center, on P. Qt 
F. A Con. R. B. Daily stage to E. Wakefield. 

OFFICERS— C?«rfc, A. B. Lamper; Tt-eas. A. J. Wedgewood; *^ 
Ucimen, David W. Davis, C. S. Miles, C. H. Stevens ; \/3upt».^ Center, M, 
C. Morse, J. M. Leavitt ; JPaU$, Georjce Longee. 

Postmasters— A. B. Lamper; Souths B.F.Taylor. 

Justices— M. C. Morse. J. W. Thurston, 8taU ; B. F. Tavlor, T. F. 
Taylor, C. F. Rowe, J. M. Drake, D. W. Taylor, A. B. Lamper. C. II 
Hibbard, S. Q. Dearborn, C. U. Stevens. 

Churches— Cong. ; P. Bap. H. P. Snow 

Exp. Agent— J. M. Champion. Lawyer — S. Q. Dearborn. 

Hotel and Summer Boarding— J. C. Leavitt, A. C. Leavitt. 

Merchants— lumber, A. B. Lamper; clothing, South, B. F^Tiftylor 

Physician— J. M. Leavitt. 

Center- Postmaster— M. O. Morse. 

Church — Bap. Pettinglll. 

Literary Institution— Masonic Institute. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Levi Champion A Son; carpenters, J. 7. 
Moore, J. A. Leavitt;' lumber, G. E. More. 

Merchants — S. M. Morse & Son ; auctioneer, S. M. Morse. 

Falls— Postmaster— Noah Shaw. , 

Church— V. Bap. Ammazeal. 

ManuGaicturers — spools, bobbins and rakes, C. A J. Parsons; car- 
riages, S. Stokes ; lumber, N. T. Smart A Sun, J. Demeritt; excelsioi 
mills, 0. Deesta. 

i'ilMechanicS- blacksmiths, R. M. Fulton ; carpenters, S. T. Long 
0. Stillings, SetU Uatch ; machinist, John Parsons. 

Merchant— J. r. Demeritt. 2 ' '^BB , 

Elil^SirORTH, GRAFfOX—Pop. 209. N. W. fr. C. 58; S| 
E. fr. Haverhill 25. R. R. iSf.— Rumney, 7 m. on B. A L. R. R., Wbil 

OFFICERS— C7«-i and Treas. .Henry H. Pease: Supt, D. R. Bai 
zell; Selectmen, D. R. Buzzell, C. P. Palmer, 0. F. Blake. 

Justices— D. R. Buzzell, J. M. Dustin. 

Church — F. Bap. Mflton Downing. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, E. Currier, B. P. Downing: carpenter 
Albert Downing, Samuel Willey ; cooper, Sam'I Willey. 

E]!rFIEI*D.Ci2>lFT0^— Pop. 1,680. N: W. fr. C 42; S. frJ 
Haverhill, 35. R. R. &— Enfield on B. A L. R. R., No. Div. | 

OFFICERS— Cfer*, Center, F. P. Fisher; Trtas. W. C. aongh; 
Seleclmen, J. O. Spencer, W. F. Smith, J. F. Jones; Oonstabli 
Smith Marston; <^ttp£., G. F. Petingill ; Overseer, C. L. Clark ; J^entJ 
II. L. Chamberlin. 

Postmasters— W. C. ClouKh ; Mont Calm, Hilliard Church. 
^l^Justices — Valentino Manahan, £. B. Huse, Wyman Pattee, A. AJ 
Cox, J. F. Bryant, Eben aough, StaU ; Nathaniel Purmort, L. Wj 
Currier, J. M. Nelson, P. 8. Wells, J. F. Perley, F. T. Currier. 

BU8IirS88 DIBEOTO&T. 73 

Churches — Cong. ; Meth. G. N. Krook ; Shakers, llenry 

Blyon ; Univ. Walter Dole. 

Exp. A. Tel. Ag't— J. B. Follansbee. 

Hotel— £. A. Kenyon. Ins. Ag'ts— B. B. Huse, P. T. Oiirrier. 

Livery Stables^-J. B. Thomas, 0. Houston, £. A. Kenyon, A. B 

Manufacturers— bedsteads, Huse ft Bte^ry ; trooms, p-ain -tnnas- 
ares, seeds, etc., JOHN BRADFORD, William Wilson, F. Nowell; 
batter firkins. Wells A Flanders ; eave spouts and wooden shovels, D. 
U. Camming; flannels and hosiery. Dodge, Davis ft Co.; granite, 
monuments and curbing, H. W. Clark, J. F. Stockbridge : harnesses, 
C. M. Trescott; leather, Leviston Bros.; lumber, A. A. Cox, Wells A 
Flanders; tubs and pails, F. Nowell; doors, sash and blinds, J. C. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. D. Fleming, Stephen Laffee; Eatt, 
0. McKinnie; builders, A. P. Plummer, K Webster, O. W. Babbitt, 
Oscar Collins. D. M. Atwell, Mark Burnham. 

Merchants — 6. B. Deming ft Co., Pattee ft Currier ; clocks, watches 
and jewelry, H. B. Stanley ; coffins and caskets, J. C. Currier; drugf 
tind medicines, 0. B. Deming ft Co. ; boots, shoes and fancy goods, W 
C. Cloiigh: meal and grain, Wyman Pattee ; meat and groceries, C. E 
Oolburn ft Co.; millinery, Mrs. £. A. Kenyon ; rough and hewn gran- 
ite, D. L. Tilton; stoves, tin asd hardware, Burnham A Choate. 

PhysicianS'-'Valentine Manahan ; dentist, J. A. Page. 

Center— Postmaster— J. F. Bryant. Hotel— Mont Calm House 
J. H. Morse. 

Manufacturers— brooms, J. F. Spaalding; carriages and sleighB 
W. Y. Wolcott; cassimeres, and hosiery, Mellen ft (jordon; lum- 
ber, Frank Morse ; silver polish, J. F. Bryant. 

Mechanics —blacksmiths, J. Mc Elwain ; builders, W. H. Leavitt, 
Blias Stickoey ; marble workers, G. F. Andrews. 

Merchants— J. F. Bryant, F. T. Currier; coffins ft caskets, Z. H. 
Diistin; grain and meal, J. F. Spaulding; millinery, Ellen M. Perley. 

Physician— F. P. Fisher. 

JBPPINe, ROCKINGHAH—Vop, 1,636. S. B. fr. C. 39 ; W. 
fr. Portsmouth, 18. R. R. 6'.— Epping, West Epping, and East Bpping 
on C. ft P. R. R. Epping and No. Epping on N. ft R. R. S. 

OFFICERS— CVerA:, J. Q. Pike; 2Vea«., W. H. Stickuey ; Sekctmtfi, 
W. L. Plummer, Wm. H. Dniry, J. A. Corning : Supt. F. W. Spaulding 

Postmasters— W. H. Stickney ; VVest^ G. N. Shepard ; NoHh^ Hannah 
Chase ; East, James P. Barber. Exp. Ag't— F. P. Knox. 

Justices — B. F. Prescott, W. L. Plnmmer, J. M. Gndfr.-'y, O. N 
Sfaepard, J. B. Pearson, H. B. Burnham, W. H. Drury, J. C. Bniiey, ii. 
8. Rnndlett, Slate; W. F. Lawrence. C. W. Sanborn, B. F. Burlier, I). 
I. Bartlett, W. H. Stickney, G. ^. Dow, J. H. Holt, John Leddy, 
B. Folsom. G. W. Tilton, Moses A. Perkins. 

Bank — Epping Saving^s, J. C. Burley, Pres., G. S. Rundlett, Treas. 

Churches—Cong. J. H. Stearns ; Epis. -— ; Friends, — 

Meth. F. B. White. 

Hotel— Pawtnckaway, G. E. Smith. 

Lawyer— Wm. H. Drury. 

Literary Institution— Watson Acad«ny, W. H. Upton, Prin. 

Livery Stables — ^Pawtuckaway, W. R. Bunker, 0. J. Jenkins. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, G. S. Thompson, G. W. Hopkinson 
W. a. Bunker; boots ft shoes, B. W. Hoyt ft Co Bartlett Bros, ft 
Co. Norris ft Miles, J. A. Coruhig ; boxes, C. A. ft H. W. Miles ; bricks. 



Ijevi TbompMm, Bunker ft Brown, O. 9. Randlett ; bmlders, F. K 
Bean. Fnuik Chaae. Robert Pike; carriages. Walter Prentiaa; lnm- 
i>er, J. n. Pike, Thompwm ft Norris, Pike ft Bnrler, 6e«i. Q. Dnvr ; 
luniber ft meal, 'C. Miles ft 8on« ; meal, piaster an<l lumber, fFe-«f, 
r. ft T. C. Folsom : mittena, B. H. Pearson ; woolens, Norrie ft How- 
ard : West J F. H. Car|«Bter. 

Merchants-^. Q. Pike, W. R. Banker, Jobn Leddy : G. S. Kandlei 
ft Sun ; West, J. h. Tme, 6. N. Sbepard ; auctioneer, F. E. Bean 
boots and shfies, A. D. Biuwn; clotbingr, A. D. Brown; drugs an 
medicinea, W. H. Stieknej ; fiincj, goods P. F. Eaton ; floor and prai 
(wholesale and retail) A. S. Robie; fumitore and coffins J. M. Toang 
groceries, A. R. Tbompsoa, B. T. Swain, A. 8. Robie; meat, 8. H. Kaitd, 
H.6. Sanboin,0. 8. Lan^ley ; West, H. H. Tbyng: millineFy, Biias O 
B. Bean; stoves, J. S. Ladd: watches and jewelry, F. P. Fisk. 

PhysieUns— A. G. Bnswell, H. B. Burnhara, F. W. Spanlding. 

Tel. Oper. — ^F. P. Knox. 

Telephones — Boston ft Northern Telephone ; Central, J. Q. Pike. 

EraOX. MERRrMIACK-~~Pop. 9<)9. B. from C. 12. S. It. S.— 
Bpsnni ami Short Falls, on Snncook Valley R. R. 

OFFICKRS — Clerks 6. B. Warren ; TVeeu., Warren Tripp; Ssleetmem, 
SamnnI Mnrtin, James H. Tripp, J. C. Philbrick ; Supt. D. G. Ohelsey 

PostmiSters— J. T. Cotterell ; J^ort FnlU, J. B. Teonant, GostvilU 
A. J. Silver. 

Justices — BeiU' Towie, J. H. Dolbeer, C. O. Brown, D. S. Locke, 
Stale \ Samnel MaHin, C. D. Heath. 

Churches— Chris. ; Oong. ; F. Bap. N. A. Arery 

Manuraeturers — ^bonts and shoes, A. H. Hill, B. PniFer; boxf'S, W. 
Tripp: flour and moal, J. W. Marden, H. Bickfurd, II. S. Knewle«: 
Inuiber and shingles, M. D. Bickford, H. BIckford, pat. clapboanl 
michiiie and door hangers, H. A. Holmes; sash and blinds, F. Mnrdrn. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths. H. Ililliard, Abram Ricker; bnilders. 
J. G. Philbrick, J. Sperlin, C. S. Heath, G. Bnrnhaiu ; millwright, H. 

A. Ilolmss. 
Merchants — J. B. Tennant, Silver ft HhII, J. G. Hall ft Son, 

H. S. Knowles. Physicians— M. F. Smith, D. L. Lock. 

Station Agents— G. 8. Hail; Short Falls, J. B. Tennant. 

EBBOL. {700.S^-Pop., 101. N. C. 140; E. fr. Golebrook 
20. R. R. &— W. Milan, on O. T. R. R. 22 ra. Stage also frf>m 
Golebrook and Milan 3 times a week. 

OFFICBRS— CTeri, L. G. Bragg: T/eos., D. H. Thnrston : Setegtmen, 
E. 1). Ttinrstoo, A. W. Fickett, W. M. Thurston ; SupL, D. H. Thnrston. 

Postmaster— L. G. Bragcr. 

Justices— W.W. Bragg, State ; Geo. C. Deraeritt, D. H. Thniston, C. 
H. West. 

Hotels — Akers House, .Tohn Akers ; Brrol House, T. T. Chapman. 

Manufacturers— carriages, W. A. Bri^g; lumber, Pringle ft Co., 
E. J. Palmer. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, B. D. Thnrston, B. W. Sanborn. 

titna, — See Hanover. 

EXETEB, ROCKINOHAM—Pop., 3,640. 8. B. fr. C., 40. R. R 
5.— Exeter, on B ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Of«r*, W. H. Belknap; Treat., J. B. Gardner; <SUec^ 
men, Jewett Conner, J. J. Folsom, A. J. Fogg; Snpts., J, D. Lyman, 

B. O. Eastman, H. Scammon. 
Postmaster— O. 8. I.«avitt. Exp. Ag't— G. M. Perkins, C. Dyer. 
Justices— G. H. Bell, Thoa. LeaTitt, W. P. Moulton, J. J. Bell, A. J 


Ho.Tt, G. W. Wertton, W. W. Stickney, W. M. Dnrf^in, J. W. 0«llin, 
pathantel Gordon, J. D. Lyntan, J. H. Shaplcy, W. 1). lAorrill, J. 
W. Towle. G. 6. Connor, Chas. Connor, K; G. Ertstnian, G. £ Lane, 
C. B. Lane. State, Andrew Whyte, T. R. Davis, II. A. Sliate, W. U 
Belknap, J. D. P. Wingate, A. C. Bnxzell. M. Sleeper, T. B. Hoyt, 
A. O. Fnller, C. H. Knight, Edw. Ford,.!. Tompleton. 

Banks — Nat'l Granite State, C. A. Merrill, pree. ; W. F. Pntnam, cash. 
Utii<>n five cent, ChaR. Biirltiy, Pres., d. C. Clark, Treas.; Squamptcott 
SayiiiKB, W. 11. Belknnp, Trea^. 

Churches— Cal. Bap. J. N. Chase ; Goutr. Swift Byington, G. E. 
Street ; Epis. G. B. Morgan; Meth. J. W. Adams; R. G., J. Canning 

Oiiit. , 

Eating Houses— C. E. Folsom, G. W. LeaTitt, Frank Hervey, Lake 
{..oighton.C. G. Littlefield. 

Hotels — American House, L. G. Towle; Hoyt's, 0. Steyens, Gorbam 
Hall, G. A- Wtntworlh. 

Lawyers— W. W. Stickney, Thomaii Leavitt, J. F. Wiggin. Gilman 
Sfarston, J. Warren Towle, A. C. Bnzzell, E. G. Eastman, Fred S. 
Hatch, C. H. Knight, A. 0. Fuller, Henry A. Shnte. 

Literary Institutions— Philip's Exeter Academy. G. A. Wentworth, 
prin.; Robinson Female Seminary, G. N. Cross, prin. ; Exeter 
Hi^sh School, Albion Burbank. 

Livery Stables— L. G. Towle. C. D. Towle, Milton Bead, E. C. Towle. 
ManuTacturers — Exeter Brat's Works, E. Fohosii & Co. 
cottons, Exeter Manufg Co. Henrey Kent, agent, Exeter Foundry 
Inmber, Smith A Folsom, Brown A Warren, Exeter Hiichtne Worku, 
W. Burling '.me, agent, Dow A Burley : potter'H ware, Frank Lainson. 
Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, A. J. Fogg, G. W. Greene, T. 
Wal>erton, MRitson Bros; builden, Brown A Warren, C. H. Towle, 
B. W. York. William Young, C. W. Yonng, Joniah Batchelder, C. H. 
Palmer; hamei>s makers, Tilton A Fleming, D. T. Springer ; machin 
ists, G. W. A C. Lane; pipe fitting, W. W. Cormon ; printers, 
W. B. Morrill, J. D. P. Wingate, A. J. Hoyt A Co.: shoes. Gale Bros. 
Merchants — 9. S. Thyng; anctioneem, J. P. Elkins A Co., C. D 
Towle ; books and stationery, J. H. Butchelder ; lK>ot8 and 8boe«, J 
W. Merrill, T. E. FIfield, G. T. Stacy. J. M. Towle, Henry Dow; 
clock.4 and watches, W. B. Morxjil, D. M. Quimby, 0. H. Sleeper; 
clothing, J. W. Merrill, A. Churchill A Co., J. P. KIkins A Co., 
Ixiiidon Bros.; dry goods. Dearborn Bros., W. 8. Follunsby, B. 
Mayeis, ; drugsand mcdictneA, C A. Merrill. A. S. Wetherell, .1. E. 
Knight; fanry goods and notion^, S. F. Emerson, Wui. Currier: 
j^roceries, Mrs. N. Weeks, jr.. Dearborn Bros., F, .1. Merrill, F. M. 
Davies, Kelly A Gardner, Read A Co., S. J. Dndley, Dunn A Mur- 
dock; hardware, K' Ily A Gardner, J. W. Qetchel, J. Carlisle; 
liats and caps, A. Merrill A Son^i, Churchill A Co.; millinery 
L. B. Getchell, A Co , Mar.y O. Litch. S. B. Yonng, J. R. Pettingil'l; 
paper hangings, S. S. Thyng, J. H. Batchelder ; wool, A. Merrill A 
dons. H. G. Moses. 

Physicans— Wm. P'*rry, W.G. Perry, Edward Otis, R. Bartlett, 
Robert Mason, W. R. Davis, R. Barstow, T. Yarney ; dentists, C. H 
Gerrish, J. B. S. Pray. 
Tel. Ag'tS— S. S. Uaynes, Ella Haseltine, E. B. Nowell. 
Fabyao House— See Carroll. 
' FARMIIVClTOBr, STRAFFORD-^Voip 3,044. N. B. fr. C. 36; 
N. W. fir. DoTer, 18. R. R. S.— Farmington, on D. A W. R. R. ^ m. 
|fr. village; conveyance to all trains. 


OFFICERS— C7«ri, L. C. Plammer; Tretu. J. B. Kdgeiiy; Bel^d^ 
men. S. S.Amazeon, G. H. Smith, W. W. Fnller. 

Postmaster— W. ll. Haye». Tel. Ag't— G. W. Wood. 

Justices— J. B. Edgerly. 0. N. EastmAD, Hiram Bnrker, D. T. Par 
ker. JC. P. Nute, Frank ISmerHoa, G. W. Talpey, B. B. F(ie5(, D. C 
Mellows, P. M. Horn, W. II. Haves, 0. II. Piriii.<n, E. F. Clontnian. 
JubnTiittle, A. W. Sbackfoni, Ue<Y. W. Femald, StaU; A. D. Otitf 
G. Jolinson, lanac Merrill, W. W. llHyfs. J. £. Feruald, J. W. Tar- 
ney, C. £. Hnssey, B. W. Biiicrsun, P. P. Connor. 

Churches— Adv. ; Cong. W. B. Darling; F. Bap. Thos 


Exp. Ag'tS — American, C. H. Page ; Meserve's, D. G. HeiniuiDg;way, 
B. P. Nate. 

Hotels — Central Cottage, Win. Welch ; Mechanic's, J. T. Bux^gin: 
WilMon House, E. T. A S. li. Cuttm. 

Ins. Ag'tS— C. H. Pitman, Wm. Yeaton, C. W. Talpey. 

Lawyers — G. N. Eastman, F. Emerson, £. H. Shannon, E. F. Clout- 

Literary Institution— High Scliool, S. H. BHker, prin. 

Livery Stables— F. E. Trench. S. Nutter. F. E. Mooney, W. Welch. 

Manufacturers — boots aud shoes. A. Nute & Sous, Israfl Ha\ef> A 
Sons, J. F. Cloutman, J. M. Berry, J.M. Wilder, H. B. E' £ferly A !ik>u, 
II. L. Roberts, D. VV. Kimball; blacksmiths, A. L. Leavitt, J. G. L 
Smith, G. H. Fletcher, Alonzo Straw; builders, A. A. Hall, Frank 
Chunit>erlin, H. B. Knox, F, H. Blake, S. S. Cloutman; carringe« 
J. P. Tibbt^tts. A. F. Perkins; barnesises. W. W. Fuller, Geo. Tarltou 
heels, J. E.Hayes: lasts, Haines A Flanders; lumber, W. W. Ilayea, 
J. W. Waldron, A. 8. Waldron, Levi Pearl, C. W. Jenuess, A A. Hall ; 
manons. S.J. Leighton. J. T. A. H. W. Pride. F. Colbath. 

Merchants— J. F. Hall, E. T. Wilson, J. E. Feruald, J. H. Barker 
A Co., D. E. Edgerly, C. W. Wingate; boots A shpes, L. L. Pinkliam, A. 
E. Putnam; clocks watches A jewelry, J. F.Safford; clothinir, Boston 
Clothing Co., Tilton Furber A Co; coal and wood, P. Pearl, C. W. 
Talpey ; drugs and medicines, R. B. Foss A Co., D. T. Parker, Emer- 
oon A Garland ; dry goods, P. M. Frost. G. A. Jones A Co., L. Marxsohn ; 
fruit and coufsctionery, H. R. Peavy, F. L. Runnals, A. G. Bracey; 
furniture a<id carpets, E. B. A M. W. Small. A. E. Carter A Co.; hard- 
ware, paints and oils, E. T. Williion, J. E. Fernald ; ice, Thayer Bros, 
millinery, Mrs. L. A. Small, Mrs R. S. York, Wood A Hanson ; pro 
visions, C. H. Dudley, Stephen Nurter, A. H. Wiggiu; stoves and tin 
ware, R. A. Amazeen, M. W. A E. B. Small. 

Physicians— D. T. Parker, R. B. Fo&«, H. P. Wheatly, J. S. El- 
kius, 0. B. Hanson, John Young; W. P. Blake; dentists, C.F. Bennett, 
A. Garland. 

Telephone — Boston A Northern, D. GL Hemmingway. 

fitlSTille — A p. o. in Grafton Co. 

FITZ Wllil-l AM, 6*flJSSf/7iJ.B-Pop. 1,187. S. W. fr.C.54. 8 
E. fr. Keene, 13. R. JR. JT.—Fitz William depot, IJ^m., aud State Lio* 
on Cheshire R. B. 

OFFICERS— CVsri. Stephen Batcheller ; Trean.. J. M. Parker ; fiefcd- 
men, Wm. H. Shirley, A. J. Blake, J. K. Rand; Sifpto., A. J. 
Bln]l% Elliot Wheelock, J. M. Parker. 

Postmaster— P. S. Batcheiior. 

Justices— A. J. Blake, C. B. Perry, S. Kendall, State; J. 8. Ad- 
anis, M. A. Allen, P. 8. Batcheller, Daniel Bnrbank, Leander Rich 
ardson, 0. K. Wheelock, Stephen Batcheller, 0. L. Brock. 


Churches — Bap. A. Dnna ; Cong. J. Colby. 

Hotels— Fitzwilliam, John L. Perry, prnp.; Cheiihire, 0. K. Whee 
lock ; MoDadnrx:k MoiintiiiD House, P. S. & S. Batcheller. 

Lawyer A Ins. Aa't— life and fire, A. J. Blake. 

Livery Stables.— O. K. Wheelock, Jobo L. Perry. 

Manufacturers- blacksmith, S. Polard, P. Whitcomb ; bntter fir 
kins and pailg, Coolidge A Whitteraore ; brackets and fancy wooden 
ware, Herbert Tkft ; lumber, 8. S. Stone, Geo. A. Stone ; grist auc 
naw mill, S. 8. Stone ; pailx and tubs, Jonaa Damon, p. o. ad., Win- 
cbendon, Ma^s.; tinware, B. F. Cummings. 

Merchants— J. M. Parker A Co., P. 8. A 8. Batcb«ller; Statt 
LitUy J. L. Gilson, p. o. ad., Wincbendon, Mass.; meat and prori- 
sioiiH, 0. F. Mitcbell, Frank L. Perham. 

Physicians— A. R. Gleason, E. Annable. 

Depots-Postmaster— Elbridge Cummings. 

Church— Metb. William Merrill. 

Exp. 9t Tel. Ag't— I3brid{;e Cummings. Ins. AgH— O. B. Perry. 

Manufacturers— tilacksmitbs, C. F.^Pope, Jallos S. Bemis ; lumber 
HjBnry Howe. £. L. Stone. 

Merbhants— F. B. Frye; berries, C. B. Ferry; millinery, Mrs. ICary 

FRAIfCESTOWN, HILL8BOBOUGH-Vo^. 939. 8. W. fir. 
C. 25 ; W. from Manchester 23 ; N. W. from Nashua, 23 : 
R. R. S. — Greenfield, on Peterboro R. R. 4l\^ miles, stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— C7erilr, L. F. Atwood : Treas. Amasa Downs ; Selectmen, 
Henry Richardson, G. A. Duncklee, J. Danforth; iSupl. G. F. Pettee. 

Postmaster^— s. B. Hodge. 

Justices— S. D. Downs, A. H. Bixby, S. B. Hodge, G. W. Gam- 
mings. State; Hiram Patch, J. P. Woodbury. 

Banks — let National, M. L. Blorrison, pres.; Geo. W. Commings, 
cash.; Frabceetown Savings, S. D. Duwnes, treas. 

Churches — Cong. J. A. Rowell ; Unit. James WasselL 

Exp. Agents— J. K. Chandler, Horatio Bills. 

Hotel and Livery Stable— Francestown Hotel, W. H. Famnm ; R. C 

Literary Institution— Francestown Academy, B. S. Hurd, prin. 
Town Library, 1,000 volumes. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, G. D. Epps, H. W. Spaalding, F. H 
Cudworth: bnildprs E. W. Colbiirn, R. P. Ordway, H. A. Hopkins, H 
P. Downes; carding, P. C. Kidder; flour and meal, Geo. Sa^ut, P 
C. Kidder; kits, pails, Ac. H. P. Clark A Son; lumber, Geo. Sargent 
H. M. Monahau; soap-stone, Francestown soap^tone quarry, Chai 

Merchants— Amasa Downs, R. Bradford ; auctioneer, 8. B. Hodgfl 
millinery, R. Bradford. 

Physicians — H. 8. Hutchinson ; homeo. T. E. Fisher. 

FHAMCOMIA, ^-B^iTOy— Pop. 660. N. fr. C. 86; N. ■ 
fr. Haverhill, 34. R. R. £j.— Littleton, on B. A L. R. R., White Mt. Di« 
Daily staore. ^' 

OFFICEBS->€7«ril!; and Treat, Geo. H. Burt; Sel4etnim, Osmfi 
Parker, M. A. Bowles, I. H. Glooves ; Supt., Mrs. L. B. Gould. 

Postmasters— Roswell Knight ; ProJUe Houie, C. H. Greenleaf. 

Justices— Joel Spooner, C. H.' Greenleaf, State; W. F. .Parker, 3 
Oilman. ^ 

Churches — Advent, G. C. Bowles; Cong. F. Y. D. Garriston; S| 
Bap. G. N. Howard. 





Hotels — Profile Honie, Taft A Oreenleaf ; Mountain view Honte, 
Ire.'H. Knight; La Fayette House, RichHrd8on Bros.; House of SeTen 
ables, F. Y . D. Oarretson ; Edson, House, Chas. Edson ; Forest Hili 
[otel. Priest A Dudley, Brooks Farm House, Mrs. H. Brooke; Mt. 
ftckson House, Alvin Grimes. 

Manufacturers — bobbins, Stephen Eaton; boots nnd sboer, Willit 
!napp; harnesses, L. M. Aldrich ; iron, Franconia Iron Co., Capt. 
. A. Strover, a'gt. ; lumber, S. Eaton ; starcii, Parker, Priest A Go. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, F. S. Palmer, R. T. Petrie ; carpenters 
exter Woods, C. H. Lock, K. C. Bean. 

Merchants— Geo. H. Burt, E. B. Parker A Son. Mrs. A. 0. Derby : 
lillinery , Klecta J. Bowles. Physician— W. B. Moody. 

FRANKIilM.iffAA/Jr^C/r— Pop. 4,000. N. fr. C. 18. £. B. 
. — FrMnklin, on B. A L. R. R., No. Div. 

OFFICERS— Cter*, F. H. Chapman; TrecLS. F. Proctor; SeUct- 
le/t, D. W. Call, Geo. Cheever, i. G. Clark; Board of Edttcatum^ £. 
. S. Sxnborn, F. N.- Parsons, E. G. Leach. 

Postmaster— E. G. Colbum. Exp. Agent— B. M. Prescott. 

Justices— G. W. Nesmith, E. G. Leach, R. W. Bennett, Alexis Proc- 
>r, E. C. Stone, A. F. Pike, Daniel Barnard, E. B. S. Sanborn, W. M. 
;arnard, F. N. Parsons, G. B. Stone, J. W. Simouds, F. H. Daniell. 
. Blake, StaU; D. E. Brown, H. E. Blake, J. H. Ruwell, 6 B. Mat 
lievrs, 0. H. Kelley, Frtink Proctor, J. W. Davis, R. £. Beau, D. Sj 
lilchrist, Aaron Woodman, S. F. Danfortb. 

Churches— Chris. T. G. Moses ; Cong. H. M. Andrews. 

Hotels— Webster House, Mrs. 0. B. Davis ; Franklin House, A. K. 

Insurance Agts— Leach A Barnard. Tel. Ag't— J. D. Kirk. 

Lawyers— A. F. Pike, Daniel Barnard, I. N. Blodgett, B. G. I«eacb, 
I. W. Nesmith, G. R. Stoue. W. M. Barnard. F. N. Parsons. 

Livery Stables — A. K. Moore, S. Gerrish. 

Manufacturers — belting and hose, TIios McConnell ; brick, Hiram 
'olby ; boots and shoes, D. S. Gilchrist A Co. ; conductors' punches, J. 
;. Aiken; clothing and fancy, goods, W. H. Nelson ; foundry, £. T. 
ay lor; harnesses, L. D. Davenport, C. W. Sleeper; hats and caps. 
f. J. Fortier; hosiery, A. W. Sulloway; leather^ Thomas McOon- 
ell ; lumber, Joseph Brown A Co., J. H. Rowell, B. S. Colby, Wallace 
;nrleigh, J. D. Kirk, D. E. Brown; machinery, Gate, Ryan A Randall; 
eedles, Franklin Needle Co. ; paper and paper pulp, Winipiseogee 

aper Co., W. F. Daniell manager; tin ware and stoves, J. H. Rowell; 
rnsses. N. Wilton A Son ; wagons, carriageH A sleighs, J. W. B. Clement. 

Merchants— L. RichHrdson, D. S. Gilchrist, E. Bucklin, E. C. Stone: 
.. Morrison ; auctioneer, Edwin Judkins; boots and shoes, D. S. 

i1christ,'L. Richardson; coal and ice, B. M. Prescott; com and 
leal, Johnson A Son, B. M. Prescott; drugs and medicines, S. H. 
turtevant; furniture, £. C. Stone; hardware, L. Richardson^ Jew* 
Iry, Alonzo'Messer; millinery, J. A. Hutchiuson, 8. W. Stone, wool, 
elts and hides, Ed. Judkinfl. 

Physicians— L. M. Knight ; dentist, Geo. A. GracsL 

FalUi— Postmaster— Walter Burleigh. 

Churches— Adv. ; C. Bap. A. J. Hopkins ; F. Bap. Q. N. 

[uagrove; Meth. S. P. Heath ; R. Cath. M. Galvin ; Unit. B. T. 


Eating House— Rob«rt Thompson. 

Hotels— Young's Hotel, Robert Toung, Winnlplseogee House, P. L. 



Liawyers— B. B. S. Sanborn, B. O. teiich, W. D. Hardy. 

Livery Stables— C. C. Kenrick, J. W. Davis. 

Manuracturers — blacksmith, Archie Mac I>onaId ; bnllders, M. G 
Woodward, Babbitt A Monlton ; carriages and sleighv, EastmaQ 4 
Bashey ; corn meal, Phelps A Foakett ; fancj* flannels, Frauklii 
Mills, M. T. Stevens, prop.; lanndry, P. O. Garleton ; lumber, Chai 
31. Babbitt; machinery A hosiery, Walter Aiken ; machinery, Clar] 
& Haynes; printers (job), R. E. Collins, 0. A. ^Towne, T. G. Colley 
sash, doors and blinds. Sleeper Bros.; soap, H. D. Smith ; telephonet 
H. C. Oriffln; tinware and stoves, James Taylor; Irood fans, Whit 
.\It. Wood Fan Co., 0. A. Towne, ag't; wood pulp, Franklin Fall 
Pulp Ck>. W F. Daniell, manager. 

Merchants — R. 6. Burleigh, O. W. Sawyer, Peter Gahagan 
P. H. Sanborn, A. E. Loverin A Co., O. B. Southwick A Co 
books and stationery, F. H. Chapman, 0. A. Towne; boots an( 
shoes, F. H. Marsh; clothing, Baris & Ripley, J. C. Neal, F. A 
Boss ; coffins & famitnre, C. C. Paige, H. L. Young i 
Co. H. K. Thompson; drugs and medicines, F. H. Chapman, K. A 
Brockway; dry goods, F. L. Morrison A Co.'' F. H. Oerry ; fane; 
zoods, notions, Ac, O. A. Towne, F. H. Chapman, J. Fawdrey; fisli 
U. Hinds, N. M. 'Qage; fruit and confectionery, 0. A. Towne, B 
Thompson, J. W. Fawdrey : grocerle^F. H. Sanborn; hardware, boot« 
4lioes and groceries, Asa Morrison, R. G. Burleigh : Jewelry, G. G. Fel 
lows, C. L. Hunt, meat P. Goiiyd, J. F. DoUoff; millinery, M. F. A J. L 
Gilchrist, N. E. Keniston A Co., L. Y. Sle«>per; musical instrument 
and sewing machines, H. L. Tonng; news dealers, J. W. F^wdreji 
O. A. Towne ; wood, coal and ice, Chas. C. Keurick ; wood, C. H. Davi 

A. C. Tilton ; wool, and pelts, W. Burleigh. 

Physicians— J. H. Sanborn, C. B. Nichols, J. W. Staples ; bot 
W. W. Sleeper; homeo., W. E. Ceith; dentist, A. A. Marden. 

Real Estate & Ins. Agent— Bean A Stone, Leach A Barnard. 

Sale Stable— C.C. Kenrick. Tel. Ag*t— H. K. Smith. 

FREEDOM, CARROLL^^op. 150. N. E. fr. C. 70; K. B. fl 
Ossipee,12. R. R. & — Ossipee Center, 8 m., on Eastern R. R.; Bald 
win Depot, 13m. on P. A 0. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CferJb, 0. B. Drake ; Ttms. J. L. Bennett ; SeUetmen 
G. T. Philbrick, David Smith, Edwin Towle; Supt. E. L. Hatch. 

Postmaster — Rensselaer Towle. 

Justices— John Parsons, A. Locke, E. Towle, State; G. T. Philbrlcli 

B. T. Towle, C. H. Andrews, S. Danforth. 

Banks— Ossipee Valley Ten Cts. Savings, Josiah Thurston, pret 
B. I. Towle, treas. 

Churches— Bap. — ; Chris. N. T. Redlon. 

Exp. Ag'tS— Frank Fox, 8. 0. Hnckins. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, E. L. Mills, A. G. Fowler ; bobbin 
0. A 0. Parsons ; builders, Silas Brooks, Alanson Allard ; clothing, I 
Danforth A Son, E. I. Towle A Co. O. B. Drake ; leather, Churchill 
Bros.; lumber, Josiah Thurston, Towle A Kenson. 

Merchants— A. D. Merrow, B. I. Towle A Co., Lord A Huckim 
boots and shoes, Chas. H. Beach. 

Physicians— A. D. Merrow: eclec., A. W. Hobbs, Geo. W. T^ugee 

FREMONT, ROCKINGHAM— Pop. 623. 8. E. fr. 0. 30; \ 
fr.Exeter, 10. R. R. if^.— Fremont, on N. A R R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C/«r;k, T. B. Smith; TVeat. Bzra Currier; Seleetme 
fthompson Barnes, David Sanborn, S. Q. Sleeper ; Bupt, A. F. Sanbor 

Postmaster^— Andrew Brown. 

80 " BU8IK£S9 DIB£OTO£Y. 

Justices— Perlaj Robioson, G. f . Beed^, J. B. Sanborn, StaU ; G. W, 
FoUett, C. A. Gove, 0. F. Sanborn, B. F. Sanborn, A. J. Broirn, J. A 

CharehM— F. Bap. Joseph Granville ; lleth. — . 

Hotel — ^Tme House, Warren Tnie,prop. 

Ilanufiieturers— lamber, CaTerly Mill; paper boxes, W. C. Brown 
packing boxea, J. M. Brown ; staves ana stieoks, Jonas Spaoldinsi 

MerehantS--j;rocettes, Jeremii^ Benfleld, T. B. Smith, Thompsca 
Barnes, J. W. Wilkinson;; meat, P. B. Cnrrier. 

Gttafa — dee 8anlx>mton. 

Creofffe's mills— See Snnapee. 

«lI<FORl>9 ^fXXA^i^Pop. 2,821. N. B. fir. C. 27; B. fir, 
Laoonia, 4. R, B. iS*.- Lake Village, on B. Ae L. R. R., Wh. Ut. BiT. 

Postmaster— riU<v^ S. R. Jones. PhyslcUm— B. Munsey . 

Churches— F. Bap. C. M. Emery ; Heth. M. T. Cilley. 

Man ufkcturers— lumber, J. J. Monill, G. A. Gopp, John Oolby. 

Merchants— groceries, H. Jones, J. Gove. 

littl^e VIllACe— OFFICERS— Cletk^ H. O. Bngbee; TVeos. E. B, 
Ward ; SeIeo(m«n,S. S. Ayer, F. L. Smith, C. W. Rollins; Sti^ C. M. 
Emery ; OvftMur^ A. Tucker ; Sup^rviMortt J. D. Sanborn, A. U. Moore, 
0. A. Gbpp. 

Postmaster— E. H. Blaisdell. 

Justices— S. C. Clark, J. P. Hutchinson, BeuJ* Wadley, B. J. Cole, 
8. S. Ayer, M. A. Haynes, Arthur Tucker. G. W. Sanders, F. M. Rol< 
tins, J. P. Whittier, J. L. Sinclair, H. B. Quinil)y, R. H. Sanborn, A. U. 
Cogswell, SUUe ; J. L. Odell, E. H. Blnisdell, W. S.Taylor, C. H. Sleeper, 
T. E. Prescott, H. O. Bugbee, G. H. Smith, B. F. Brake, N. Bradley, jr. 

Band — Highland Brass Band, 24 pieces, A. F. Rublee, leader. 

Churches— Adv. ; Bap. ; F. W. Bap. B. W. JLkik' 

er; Heth. J. B. Trow. 

Ex.AaU— A. D. Plummer. Hotel— Mt. Belknap Honse,F.S.Plnmmer. 

Lawyer— S. C. Clark. 

Uvery Stables — F. A. Baker, Kathan French. 

Manutkcturers — ^blacksmith, H. F. Rublee A Son, F. A. Wadley ; 
bags, G. H. Fay; builders, J. N. Header, A. J. Tuck, C. E. BusseUj 
car axle manufactory. Cole H'fg. Co.; carriages, H. F. Bublee A Son; 
coffins, caskets, picture frames, Ac,, E. B. Ward; dye house, Wm. 
Appleton ; flour and meal, W. Lake Co ; harnesses, A. Crooker ; ho- 
siery, B. H. Appleton, F. Holt A Co., H. Wood A Co., P.Bartlett A Co., 

A. R. Burpee ; hosiery and leggings, Brown, Wood A Kingman ; looms, 
J. S. Crane A Co., W. H. Pepper ; lumber, Theodore Bodge, Cole MTg 
Co.; needles, Wardwell Needle Co., John Aldrich, Treas., Cox Needk 
Co.; shoestrings, braids, tapes Ac, Union Lace Co.: twine and wick- 
ing, Howard Hanfg Co.; tin and sheet ifon, H. E. BroMrn ; «oap, C. W, 

B. Bavis, N. L. Davis. 

Merchants— boots and shoes, 0. B. Robfe A Co., Geo. F. Leavitt. 
H. P. Niles, D. Bavis ; clothing, W. H. Jones, H. J. Odell ; drug^ A 
medicines, J. L. Odell ; dry goods, G. H. Smith, H. J. Odell ; groceries, 
8, R. Jones, Dow A Sanborn, A. Tucker A. D. Plummer, G. L. Sleeper 
k Co., J. R. Leavitt ; Jewelry, E. Lovejoy, H. M. Robinson ; ice anr 
;oal. Bow A Sanborn ; meat, Dow A Sanborn. A. Tucker A Co., J. H 
W^eeks; flsncy goods, tobacco and cigars, O. H. Buzzell, J. H. Hub- 
bard ; merchant Uilors, H.J. Odell, G. W. DollolT; millinery, H. C. 
Sanborn, Miss H. M. Wbeeler ; periodicals, J. M. Hubbard ; sewing 
nachines, Daniel Davis; stoves, hardware and tinware, H. B. Brown 
(rood, Geo. Sturdevant, R. Prescott, H. E Emery, Urliil Hall. 





Physicians— 0. Gom, L«vI Wju-d, G. P. Eoby, O. W. Gos8, Q 
Sultiiiural); honieo.D. F. A J. C. Moure; dentist, Daniel Slkins. 

«IJLMA]KTOBr, BJSLKNAP^Pop. 1,485. N. B. fr. C. 18: 
fr. Laconia, 8. Ji. R. A— Tilton. 10 m., on B. C. * M. K. R. Fn 
Lower Giliuanton to Pittsfield 6 m., on Suncook Val. E. R. Da; 
■tage to each. Two stages daily ftt>m Gilmanton to Tilton. 

OFFICERS— CT^r*, Geo. H. Brown ; JPreo*. John Connell ; Sefecftm 
J. W. Ham, J. B. Moore, Albert R. Page; Supt.^ E. 0. Moore. 
Postmasters— L. H. Mudgett; Lorver^ Joseph Brown. 
Justices— Thos. Cogswell, Orrin Folsom, J. P. Hill, Renben Edg< 
ly, Alfred Pre8cott,J. K. Dudley, J. W. Cogswell, E. H. Shannon, 
Goodwin, G. W. Sanborn, »Storf«; Jos. Brown, C. A. Dockham, J. 
Pa^e, M. C. Lamprey, J. S. Goodwin, J. B. Durrell. 

Churches— Cong., 8. 8. N. Greeley; Meth., C. H. Laet; Xower. 
Bap., L. F. Batchelder. 
Hotel— Washington, H. Bedee. 
Literary Institution— Gilmanton Academy. 
Manufkoturers— biHckimith, G. W. Abbott; clothes driers ai 
tents, J. A. Jones, A. A. Jones; lumber, Jesse Allen. 

Merchants — S. H. Dearborn ; Lowers Joseph Brown ; drugs ai 
medicine, Geo. H. Brown ; sewing machines, Geo. L. Dow. 
Physician— Geo. H. Brown. 

Iron Wortcs— A. R. &— Alton, 6 m., on Dover A Wlnnlnlse 
gee R. R. Daily stage. 
Postmaster— C. a. Dockham. 

Churches— Cong., J^.vnian White; F. Bap., Orrin Pitts. 
Hotel— Central, J. 8. Trask ; Prospect House, J. K. Hancock. 
Lawyer— Tlionms Cogswell. 

Manufacturers— builders. N. B. Jones, Reuben Giles, Eben Conne 
doors, sash and blinds, Renlien Giles ; plows, J. P. Hussey; flour, grai 
and lumber, Danforth Cook, liussey A Emerson; Iron, Gilmanto 
Iron Mf 'g. Co.; rakes, Boiknap Bake Co., Marsh Bros. 

' Mechanics— blacksmiths, J.W. A W.Marsh ; carpenters, N. B. Jone 
Eben Connel, G. W. Dow; harness makers, C. N. Hill, E. A. Sargent 
painter, A. F. Paige. 

Merchants— 0. A. Dockham, John Connell ; flour and grain Dai 
forth Cook ; poultry and giime. C. H. Shannon. 

Physicians— Jeremiah Blake, R. M. Gray, S. A. Taylor. 
€krS^VJKrCffESHIRE-Pop. 063. 8. W. Ir. C. SOfN. E. fr. Keen 
9, B. R. S. — Keene, on Cheshire E. E. Daily stage 

OFFICERS-CIe»A:, L. W. F. Mark; JVea». A. D. Hammond ; Belto 
man, O. J. Wilson, F. A. Howard, E. D. Banks ; Supt G. C. Hubbard 
Postmaster— J. A. Smith. 

Justices— F. A. Howard, N. 0. Hayward, A. D. Hammond. C 
Hubbani, L. W. F. Mark, D. W. Bill, State :G. H.McCoy.C W 
BiiiKliani, I. A. Loveland, 0. J. Wilson. ^ 

'Hotel — AshueljOt House, L. Shaflfher. 
Lftrary— circulating library, L. W. P. Mark. 
Livery Stables— G. H. McCoy, L. Shalfiier. 

Manuacturers— cassimeres, J. S. Collins, Gtlsum Woolen MTi 
Co.; lumber, O. W. Newman, 8. W. Dart, N. O. Hayward, Adams J 
Go: tanners. Rice, Rawson A Co.; trays and wooden ware. D W 
Bill, O. H. McCoy ; Taylor mop heads, G. W. Taylor; wool pulling. C 
D. Newman. * 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Eugene R. Carpenter, C. D. Newman 
carpenters, Allen Hayward, L. R. Guillow. 

HarehmU^;. A. Smiih, A, D. Hnninonr). L. W. F. Hark: ■• 
sr. N. 0. H lywurd. Churth— Ogog. G. W. Rogan. 
Physician)— B. D. Hobtler, L A.lonluid. 
Tefephone— L. simfrner, 

Qlen HoaDC— A p. o. In Qretti'i Qtuit, In Co« Oo. 
Gsfr* FallH-S.'s MtncliHter. 
OOrWHTOWS, HfLLSBOROUalt— Fob. \,m».\,l«; 
V, W. tr. M»ucl.eit-r RW. «. «. S.-aoitilown. on Maochmar •-' 

' OfKICItl^afl^ib, lirnMt'j<>hn.<oii'! Twi^ Bohinio'^ii Bnwn; 
'-Iwrn, Ginir^ Pallw, W. S. Wblppls, J. W. Hoillj SupU., Fn 

'. Colby. N. B. 

III, u. a, laicirJiri. 4riur ; u- m, J:HlCEHri, u, p. StflreDB, J. O. Tftg- 
.ri. C. S. PnrkB '. S>i»<i«l Upton, Y. H. PlitlUpa. Js^is Kloholi. r 
[ornrtuK, K, HoiiTS. Unm^ Bliiglflll, C. F. Oeorge. CbH. Iluan. 
Church ai—BHp.. R. T. L^rutd; Coag.B. L. Uerould; EpU., W. ] 

HDle'l— M. a. Cnil'ol. H. Q. Dnitln. 

Lawyer— BiiniuFi Upton. LIvary Slable— Cbu. C. Buuud. 

Hinubeturars— bl:»'k»ia1ib>,MoenACntupb?l!, A. Nain.J. Koo 
nildara, A. H.Ba.l", Hurrliim Harl ; earrlagaa, J. R. Ferion; tlgai 
. ][.Coi'p,ltt<iDMi)orB; flonrA meal, Parker Broi., O.P.Henry, 

Marchanls— Parker Bnu„ B. F. Henr>. Samn 
r. Diibais; ancClonaer, J. M. pArkar; cloc 

.11. Pw; flih. C.S.t B. H.'.Btlcbl Ice.C.'a. B.ruird. 

i ,«in1)«r" 

.. Richard.. 

i KoMnsnn ; mut, T, W. Richsrda, O. P. 
lent A vageUblas. Jenks A aai^nl; tewl 

Phyiiei»ns— A. F. Corr, C. P. fleo 
Summer BoardlngKouses^-SliIrl 

«10BIIA3I. coos-Pop 

a. Rand t Bcetaii, J. J 

>;Bupt. A. K. Xmm, 

. fol. Aflsnl— A. T 
3. B. Foaa, A. R. B- 
•bftin. Thui. Oirorc 

iromai Hath. V. W.Smith; B. Cath I 


Exp. Ag't— T. Gifford. Ins. Aa't— Alfred R. Etros. 

Hotels — Alpine Honse, 6. D. Stnittou ; Ea^Te Honge. L. L. Jack 
son ; Lary Hon^e, A. G. Lary, Qlen House. W. A C. It. Milliken. 

Lawyers— A. S. Twitchell, A. K. Evans. 

Livery Stables—G. B. Ililborn, Win. Jewell, G. D. Stratton. 

Manufacturers — bhicksmitlis, J. P. Dunhnm. J. G. Ricliardson 
boots and Rhoef, W. Wigbt. J. A. Twitchell, Allretl Twitchell ; buiM 
era, C. J. Green, A. N.Gilbert; carriHgcs. J. P. Duuhnm, F. Bnck 
coffins and caskets. C. H. Howe ; Job printer, T. V. Twitchell ; lumber 
B. Clement A Co., C. 8. Peabody A Co. P. G. Evans ; lumber an( 
MU>od, A. H Gerrieh, A. N. Gilbert. 

Merchants— R. F. Ingalls, Stnhl Brothers, A. J. Lyon, D. M. Need 
ham, C. 6. Hnmlin, A. A. Carter A Co., F. Ingalls, C. 8. Pea 
body A Co., Orren Tubbs A Co., E. Clement A Co., A. N. Twitchell 
books, and stationery, 8. M. fjenvitt; corn A menl, J. Jewell ; drugi 
A oiedicines, Henry Marble A Co. L. 8. Bcorvett; furniture, C. H. Howe 
hardware, Demond Bros., G. £. Tubbs; meat and groceries, Gate8 ^ 
Brown, A. A. Garter A Co., R. J. Noyes; millinery and fnnc] 
f;oods, Mrs. M. Farr, Mrs. M. J. Gifford, M. N. Norwood A Co.; J. C 

Physicians— E. M. Wight, N. V. Hyde ; dentist, E. F. Bibber. 

'Station Agent— T. A. Adams. 

C08HCN SULLIVAN— Vop. bU. N.W. fr.C. 40. S. fr. New 
port 41^. B, It. /I^.— Newport. A^, Chandlerville, 6 ni., on C. A C. R. R 

OFFICERS— Cl*r*, R.U. Morrill; Treat., K. H. Carr ; Selectmen 
E. W. Pike, M. C. Gregg, B. 8. Robinson ; SupL, P. P. Jones. 

Postmasters— H. D. Baker ; 3HU ViHage, E. W. Pike. 

Justices— E. H. Carr, J. W. Rodgers. Jacob Redington, State ; Den 
uia Lear. 

Churches — Bap., D. M. Cleveland ; Cong. H. H. Horse. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, Burke Booth; Mill F»//a^«, O.A.Lear 
butter firkins, Solon Willey, A. L. Baker; lumber, J. P. Gove, Szn 
Piirington, H. S. Buxton. 

Merchants — Carr A Morrill ; corn and meal, M. 8. Buxton. 

Physician- F. P. Jonep. 

ClRAFTOir, GRAFTON—Vop. 933. N. W. fr. C, 40 ; S. W. fr 
Plymouth, 36. R. R. S.— Grafton A Center, on 0. A L. R. R , No. Div 

OFFICERS— C7«rfr, C. F. Kilton; ZVea*., J. E. Martin ; Seltctnun, J 
B. Page, Aimer Davis^. B. Stevens; Supt.y F. A. Stevens. 

Postmasters — Horace Barney ; Center, J. B. Pmrc. 

Justices — Steph. George, J. B. Page. 6. W. Rollins. 

Churches — Center, Union, Lorenzo "Bailev, &uM, J. Webster. 

Hotel— Grafton House, Sargent A Goodnough. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith. E. C. Dimond; charcoal, Sargent I 
Goo<lnongh; lumber, S. W. Barney, J. R. Smith; Center, C. F. Kilton. 

MerehantS— J. £. Martl^ ; CSeiUer, L. D. Williams ; East, E. F. Fol 
som ; drover, I B. Sargent. 

Physician— E. A. isbell. 

ORAHTS AM, SVLLirAN— Pop., 540. N. W. fr. C. 40 ; N . fr 
Newport, 10. R. R. &— Newport 10 m., on C. A C. R. R. Daily 
stage. LebaooD, 14 m., on B. A L. R. R., No. Div., semi-weekly stage 

OFFICERS— CferJfe, Rufus Hall ; Treas., J. H. Goss ; Selectmen, L. D 
Dnnbar, K. D. Smith, W. U. Miller; Supt., G. H. Hardy. 

Postmasters — L. D. Dunbar ; North, M. P. Burpee. 

Justices— 8. G. Sargent, 0. B. Buswell, L. D. Dunbar, Rufus Hall 
IH. F. Goss, 8tai^ ; L. P. Sanders. 

84 BU8I5E8S DIRE0T0B7. 

Churches — Chrin., East, N. Clongh; Meth. G. H. Hardy, NorUt^ 
0. H. (lardy; Union, . Insurance Agent— S. C. Sancent. 

Manufacturers — baskets, J. Yonng; carriages, Win. Rowe, Cyra» 
Thompson; lumber, G. W. Dnnbar, M. F. Burpee; lumber tod shin 
gles, Norths F. Peabody k Son, F. W. Leavitt; shingles, Albert Collins. 

Mechanics — blacksmitlis, John Hammond. J. L. Spiller; cooper, 
Wm. Howe. 

Merchants — L. D. Ihinbar, S. F. Hook ; clocks and watches, S. C. 
Sargent. Physicians— J. L. Gain, W C. Kempton. 

(>reat Falls — See Somersworth. 

OREE}fFIEI«D, JJ/LLSfiOAOtr^iJ— Pop. 652. S. W. fr. C. 
38 ; N. W. fr. Nashua, 26. B. R. &— Greenfield ; Russell's Grossing 
on Wilton Ex. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CTerJt, Warren I^wis; Treat., F. C. Fletcher; StUet- 
men, A. W. Savage, D. W. Bnrnham, F. T. Robertson ; Supt.^ A. N. 

Postmasters — Warren Lewis ; Bo/uih^ John R. Rnssell. 

Justices— Horace Cudworth, A. W. Savage, Slate ; G. S. Peavey, J 
R. Russell, F. R. Patch, David Starrett, Warren Lewis. 

Church— Cong., O. W. Rnland. 

Hotels 9l Livery Stables— J. D. Emerson, G. H. Putnam. 

Manufacturers — wooden measures, E. Searles. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Brooks A Spalding: carpenters, G. D. 
Pollard, A. H. Hopkins D. W. Bnrnham, Geo. F. Russell. 

Merchants — C. H. Hopkins, Warren Lewis, G. P. Fletcher; car- 
riages, Geo. J. Whittemore ; meat, C. F. k G. S. Peavey. 

Physician— N. D. Cbeever. Tel. Ag't— G. L. Allan. 

Green— See Effingham. , 

OREENIiAH D9 ROCKINOBAM^Pop. ,693. S. E. fr. C, 50 ; 
W. ft*. Portsmouth, 5. B. B. &— Greenland, oq C. & P. R. R., 1 m., 00 
iC. R. R. 2 m. 

OFFICERS- Cferfc, L. D. Duntley ; Selectmen, J. B. Seavey, Jethro 
Howard, G. W. Weeks. 

Postmasters— J. W. Weeks ; Depot, G. E Merrill. 

Justices — John Hatch, C. W. Pickering, Jos. W. Odell, J. S. H. 
Frink, P. B. Holmes, iSto^.; Edward Holmes, E. A. Pickering. 

Churches — Cong., Edward Robie; Meth., 0. S. Baketel. 

Exp. Sl Tel. Ag't— G. E. Merrill. 

Lawyers — J. S. H. Frink, John Hatch. 

Literary Institution— Brackett Academy. • 

Manufacturers — boxes and lumber, W. 0. Ryder; carriages, 
W. F. Bennett k Son : cider, W. H. L. Brackett, S. 8. Brackett ; 
flour and meul, J. A. k F. M. Holmes; lumber, S. S. Brackett. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, E. L. Plttce, N. P. Ordway, Louis 
Share; carpenters, Chas. W. Marden, J. B. Lord, D. J. Norton; Job 
printer. Ernest Holiiies. 

Merchants — J. E. Holmes, Duntley k Weeks ; meat, A. J. Norton, 

Physicians— .T. W. Odell, W. 0. Junkins. 

CiRGENTIIiliEf fflLLSBO ROUGH— Pop. 1,072. 8. W. fr 
48 ; W. fr. Nashua, 22. jB. R. -SI— Greenville, on Peterboro' A 
Shirley Branch R. R., and East Wilton, on B. L. k N. R. R., 7 m 
3tn *< to Fast Wilton. 

OFFICERS— CVer*, F. E. Pierce; Treas, and Supt.,C. B. Hall; Se- 
featinen. N. P. Frtnar, M, H. Hardv, B. P. i.amb. 

Postmaster & Exp. Agent— M. H. Hardy. 



Justices— John Kenney, Jam^ Taft, H. J. Taft, C. £. Hall, Stai 
J. A. IlarUhorD. 

Churches — Bap. J. M. Cobam; Cong. G. V, Merriam ; R. Cat 
Edward Buckle. 

Hotel — Colli inbian Hoase, G. W. CoiiVHrse. 

Ins. /Ig't— James Taft. Tel. Ag*t— A. U. Stickney. 

Livery Stables— Al. U. Hardy,K. B. Barretc, W. W. Sawtell, Frai 
Bush way. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, .).R. Lynch, TI. A. Hobert, Asa W« 
ber; boots and shoen, F. L. Peabody; cottons, Columbian Manof 
Co., S. Haines, ax't ; lumber, J. II. BUiott; job printer, £. C. Mars 

Merchants — 0. D. Prescott, Hartshorn & Whitney, Guiftave Ducett 
boots, shoert and clothing, J. Bnssfll A Co.. £. W. French ; coffii s, fn 
aiture, {taints and oiIh, W. W. Sawtell; druKs, medicines and st 
tionary, C. K. Hall; dry ^oods and small wares, G. A. Dubrnle, Pai 
Salvail; fancy goods, Mrs. A. M. Wetherbee; fish, W. Taylor; groce 
iesand hardware, Martin & White; jewelry. B. P. Lamb; meat. G« I 
Robbins, Brown Bros.; millinery, Miss Mary Harrison. M Ins R. ijai 
terre; stationery and norelties, C. B. Marsh; tea and coffee, Am< 
Scripture; tinware and stoves, N. P. Farrar. 

Physicians— C. A. Wood, C. B. Hall, G. F Munsey ; dentist, G. ( 
Duncan. Real Estate — John Kenney. 

OROTOir, GRAFTON^Vop., 666. N. W. fr. C. 45. W. f 
Plymouth, 12: R. R. i!;.— Bristol, on Bristol Branch R. R. Dail 
.stage connects with 8 A.M. and 6 P. M. trains. NorVi — R. R. S.- 
Rumney, on B. A L. R. R., White Mt. DIt.; stage connects daily. 

OFFICERS— C^Zcrl;, R. H. Blackstone, p. o. ad. N. Groton; Trua 
D. W. Kidder ; BtUdwuKy North, Sylvester Wheet, J. W. Bnrley, A. 
fred Goodhue; SttperoiMrs, Daniel Kidder, U. L. Ingalls, D. Q. Wells 
Swat. Mrs. Josie Colburn. 

Postmasters— Charlotte Remick ; North, J. G. Hall. 

Justices— G. B. Colburn. State; D. M. Tenney, N. L. Jewell, Ds 
vid Hobart. A. Y. Bagley, R. H. Blackstone, David Kidder. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, L. L. Cheever, Norths L. C. Bryer 
carpenters, Bngene Hall, PiUsviUe, C. F. Wheet ; lumber, J. K. Muxze.^ 
[. P. Hardy, 0. W. Hunkins, A. D. Crosby, C. L.Kendall ; ntlcaworki 
North, Hartford Mica M'ning Co.; Crystal Mica Mining Co., A. n 
Puffer ; Valencia Mii-a Mining Co., \V. F. Simpson ; patent clapl^oar 
machines, L. C. Kendall ; patent slide blind hangings, tools, machiner; 
and patterns. Norths Daniel Kidder. 

Merchant— iVortA, J. W. Burley. Physician— Geo. A. Blodgett. 

Grove t>>ll — See Northumberland. 

Guild — See Newport. 

HABIPSTEAD, ROCKING HA U—Pop. 959. S. B. fr. C. 30 
3. W. fr. Portsmouth. 30. R. R. &— Atkinson, on B. A M. R. K 
Daily stage fr. W. Hampstead, on N. k R. R. R., to Atkinson Station 
7.30 A.M.; to W. Hnmpstead, 6.30 P. M. 

'OFFICERS — Oeri, A W. Foot; TrtM. J. H. Emerson; Sdttri 
liMn, J. H. Grant. A. M. Moulton, Isaac Randall ; Supt. J. C. Ea^tumn 

Postmasters— Thomas Foote ; Wat^J. 0. Ordway; Ea»t^ Sumue 

Justices— J. C. SsAtmaa, H. B. Carter, Sara'l Morse, A. H. Davix 
Xelson Ordwsy, J. D. Ordway, Geo. Marstcm, Sta(*? ; J. W. Garland, H 
0. Ordway, C. W. Garland, W. A. Emerson, J. H. Grant, Geo. R. Ben 

Churches— Cong., Albert Watson; Meth., Wtxt, Wm. Love. 




Literary Institution— IlninpRtead HikIi School, C. li. Nnson. prin. 

Manfacturers— Llac.ksniitlis, J. W. Sanboin, Gilbert YerbuiYfa; 
Ba«/y A. Wood; builders. Wm. A. l.lttle, Thoe. A. Foote.; Ikix rimI 
ilaning mill, C. W. Presgey k Co.; builders, 0. J. Penneo. D. H. £ni- 
rson, J. H. Emerson ; lumber, F. A. Pike; WeU^ E. £. Currier; shoe) 
ools, Dfliri Nicbolfi. 

Merchants— A. W. Foote, D. F. Ordway ; Auctioneers, J. D. Ord-| 
lay, Charles H. Osgood ; groceries, O. W. linker, C. H. Osgood : meat, 
I H. Heath, Henry Noyes; millinery and fancy goods, Mitis Nellie L. 

Physicians — Geo. R. Bennette, J. G. Eastman, Benj. Woodman;} 
lentist, Dnn'l Nichols. 

Summer Boarding House— A. P. Emerson, Wro. Gri£Bn. 

East-S. K. fr C, 32 : S W. fr. Exeter, 11. Daily stagn fr. Plais- 
ow, ou B. A M. R. R., at 5 P. M.; and fi»r Sandown, on N. A R. R. R., 
t 6 P. M.; and for Plaistow on B. & M. R. R., 7.46 A. M. 

Postmaster— H. s. Murtiu. 

Exp. AgtS. — J. N. Sanborn, 3. H. Morse. 

Manufacturers- blHcksmiths, A. G. Wood, G. Verhnght; buiidersj 
^ohn Johnson, James Johnson; harnesses, C. L. Marshall; pnmps. 
leo. Allen ; 8aw mill, Wm. GriflSn, C. O. Ring ; vinegar, G. 0. Ring A 
/O.: wagons, Gilbert Veriiurgh. 

HAMPTON, KOCKJyQarAM—Vop.. 1,184. S. K. fr. C, 47 ; 8 
r. Portsmouth, lu. R. R. S. — Hampton, on Eastern R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7^A-, J. M. Akerman; Tr«a*. G. W. I^iie: Se1eclnun\ 
W. B. Latie, S. W. De^rl>orn, F. B. Brown; 8upL W. T. Merrill. 

Postmaster— J. M. Akerman. 

Justices— Joseph Dow, C. M. Lamprey, State; A. S. CoflBn, J. W^ 
>ow, J. M. Lamprey, J. H. Fogg, J. M. Akerman, A. J. Leavitt. 

Churches— Cong., W. W. Fay ; F. Bap., A. L. Morey; Meth., — 

Hotels— Union, 0. H. Whittier ; Boar's Hea«1, R.H. Dumas; Ocean 
louse, Philip Teaton & Co.; Hampton Beach, T. A J, L. Leavitt ; 
Sagle, L. P. Nudd ; Granite House, 8. H. Dumas. 

Literary Institution— Hampton Academy, Smith, prin. 

Livery Stable— 0. 11. Whittier. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Oliver Godfrey, S. L. Jenness A Son. 
S. P. Young & Son; builders, J. A Dearborn, {<. W. D<'arborn; lum- 
ber, Dearborn A Berry, J. T. Brown ; shingles, S. J. Drake A Son; tin.] 
leo. CoUum. 

Merchants— J. A. Lane, A. D. Brown, T. N. €hnse, 8. Poor: 
auctioneer, C. M. LHinprey ; confectionery, etc. Dow A Towie; drugs 
md medicines, Frank Laird, jewelry, J. S. Oilman; tin and glass ware 
iko. Collum. 

Physician— W. T. Merrill. 

H A in PTO 1\ FA I.L.S, ROCKING HA i/— Pop., 678. 8. B. fr. 
? , 47 : S. E. fr. Exeter, 7. R. R. 5.— Hitmpton Falls, ou Eastern R. IW 

OFFICERS— C/«?rA', 0. C. Healy ; Treaa. C. T. Brown; Selectmen, 
I. H. Knight, G. B. Sanborn. S. L. Pevear : Board of Education^ C. TJ] 
I. Brown, T. Sanborn, N. U. Roble ; OolUctory L. F. Prescott. 

Postmaster— C. C. G reen. 

Justices— C. H. Sanborn, F. P. Cram, N. II. Robie, Oliver Eaton, 
aa/e; J. H. Gove, C. T. Brown, 0. C. Green, Q. C. Brown, H. H. 
inlght. * • 

Churches— Bap., I. J. Burgess; Ohris.. ; Uuita.. W. A. 

>am. ^ 



Eip. Ag't — Henry Johnnon. 

Manufacturers— Inmber, J. T. Bntdiftlder, B. F. Weare, Edwin Jnn- 
rrin ; shws^ C. P. Tibbittn ; vinegsir, VV. Brown. 

Mechanics — blackstnith, J. v. Jouen; carpenters, G. C. Gore, C. T 

Merchants — C. C. Oreen ; anctioneer, N. 11. Robie. 

PhyshJans— C. H. Sanborn ; vet. J. C. (iove. 

H A ^ COC fC, HILLS BO no UG «— Pop., 689. 8. W. f r. C, 36 
X. W. tV. Nashua, 32. R. R. N.— Hancock, on M. (fc K. R. R.; H;*" 
oock Junction ea Peterboro & Ilillsboro R. R., and M. k K. R. R. t% 
m. fr. Hancock Center. Daily stage from Aldtead connects with tiic 
R. R. fr. Hancock. 

OFFICERS— Cter* and T>eas. A. D. Tnttlo; Seltclmen, W. F. By 
ittond«, A. G. Foster, A. B. Stone: Suot. H.'Gullck. 

Postmaster— A. D. Tuttle. Church— Coujr., H. Gulick. 

Justices— A. D. Tiitrle, Statp ; Orlanio Etton, Jos. Davis, J. P. Hills 

Hotels — Hancock Hotel, J. F. Eaton: Poreiit House, .las. Woodward 

Manufacturers — ^btacUsmith, A. Hill; buiUlois, A. .laquith, H 
Copeland, G. N. Crockett ; blinds, sash and doors, J. M. Johnson ; leath 
er, A. G. Foster; lumber, Danforth A French, J. Newell, J. W. Cool- 
idfre; pails, J. Newell. 

Merchants— A. D. Tuttle, C. W. Farmer. 

HANOYEB, GRAFTOy— Top. 2M9. C.55; S. fr. Ha 
verhill, 27. R. R. ^.—Norwich, Vt., on Pass. R. R. Stage to eacl: 

OFFICERS— CT«*,0. M. Bridgman ; Treas. N. S. Huntington ; Sdf.ct 
men^ J. L. Bridgman, A. W. Fellows, D. M. Ross ; 8upt, C. BI. Wood- 

Postmasters— C. A. Field ; OnUer, E. Hurlbatt: Etna, B. B. Holmes 

Justices— Frederick Cha^e, E. T. Qaimby, K. Hnrlbutt, S. W. Cobb 
E. B. Ruggles, H. A. Fulsom, J. L. Bridgman, State; W. L. Barnes 
|Jo8. Tenney, N. S. Huntington, G. W. Patterson, N. C. Bridgman. 

Churches— Bap., N. F. Tilden: Ist. Cong., C. A. Downs; 2nd Gong 
^. P. Leeds; Epis., R. M. Berkeley. 

Exp. /Igent— D. B. Russell. Tel. Agent— C. A. Field. 

HOiel— Dartmouth House, Williams k Jonnson. 

Ins. Ag'tS— K P. Storrs, C. A. Field. 

Lawyers — Fred Chase, H. A. Folsom. 

Literary Institutions — Dartmouth College, Chandler Scientific 
Department, Medical Depurtment and N. H. College of Agriculture A 
Mechanic Arts, S. C. B:irtlett, Pres.; Thayer School of Civ. Engineer'g 

Livery Stables— I. B. Allen, H. K. Swa^ey. 

ManuTacturers— blacksmiths. Masterson Bros., Lewis Fisher, Chas 
Nelson, W. D. Knowlton ; book binder, G. F. Colby ; gas, Hanover Gui 
Co.; harnesses, B. B. Holmes ~ job printer, P. H. Whitc-omb ; lumber 
H. L. Huntington, J. Gould ; fiour, meal and shingles, J. W. Spaulding 

Merchants— F: W. Davidson, C. W. Hayes & Cdu books and station 
ery, E. P. Storrs; boots and shoes, J. N. Chase ; clocks, watches anr 
Jewelry, N. A. Frost; caskets and coffins, H. J. Phillips, G. W. Rand 
i^ents' furnishing goods, hats and caps. Laird Brothers ; drugs, med 
icines, and fancy goods. L. B. Downing; furniture, H. J.Phillips. G 
W. Raud ; groceries, Carter Bros.; groceiies and hardware, 8. W. Cobb 
hardware and tin, Brown Bros.; millinery, Sarah Demman ; R. G 
_ Physicians— 0. P. Frost, W. T. Smith; dentists, W. S. Bowles, J 



EIARRI8VII«LE, CHESfflRE-^Pop^SlO. S. W. fr. 0^42. 
fr. Kerne. 12. R. H. iS— lUrrUviUe, on M. k K. R. R. 
>FFICEB3—CIeri(; and Trta*. 6. Haris; &2«e<nMf<, C. C. Farwell, 
C. WiUard, Fnocis Stratton : Supt, F. P. Fisko. 
Postmasters— C. G. P. Harris ; East^ H. J. Farwell ; Pottenom*\ 
1. S. U. Smith. 

Fustfces— Aaron Smith, O.F. TofUi, StaU\ Geoi. DaTi»,S. D. Boaiis. 
Ihurclies — Gong., G. D. Duolap. 
lotel and Livery Stable— C. A. Blake, 
lanufacturers — liun^>er and wooden ware, Zoptiar.Willard ; wool- 
I, Cheabire Mill Co.; Eaat^ Farwell Bros^ PUitrwUU^ Bemifl A Sy-j 

lecbanic— blackamith, CBia& Whttcoub. 
lercbant— Wm. H. Joaea, F. C. Pike, 
rel. /Ig't— W. H. Junea. 

HI4KT'S liOCATIOlW, CA RROLL—Vo^^ h%. N. B. fr. C, 
; N. fr. 048ipee, 40. R. R. S. — ^Bemis and Liveriaore, ou P. k 0. 

OFFICERS— Cforl and Onnttable^ A. M. Allen: Treat. O. H. Moray ;| 
ectntm, Geo. H. Morey, J. T. Button; SupL, J. T. Datton. 
?0Ht Office address for this town is Beniis, N. H. 
[ustice— G. H. Morey. Hotel— Willey Uouae, John T. Dutton. 
lerohant — wood and lumber, G. II. Morey. 

aAViSllHIl4L.« ORAFTOiV-^hin town. Fop. 2,452. N. 
fr. C, 70. R. R. S. — Four, accomiuodating the difTerent parte of 
) town, on B. A L. R. R., White ML Div. Semi-daily stace to So. 
wbnry, on Pass. R. R. 

^FFIGKRS— CferX; and Treas,^ fi. R. "Weeka; Selectmen^ Caleb Wells, 
Whitcher, G. W. Pike; SuptM., 8. B. Page, T. S. Page. 
Postmasters— T.Westgate; East, G. W. Richardson; JPike SUdionJi 
F. Pike. 

ustices^N. W. Westgate, Ira Whitcher, 0. G. Smith, G. W. Chap- 
n, S. T. Page, Tyler Wesfgate, S. B. Page. K. R. Weeks, £. B. Mann, 

F. Pike, G. B. Griswold, 8. Fellows, W. P. Westgate, C. M. Weeks, 
Mter Abbott, StaU; Scot Sloan, L. B. Ham, M. G. Wright, 0. 
Pike, G. a; Daridson, G. C. Jeffers, H. S. Baker, N. M. Swaaey. 

G. Blood, George Wells, W. .1. Fisher, S. H. Gummtngi, B. G. Par 
', J. E. Garr, J. W. Jackson, M. A. Meader, A. J. Kdgerly. 
Ihurohes— Gong., J. Q. Bittenger; Metb., J. Ramadan ; EastfJ. L. 

x. Agent9— Scott Fellows ; JEiuf, W. F. Trne. 

iotel Sl Livery Stable— Scott Fellows. Tel. Ag*t— Carrie WilioD. 

as. Agents— life, Ueury Merrill, W. F. Westgate. 

AWyers— N. W. Westgate, G. W. Chapman, 8. T, Pace, W. F. 


iterary Institution— Haverhill Academy, Joseph Dnnbar. 

lanuftcturers — lumber, Putnam Bros.; JScMt, A. F. Pike, 8. A 6. 

FefTers ; printer, W. G. Mahurau ; scythe stones, A. F. Pike ; atarch, 

liel Whitcher ; wrapping paper, Haverhill Paper Co. 

lerchants— Poor A Westgate, W. H. Pago ft Son, Wm. Nelaon, J. L. 

1 ; Eaat, A. F. Pike, G. W. Richardson ; books, stationery, druys, 

dicines, ftincy goods and Jewelry, J. W. Merrill ; Jewelry, C. N. 

ler; millinery goods, Mrs. J. L. Cook, Mrs. M. D. Buzxell ; atovea 

[ tin ware, Edwin Fnce.v. 

byslcians— S. P. Carbee, Phineaa Spaulding, Moaea D. Carbee.H. 
Vfiitson. ' 





North— Postmaster— M. E. Kimball. 

Church— Meth., J. H. Brown. Physician— J. Mc Intire. 

Exp. Ag't— 0«o. A. Garr. Hotel— Ungle, H. U. Metcalf. 

Ins. Agent— ft. M. Swasey, J. W, Jackson. 

Manufacturers— boots and shotm, a. Irwin. B. Q. Ilobbt; brick 
North HaV»rbiIl Brick Co.; carriages, M. Getcbelf k Co., G. £ 
Bttttman; lumber, Jason Blood, Albert Chase; starch, Meader i 
Co., Dan'l Whitcher. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Wm. Bliss, Geo. W. Libbey, J. Martel 
i^arpenten, A. Tefft, S. W. Keser, C. F. Carr, E. C. Rowe, T. K 
Clifford ; hair dresser, E. C. Rowe. 

Merchants— E. R. Weeks, M. E. Kimball ; meat, 8. T. PennoclL 
organs and sewing machines, W. W. AJillen. 

WoodsTille— Postmaster— Q. A. Scott. 

Ex. A Tel. Ag't— Geo. A. Davison. 

Hotels— Pftrker Honse, B. G. Parker ; Mt. Gardiner, F. B. Richard 
son. Lawyer— S. B. Page. 

Manufacturers- boots and shoes, A. K. Walhice; lumber. In 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, Wm. Sly, B. W. Balknm 
Jeweler. W. K. Wallace : printer, K. B. Wallace. 

MercnantS— Stickney A Glover, A. H. Leigliton k Co., B. B. Miller 
drugs, medicines and stationery, E. B. Mann A Co.; flour and grain ai 
wholesale, H. E. Fletcher A Co.; flour and lime,G. A. Davison A Bailey 

Physician— C. R. Gibson. 

Hasen'S mills— Sen Whitefleld. 

HEBROIV, GRAFTON— Pop, 329. N. W. fr. C. 40 ; 8. W. fi-on 
Plymouth, II. B. R. &— Bristol, 8 m. on Bristol Branch R. R. Dailj 

OFFICBBS— CWJb, J. W. Sanborn ; Treas. F. 0. Morse; Selectman 
Charlie H. Marston, W. W. Wise, J. F. Jesseman ; 8upt. £. K. Fol 
lansbee, p. o. ad. Groton. 

Postmasters— Samuel Wells ; Ecut^ G. W. Mc Clure. 

Justices— J. J. Crosliy, State ; Wm. C. Ross. 

Church — Union, J. B. Cook. 

Hotels — Union Houite, Frederic Clement: Central House, Cyrui 
Morire. Merchants— M. A. Wells ; meat, G. B. Barnard. 

Mechanics-'blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn, D. P. Hardy ; carpenters, 
Ojivid Perkins. Frank P. Mnzzey, G. W. Lntkin. 

HKFr^ilKEB, MEKRIMACK— Pop. 1,328. W. fr. C. 16 
R. R. S. — Henniker, on Con. Val. R. R. Stage to every train. 

OFFICERS— C/«r* an'f Treat., W. T. Sargent: &^c(jiwn, J. Fel 
lows, V. E. Colby, Joseph Wood ; Supt., C. B. CltiMs. 

Postmaster— G. C. Preston ; Weat, 8. M. Currier. 

Justices— D. S. Carr, J. H. Albin, Nathan Sawyer, L. W. Peabody, 
L. W. Cogswell, Wm. 0. Folsom. James Fellows, 0. H. Noyes, H. B. 
Merriok, D. R. Everett, State ; S. M. Patten. W. P. Cressy, D. W. 
Cogswe!!, F. E. (Jolby, Q. C. Preston. 

Churches — Cong., J H. HofTman ; Meth., fi. L. House; Univ. . 

Hotel — Noyes House, C. H. Alexander. 

Insurance Agents— D. S. Carr, Wm. 0. Folsom. 

Lawyef— John H. Albin. 

Literary Institution— Henniker Academy, I. W. Holt, A. M., prin, 

Livery Stable— Balch & Rice. 

Manuracturers— blacksmiths, W. W. Skillen, W. Chandler, t. W, 
Preston, G. L. Flint, Harris Campbell; builders, W. N. Cames, W. H 


Ion, W. Osborne, Geo. 5IcLean, John Hill, Ilirain Marsh, IVIut, 
. E. Sargent, L. P. Hanson, G. W. Patterson; Lu)hketi!>, ¥. U. Barnes, 
!«'<, C. H. Bell; coflSng, W. O. PoNom; door knobs and Btope, W. J.| 
Ward A Ck>; dry measnrefl, J. Gage A CJo.; harnesfei^ K. M. Gregg;! 
ither, O.D. Gould; lumber, D. V. Wjman, G. W. Kice; mackerel 
ts, G. W. S. Dow; paper, Contoocook Valley Paper Co.; tin ware) 
d stoves, C. G. Richards. I 

MercharrtS— G. C. & A. G. Preston, W. 0. Folsom 0. II. Nuyes ; Wetty 
M. Currier^ auctioneers, D. W. Cogswell. W. 0. Folsom, D. S. Carr ; 
li and (lysters, J, S. Whitney; flour and meal, C. H. & P. H. Corser,: 
hn Qutter'^on ; nieat,C. II. Sargent; millinery, Mrs. L. M. Campb*>ll, 
rs. M. E. Nichols, M'atches, clocks, jewelry and sewing machines,' 
. T. Sargent. I 

Physicians— L. W. Peabodv, G. H. Sanborn; dentist. S. 0. Bowers.! 
llll^E.9 MERRIMACK— Vop. G67. N. W. fr. C. 25. R, R. &— i 
IJ, on Bristol Branch R. R. Daiilmry, 5 m., on Northern R. R. | 
DFFICERS— Cf^rA^ F. P. Parker ; Treas. F. B. Shaw ; Selectmen^ J. 
Newton, A. D. I'rescott, L. L. Mason; Supt. W. F. Baldwin. 
Postmaster— Geo. A. Sumner. Exp. A Tel. AgH— G. D. Stuckpole. 
Justices— O. A. Sumner. J. R. Roweil,G. D. Stackpole,MfF. Little, 
ite; K. G. DickeTson, J. W. Favor. 

Churches — Chris., Sireetf S. F. Lougee ; Ctnire, £. H. Wright. 
Hotel— .T. P. Ladd. 
[ns. Aa't— G. A. Sumner. 

Manufacturers — carriages and sleighs, G. W. Twombly, P. H. Wel- 
me; glass cutters and light hardware, F. R. Woo.lward; inipruved! 
reted latch needles, G. H. Adams & Co.; lumber, W. B. Culby. I 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, V. L. Straw, F. Ferren: carpenters, J. Q. 
Prescott, 0. A. Wade. B. W. Richardson : job printer, F. E. Adams. 
Merchants — G. A. Sumner; meat, F. B. Shaw ; Depot, G. D. Stack- 
le. Physician— W. F. Baldwin. 

HI li tS BO tt OU« H, »/LZS5 ft C^(? fir— Pop. 1 ,647 . S. W. f r. 
26. N. W. Ir. Nashua, 32; N. W. fr. Manchester, 27 ra. R. R. 5.—! 
Illsborough Bridge, 2j^ m., on Con. Val. B. R. Stage twice a day. I 
OFFICERS— C/erifc, Frank E. Merrill ; I'reax. J. C. Canjpbell ; tielect- 
<n, J. h. Shedd, J. M. Curtis, J. H. Eaton : Supt: C. W. Ilutchins. 
Postmasters — J.G.Dickey; Centery Elizabeth Nelson; Upper VU- 
7«, C. W. Conn. 

Justices — Edgar Hazen, Cornelius Coolidge, F. W. Gould, D. F.' 
hittle, J. H. T. Newell, Kirk D. Pierce, F. H. Pierce, J. F, Grimes,' 
N.Goodale, .1. M. Curtis, W. H. Manahan, B. K. Webber, S. W.j 
olman, C. P. Pike, State; A. G. Buruham, J. C. Campbell, O. £. 
[>yt, G. D. Wood, Theo. Barnes. 

Churches— Cong., B. J. Mooney ; Meth., F. H. Corson. 
Hotel— St. Charles, Geo. Butterfield. 
Lawyers — F. H. Pierce, K.D. Pierce. 

Manufacturers — cabkets and ccflSns, 0. Gilinore; leather, S. A.j 
own; lunsber, J. tJ. Dickey, S. Andrews, Nichols k Jackmau; 
ipboards and- broom handieb, J. 11. Hoyt. 

Mechanics — Macksmiths, G. F. Thompson, Geo. Saltmansh, F. B. 
l)bott ; carpenter, Cenfer, K. C. Tloyt. j 

Merchants— Onslow Gilmoie, MarkDexter, J. P. Gibson ; aiKtioneerJ 
. H. Maniiahnn. Physicians — J. Q. A. I-reuch, John Guodell. 
Bri«I|C<^— Postmistress— Mrs. Martha Loverlnp. . 
Churches— Cong., B. J. Mooney ; Melh., F. H. Corson. 
Exp. Agent— H. U. Whittle. Hotel— Valley, Chas. Putney. 




Lawyers— B. K. Webber, S. W. Hoi man. 

Livery Stables— Will Proctor, Ctiase & Plumnier. 

Manufacturers — fluurand meal, MorriU & .Met rill, J. B. Smith ; lam 
bar, Bice & CS^ipieut, Wm. Merrill ; puper boxes, W. S. Loverin 
boots aud shoes, David Collins, Alba StepheDsou, S. Denison ; iliirfc 
ajid drawers, J. B. Smith; woolen cloths, ilillsboro Woolen Mill. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. H. White, J. U Eaton, G. M. Salt 
marsh ; carpenters, W. Prichard A Sod, P. H. Rumrill, C. H 
Cloogh, J. Barnes; copper, tin and sheet Iron workers, Uenr; 
Colby ; harness makers, J. W. Bradshaw, C. £ Wood ; Jeweler aui 
watch nutkbr, W. H. Story ; machiniBts and iron founders, T. Mc Glin 
took A Son. 

Merchants— J. S. Butler, Dutton A Morse. H. Murcy, Morrill i 
Merrill, Chat*. Brockwuy ; auctioneers, W. II. Mannahnn, F. W. Gonld 
'clothing k furnlHhiiig goods, John Taakcr; coffins and caskets, S. D 
'Hastings; confectionery and cignrs. W. 3. Marcy; drugs am 
medictties, R. C. Dickey, II. Marcy ; fancy good.s and notions, A. A 
Wyman; flour and grain, Morrill A Merrill; furniture, A. A Wy 
man; groceries!, Chas. Kimball: hardware. II. C. Ferry; ice. F. W 
Benuett ; meat, Kimball tiros., W. L. Pickering; millinery, Mrs. S 
B. Farrar, Mrs. K. J. Barney, Mrs. R. C. Dickey ; periodicals aud fan 
cy good"*, W. H. Marcy. , 

Physicians— A. C. Burnham, M. H. Felt : homeo., I. P. Chase ; den 
tist, 8. 0. Bowers, C. E. Fiirnuni. Tel. Ag't— R. C. Dickey. 

Ilillville — ^A post office iu Mt-rrimack County. 

HlNSDAl.E, CHESaiRE^Vop. 1,S68. 8. W. fr. C. 76; S. W 
'r. Keene, 19. B.'h. S. — Hinsdale, on Ashuelot R. R. Hack to al 

OFFICERS— C?<rfc, C. S. Fay; TrMu. G. W. Holland ; S^ecimfn, W 
8. Barrows, D. W. Stearns, N. M. Worden ; Board qf Education, C. J 
Amidon, H. II. Hamilton, M. C. Dix. 

Postmaster, Tel. it Telephone Agent— F. D. Fiske. 

Justices — W. S. Barrows; H. F. Ilorton, iVoriA, L. B. Lamson 

F. J. Barber, Stale ; Gf o. Wellman, P. W. Taylor, G. S. Wilder, Ed 
ward Stebbins, H. R. Vaille Jr. 

Churches— Bap., ; Meth., J. L. Felt; Cong., H. H. Haui 

ilton; Univ., £. A. Read. 

ExD. Ag't— H. C. iloUund. 

Hotel— C. D. Whitaker. Lawyer— E. J. Temple. 

Ins. Agt'S— W. 8. Barrows, K.J. Temple, Q, S. Wilder, T. W. Saben 
U. R. Vaille jr 

Literary Institution— High School, C. P. Hall. prin. 

Livery Stables— O. if. Higginx. L. Estey, N. Stearna. 

Manufacturers— bliicksmithH, Q. W. Cobb, L. C. Lyman, H. C 
Hicks; boxes, John Snow; bniMers, J. H. Henry, L. A. Parks, M 
W. Bardwell ; carriages, M. S. Leach, J. W. Battle: cashmerets, II:iil< 
iFroat ft Co.,-C. J. Amidon A, Son ; chisels and drawing kuiven, G. S 
Wilder; cigars, 11. Knapp: Granite State mowing mitchincs. N.ewhal 
'ft Stebbins; harnei-tos, E L. Wsilkiir; iron f(»nndrv. C. D. Merriman 
'lumber, M. II. Bnnlwell, L. F. Uscon),C. A. MiiSv')n, L. A. Parks ; plai 
!iu^ mill aud water tubing, I,. A. Park ; KoapH, K. ft N. Wonlen ft Co 
'printer, £. S. Henry: tools, Hinsdale Machine ft Tool Co.; wat« 
'Wheels Ilolman ft Merriman ; wrapping paper, Q. A. Robertson ft Co 

G. C. Fisk. 

Merchants— 0. W. Holland, A. S. Bacon, E. E. Hale, G. 8. Howe 
books and stationery, Hunter ft Co.; boots and shoes, Wm. H. Lyman 

'2 B08IHEfl8 DIftECrORr. j 

— ■ I 

lothfDR, O.B . tthftttack k Co.; coal, grain and feed, F. S. Welliugtoii,' 
.. A. Parks^ conff<tionerj, H. W. Thayer, M. V. Coltan : drugs, L, A.. 
4iniMm, 0. J. Martin ; fancy goods, Ilnuter A Co.; furniture and jew- 
Iry, II. C. Holland; hardware, paints^, oils Ac, L. •. LauiBon, Steb> 
in« A Ilorton ; meat, W. P. Taylor, 6. H. Bailey, J. W. Shaw ; mil- 
inen', Mrs. L. P. Wise, V. J. Angel; tinware and stoves, J. B. Bfitcfa- 
II. Stebhins ft Ilorton. 

Physicians— W. S. Leonard, M. C. Dix, C. W. WbiUker; dentist, 
V. K. Fay. I 

If ortb— 3 m. fV. Brattleboro, Tt., on C. V. B. R Daily itage. 

Postmaster— L. B. Lamsun. Church— Bap^ ^. I 

Manufacturers— Inniher, J. Estey A Co., L. B. Lamaon ; planing- 

Dili, water tnbing, mouldings and wooden ware, L. B. Luuson. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, L. B. Lanuon; carpenters, it. B. Last- 
on, 0. B. Tyler, S T. Yeaw. i 
H01.D£RN£S$i, GRA FTOJV— Pop., 703. N. ft. C. 60; B. fr. 

Mymonth, 7. R. R. S -Ashland, 4 m., on B. A L. B. B. White Mt. 

>!▼. Stage and mail daily. 
OFPICBRS— C/er* and 2V*a«,N. B. Whitten, p.o. ad. Ashland N. H..' 

{electmen, 8t«;ph«n £■ bridge, II. B. Jewell, D. 8. Hawkins ; &f|if., F.L. 

Wallace; Overi^er^ D. H. Cox. 
Postmaster-^H. H. Piper. ; 

Justices— A. L. Shaw, D. H. Cox, Daniel Smith 2d, Stole; M. B. 

^'bitten, J. B. Huckins, C. R. Cox. i 

Hotel — Hnmmer) Aisqnam House, A. W. Weeks, prop. ( 

Uterary Institution— Holdernefls School for boys, p.tfjA. Plymouth. 
Manufacturers-^excelnior, J. A, R. Tomkinson, p. o. ad. Plymonth ; 

umber, W. U. Berry, S. M. Worthen. Enoch Cox/.ens, p. o. ad.. Ash- 

and; C. M. Ames, p. o. nd., Plymonth. 
Mechanics— carpenters, Chas. K. Cox, J. 8. Perkins, John J«W(4I,: 

UinrleH II. Eastman. 
Merchant— N. B. >^ bitten. 
IlOIil^lS, HILLSBOROUGH— lfMp.\,(m. S. fr.C.,38; W. fr. 

faKbna 8. R. RJS— lIolMs, on Nashua A Worcester R. R., Z14 a, 

V. Cftiter. Stage three times a day. , 

OFFICERS— CTerA:, M. J. Powers; Treag., Joseph Gates; SkUet-, 

»i«n, R. E. Tenney, Truman Hurd, G. H. Blood; 6upt., Franklin Wor- 

ester : Oi erseers, A. J. Farley, H. F. Marshall ; CoHe^ftr^ A. J. Tarley. 
Postmaster— Oeo. a. Burge. I 

Justices^E. J. Colburn, A. J. Farley, C. S. SpauMing, J. P. Ckg*, 


Church— Cong., D. B. Scott. Ex. Ag't— Darius Babb. 
Manufacturers — blacksmiths, C. B. Richardson, A. R. Lovejoy, 

oseph Horton ; roopers' tooiR, Levi Pierce ; lumber, Worcester Bros.,' 

[iiyden Bros., O. P. HtifT, K. T. Dnncklee, L. J. Farley; printer,' J. C.' 

liltlreth; iiunipf*, Nathan Willoughby. | 

Merchants — Q A. Bur^e: auctioneer, 6. A. Burge; docks and: 

atchf'B, Ebeuezer Baldwin ; jewelry. Lot Mooat. 

Physicians — H. W. Willonghby, A. W. Howe; dentlMt, Frank! 

IIOOKSETT, MERRIMACK— Pop. 1,766. S. E. fr. C. 9. S.- 

P. R— Ilonksett, on C. R. K. and Suncook Valley R. R.; Martin's Fer.; 
youC.R. K. ( 

OFFIOEttS— C/«r* and Treas., R. A. Lantry ; Selectmen, E. Pronkj 
r. C. Quult, K. Q. Libby : Supt. F. D. Randall. 

Postmaster— <3eo. A. Roble. 


Justices— Jeise Ganlt, W. M . Kelley, A. W. Preecott, J. W. Pre» 
coit, Stau ; R. A. Lantry, W. F. Uvad, Q. A. Bobie, B. A. Uaiki, 
If. L. Ottersoti. 

Church— Cong.,* J- G. Rollins. 

Exp. 9l Tel. Ag*t— R. A. Lantiy. 

Hotels— Ayer Houhc, ¥. W. Ricliiirda ; Steamt Honae, John Steams. 

Liverv Stables— J. W. Prescott, R. A. Lantry. 

Manulkcturers — blacksmith, £. J. Robie; bricks, W. F. Head, 
Jesse Gaul 1 ; cnmbrics, Hooksett Manufg Co., £. H. Nutting, ag't: 
lumber. W. F. Hend. 

Merchants— Ueo. A. Robie ft Son, 8. D. Bfc Affee ft Co., groceriea 
A. li. Paviti; meat, H. 0. Carbec. 

Physician— Frank D. Randall. 

HOPKIIfTON, MERJiJMACK—Top. 1,896. S. W. from 0. 7. 
JS. K. S. — Contuucook on C. ft C. R. R. Daily stage to Concord. 
: OFFICERS— 67erik, J. A. Fuller; TVecu., I. D. Merrill; Set«ctmeH, H. 
X>. Dn^in, £. 8. Richard^ou, U. G. Dustin; Supts., U. 6. Kimball, 
B«IleD M. Bailey, D. I. Quint 
'< Postmasters— L. B. Bvans ; Wett^ Charles Rowell. 

Justices— U. K. Goodrich 1. 1^. Merrill, Isaac Story, H. W.Qreene, 
O. U. Hawthorne. J. 8. Kimball, J. M. Connor) J. F. Jones, W. 8. Bar 
ia, C. C. Lord, G. A. Curtis, Chas. Hardon, G. G. Blaisdell, SteCe ; H. 
H. Crowell, P. M. Flanders, 6. B. Hardy, 8. 8. Page, G. W. Currier, H. 
L. Boutelle, H. B. Bustin, J. A. Fuller, Chas. Gould. 

Churches— Bup., W. B. Waterbury ; Cong., B. F. Farrell; Epis., R. 

A. B«ntou. 

Manufacturer— leather, H. J. Chase. 

Exp. Agt — I^rank Chandler. Lawyers— H. W. Green, C. G. Haw- 

Merchants— Kimball ft Co. ; auctioneer, H. W. Green ; meat, Chas. 

Physicians — Alexander Rodgers, G. W. Powen. 

Contooeook— Postmaster^E. W. Sterens. 

Justices— I. B. Merrill, J. F. Jones. W. S. BaTis, G. A. Curtice, 
Stale; U. B. Bustin, Chan. Gould, J. A. Fuller. 

Band — Contoouook Cornet C. F. Webber, leader. 

Churches — F. Bap., I. B. Quint ; Meth., 8. Holnian ; Swadenboiglan, 


Exp. A Tel. Ag't— A. II. Currier. Insurance Ag't— J. F. Jones. 

Literary institution— Contoocook Aendemy. 

Manufacturers— blHck^nutli, F. J. Mudgett; builders, W. T. Lib- 
by, J. M.Morrill; carriages and sleighs, E. Upton; lumber, Harvey 
Chase, E. C. Baily; lumber and kits, (steam) F. I. Morrill ft Co.; 
printer, H. 8. Chase. 

Merchants — O. A. Curtice, T. B. Richardson; auctioneer, G. 

B. Hardy; meat, W. A. Patterson; millinery, Hiss J. M. Johnson; 
stoves and tin ware, G. H. hetchnm. 

Physicians— J. 'V^. Wilson, G. C. Blaisdell. 

Born '• HI UK — ^>e >\ Hketield. 

JUUOSOlf, HILLSBOHOUGH—YoV' 1,'>45. 8. E. fr. C. 88. 
R. k. iS.- Hudson Ceiitey, on K. & R. R. R. 

OFFICERS— O/fr A und Trean., Janie« B. Merrill ; Selectmen, W. 
F. Winn. J.F. Wilson, B. A. Coiburn. 

Postmasters— N ■ V. Webi>ter; Cepi4'r, Eli Hamblet. 

Justices— S. B. Greeley, Kimball W«b8t»r, State; J. B. Merrill, C. 

94 Bomri 

Cliiircties— Itep. T. H. Merruuao ; Cong. F. D. Anstia ; Meth. Wm. 

Wou<u. • ! 

HanuClcturers — cmniafces, Ciuiunings Bros^ files, 8. Walton 1 Son. 
lounge trmmes, Mar«li«li Bros. 

Mechanics— blaclbunitha. Uc MUUan Bnw^ C. Jk Cole; baQden, 
Hintni CummtngB, I. N. Smith. 

Merchants— N. P. Webster, II. G. Lewie. 

Physician— D. O. Smitb. 

Intervale — A post office in OarroII Goanty. 

JACKSON, CARBOLI^Pop.466. N: K. fr. C.9a N. fr. Oesfpee, 
40. JL R. S.—G\9n ttatton, 3 m^ on P. k O. R. K. Daily etage. | 

\ OFPICKRS — Clarke J. B. Trickey; Treaty 0. P. Meeerve; Selectmen, 
W. W. Trickey, C. K. Gnle, J. H. Hodge; tk^. C. T. P. Crockett. 

Postmaster— O. P. Mesenre. 

Justices— M. C. Wentworth, StaU; J. B. Trickey, C. B. Perkins. 
\ Church- F. Bttp., C. D. T. Crockett. 

Hotels-^ack8on Falls, Trickey Bros^ Thorne Mt., M. C# -Went 
worth; Glen Ellin llonse, N. T. Stilllngs; Eagle Mt. House, C. JB.' 
Gnlu; Wilion's Ootia^o, J. L. Wil«OQ; Harriman's Cottage, J. &.' 
liarrlman ; Gray'tf Cottage, W. G. Gmy ; Cottage. J. O. Towle. ! 

Manufacturers— carriaues, C. W. Gray : lomber, Jackson Mannrg. 
Co. (J. W. Abbott k Sons, C. F. Perkins. ; 

Mechanics — bl:tck«niitli8, J. D. Towie, 0. P. Mesenre; carpenters. 
D. F. Drew, Chas. 8. Metterve. | 

; Merchant— C. U. Hnrlin A, Co. I 

I JAFFBET, CHESHIRE— Pop. 1,267. 8. W. fr. C. 45; 8. B. frJ 
,Keeue, 15. R. R. S. — K:ist Jaffrey, on Mouadnock R. R. Public con-j 
veyance to and from hU tntlns. 

t OFKICBRS— C/«r*, J. P. Frost ; Tt^ax.^ E-JLtt, C. H. Powers ; Stlect- 
men. Alfred Sawyer. J. W. Fa-'sett, Juliu* Cutter ; Supf., W. W. LiT-i 
ingston ; Overseer^ J. P. Fassett ; Agents G. C. Duncan. | 

Postmaster A Physician— On»<«r, G. A. Phelps. ( 

Justices— F. 8. Pierce, H. D. Uptou, J. P. Frost, J. B. Twiss, StaU ; 
0. A. Phulps, J. W. Fassett, Alfred Sawyer, H. B. Aldrich, L. N. Wil 
longhby, John H. Fox, Julius Cutter. 
Cnurch — Center^ Cong., supplied by W. W. LiWngston. 
Ex. Agent— M. E. Cutter. 

Hotels — Central House, M. £. Cutter, prop.; Om<«r, Gutter's, Jonas 

Cutter. 1 

Literary Institution— Conant High School, A. S. Annie, prin. I 

Manufacturers — bliicksmiths. Center, D. A. Colbnrn & Son; JBattf 

chiiir siiiir, Ueorge V.\ Gilmore; Center, shoes, Luke French. i 

Merchant— Cien^sr, J. T. Bigelow. t 

East— Postmaster— M. H. Bascom. j 

Churches— Bap., T. C. Gleason; Coiig., B. J. Biggs. ' 

Hotels— Granite State, Benj. Pierce, Dorchester House, Caldwell 

Brother<i: Mountain House, P. A S. Batchelder, p. o. sd., Troy. i 

Ins. Agents— VVhitu A Pierce, H. D. Upton, J. B. Twiea. | 

Lawyer— Jesse n. Twiss. I 

Livery Stables— Aaron Perkins, .Jonas Gutter, R. A. Hubbard. 

Manufacturers— l>l»clc8niitb, Fied J. Upton* blue drilling, Whitn 

Bros.: builder, Llburty Tuwn; dry pulp, G. A. Shepard & Co., Elijah 

StiirtovMnt, afr't; lumber, J. E. Beniis; nest boxes, Anuett & Mur- 

jdock; shoen, G. Fairbanks; shoe knives, Wilbur Webster; wooden 

ware, A. J. ft J.E. Beniis. i 

Merchants— J. 8. Lacy ft Co.,C. H. Powers ft Co., Walter Goodnow 

— * 


A Co.: anctioneers Pierce A Scott; meat, J<'hn Crowe; millinery, 
Mrs. Prescott; milk, J. B. Shedd; tiu, A. A. Linnell. i 

Physicians— 0. H. Bradley ; dentist, G. C. Duncan. 

SU. Ag*t.— N. W. Mower. 

JCFFJBRSOBr, COOS— Vop, 961. N. from C. 116; S. E. from 
Lancaster, 7. S. B. 8. — Jefferson, on Wbitefield and Jefferson R. R. 
2^ m. 

OFFICERS— C7«rt, J. A. Hicks; Tnjrt*., Levi Stalbird; Selictmen, 
C. H. Biirnham, M. Perkins, W. F. Jewett. 

Postmasters— A. F. Mason ; Highland^ Ilattie Crawford ; Meadow, 
E. Ray. 

Justices— N. R- Perkins, Stufo; J. M. Morse, A. L. Berry, B. B. 
Keaniston, A. F. Mason, Jubn Goodell. 

Churches— C. Bap. ■ ; Meth. 8. J. Roliiiioon. 

Hotels A Livery Stables— Waumbeck Iltaisc, Wanmbeck Hotel 
Co.; Mt. Adams Huiise, Cruwehaw Sc Co.; SnunysiUe Ilonse, Juhnj 
Kennett ; Plaisteil House, P. C Plaisted ; Crau tord linnf e, fi. A. ( raw- 
ford ; Pliny RMUge House, G. W. Crnwfoid ; HiKlilnnd IIonAe. G. A. A] 
J, L. Pottle; Maple Uoube, Mrs. M. H. Bowles ; Giaud View lloiiKe, 
:Mr8. B. Tuttle; Cold Spring House, W. H. Crawford; Hill Side Farm 
•N. M. Davenport; Willow Cottage Jobu A. UickH; Stalbird House 
LeTi Stalbird; Jefferson Hill House, K. £. Bedell & Co.: Wuodard 
Cottage, Mrs. C. A. Woodard, Union House, ileii^lit Bros., Star King 
House, C. K. Qile ; Cloverdale Cottage, J. Palmer. j 

Manufacturers— lumber. Bines s Simpson, Jewett A Son, Jere- 
miah Kicker, Franklin Keed. j 

Mechanics— blaclumitiis, Nicholas Tuttle, R. P. Stillings; builder,' 
Cyrus Buck. 

Physician— -C. H. Bnrnham. 

Tei. Ag't— A. F. Mason. 

Jfefln^rKon HifrUland— Coos Connty. 

KEENE, CHESHIMJi— Shire tovrn. Citt. Pop., 6,786. S. W. 
fr. C, 6-2. £. R. ^.— Keeno, on Cheshire R. R. Ashuelot Jl. R. k M ' 
3l £. R. R« I 

OFFICERS— Elected Dec. 6, 1883. Mayor, Horatio Kimball. (My 

Clerks UC. Doolittle; City TVecu., J. R. Real, As the term uf office 

lof other city officers expires soon after we go to press their names are 

'onaitted here. The elected Ward Officers are. Ward 1, Clerk, A. M. 

Nima; Alderman, D. C.Howard; VouncUmen,}i,\, V. B. Clurk, C. SJ 

Coburn, H. R. Ward. Ward 2, Clerk, C. O. Farrar; Alderman, O. L i 

Bordett; Councilmen, W. £. Bnrdett, F. H. Fay. Jubn Gould. Ward 

3, Cter*, Prank Davis; Alderman, H. N. Stone; Ootincilmen, Henry! 

Giffin, Albert A. Woodward. Vli^il A. Wright. Ward 4. Clerk, Wesley 

iWheeler ; Alderman, Fred H. Kingsbury; Oouncilmen, Charles Wright,' 

jAbel £. Johnson, Charles Abbott 2nd. Ward 5, Cierk, F. H. Wriglit; 

Alderman^ Reuben Hyland; Cowicilimen, Fred A. Barker, William II. | 

£Iliot, Parker C. Butler. CUrk of Common OjhucU, James £.! 


I Postmaster— A. Smith. ' 

' Justices— J. B. Abbot, H. Colony, W. R. Dunham, E. E. Lyman, R.' 
St4*wait, J. E. Wright, J.T. Abbott, W. S. Briggs, iiirum Bla'ke, S. A.' 
Carter, W. S. Davis, L. M. Dinfmoor, Edward Furrar, F. C. I'uiilk. 
ner, Silas Hardy, C. H. Hersey, H. S. Martin, M. T. Tottinglmni, V. A. 
Wright, C. F. Webster, J. 8. Taft, J. B. Abbott, J. R. lieal, J. W. Bjib- 
bitt, A. T. Batchelder, B. P. Dole, J. H. Elliott, Hosea Fester, Ed- 
|Witrd Gostine, R. J. Holt, 8. 0. Gates, F. F. Lane, F. A. Perry, Bj 


F. O.KI 

Welliof^on, Hinin Blak«J 
0. H. Heney, i. T. AbbotU 

lool, M. A. Bitiley, prfn. I 

Ipley, C. F. Rowell, J. W. Stnrteraiit, C. C. Webster, D. IL ¥« 
iird, C. H. Whitney, L. Wellington, C. T. Bnffiim, S. B.8nUh, J. 
ice, SUiU; 8. B. Aldrich, F. A. Barker, O. 6. Dort, J. B. Ftsbcr, A.. 
. Kittridge, A. Kingsley, Z. K. Graves, D. K. Healey, J.G. JiiUinJ 
. D. Knight, S. F. Lane. J. N. Morne, J. 6. Peiry, S. L. BhikWI, T.' 
r. Rnnell, Jacob Staples, A. W. Baker, H. 0. Gooledge, L. C.Doo- 
ttle, J. Q. Pnller, Jason French. G. C. Hill, A. P. Freoch. V. H.. 
ingBbnry. E. R. Locke, O. A. Litchfield. F. E. Newcomb, G. K. P«etn-t 
erton, T. G. Rand, W. II. Spalter, G. W. Flagg, 8. White, SemaelNima, 
. W. Marston, Qva. Kingsbiuy, W. H. Elliott, B. A. Brown, D.O. Ball.; 
. D. Wheelock, G. M. BalTiim, Horatio Kimball. 

Churches— Bap., W. H. Bk^ton ; 1st Gong., ; id Oonfi^., 

; Epit., W. B. T. Smith ; Meth., H. S. Thompson; R. Gatlt.,' 

. R. Power; Unit.. Albert Walkley : Univ., -: . j 

Eating Houses— N. G. Gaernsey, O. Lettenmayar, A. J. AldricltJ 

. Baker, Mr88*« OllTer. Royce k Co, Ladd k Hinea. ] 

Exp. Ag'tS — John Harden, Charles F. Holton. | 

Hotels — Cheshire Honse, M. J. Sherman; Eagle, Wm. March;' 

ity Hotel, Sawyer k Woodcock. | 

Ins. Ag*ts— Aldrich k Co., D. K. Heftley, George Tilden, George' 

itchfield. ) 

Lawyers— Batchelder k Faulkner, F. F. Lane, D. K. ITenley, G. C. 

Webster, D.- H. Woodward, Leonard Wellington, Himin Blake 

ilas Hardy, E. P. Dole, W. H. Elliott, 

!. P. Webster. 

Literary Institution— Keene High School 

Livery stables— J. D. Dnnbar, L. Martin k Son, David Romell, J. 
r. B^ickminister, S. P. Bowker, J. G. Leeure. 
Manufacturers — blacksmiths, R. Ray, Toang, Jones, k Co., 
ook binders and blank book mannfacturers, G. EL Tilden k Co..! 
S. H. Spalter k Co ; bnislt and dnster handles, A. 8. Whitromb ; bnilit* 
rs. Sawyer k Bnrnham, A. R. k E. 8. Foster, Thayer k Ellis; chaim^ 
[eene Ohalr Co., W. W. Mason, snpt., Cheshire Chaii' Co., QeorgSi 
I. Burdett, L. J. Colony; flannels, Fanlkner k Colony; floir 
nd feed, Hope Steam Mills, J. M. Farnnm, Eames k Towne, 
. Cashing; fnrniture, Keene Furniture Co., Ashnelot FtimitureC>i.;l 
Ine, Cheshire Glue C<>.; leather, Bigelow k Symonds, K. B. Foster;! 
oTelty revolving flower stands, 0. A. Bingham ; pails and tubs, Hope 
ream Mills, N. G. W-(K>dbury ; pots and exrthenware, J. 8. Taft ACo.; 
ish, doors and blinds, Nims, Whitney k Co.; sieve hoope aad plant 
rotectors, D. M. Nichols ; Impervious Can company, J. A.Wright, 

Merchants — auctioneers, J. C. Rice ; books, stationery and 
eriodicals, G. H. Tilden k Co., W. H. Spalter k Co.; boots 
nd shoes. Prank Wright, S. Spanlding, J. B. Fisher, G. M. Cnmqningi, 
.. W. Baker k Co.; clocks and watches, S. Wadsworth k Oo., 
'. E. Keyee, H. E. Fay, A. B. k S. W. Skinner; clothing. J. R. Beal k Go. 
. F. & F. H. Whitconib, Chase k Richards, J. Amidon. Mnson k Wbeel- 
r, G. W. Ball k Co.; dry goods, F. C. Hardy, W. P. Chamberlain, J. F. k 
\ H. Witcomb, 8. L. Randall, W. G. Hall ; dry goods and groceries, A.' 
l.Qrimes, F. B. Keyes ; drugs and medicines, Dort k Chaniiler, Hiillan!- 
; Foster, Dort k Farrar, G. O. Sawyer k Co.; fjincy goods and 
otJons, J. W.Dunn, A. J.Howard k Co.; flsh, S. Balicork ft Pons- 
orlsts, Ellis Bros.; furniture, Woodbury ft Howani, Fisher AJackvou-' 
roceries, O. Bridgeman M. V. B. Clark. D. M. Pollard. G. B. HoW 
rook^P. H. Mc Cashing, F» Beal, Mottlton ft Donahoe; hardware. 


Nf. Spencer k Co^ Knowlton k Stone; bats nod cape, Bill A Tennej 
tfason & Wheeler, O. W. Ball A Co.; ladies' rurnishinK goods, Mrs. 
k. Olesson ; ice, Ricbardson ft Pratt, Bancroft & Henld ; meat and pro 
tlsions, H. M. Darling, A. Bancroft, E. Burr ft Sons, 0. W. Wyman 
milliuery, Mrs. A. B. Bennet, Mrs. E. H. White, Mrs. P. K. Proctor 
Hiss S. Heaton, Mrs. L. A. Alexander. S. L. Randall; musical instru 
iBMitB and nrasic, O. H. Tilden & €k>., Merrill k Maynard, W. H. Spal 
ter k Co., £. Foster, L. G. Doolittle, O. F. Nichols. €1. W. Foster 
stoves and tin ware, Davis k Wright, Kirk k Sewell ; tobacco aac 
cigars, F. Petts, O. Lettenmayer ; variety store, BIbridge Clark. 

Physicians— G. B. Twitcfaell, A. 8. Carpenter, I. F. Pronty, Mrs. G 
C. Hill, 8. M. Dinsmore, 6. 0. Hill, W. R. Dunham, J. H. Leach 
6. H. Bridgman ; homeo., Q. W. Flag^, H. H. Darling ; tbomp.. J. F 
Jennison; dentist, B. F. Olcot, M. B. Loveland, I. W. BasseIl,G.H 
Russell, B. 0. Russell. 

Public Library— 4,000 vols., Mrs. L. M. Converse, librarian. Opei 
every day from 2 to 8 P. M. 

Tel. Ail'ts— Geo. F. Barker, F. H. Gove. 

KEmiNCITOIf, iSOC^/^Oifinjf— Pop., eu. C.,41 
S. W. fr. Portsmouth, 16 ; S. fr. Bxeter, 4. B. B. &— Hampton Falli 
i m.; Amesbary, 6 m., on Bastem R. R.; Bxeter, 4 m., and Xas 
Kingston, 3^^, on B. k M. R. R. Sti^e fr. Bxetor to Ameslniry. 

OFFICERS— Oerjk, Joseph Poor; Trittu,, L. S. Sanborn; SeUei 
nen^ John A. Blake, Stephen Brown, James W. W. Brown ; SupL 
Philip Titoomb. 

Postmaster— Francis Hilliard. Exp. Ag't— J. N. Austin. 

Justices— J. W. Brown, A. T. Rowe, C. W. Foss. 

Churches— Chris., : Cong., Philip Titcomb; Unir., J. G 

Adams; Unit., George Osgood. 

Manufacturers — ^lumber, Francis Hilliard, Joseph Poor. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, £. G. Stevens, S. G. Chase; builders 
Jos. Tilton, John Page, Abram Hilliard. 

llerehants-rFrancts Hilliard, Geo. Blake ; auctioneer, Joseph Poor 

KINCISITOIC, BOCKmOffAM-'V0p.,imi. S. B. fr. C , 38 ; S 
fr.. Bxetor, 6. B. R. S.—Eamt Kingston, 2^4 m. on B.k M. R. R 
4tage and mail, 3 times a day. 

OFFICBRS— OJsHfc, W. S. Clark ; SeUctnun, William J. Bartlett, D 
S. Kimball, J. W. Sanborn ; Supt.y C. B. Towle. 

Postmaster— D. J. Bakie. Ex. Ag't— F. P. Merrill. 

Justices— S. Webster, A. J. Cilley, W. J. Stevens. S. E. Woodman, 
L. G. Hoyt, A. C. Chase, State ; D. L. Goodwin, J. Webster, Jr., G. W 
3anbora, W. G. Wilson, D. J. Bakie, J. W. Collins, B. N. Bradley, Jobi 
W. Preseott, C. B. Towle, T. O. Reynolds, J. W. Sanborn, C. B. Cilley 
W. 8. Clark. 

Churches— Cong. T. W. Minnice; F. Bap. ■; Meth. WiUian 

A. Jones; Univ. supplied. 

Hotels — ^Farmer's, Mrs. E. Morrill : Kingston House, J. A. Smith 
Union House, B. M. Frost. 

Lawyers — Lonis G. Hoyt, 0. H. Keye«i. 

Literary Institutions— Kingston Academy ; Sanborn's Seminary. 

ManuRsiCturers— blacksmith, Thomas Oaks : body maker, Aloin< 
Goss; carriages, A.C. Chase, D. Towle, A. J. Cilley k Son, J. P. Mat 
9ball, S. C. Marshall, H. W. Marshall, W. S. Clark, D. S. Kimball 
earriage stocks, J. P. Marshall, J. W. Sanborn, H. W. Marshall ; lum 
•er, Walter Bartlett, H. D. Webster, C. B. Ciark, Jas. 9akie, I. W 
Sillowaj, R. L. Preseott kit Sons ; tin ware, J. T. Clark. 

MertlUllll»— Bakie Bros.} groreriet, J. W.Gonins, j8o«(ft, H. French 
L 8. B*rtl«tt; meat, O. W. Bailey, D. O. Brewer. 

PhysidiaD»^Tbomas BasMtt, T. O. Reyoolde, 6. W. Bantwni. 

iJLCOiriA, BELKNAI'-'SbiTB town— Pop., 3,790. N. fr. O. 
t7. M.B, &-~Lacoiii»,oii B. A L. B. Rj Wb. Mt. DW. Conveyanoe 
«t Avery train. Lake Tillage, 1 m., Weir*b, m. 

OVFICBRS— O(0iifc,sr. W. Aabman ; Treas^ 0. W. Tibbetts ; Meet- 
mew, Setb Flanden, S. J. Lampry, V. W. Ladd ; Board of JBducaUm, 
W, ti. Melcber, L. MalTeni, Mrs. F. L. Tyler, J. Q. Jewett, Sarah L. I 
ilerrill, Geo. L. Mead ; Oecrwer, F. W. Ladd. 

Postmasters— P. Putnam ; Weit't Bridge^ 6. W. Weeks. 

Jastices--B. A. Hibbaid, G. L. Head, L. 8. Perley, A. C. Bow, T. 
J. Whipple, B. M. Sanborn, G. B. Lane,S.M. 8. Monlton, W. L. Meloher 
li. H. Brerett, A. C. Learitt, U. 8. Lewis, J. W. Ashman, F. W. 
Beevee, J. C. Moulton, J. J. 0. Brown. Kimball Oole, E. P. Jewell, 
r. W. Thompson, G. W. Weeks, , 0. F. Stone, SUUe; G. A. Hatch, W. 
V. Knight, 8. 8. Wiggin, Frank Edgerly, A. U. C. Jewett, B. 8. 
Jewett, W. B. Keyeo, D. B. 8tory, J. ¥. Laighton, G-. R. Soums, S. C. 
Lewis, Sdmnnd Little, O. W. TibLetts, C. H. Peaxton, X. C. Hatch. 

BankS~National, O. W. Tibbetts, Onshier ; Belknap Sarings, F. W. 
Reeves, Cashier; Laoonia Savings, W. L. Melcher, Cashier. 

ChurehM— Cong. C. A. G. Thurston ; F. Bap. L. Malrem; Meth. 
S. C. Keeler; R. Cath. J. Lambert; Unita. •— ~ — — . 

Eating Houses— J. R. Ohamplin, J. B. Everett, M. M. Oole. 

Ex. Ag't— H. Whicher. Tel. Agent— G. R. Leavitt. 

Hotels— WiHard, Mrs M. H. Femald; Laoonia, D. M. Kwall; 
Elm wood House, John Blaisdell; Eagle, Buchanan ft Willis. 

Inl. Agents— flre and life, W. L. Melchor A Co.^ Preseott Jk Robin- 
son, 8. 8. Jewett. 

Lawyers-^T. J. Whipple, X. A. Hibbard, Jewell ft Stone, J. W, 
Ashman, 8. 8. Jewett. 

Livery Stables — ^A. L. Morrison, W. A. Brown, G. H. Everett. 

Manuneturers— baker; A. Smith ; blacksmiths, J. L. Meaerve, A 

G. Whittier ; brick, IFctr**, Smith ; builders, A. L. Davis, C. 

S. Carter, D. Watson, Gardner Cook ft Son, Q. W. Riley, Berry ft 
Drury ; carriages, Osgood ft Son ; cofSns and picture framea, J. Gilbert: 
doors, sash and blinds, G. W. Riley, Gardner Cook ft Son ; freight and 
passenger cars, LaconiaCar Co.; gubs, Wm. Lawrence ; hosiery. White 
Mt. Mills, Granite Hosiery Mills; knitting machines, W. D. Huse: 
ladies* hose, Pitoian ft Tilton's Hosiery Mills ; marble, J. F. Merrill; 
men's merino hose, Gilford Hosiery Co.; Winnipiseogee Hosiery Mill ; 
paper boxes, K B. Beaman,E. Tetley; photographers, G. H. Tebbitt^ 
T. C.Moou ; printers, Tmland Bros., Novelty Job Print, Laoonia Demo* 
crat, Lewis, Vaughan ft Co.; shoddy, W M. Busiel, Wm. Belford. 

Merchants— Wiggin ft Co., J. P. Pitmau ft Co ; anctioneera, B, M. 
Sanborn, B.C. Batchelder; books, R. H. Dutton, Mrs. A. D. HMTimao; 
boots and shoes, O'Shea Bros., W. L. Thompson, B. F. Burleigh. 
8. B. Smith; clapboards, shingles and coal, A. C. Leavitt ft Son, 
G. Cook ft 8on ; clothing, O'Shea Bros., S. B. Smith ; clothing and 
furnishing goods, 8. B. Smith; coffins and picture frames, J. Gilbert; 
confectionery, M. M. Cole, J. E. Everett, D. F. Cook, J. Q. Adams, Jr.: 
coal, G. Cook ft Son ; dry goods, Lougoe Bros., W. F. Knight ft Oo.^ 
0'8hea Bros.; drugs and medicines, G. F. Mallard, J. H. Story, T. 
8. Foster, G. A. Hntch ;fancy goods, Mrs. A. D. Harriman, R. H. Datton ; 
furniture, Q^hea Bros., Mansur ft Knight; groceries, Q. L. Mead, J. 
P. Atkinson, jr., Wiggin ft Co., W. L. «wain, Ladd ft Keasor, C. fl 


SaDborn A Co., J. P. PitraAn, Morin A Gay^tto, Btirtlott Bros.; ha«4 
vare, J. P. Pitman .& Co., Wiggin & Co.: harnesses and truidES,.-! 
\. Dinsmore, D. J, Dinsmoor; ice, C. H. liamphrej; lumber, Coofti 
Gardner A Son, Laconia Lumber Co. ; meat, B. L. Dow, Joseph Sanbom 
Bennett Bros.; millinery, Hiss F. J. Anthony, Mrs. S. F. Everett, Bfig 
B. F. Grant, Mrs. M. V, Keaaor ; musical instruments, Eben Hojrl 
iocond hand furnitnre, J. T. Darham ; stovea and tin ware, S. W. 8ai 
der8,J. A.Mitchell; undertaker, J. Gilbert ^ watches and jewelry, 1 
B. Toung & Co., A. S. Gordon. 

Physicians- T. S. Foster, D. B. Nelxon, H. B. Maoe, O. W. Wajf 
mouth, A. W. Abbott, F. L. Gerald ; eclec. N. L, True: hom^.. Mm 
R. W. Wiley, H. C. Wells, A. Lindsay; deutists, G. Y. Pickering, A 
W. Price, A. H. C. Jewett, B. B. Gushing. 

Telephone Co.— Winnipiseogee, F. H. Champlin, Manager; LaoQ 
nia ana Liake Village Horse Railroad, A. Q. Foisom, Treaa. 
Xjakepl^o — A p. o. in Coos County. 
Kjake Vleur — A post office in Carroll County. 
E.»ke Vlllaire— See Gilford. 

EiAirCASTKR, C005-Shire town. Pop., 2,723. V, from 
27; R. R. ^SL— Lancaster, on White Mt. B. R. 

OFFICERS— CZ«rl;. C. B. Mclnrire; TVeot. Frank Smith; AiectaMn, 
S. H. LeQro. J. M. Clark, Dan. Truland ; BupU. J. I. Wiliiamt, J. B 
Morrison, M. A. Hastings. 
Postmaster— C. K. Allen. 
Justices— C. E. Allen, H. 0. Kent, Wm. Hey woo^, W. S. Ladd. C. B 
Jordan, L W. Drew, G. A. Cossitt, J. S. Biackett, B. Fleioher, 
S. H. Legro, M. A. Histings, J. I^ Williams, J. W. Flandei* 
Jacob Benton, Henry Haywood, Wm. P. Freeman, B. R. Kent, B. F 
Whidden, 6. S. Stockwell, B. H. Chessman, Ossian Ray, P. Carpen- 
ter, J. W.Weeks, H. A. Drew,»B. H. Corning, Stabi: D. C. Pinkham 
W. D. Weeks, B. H. Darby, G. H. Emerson, C. E. Mclntire, Wm, 
Clongh, G. M. Stevens, G. S. Stevens, I. W. QnimbVy J. M. Bewail 
L B. Woodward, H. J. Cumniings, C. A. Cleveland, A. A. Twitohell, 
C. B. Burns, Carl Abbott, D. J. Dailey, W. L. Rowell, H. Woodward 
W. F. Burns. 

Banks— Lancaster National, Geo. R. Eaton, Pres.; Frank D. Hnt«h 
ins, CHshier ; Lancaster Savings, H. 0. Kent, treas. 

Churches— Bap. ■ ; Cong. S. A. Bnrnaby; Epis., E. P 

Little ; Meth. A. C. Coult ; R. Cath. H. A. Lesard ; Unit. J. B. Morrison 
Exp. A0'ts— Kent k Roberts. Tel. Agt— Mary N. Brackett. 
Hotels k Livery Stables— Hillside Cottage, W. L. Rowell ; Bin 
Cottage, B. F. Hnuking; Lancaster House, Ned A. Lind8*)y; Mt.Proa 
pect House, W. H. Smith ; Williams House, J. M. Hopkins. 
Ins. AgtS. — Dexter Chase, G. M. Stevens & Son. 
Lawyers— G. A. Cossitt, Jacob Benton, Wm. Bums, B. F. Whidden 
Wm. I^ywood, H. O. Kent, Ossian Ray, Drew, Jordan k Carpenter, W 
3.L«dd, Henry Hey wood, Bverett Fletcher, F. D. Hutchins. 
Literary Institution— Lancaster Academy, .D. T. Tiroberlake, prin 
U very Stables — Monahau k Conners, C. C. Clark k Co. 
ManufkCturers — blacksmiths, J. Monehan, J. McCarten, R. Hos 
tner; boots and shocH, Thomas Cunningham, Y. B. Smith; builder 
P. B. Smith ; furniture, Richardson & Foisom; furniture and carriages 
Marshall k Eaton, L E. Woodward; foundry, A. Thompson k Co.; Jo) 
printers, Lancaster Printing Co., A. F. Rowell ; lumber, G. S. Stock wel 
k Co., G. W. Garland, J. M. Whipple, Sylvanus Holmes, \^ G. Evans i 
Son ; sash, doors and blinds, N. B. Wilson, Laav^t k Stebbina ; plowt 


CobMrii 4 Xoore, Mon» ft SiBTia ; starch, Pleuant Tallej Staich Co., 
J. W. we«ks ft Go.; ttrmw w imp|> ing paper, Laoctttarlf^ €04 tinware, 
CoUeigli ft Moore, M otm ft liaria. 

■erchants— B. P. Kent, Son ft Go^ J. A. Smith ft Gol; anctioneers, 
Geo. M. SteTena; book* and gtationeiy. F. G. Golby, P. J. Noyes ; boots 
end shoes, Charles E. Mc Intire, Hsso Woodward ; clocks and 
watebes, J. M. Kimball, W I. Hatch; clothing, Christian 
Dietrich, G. W. Lane ;4rj goods, Kent ft Oriswold, Bailey ft Smith ; 
dmgs and niediciues Fred. C. Colby, P. J. Noyes ; fionr and com 
Frsnk Smith ft Co.; frroceries, Joe^h He Gee, D. W. Smith, S. G 
Bvnns, 9. Smith ft Co., J. B. Farcher, P. L. Lock, Howe 
Bfotben ; hardware, Oobleigh ft Moore. Morse ft Daris, Jamea M. 
BoweU ; meats, W. Chamberlain ft Co.; millinery, Mn. C. M. Mallard, 
, S. J. Bvans, Mrs. 8. B. Cross; news dealer, G. H. Colby; spring beds, 
A. Cowing; fie, lOe., 25e. store, Bailey ft Smith. 

PhysieuUBS— Bxra Mitchell, B. F. Stockwell ; homeo., D. Ii. Jones. 
Frank Spooner ; dentists, O. H. Kimball, S. L. Wellington. 

UkNOAFF, GJ^^JTOJ^— Pop.,50«. N. W. fr. C, 86. N.S.1^. 
HaTarhfll, 80. M. R. A— Lisbon, 3 m., on White Moantain R. &. 
ConTsjance frnn np trains Wed. and Sat. 

OFFICBKS— Cbrft amd Trta%^ S. A. Baton ; Bdectmen, J. B. Noyee, 

C. B. Clark, Hiram Clark ; fil^iC., Hiram datk. 

Postmasters— J. B. Hall ; assistant, Mary M. Gordon; WkUcher 
viOt, William Knight. Cbarcb— Math., L J. Tebbitt*. 

Justices— J. B. Hall, Savory Gordon. 8. J. Boblnaon, SteUe; 8 
A. Baton, H. H. Noyes, Moses Wfaitcher. 

■anafteturers— blacksmiths, J. C. Atwood, J. B. ft B. Chandler, 
Wm. HMtlen; bobbins, F. P. Noyes, Cogswell Bros., C. L. KIdk; 
Whitchervilie, H. B. Bnrbank ; bnilders, M. G. aark, H. H. Noyes ; 
lumber, J. C. Atwood, C. ft J. Chandlef, C. L. King, F. P. Noye«, p. 
o. ad. Lisbon, Daniel Whitcher. 

I.AlVClI>Oir, SULLIVAN— Yo^., 364. W. fr. C. M: 8. W. fr 
Newport, 22. B. J?. 8.— Bellows Fails, Tt., Jnnc. ofChesh. Vt. Tal 
and C. T. B. B.; So. Charlestown, 3 m., on SufliTan B. R. 

0FFICBR8— CffrJr, Heniy Prentiss ; Tncu., Samael King ; SeUdmem, 

D. P. Davis. J. S. Walker, C. A. Holden ; SupL Mary Prentisa. ^ 
Postmaster — N. B. Sherman. 
Justi ces J . 8. Walker, Henry Wiley, 'Samnel King, SUdt. 

Churches— Cong., French ; Univ. Bmoryv 

ManuftiCturers— builders, Samnel King, B. A. Lucas; lomber, 

G. W. Stanley, Frank Bates. 

Merchants---N. B. Sherman ; ftimitnre, A. P. Fish. 

Physician— homeo., C. M. Lnfkin, p. o. ad. Alstead. 

liCBANOZV, OBAFTON—Fop. 8,364. N. W. fr. O. 60; S. 
W. fr.9HaTerhili, 80. R. B. R— Lebanon, on B. ft L. B. B., No. Df t. 

OFVlCBRS^CTerX;, B. J. Dnrant; Treat., W. H. Cotton; SeUctmtn, 
8. A. Peck, C. A. Downs, John K. Bntman ; 8ttpt$^ J. M. Dutton. M. 8. 
Woodman; JutUce of Police Courts J. G. Ticknor; Special JutUcc, E. 
J Dnrant; ^^en<, Blisha Ticknor. 

Postmasters— A Ipfaens W. Baker; EastyTl. H.Cnshing. 

Justices— A. M. Shaw, B. J. Dnrant, J. G. Ticknor, F. A. Cnshman 
P. L. Owen, U. M. Day, W. P. Burton, J. L. Spring, W. B. Waeks, 
D. B. Bmerson, C. A. Downs, A. L. Spring, 0. A. Dole, Wra. H. Cotton 
A. W. Baker, O. W. Burnap, F. C. Sturtevant, F. C Churchill, SiaU • 
Joel Baker, S. A. Peck, Solomon Cole, A. S. Baton, J. B. Dewey 
N. G. Brldgman, O. A. •Johnson. '* 




The best Boarding School In New England for Young Ladle* 

1. Full course with Diplomas. 

2. Elective course with certificates. 

3. Preparatory course for Smith and Wellesley 

without examinations. 

Nine Teachers for 50 Pupils 


Location easy of access. (See maps of Vt. and N. H. 

For Catalogues and references, early application should b 
made to 

E HUBBARD BARLOW, Ph. D , Principal. 

E. H. BA&LET, 


Stoves, Furnaces, Pumps, 

Lead Pipe, Hardware. 
Paints & Oils, Drain Pipe, 

Blacl<smiths' Goods. 
Croclcery & Glass Ware. 
Jobber In Seroseaie. 



White River Junction, Vt. 


Banks— Nat'l, W. S. Ela, Pros.; Sdward A. Kaadrick, Cash 
LebanoD SaTings, £. A. Kendrick, Treas. 

ChurChes~Bap., N. F. Tilden ; Gong., J. M. Datton ; Meth., M. T. 
B. Knox ; R. Oath., Moses Laplante ; Unit. CaWin Stebbins. 

Eating Houses— D. H. Sargent, Hebert Hood A Go. 

Ex St Telephone Ag't--J. B. Dewey. 

Hotel— Sayre Hotel, F. Sajre. 

insurance Agents — E. J. Durant, Jobn Pike, I>ewey A Stnrtevant; 
life, A. W. Baker. 

Lawyers— W. B. Weeks, Spring A Spring, G. A. Dole, W. H. Cotton. 

Literary Institution— Lebanon Higli School, G. G. Boynton, prin. 

Livery Stables— H. G. BillinKs, Dan Storrs, Frank Sa^re, G. D. Soott. 

Manufacturers— architect, Ferdiuand Davis; baud saws, planer^ 
and furnaces, G. M. Baxter; blacksmiths, U. W. Davis, Bennett A Jor-^ 
dan, G. A. Carpenter, Eattj Ira Greeley, W«$t^ H. L. Dickson, Thomas 
HcGnire ; boots and shoes, \V. U. Durkee, A. Rock ; brick, Jason 
Densniure; builders, Mnchmore & Whipple, Mead, Mason A Go.; 
carriages and sleighs, 6. A. Elliott ; coflBns, Ghas. E. MarHtonj Durant 
A Co.; doors, sash, blinds and chamber fhmiture, Moad, Mason & 
Ck>., drag rakes, N. B. Maraton; flour and grain, Joseph Macu; har- 
nesses, M. Dailey, £. Ticknor, W. P. Mc Fee; job primers, Freeman 
So Aiehardson; cards and tags. Freeman A Richardsttn ; lumber, T. B. 
Bfarstont marble, H. G. Billings; mops, A. C Daniels.L ebanon Mop 
Co., L. F. Brooks, Mascoma Co.; overalls, H. W. Carter, Carter a 
Chnrchni: photographs, C. E. Lewie, H. JP. Granger; snaths, sleds 
snd hammock chairs, George W. A M. L. Stearns ; scytbvs, Mnscoma 
E4ge Tool Co., M. T. Purmort; Ea^^ scythes, axes, shovels, hoes, and 
forks, (hand made) Emerson Edge Tool C0.4 snow shovels and ax 
twelves, D. W. Marston; soap, Kelsey Bros., R. Longee; stair builder 
L. N. Miner ; wagon felloes, L. S. Welch ; watch keys and tiickle 
plnting, Kendrick A Davis; water wheels and mill wurk, 8. Cole & 
^nj washing machines, F. B. PuIIaixi; wood working nmchlnery, 
Albert W. Rix, C. M. Baxter; woolens, Lebanon Woolen Go. Wni. 
Mitchell, ag't., Bfascoma Flannel Co., F. B. Kendrick, ag't. 

Merchants — G. W. Worthen; auctioneers, J. G. ''ticknor, N. C. 
Bridgman ; baker, J. E. Waters ; books and stationery, W. H. Rich 
urdson ; boots and shoes, Ciagin A Stnrtevant, G. S. Joslyn ; carriages 
and sleighs, L. W. Smith ; clocks and WHtches, F. B. Kendrick, F. A 
Morgan; clothing, hats and caps, P. M. Kenyon, A. M. Gove A Co.; coal 
imd ice, M. V. Purmort; dry goods, G. G. Wbipple, G. W. Hough 
ton, J. E. Lincoln ; drugs and medicinen, I. N. Perley, H. P. Kendrick ; 
fancy goocto and notions, W. H. Richardson ; (wholesale) H. W. Garter, 
C!arter A Churchill ; fish A vegetables, Clarke A Cboate, fnrniture, 
And paper hangings, Durant A Co.; groceries, O. W. Baldwin. G 
Bennett, Simmons Bros., Pulsifer Bros., Lleumulz A Plomondoo ; hard 
ware, C. M. Hildreth A Son, Brown Bros., E. S. Bixby ; meat, 6. H 
Stearns; millinery, E. H. Thompson, Mrs. L M. Bryant ; paint stocks 
And painters, Wm. H. Morris, G. T. Raymond ; ready made cloth- 
ing, G. G. Whipple, G. W. Worthen, J. E. Lincoln; sewing ma 
chines, S. D. Jones, Geo. 0. Abbott ; wool, Emerson A Smith. 

Physicians— J. A. Davis, T. H. Currie, D. Q. Brockway, C. W. Man 
Chester ; homeo., £. A. Knight ■ dentints, F. H. Brown, W. L. Hongh, 
Currie A Clough ; vet. surgeon, N. Hurlbntt. 

Summer Boarding Houses— J. R. Nickels, Chiron Springs 
House. Station Agent— W. M. KimbaU. 

Tel. Ag^t— W. H. Richardson. 



Wcst^PMUiiaster— W. P. Burton. Physician-^. RDralte. 

Church— Cong., T. C. Pease. Hotel— £. G. doutb^Aortb. 

Literiury Institution — TILDBN LADIES' S£HINA&I, M. H. 
Barlow, prin. Uverj Stable— Wm. Hadley. 

Manulkcturers— «x helves, £. L. Kelley ; bent felloes and sleigh 
runners, and carriage tops, Haskell Walker ; bailders, A. Bacon, C. 
Bacon; harnesses, F. Mc Garty ; lumber, J. K. BatmHii, T. P. Water- 
man ; marble workers, A. S. Salon ; sheep and cattle labels C. Bl. 

Merchants— Ckwld A Holmes, O. B. Pierce, J. K. Batman, clocks 
and watches, millinery and fancy goods, O. H. Worthe^; drags, M. 8. 
Woodman A Co.; meat, A. J. Smith ; millinery and foncy Roods, ^'--^ 
L. M. Fowler. 

Station St Exp. Agent— F. W. Durgin. 

liEE, UTRAFFOBD^Pop. 716. 8. E. fr. C. 33 ; N. W. fr. I>oTer 
9. B. R. £[.— Lee and So. Lee, on N. A R. &. R.; Darham, 4, New- 
market, 6, on B. A M. B. R. 

OFFICERS — Clerks D. B. Plnmmer ; IVecw., John CaTemo; Selectosesa, 
H. Scales A. L. Ck>ming8, James Mc Daniel. 

Postmasters— D. S. Plnmmer; South, Horace Scales; TTodZ^ar's 
«iB«, I. D. Bdgerly. 

Justices— A. 6. Comings, Horace Scales, S. W. Lane, C. H. Lajm ; 
StaU ; B. F. Davis. T. G.. Davis, John C. Bartlett • 

Churches^-Chris. A. 6. Comings ; Cong. L. D. Evans. 

Hanufkcturers — blacksmiths, C. H. Jones, J. Buisxell, Joe. Bnow, O. 
Small ; builders, J. T. Bartlett, T. A. Bennett. J. F. Jones, Geo. F. 
Stevens ; leather, H. M. Glidden ; lumber, C. £. Thompson, Joh 
Thompson ; medicines, I. D. Edgerly. 

Merchants— B. M. Plummer,'G. W. Plnmmer, I. B. Edgerly, J. ^ 
Lawrence ; auctioneer, G. W. Plumer. 

£«elffb toil's Comers. 

I^EMPSTEB, SULLIVAN—Vov. 602. W. fr. C.40; 8. from 
Newport, 9. R. R. 8.— Newport and Claremont on C. ib G. R. R 
Daily stage to Newport, East Lemjuter and Acworth, and tri-weeUy 
to Claremont. • 

OFFICERS— a«ri, F. C. Parker; Trta».y L. B. Allen; BeUctmen, 
W. T. Thissell, C. M. Booth, Wm. Morrison; SupU. F. C. Parker; 
Supervitorsy Clifton A. Metcalf, Isaac Hodgeman, Martin L. Keyes. 

Postmasters— Sarah J. Smith; Easty W. E. Way. 

Justices— D. B. Wheeler, Wm. B. Way, A. J. Mitchell, Wm. T, 
Thissell, State; R. D. Pollard, C. H. Hodgman. 

Churches— Cong., ; Meth., East, B. P. F. Dearborn. 

Hotel— Lempster House, J. G. Robinson; E(Mt, Pike*B Hotel, H. N 

Ins. ktfis^Eait, W. E. Way. Physician— J. N. Butler. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, A. J. Watkins, Ea$t,H. N. Pike. 
builder, Eatt, Albro Baker ; card board, £a«f, Lewis Cutler ; carriages, 
Keyes Bros.; lumber, Chas. Putnam ; East, Pollard Broa., C. W. 
Tandy; picture frames, W. F. Bellows; shingles, Ea^t^ L. Cutler; 
shoes, East, A. Noyes A Son ; syrup kegs, Eoit^O. B. Paige. 

Merchants— H. A F. C. Parker, East, W. B. Way; grooeriee, mealJl 
and grain, EmA, C. E. Davis. 11 

Di'^'^S.^o^^V^^^^^^-^— Pop- 66- N. W. fr. C. 71 ; N^W frj 
wi"r/V^- ;?•*•« -No. Woodstock, 2 miles on B. *' L. IL R ' 

HOUS? Fraipn«£ N^ri '"i",' «*•«« ^'■°'° ^orth WoodstoCk to I^fiU 

House, Franconia Notch. Daily stage ftom June 20th to Sept. sSl 


OFFICERS— 0(«rJi;, B. O. Hanson: 3Ve«., J. B. Elliott; BeUOmen, 
J. W. B. Tattle, L. E. Qoemsey, I. M. Hanson ; SupL Emma E. DoUoff. 

Postmasters— O. F. Russell. m 

Exp. Agents — G. Chase, Winter; H. B. Marsden, Summer, 

Hotel— Flame Houne . J. B. A S. R. Elliott. 

UfanufaoturerS — chair legs and bobbins. Dolloff ft Hanson Bros. 

I^ISBON, ORAFTON— Pop. 1807. N. W. from C. 86; N. E. ft. 
HaTerhill, 12. R. R. &— Lisbon on B. A L. R. R., Wh. Mt. Dir. 

OFFICERS— Clerik, H. B. Heath ; Treat., W. H. Cummings ; Select- 
men, H. C. Symonds, E. Hildreth, 8. P. Ford ; Supt. B. S. Nicker- 
son. ( 

Postmasters— A. G. Wells; Sugar HiO, H. Noyes; AortA, J. W. 

Justices — W. H. Cummings, A. A. Woolson, J. L. Foster, Joseph 
Parker, H. M. Morse, Chas. Moffett, E. D. Band, State; Asa Hil. 
dreth, J. K. Ai wood, Geo. W. Wells, M. H. Bowker, W. P. Whitcher, J. 
W. Townsend, lliram Noyes, Elkanah Hildreth, G. A. Wells, Jona. 

Churched— AdT., H. H. Tncker; Sugar HiU, S. S. Nickerson ; Gong., 
Joseph W. Lees; Meth., A. F. Baxter. 

Eating House— G. G. Sanborn. 

Enp. Ag*tS— Wells A Woolson. 

Hotel — Brighams, S. H. Brigham. 

Ins. Ag'tS— A. A. Woolson, Parker A TonuR, W P. Whitcher. 

Lawyers — E. D. Rand, J. L. Fotiter, H. M. Morse. 

Livery Stables— S. H. Brigham. 

Man unicturers— blacksmiths, D. G. A J. Monlton, Edward Blodgett. 
|G. K. Weston, H. F. Hibbard; bobbins, J. K. Atwcod A Co., J. A F. 
P. Noyes, Cogswell Bros.; boots and shoes, O. W. Wells, John Honser; 
boxes, Parker A Young ; builders, A. S. Little, H. Smith, J. Toung. 
Muses At wood; carriages, MuflBtt Bros.; Sugar Hill, Noyes A Jep 
person ; chair stock, Parker A Tonng MTg Co.; leather G. W. Wells: 
piano boards, Parker A Young Mfg Co.; shoe pegs, Chas. Mi not : 
starch, Parker, Young A Co., Wells A Woolson ; Sugar HiU, Sugar 
(lill Starch Co.; wood palp, J. O. Moore. 

Merchants— Wells A Woolson, Oakes A Bennett, L. A. Stevens, 
T. E. Howe A Co., L. A. Young A Co.; Norths J. W. Townsend : 
Sugar Hill, J. H. Wells, M. C. Taylor; auctioneer, M.M. Stevens; 
clocks and watches, W. H. Weston; confectionery, Sanborn Bros.: 
drugs and medicines, W. P. Whitcher A Co., flour, grain Ac. Grist 
Mill Co.; ftimiture, G C. Wood ; groceries, Sanborn Bros., L. A. Yoinif; 
A Co.: millinery, Mrs. J. O. Moore A Co., Mrs. D. W. Coaley ; paperh 
• and periodicals, Sanborn Bros.; tailor, Geo. Brummer; tinware and 
ptoven, L. G. Payne A Co. 

Physicians— G. H. Boynton. O. H. Boynton; homeo.,G. A. Martin: 
dentists, B. W. Gooley, M. N. Howland. 

Tel.Ag't.— W.P. Whitcher. 

I.1T€HFIEI.]>, HILLSBOROUGH— Vol,. 291. 8. from C. 
30 ; N. from Nashua 6. R. R. A— Thornton's Ferry, Merrimack, on 
Concord R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZerk and Treat., N. C. Griffin; Seleetmen, J. F. Chase 
Q. G. Danforth, A. Tsggart ; Supt., A. H. Powers. 

Justices — Isaac McQaesten, J. W. Center, Stale ; John Parker. 

Church— Pres., . 

Mechanics — R. Saunders, N. Bullock. 

Merchant— N. C. Griffin. 


I^ITTLKTOlf , OR A PTajV—Vop. 2,»36. N. W. fr. C. 100 : N 
£. fr. HaTorfaill. 30. R. R. &— Littleton, on B. A L. B. B., Wh. Mt 

Div. « 

I OFFIOERS-^Cferifc, 6. K. LoToJoy ; Treat. , Alonzo Weeks ; Sdtetwun^ 

George Farr, Win. H. Blake, Miuli«un Higgins ; Supt. 6. H. Care. 

Postmasten--P. R. Gooia ; Ifort^i, Rut^is Smith : Souths mUnodale, 

. A. Prince. 

Justices — John Farr, Harry Bingham, B. 0. Steyens, J. J. Barrett, 

. H. Green, W. J. Bellows, G. W. Barrett, A. S. BHtchellor, H. A 
Johnaon, G. A. Bingham, J. R. Jackson, L. C. Wilkius, D. C. Bemick. 
F. A. Gofran, Geo. Farr, A. J. Barrett, W. U. Mirchell, StaU; H. H 
Sonthworth, J. H. Bailey. N. G. Smith, W. H. Bellows, W. M. Tay- 
lor, L. B. Dodge, J. D. Chandler, P. ¥. Oiivrand, A. Mc Intire, Bufus 
Smith, G. F. Eastman, J. O'Snllivan, B. F. Robinson, C. L. Olay, J. C 
Goodenough, I. A. Ramsey, P. B. Watson. 

BanlLS— Littleton NatM. John Farr, Pres.; O. G. Uatch. Cash.; Lit- 
tleton Savings, G. A. Bingham, Pres.; H. L. Tilton, Vice Pres. 

Churches— Cong. ; Epis. J. 8. Kent ; F. Bap. F. H 

Lyford ; M eth. G. M. Curl ; R. Cath. I. H. Nasseanx. 

Eating Houses— S. Onrrand, F. B. Phillips. 

Exp. Ag't— Albert Cox. Tel. Agent— Alden Quimby. 

Hotels— Thayer's, H. L. Thayer A Son ; Union Hoase, J. M. Potter. 

Ins. Ag'tS — Barrett A Sons, John 0. SulliTan. 

Lawyers — ^Bingham, Mitchells A Batchellor, Bingham, Aidrleh A 
Remich, E. C. Stevens. 

Literary Institution — Littleton High School, Dana P. Dame. 

Livery Stables— C. Tonng, J. M. Potter, H. L. Thayer A Son, Is- 
rael C. Richardson. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, Ladd A Banker, Hugh Glorr, 
C. H. Applebee; bobbins, Eaton A Son ; boots,and shoes, M. Hamilton, 
Alfred Hamill, E. H. €k>old; builders, Stm|ison Bros., E. D. Dunn, 
Goodwin A Co., Dow A Fogg, J. B. Copp; boxes, C. F. Ghandlftr 
A Co., carriages, Ranlet A Hiu-ris, J. C. Morrinon ; undertaker, B. F, 
Weils; gloves and mittens, Ira Parker A Co., Eureka Glove Co« 
Granite State Co., White Mt. Glove Co., Robert Miner, G. S. Whit- 
aker, A. Weeks; harnesses, Ash Cobnm, Truman Stevens; lumber, 
Littleton Lumber Co., H. C. Redington A Co., C. H. A H. H. Love^oy : 
meal, E. B. Gates; Northern coal Co., Tilton A Goodall ; sash, doors A 
blinds, FitEgerald A Burnliam; Southdown underware, Tilton i 
Goodall ; stone, Littleton Hone Stone Co.; stereoscopic views, B. W. 
Kilburn, Littleton View Co; printers, G. C. Fnrber, Robinson k 
Goold; (Job), Littleton Card Co.; tin and sheet iron ware, C. 0. 
Smith, R. P. White. 

Merchants— R. H. Whittaker, J. H. Quimby, 0. A. Farr, Dow 
Bros., Sonthworth A Lovejoy ; auctioneer, S. H. Dow; booke 
tind stationery, D. 0. Wallace A Co., Goold A Robinson, W. F. Rob- 
bins A Co. ; boots and shoes, A. W. Bingham, carriages, B. O. Hill ; 
dry goods, E. C. Mansfield, O. M. Fisher; clocks and watches. BIbridge 
Flint, T. M. Stevens; clothing. Bellows, Son A Co., Tilton Bros., Gpera 
Clothing Co.; drugs and medicines, W. F. Bobbins A Co., Robinson 
Brothers, F. B. Hatch; fancy goods, H. M. Parker; fhiit atid confec* 
tionery, D. 0. Wallace A Co., Mrs. J. Smillic, 8. Onvnind, J. R. Priest; 
Ash, C. W. Cook ; furniture. Leach A Smith ; groceries, Eaton A Eng- 
lish; hardware, C. W. Brackett, Edson, Bailey A Eaton; hats and 
raps, Bellows A Son, Tilton Bros.: meat, C. F. Lewis, HaltA Noyes, 
Frye, Blake * Bowles ; merchant tailor, P. Dav, Littleton One Price 


Store; millinery, Mrs. J. A. Stevens & Go., Mrs. S. L. Smith 
Hiss A. Onyerand ; ninstc store, J. 8. Brownlow. ^ 

Physicians— O. M. Tattle, Fraulc T. Moffett, H. L. Watson, B. V 
Page, Oeorge W. McGregor, Ralph Biigbee ; homeo., T. X. SANGER 
dentist, S. 0. Sawyer. W. F. Young, E. B. Haskins. 

Summer Boarding Houses — Oak Hill House, Farr&Jarris ; Monn 
tain Home, £. D. Sawyer; Valley Honse, A. D. Fisher ; Elm Cottage^ F 
R. OIoTer ; Kebe Cottage, Geo. Abbott 

I^ITERMORX!, ORAFTON^Pop. 160. N. fr. 0.00,N. E. fr 
HaTerhill, 45. ii. H. 8. — Llverniore, on P. A. O.K. R. 

OFFICERS— CTerX;, G. S. Payne ; Selectmen^ 0. P. Oilman, G. S. Payne 
li. J. Wadleigh; Collector, Wdi. G. Hull. 

Justices— G. 8. Pa.vne, W. G. HnH. 

Manufacturers— charcoal, J. B. Hnnson ; Inmber, Grafton Go. Lam 
ber Co., C. W. Sannders, selling a^ent. 

liOHTDOIfDERRT, ROCKJNGHAM^Vott. 1,363. S. B. f^ 
C. 20 ; W. fr. Exeter, 25. B. R. &— Londonderry k Wilson's, on M. I 
li. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C^rJIr, G. G. Tenney ; TVma, G. 8. Pilisbnry ; BeHeetmen 
S. P. Kobie, A. J. Benson, WiUon*9 Crotting, Washington Perkins 
SupL Martha J. Boyd. 

Postmasters— W. P.Wallace ; North, J. W. Mackay ; WVwi'a Orou 
mg, Warren Richardson. 

Justices— >T. M. Piatts, R. G. Mack, 0. H. Perkins, W. 8. Pillsbury 
W. P. Richardson, John Gilcreast, G. S. Pillsbury, Josiah Goodwin 
Wm. Clark, A. M. Corning, H. G. Smith, A. P. Colby. BtaU; Warrei 
Richardson, Jonatliaii Mc Allister, D. G. Annis, 8. P. Robie. 

Boarding House— iVort^, A. M. Corning. 

Churches— Pres. ■ ; Bap. NorOi, — ; Meth., J 

H. Knott. Physician— F. B. Perkins. 

Ex. Agents— Geo. Howe ; Wiltfm*^ Crottinff, Warren Richardson 

Manufacturers — Itlacksmiths, S. P. Robie, J. D. Thomas ; North, J 
R. Turcatte ; cider, C. M. Watts: feed. North, G. II. Watts 
Inmber, E G. Kendall ; North. W. P. Richardson ; pumps, North 
Whidden & Son. Chase Bro<<. J. S. Fnrber ; shoes, North, J. M, Platta 
Derry D^pot, Wm. 8. Pillsbury. 

Merchants— W. F. WallHce: North, J.W. Mackay; A. P. Hard: 
it Son ; North, D. G. A R. Aimis. 

LiOnv Island— See Moultonborongh. 

liOlJDOir, JUERRJMACK-r-Vop. 1221. N. B. fr. C. 7. R. R. f 
— Concord, on 0. R. R. Daily mai' fr. Concord to InMidon Ridge, b; 
London. Mail fr. Loudon Center to Pitts^eld, thrAe times a week. 

OFFICERS— CTcrAr, Jeremiah Clongh ; Trea8.,3. E. Sanborn; Select 
m«n, W. W. Gate, J. F. Ordway, E. G. Sargent; Supt, Ann M. Os 

Postmasters — H. F. Batchelder ; Center, Benj. Batcheldcr. 

Justices — H. E. Batchelder, Jeremiah Blake, Sfaie ; L. W. Sanborn 
8. B. Lo ering, H. J. Os^zood, W. W. Gate, A. H. Glough, J. L. Perkini 
E. B. French, N. F. Clarke, J. H. Sanborn. 

Churches — Cong. C. F. Roper ; F. Bap., Hnrd. 

Hotels — Lawrenee House, J. H. FuUerton ; Glen AcrQ House, K. B 

Livery Stable— Charles Muson. 

Manulkcturers — carriages, J. F. Ordway ; caskets and coffins, H. C 
Moi-ne; leatl>er, Joseph Wiggins; lumber, Bachelder^A Robinson 
shoes, G.H. Willard. 


Hochanics —blacksmiths, Frank Wells, W. H. Drew ; catpenten, 

A. K. Copp, J. 8. Winslow, Lewis Caswell, G. £. Parker, James 
Tilton, BeigHmin Tilton, Wm. Carroll. 

Merchants — h. M. Sanbora, Batchelder t Robinson; drags, and 
medicines, N. T. Clark ; Jewelry, L. W. SaHborn. 
PhysieianS— N. T. Clark ; dentist, L. W. Sanborn. 

Postmaster — Jonathan Brown. Church— 2d Advent, D. F.LeaTitt. 
I ManuCeiCturers — meal and shingles, A. Peaslee, Jr.; lamber, A. 
i Merchants — M. C. Sterens ; fish and poultry, E. Twombly. 

Physician — Leri Clark. 

liomrer Bartlett— See Bartlett. 

LiOiver Cillinamtoii— SeeOilmanton. 

LTMAN, OSAFTON—Vop. 655. N. W. fr.C. 100; N. E. from 
Haverhill 20. B. R. 5.— Lisbon, on White Mt. R. R. 

OFFICERS— aerjk, W.W.E. Miner; Trtat., L. B. Hoskins; Stteet- 
men^ J. F. Sherman, Wilmer Langway, A. H. Ash ; Supt, A. Twiicfaell 

Postmaster— <j. w. Foster. 

Justices— L.B. Hoskins, Statt ; W. W. R. Miner. 

Church — Union, A. Twitchell. 

Manufacturers — meal and lumber, Julius Smith ft Son, James T 
Moore; copper, J. H. Paddock, Concentrating Mill. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, S. W. Presby, C. Enstis, F. Eastman; 
carpenters, J. F. Whipple, S. J. Pierce, E. F. Hoskins, O. W. Good 
ridge, Deino Lamphire. 

liTME, GRA FTON—Pop. 1,313. N. W. fr. Concord, 85 : S. W. from 
Haverhill, 17 m. R. R. R— Thetford and Lyme, 2 m., on Pass. R. B 
Stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— Ct«rJE; and Treas., L'. D. Warren : SeUctnun, H. H. Holt, 

B. T. Washburn, G. S. Mayo; 8upt., F. B. Palmer; Affent, Zaduk 

Postmaster-G. W. Randlett. 

Justices — E. F. Sawyer, C. F. Kingsbury, D. C. Churchill, Francis 
Porter, H. H. Holt, L. C. Hurlburt, State ; P. E. Fairfield, Selah Beal, 
fj. D. Warren. 

Church— Cong., E. P. Butler. 

Hotel & Livery Stable^Kent's Hotel, J. S. Kent. 

Manufacturers — cofflns, J. C. Piper; flour and meal, J. S.Kent; 
Warren Bros.; carriages, Wm. A 6. VV. Thomas; harnesses. N. I. Wil 
mot; leather, W. A. Bingham; lumber, H. Chase, Wm. Thomas; shin- 
gles, J. C. & W. G. Piper; trays, M. M. Lovejoy, (Jeo. Wilder. 

Merchants — ^D. C. Churchill, G. W. Randlett, Warren Bro^.; drugs 
And medicines, D. 0. Churchill : millinery, N. S. Turner ; meat, O. G. 
Wise; stoves and tin ware, G. W. Randlett. < 

Physicians— Chas. F. Kingsbury, J. W. Bean, W. R. Barnes. 

Center— Postmaster— L. D. Warren. 

Church— Bap., J. B. Read. 

Exp. Ag't— Geo. Melvin. Ins. Ag't— H. H. Holt. 

Manufacturers — lumber, U p. Lovejoy, Geo. W. Sanborn. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Bry Marshall ; carpenters, Q. W. San- 
born, Joseph Welch, miller, G. W. Sanborn. 

Merchants — Warren Bros. 

rr. C. 30; 8. W. fr. Manchester 16; N. W. fr. Nashua, 20. JJ. R. S.— 
South Lyndeborough on Peterboro R. R. 


The lew HampsMie 

Fire IisnraHce 



Ex-Oov. J. A. Weston, President. 

Hon. S. N. Bell, Viee-Ptesident. 
John C. French, Secretary. 

S. B. Steabns, Ass't Secretary. 
Geo. B. Chandler, Treasurer. 

Solid as t]&e Granite Bills I 

Oapitalj - # fifOOjOOO 

Oasb JLssets , 1 ,0£SO,pOO, 

Gaining ETer; Tear in Assets an! Surplus ! 


$1,300,000, IN FOUBTEEN TEAfiS. 
$32,000 Taxes paid into the State Treasury. 


— ^AND— 

HELP Y01J»8«IiVK9, 

E. L & P. g. ROLLINS, 




aper ^anging^, 

50 Franklin Street, 







Conmtfircial Notes & Otlier MA Fapen 

K«pt Constantly in Stocks by the 


White River JtiHcfton, Vt. 


OFFI0EB&— CVcrlt. G. F. Tarbell ; 2V«cw. N. T. Sic Intire ; SkUctm«», 
B. B. Lowe, G. L. Porham, L. P. Hadley; Bupt. J. Woodward. 

Postoiast«rs— iVort^ J. H. Gk)odricb; SmOh, 0. H. HoU; Ctnter, 
B. J. Boatwell. 

Justices— J. A. Johnson, 8taU; J. H.TarboIl, J. H. Qoodrich, N. T. 
Mclntirtt, G. H. Holt, G. F. Tarbell. 

Churches^Omter, Gone., T. P. Sawin; Souths Bap., O, B. Smith. 

Ins. Co. — Ljndeborough Mat. Fire, J. H. Tarbell, Pree. 

Manufacturers— bottlei and dem^ohns, lorodeboro Olara Co. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, B. W. Dollirer; South, W. N. Gheyer: 
arriet a^d planintp mill, A. Butrick; saw and shingle mtUt, C, H. 
Holt, Jonathan Stevenson, B. G. Curtis, 8. N. Hartshorn. 

Merchants — Soulhy C. V. Tarbell: nnrseryinan, Wm. P. Holt 

mADBURY, aTRAFFOBD^Fop^ 397. W. from C.,80; W. 
fr. Dover, 3. B. R. <8.— Madbnry, on B. * M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cf«rJ(:,E. L.Toung; Trecu.y C. W. Hayee; BtH^ctmeUy 
W. 8. Hayes, J. B. Huckins, A. ¥onng; 8t^^ H. L. Felker. 

Justices— J. D. Young, J. B. Huckins, fitote ; Oliver Waldron, F. F. 
Femald, ]U[. V. B. Felker, G. W. Hayes. 

Church— Gong., Merchant— anctioneer, J. D. Toung. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, G. L. Huckins, W. 8. Hayet ; builder, G. 
M. Church; carpenter, J. U. Fernald. 

MAPISOJjr, CARROLL—Fop. 586.* N. B. fr. G.69; N. fr; 
Ossipee, 20. R. R. A— Madison, on Ports., Gt. F. ft Con. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CSerA;, J. O. Gerry; Trev., Laugdon M. Atkinson; 
SelMtmen^ J. H. Hobbs, R. K. Chick, Henry Harriman : Supt., W. H. 
Trafton ; Supervitors, Mark Nickeraon, E. T. Hubbard, G. W. Gray. 

Postmistress— Mrs. A. B. Atkinson; JBad, N. Blaisdell; Silvtr 
Lake^ F. G. Pearson, a«t., Albert AUard. 

Justiees— Wm. M>ison. J. Q. Hobba, Albert AUard. Nlota. Blalsdell, 
Slaie; Isaiah Forrest, J. O. Gerry, J. J. Burke. 

Church— F. Bap., W. H. 'i!rafton. 

Hotels— Silver Lake House, Arvilla R. Forrest. 

lawyers— J. H. Hobbs, N. K. Blatsdell. 

Manvfecturers— blacksmiths, G. J. Ambrose, Eatt^ J. H. Thurston ; 
boxes, staves and spool stock, Geo. Chick k Co.; house cwpentera, 
Alonzo Alley, Eugene Alley, S. F.Moul ton, J. R. Flanders; mining, 
Silver Lake Mining Co. 

Merchants — Wilkinson Bros., L. M. Atkinson,- Bickford Broa. 
A. i^lard ; meat, John A. Forrest, Geo. S. Jackson ; melodeona 
orgMs. Ac, H. W. Harmon ; sale work, N. M. Nason. 

Physician— B. T. Hubbard. 

SUtion A Tel. Ag't— G. Bickford. 

Summer Boardino Houses— Ann B. Atkinson, Nathaniel GhnrohUl 
R. K. Chick, I. D. ChnrohiU, Samuel Lord, Mrs. B. F. Harnnm, Mni 
A. M Lawson. 

MAMCHESTCB, . ^/££SfiO/2a— Sbire-town. Pop. S2,45a 
S. B. fr. G. 26. R. R. i8f.— Manch. on Con. R. R., M. k L. R. R., Porti 
R. R. Manch. k No. Weare R. R.; Amoskeag and Goff's Falls, on Cos 
R. R ; Massabesic, on Ports. R. R. 

OFFICERS — Elected U> serve 2 jears — from January, 1883 to Jan 
nary, 1885. Mayor^ H. B. Putnam; City Cterk, Nathan P. Kidder 
Ptes. of Obmmon CovmciU J. A, Mc Grillis; Clerk of Cbmmon ConMCilyA 
A. Fraoker ; 2Veeu., 8. B. Putnam ; CkdUctor^ Geo. E. Morrill ; SoUid 
tor, G. W. Prescott ; M^senger, John A. Barker ; Aldermenj Ward ] 
0. H. G. Fost; ^, J. F. Glough ; 3« S. Thompson ; 4, E. P. Johnson ; I 

I ■! _ L^a^- - - - I 


L. P. R«ynold8: 6, T. L. Thorpe: 7, H. P. Simp«on ; 8, F A. Cadtnllij 
Citg MankaU, M. J. Jenkins ; Asfft ilarthaU, S.Gan<; J^tUee Juigt, 
N. P. Uant ; i^toe CUrk, J. G. Biekford ; School ammQUe^ H. B. 
Putnnm, Ex-Offido Chairman; Clerk £. F. Jones; Wuii 1, Cias. 
H. BUaning, P. H. Dow; 2, W. G. Clarke, B. G. ]>ean ; 3, H. H. Hom 
N. P. Hunt; 4, J. T. Fanning, 8. B. Lord; 6. T. F. CoIJ/iu, G 

A. O'Connor ; 6, D. M. Goodwin, J. J. Abbott; 7, G. B. Towm, S. 1 
Jones: 8, L. E. Phelps, D. Mitchel, J. A. McCriUis, Bx.OfficU>\ Sift. 
of Public lfutn»etinny Wm. B. Back ; Asieuon, G. W. Weeks. Ckakh 
man, D. O. Femald, C^erk ; 0. H. Brown, J. R. Haynes, D. 0. FenuU, 
P. A. Oevine, J. P. Moore, O. W. Weeks, H. W. Powell, P. Brown: 
Overseers of the Bxr, Ex-Offieio, Chairman, H. B. PntDam^ Clerk, W, 
H. Maxwell ; J. B. Steams, J. Sutcliffe, H. Gordon, D. Sheehan, KG 
Woodman, W. Weber, Peter Woodman ; Chief Bngmeer, T. W. liiM; 
Inspectors of Cheek List, Chairman, J. H. Haynes; GUtk, H. D. Lord; 
awt. of Wdter Works, C. K. Walker. 

Postmasters— J. L. Stevens; Goff*s Falls, L. N. Moore; AmoAtag 
Geonce H. Colby ; MassabeHc, J. Benson, Jr. 

Justices— J. H. Andrews, D. S. Adams, C. B. Baleh, G. A. Bailey. 
D. A. Bunton, S. N. Bell, C. R. Bartlett, H. E. Bnmham,!. E. Bennett 
J. F. Briggs, J. C. Biekford, J. P. Bartlett, J. P. Toung, F. Stiner] 
W. F. Sleeper, G. H. Allen, W. B. Stearns, J. O. Adams, A. E. Q»Ati 
8. W. aark, J. Connolly, J. G. Dearborn, M. J. Haley, H. F. W. Littk 
J. L. Bocnp, J. B. Mills, G. I. McAnister, J. P. Newell, Roland 
Bowell, W. H. Berry, David Gross, J. B. Clark, G. B. Chandler, 6 
H. Ghamberlian, J. B. Clarke, B. P. Gilley, L. B. Clongh, Moodj} 
Currier, B. F. Clark, L. W. Clark, G. A. Clark, D, F. Clark, J. M, Craw, 
ford, H. S. Clark, W. J.Copeland, J. B. Daniels, T. W. Cha11iB,B.F.Damc 

B. C. Dean, G. A. Dickey, A. P. Dodge, M. V. B. Edgerly, W. 6 
Everett, 8. Dodge. G. W. Eastman, G. A. French, A. G. Fairbanks, J. W 
Fellows, J. C. French, John Foster, G. C.. Gilmore, John GiUis, J. A 
Fracker, Robert Frame, R. J. P. Goodwin. J. H. Haynes, I. L. Heath. 
H. H. Hnse, N. P. Hunt, John Hosley, W. S. Holt, R.T. Hill, Hiram Hill. 
.1. W. Hildrith,G. L. Harmon, J.B. Hall. E. F. Jones, A. P Haskell, J.P 
Jaiitee, C. C. Hayes, Joseph Kidder, N. P. Kidder, J. L. Kelley, C. B. Li^i 
tlefield, J. G. Lane, Wm. Littre, 8. D. Lord, H.D. L< rd, T. W. Lane,D.W 
Lane, Thos. D. Luce, F. C. Livingstone. J. B. Maynard, W. D. Moody, G 

F. Morrill, G. W. Morrison, C. R. Morrison, J. T. Moore, J. W. Hooar, 
John Mooar, G. A. 0*Connor, D. F. O'Connor, A. C. Osgood, Thomai 
O^onnell, J. D. Patterson, D. R. Prescott. D. L. Perkins, D. P. Perklni, 
David Perkins, H. B. Pntnam, H. M. Putney, G. W. Prescott, J. B. 
Pattee, A. W. Quint, £. P. Richardson, F. T. E. Bichardeon, 

G. W. Riddle, B. C. Ryder, J. C. Ray, Fred Smyth, I. W. 
Smith, D. L. Stevens, G. W. Stanley, J. B. Straw, J. B. Sawyer, 

C. A. SoUoway, J. L. Stevens, J. T. Spofford, Waterman Smith, 
A.' R. Simmons, G. M. Sanborn, E. M. Topliff, J. A. Weitoii, 
B. G. Woodman, F. G. Walker, A. L. Walker, N. H. Wilson, D. K. 
White, W. E. West, J. E. Wilson, Slate; A. Avery, J. W. Besn,C 
A. Carpenter, 0. E. Bisoo, W. C. Blodgett, F. P. Carpenter, T. I 
Howard, Eben Carr, C. E. Cochran, F. 0. Clement, Henry (handler 
Walter Cody, W. A. Carpenter, J. A. Dunlap, Sebastian Cbristopbe, 
H. W. DeRochemont, J. E. Dodge, P. A. Devine, W. G. H. Dunham, C 
W. Eager, E. Parrer, G. B. GlineP, D. M. Goodwin. J. H. Mille, H. B.Sav 
yer, John Hayes, M. P. Hall, E. W. Harrington, M. J. Jenkins, Edwin 
Kennedy, A. J. Lane G- F. Mo<>ar, S. S. Marden, G. E. Morrill, Joseph 
Nichols, N. Y. Oliver, C. A. O'Connor 2d, A. B. Page, Wm. Perklm 


[i I 


Stepbeti Palmer, W. Iff . Parker, 8. B, Pntnam, G. L. Kichardaon, J. 8. 
Shannon, Lewis Simonda, J. Snlliran, D. P. Small, Israel Webster, G. 
W. Weeks. 

Churelies— Adr., B. B. Mc Lellan ; Bap., G. H. Kimball, N. L. Gol- 
by; F. Bap., A. M. Freeman; Gong., G. B. Spalding, B. G. Selden ; 
Bpis., L. Sears; Meth., J. W. Avann, J. W. Presbv, W. A. Loyne; 
Chria. G. T. Redlon ; tlnita., E. B. Payne; Univ. L. F. Mc Kinney: 
Reformed Gath. G. G. Mousseau ; R. Gath. Wm. Mac Donald, D. M. 
Bradly, J. A. Gheralier, P. Hevey. 

Hotels — ^Manchester House. H. H. Dnnckle ; Massabeeic House, 
Congdon Bros.; Waverly House, I. A.Moore; Merrimack Honse, W. 
L. George; Amoakeag, J. L. Burbank; HOTEL WINDSOR, T. A. 
BARKER; Island Pond House, Kntie 0. Hubbard. 

Ins. Ag'tS— G. A. French, E. P. Richardson, J. G. Lane, J. G. French, 
W.G. Everett, Glongh A Glark, C. M. Edgerly, G. M. San)H>rn, M. T. B 
EdgtTly, A. J. Lane. G. W. Weeks, J. J. Dillon, W. T. Stevens. 

Lawyers — Daniel Clark, G. W. Morrison, David Cross, G. R. Morri- 
son, B. P. Cilley, I. W. Smith, S. N. Bell, G. W. Stanley, G. I. McAlliitter. 
L. W. Clark, L. B, Glongh, 8. D. Lord, E. M. Topi iff, J. B. Glark, G. II. 
Bartlett, Wm. Little, J. W. Fellows, G. A. Snllowny, W.R. Patten, J. H 
Andrews, N. P. Hunt, H. E. Bnrnham, H. H. Huse, G. A. O'Connor, 
H. 8. Clark, J. B. Straw, N. H. Wilson, J. F. Briggs, D. F. O'Connor, 
J. P. Bartlett, G. E. Cochran, B. F. Clark, H. W. Blair, D. P. ft D. L. Per- 
kins, M. J. Healey, D. A. Taggart, J. E. Dodge, T. D. Luce, F. C 
Livingston, A. G. Osgood, John 0. Bickford, I. L. Heath, H. F. Norris, 
D. F. Clark, A. R. Simmons, J. G. Dearborn, John Foster, C. A. Gallug 
her, J. Le Boeuf, W, J. Gopeland, J. B. Pattee, E. F. Jones. 

Livery SUbles— James Bros., Bui-nham A Co., E. T. James, C. H 
Simpson, J. G. Nichols A Son, J. A. Brown A Co., G. G. Perry, Gava- 
Dangh Bros., J. N. Foss, F. X. Ghenette, H. E. Slack, G. H. Flagg, D 
W. Shea. 

Manufacturers —belts, B. H. Chase ; bobbins, James Baldwin A Co.^ 
carriages, Sanborn Carriage Co., J. B. Mc Grillis A Son, Derry A Co., 
J. T. Beach, Webster A O'Brien, J. F. Conway, D. i". Cfessfy A Co.; 
cigars, R. W. Helson, G. H. Hubbard, J. B. Scott A Co., B. G. Sullivan: 
coffins, J. N. Bruce, Poor A Gray, Pearson A Wallace, P. A. Devlne; 
concrete paving, Gbas. H. Robie, J. Mc Derby A Son; cottons and 
linens, Amoskeag Manufg Co., Thomas L. Livermore, ag't.; Langdon 
M'fg Co., W. L. Killey, ag't ; Manchester Mills, C. D. Mc Duffy, ag't, 
Amory Mills, Gilbert P. Whitman, ag't ; Manchester Print Works, 
B. C. Dean, ag't; Stark Mills, S.N. Bourne, ag't; Namaske Mills, 
J. W. Wells, ag't; edge tools, Manchester Axe Co.; Jhctory reeds, John 
Qleworth A Co.; factory caids, Denney A Bisco ; factory fliers, J. A 
▼.Smith; iactory roll covers, C. B. Bradley, £. A. Plumer; knitting 
machine needles, Wm. Corey; hosiery, A. P. Olzendam ; loom harness- 
es, F. H. Simpkins ; paper makers, John Hoyt A Co., P. G. Cheney 
Co.; power loom pickets, B. H. Chase ; shuttles, J. Baldwin A Co.. 
nap. M. C. Eastman A Co., M. W. Sawyer, J. S. Holt, J. N. Allger, J 
9. Harriman; spokes for carriages, B. H. Piper; stair rails, W. W. 
Hubbard, L. N. Westover, J. Hodge ; steam dyeing, G. Rued, J. P. 
Ankarloo; steam engines, Manchester Locomotive Works ; steam, gas 
&nd water pipe, T. A. Lane, Henry Fisk, Pike A Heald; R. J. Don 
Belly; straw goods, J. J. Dixon. 

Mechanics A Artisans— architects, G. W. Stevens, J. T. Fanning, W. 
U. Batterfleld; bakers. Smith A Bly, W. Starr, M. Cronan, Paradise 


. Berganutnn: bill posters, F. P. Colby A Coj; bookUoden, 

einpl« A Farrington, J. B. Clarke; bnun foaoder, J). B. Tar- 

ey; brewera, Carney, Lynch k Co., T. F. Qlancey; brieklay* 

n, plasterers and contractors, J. J. Bennett, Laird A MerrilU 

lennett A Lord, Gate A Dickey ; carpenters and builders, W. Ireland, 

. H. Maynard, E. E. Patch, J. S. Cate, J. P. Seaward, A. Gay, Mead, 

laHon A Co., Head A Dowst, N. B. Bixby, B. B. Yeasey; cItII engi- 

eers. J. B. Sawyer, A. O. Sterenii, J. A. Weston, J. T. burning, G. H. 

illen, G. W. Stevens, J. F. James, J. P. Young ; engraTers, H. W. 

; E. A. Herrick, A. H. Paige; gns fitters, B. F. Fogg, T. A. Lane, 

I. Fi«k ; granite workers. Ltunaon A Marden, H. Fitagerald, A. Bod< 

rell A Co., H. Johniton ; firansmiths. G. B. Fogg, C. C. Clark, W. H. 

Ickery;hame6s makers, N.J Whalen.B.W. Kimball, I. S. York, D, 

I. Ames, F. N. McLaren, H. C. Ran no, E. H. Boshey: iron foanders, 

u H. Lowell A Co., Amoekeag MTg. Co., Manchester Locomo- 

ive Works i machinists, Amoskeag Mnnnrg Co., B. C. Forsaith k 

So., Manchester Locomotive Works, Hutchinson Bros^ marble work 

>rs, Palmer A Gannon. M. Fitzgerald; niillers, Morrill Bros., 

^ettee A Adams, C. H. Hill A Co.; painters, J. J. Abbott, Joel Danlela, 

kCo., W. B. Abbott, J. R. Garr, J. Bryson 2d; carriage trim- 

uer, J. Qoggin, 4- ^- ^- Hunt; photographers, S. Piper, 

L b. Quint, J. G. Ellinwood, L. W. Colby. A. B. Eaton, 

r. F. Langle> : rlAD«rs, 8. C. Forsaith A Co. W. W. Ilabbard. J. 

lodge, A. C. Wallace, Austin, Flint A Day ; plumbers, B. F Fogg, 

Flnnkins A Wilson T. A. Lane, ;Pike A Heald; roofers, J. O. Young, 

B. J. Williams, J. Mc Derby A Son; printers, Union Publishing Co., J. 

3. Clarke, Campbell A Williams, A. Ruemley, Kendall A Ladd, W. & 

tfoore, G. L. Fitzpatrick, T. U. Tuson, 0. Kimball ; slaters, E. J. Wil- 

iams, J. C Young; tailors. Cumner A Co., Plnmer, Holton A Go., S. & 

McKean, C. F. Gardner, D. A. PI umer, E. Adams, E. Leveen,; tanners, 

mrriers, and wool pullers, Kimball A Gerrish, J. B. Chase; upholster* 

)r<, R. Gay, J. Cavanaugb, HigginsBros. 

Merchants— agricultural implements, Daniels A Co. J. B. Yarick, 
W. C. Rogers ; auctioneers, Cavanangh Bros. J. B. Jones, G. F. Bosher 
k Co., G. H. Dorr, J. Galacar ; books and stationery, W. P. Goodman, 
r. W. Lane, B. F. Stark, C. P. Trie key. Temple A Farrington, E. B. 
CSobum A Co., H. Gordon ; boots and shoes, W. H. Cate, G. W. Dodge, 
F. C. Dow, Mc Donald A Cody, C. H. Thayer, 0. D. Thompson, C. S. 
Haines, Feruald A Son, Wingate A Gould, J. Murray, Mitchell A 
Heath, John Francis, Geo. H. Wilson, P. Primeau, C. S. Boyington. 
J. F. Gillis; carpets. Barton A Co., Higgins Bros., Weston A Hill; 
clothing and furnishing goods, Talbot A Co., J. W. C. Pickering, 
Weston A Martin, H. M. Moody, D. A. Plumer, Cumner A Go. H. M. 
Tarbell A Co., R. E. McKean, Manchester One Price Clothing Co.. J. A. 
Fol!)om, Amoskeag Clothing Co., Ed. Leveen, J. T. Donahoe, M. 
0*Dowd, C. J. Seuter, Star Clothing House ; coal and wood,'Ii. B. Bod- 
well .A Co. Burns A Poore, Moore A Preston, E. P. Johnson, A Co.; 
coffins, Pearson A Wallace, Poor A Gray, P. A. Devine, J. N. 
Biuce, F. X. Chenette; coke, Manchester Gas Light Co.; confectioo- 
ory, K. 0. Abbott, £. S. Dickerman, P. B. Putney, £. G. Akers, & 
R. Barry ; {crockery, D. A. Simons, Higgins Bros.; drugs and nie<V 
icines, Z. F. Campbell, A. D. Smith, L. D. Tewksbury, Teb- 
belts Bros., E. H. Currier, L. K. Mead, Gage A Kelley, Q. E. Hall, 
J. B. Hall, F. A. Jara^s, C. T. Newman, J. S. Heath A Co., J. 
P. Burbank, MarshiUl A Knowlton, C. B. Llttlefield, C. A. 
Smith, Suelllng A Co., F. C. Milville, J. W. Wilson ; dry goods, 



6. S. Holmes, Barton A Co., N. S. Clark, Hawley. & Barnard, Gazaill 
Si Co.. G. Blancbett«, G. H. Tauswell, J. Ferren k Co., Weston A Hill 
Harley, Bobie <k Yandais, T. C. Jacobs, P. Kean, C. F. 8pra(i:ne, C. J 
Senter, Waite A Piper; fancy goods, G. S. Holmes, Tbos. Morgan, £ 
O. Abbott, N. 8. Claric, Frank Fitts, Snow & Knowles, Lizzie Oillii 
F. C. Morrill, W. F. Greenwood ; fish & oysters, C. T. Allen ft Co. 
florists. H. it. Huntress, A. B. Sniitb, F. 8. Worthen k Son ; flour, graii 
and meal, C. H. Hill k Co., Pettee k Adams, A. N. Clapp, Drake I 
Carpenter, W. H. H. Colby, Merrill Bros.; furniture, D. A. Simons 
M. Labreche, H. P. Gordon, J. T. Mc Question, Uiggins Bros. 
J. Cavanaugb, Joe-ielyn k Co.; fnrs, J. Truesdale, N. Nicbols 
leroceriea. A. N. .Clapp, A. M. Eastman, H. B. Sawyer, J. U< 
Keoo, Belliveau A Pepin, Eager k Rand, G. H. Steams, W. F. Sleeper i 
Co., Fradd k FoUansbee, G. W. Adams, H. E. Stevens. L. Johnson 
Mdi^uade Bros., G. W. Wilson; P. Mc Donougb, G. G. Barry. Sawyei 
k Hoyt, Hardy k Co., A. G. Grenier, Holmes k Knox, J. C. Fifield I 
Son, J. T. Bugbee, John Cashman, GrilBu Bros., C. E. York, J. H 
Wi^gln k Co., H. lAue k Son, P. Harrington, S. L. Flanders 
Taylor k Co., J. Bean k Co., Bartlett k Colburu, hardware, Daniels d 
Co. J.B.VarickCo., Wadleigh k Killey ; hay and straw, W. H. H. Col 
by, E. P. Johnson k Co., Leonard Shelters, J. C. Nichols k Son; hoosi 
furnishing goods, Higglns Bros., D. A. Simohs, G. F. Bosher k Co., Q. H 
Dorr ; ladies' furnishing goods, J. H. Howard, Ainsworth k Co. N. S. 
CLark, Frank Fitts ; leather, J. Stickney ; lime and cement, B. P. Johnsoi 
k Co., C. H. Hill k Co., Patte k Adams, Drnke k Carpenter; lumber, A 
C. Wallace, W. W. Hubbard, A. J. Sawyer, L. A. Clongh, J. H. May 
nard, J. Hodge, Head k Dowst; meat (wholesale) Clark k Johnson, 
VL G. McKean k Son, Wilson k. Rand; millinery, N. 8. Clark. T 
Morgan, F. W. Fitts, O'Neil k Donahoe, Mrs. A. C. Burbank, C. k F 
Johnson, Emma A. Bodwellf S. G. Fletcher; music, I. 8. Whitney 
C. H. Kimball, W. H. Elliott; pianos, E. Hoyt, G. W. Weeks, 
O. P. Trlckey, F. W. Batchelder, B. T. Baldwin, W. H. Elliott 
T. 8. Whitney, C. H. Kimball; produce, Boyd Brothers, A. M 
Eastman. Blaisdell k Perkins, Eager k Rand, Sleeper k Co. 
Dodge k Laing; pumps. Pike k Heald, H. S. Whitney A 
Co., T. A. Lane, B. F. Fogg, J. S. Bachtler, H. Fisk, A. A 
Amlaw: rubber goods, J. Stickney; sewing machines, E. Dear 
born, C. Williams, 8. M. Raymond, F. B. Clark; shoe stock anc 
flndings, J. Stickney; stoves and tin wwro, Avery Bms., H. Houle 
J. Brfggs, F. W. Arery, G. R. Tance k Co., Thorp k Bartlett, Brocli 
k Drlscoll, Hovey k Son,' Pike k Heald; watches and jewel 
ry, T. Dnnlap, Glnrke k Brown, C. Irion, Trefethen k Moore, 
John Mooar, Straw k Lovejov, William 11. Elliot, Lymat 
Carr, L. Simons, Cyrns Dea& ; wholesale flour and grain deHlers, C. H 
Hill k Co., Pettee k Adams, A. N. Clapp, Drake k Car 
p«nter. Dodge k Laing, L. Shelters; wholesale produce, E. M. Slay- 
ton, L. Shelton, H. Marshall, G. W. Morgan ; wines and liquors, Hayei 
k Co., M. Prout, Fletcher & Co.; wood, L. B. Bodwell k Co., E. P 
Johnson k Co., H. H. Young, A. Mclndoe, J. W. Kimball, Burns k 
Poore, Moore k Proston. 

Physicians— C. B. Flanders, H. W. Boutwell, G. W. Nutter 
M. a A. Hunt, Geo. Hoyt, M. E. Hargrave, L. B. How, H. T 
Boutwell, L. T. Haywood, R. 0. Wood, E. 0. Pearson, J. Lemaitre 
J. A. Jackson, L. French, G. A. Crosby, C. F. Bonney, J 
Ferguson, Chas. Wells, J. P. Walker, R. J. P Goodwin, John Fltzpat 
rick, C. L. Jeffers, C. B. Sturtevant, C. A. Manning, 0. D. Abbott, J. W 


Mc Donald, L. If. French, D. 8. Adams, (I. C. Canoejr, J. O. Stnrgto, 
Lutlier Pattee, Wm. Si. Panions, O. T>. Towrie, .1. W. If ooar, M. Richard, 
J. E. Lanonette, E. B. Aldrich, E. De W. Cirvelle, G. Oorej, W. G 
Kimball, C. E. Smith, ilios. Wheat, W. W. Wilkins, W. A. Webster, Jaa. 
Sallivan, J. M. GoUity. J. L. Robinson, N. P. Tnplin, B. H. Carrier, 
C. M. Dodge. If iss Mary Danforth ; home«j., Bmil CuAter, R. F. Bailey, 
O. A. Campbell, A. D. Smith, C. W. Stylee ; dentisU. Q. W. Smer- 
Aon, Hiram Hill. J. B. Preecott. C. B. Puge, Childa k Wheeler, G. W 
Clement, Eaton ft Boothby, F. C. C'lMe, W. B. Harden ; ret. snrg., J, 
Alexander, W. F. RoMe, S. F. Bambam. 

Real Estate Agents— A. J. Lane, A. L. Walker ft Son, Ryder k 
Hayes, D. P. Small, W. A. Carpenter, H. L. de Rochement, O. W. 
Weeks, Doble A Marston. 

IVIaplenrood — See Bethlehem. 

BEARI.BOROUG1I, CHESHIRE— ?nit, 1,3S7. S. W. tr. G. 
48 ; S. B. fr. Keene, 6. R. R. 5.— Marlboro, 2^m. on Cbeehire K. E 
K m* on B. L. ft C. B. R. Stage twic« a day. 

OFFICERS— C/M-ib- and Treat. G. G. Davis ; Selectmen, L. O. B»mia, 
A. A. Adnms, D. W. Tenney ; Suptt. J. L. Merrill, Chat. Maaoo. 

Postmasters— Wm. M. Nason ; Depoty C. 8. Moors. 

Justices- Martin Chase, Elijah Boyden,Jairus Collins,' Cbas. Mason, 
Nelson Converse, G. G. Davis, Clinton Collins, State ; G. K. Mason, B. 
F. Merriam, L. A. Fuller. 

Churches— Cong., J. L. Merrill ; Meth.. C. W. Dockrlll ; Unif., B. T. 

Exp. Agents— B. 8. Baldwin, Depot, F. S. Moors. 

Hotel— Converse House, N. ConTerxe. 

Livery Stable— George Tilden. 

ManulkCturers— bail boxes. Depot,!,. A. Fuller; blacksmiths, J. P. 
demons, Westun Mc Roy ; blankets, Cheshire Blanket Mills. O. 0. 
Whitney, W. H. Clark; boxes, Adams ft Dexter: boxes and toys, 
Luther Hemenway; builder, A. A. Adams; horse blankets. Mo- 
nadnock Blanket Co., S. S. Wilkinson, Ag't; granite, Keane 
Granite Co., Marlborough Granite Works; Job printers, W. L. 
Metcalf; pails, G. F. Winch, J. ft L. Knowlton; Z)<JM>t, A. Fuller Jr.; 
patent roof paint, J. G. White; woolen yarn, James Townshend. 

Merchants — G. G. Davis, WoodwHrd ft Nason, boxes and Inm> 
her, 0. R. Wiswali ; boots and shoes, Charles Stay; meat, H. L. 
Page ft Co.; millinery, Mi6S E. A. Knowlton; notions, Thomas 
hon ; tinwHre and stoveo, B. F. Merriam. 

Physician— J. A. Leet, N. H. Merriam. 

Telephone— Public office, Woodward ft Naaon's store. 

Tel. kq^t— Depot, C. S. Moore. 

BEARXOW* CHESHIRE— Pop. 701. W. fr. C. 60; N. B. fr. 
Keene, 16. R. R. S.— Keene, on Cheshire R. R., 15 m.; Hancock, 10 m, 
on M. ft K. R. R. Daily Ktages to Keene, Hancock, and Panermill Yill. 

OVVlCERS—CUrk, E. N. Howe; Treas, H. Towne; Selectmen, 1 
S. Rogers, D.W. Howe, E. H.Sargent: Supt^JonM W. Fletcher. 

Postmaster^Hosea Towne. Physician— Marshall Perkins. 

Justices— J Q. Jones, James Burnap, P. B. Fox, B. O. Huntley, 
State ; O. W. Clyde, Ilosea Towne. 

Churches— Clirij... ; Meth., C. J. Chane; Univ.,— 

Hotels & Livery Stables— ForeHt Ilonee, G. A. Pelts. 

Manufacturers— cnrrlages, E. Bixby ; doors, sash and blinds, J. Q, 
Jonefl ; leather, James Burnap ; lumber, Jas. Burnap, B. B. Gee, Hor 
ace Gee; rakes, Freeman Pheips. 


Mechanio— 4>lack8mitta, H. A. Pliolps. 

Merchants — Hohoa Towne, A. T. Joslia & Co, £. A. Jones; dmg 
medicines and fancy goods, E. N. Howe; meat, Q. II. Messer; mil 
linery, Hn. L. D. Jones^Jklrs. Melissa Ooodhae ; tinware, stOTot 
Sbc, P. E. Fox. 

MASON, HILLSBOROUGH— Pop. 645. 8. W. fr. C. 40 ; W. fr 
Nashua, 18. JR. X. 8. — Mason Centre de|K)t 1 m. tr. Tillage an< 
Pratt^B, on Petorboro & Shirley Branch R. B. Stage twice a day fron 
Hhsod Centre. 

OFFICERS— CTerAr, C. B. Goodwin ; Treat. H. B. Hosnier ; SOeetmen 
J. S. SjMulding, Wm. 0. Haskell, Wni. B. Barney ; Bupt , Daniel Qood 

Postmaster— Daniel Goodwin. 

Justices — Daniel Goodwin, J. S. Spalding, State ; T.Rassoll, J. B 
Wilson, James Russell. 

Church — Cong., H. P. Leonard. 

Exp. Agt.— S. T. Lowell. 

Manufacturers — carpenter, Wm. £. Btimey; handles, E. B. Rich- 
ardson, lumber, J. H. Elliott; quarrying, A. McDonald, J. Maxwell 
Fitchbnrg R. R. Co.; soap. 9f. L. Barrett. 

Merchant— ^Hmos H. Dixon. 

Jniaitt ITard— See Concord. 

Mead ours — A post office in Coos Connty. 

Melvln^M Mills — A p. o. in Merrimack Co. 

MelTin Vlllasre — dee Tufton borough. 

MEREDITH, BELKJ>rAP—Fop. 1,800. N. fr. G. 36; N. from 
Laconia 9 m. S. R. &— Meredith YillHge, on B. k L. R. R., Wh. Mt. 
Difl. Stage connects with down mail train from Get. to June only. 

OFFTCBBS— CferXr, I. C. Boynton ; Treat. T. S. Moses ; Beleetmw, 
Wm. S. Smith, J. L Prescott, 0. N. Roberts ; SupU., F. L. Mason, 
John Webster. 

Postmasters— Cisnter, R. 0, Gate ; VWagt, J. S. Roberts. 

Justices— S. W. Rollins, P. D. Blaisdell, B. Stevens, O. G. Hott J 
I. Prescott, J. W. Beede, B. C. Tuttle, D. B. Eaton, BtaU ; B. F. Wig 
gin, H. S. Swain, D. A. Ambrose, M. R. Marshall, H. Beede. 

Bank— Meredith Village Savings, J. W. Lang, Pres.; 8. A. Liidd. 

Churches— Bap. ; Cong. John B. Wlldoy, p. o. ad. Vil- 

lage ; F. Bap., OtnUVt L. E. Hall ; ViUayty J. B. Davis ; Oah UiU, J 
Krskin. p. o. ad. Tillage. 

Ex. Ag't— Edwin C«x. 

Hotel—Elm House, H. H. Piper. 

Lawyer— S. W. Rollins. 

Uvery stables— Edwin Cox, D. F. Bean, F. Brown, W. J. Collins. 

Hanunicturers— blacksmiths, W. BI. Rand, E. H. Meloan & Co. 

C. W. Prescott : Center, L. Whiting ; builders. H. Dnstfn, C. D. M »loo« 
A. J. Watson, F. A. Blake; f^nUr, C. £. Pierce; coffins and caxkets 

D. A. Ambrose, F. A. Blake; cottons, Wankawan Hosiery Mills 
Sam'l Hodgdoo ; harnesses, ft. M. Estes ; lumber, N. B. Wadleigh, G. H 
Clark & Co.; On^, M. R. Mar8hall; mason, (brick) J. D. Bartlett; 
mechanics' tools, American Twist Drill Co.; organs, J. S. Robinson A 
Co. ; patent swivel plow, Wadleigh Plow Co.; piano forte cases, J. A. 
Lang; printers, G. F. Sanborn, C. A. Clark ; tailor, J. S. Wadleigh ; 
wankewan evaporating, B. R. Dearborn. 

Merchants— B. C. Mansfield, J. W. Beede, P. D. Blaisdell & Co.j 
Pease A Towie, A. A. Kidder & Co.; Center^ E. G. Gate; auctioneer, 


HanioD B«e(le ; drugv, medicines, books and stationery, G. S. Wifqi^ii 
U. F. SanLforn ; fish and oysters, T. B. Nichols; furniture, J. S. M 
iuion & Co., D. A. Ambrose; groceries, J. B. Frencli : ice, C H. Per 
kins ; Jewelry, P. A. Ellsworth ; meat tlhd provisions, B. Judkini: 
millinery, Mrs. J. V. Fai oham ; small wares and fancy KOods, MiuO. 

E. Osgood ; tin wure, stoves, kc^ T. S. Moses. 
Physicians— George Sanborn, E. W. Junes ;dentl8t8,B.Goo(lenongh, 

F. P. CHrey. 
Tei. Agent— E. G. Solomon. 
IVleriden — See Plain field. 

MERRIMACK, HILLSBOROUGri—Fop. 1,042. S. trm C 
26; 8. W. fr. Manchester, 10. N. from Niiohna. 8. R. K. 6'.-Merri- 
mack, Reed's Ferry, and Thornton's Ferry, on Concord R. R. Sostfa 
Merrimack, on Nasbna and Wilton K. K. 

OFFICERS— CferA., W. M. West ; Treas. M. P. Nichols; &toftwiJ 
Hermon S. Fields, Everett £. Parker, Cleavelaud C. Beard; Sbjrf. W.W. 

Postmaster k Exp. Ag't— J. T. .Tones. 

Justices— W. T. Parker, Slate; A. McC. Wilki^^ J. L. Spaoldin^ 
J. P. Walker, W. W. Pillslmry, W. M. West, G. F. Spaulding. 

Church— Conff. E. A. Slack. 

Literary Institution— Mc Gaw Normal Institnte, Elliot Whlpjde 

Manufacturers — extension tables, Thomas Parker; model baker, 
Joseph Cross. 

Merchant— W. J. Ayer. 

Physician— W. W. Pillgbtiry. 

South— Postmaster and Merchant Fletcher. 

Church— Con jc., . Ex. AgH — Q. B. Patterson. 

Hotel— Kennedy's, William Kennedy. 

Mauufacture"— Iniiiber, Rodney Hodgman. 

Mechanic — carpenter, Geo. £. Patterson. 

Reed's Ferry— Postmaster— M. P. Nichols. 

Exp. Agent— C. 8. Nesmith. Merchants— Porter A Co. 

Manufacturers— brick, Joseph & Eri Kittredge ; fish barrels, kiti, 
cooper stock and lumber, Fessemien A Lowell; oTemlls, J. W. Kit- 

Mechanics— blackumiths, J. M. Fosdick. J. B. Klliot. 

Thornton's Ferry— Postmaster A Exp. Ag't— Cteo. Albw 

Merchant- G. B. Griffin. 

M I ODIiKTO %^ STRA FFORD—Vop. 365. N. E. fr. C. 40 ; N. W 
fir. Dover, 24. R. R. &\— Union Till., 3 m., on Con. Div. Eastern R. R- 
Stage Tues. Tliurs. and Sat. FHrmihKton, 7 ii:I1cb, on D. A W. B. B. 

OFFICERS— C/^erA, O-car F. Kimball ; Treat. Jacob H Ow>k: Srferi- 
men, Jolin H. Youn);, T). S. Cook. Horace Drew ; 8upt.^ Juhn H. Tonsg' 

Postmaster— G. D. Drawbridge. 

Justices— A. G. Orue, John H. Yonng, State ; B. P. Cbesley, J. ^• 

Church— F. Bap. . 

Mechanics — carpenters. W. H. Cloatman, America Una, S. v. 
Jones; painter, O. D. Drawliridge. 

MltiAlV, COO^-pop. 894. N. B. fr. C. 130 ; N. E. fr. Lancaster.jy 
R. K. £f.— Berlin Falls, 8 m. semi-daily stage ; West Milan 

OFFICERS-perA-, J s. Phipps, TVeo,., 8. A. Collins 
R.ilph Cole R. A.Twitcliell, H. E. Elllngwood ; flfuti/., Br 
Postmasters-D. B. York ; West, F. K. Blanchard. 


Justices^^. S. Phipps, J. M. Phipps, F. I. Bmn, State; M. Hodgdon, 
jr., D. B. Tork, 8. 8. fnrOfMi, Robert I. Stevens, Jainea C. Fogg, R. A. 

Churches— Meth. 0. 8. Danforth, Aimer Keith. 

Hotels— O. W. Page ; West, 0, Ji. Blanctoard 

Manufacturers— birch and poplar mill, HamUn k Co.; blac^- 
tmiths, J. W. Martin; West, Andrew J. Lang; carriages, D. C. 0oan ; 
lumber, A. A. & R. W. Higgins ; shingles, R. H. Cule ; starch, MiiuD 
Steam Starch Mill Co. 

Merchants— G. E. Dale, D. B. York, A. Blake, H. L. Stienfeld 
Wexi, Roberts ft Forbash, F. H. Blanchard. 

Physician^^. J. Cobb. 

JSlIiFOBD, HIL LS BO BO ITG a-^Vop. 2,398. 8. W. from C. 25 ; 
.V. W. fr. Nasluia, 11 ; 8. W. from Manchester, 16. R. «. &— MUford, 
on Nashua and Wilton R. R. Corwvj'ance to all trains. 

OFFICERS— a<!rA:, J. M. Laws; Treas. F. T. Sawyer; Salectnun, 
J. B. Bruce, L. B. Dow, J. B. Foster ; Board of Eiucation^ C. E. Knight, 
David Heald, A. W. Smith; Agent, A. A, Cochran. 

Postmaster & Tel. Ag't— J. W. Cro*?by. 

Justices— Gilbert Waiileig;h, C. 8. Averill, R. M. Wallace, Abel 
Chase, J. W. Crosby, W. H. W. Hinds, C. 0. Shaw, H. J. Taft, 0. B. 
Knight, J. M. Laws.F. T. Sawyer, G. B. French, C. J. Hamblett, State.; 
D. K. Marvell, John Badlock, David Heald, Q. W. Burns, J. W. Pills 
bury, Geo. F. Bartlett, J. E. Foster, J. B. Brace, S. C. Coburn, G. E 
Foster, G. E. Clarke, J. J. Doyle, H. C. Shaw. 

Banks— Milford Five Cents Savings Institution, D. 8 Burnham, 
Pres.: 0. 8. Averill. Cashier; Soiihegan National, C. S. Averill, Pres.; 
F. T. Smyer, Cashier. 

Churches^Bap., H. W. Tate ; Cong., supplied ; Meth. — — ; R 

Cath. E. Buckle; Unita. A. M. Pen-iloton. 

Eating Houses— W. <fe J. & A. Wetherbee, H. L. Robbinv. 

Exp. Ag't— U. 8. & C, H. D. Eppa; 

Hotels— Union, C. II. (iibsou; Endicott Hr>iise, C. A. Wood; Milford, 
Springs, Hotel Ponemah, Dnncklee A Barnes. 

Lawyers— Gilbert Wadteigh, R. M. Wallace, C. 8. Averill, C. E 

Literary Institution— Milfnrd High School, B. A. Pease, prin. 

Uvery Stable— H. A. Barker, Wm. Messer. 

Manufacturers — bone mjeal,&c., E. 8. Burns; boots and shoes, S. C. 
Ool.urn; builders, L. J. Sander8on,.A. JJBnmham; A. Fifleld, R. K. 
Htttclunsou, E. J. Parker; clothitf|JT«t^!k>. Wood, 8. E. Dutton ; exten- 
4ion table!*, S. R. Emerson; fancy boxes, etc, Bragg Sc Conant. 
0. L. Darracott; furniture, D. Heald, 8. B. Emerson & Son; 
scranite workers, I. H. Carlton, A. E. Carlton; knitting cotton, 
Morse Kaley Mfg. Co ; leather, J. Lewis A Co. ; lumber, Wm. Gilson, 
H. 8. Gilson, Howison ft Marvell, Dow & Gntterson, D. T. Butterick 
Co., W. E. Pierce & Co.; meal and feed, C. E. Kendall & Co.; mirror 
frames, A. Fuller; picture frames. J. A. Wheeler, W. W. Bobbins; 
planes, A. Hesild ft Son; plows, N, H. Brown; printer's furniture, and 
p. 0. boxes, Jo^ Mc Lane; printers, W. W. Hemenway, J.P. Melzer. 
ready made clotfiing, Ciinmberlain & Bobbius, K. M. Gray; soap boil- 
ers, Milton Parker, A. G. Steams. J. T. Burns; toys, Wilcox Mfg. Co. 

Merchants— John E. Bruce, C. £. Kendall ft Co. W. R. Whitney ; 
auctioneers, C. G. Hatch, E. P. Hutchinson; bakery, F. M.Dodge, 
books and stationery, Mrs. J. A. Wheeler: boots and shoes, D. F. 
Tliorapson, 8. C. Coburn. J. Shanahan ; clocks and watches, J. E. Web- 
• - ■ ■ ..-■ - ..,. -. ■....■ - — — 



ter, H. Hamblett, G. H. Averill; clothing, hats and cape, J. A. Ober 
i Co., F. W. Bicliardson ; coal, B. B. Came,C Merrill, coffins, B. F. 
foster, I. fi. Carlton ; crockery and glass ware, J. A. Wheeler; drugs, 
uedicine« and hardware, D. S. Buniham, Kidder A Whitney ; dry gooda. 
£. C. Batchelder, H. H. Barber;. fish, Jra Chane, F. B. French, 
i. B. Wheeler A Co.; granite, L. M. Bnrns, J. B. Melendy, 
}. F. Parker, A. E. Carlton, £Terett Hutchinson, Nathan Merrill, 
V. P. Eastou, T. M. King; groceries, Lyfurd A Kendall; ice, Cal- 
'in Merrill ; meat, Foster Bros., N. W. Kobinson; John B. Burtt, R. 
L Clark; merchant tailor, H. F. Warren ; millinery, H. H. Barber. 
Ars. K Coniiitock ; seeds A plants, J. A. Wheeler; small wares. 
Ifb. C. D. Sabin ; stoves A tin ware, G. A. Powers, G. A. Avery A Ck>.: 
ariety store, Geo. L. Melendy, farm machinery, John Hadlock. 

Physicians— A. W. Smith, 1). S. Dearborn, W. H. Dinsmore ; clair. 
ftrs. S. S. Mixer; homeo., W. H. W. Hinds ; dentist, C. F. Fiske, P. A. 

SU. Agent — D. G. Hoyt. 

Mill Vlllafre— See Goshen. 

BEII^TOIf, UTRAFFOBD—Pop. 1,616. N. E. fr. C. 40; N. W. 
r. Dover, 20. R. R. <9.— Milton, on Ports. Gt. Falls A Conway B. B.; 
or Milton Mills, Union, 4 m., connects twice daily by stage. 

OFFICERS— C7«rAr, C. H. Looney; Treat. Ira Miller; Selectmen, 
leo. Lyman, Chas. T. Haines, W. H. H. Pinkham ; fi^ptt.. Dr. W. F. 
¥allace, W.E. Piilsbary. 

Postmasters — C. H. Looney ; Wtai^ T. F. Canney. 

Justices— J. n. Sims, E. W. Fox, J. S. Hersey^ M. Y. B. Cook, C. 
). Hsjes, B. F. Avery, Luther Hayes, B. B. Plummer, State; Ira 
liller, Jos. Plummer. 

Churches— Chris. D. B. Goodwin; Gong., — — ^; P. Bap. 

Vm. H. Waldron. 

Exp. k Tel. Ag't— William T. Wallace. 

Hotels k Livery Stables— Riverside House, G. H. Downs; Phen- 
K House, H. G. Went worth. 

Literary Institution— Milton Olnssical Institute, Mrs. B. B. Gowell. 

Manufacturers — blacksmith, I. W. Duntley ; builder, E. H. Hur- 
ome; boots A shoes, fiurley A IJHher: clothing, Home Bros.; excelsior, 
u M. Bragdon;. lumber, Luther Hayes, Scates A Lyman, Wentworth 
; Plummer, L. Plummer, p. o. ad. Union ; mowing machines, horse 
akes Ac, B. B. Plummer ; soap, C. M. Wallingford ; woolens and 
lankets, I. W. Springfield A Son. 

Merchants — J. F. Hart, J. D. Willey, Looney A Downes, 'Wm. 
>. . Shattuck ; fancy goods, Mrs. Ira S. Knox, Mrs. J. F. Hart ; ice, 
frianite State Ice Company, Lynu Ice Co., Boston Union Ice Co.; 
leat, John E. Hayes; milliuery, Alta Knox. 

Physician— W F. Wallace. 

ntiltom Mills— Postmaster k Ex. Agent— E. w. Fox. 

Churches— Adv. Joseph Spinney ; Gong. G. S. Butler ; F. Bap. H. 
*. Mansur; Meth., H. E. Alien. 

Hotels k Livery Stables— Central House, 0. Remick ; GentenDialj 
[ouse, J. W. Prescott. 

Manufiicturers— builders, A. B. Shaw, A. A. Fox, J. F. Titcomb, E. 
. Simes ; carriages, J. W. Brierly. A. O. Prescott ; clothing, F. K. 
t evens A Bros. ; coffins and caskets, A. A. Fox; doors, sash and 
liiids, Shaw A Wentworth, Riverside Mfg. Co.; flannels, Waum- 
eck Manufg Co.; felt, cloth, piano and table covers, D. H. Bufftim A 
k).; harnesses, A. Sanborn, picture frames, E. Deardin ; plows, W. F. 





Cutts; soap, S. G. Ohamberlain ; woolen gooJs, H. H. Townsei 
washing powder, 0. T. Fox. 

Merchants — Asa Fox k Son, J. U. Simes, Ira Miller ; carriages, 
F.- A G. E. Hart ; confectionery, J. Mc'Oibbon, W. F. Hargrav 
boots and shoes. J. W. Hanson ; dry goods, OS. Lovering, F. Robei 
drags and medicines, W. H. Fassett; fancy goods, Mis!) M. A. Bei 
Louis Marxshon; fish, J. F. Archibald, U. Trefethen; furniture, Woi 
wood & Shaw ; grcx^eries, F. H. Lowd, J. Lewis, E. J. Brierley, 0. 
Hnssey ; Jewelry, E. T. Libbey ; merchant tailor, B. F. Albee ; miliine 
Angnsta Berry ; milliner}' and fancy goods, Mrs. J. W. Fresco 
periodicals,. £. W. Fox, J. Mc Gibbon ; provislous, 0. S. Lowd, J. 
Hayes ; stores and tin ware ; Hurray Bros. 

Miscellaneous— conveyancer, claim and collection agent, B. 
Fox; nurseryman, John Copp; machinist, B. Osgood ; job printer, 
T. Libbey. 

PhysiCians^J. 0. Buck, C. W. Gross, M. K. Goweli, W. B. Pi 
bury; dentist, E. G. Reynold. 

MONROE, GRAPTON-^^ov. 604. N. W. fr. 0. »2; N. fr. I 
verb ill, 18. R. R. £(.— Itf c Indoe's Falls and Bamet, on Pass. R. R. 

OFFICERS— (7/«rl, I. F. Page; Trtas. Willie Emery ; SelectmeH, Ah 
ander Warden, Edward Emery, O. A. Kinne ; 8upt. Norths Mrs. 
B. Buffom. 

Postmasters— I. F. Page ; North, Wm. Brown. 

Justices— D. F. Blodgett, Horace Duncan, State\ Daniel Sbei 
41ex. Warden. Anson .lohnson, G. H. Hoeford. 

Churches— Gong., G. 0. Oouk ; North, Meth., E. G. Langford. 

Hotel — Monroe House. Mrs. Martha Had ley. 

Lawyer— 0. H. Hosfofd. Livery Stable— G. H. Bedell. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, Frank Moore, Northf Geo. Masc 
builders, NorOt^ G. L. Webster, H. ft L. Webster ; lumber. Van D; 
Bros. p. o. ad., Mc Indoe's Falls, Yt.; printer, D. F. Blodgett. 

MerchantS-^Warden &. Page. 

fr. C. 60 ; N. W. fr. Ossipee, 18. R. R. i&.— Meredith Tillage, 9 m., a 
centre^Harbor, 5 m., on B. & L. R.R., Wh. Mt. Div. Daily stage. 

OFFIGERS— C&rA;, Hamlin Huntress; Trttu. J. B. French; 8eU 
mm, E. F. Brown, J. H. Kelsea, J . G. Pitman ; 8upts. B. M. Mas( 
J. R. Caverly. 

Postmasters—^. E. French ; Lang Island, G. F. Brown; Kake Vu 
Harriet Dow. 

Justices— B. M. Mason, J. B. Dow, H. L. Wentworth, Geo. L. Mas< 
W. H. H. Mason, H. Huntress, J. E. French. H. M. Senter, J. G. / 
bott, SfUUe; A. P. Jacklard, J. G. Pitman, F. L. Judkins, G. K. Brov 
Leander Bryant, L. A. Sibley, G. H. Mason. 

Churches— £«| mU, F. Bap., : Meth.. G. Byrne. 

Hotels — A. P. Jacklard ; Long Itlandj Island House, Blake & Di 
is. Lung Island House, G. K. Brown, Red Hill House, G. W. Hoyt. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, G. W. Iloyt, Alonzo Watson, carr 
ges, G. F. Huntress; flour and meal, W. H.H. A B. Mason; lunib 
L. D. Bartlett & Son, J. Frencli ; shookR, L. D. Bartlett A Son. 

Merchants — J. E. French, A. P. Jacklard A Son, K. F. Green, Le{ 
der Bryant; tinware, stoves Ac, A. J. Goodwin, G. J. Emerson ; who 
sale (traveling) fancy goods and notions, G. 11. Blake, £. Blake. 

Physicians— W. if. H. Ma«^on, F.L.Jndklns. 

Summer Boarding Houses— J. G. Pitman, Benj. McDou^d. 

JHoaltonvllley See Ossipee. 



JHoudI Craivfford-^A post office in Carroll CouDly. 

illoiilit Deliffht — Se« Deerfield. 

3. 28. N. W. fr. Nashua, 16. E. M. iS^Milford, 6 m. on N. A IV .R. B 
Daily stage. 

OVFICKRS— CZ«rik, Fred Chandler; Trtat.^ Clark Campbell; S8?ee<- 
K«n, J. W. Canon, F. 0. Lamson, Joseph ATerill ; Suft^ C. J. Smith 

Postmaster— 'A. 8. Bmce. Hotel— Belleview, Geo. E. BootellA. 

Justices— C. J. Smith, StaU; Alonso Travis, A. S. Bruce, John 
Frevit, Clark Campbell. 

Church— Cong., C. C. Carpenter. Physician— Frederick Chandler. 

Literary Institution— Mc Collom Institute, Cassius Campbell, prin. 

Manufacturers — ^picture frames and hand mirrors, Thomas Win- 

Mechanics— carpenters, Thos. Winters, Thos. McQaeeten, Danl 
EUchardson; painter, P. F. Pike. 

Merchants— T. H. Richardson k Co.; afictioneer, A. 8. Bruce. 

Telephone Ag*t— H. A. Sheridan. 

mount ^Vaailiinirtoii— A Post Office in Coos County. 

REllllsOllirille — See Nelson. 

NASHUA, HILLSBO&OUQH—«ii\r^t(»ym. Pop. 13,469. 8. X 
fr. C. 86. R. R. i^.— Nashua, on N. A L. R. R., Concord R. R., Wor 
t N. R. R., N. A R. R. R., N., A. A B. R. R., A Wilton R. R. 

OFFICERS—OUy Clerk^ Ralph A. Arnold ; City 7Vsa#., Frank A 
ItfcCan ; May or y Alfred M. Norton ; Aldermen^ Ward, 1, Henry H. DayisJ § 

2. Horaces. Ashley, 8, John F. Law; 4, Albert N. Flinn; 6, John 
Barly ; 6, Victor Lussier, Geo. E. Anderson, Frank Ban ; 7, Charles C. 
Oameron ; 8, Hitand A. Holt ; Prestdent of Common Oouncilf Charles 
E. Cuttimings; Clerk of Common Council^ J. H. Chapman ; jlssessors, 
David Roby, John C. Lund, Patrick J. Flaherty, Ralph A. Arnold 
Edward Morse; Superintendenl oj Schooh, Frederic Kelsey ; City Mir- 
shal, Willaid C. Tolles; AsHstant Marthal^ James H. Hurst; €Mef 
Engineer, George R. Holt ; Police Court Justice, Jas. B. Vassett ; AMfct- 
Eor, Wm. W. Bailey ; Liquor Agent, M. A. Taylor. 

Postmaster— Henry A. Marsh. 

Justices— H. B. Atherton, M. R. Buxton. W. E. Spalding, R P 
Brown, W. W. Bailey, C. H. Cnnipbell, F. G. Crowell, 8. B. Chandler. 
W. 0. Cloujrb, E. S. Cutter, Thomas Pearson, C. V. Dearborn, S. S 
Davis, Amos Webster, W. S. Collins, A. H. Dnnlnp, Roliert Bmerson, 
J. B. Fassett David Gillis, E. B. Gonld, J. A. Leach, C. W. Hoitt, D. 
W. King, Aaron King, J. G. Kimball, Albert Mc Kean, D. B. Mar- 
shall, F. A. Mc Kean, 0. C. Moore, C. L. Meloon, M. J. Hwrill. 
9. H. Whitney, E. E. Parker, G. A. Ramadell, Caleb Richardson. 

A. F. Stevens, Edward Spalding, George Stark, B. D. Barnes, 

3. C. Shattuok, B. B. Wbittemore, J. F. fVhittle, W. F 
VTright, J. B. Parker, B. J. Copp, H. A. Cutter, 9. F. Dane, A. 8 
Baton, £. B. Hammond, M. L. Sawyer, W. C. Tolles, State; Joel C. 
Annis, G. F. Andrews, W. S. Atwood, L. F. Bufbank, J. M. Hopkins, 
W. D. King, E. M. Bowman, E. O. Blunt, W. J. Cooper, J. D, 
□handlev, T. B. Crowley, J. A. Hoitt, R. C. DHffey F. H. Morrill, H 
H. Davis, 8. G. Dearborn, F. A. Eatoti, W. B. Emerson, Geo. W. 
Flanders, R. W. Farley, J. B. Foisie, V. C. Gilman, H. W. Gil- 
man, W. H. Qreenleaf J, E. Hunt, Patrick Louergan. W. P. Uns- 
jey, I. F. Harris, J. H. Hunt, J. E. Kent, Luther Kittridge, G 

B. Pearsort, AlbertlLull, C. D. Parker, 0. D. Mnrruy, E. F. McQiieetsn 
D. R. McQuesten, F. A. Marden, C. H. Webster, W. T. Pinkham 



D. F. Runnells, laaiah Robbins, jr., BenJ. Saunders, Stillman Sw^allo^ 
George Swain, E. M. Sawyer, Dana Sargent, G. W. Stevens, M. ] 
Taylor, F S. Sargent, F. B. Tupper, 

{ Banks — ^Indian Head National, Edward Spalding, Pres., F. l 
Mc &ean. Gash.; Ist National, Oeo. A. Bamsdeli, Pres.. J. A. Spauh 
ing, Caah-j Second National, J. W. White, Pres., F. A. Baton, Cash 
INashua Savings, W. W. Bailey, Pres., V. C. Oilman, Treas,; Oil 
Savings, L. A. Roby, Pres., E. P. Brown, Treas.; Mechunics' Saving 
It. p. Pierce, Pres., J. W. Wbite, Treas.; New Hampshire Bankifl 
Company, Hiram T. Morrill, Pres., John G. Kimball, Treas. 

Churches — Bap., J. A. Johnston ; Cong., Cyrus Richardson, Georg 
W. Grover; Epis., J. Leroy; Meth., (Main St.) P. M. Frost, 0. I 
jjasper, Presiding Elder; R. Cath. Patrick Elolohau, W. S. Higging 
■(Irish); J. H. B. Millette, (French) ; Unit., H. C. Parker ; Univ., H. 1 

Eating Houses— Laton k Mc Clary, W. F. Wright, S. J. Lun< 
H. A. Olivier, T. A. Greeley, D. Ilartwell, G. B. Fiske, S. A. Nortui 
A. Burque. G. H. Borbank, W. D^prez. 

Ex. Agents — U. S. <fe Canada Express. 

Hotels — Indian Head, Watsou Bros.; Tremont House, Gilma 
Scripture ; Jackson House, J. 0. Ingalls ; Hutchins', £. H. Hutchini 
.Laton House, Ira Gustine. 

Ins. Agents— J. G. Kimball, Mc Eean A Andrews, C. L. Melooi 
Caleb Richardson, J. M. Hopkins, M. R. Buxton, E. J. Copp, M. B. Ta; 

Lawyers-^. J. Doyle, B. B, Whittemore, A. F. Stevens, W. \ 
Bailey, H. B. Atherton, J. B. Fassett, C. Y. Dearborn, £. E. Parke 

E. S. Cutter, Geo. B. French, J. B. Parker, C. W. Hoitt, £. B. Goul 
R. D. Barnes,^. A. Cutter, C. B. Tllden, C. U. Burns, L. F. Burbauk 

Literary Institutions— High School, E. J. Goodwin, prin.; Nitshu 
Historical Society, 0. 0. Moore, pres. 

Livery Stables— James Wilkins, D. L. Holt, M. W. Wallao 
Enoch Farley, H. 0. Proctor, £. W. Ctieney A Co. J. P. How 
H. P. Whitney. 

Manufacturers — bobbins, spools and shuttles, Eaton k kyvc ; cai 
board and glazed paper, Nashua Card and Glazed Paper Co.; cotton 
Nashua Manufg Co., R. A. Maxfield, agH; Jackson ManuTg Co., W. 1 
Gadwell, ag't ; Vale Mills ManuTg Co., BenJ. Saunders, ag't ; edi 
tools, Underhill Edge Tool Co., Nestor Haines, supt; shearer 
American Shearer Man. Co. R. T. Smith; N. E. Marbleoid Co., Gregg 
Son; steam presses and boilers, J. J. Ciawford; card grmders at 
machine saws, A. H. Saunders ; iron, Nashua Iron k Steel Co 
J. D. Swain, supt; locks, Nashua Lock Co.; Iuml>er, Cross 
Tolles, J.B. Proctor, F. D. Cook ; sa^h, doors and blinds, Gregg k Son 
shoes, Moody, Estabrook k Andersons ; soapstone stoves, France 
town Soapfitone Co.; suspenders, L. E. Burbauk, C. P. Danfortl 
toys, Nashua Novelty works, A. A. Davis. 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, Q. A. Woodward, E. Mc Cart 
Asa Avery, C. B. Hutchinson, H. C. Boothby k Son, Jos. Lnmars 
Lovejoy & Hutchins. Urquhart k Glover; carpenters, G. D. Car 
R. Dane, F. W. Dow, C. H. Kemp, C. F. Lund, C. McGregor, Robichat 
Bros. Sawyer k Ashley, W. A. Shattuck k Son, J. F. Sloan, J. C. Whe< 
er, G. E. Wilder, H. A. Holt, N. 0. Pre^^cott, J. F. Wallace, B. B. Pu 
nam, T. Dane; Imir dressers, Ingalls k Sprague, H. M. Guoi 
Jos. Boury, L. Boodry, T. H. Tafe, Joseph Lowell, Bell k Burreby, J. 
Wilson ; hamoKS makers, Putnam & Co., A. £. Sanderson, I. 0. Woo 


I • , , ,, , jra i -_- — ^-^ 

'ward ; machinists, G. W. Davis ft Go., Flather k Go., Geo. A. Rollins & Go.; 
marble workers, Moses Daris, C. £. CammlDfrs, W. V. York ; maaonsJ 
G. W Stevens, P. F. Morgan, J. F. Andrews, 8mith A Lakeman, Blip-; 
halet Njre; paintei-s, G. W. Atwood, G. W. Badger, J. D. Bickford A 
,Co., Henry Atwood, I. W. Hamblet, F. L. Barnes, G. 0. Fisher, L. A. 
Gay, G. H. Uinard, Gus. Maron, W. H. Campbell, A Cty; photogra- 
phers, F. Glenton, W. H. Hayes. F. D. Bverett, G. H. Liudsey; prin- 
ters, G. £. Clement, G. Moore, B. B. A ¥. P. Whittfmore, H. R. 
Wheeler, M. T. B. Greene, Barker A Bean ; tailors, Emerson A May 
nard, Muir A Whittemore, G. P. Bowers A Co., J. H. Chapman; np- 
liolsterer, J. M. Perry. 

I Merchants — anctioneers A real estate brokers, G. H. Gampb«ll, II. 
F. Dane, A. H. Hoemer A Co., M. A. Worcester; books and stationery, 

K. T. Smith A Son, M. Y. B. Greene, Sawyer, Jr.; boots and shoes,! 

Mnrch A Reed, S. W. Mansfield, Jacob Ubbey, H. A. Olirier A Co., £.! 
H. Jonkins, Ag't, J. W. Connors ; clocks and watches, W. S. StewartJ 
C. T. RIdgway, W. M. Lovejoy, A. P. Hemlrick, G. J. Walton, E. E.j 
Cheney, J. N. T. Poulin ; clothing, hats and caps, H. J. Chapman, Rus-: 
sell A Co.. Nelson Turtle, Greenwood A Whitmarsh, H. C. Phaoeuf,! 
Rnnnells A Farley ; dry goods, H. S. Norw^lt, J. H.Blake, Kiralwll 
A Co., P. Mc Carthy, Gheever Bros., Lncier A Perranlt, G. E. WheatJ 
,W. S. Jackman A Co., W. B. Wakelia, Mrs. E. Mnrgatroyd ; drags 
and medicines, E. 8. Rnssell, A. E. Wallace, N. S. Whitman, G. W.' 
Carrier, E. H. Everett ; carpets A pnper hangings, S. E. Jaqoith A 
Co.; fancy goods and notions. Price A Bliss, Gheever Bros., J. E.' 
JKent; flonr and grain, 8. D. Chandler, McQuesten AGo., ShattnckA, 
Hall, Henry 8t.earns ; furniture, Howard A Co., J. M. Fletcher, Noveltyj 
jWorks, John Coggin, A. H. Hosmer A Co.- groceries, M. A. Taylor, 
Daggett A Cross, A. Jaqiiith, A. J. Blood & Co., E. G. Blnnt A Go j 
^C. R. Cotton A Co., W.B. Chase, J. BI. Clark. Gnmmings A Sexton, G.j 
|B. McQuesten, R. M. Sawyer A Co., Marshall Bros., Morin A Lncier,' 
i£Ii Baritean, Barney Bros., hardware, Barr A Co., C. H. Nntt: mnii-. 
nery, Mrs. £. W. Johnson, A. S. Lowe, Mrs. L. J. Bingham, Sallivani 
Sisters, Mrs. J. A. Russell, Mrs. E. J. Mills, J. N. Woodward; periu<l-! 
ical and news dealer, G. J. Walton ; stoves and tin ware, H. M. 
Goodrich, H. W. Price, L. £. Gould, Powers A Clark, G. R. Peave, A. 
Scripture A Son. 

I Physicians— E. A. Colbum, G. W. Currier, J. G. Garland, T. H 
Gibby, J. G. Graves, J. G. Graves, 2nd, E. B. Hammond, E. F. Mc 
Questen, R. J.^Hallaren, Edward Spalding, S. G. Dearborn, J. B 
Greeley, G. P. Greeley, Geo. F. Wilber, P. E. Dansereau, Robert St 
Jacques, J. N. Woodward, G. B. Hammond, H G. Dearborn, F. A 
Dearlwrn, Eugene Wason. R. J. Hallaren ; homeo., J. F. Whittle, W. 
;S. Collins A Son, C. C. ELLIS ; dentists, Albert Lull, C. G. A. Eayrs, L. 
F. Locke, F. L. Twitcheil, Geo. Bowers, C. £. Faxon. 

Tel. Ag't— I. B. Emerson. 

NEUOBr, CHESHIRE— Pop. 438. S. W. fr. C. 40; N. B. from 
Keene 10. Ji. JR. S. — Keene, on Cheshire R. R., 10 m., daily stege ; 
Harrisville, 4 m., daily stage, Hillsboro, 18 m., stage three times a 

OFFICERS— CTerfc, F. K. Jewett ; Treas., J. H. Osgood ; SBlectmen, 
F. B. Hardy, T. W. Barker, M. M. Bailey ; SupL, Mrs. B. J. Tolman; 
Constable^ F. B. Hardy. 

Postmasters— Mrs. L. J. Atwood ; Jt/unsonrille, 8. A. Greene. 

Justices— F. Taylor, N. W. Hardy, State; V. C. Atwood, ¥. K. Jew 
ett, G. W. Osgood. Church— Gong. G. H. Dunlap. 



Manufteturers^-chain, L. J. Colony; lumber, F. B. Hardy, H. I 
Taylor* O. D. Beverstock. 

Mechanics— blacknnitfa, J. H. Osgood ; MtmamvOU^Q. Waldron, Y 
lA. PHge. 

Merchant— ifiNiMmville, 8. A. Oreen. 
! NEW BOSTON, HILLSBOJiOtTO ff—Top.l.liO. 8. W. fr. G. 22 
N. W. fr. Naslioa 20. B. B. &— Parker's on Manchester A Nort: 
jWeare K. B., 15 m. w. fr. Manchester. Two dally stages and tw 

I OFFICERS— CTiirAr, B. P. Fox ; Trtas., B. T. Hills ; Bdeehnen, C. I 
Dodge, W. £. Andrews, Jaiues Mc Curdy ; Bupt, C. S. Colbnrn. 

I'ostmaster— 8. D. Atwood. Exp. Agt— J. K. Chandler. 

Justices— R. Mc lAne, T. O. Knowlton, Waterman Burr, J. F. Mai 
den, D. A. Tewksbnry, A. J. Bennett, BenJ. Hall, J. P. Tnttle, State 
J. M. Holt, £. L. BHrtlett, Benjamin Bodge, Neil McLane, £. P. Fo3 
C. B. Sturtevant. DaTid Marden. 

Churches— Bap.. S. C. Whittemore ; Pres., N. P. Philbrook. 

Insurance Company— Mew Boston Mutual J^ire, R. H. Tose, Prei 

Manufacturers — apple jelley, Mrs. Luther Colbnrn; barrel headi 
Abrnm Wason; boots and ^hoes, Esra Dodge; blacksmiths, Jame 
|N. McLane, J. P. Briggs; builder, Albert Goodwin; bureaus an 
fancy boxes, D. N. Butterfield; carriages, M. Wallace, F. Fiiher 
doors. N. k R. McLane; flour and meal, £. C. Co] 
by; lumber, B. Dodge, G. C. Wacren, B. Hopkins, A. M 
Campbell; piano forte cases, N. Farley ;' refrigerators and extensioi 
tables, B. P. Morgan ; shingles, C. Tucker ; spokes, drawer knobs am 
toy wagoQs, A. £. Wilder. 

I Merchants— C. H. Dodge, B. T. Hills ft G04 auctioneers, D. A 
Tewksbury ; jewelry, £. L. Fisher, F. B. Morgan ; undertakers' goodi 
jE. P. Fox. 

Physicians— H. D. Oould, C. A. Weaver. 
I NEWBIJKY, MEBBJMACK— Fop., 000. N. W. fr. C, 84 
B. B. iSL— Newbury and Mt. Sunapee on C. ft C. R. R. 
i OFFICERS— CTerJt and Treas., 8. A. Morse; BeledmeH, Jonathai 
Rowe, O. J. Blodgett, W. B. Cilley ; SupL, C. B. Cheney. 
' Postmasters— N. C. Lear; South, W. E. Cilley; CkandUrvUU 
Beiij. Chandler. 

! Justices— Ezra Cilley, 2d, Jeremiah Morse, 8. W. Dana, N. 8 
Johnson, II. C. Morse, Juna. Rowe, N. C. Lear, State; B. R. Morse. 

Church— P. Bap., 

Exp. & Station Ag'ts— T. C. Brockway, Benj. Chandler. 

Manufacturers — South, carriage rims, B. R. Morse ; lumber, Chand 
lerviUe, 8. L. Low ; Sout/i, Fowler Bros.; pail handles, South, Fowlei 

I Mechanics— blacksmiths, Sotuh, J. A. Perkins: ChandUrviUt, I 
F. Blodgett; builders, N C. Lear; South, Edward SteTens. 

Merchants— £^(A, W. E. Cilley; ChandltrvilU, I. F. Blodgett 

NEWCASTI^E, J?OCir/AG'//^Af— Pop., 610. 8. E fr. C, 6€ 
B. B. £L— Ntswcabtle, on Eastern R. R. 8emi-daily stage to Ports 
mouth. 3 ni. 

OFFICERS — Cferk and Treas., H. M. Cnrtis ; Selectmen, Thaddeu 
Tarlton, Q. W. T«.wle, R. A. Preble, Jr. 

Postmaster— U. M. Curtis. Ex. Agent— Chas. A. Card. 

Justices— 0. W. Towie, W. A. Meloon, State; J. P. Cooper. 

Churches— AdT. : Chris., G. D. Garland. * 

Hotel— Wentworth, Frank Jones. 



Mechanics — boat builders, J. W. Ne»l, Ralph Dayidson. 
Merchants— H. M. Curtis, T. W. Frost, R. A. Preble', F. P. Locke. 
JTJEW BIJBHAM— Sr/J^^fO^Z?— Pop.772. N. a 88; 
. W. fr. Dover, 24. R. B. 8. — New Durham and Davis's crosaing, ou 
over A Winnip. R. R. I 

0FFIC£RS^C7^X:, 6. F. Jones ; Trea$., I. P. Berrj ; StUetwun, J.; 
. Miller, £. E. Berry, D. P. Junert ; Supt.^ K. B. B«rry. 
Postmaster— Q. F. Jones. Exp. Agent— I. S. Ricker. 
Justices— I. P. Berry, £ E. Berry, G. F. Juned. State ; I. S. Bicker, 
. W. Coburn, P. C. Ham, G. W. Horn, Z. D. Berry. 

Churches— Adv., ; F. Bap. Qaimby. 

Manufkcturers — lumber, Hayes, Andersou A C04 lumber audatav««,{ 

ew Durham Ijumber Co.; stave shook and lumber W. S. Rice. I 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, II. W. Edgerly, Wm. A. Grny; <>ar- 

Buters, T. D. Cbamberlin, E. H. Flint; knife maker, F. W. Oobarn, 

uyes Brothers. , 

Merchants— O. F. Jones; auctioneers, J. A. Miller, I. S. Kicker; 

roceries, W. A. Towle. I 

HEW H AMPTOIf , BELKNAP— Top. 1060. N. fr. C. 80 ; 

T. fr. liaconia, 12. R. R. 51— Bristol, 5 m.. on Bristol Branch, R. R. 

ally stage to Bristol, alifo Tilton, 12 m., ou B. & L. R. R., Wh. Mt. Di v. 

OFFICERS— Ci^rAf, M. C. Burpee ; Treas. C. D. Thyng ; Sel^ctnun,^ 

, M. Flanders, jr., J. W. Moore, S. F. Longee ; Bupt. £. K. Smith. 

Postmaster— C. D. Thyng. 

Justices— Augustus Burpee. 0. D. Thyng, D. H. Smith, K. W. 
tuith, G. A. Emenon, State; T. P. Robinson, J. M. Flanders, jr. 

Churches— Bap. ; F. Bap., B. H. Presoott. 

Literary Institution— Mew Hampton Literary Institution, A. B. 
[eservey, prin. 

Manufacturers— lumber, F. D. Sanborn ; New England trout hatch- 

ig nest, G. H. Dickerman. | 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Jerry Gove; carpenters, W. Lood,L. B. 

wain. I 

Merchants — A. B. Meservey, A. Burpee & Co.; books, stationery,' 

rugs and niediuinee, C. D. Thyng; millinery, Mrs. Burden. I 

]f£WIlf«TON, ROCKJNGBAM—Fop. iSa. S. 45; N." 

f. fr. Portsmouth, 6. R. R. S. — Newington, on Ports, ds Duver R. R. 

OFFICERS— CterA;, F. M. Hoyt; Tretu. Frederick Pickering ; 

tlectnun^ L. L. de B^hemont, W. H. Badger, C. M. de Rochemont. 

Postmistress— Mrs. Ella de Rochemont. 

Justices— Darius Friuk, 5!(aie ; F. W. de Rochemont, J. H. Hoyt, 
. A. Pickering. 

Church— Cong. Smith. 

NEW IPSWICH, niLLSBOROlTGn^Fop. 1222. 8. W. fr. 

., 50 ; W. fr. Nashua, 25. R, R. <9.— Greenville, 3m. Stage to each 

-ain. I 

OFFICERS— rZeriir, J. E. F. Marsh, Jr.; Treaa. F. W. Preston; StUet- 

t«n, William Wheeler, M. M. Bulch,; Supt.j W. R. Thompson. 

Postmaster— HHury 0. Preston. 

Justices— W. A. Preston, W. W. Johnson, F. W. Preston, StaU ; W. 

. Locke, G. W. Wheeler, 2d. Stephen Tliayer, H. O. Preston, Cbas.! 

rheeler, P. H. Clark, Geo. Whiting, John Preston. I 

Churches— Bap., W. R. Tho iip«on : Cong., G. F. Merriam ; Meth., — . 

Exp. Agent— J. E. F. Marsh, jr. Tel. Manager— Fred Preston. | 

Hotels & .Livery SUbles— Clark Hotel, J. Davis; Wheeler 

[otel, F. Reed. j 



lawyer— W. A. Preston. 

Utdrary Institution— -Appleton Academy, W. A. PrMton, piio. 

Uvery stables— L. 0. B. Pbelpe, £arl Varwell. 

Ilanumoturara— blacksmiths, 8. A. Russell, A. A. Hill, R. Farwell 
Wm. PttBDington, boxos, WarreD Pratt; builden, Gbas. Taylor, civars 
'Stephen Thayer, Oeo. N. Lowe, Wm. J. Oreenman, Chas. E. Wallacs 
'M. p. Donley, Geo. Keyon ; cotton goods, denims and stripes, Col 
Inmbian MTg. Co.; leather creasinfc machines, F. N. Qibson ; prin 
Iters' oomposnig Mioks.O. W. Chandler ; sheet iron and tin works. C 
R. Fletcher. 

MerebantS— Fred Prsston, C. L. Tarbell, J. SilTer, J. 8. Taylor 
D. €i. Mnrphy; anctioneer, W. W. John>'On; clocks and watches, A 

A. Bfadftrd ; millinery, Mrs. H. H. Mc Donald. 
Physleiane— F. N. aibson, F. W. Jones, F. Jones. 

JIBW LONDON, MJEilBlMACK—Pop. 876. N. W. fr. C. 80 

B. R. 5.~Potter Place, on Northern R. R. and Bradford, on C. A C 
iR. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICER8~(72<rX;, Geo. Woodward; Treas. D. E. Colby* Bdectmmt 
0. W. Gay, J. D. Presc<itt, Nathaniel Hmeex ; Supt., R. £. Farwell. 

Postmasters— Geo. Woodward; SeythfvUU^ H. Greenwood. 

Justices— N. T. Greenwood, D. E. Colby, Lnther McCntchins 
N. C. Todd, 2d, E. O. Lord, B/aU : Geo. M. Knight, E. F. Hastings 
George Woodward, A. C. Burpee, J. P. Elkins, C. ID. Knight, E. A 
Jones, G. W. Gay. 

Ghureh— Bap. 8. 0. Fletcher. 

Hotel — D. S. SeamanB,H. J. Cnrrier. 

Literary Institution— Colby Academy, Jas P. Dixon, prln. 

Livery Stables— A. H. Whipple, H, J. Cnrrier. 

Manunieturers— clapboards and shingles, J. W> Taylor; leather 
acfUunitte, B. A. Jones ; lumber, Dayis k Blood ; scythes, Mew Londoi 
jSoythe Co. 

Meehanies— blacksmiths, Geo. B. McFarland, Ge6. H. Eastman 
J. M. Dow, Lowell Ray; printer, £. A. Dean. 

Merchants— Herriok ^ Littlefield, C. S. Sargent, Mc Cntchins A 
"Selhoa; Scjfiheifillet J. H. Greely &Co.; drngs and medicines, A. H 
Whipple : sewing machines, Geo. Woodward. 

Physician— iS^M«i»I7«, J. P. Elkins. 

NKWMARKET, BOCKINOHAM^Vap. 2,860. 8. E. fT. C 
36; W. fr. Portsmouth, li. R. R. £.— Newmarket, on B. k M. R. R.: 
^and Newmarket Junction, at junc. of B. A M. A C. R. R. Daily stagi 
to Lee. Nottingham and Northwood. 

I OFFICERS— {7Z«rik, A. J. Watterson : Treas. Frank Pinkham; MiA 
men, Chas. E. Tasker, A. T. Gilman, Geo. 0. Hodgeton ; Supl.^ E. A 

Postmaster— S. H. Greene. 

Justices— N. H. LeaTitt, J. W. Smart, G. L. Dearborn, 8. A. Haley 
;E. Richardson, Timothy Murray, A. L. Mellows, C. H. Smith, I. T. 
George, J. F. Ghapman, E. A. Keep, A. W. KelHsy, A. T. Gilman 
State; B. F. Haley, Jos. Pinkham, J. A. Mathon, G. F. Walker, F. H 
Pinkham, Lafayette Hall, A. C. Haines, C. A. Morse. 

Churches- Cong. I. C. White ; F. Bap. B. F. JeiTerson ; Meth. D, 
W. Downs ; R. Cath. Dennis A. Ryan. 

Eating Houses— A. G. Fnrber, J. 0. Dayis, Mrs. H.X!hesley. 

Exp. Ag'tS— Noyes A Co. 

Hotels— Wai^ington House, J. B. Silrer; Newmarket Hotel, P, 


Lawyers— A. L. Mellows, C. H. Smith, I. T. George, B. A. Ke^. I 

Livery Stable— J. W. Wiggin, J. T. Clement. | 

Manufacturers — blaekimiths, Reaben Stackpole ft Bon, Tfaomac 
larlaud ; builders, C. B. Tasker, Samoel Savage, Frank Savage, E. OJ 
barren ; clothing, B. F. Haley, Doe k Kelsey ; cotton battinuT, C. P, ! 
laines ; cotton goods, Newmarket Mannftusturlng Co., A. J. Nichols. 
«'t; job printers, F. H. Plnkham; lumber, J. W. Smart; railroad ftir- 
lishings, Lafiiyette HalL } 

Merchants — ^boots and shoes, J. L. Boardman. H. H. Pinkham, J. R.' 
Saunders ; clocks and watohes, B. S. Kingman [Clothing, hats, cape and 
cento' ftirnishing goods, W. W. Stackpoie, A. M. Priest, B. F. Halay, C* 
I. Kllison, Doe A Kelsey ; confectionery and frnit, W. W. Stackpoie,! 
L. G. Furber, J. M. Caswell ; dry goods, W. W. Durrell,C. B. Math«e, S.i 
L. Haley; drugsand medicines. L H. Twombly,G.L. Dearborn; fitncyi 
;oods & notions, W. W. Stackpoie, A. H. Priest, J. M. Caswell, Geo. L.! 
)earborn ; fish, A. Tebbetto ; groceries, J. B. Sanndenrs, Mathes ft 
:<aine, F. M. Davis, Ed. Richardson. G. H. Greeley, Leavitt ft Watter-' 
on, Dnrgin Bros., G. W. Pillsbnry, Co-operative, Stora, J. F. Ham ft 
Son ; Jnmetionf Blake ft Co. ; haraessefi and carriages, N. HJ 
joavitt ; hardware, Treadwell ft Folsom ; meat, Ai Varney, B. A. Tonng,' 
F. F. Ham ft Son; miUinery, Page ft Dudley, B. A. Huntington, H. A.' 
HTood, S. E. Dnrrell, Nellie Griffin, Linda Stevens ; watchea and Jew- 
)lry, F. Pettigre; 09 ct store, A..M. Priest; photogtapha, T. R. Lew>| 
8, 0. W. Clough. 

Physieians—S. H. Greene, J. L. Elkins, C. A.Morso; dentiat. A.' 
r. Sawyer. 

Tel. Aa'ts— G. L. Dearborn ; JtmeHim^ Charles Leavitt. 

NEWPORT, StrXZ/rAJV^-Shire-town. Pop. 2,612. N. W. fr.C. 
iO. R. B. &— Newport, on C. ft C. R. R. Northvillo, 2ra., Guild, 2 m.l 

OFFICBRS— OeHb, H. P. Coffin; Treat. F. W. Lewia; BtUotmen^ 
). G. Chad wick, A. J. Gould, W. H. Perry, Supt.^ J. Eastwood. I 

Pestmasters -~ G. W. Nonrse; ydrth, B. T. Sibl«y; Gaild G.i 
leritage Jr. I 

Justices— G. W. Nonrse, L. W. Barton, 8. L. Bowers, A. 8. Wait, 
^. H. McCulIis, F. W. Cheney, G. H. Fairbanks, B. F. Haven, S. H. 
Sdes, Francis Boardman, John Town, O. B. Dame, R. P. Claggett, A. 
i^. Hitchcock, W. E. Brooks, H. A. Barton. P. S. Adams, Dexter 
lichards, E M. Kempton, G. R. Brown, Edmund Wlieeler, W. F. 
If Awton, F. A. lUwson, Slate ; E. E. 8t«*arns, S. M. Rieltards, M. S. 
(ackson, G. H. Towle, F. P. Heserve, D. A. Newton, W. H. Perry* 
). H. Parker, George Harrington, II. A. Barton. j 

Churches— Bap. F. T. Latham ; Cung. C. N. Flanders ; Meth. J. 
ifoyes; R. C, P. J. Pinnigaii, supplies; Univ., Jas. Eastwood. 

Eating Houses — W. L. Reed, C. H. Richardson. 

Exp. Ag't— D. P. Qnlmby. Tel. Ag't— E. C. Oonver«e. 

Hotels — Newport House, B. L. Putney : Pboentx, M. F. Knowlton. 

Insurance Agents— Robert C. Osgood. 

Lawyers— L.W. Barton, S. H. Edes, A. S. Wait, S. L. Bow«r8,G. 
fl. Brown, W. F. Newton. 

Literary Institution— Newport High School, A. A. Snow, prln. 

Livery Stables— Ira Walker, S. A. French, Samuel Presoott. 

Manufacturers — UacksmithR, Learft Blaxfteld, E. O. Patten, Bd- 
ivard Wilkins, L. Ijatlirop ; huildern, 8. H. Bascora, G. H. Dyer, C. 8. 
Partridge; carrai^es, L. H. Hnnter: flannels. Dexter Richards ft Son ; 
lannels and cotton batting, S. H. Edes; fork, hoe and garden rake, 
liandles, L. F. Dodge ft Co.; harnesses and carriage trimmiagB, 


C. H. Wattt, Q. A. Rolland ; hay rakes, G. H. Dovrnx, B. F. HaTen 
hoes, Sibley Scythe Go.; job printers, Fred W. Cheney, Barton i 
Wheeler ; leather, J. H. Hiinton A Son, Lvman Rounsevel ; Inmbei 
O.Q. Fowler, I. F. Chandler, S. W. Alton, John Cuttinff; scythei 
Sibley Scythe Co.; eloakings and flanaeis, Orauite State Mills, 6 oil 
A Heritage. 

Merchants —- Fairbanks k Son, J. Barnard, Richards k Oofflo 
•iuctioneers, M. A. Barton, R. P. CLaggett, W. H. Wright; booki 
stHtioneryi drugs and medicines, £. C. Conrerse, C. Hu rd ; boots am 
shoes, K. S. Chase k Sun, C. K. Dudley, 8. Kempton. H. F. Deralng, C 
.\I. Emerson ; coffins and caskets, E. U. Burke ; docks and watches, A 
v>. k a. H. Woodbnry, Henry M. Stevens ; clothing, hats and capi 
Angell k Young, D. A. Newton, ~*- Meserve, R. M. Rowe, M. ^ 
Uarke ; coal dealers, Iiear k Maxfield, A. Richards ; dry goods, S. il 
ISdes, C. H. ICmerson; flour and grain, F. P. Rowell, Woodbury < 
(}uild; furniture, W. W. Hubb^l, Mooney k Meserve; grocertei 
V, A. Rawson,W. B. Whipple, B. C. Pike; hardware, Stowell k Soe 
Wm. Nourae ; meat, D. O. Ctiadwick, O. B. Wilmarth, H. M. Kimball 
millinery, M. C. Barrett k Sisters, Mm. S. H. Bdes, Mrs. Prescott; vai 
iety storn, NofihmU€y B. H. Wakefield ; wool pelts, ponltry, buttai 
choese, Ac, W. W. White, C.*A. Silsby ; Qmld^ Fairbanks k Son. 

Physicians— J. L. Swett, D. M. Currier, W. W. Darling, T. B A 0. A 
Sanborn. A. U. Kempton ; dentists, Henry f n'bbB, I. G. Nichols. 

IffiWTON, ROCKINGHAM— Pop. 1,006; S. B. fr. 0.46; S. ft 
Bxeter, 10. M. R. £1.— Newton, on Merrimack Branch of B. A M. B« B 
k Newton Junction, on B. k M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— €?«rfc, O. B. Merrill : Trta$. H. N. Gonld; aOeetWien 
Jl. F. Drakd* S. Rowell, J. B. Kimball; Supt.^ Dr. F. H. Horse; Con 
ttabU, B. F. Wakefield. 

Postmasters— Mrs. C. M. Boswell ; Junction^ L. N. Davis. 

Justices— Philip Whittier, John doit, W. W. Wilder, State; W. W 
Boswell, H. N. Gould, I M. Heath, W. C. Gale, J. S. Peaslee. 

Churches— Bap. B. H. Watron; Junction, 8. .Woodbury; Chris 
NathM. Day. 

Hotel— Traveller's Home, G. W. Hoy t. 

Uvery Stables— Horace Favor; JunUion, W. W. Boswell. 

Manulkcturers— bUcksmiths. Bei^. Goodwin, Junction, W. J. Roi 
ley ; builders, B. F. Wakefield, Hiram Heath; Jun^ion, John Gk>rdon 
carriages, Bdward Hayford; Job printer, J. L. Pressey ; Innilier, B. F 
Wakefield; shoos, W. A. litirtlett; shoe contractors. Carter Bros. 
A. J. Sawyer, Andrew Cnrrier, B. F. Austin; sawing and plaining 
JtmetUm, W. C. Webster. 

Merchants — W. W. Wilder, Rowe k Maraton, J. Pressey, Mlroi 
Kelley ; Junction, C. Currier, Enoch Seavey ; cider and vinegar, D. S 
Bartlett, J. 8. Peaslee; coal and grain, W. W. Wilder; meat andpro 
dnoe, A. P. Brewer, S. W. Crafts ; market icardening. Junction, W. <l 

D. Stevens; millinery and &ncy goods, Mrs. L. W. Bradley k Co 
Physician — F. H Morse. Tel. kg^i—JunctUm, J. K. George. 
Summer Boarding Houses— Nathan Gould, W. W. Taylor. 
Ifortli Brancli— See Antrim. 

IfOKTHFfEljD, MERRIMACK—Fop, 018. N. fr. C. IC 
R. R. &— Northfield, on B. k L. R. R., Wh. Mt. Div. 

OFFICERS- OsrA;, C. W. Tilton ; 7V«a«.. F. J. Eastman ; SeUctmAn 
G. B.'GoNrrall, C. J. Chamberlain, Jason Foss. 

Postmasters— P'^of, S. A. Dow. Post Office address of the reel 
dents is Xiiton. Tel. Ag't— Z>«po<, Mrs. Wm. C. French. 


Jiistices~0. L. Crom, B. F. Oofran, O. S. Abbott, Ghag. F. Hill, F 
I. XaaUnao, J.B. Smith, 0. 0. Wjratt, J. N. Forreat, B. A. Dow, SUUe ; 
B. R. Ollnea, O. E. Gorrell. 

Chureh^F. Bap. J. Fogg. 

Ltwyw— Depots O.L. Cross. Physician—G. B. Gould. 

Manufacturers — bailden, D. M. Page; cassimeres and repel 
lanta, Blm Mills, Biehard Firth, prop'r; Granite Mill Go^ A. S. 
Ballantjne, ag't; hoae, G S. Bnel, Manufg Go.; Job printer, Ghas. 

fr. G.. 47 ; B. fr. Exeter, 6. B. R. &— North Hampton, on B. B. B. 

OFFICEBS—Cferik, Jonathan Bolline; Trtat.^ Jona BollinB; SOeet- 
mm, E. L. Dalton, J. W. Hobbe, T. E. Maniton ; Snpt. T. V. Haines. 

Postmaster— John Batchelder. Tel. AgH— S. A. Dow. . 

Justices— Saml D. Lane, J. fi. Hobbs, J. W. Warner, F. B. Drake, 
A. Batchelder. 

Churches— Chris., — Plaistead ; Cong., T. Y. Haines. 

Livery Stable— G. R. Batclielder. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, G. X. Searey, 8. B. Tarlton; builders, W, 
J. Breed, D. P. Monlton. 
I Merchants— 8. A. Dow, Abbott Norris, J. W. Hobbs. 

MOBTSIVXBERljAlf », COOS-~^p., 1,063. N. fr. G.,146; N. 
fr. Lancaster, 6. R. R. <&— Northumberland Falls, on B. A L. B. R. 
Wh. Mt. Dir. 

Postmaster— B. L. Adams. 

Manufacturers— shoe pegs and straw boazds, B. Chase ft Go. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, W. H. Poole; wheelwrights, S. G. Poole, 
Wm. Marshall. Merchants — ^R. L. Adami>, Bobert Cluu9». 

Oroveton — R. R. 8, — Groveton and Groveton Junction. 

OFFICERS— C7erX;, H. B. Gilkey ; Treat., F. G. Me Kiilips; SeUetmen 
D. S. Moore, J. H. Cnrtis, T. Conway ; Supt., J. H. Gnrtia. 

Postmaster— H. B. Gilkey. Exp. Ag't— W. H. Fowler. 

Justices— E. F. Bucknun, J. H. Cnrtis, R. G. Cbeasman, G. G 
O'Brion, T. G. Sullivan, R. Atkiuson, StaU ; H. B. Gilkey; NwUmm 
berlanAy R. B.Adams. 

Church— Meth., . Physician— G. G. O'Brien, H. F. Sleeper. 

Eating Houses— C. B. Bellows, E. M. Ricbey. 

Motels — Union House, P. J. Zoohey, Prop.; Melcher House, B. B. 
Tibbetts, Prop. 

Livery Stables— W. H. Tebbitts, E. Henson. 

Manuncturers— grindstones, G. P. Richardson : lumber, O. Sonle. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, G. T. Dresser, H. Hendrick; earpenten, 
D. Bpreadbury, J. A. 8. Porham, A. Worster, W. H. Veaaie, John 
Solan ; harness maker, N. B. Perkins. 

Merchants--^. W. Mc Keen, G. Solomon. G. Sonle, Rich k Hatch 
drugs and medicines, H. B. Gilkey : hardware, J. W. Welch; milli- 
nepy, Mrs. Jonas Massure, M. G. Solomon; spring beds, J. B. Spauld- 


x.ORTSIirOOD, ROCKINGHAM-Pop , 1,346. S. from C, 20. 
N. W. fr. Exeter, 22. R. R. &— Epsom, 7 ni., on Snn. Val. R. R. Daily 
stage to B. Northwood ; also Arom E. Northwood to Newmaiket 

OFFICERS— CZerik, Ridge, F. M. Knowlee; ZVmm^ H. Knowlton; 
Selectmen t Narrows, W. D. Watson; Rcut, J. W. Huyt; Center, Enoch 
Fogg ; Aip4., OeiUer, E. C. Cogswell. 

Postmaster— iVorrows, J. P. Lancaster. 




Justices— I. B. Hoitt. J. 8. Trickey, A. 0. Brown, J. J. PilUburfl 

A. S. Cottoo, StaU ; H. J. ClArk, J. G. Mtmd, Szn, Tiwk«r, ■ 

Knowlton, E. 8. Talker, W. M. Furb«r. • ^ 

Churches— Oong., U.G.Fay; F. Bap., JUdge, Ch«i. L. Pinkhain.- 

Exp. Agents Nay. J. D. Blake. 

Literary Ins.— Coe's Northwood Academy, E. 0. Oogswell, prln. . 
Manufacturers— lainber,>^\^arroto«, Holmes A Noyes, 8. 8. A H. A 
James, W. M. Dnrgin. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Bidge^ W.'H. Mauning, Oeniref J. Q 
Obesley; bnilder, Ea*t^ £. J. Gate; JVarrowf, J. H. Jenneet; blaclF 
smith, Narrowt^ J. D. Brown. 
Merchants— Aarrotof, F. E. Trickey, Lancaster A Sherman. 
Centre— Postmaster— E. G. Cogswell. 
Hotel— Harvey House, B. W. Dntke. 

Manufaeturers^umber, W. B. 8herbarne, W. T. A C. S. WUtoy ; 
sleighs, D. F. Tncker. 
Merchant— J. G. Mead. 
£asl— Postmaster— Oliver Cotton. Church— Bap., D. Taylor. 

Exp. AgHs Nay, J. D. Blake. 

Hoiel— -Exchange, Mrs. B. J. Demeritt. 

Manufacturers— ladies' boots and shoes, Pillsbury Broa^ Inmbar, 
Gate A Buody; sleighs and pnugs, TaskerBros. 

Merchants— L. K. Kimball, D. N. Tilton, J. B. Batehelder A Son; 
auctioneer, Henry Kuowlton ; drugs and news dealer, 0. A. Brick- 
ett : millinery, Mrs, H. L. Ciarter, I. 8. Stevens. 
Physician— J. W. Pray. 
Rutgre— Postmastei^F. M. Knowles. 
Ins. Ageig— fire and life, H. J. Clark. 

Uterary Institution — Northwood Seminary, J. H. HatohiDg8,prlu, 
Merchants— Caverly Knowles A Son. 
Physician— C. W. Hanson. 

-25 ; W. fr. Portsmouth, 22. R. R. i&— Newmarket, on B. A M. R. B. 
SUge Tues., Thurs. and Sat. Lee Sta, on N. A R. R. R., S m.. dailj 

OFFICERS— C7«ric, S. A. Watson; 7V«a«., Harrison Marsh; Be 
l€ctmen^ W. F. Holmes, T. B. Bartlett, J. Thompson ; Svpt^ E. F. Qer 
rish, jr. 
Postmasters — J. H. Chesley ; Wut^ S. 8. Dame. 
Justices— 8. 8. Dame, O. E. Smith, J. N. Gilley, E. F. Qerrlsh 
T. B. Bartlett, H. P. Daniels, StaU\ N. 0. Smith, N. G. Bartlett, W 
F. Watson, J. H. Chesley. 
Hotel— Rockingham Honse, J. L. Langley. Lawyer— <J. N. Gil ley 
Manufheturers — blacksmiths. John Rufns, George Randall ; lum 
ber, G. H. Batehelder, Harrison Marsh: printer £. U. Gerrish. 

Merchants — E. F. Gerrish, Watson Bros., T. B. Bartlett; auctioneei 
W«tA\ N. E. Daniels; groceries, U. P. Daniels. * 

Physician— Chfls. 8. Downs. 
Oil Mill VillMre— See Weare. 

OBABT CiE, QRIfTON— Pop,, 335. N. W. fr. C, 45 ; 8. W. froi 
Plymouth, 25. it. £. 6.— East Canaan, on B. A L. R. R.. No. Div. 

OFFICERS— CZ«ri, B.I. Lowell; IVetu., John Femald ; SeUdmet 
J. H. French, G. H. Ford, C. R. Waldrou, ; 8upt.^ F. H. Perkins. 1 
Canaan, (P. o. ad. as well as of most of residents). 

Justices— L. £. Flanders, State ; J. H. French, H. G. Hadley, Joh 
Fernald. Church— F. Bap., N. Jones. 


Manufiicturers— lamber, J. H. French, B. V. Andrews. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, F. O. Diniond; tmUder, H. O. Hadley. 

ORFORD, GRAFTON— Pop. 1,060. N. W. fr. C, 62. S. from 
HaTerhill, 10. X, S. iS.— F»irlee, ^ m., on Pass. B. B. Gonveyancp 
to every train. 

0FP1G£R8— CZerX;, B. F. Tmssell ; Trfos.^ Isaac WiUard ; Seltetmtn^ 
Bdwin G. Frauklin, Hazeu Pebbles, B^. F. Trussell ; 8upt. Mi8^ 
N. J. Cnshman. 

Postmaster— Isaac Willard. Lawyers— Ohapman k Lang. 

Justices— D. K. Willard, U. H. Conant, Paul Lang, 6taU ; J. M 
LcMtrned, J. K. Garr, Wm. Brown, £. B. Strong, Biioch Qilmaa, B. F. 

Church— Gong. O. I. Bard. Exp. AgH ft Livery Stable— J. K.Garr. 

Hotel— Mrs. H. H. SHuborn. 

Literary Institution— Orford Academy, B. M. Weld, prin. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, H. W. Libbey, T. L. Dimick; tioots 
and shoes, Levi Siinbom, John Gilbert: bricks, Olcott Falls Go.; 
brooms, F. G. Brndfurd; builders, A. L. Gbandler, J. K. Avery, Oen 
Gassett W. H. Bigelow ; cnrriatres, J. G. Garr ; coffins and caaketM 
Asaph Mann ; harnesses, H. H. Gonant. John Gilbert; lumber, D. F 
Tillotson, Matham Ohmes, TillotHon, Garr A Go.; meal and flonr, M 
F. Wyman; Jewelry. John Howard. 

Merchants— H 11 lard Brothers, Wm. Howard, J. A. Worthen A Son. 

Physician— A. W. Blair, £. G. Ghase. 

Orfordvllle— Postmaster— E. B. Strong. 

Church— Gong., G. I. Bard. Merchants— J. M. Morrill ft Go. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, J. R. Pierce: bobbins. Royal Beal 
A Son ; boots and shoe!*, G. F. Porter, D. F. Smith; cbairff, Royal Beal 
ft Son, A. A. GK'Ugli; lumber, E. Bngbee, B. F. Trussell, D. T. Hal?; 
starch, Benjamin Morrill ag*t; soap stone, E. B. Strong, ag't. 

OSSIPEE, C^iZJ^OZi;— Shiretown. Pop., 1,782. JN. E. fr. C. 
60, R. R. 8.— Ossipee, Genter Ossipee, Bear Gamp, West Ossipee, on £. 
R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFIGERS— C!erft, D. J. Brown ; Treat. A. M. Rumery : Sdtetmen^ 
A. W. Leighton, J. F. Brown, G. A. White; Supt. Edgar Weeks. 

Postmasters— L. D. Sinclair; MoulUmvWjty J. W. Harrow ; ChUre- 
viUe, G. L. Gate; Water VUlagt, J. H. Beacbani; Wttt, J. H. Pow- 
ers; Ofgipee Valley f F. K. Hobbs; OraniU, G. 8. Demeritt; LeiffhUm't 
Corner. D. J. Sanders. 

Justices— S. D. Quarles, J. Q. Roles, F. K. Brown, J. H. Beacham, F 
Weeks. Btatt ; H. G. Garter, G. B. Sias, S. P. Wallace, I. De Witt Gar- 
ter, I. L. Sanders, J. W.'Folsom^F. H. Lord, J. W. Merrow, J. H. Jew- 
ell, S. W. Abt'ott, A. W. Leighton. A. M. Rnniery, Edgar Weeks, G 
L. Gate, B. H. Mooney, W. A. Sherbume, G. L. f oung, S. W. Abbbott 

Churches— Bap. ; Water ViUage, ; Gong. A. H 

Thompson ; Centre, J. Fawcett. 

Eff)p. & Tel. Ag'ts— W.G. Sinclair; Centre, O. F. Gate; Weat^ Grosby 

Hotels— E. P. Allen ; Centre, Mrs. M. B. Merrow ; Oentrev&U, J. W. 

Lawyers— S. D. Quarles, I. D. W. Carter, Frank Weeks. 
I Manufacturers-blacksmiths, J. E. Hum, J. L. Pineo, Daniel Abbott; 
Centre, excelxior, J. G. Ham, J. M. Ganuey; floor and meal, J. Q. 
Ham, A. Beacham ; leather,.!. A. ft G. F. Roberts, Edward Willard; 
lumber, Asa Beacbam, J. G. Ham, Smith Dore: Water Village, 8U)pheu 
^acksou, A. J. Thompson; Ostipee VaUep, F. K. Hobbe ; lumber, bark 



and wood, J. Q. Roles; Dtarble, W. K. Kincaid; printer, W. E. Dea 
eritt; saah, doors nud blin<)B, Centre^ C.^Il. Smart; straw boardl 
Centrty J. M. Canney; woolens, J. Q. Ham, L. L. Browne. 

Merchants— D. J. A B. F. Brown, W. B. Denieritt, £. 8. Nute ; Cm 
tre^ Natli^l. Grant, 6. G. Chamberlain, ; JMfiulUmvilie, J. W. Merrow 
d. P. Wallace, 0. L. White: ValUy, F. K. Hobbs; fVett, W. H. Uobbs 
J. H. Powers A Co ; boots and shoes, Alonzo Stillings. 

Physieians— M. A. Harmon, W. U. Gmnt, W. M. Moore. 

PKl4H^lI, WLL6B0 ROUGH— Pop., S4S. S. E. tr. C.,40; A 
fr. Nashua, U m. B. H. S.—\A>yre]l Mass., 6 m., on B. L. A N. K. ft, 
stage daily fr. Windham Junction on M. A L. B. R., to Lowell 
and return, and for No. Pel. W. Wiudbani, '^m. on N. A R R. R. Cos 
uected by telephone with l<oweli. 

OFFICERS— CVerl;, D. P. Atwood ; Treat., D. A. Greeley ; »Jectmm 

C. L. Searey, R. B. Hilhuan, Samuel Kelley; Supt., C. W. Uubba. 
Postmaster— F. M. Woodbury. 
Justices— D»Qi«i MarshuU, C. W. Hobbs, StaU; F. A. Cutter, G. 8 


Church — Cong., Augustus Berry. Physician — Amos Batrhelder. 

Manufacturers— cider and vinegar, C. L. Seavey, B. li. Hilluian. 
W. G. Butler, J. R. Griffin: lumbor, R. B. Uillman, David Butler, A 

D. Butler, C. L. Seavey, Gage & Junes. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. A. Couilliard, Wm. Coburn, D. W 
Kent, J. Nourse; carpenters, R. B. Hillmau, N. S. Sleeper, C. W, 
Uol»b8, 0. G. Spear. 

Merchants — auctioneer, D. N. Atwood ; groceries, J. A. Foster, F 
\V, Woodbury. 

PEMBROKE, MERRIMACK— Pop., 2,197, S. E. fr. C, 6m. 
lit. R. X— Suncook, on C. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C!(erA;, C. H. Noyes; Trea«. G. P. Oofran ; Selectmen. 
I G. Rn!-s, .lohii W'lch, D. B. Ri«-hard8on ; ShjUs. A. H. Yeaton, 
M. K. Lake ; Hupervuorg, A. N. Osg«M»d, S. D. Robiuson. 

Postmasters— Mrs. BenJ. D*>e; East, I. G. Kuhm. 

Justices — T. L. Fowler. J. Dodge, J. B. Hazeltine, A. Whittemore. 
J. R. Kimball, M. H. Cochran, J. £. ChickerinK,G.S Blanchard, State ; 
D. T. Moirill, £. E. Trnesdell, Wiuthrop Fowler, G. H. Larrabee, C. 0. 
Moulton, M. K. Wilson; A. N. Osgood, G. P. Oofrnn, C. P. Morse, J. T. 
Merrill, S. A. Kates, G. P. Little, F. F. Elkius, C. B. Little, II. G. Cole. 

Churches— Bap. N. D. Curtii, p.o. ad. Suncook ; Coug., C. C. Samp- 
son ; New Meth., Otis Cole. Dentist— R. M. Weelcs. 

Ex. Ag*t— H. Dennison. 

Lawyers— J. B. Uazelton, Geo. S. Blanchard, A. F. Burbauk. 

Literary Institution — Blanchard Aca><euiy, Isaac Walker, prin. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, F. C. Labontee, Chits. Charron, Har- 
rison Head; brick, H. T. Simpson, Edmund Elliott; builders, S. S. 
Ord way, John Marden, C. A. -Ruby ; job printer, C. S. EastnuiU ; lum- 
ber, EoH, Wm. Knox, I. G. Russ, A. N. Osgood. * 

Snneook — Postma^er— Lucius Fife. 

Justices— J. B. Hazelt^n, J. R. Kimball, M. H. Cochran, J. E. 
Chickering, Slate ; B. E. Truesdell, G. H. Larrabee. 

Churches— Bap. N.D.Curtis; Meth., Otis Cole. 

Ex. Ag't^H. Dennison. 

Hotel— Wm. Shepard. Lawvors— A. F. Burbank, J. B. H>«ze1ton. 

Uvery Stables— Bartlett A Uoyt, D. S. Jones, L. A. Hyatt, John 

Man ulkcturers— brick, G. N. Simpson, H. T. Simpson ft Son. E. 


Blliutt: carrlagm, Wm. Osgood; cotton, Pembroke A Webittei 
HIIIm, D. L.Jewell, ag't; iron foundry, J. T. Ramsey; loniber, A. N. 
>«gocNl; SAsh, blinds and type cases, 8. A O. P. Appleton. 

Merchants — Kmery Bros. ; auctioneer, M. H. Cochran ; boots 
ind sliofs, H. S. Peabody; clocks, Ac, J. E. Ghicker nK« B. H. 
Paine ; clothing, M. L. Spauldiug, Truesdell A Co., Saticook Cloth- 
ng Co.; dry goods, A. B. A J. P. Johnson; drugs and med- 
cines, W. 8. Palmer A Co., Hildreth A Gordim ; flnh, U. 8. Flan- 
lers ; flour and grain, Sargent A Osgood ; fruit and cunfectionery 
Patrick Castles, groceries, E. Baker Sullivan Bros.. Dn by A L:inip- 
rey ; hats, caps and f>iruishiiig goods, J. E. Cluckering, M. L. Spaulding, 
rruesdfll A Co.; millinery A taucy guoda, A. B. A J. P. Johnson, G. A. 
Potter; stationery A periodicals, Mr&. E. O. Herrin; stores A tin ware, 
EL A. DaTis; wood, coal and ice, A. Colby. 

Physicians— B. II. Phillii^s, J. R. Kimball, O. H. Larabee. 

Penac«»ofe — See Concord. 

fr. C.,4<>: N. W. fr. Nashua, 31. R. R. S. — Peterboro', on Monaduock 
R. R. A Peterboro' A Ilillsburo' R. R. Daily stage to Dublin. 

OFFICERS— dert, J. H. Steele; Trm*., W. G. LiTingston; Seled- 
mm, E. M. Smith, W. S. Keyes, C. W. Hunter. 

Postmasters— W. R. Davis ; We.tty J. Fistier. 

Justices— Charles Wilder, H. L. Morrison, J. R. Miller, Gharliw 
Scott, F. G. Clark, E. M. Smith, R. B. Hatch, D. H. White, A. Fill 
ler, A. M. Pend'eton, State; Justus Fisher, James Scott, A. A. Fanit 
worth, W. 8. Trendwell, Franklin Field. J. II. Steele, D. W. Gould, 
Wm. Moore, J. F. Noone. 

Churches— Bap. ; Cong. George Dnstan ; Meth. G. N 

Dorr; R. Cath., Edmund Buckle; Unit., W. II. Walbridge. 

Eating Houses— Milton Tenney A Co, Chas. Dustin, J. M. Hastings. 

Exp. Xg't— C. H. Warren. Livery Stable— John Rourke A Son 

Hotels— French's, T. B. Tucker: St. .lames, Phil p Peak. 

Lawyers— Frank G. Clark, E. M. Smith, D. M. White, R. B. Hatch. 

Manufacturers — ^barometers, thermonibterr*, and lumber, Charles 
Wilder; baskets, A. Childs A Son ; blacksmiths, G. W. Farrar. B. A. 
Bobbins A Son ; builders, C. A. Jacqnith A Co.; cottonf*. Phoenix Co., 
Onion Co.; clearer, roller and slasher cluthi*, J. Nooue's Sons ; iron. G. 
P. Pelt; lumber Geo. Sandei-s, Clias. Wilder; marble, Peterb«>r* 
ongh Marble and Granite Works, J. F. Brennan, prop., A. Davis, D 
M. Spline; paper pulp, P. C. Clieuey Co.; paper Peterboro' Paper Co.; 
piano stools J. BriggM ;. shoes, C. A. Cuffiu A Co.; trusses, E. Huwe A 
Co., A merlcan Truss (>>. 

Merchants— Siiitli Bros., S. Tenn<>y A Son, A. A. A W. B. Davis 
Walbridge A Taylor, W. S. Kpyes, W. L. GfMidnow A Co., Clapp A 
Stevens; auctioneer, Charles Scott: bakers, I. N. Leathers A Co.: l>iM>kK, 
^tationery and fancy goods, .1. 11. Steele; l>oot8 and nhoes, F. S.BulIard, 
W. B. Baker; clocks 'and watches, F. II. CoflBn. A. F. Griniei* 
J. G. Leonard; clothing, John Wilder A Co., Davis Bro.^. ; drugs and 
medicines, G. L. Forbush, J. R. Miller; flnnr snd urain, Wtill>ridge A 
Taylor, W. L. Goodnow A Co.: Iiats A caps, Davis Brothers, Joint 
Wilder A Co.; millinery, C. H. W^arren, Mrs. F. A. Tracy ; menlH, N. 
T. Eaton, S. P. Longley; tinware, Augustus Fuller, Nichols Bros., F.E 

Physicians— J. H. Cutler, W. D. Chase. D. B. Cutter, J. H. Mavo, 
0. P. Ober ; dentists, C. H. Hay ward. F. H. Keyes. 

Tel. Ag'tS— J. H. Steele; Depots J. E. Lawrence. 


Pierce's Brldg^e — See Bethlehem. 

PlfiKMONT, ORAFTOH'-fop. 782. N, W. from 0. 76. 8. 
fr. Haverhill, 4^ B. It. iS^-Bradford, Vt., on Pan. R. B Daily stage. 
OFFIOBRS-^CffrJt, J. H. Howe ; Treat., B. G. Metcalf ; 6el«ctmen, 

A. D. Ford, L. M. Kobie, H. H. Palmer; 9upt., 6. A. Fom. 
Postmastei^-W. H. Gannett. 

Justices— Albert Bodgers, Slate ; B. C. Metcalf, W. H. Gannett, L. E 
Risley, J. H. Howe, A. M. Weeks. 

Churehes—Cong. G. A. Fosa; Meth. 0. E. Eaton. 

Manufacturers-l[)laciumiths, J. A. Libby, ft Son ; chair stretchers, 
flour and meal, J. H.Howe k Son; chair stretohfrs, Geo. Renean; 
granite, 8. Leager, Loa s Irsbam; harnesMS, I. N. Webster; ladders, 
E. R. Cilley; lumber, H. T. Armington. J. H. Howe, George Rtfnean; 
marble, L. E. Risby & Sou ; scythe stones, C Dodge, W. H. Gannett. 

Merchants— A. M. Weeks, E. E. Grimes. 

Physician— O. D. Eastman. 

PITTSBIJR€i« COOS— Pop. 681. N. fr. C. 200: N. fr Cole- 
brook, 17. K. M. S.— North Stratford, 30 m. on O. T. R. R.; stage 
three times a week. 

OFFICERS— CTerA:, J. W. Baldwin ; Treat., G. F. Farnham ; Select- 
men, Wm. A. Abbott^ A P. Watts, J. W. Straw ; Supt. Darid Blanch- 

Postmasters-^. W. Baldwin ; Omu^^Heut Lake, G. B. Little. 

Justices— E. L. Farnham, State; S. P. Lnther, J. W. lialdwin, Al- 
den Farnham, P. T. Danforth, J. T. Amy. 

Church — Meth., . 

Hotel '-Connecticut Lake House, Conn. Rir. Lumber Co., prop. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Dennis Ledoo, Odo. W. Blood, D. 8. R 

Merchant— J. W. Baldwin. 

PITTSF1E1.D, MEBRIMACX-'^op. 1,964. E. fh>m 0. 16. 

B. B, &— Pittsfleld, on Sun. Yal. R. R. Stage to all tntlns. 
OFFICERS— a«ri, J. M. Mason ; Treae., O. F. Berry ; SeUetmen, W. 

Tasker, S. W. French, C. C. Rogers; Supt. F. B. Randall. 

Postmaster ft Tel. Ag't— E Jenkins. 

Justices— H. A. Tuttle, Francis Peaslee, R. T. Leavltt, A. Whitte- 
more, Jr., J. M. Tucker, Joseph Harvey, A. W. Bartlett. D. K. Foster, 
jr., C. M. Bailey, Wm. Yeaton, E. A. fjane, Truman Smith, J. T. HiJl, 
S. J. Winslow, I. N. Blake, State ; G. R. Drake, E. L. Oarr, J. P. Wat- 
son, T»F. Gay, F. E. Randall, J. L. Harvey, J. L. French. • 

Bank— Pittafield Nat., C. H. Carpenter, Pres.; J. A. Goss, Cash. 

Churches— Adv., Joseph Harvey ; C. Bap., J. H. Nichols ; Cong.; 
Gtoo. £. Hill ; Epis., ; F. Bap., A. J. Eastman. 

Exp. Aqt's— Daniel Greene, IT. S. k C. Express. 

Hotel— Washington, H. C. Gale. 

Lawyers— Aaron Whittemore, Jr., T. H. Thomdike, A. W. Bart 
lett, E. A. Lane. 

Literary Institution— Pittafield Academy, Grey, prln. 

Livery Stables— Geo. M. Moore, T. W. Nutter, G. E. Knowlton. 

ManufllCturers — blacksmiths, D. Goodwin, H. W. Bachelder, Frank 
Emerson, W. filake; boxes. Paged? Evans, Lane A Adams ; builders, C. 
H. Lane, Wm. Evans, I. Page, N. W. Adams, W. B. Hart well, Warren 
Stone; cottons, Pittsfield MTgCo., Geo. E. Kent,Hg*t; Job printer, D, 
T. Keal ; lumber, — Hartwell, Griffin A Maxfleld ; printer, 0. H. A 
Chamberlain ; shoes, C. B. Lancaster, Morgan, Dore A Libby. 

MerehantS— B. F. Kalm, G. D. 8. Noyes, F.S. Cole, T. P. Tuck, 




. T. Hill ft Co., H. Greenleaf, G. N. Fosa, C. H. Teaton, C. W. Wat- 
an ; auctiooeer, J. M. Tucker; bttots and shoes, B. Uurst; bookn, 
V. A. Mack ; clocks and watcbes, J. M. Batchelder ; clotkinK, hate 
Dd caps, H. A. Tnttle; drugs and medicine, T. A. Granf ; dry and 
incy goods, F. F. Gay ; dry goods, E. J. Aiken A Co.. H. D. Brown 
; Co., George Gossman, E. 0. Sanderson, Mt*lvin Caswell; flour nnd 
om, P. H. Adams ; fruit, confectionery and cigars, F. -E. Taaker. A. 
!. French, C. H. Yeaton ; grain and flour, French A Goss, C. M. Rail- 
y A Co^ groceries, P. H. Adams; hardware, E. B. Ring ; meat, G. N. 
Ireen ; millinery, Mrs. £. J. Aiken, Miss M. E. Harvey ; Stove> 
nd tinware, J. T. Hill k Co.; stoves, tinware and straw, C. M. 
(alley: watches and Jewelry, T. S. Paige. 

Physicians— John Wheeler, J. G. Ladd, B. L. Carr, S. W. Young, 
\ E. Cummings, F. J. Aiken. 

PI. AINFIEIiD, SlTXZ/r^ A'— Pop. 1872. O. «3; N 
V. fr. Newport, 24. J8. 22. S.— Windsor, Vt. 6m., on 0. V. R. E 
few dailvntagefromMeriden to Windsor. Vt., via Plainfleld. 

OFFICERS— C7erit, Perley KoKerts: Treat. F. B. Ward; Cbf/ed- 
r, 8. D. Stone: BiUctmen^ H. B. Fuller, J. H. Whitaker, D. N. Moul< 
on ; Supt. 0. C. Davis. 

Postmaster— Wm. Hall. • 

Justices— J. A. Spencer, A. P. Wood, A. S. Burtholomew, J. T. Dnn- 
an, J. F. Rayusford, State; S. D. Stone. Josiah Davis, K. Q. Beers, 
Llfred Woodman, W. P. Thrasher, 0. C. Davis. 

Church— Bap. J. A. Graham. Physician— C. C. Becklej. 

Manufacturers— carriages, T. Peterson ; coflBns and caskets, Wm. 
\ Eggieeton ; flour and meal, H. Gilson. 

Mechanics — blackunlths, I. W. Spalding, Joseph Stickney ; carpen- 
er. Titus Pieroe. ^ 

Merchants — Wm. Hall; meat, C. Lewi n. 

Herlden — R. R. S.— Lebanon on B. k L. B.R., No. I>iv.7m.,and 
/laremont, 14 m. on C. k C. R. R. with daily sta^ to each also to 
Windsor, passing through East Plainfleld. ^ 

Postmistress & Exp.Ag't— Abbie F. Spanlding. 

Churches — Bap. B. F. Lawrence ; Cong. Bei^amin A. Dean. 

Hotel — Meriden. L. A. Purmort, prop. 

Literary Institution — Kimball Union Academy, D. G. Miller, prin. 

Livery Stables — D. N. Moulton, S. Davis. 

Manunicturer— flonr, meal and lumber, Wm. S. Moose. 

Mechanics— carpenters. B.F. Manchester, G.F. Doty, H. B.Stickneyi 

Merchants— K. E. Clark, C. Cole k Son ; meat, L W. Westgat^ 
i Son, Frank Whitaker. 

Physicians— Hubert Sleeper; thomp., B.G. Beers, H. Cooper. 

East— £. R. 8. — Lebanon, 4 m., on B. k L. R. R^ No. Div. 

Postmistress— Eata Saltmarsh. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths. Dexter Cutta, B. 8. Moore; carpenterj 
Vm. A Tolbert. 

Merchant — poultry and game, F. Monlton. 

PI^AISTOW, ROCKfNGHAAi-'Vov. 1,003. 8. B. fr. C. 40; 8 
W. fr. Exeter. 14. R. R. &— Flaistow and Atkinson, on B. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— ClerA; and Tr«as., Moses Kimball ; Selectmen^ A. B. Crane. 
r. M. Davi8, Isaac Hall ; SupLf Annie L. Dow. 

Postmasters— G. W. Caas; Atkinson Depot, A. E. Hoyt. 

Justices— W. H. Hills. J. M. Davis, State; M. B. Dow, Moses Kim 
>all. Hotel— David Nichols. 

Churches— Bap. . ; jfoHh Ftirish^ Gong., Joseph Kyte. 




Lawyer— W. H. Hilln. Tel. Ag't— Jenney Kellerhan. 

Manufacturers— brick, Isaac H. Pollard, Fry & Clement, J. N. & 
8. C. Sleeper, Geo. Denoncour. 

Mechanic — bladumith, M. B. Dow. 

Merchants — auctioneer, D 8. Peaslee ; coal, hay and grain, C. W. 
Cass ; dry and Deincy goodn, Mary NichoU ; florist, W. H. Hills ; gro- 
cerie'4, Moses Kimball; Inniber. Daniel Peaslee, I. U. Pollard. 

Physicians— N. K. Kelley B. P. Frye. 

^^TIHOUTH, G'^ytiTyOxV— Shire-town; Pop. 1J28. N. W. 
fr. C, 51. R. R. 5.— Plymouth, on B. & L. R. R., Wh. Mt. DIt. 

OFFICERS— Cter*, M. A. Ferrin ; Trtat. J. M. Howe: SeUctaun, 
D. H. Currier, C. W. George, R. M. Mitchell: Supt.^ H. p. Peck. 

Postmasters— W. D. Blaisdell ; West. R. G. SteHms. 

Justices— H. H. RogerR. 0. A. Jewell, E. B. Hodge, M. S. Brown, 
AlTin Burleigh, G. H. Adams, E. H. Gove, Stof«; Htram Clark, 
R. B. Smythe, F. C. Longee, L. L. Draper, W. F. lAngdon, W. 11. 
Raymond, G. A. Fellows, S. R. Chiise, J. A. Pennlman, M. A. Ferrin, 
F. W. A Roby, D. H. Carrier. 

Churches— Cong. H. P. Peck ; Meth., W. B. Bennett ; Univ., Q. H 

Eating Houses— J. H. Abbott, J. T. Cutter, jr., M. L. Bmmons. 

Hotels & Livery Stables— Pemigewassett House, C. M. Morse: 
Little's, Geo. W. Little; Pemigewassett Stable, Thomas Fressey. 

Lawyers— Alvin Burleigh, C. A. Je\«ell,Geo. U. Adams, J. C Store r. 

Literary Institutions— Normal School, C. C. Rounds, prin.; JIOL- 

Manufacturers — Imker, M. L. Emmons; blacksmiths, Rufus Swett 
Hiram Bishop ; boots nnd Rhoef>, H. S. Woodbury ; builders, P. H. Craw- 
ford, Martin Merrill; carriages. Ac, Batchelder A Tenntty; excelsior 
and files, J. A R. Tompkinson; menl, Hiram Merrill: gloTes. 
P. H. RtWlJns, J. H. Whitten, M. A. Ferrin, D. II. Currier A Co., A. W 
Avery, H. S. George, H. D. Smith, Plymouth Glove Works, J. G 
Fletcher; harnesses. Gllnioie Houston, J. F. Wiggin : job printers. 
Democrat Pub. Co., M. W. Haxelton, C. H. Kimballj (editor of Grafton 
County Journal); lumber, W. R. Park, W. G. A I. H. Chase; photo- 
gopher, B. J. Young. 

Merchants— Webster, Russell A Co., A. G. Smyth A Co., Cyrus Ken- 
iston, B. F. St. Clair A Co., Plnmmer Fox, Mason, Weeks A Co.; build- 
ers' materials, P. H. Crawford ; carriages, C. M. Morse; coal, Ray- 
mond A Co., J. P. Huckins; coffins, caskets and rob<'B, Frank Weeks; 
clocks, watches, jewelry and foncy goods. L. C. Hitll, W. C. Sherman ; 
clothing, Blodgett A Keniston, J. A. A C. 0. Cross ; drugs and medt ines. 
H. F. Wyatt, J. S. Tufrs ; fancy goods and notions, Mias B. B. Leighton ; 
furniture, Wheeler A Huckins; meat, W. G. Chase, J. W. Piper; mil 
linery, Mrs. H. M. Perkins, Miss Alma Heath, Mrs. W. M. Pressy A 
Co. ; stoves and tinware, Flanders A Gould. 

Physicians — Robert Bums, Tristram Rogers, J. A. Sanborn, Cyrus 
K. Kolley, Banas Huckins, fl. Palmer; dentists, B. P. Merrill, E. W. 

Feal Estate Ag'tS— W. G. Rogers A Co., E, H. Gove. 

TeL Operttdrs— Pemigewassett House, Miss Whlttemore; R. R 
oHlce, E. E. Randall. Exp. Ag't — .Tnmee R<>bie. 

PORTSMOIJTII^ ROCKmOHAM—f^h\r^inyrn—Vo^., 9,732 
8. B. fr. C, 45; R.R. S. — Portsmouth, on Eastern R. R,, Con. A Ports. 
R. R., Ports. A Dov. R. B., Port., Saco A Ports. R. R., Ports., Gt. F. A 


OFFIGSRS— Jfoyor, OMlvin Fftj^ ; CUy Clerk, Mercer Goodrich ; OOi/ 
}fuBeng0r, 8. K. Gardner; Aldiirmen^ Ward 1, MRrcellus £ldi«dge, 
ohn £. Locke, W. S. Littlefield ; 2, A. C. Anderson, A. W. Walker, 
N. G. Billings; 3, £. D. Coffin ; 4, O. H. Oook, J. Janvrin; Oommw 
TauncUmen, Ward 1, Albion Littlefleld, Vre«man Peamon, T. A. Ward, 
). J. Carroll, G. 8. Hanscom, T. W. Fanlkner ; 2, A. R. Junkioa, A. L. 
lemey, W. I. Trafton, W. C. Bandall, G. B. Stackpole, €. B. Oxford; , 
;, John Hand, T. D. Wardwell ; 4, J. Cunningham, H. W. 6ra7,G. A.f 
?rafton. U. A. Brackett, C. JC. Senter, clerk ; OolUctnr ^md Truuurtr, 
iarcelluB Bnlford; Justice of I\dict Couri^ C. £. Batchelder; Asko- 
iaU Juitiee, M. BuiTord ; City SoUcUar, Howe Cnll : City Marshal, C. 
V. Norton ; Street OnmnUseionert W. G. Marshall ; City Fftysician, A. 
\. Sherlmrne; Board of Health, A. B. Sherburne, J. G. Muchmore, 
r. J. Grogan, Samuel Spinney; Aetesaore, C. W. Stinison, M. U. Good 
ich, F. B. Potter, J. W. Prior, 8. 8. Green, L.G. Dhvis, D. ¥. Akermaii, 
I. F. Wendell, W. P. Bennett; Oveneere of tfie Poor, chairman, the 
dayor. ex-ojffMo, Daniel Littlefleld, G. H. Abbott, John Mitchell, A. K 
V. Green; C^ief Engineer, l\. A. Marden; Harbor Master, £. G 
kdama ; Port Wardeni, D. Littlefield, CorneUnn Snllivan,' H. C. Bos- 

Postmaster— B. G. Pierce. 

Justices—MarcellUHBufford, C. B. Batchelder, Franklin Cole, Samael 
)odge, W. A. HodgdoB, William H. Backett, Wallace Uackett, G. B 
lodgdon, A. F. Howard, F. W. Hackett, Wingate N. Usley, J. P Morse 
\. U. Manhall, B. M. Parker, G. W. Pendexter, John Pender, J. W 
i^araons, R. C. Peirce, OaUin Pa^e, W. H. Rollins, W. H. Sise, J. Sise. 
). J. Yangban, 8. C. Whittier, N0#ton Johnston, J. H. Kent, State ; 
leorge Annable, J. H. Broughton, J. H. Cheever, B. Cheerer, Huwr 
'all, N. L. Folsom, J. H. Foster, A. S. Foster, G. A. Hazlett, 8. W. 
loyt, W. B. Hadley, 0. M. Knight, M. £. Long, A. Laighton, C. 11. 
tfendum, W. H. Palmer, C. B. Boynton. 

Churches — ^Adr., -— ; Bap., W. H. Alden : Chris., J. A. Goes 

^ng., A. McGiuley ; Bpis., ; F. Ban., J. H. Teoman ; Metb. 

F. B. Bolins: R. Cath, B. M. CCallagan; Unit., ; Unir. 

. Ex. Aflt's— Jackson A Co., Frye k Co. 

Hotels — Kearsarge House. J. W. Goodwin ; Webster House, D. Web« 
ter ; Jefferson House, Geo. Herbert; Riverside Hpuse, G. U. Atkins ; 
^hite Heart hotel, Geo. Lane. 

Ins. Ag'ts — 8. Dodge, F. W. deRochemont, Morse ft Ilsley,' John 
Use, C. A. Hazlett, U. A. Yeaton, A. F. Howard, C. M. Gignoax, (life.) 

Lawyers— H. R Drew, W. H. Rollins, J. 8. H. Frink, William U. 
lackett, A. F. Howard, Calvin Page. G. B. Bodgdon, U. Call, G. £. 
Utchelder, John Hatch, Wallace Hackett J. >¥. Bmery. 

Literary Institutions— Smith's Commercial Academy, Prin., L. B. 
(mith ; Miss Morgan's Boarding School, Prin., Miss A. C. Morgan. 

Liverv Stables— B. W. Cochrane, H. R. Stoddard, R. H. Beacham, 
larry Freeman. 

ManufoCturers— ale, BIdredge Brewing Co., Purtsmonth Brewing 
yO., Frank Jones ; blocks, W. Vi. Martin ; boots and shoes, Portsmouth 
Shoe Co.; box toe manufacturers, W. G. Griffin; carriages, M. P. Bry- 
int ft Co , G. J. Oreenleaf. G. M. Huntreas, T. A. Tucker; cigars, J. 
ianborn ; cod liver oil, Marvin Bros., ft Hartlett ; confectionery, J 
a. Thompson ft Co.; heels, W. G, Wiggin ; distillerv, Wm. Ward ; drain 
lipe, Dennis Sliea; hosiery, T. Lester, Wm. Cartledge, Kennedy 
aoHieryCo.; lager, Eldredge Brewing Co.; leather, M. H. Goodrich; 
Machinery, Portomonth Machine Co.; masts and spare, W. R. Martin; 


patent grapplea and anchors, A. S. Trafton A Son; planiof mills, Dan 
el Mmbuu, Perkins Railway Chair Co.; sails and awnings, ChHS. 
Drown, T. S. Qay A Co., Lozenge, S. Gilbert; soap and can- 
dles, A. T. Walker A Sod, S. Gleavee A Son ; soda and small beer, 
C. E. Boy n ton. 

Merchants— agricaltnral implements, Woodbuzy, Seavey A Co.; an- 
tique fnmitnre.R.B. Crook, •!. L. O. Coleman : auctioneers, G. Dwight 
Hanscom A Co.; J. P. Morse, H. F. Wendell ; books and stationery, H 

B. BuBzell A Son, MoseH Bros., M. Goodrich : boots and slioes. E. 8 
Fay, tlas. M. Carr, Oron Bnigdon, John Kelley, Joseph Pettigrew, J 
H. Slater. James Walley, W. B. Hnssey, W. Hoyt, James Sanborn, John 

larke, Lawrence Cutter; clocks, watches and Jewelry, J. H. Hutch 
ineon, J. R. Counell, K. W. Ham, H. H. Ham; clothing, W. P. Walker 

C. K. Myers A Co., J. W. Moses, H. Leveen, B. S. Fay, Peyser A Son 

J. Kelley ; coal and wood, B. F. 8ise A Co , C. B. Walker, J. A. Walker 

J. 11. Thompson, O. P. Philbrick A Co., Bei^. RuMell, O. B. Philbrick A 

Co.; comniission, C. D. Uanscom A Co., H. F. Wendell, E. F. Sise A Co. 

crockery, and glass ware, Samuel J. tierrish, C. Dwight Hanscom 

J. H. Slater, H. F. Wendell, M. M. CoUis; druKS and medi 

cines, Frank J. Philbrick, A. P. Preston. J. H. Thacher, George Hill 

P. B. Coleman; dry goods, Mrs. C. H. CiouRh, Ayers i 

liocke, M C. Foye, G. B. French, D. F. Berth wick, H. Shaw 

A Co., J. S. Rand, Pfeiffer A Co.; fancy goods, H. B. Buzsell A Son 

Pfeiffer A Co.. M. M.Collis, L. B. Staples, A. Stavers, C. A. Annable 

W. G. Myers ; floristN, Amos Pearson,Mr8. J. B. Haley, M. B. Hutchin 

•ton A Co., fish,- Randall A Caswell, Geo. Hnrbert, N. F. Berry 

Blvki Newton, Sullivan A Co., O. W. Randall; flour am 

grain, J. Brooks A Co.. W. A. Plaisted ; fruit and oonfeetion 

ery, H. C. Locke, F. S. Wendell. B. Whitcomb, J. W. Qerrisb 

R. D. Smart, J. H Thompson A Co., A. Robeck A Sons, T. W 

Priest ; furniture, Sheldon Bros., E M. Br<»wn A Co.. Fletcher A Tan 

tone! groceries, John Liiighton, H. M. Clark, Wm. Down 

A Son, 8 S. Prye, H. L. Garrett, II. F. Gerrish, J. L. Rnndall, G. H. At 

bott, Chas. H. Tucker, J. R. Yeaton A Co., S. G. Hooper, James Jun 

kins, C. E. Latgliton A Son, H. W. Oxford, W. C. Newtoi 

A Sod, Samuel J. Gerrish. Z. Sanborn, Globe' Grocery Co, 

A. A. Payne, W. Sladen, George Stott, A. K. W. Green, £ 

F. Mngridge, Mrs. James Norton, T. J. Sheehan, H. F. Russell 

Russell Brothers, J. II. Wells, C. H. Joy, Ward A Mn6 

dock, John Conlon, C. H. Tucker, G. W. Pluuier, Div. 1, Sover 

efgns of Industry, Wm. Critchley, jr., ag't; hardware. Pryor A Mat 

thews, Rider A Cotton, G. T. Taughan, A. P. Wendell A Co.; bati 

caps and fnrs, G. W. Bntler. J. F. Berry ; ice. L. M. Perkins, G. A. Pel 

kins, J. L. Downs, B. Hodgdon; importers, E. F, Sise A d 

C. £. Walker A Coa lumber, lime and cement, J. II. Broughtot 

A. A. Kernald, T. E. Cnll A Sons: millinery, Mrs A. C. Fondt 

Mrs. C. H. Clou^h, Misses Hills, PfeifTer A Co., J. M. Tebbelts, B. J 

Tuckernian A Co.. M. F. Bickford ; music and musical instrnments, I 

H. Montgomery, E. A Tilton ; nurserymen, I). II. Spinney, Rider < 

Cotton ; paints, oils and glass, George T. Taughan, A. P. Wendell . 

Co., Pryor Jt Matthews, Ryder A Cotton; picture frames, D. H. Mon' 

gomery. W. J. Sampson A Co., E. 0. Coffin, Davis Bros.; provisions, I: 

M. Clark, H. L. Garrett, B. F. Mngridge, John J. Lnskey, Wm. Hon 

H. F. Hartshorn, J. H. Wells, Frank Wiggin; restaurant, G. Aru 

strong A Co.; salt. C. K. Walker A Co., E. F. Sise A Co.; sash and blind 

J. T. French, B. F. Webster; stereoscopic views, Davis Bros., 0. I 



Cook, L. v. Newell; stOTes and tinware, A. J. Badger, Urfah Blaindell 
J. L. O. CoIemHii, J. P. Sweetser, Dearl)orn & Co., C. W. Taylor^ 
John O'Brien ; wall paper and window shades, H. B. Buzzell k Son, 
Blercer Goodrich. 

Miscellaneous— copper and iron foundry, Miller A Farber: hair 
^oods, M. E. Johnson, E. A. Teaton ; locksmith, John F. Shillaber; 
marble, J a. Treat, S. Philbrick A Co. ; wood dealers. F. Barri, Dan- 
iel LittlefSeld, C. B. Walker A Co., J. A. Walker, J. 8. Wood, O. F. 
Philbrick A Co. » i 

Physicians— N. L. Folsom, J. P. Hall, S. C. Whittfer, A. B. Sher 
l)urne, J. W. Parsons, J. R. May. £. M, Benedict, F. E. Potter, E 
Richter, D. W. Jones, H. F. Clarke: dentists, E. B. Qoodall, E. S. 
Ryder, N. L. Folnom, J. S. Perry, B. M. Jewett. 

Potter Place— See^Andovcr. 

Pott ersTi lie— See Harrisville. 

Profile HoaAe.— See Franconia. 

<|uaker City— See Unity. 

aolncy— See linmney. 
ANDOLPH, COO-S-Pop., 360. N. B. fr. C, 120 ; 8. E. fr. 
[iancaster, 1». B. R. S.— Gorham, 5 m., on G. T. R. R. Post office ad- 
IresR, Gorhani or Randolph. 

OiflilCERS— a«A and Trea*., Tthiel Scales ; 8upL, C. L Wood 
Ulectmen^ Geo. Wood, H. Hunt, C. E. Allen. 

Justice — A. G. Messenger, StaU. 

Hotels— Ravine House, L. M. Watson; Mount Crescent Honse, R. I 

Manufacturers- bla/>ksmith, A. G. Messenger ; builder, R. I. Leigh- 
:on ; lumber, C. E. Lowe k Co. 

RAirilKONII. ROCKINGHAM— Pop., 1,064. 8. B. fr. C, 24. 
N. fr. Exeter, 14; W. fr. Portsmouth, 26. R. R. &— Raymond, on 
'' A P R R 

OFFicERS— CTerfc, D. C Healy ; Trea$., .T. W. Dodge ; SOectmen 
r. A. Holt, J. N. Tiltoii, P, B. Corson ; Supt. W. P. Abbott. 

Postmaster- T. M. Gould. 

Justices— S. M. Harriman, J. T. Dudley, 8. D. Til ton, T. M. Gould, 
). T. Brown, D. C. Healey, State ; J(*hu Ht-aley, J. D. Bn.wn, Dudley 
:.ane, R. J. Mack, W. J. Dudl-y, J. T.'Bartlett, G. M. Muulton, W. H 

Churches— F. Bap. ■ ; Cong. 8. Angell ; Meth. 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— Charles Poore. Physician— T. M. Gould. 

Hotel— Eagle lIouHe, Mrs. F. G. Bean. 

Literary Institution— Raymond High School, J. T.Bartlett. 

Livery Stables— J. L. Junes, Mrs. F. G. Be««. 

Manufacturers— blacksmiths, 0. W. Fellows, J. W. Ladd, Solomon 

Ellis ; lumber, J. D. Brown, J. Healey, W. Batchelder, Griffin ; 

ulis, pails, mackerel kits and shingles, H. J. Lovering ; wood and 
umber, A. G. Whittier. 

Merchants— C. A. Shepard, Prescott & Smith ; adctioneer, 8. D. Til 
on : drugs and medicines, J. Clongh k Co. : ti»'U. C. A. Shepard ; 
roceries, Healey k Wright; hai-dware, Wm. H. Bailey; harneses 
.D. Whittier: meHt, 0. 8. Wilbur; millinery, 0. W. Prescott. 

Red Hill — See Moultonborough. 

1teed*ii Ferry— See Merrimack. 

RICHUKONO, CHESHIRE-Vop., 669. 8. W. fr. C, 64. 8. 
p. Keene, 13. R. R. 6.-- Fitzwilliam. 7 m., on Cheshire R. R. 
Vinchester, 6 m., oft Ashuelot R. R. Dally stage to Keene 




OFFICERS— CZeri, Almon Twitchell, Treat., John Norwood ; Select 
men, A. Twitchell, Ohas. U. Lyou, Wui. Wright ; Supt.^ A. P. French 
Postmasters — John £. Norwood ; Norths 0. H. Marti u. 
Justices— A. P. French, Wui. Wright, D. B. Aldrich, Naham GaM 

B. N. Bo wen. 

i Churches— Bap., K. P. Merrifield ; Meth. O. F. Shave ; Univ., 

Exp. Ag't— O. 0. Whipple. Hotel^T. Alien. 

Manufacturers— blackamithB, W. Riuidall, F. 0. Bowen; dimension 
ftaff, Leaeon Martin, F. k A. Amidon, Ainos Lawrence ; pail staves 
Q. H. Taylor, Leason Martin, F. & A. Amidon, Amos Lawrence ; pal! 
staves and dimension stuff. Richmond Lumber Co. 

Merchants— G|iarles Norwood; North, J. L. Newell ; anctioneer, J. C 
Bryant. , 

Bllf D«E, CHESBIRB-Pop., 936. 8. W. fr. C, 50 ; 8. S. ft 
Keene, 18. JK. R. &— West Rindge, 2 miles on Monadnock R. B 
Stage connects with every train. 

OFFICERS— CZerib and Treas., W. W. Emory; Selectmen^ N. A 
Hale, H. W. Fletcher, W. F. Sawtell ; 8upt^ J. S. Perry. 

Postmasters— W. W. Emory ; Wett, H. E. Wetherbee ; Etui, Z 

Justices— O. W. Stearns, E. S. Stearns, Z. Converse, W. W. Emery 
SUUe ; Joel Wellington, D. 8. Walker, W. G. Jones, H. £. WeHther 
bee, C. T. Platts, N. Thrasher, A. S. Coffin, K. 8. KimbaU, J. B 
Perry, J. C. Towne. 

Churches— Cong., Wilton"; Meth., Nelson. 

Exp. Ag't— D. 8. Walker. Hotel— CSmter. A. O. Sherman. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, C. F. Steams, JSeut, £. H. Converse, 

C. L. Stratton ; boxes. East, Union Box and Lumber Co., R. Ramsdell 
ft Co.; brooms, M. W. Hale. L. F. Hale, C. W. Huse; ikncy woodei 
ware, West, 0. P. Botler ; lumber. Centre, A. S. Coffin ; OonverteviJle, 
0. D. Converse; saw-horses. West. A. S. Sawtell ; wooden ware, W. F 
Sawtell, E. 8. Kimball, S. W. Kimball, A. M. White. 

Merchants— W. W. Emory, G. W. Stearns A Co.; EaU, Joel Welling 
ton; tVest^ H. E. Weatherbee ; millers, OonveraevUle, 0. D. Converse. 

Physician— Ctoi<«r, W. H. Aldrich. 

Summer Boarding Houses— J. E. Wood, Stephen Hale, Mrs. S. L 
Lawrence, F. D. Converse, W. E. Stearns, J. 8. Perry. 

Roby^K Comer— See Warner. 

Dover. 10. R. R. S.— Rochester, on P. Q. F. A Con., P. ft R. Nash 
ft Roch. and Dover ft Winuip. R. R.; East, P. ft R.; Oonie, Nasb 
ft Roch. Dov. ft Win. 

OFFICERS— C/ert, H. L. Worcester; Treat., F. E. Wallace; Select 
men, A. S. Pashly, John Greenfield, Chas. Estes; Board of Education 
Henry Kimball, Henry Kelley, C. W. Brown, J. L. Copp, J. H. Worcen 
ter. C. W. Folsoin. 

Postmasters— O. B. Warren ; East, James Walker; Gonic, Nahun 
Veaton ; North, S. Wentworth. 

JusHces— C. S. Whitehonse, J. H. Edgerly, G. H. Sanborn, E. I 
Gage, E. J. Matbes, J. H. Worcester, C. K. Sanboin, John Legro 
8. HnsMey, C. B. Gafiiey, D. J. Parsons, Simon Wentworth, I 
W. Jenkins, William Rand, John Greenfield, A. H. Hayes, Gee 

D. Nowell, J. G. Harvey, Stale-, R. H. Clark, A. 8. Pan>hl«3 
IS. D. Wentworth, D. B. Waldrou, Henry Kiml>aII, S. B. Hay« 

Philander Varney, J. N. Hayes, A. Twonibly, C. E. Hodgdon, G. I 
lAmos, C. F. Home, H. F. Walker, Samuel Mesorve, Nahum Teatof 



1^. S. Standley, A. U. Nason. J. J. Abbott, J. H. Pingree, II. L. Wor-| 
B8ter, C. P. Wood, S. D. Felker, C. M. Home, J. 0. Hayes. 

Churches— Adv., J. G. flmith; Cong, ; F. Bap., B. P. 

lonlton ; Ecul, W. H. Ward : GoniCy S. C. Packard ; Meth., Baas, 

&a^ F. Prince ; Quaker, . 

Eating Houses— S. n. Bnmliam, C. H. Hay en, Geo. Say ward. 

Exp. Ag'tS — C. W. Howe, J. F. Brock, FranX Shorey, F. Blackmer. 

Hotels — Dodge, J. T. Dodge; MaDsion House, C. Chapman; Cas- 
ade House, Albert Hayes ; Hotel Wrisley. 

Ins. Ag'tS— A. S. Parsliley, J. G. Harvej'. 

Lawyers — Sanborn & Cochrane, Worcester St Gafney, Henry Kim- 
all, D. J. Parsons, Fremont Goodwin. 

Uvery Stables--J. Wentworfh, I. S. Howe, C. A. Allen; Ecut, JJ 
f. TebbettB. 

Manufacturers — ax handles, Warren Wadleigh ; baker and con- 
ectioner, C. U. Hayes; blankets, Norway Plains Co.; boots and 
hoes, E. 0. & E. Wallace, Fogg k Vinal; carriages, N. Ciorson, T. H. 
Sdgerly ; cigars, H. L. Beecher ; contuctionery, C. A. Davis A Co.; flan- 
lels, £asty Cocheco Wi>oleu Mill Co.; flour and meal, G. E. Yarney : 
eather, fi. G. A £. Wallace ; lumber, Hanscom A Co.; EaUy Stephen 
Ihorey ; Gonic, M. H. Wentworth ; sash, blinds and mouldings, j] 
I. MeserTe; stationery engines. C. E. Clark. 

Merchants — Huctioneers, S. F. Yarney, John Greenfield. books| 
,nd stationery, Worcester A Greenfield ; boots and shoes, W. G. Brad- 
ey, M. L. Burr, R. F. Tibbits ; clocks, Ac, M. H. Osgood ; clothing. 
f. Feineiman, J. J. Header, S. Wolfe A Co.; coal, D. Hayes, J. Cui*h- 
ng ; crockery and room paper, F. £. Wallace A Co.; drugs and 
nedicines. Pike A Sanborn, S. F. Sanderson, S. F. Shorey ; dry goods, 
:. Salinger, C. K. Chase, Bf. L. Burr; drugs and medicines, B. De W. 
inrnham; fancy goods, Worcester A Greenfli'Id, fiour A ».rain, D. 
iayes A Co. ; gents* furnishing goods, F. L. Chesley ; groceries, P. H. 
iartigan, Jos. Sayward, Sovereigns of Industry, Rochester Grange, 
40. 80, Bell A Co, D. Hayes, A Co., N. Burnham, J. F. Sanders: 
lardware, Ela A Kelley, Tebbetts Bros., F, E. Wallace A Co.; hats 
ind caps, S. Wolfe A Co., F. Chesley ; ice, D. Mc Duffer, D. Hayes A 
)on ; meats and provisions, Parshley A Walker; millinery, Mrs. G. F. 
Kichardson, Mrs. T. H. Edgerly ; house fiui^hings, J. H. Meserve; 
lewsdealers' Worcester A Greenfield ; tinware, E. L. Glidden, C. S. 
flicker, W, P. Bla. 

Physicians— James Farrington, I. W. Lougee, F. E. Wilcox, E. F. 
3lage, F. P. Yirgin, F. E. Whitney ; Eatt^ S. Young; dentists, F. H. 
[iunt, L. W. Sibley. 

Tel. Agt'S— G. F. Richardson, C. W. Brown, N. T. Kimball. 

R€>I«llWSFORI>, Sri?^FFO/?D— Pop., 1,712. 8.. B. fr. C, 
I; 6. N. fr. Dover, 4. R. R. 8. — RolHnsford June, 1 m.; Salmon Falls, 
>n B. A M. and Eastern R. R. Conway Div. 

OFFICERS— Ctert and Treas^ W.H. Morton ; Sdeeimen, C. F. Wood. 
ML. R. Yarney, Fred Plumer; S^p^., Joseph Roberts. 

Postmistress — Salmon tolls, Emma R. Butler. 

Justices — Joshua Converse, Wm. H. Morton, B. C. Carter, 0. SJ 
Brown, E. B. Nowell, l^ate; E. S. Nowell, C. D. Allen, T. F. Hododoti 
R. G. Pike, B. A. Stevens, Samuel Hale, J. Q, A. Wentworth. 

Banks— Salmon FalU, G. W. Roberts, Pres.; W. H. Morton, Ca.-h.: 
Bollinsford Savings, O. S. Brown, Pres.; W. H. Mortun, Treati. 

Churches— Cong., S. J. Spaulding; Epis., A. B. Johnson ; R. Cath.J 
James Doherty. 



Exp. Agt's— Goodwin k Go. Hotol-^B. L. B. Oow«n. 
Literary Institution— High School, Albert Som«8j prln. 
Livery Stables— Joseph Dudley, J. M. Goodwin. 
Manuracturers -^ sheetings, drillings and fiuicy cottons, Salmoi 
falls Man of g Ck>., O. 8. Brown, ag*t. 

Merchants— boots and shoes, H. Went worth; dry goods, W. A 
Ham ; drags and medicines, E. H. Wheeler; groceries. Union Store 
R. C. Fernald, ag*t, Ghas. Lord; hardware <k tin, Hodtdon Bros, 
meat, B. A. Ham. 
Physicians— F. B. Brigham, W.B. Mack; dentist, G. B. Haines. 
Station ft Tel. Agents— B. S. Nowell, F. N. Ghaee. 
BOXBVBT, CffBSHTRB-Vop., 126. S. W. fr. G., 46. B. flr 
Keene, 6. R. R. B. — and p. o. ad., Keene, on Gheshire R. R. 

OFFIGBRa— CSerXr, Blbridge Kingsbury; IVeot., Brigham Nims 
SeUctnten, Blbridge Kingsbury, A. A. Davis, Josiah Parker, BupL, I 
Justlee— Blbridge Kinffsbury. 
Church-:CoDg., J. 6. Patton. 

RVKXEY, ORAFTON-~Vop., 1,060. N. W. fr. G., 61. «. X. I 
-Rnmney, West Rnmiiey and Qnincy, on B. ft L. R. R. Wh. Mt. Dli 
OFFIGBRS— a«rA;, G. B. Bunker; IWos., J. W. Peppard; Selectine$ 
John Glark, A. G. Bmerson, Lewis Hall ; ffttpt., Mrs. Mary Baker. 

Postmasters— A. J. StOTons; We$t,0, B. Simpson; i)e|Mt, S. Bn 
nia Ghapman ; Quincyt Mrs. Mary Qnincy. 

jQStieeS— O. B. Simpson, Samuel Herbert, O. W. Stevens, 8. I 
Baker, A. D. Spalter, A. G. Hill, J. L. Dearborn, D. B. Slatei 
Sate; G. W. Herbert, Lyman Merrill, A. J. Stevens, G. H. Annie 
G. W. Simpson, G. A. Gbase, G. P. French, W. D. Baker. 

Churches— Bap., , Baker's River, G. W. Glongh ; Meth., • 

H. Trow; Univ., Wuty . 

Exp. AQ*tS— H. W. Herbert; ITetf, J. B. Swain. 
Lawyei^-8. Herbert. Tel. AgH— H. W. Herbert. 
Literary Institution— Public Library, Kate Merrill, librarian. 
Livery Stables— Ira Avery, C. B. Bunker. 

Manufketurers— blacksmiths, S. D. Abbott, Daniel W. Qrani 
bobbins, J. P. Keyes; brick, Ghas. Spanlding, G. G. Smart; bni 
ders, D. K. Pillsbury, P. P. Hart ; camphor refinery, M. Holden < 
Sons ; coffins and caskets, H. R. Ford ; flour and meal, W. H. Kenistoi 
gloves and tannery, G. P. French; hoe, fork and mop handles, 1 
P. Hardy ; laddors, J. W. Peppard, KUiott Bros.; lumber and charooa 
Ghas. Spanlding, B. T.Brown; lumber, Blliot Bros., W. W. Fale 
G. H. ISlliott; mops, G. R. Bmerton; rakes, T. P. ft H. O. Nutting 
■tone. Henry Keniston, G. D. Keniston ; tinware, French ft Merrill 
truss pads and crutches, D. Abbott ; veneer boxes, J. Ghapman. 

Merchants— Joseph Abbott, Ghase, Lyman Merrill, FFeX, < 

B. Simpson ; auctioneers, A. G. Hill ; drugs and medicines, -._Ghas€ 
meat, John Morrill, Stephen Avery; West, J. A. Oolburn. 
Physicians— D.iniel Darling, A. G. Hall, O. L. GorIts,R. Russell. 
RYE, ROCKINGHAM— Pop., I,i:i0. S. B. fr. G., 60; 8. fr. Port 
month 6 ; Bzeter, 10. R. R. 8. — North Hampton, 4W, and Greei 
land, 2\4, on Bastern R. R. Daily stage through the Summer. 

OFFIGBRS— CZ«rA;^ J. 0. Drake ; Treas., Ghas. J. Brown ; Seteetmei 
A. G. Locke, S. W. Fobs, J. W. R^nd ; Supt, G. H. Jenness. 
Postmasters— <J. T. Walker; SotUh Roaa, O. H. Jennets. 
Justices— T. J. Parsonn, £. B. Philbriok, State; G. J. Brown, J. ] 
Marston, J. T. Walker, G. G. Lougee. 



Churctaefr— Adv.. White; Chris., Lewis Philljp«; Coog., If. H. 


Hotels— Ocean Wave, H. Knox ; Sea View, 6. 6. Longee ; Wasfa- 
Uffton House, J. E. Leavitt; Varra^^ut, Philbrick A Son. 

Livery Stables— D. W. Dalton, A. E. Drake, J. U. Perkins, C. O. 

Manufacturers-^blacksmitLs, F. H. Marden, A^ Y. Seavey, Wm. J. 
HTalker, J. M. Band. 

Merchants— T. J. Parson, Jed. Rand, W. E. ft S. L. Chesley, W. 
lenness. E. G. Jenness, Chartes P. Garland. 

Physician— Warren Parsons. 

Summer Boarding Houses— E. B. Pblllirlck, O.H. Jenness, Pikniel 
Walton, G. A. Jenness, G. W. D. Jenness, Mrs. R. P. Jenness, T. I. 
Harden, Albion Philbrick, A. Drake, Horace Sawyer, R. L. Locke. 
Sheridan Jenness, J. D. Jenness, 0. S. Jenness, A. Perkins, A. P. 
3rown, J. L Rand, S. W. Foss, J. H. Foss, D. M. Fo88,H. F.Rand,Mr^ 
Fames Brown, G. 0. Philbrick, 0. A. Philbrick, David Jennees, 8. B 

SAI^EM, ROCKINGHAM— Top., 1,809. S. B. fr. G., 38; 8. W. fr, 
Sxeter. 2U. B. R. £.— Salem, on M. A L. R. R., \\^ m. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C7«rfc, B. R. Wheeler; Trtai.^ L. Cluff; Seiwtm/m^ C. 
S. Knight, P. Batchelder, T. M. Taylor; (S^p<.,JU:. N. Reed. 

Postmaster— J. Austin. 

Justices — G. G. Gordon. Thomas Duston. L. W. Taylor, M. H. Tay- 
or, W. R. Wheeler. B. R. Wheeler, J. W. Wheeler, James Ayers, BtvJbt; 
Silas Hall, Isaac Thorn, W. 0. Growell, G. J. Bowker, N. 6. Abbott. 
J. G. Gordon, Levi Gluff. 

Churches— Gong., H. U. Golbum; Meth., I. M. Bean. 

Insurance Agents — Geo. C. Gordon, John F. Smith. • - 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, F. M. Upton ; boots and shoes, G. 
r. Maxwell, T. M. Rnss, G. M. Woodbury ; cotton, American Cotton 
Hn Go. ; frocking and flannels, J. W. Wheeler k Son ; lumber, W. 


Merchants— J. Austin, J. Ewins. 

Physician— J. M. Pi eeby. 

]>epot— Postmaster— F. C. Buxton. 

Churches — Gal. Bap., M. N. Reed; Meth., J. F. Foliom. 

Ex. k SU. Ag't-R. A. Tiltoa. 

Uvery SUble— Silas Hall. 

ManuflBicturers — artificial leather, Evnns Co. ; shoes, P. G. Hall k 
(on, W. L. Bradford, 2nd., F. P. Woodbury. 

Mechanics— blacksmith. D. Howe ; carpenters, A. £. Goodwin A Go 

Merchants — J G. Garey, Buxton k Wilson. 

Real Estate Ag't— L. P. E. Richards. Physician— E. A. Wade. 

Nortli— Postmaster— J. H. Taylor. 

Church— Meth., . 

Manufacturers — blackamith, J. Robbins ; lumber, Taylor A Co.; re- 
tellants and shawls, T. Dustin; yarn, T. Dustin k Go. 

Merchants— L. W. Taylor k Co. 

flAI^ISBVRY, MERRIMACK—Vox^., 795. N. W. fr. 0., 16l 
S. R. S. — North Boscawen, on B. k L. R. R., Northern Div. Daily stage 

OFFICERS— Cier*, B. T. Severance; Trecu., A. S. Quimhy; Qtleet 
fi«n, Pliny A. Fellow, T. R. Little, Chaa. H. Prince; fiupi., F. Fifield. 

Postmasters— H. B. Sweat; )fM<, Wiliiam Dunlap; Cmt^r, 9. W 
Jreen. - Hotel— Ocwter, F. P. Drew. 

Justices— E. B. Bmei-son, Nathaniel Sawyer, J. C. Smith, M. P. 


ThompeoD, M . J. StevenR, T. D. Little, State ; J. Arey, D. J. Calef, I. S 
BlHisdell, T. H. Whittaker, A. £. Qnimby, John Shaw. 

Churches-^Bap. and Chris., ; Gong., Cbaa. Gordon. 

Ex. Agent— G.B. Smith. Physicians— J.J.PearborD, 0. P. Titcomb 

Literary Institution — Saliabury AcHd«my, ->...-. prin. 

Manufacturers— blacksniithn, S. B. Sweatt, Oen<re, C. B. Watson, 
drag rakes, T. D. Littie; evaporated frnit, Chapman A Sweat; lumber. 
0. H. Prince, Holmes ft Son ; pamps, P. A. Fellows. 

MerehantS— A. E. Quimby, Chapman A Sweatt; Wett, Wm, 
Dunlap ; auctioneers, J. C. Smith, M. P. Thompson. 
Salmon Falls— See Rollinsford. 

SANBOR9ITON, BELKNAP— ¥op^ 1102. C^ 21. S. fr 
Laconia, 7. R. R. &— Tilton, 4 ro. on B. & L. R. R., Wh. Nt. DW 
Daily stage. 

OFFICKRS- C/ert, J. J. Burley; T»vf«., S. P. Calef: Seltctmrn^ 
B. D. Johnson, C. P. Burley, J. W. SHudtrs ; Supt.^ "VL T. Ronnels. 

Postmasters-^. 6. Abbott ; Norths G. P. Brown ; Gaza, 8. L. W. 

Justices— J. M. Taylor, State; J. N. Sanborn, J. J. Burley, E. D. 
Weeks, Beuj. Kelley, G. P. Brown. 

Churches— iHt Bap., J. D. Til ton, 2d Bap., J. L. Merrill, 
:3d Bap., M P. Favns; Coug. M. T. Rnuuelfi. 

Manufacturers— coffins and caskets, H. K. Thompson ; elevating 
refrigenitbrs, J. J. Biirley ; flour, iiiOiil and lumber, B. S. Colby, 
Moses Weeks. Physician — Edward Abbutt. 
Merchants — J. S. Borley ; docks and watches, R. S. A R. B. Johnson 
Summer Boardina Houses— Miss R. E. Bodweli, Miss E. G. East- 
man, N. S. Diivis, G. 0. Johnson, D. C. Glough, Sumner Mills. 

SANDOWN, ROCKlNGHAM-^Vop., SOU. S. £. f^. C., 80. 
9. W. fr. Exeter, 14. R, R. &— Plaistow, on B. A M. B. B. Daily 
a tage. Sandown Centre, on N. A R. R. R. 

OFFICERS— OerX; and 7Ve<u., A. S. Clark ; SeUctmm^ A. & San- 
bom, B. B. Hoyt, J. W. French ; Sdpt, G. U. Smith. 
Postmaster— George Saubom. Church— Meth., G. H. Smith. 
Justices— Geo. W. Hunt, Wm. French, Geo. Saubom, F. B. San- 
born, Stat*: G.F. Griffin, A. J. Currier, Benuing Sanborn, J. S. Kelley. 
Manufacturers— lumber, Amos S. Clark, Huukius Bros., staves J. 
Ws Lovering. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, J. G. Ordway ; carpenter, W. Worthen. 
Merchants— A. 8. Sanborn; grain, A.S Clark, J. W. French, Abner 
Station k Express Agent— G. S. Sanborn. 

SANDWICH, CA RROLL~-Vop,, 1,701. N. fr. G , 60 ; N. W. fr. 
Osaipee, 24. R. R. iSL— Meredith Village, 12 m., on B. A L. R. R., Wh. 
Bit. Div. West Ossjpee, 12, on Eastern R. R. Daily stage to and 
ttotn Centre Harbor, Meredith Tillage and West Ossipee. 

OFFICERS— Oeri, D, D. Atwood; Trea$., G. G. Fellows: Selectmen, 
C. Vr. Donovan, B. F. Fellows, G. W. Thompson ; Strnt, H. H. Quimby. 
Postmasters— Arven Blanchard; North, N. w. Mason; Centre 
CharlHS Blanchard. 

Justices — A. Blanchard, G. N. Dorr. W. A. Heard, M. H. 
Mauvton, Wm. M. Weed, D. H. Hill, Kr.n Gould, Paul Wentworth. 
N. W. Mason, H. F. Dorr, E. M. Heard, State ; S. F Severance, 8. B. 
Wi^gin, R. S. Batchelder, J. M. Sn^ith, L. G. Clark, Gilnian Moulton, 
A. B. Tasker, C. W. Donovan, B. F. Fellows, J. E. Hilton, E. H. Tas- 
ker, H. H. Quimby, D. F. Carter. 


Sank — Sandwich Savings, W. A. Heard, Treas. 
Exp. A9*t— Cliaa. Saaborn. 

^hurehes — Cong., ; F. Bap., iVbriA, BaTid Oalley ; €)M<re, 

W. Beribner; Friends, — — ; Meth. 6. G. Noyea. 

Motels— Pleasant Honae, J. G. Burleigh ; Maple Honite, Ezra Oonld. 
Lawyers— D. H. Hill, Pavl Wentworth, W. M. Weed, A B. Sasker. 
Literary Institution— Sandwich High School, Mrs. A. B. R. Beede. 
Liwery Stables- O. H^nsun, J. C. Burleigh. 
Manufactu rer s Uaskete, J. W. Bennett, J. 6. Atwood ; (Hower 
d fmit). J. A. Marston; blacluiniths, A. A. Qnimby; Oentre^ G. H. 
:wood, G. M. Qnimby, H. G. Gbick, iVbrCA, M. B. Sanborn, J. P. 
iftjw ; boots and Bhoe«, D. M. Skinner, Qeorge Perkins, Q. B. Moulton; 
lilders, Joseph Qnimby, A. W. Quimby; chairs, Baniel Tappan; 
celsior, R. B. Dnrgin ; handles. Page A Garrille; Inmber, Sylvester 
irter N. M. Bean, J. French, Wm. Heddle; pablisbsr and job print- 
, G. B. Blnnchard. 

MerchantS—Oliarles Blanchard, A. Blaoctiard, A. Webster, N 
. Mason, O. B. Lowell A Go. ; aactioneer, G. Moalton ; drugs, 
e<licines and fancy goods, C. G. Fellowa; dry goods, B. M. Heard; 
'oceries, J. H. Smith: millinery, Irene HcGkiffey; pictures and 
ames, G. B. Blanchard; tinware, B. M. Skmner, J. M. Smith. 
Ptiysicians — ^F. Loveriug. B. Q. Marston; homeo., H. N. Hart; 
mtlst, S. B. Wiggin. 

BejrtlieTllle— See New London. '. 

Scott- A p. o. in Dalton. H. J. Walker, P. M. 
SBABROOK, ROCKINGHAM— ffo^.,\,1^. S. B. fr. O., 50 ; 
fr. Portsmouth, 14; S. E. fr. Bxster, 8. ft. R. £F.^Seabrook, 1 m., 
a Eastern R. R. 

OFFTGBRS— aerlr, Jas. Smith; Trea*^ iL. J. Sanborn: BeUetmem 
, Q. Johnson, Ghas. A.. Smith, Emery N. Eaton; Bupt^ William A. 

Postmasters— Mrs. A. A. Brown^; SovSh, W. A. Rand. 
Justices— Jeremiah Ghase, W. A. Rand, J. A. Ware, SUxte; C. 8. 
ow, Rol^ert GoUins, Reese Owen, D. W. Golcord, Joshua Jamsln. 

Churciies— Adv., ; G. Bap., ; Gong., J. Board- 

lan, Wm. A. Rand; Friends, ; Meth., G. W. BnxselL 

Exp. Agents— O. W. Rendall, G. A. Barton. 
Hotel— Parker House, Mrs. Lydia Parker. 
Literary Institution — Dearborn Academy, Miss M. Sanborn. 
ManufkOturers — boats, Beigamin Perkins, J. A. Locke, Lowell. 
Irown, jr.; boots and shoes, — Staples; lumber, Q. A. Weare, W. H. 
foyes, Jeremiah F. Locke. 

■erctiants— J. D. Ijocke, J. W. Locke, A. A. Locke, J. Ctiase, J. 8 

imith, W. Eaton, Reese Owen, Ghas. Fogg, J. S. Eaton, G. N. Ghase; 

nctioneers, J. M. Weare, J. Ghase; grain, Samuel Staples. 

Physician— D. W. Golcord. 

Ter. Agents— G. T. Growley, A. A. Locke. 

Staislier Villaire-^ee Ganterbury. 

SHAROM, Bn^LSBOROUOff—Pop^ 208. 8. W. fr. G., 48; 

I. R. &— Greenville, 7 m.,on Peterboro and Shirley R. R, Peterbon^ 

m., Peterboro & Hillsboro R. R., and Boston A Lowell. 

OPFICBRS— Cterfc, Treat, and Supt, B. H. Sanders, p. o. ad. Temple: 

Selectmen, Jamps Green, p. o. ad. Peterboro ; J. F. Boynton, p. o. ad 

Sast JafTrey; John T. Dillon, p. o. ad. Peterboro. 

Justice — B. H. Sanders. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths. James Green, Geo. Hoar, p. o. ad. 


Peterboro ; chair legs and stretchers, B. H. Sanders, p. o. ad., Temple : 
laiuber and cloth boxes, Prestou A Kmery, p. o. a. d. New Ipswich : 
«oap, F. B. Flanders, p. o. ad. Peterboro. 

80EX.BURIir£, (7005-Pi»p., 250. N. E. fr. C, 160, K. fr 
Lancaster, 30. B. R. &— Sbelburne on 0. T. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7eri, A. K. Philbruok; Trtat^ L. B. Brans ;&/«clmcM, A 
C. Evans, B. F. Lary, G. E. Philbrook ; Supi,^ W. W. Wheeler. 

Postmaster—C. C. Hebbard. 

Justices—DariiM Green, A. ,E. Philbrook. 

Exp. AgU— W. F. Carr. 

Hotel— Wihthrop House, 0. C. Hebbard. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, I. W. Spiller; builder, E. M. Hnbbard. 

Summer Boarding Houses— S. J. Morse, M. F. Oatea, c. £. Phil 
brook, A. E. Philbrook. 

Sbort F»ll»— See E|«om. 

Silver Lake — A post office in CHrroU Gonntj. 

Snoir ville — A post office in Carroll County. 

1M»HERS WORTH, HTRA FFOKD—Vo^^ 5,686. S. fr. C, 46 ; 
N. fr. Dover. 5. R. R. &— Great Falls, on Ports. Ut. F. ft Con. R. R 
and 6. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C!{«r;i;, N. A. Walson ; Treat., W. D. Knapp ; Setect- 
men, Chas. S. Jones, Cfaas. F. BiMke, Andrew E. Wentworth : buptt. W 
F. Russell, A. A. Perkins, I. Chandler, N. Wentworth, C. F. Blake ; 
Agent, W. Fi Harmon. 

Postmaster— &r«ai lbU«, Nathan Wentworth. Tel. Ag't— W. W 

Justices— J. B. Shapleigh, J. A. Btickney, W. D. Knapp, 0. E. 
Beacham, 8. S. Chick, C. U. Wells, J. A. Edgerty, E. M. Webber, 
W. S. Pierce, E. A. Crawford^ C. A. Elliot, T.G. Jameson, iSlfa<0 ; J 
S. Haynes, W. B. Martin, W. R. Borleigh, W. F. Hnrmou, G. F. Hill, 
C. W. Wright, F. £. Libbey, W. J. Fountain. J. N. Haines, A.H. Wat 
SOD, W. W. Murtin. W. F. Russell, Nathan Wentworth. C. K. Drew. 

Churches— Cal. Bap., J. E. Dame; V. Bap.. F. H. Peckhanu Cong., 
3. Bell ; Slleth., High St., T. Tyrie, Main St., A. B. Carter; R. Gath., 
John Dnddy, C. Deiuars. 

Eating Houses— T. M. Wentworth, Charles Ramsay, T. F. Mars 
ton, Locke A Chellis, Henry Chellis; J. E. l^angley. 

Exp. Ag'tS — American Express Co., Meserve Jk Co., Smilie A Co. 

Hotels — Great Falls, H. 8. Gray; Grant's, E. Grant; Granite 
State, G. H. Snydam. 

Ins. Ag'tS — W. D. Knapp, Crawford A Tolles. 

Lawyers— W. D. Knapp, W.J. Copelund, W. R. Burleigh, James 
A. Edgerly,. G. H. Wells. Geo. E. Bearham. H. V. Moore, W. S. Pierce 

Literary Institution— Great Falls High School, J. W. V. Rich, prin. 

Liwery Stables— John 0. Lord, B. F. Hanson, G. K. Drew, Z. W. 

Manufacturers- baker, F. A. Hnssey : blacksmiths, Austin ft Mat- 
thews, W.D.Merrick, I.Chellif<, C. Goding, S. B. Marston, G. W. Wil 
loughby; bobbins. Great Falls Spool A Bobbin Co.; boots and shoes 
L. M. Nute; builders, H. B. Tibbetts, D. L.Hodsdon, L. E. Decatur, F. 
Chick, C. F. Mitchell, J. E. Frost, A. N. Pettengill; carriages, F. M 
Clark. Merrill A Co.. W. I. Ash ; < igars, E. A. Lewis, E. A. Cram, L. F. 
Haflty, G. B. Holmes; cottons, Gt. Falls MTg Co., £. M. Slmw, a^'t ; 
doorn, 8Rt»h and blinds S. P. Home; liambMHPs, P. L. Ward, 0. G, 
Stevens, D. M. Howard; job printers. Cook A Shapleigh, C. H. 
Wells ; lumber, J. R. Horn, H. Home ; granite, Spence A Coombs, 



M. C. Swain, D. Saobom; marble, J. Kmery; photO){rephers, C. C. 
<iardner, E. J. Daiand ; picture framen, J- EI. Ituan; reeds, D Scott 
A Sou; soap, 0. H. Butler; Btoyen A CM«tinK«, Soiiiersworth Machine 
Co., C. W. Wright, ag't.; wool. L. R. Hersf>m A Sou ; woolens, Ot. Falls 
Woolen Co., B. S. Buffiim. agX 

Merchants — auctioneer. J. B. Shapleigh : books and stationery, A. 
rhwing, W. W. .Nason, L. A. Goodwin. Wm. F. Hnrnion; boots A shoes, 
J. W. Bates, U. F. Dixon A Go. ; clothing, D. Lothrop A Co., H. 
Vesehoff, D. B. Dennison, J. B. Clarke. T. P. UnffiU, Bodwell A BneTee; 
coal, Q. W. Stevens, Richards A Co., J. N. Haines ; confectionery, J. 
A. Fall ; cotton waste, J. S. Haines ; crockery, J. Stewart, Jr^ draK« A 
medicines, George Moore. W. W. Nimon, L. A. Go<Mlwin, J. W. Pres- 
ton, W. A. Ham, F. U. Wingate: dry goods. Dorr A Hobsun, VTiuip- 
fheinier A Co., 8. S. Chick, A. Cat ter A Son, W. A. Moore A Sons. F. C 
Jordan; fancy goods and notions, C. L. Lord, W. II. Bayles 
Miss M. B. Colman, Mrs. G. Moultou; flsh, J. D. Herrick, L. E 
Smith; flonr A ni<'a!, J. B. Merrill, C. S. Beacham A Son; fur- 
niture, Chas Sanborn : groceries, C. S. Blaisdell, co9peratiye store, 
No. 6, A. K. Downs, J. F.Robinson A Co., W.D.Clark, J. Bickford, 
Wm. Syme<*, M. B. Hill, A. H. Watson A Co., Wra. Plnramer, S. 
James A Sons, C. F. Blake, Hurd A Cate, J. A. Bagley, H. Locke, 
OrrinKnox, J. B.Dominqne, Gagnon A Demers; hardware, E. A. Tib- 
betts A Son, S. A. Seavey, D. Wingate; hats A furnishing 
goods. Bates A> LeOro; meat, J. S. LeGro, W. F. Libby. C. Estes, 
W. G. Hart, A. Seavey ; millinery, Mrs. C. H. Harmon A Co., Miss G 

A. Longee, Miss L. M. Fnllerton, Mise L. B. Ricker ; stoves and tin< 
ware, Hodsdon Bros., H. C. Gilpatrick A Son ; watches and jewelry, 
J. J. Woodward, E. W. Folsom A Co., W. S. Bedell ; nndertakers, A 

B. Spencer, A. D. Fannce. 

Physicians — J. A. Hnyes, C. E. Swasey, L. D. Hamblett, A. Jenkins, 

C. A. Blliotr, G. H. Gardner, O. H. Boynton, H. V. Nnyes. I. Angnr; 
homeo. F. G. Coffin ; dentists, O. Q. Shapleigh. Jnlitis Guttman. 

SOUTH HAMPTON, ROCKLVOHAM^Pop., 38,3. S. <1. fr. 
C, 4tf ; S. fr. Kxeter, 9. R. R. .S*.— East Kingston, 5 m., on B. A M. R, 
R.; Aniesbnry, 21 m., on Bust. R. R. Daily mail to Ametibnry. 
Mass., except Sunday; leaves So. H. at 10, and Amesbury at II, A. M 

OFFICERS— CterX;, P. P. Whitehouse; Treas., Jacob Eaton; SeUel 
•a^n, F. B. French, G. B. Palmer, A. S. Jewell; Supt., Rev. S. P. 

Postmaster — Phillips While. Merchant — Jonathan Presaey. 

Justices — G. Keily, N. S. Smith. F. B. French, Jacob Eaton. 

Church— Cal. Riip., S. P. Uverett. 

LIt'ry Institution— Barnard School. 

Manufacturers — agricultural implements, G. W. Fitts; carriagw 
J»cnb Eaton: job printer, S. A. Everett; machinist. Al'iert P. Eaton 

fr. C, 35; N. fr. Extster, 4. R. R. &— South Newmarket, on B. A M 
H. R. 

OFFICERS— C7«rA:, H. J. Paul ; Treat., Geo. 0. Paul; ScUetnun, A, 
J. Neale, J. Malchy, N. O. Howard; Supt., J. H. Fitts. 

Postmasters— Albert Field : Junctum; C. H. Leavitt. 

Justices—^*. J. Judkins. Edw. Hersev, A. II. Varney, Albert Field. 
Stote; S. P. Badger, Geo. O. Paul, A. J. Neale. 

Churches— Gong., J. H. Fittn; Meth., C. M. Dinsmore ; Univ., H. 8 

Hotel— Nowfleld House, N. J. Wiggin. 

HanufaElurers— bluckamith, W.Sheahji iDmlxr, D. G. Sal. 
Narchanis— J. c iibhioii, Aihin fMa, d. c. wig^in, 
P(lj»iCi»il— A.H.Varner.C.W, Bcou. T«l. Ag«nl-J.B,8lmpio 
SpHlNOriELD, "'""-"' "— "■ •> ^ - " ^.. 

PMtmulcrs— H. T. BKobarn ; £ui, Bliodn If . Don. 

iHi hrilMiiin ic^lul 

Manuriclu ran— lou 

Merchants— flnoi — 

We**— Postmaster— J, T, Cuibj. 
Church— Math, L. " - - 

J. C.NlobnIi, II. R.Qulmby ; c 
. Phydclan— D. P.Oondbui 

Nanufticlurerv-^lHibliini, J. [ 

re» Jockian; Iiiiub r, Slnrk SI 
llihBr.iB'l.J.M. Pike; ihlnKlM. 
Heshanlcs— MiKksmiibi. a R. 

Tel. Aa'l-P- ■>• O'ConiKT. 

Stu-k WnMr— 3» Stark. 

STEWARTdTOWSf, PO OS-Pop., MO. N. fr.C, 150; S, fi 

olel.i-ook, »i^ a. «, S— NorlliStii.lft.rJ, 10 u.K on O. T. R. » 

o/f"|^KS— rfcr*. C. B. Tewkubury, n™». (Ucar Uim ; Bilietnn 
E. W. niew.Bei'ij<>ii.liiPfll»v>,Wnil<<Iri.ll;H''P'.W. A.C <;niii..|»' 
OmUublf, C. K. NujrH, Milton BluoilBelt, H. P. Kiildgr ; aUrdw, I 
II. Cium) - 

~ ' -iiier— r. c. JiieaM. 

Kfd.lw, C. t 

N. F. Klildcr, F. C. JkcuIx. Vi. t. Allun. 

- c h— Chn.., , 

ufaBtUrera- lnnib«, A. Onen, P»rl 
irtlit, I'erli'TKiiiippiitHKli.HeiTllltl 

lanlei— hlukiinttli. A. J. Jortin ; bn 

• n. II. D. Fl-n 

midaiTsC. B.Towk-bBIJ.J, B.A1 


Church — Cong., W. A. C. Converse. 

Hotel A Uv. SUbltf— CkxMt House. W. W. Lindsej. 

ManufiMturers— blacksmiths, A. 6. QuimLy, A. D. Plarker ; jcarpeii4 
(ers, Sumner Rowell, Seth Tibbett, Charles Fletcher: hamess) 
maker, D. W. DeUiber: clapboards, shingles and lumber, W. F 
Allen ; flour and meal, G. Beacher A Son ; wool rolls, sash and doors, 
E. 8. Parker; furniture, J. R. Little ; chipboard iind shingle mAchinea 
Hud pinners, C. T. Stoddard. 

Merchants— L. W. Alger; dry goods and clothing, Isaac F. Ja- 
col»8 ; drugs and medicines, L. 0. Shurtleff: lurnittire andcoflSus, J.R. 
Little; groceries and hardware, UKcar Lang; millinery, Mrs. £. M. 
Kliiig ; tin ware, C. M. Quimby. 

Physicians— A. Ward. H. 11. Lee. 

Telephone — Boston A Northern Tel. Office, operators, F. C. Jacobs 
West, 0. Lang. 

STODDARD, CHESHIRE— Vop.,%^.Z. S. W. fr. C, 40; N. E. 
fr. Keeue, 16. B. R. S. — Keeiie, on Cheahire R. R., 15 miles; Han 
cock, on N. A L. 11. R., Mancliestcr k Keene division, 10 miles.- Daily 
ittage to Hancock, alsi* thro* Hillsboro' to Keeue every other day. 

0FFI0KK8— Cl«rJfc and Constable, Win. 8. Tuttle : Treaty C. P. 
Pitcher; Selectmen, J. F. Whitteniore. D. D. Pargent, F. S. Reed; 
Board o/Educationy J. H. Thy ug, C. B. Mc Clnre, W. W. Robb ; Or«r«eer 
and CoUeCtoT^ J. M. Rice. 

Postmasters — Henry W. Reed; Soulh^ James Simonds. 

Justices— £. B. Dodge, W. U. Chase, J. M. Rice, J. H. Scott, StmU. ; 
W. 8. I'uttle. 

Church— Cong., J. H. Thyng. 

Hotels — Centra] Houise. S. J. Harrington ; Souths 0. H. Harding; 
Mid VtUage^ Island House, R. J. Brown. 

Manufacturers — lumber, clothes pins, kerocene tubs and pails 
Christopher Robb; lumber, G. Stacy ; pulp, N. Whitney. 

Mechanics— blackHmith, Cenler^Heo. H. Laue; 8irti<A,Geo. Waldron: 
carpenter, E. B. Dodge, B. H. Griff.Ihs. 

Merchants— H. W. Reed; Southy James Simonds; moat, Jas. D. 
Cutter, Center^ II. W. Keeii 

STRAFFORD, STRA FFORD—Vop^ 1,668. E. fr. C, 26. N 
W. !r., Dover, 15. R. R. S.— Dover, 15, ou B. A M. R. R. Tri-weekly 
stage. Pittsfield, on Sun. Yal. R. R. 7 m. 

OFFICERS— CVerit. J. S. Foss; Treaa., Daniel Hnckins; SeUcUmen 
C. D. Scruton, J. L. liall, D. J. Uulnies, ; 8upL^ J. H. Jewell. 

Postmasters— Cbrtwr, D. R. Berry; North^ G, T. Foss ; Blue HilU 
A. S. Clark ; Bow Lake, A. Waldron. 

Justices— Paul Perkins, J. B. Smith. J. 8. Foss, M. F. Fosa, J. W. 
Jewell, 8. H. Foss, H. A. Drew,C. H. Twombly, N. C. Twonibly, J. 0, 
Bood>, 0. M. Foss. H. S. Hill. SlaU; L. C. Critchett, J. H. Perry, 
C. F. Felker, G. F. Foes, J. 0. Moody, D. 8. Woodmun, H. F. Young. 

Churches — Adv., ; F. Bap., Comer, F. Reed ; JScriK, . 

Hotel — B«>w Lake House, T. D. Foss, prop.; Comer, Blue Hill 
Cottage Home. .1. M. Whitehouse, prop. 

Literary Institution— Austin Academy, I. Copp, prin. 

Manufacturers— iV'or^A, lumber, Paul Perkins ; meal, D. J. Holmes 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, QMmer, T. Roberts, 8. D. Berry ; Hvrth 
Dnniel Bubb. 

Merchants— J. W. Jewell, J. A D. Huckins ; North, D. S. Avery. 

Physicians- Nehemiah C. Twomblv, H. C. Coburn. 

Center— Postmaster— Demeritt Place. 




Chureh—F. B<ip., J. S. Neal. 'MerehaAt— <3. M. Hill. 

Manufacturers— lumber, Waldron A Stiles. 

Mechanic — blacksmith, L. Brown. 

Bow iMUe. Church— F. Bap., H. F. YoanK. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Oaawell k Wuldron, A. Waldron ; Aoeu 
Auatin A Parker. 

Merchants — anctioneer, H. A. Drew. 

»TRATFORD« COO£U-Pop., 1,U16. N. fr.G.,160. N. fir. Lan 
caater, 14. R. R. £[ — SCratford, on G. T. R. R. 

OFFICERa— aer*, Hollow, W. G. Fuller; Treat., W. R. D.inforth ; 
Selectmen, Clark Stevens, J. T. Counary, W. H. Kimball; Sifjpte., F. N 
Day, C. E. Hosee. 

Justices— Chae. Bfahnrin, M. D. Johnson, J. G. Pattee, State; W. R 
Bn>wu, F. N. Day, W. R. Danforth, Samuel Brown. 

Physician.— C. G. Carpenter. 

Hollow- /Z. R. S.— Stratford Hollow, ^ mile. 

Postmaster— L. B. Blodgett. 

Church- Meth., Danfurth - Exp. Ag't— F. N. Day. 

Manufacturers — rarriaKes and bobbins, J. Laroche; flour and meal 
F. N. Piper; lumber, E. F. Merrill. 

Merchants— N. B. Waters, L. B. Blodgf tt, W. H. Merriam ; Inm 
iier, J. M. Butters; millinery, G. L. OckintfCton. 

Coos— it. R, i?.— North Stratford. Stage leaves for Golebrool 
every day at 8^ P. M. arrives 7 A.M. 

Postmaster— J. H. Danforth. Church—Bap., S. H. Cornwall. 

Eap. Ag't — James Toohey. 

Hotels— Hinman House, 11. B. Hinman; Willard House, Geo. Hi] 
liard ; Percy House, J. W. Tibltetts. 

Manufacturers — flour and meal, J. B. Alger; lumber, G. W. John 
sou ; last blocks, J. H. Dauforth. 

Merchants— B. B. Merriam, Diinforth, Pattee, ft Clark, G. R. Eaton 
drugs, medicines 3c fancy goods, Carpenter Bros.; groceries, H. B. Hin 
man ; millinery, MIns flattie Willard, Martha Donnaley. 

Physicians— C. E. Thompson ; homeo., Moses Whitcomb. 

STBATHAM, ROCKfNOHAM—Pop., 720. S. B. fr C , 40 ; B 
rr. Exeter, ^ R. R. &— Stratham, 2}4 m., on G. A P. R. R.; Newmai 
ket 2\i m. 

OFFrCEBS—ClrrA; and Treat., J. 8. SUples ; Selectmen, J. B. Odai: 
Qeo. K. tiowen, G. W. Chase ; iSap^, R. M. Scammon. 

POStmaster->T. S. Staples. 

Justices— Levi Barker, J. 0. Wiggin, State; J. 8. Staples, J. 1 

Churches— Bitp., H. Stetson ; Gong., ; Chris., — 

V. liap., 

Manufisieturers-~-meHl and lumber, £. B. Jewell, George Wingato 
shingles, George Wiugate. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, N. E. Norton; builders, D. P. Batcbeldei 
L W. Tut tie. 

Merchants — florist, A. Craig; groceries, J. 8. Staples. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Mrs. Geo. H. Odell ; Highland Goi 
tage, Sulphur SpringXf Ambrose Wiggin. 

Sllffrar Hill — See Lisbon. 

SUI^IilTABT, CHESHIRE— Pop., 382. S. W. fi-. G., 48. N. B. fl 
Keene, 7 m. R. R. &— Keeue, on Cheshire R. R. Stage Mon. We( 
and Friday, returning alternate days through East Snllivau. 

OFFICERS— Clerk, £"<«<, G«>. Kingsbury: 3Veo*., L. H. Goodnovp 



Meetmen, A. A. SUis, F. A. Wilion, M. J. Barrett ; SupL, Mrs. B. 8 

Postmaster— A. O. Ninu. Chureh— Cour., . 

Justices — L. H. Ooodnow ; East, George Ringabnry. 

EiiSt— Postmistress— Mrs. Lois H. Leland. 

Church — Coug., erang. union, ■ , 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, Ljman Davis; builder, George Kings- 
>nry; chairs, Goodnow Bros; bucket hoops, A. A. Ellis; Irnn- 
)er, A. A. Ellis, Goodnow Bros. 

Merchants— lumber, Harris & Hastings. 

SCHTAPEE, S«7XX/F^iV:-Fop., 897. N. W. fr. 0., 37 ; B.from 
Newport, 6. R, R. S. — Sunapee, on C. A 0. R. R. Semi-daily stage. 

OFFICBRS— Orrlr, M. L. Sargent ; IVeos., G. H. Bartlett ; Seleel- 
nen, J. P. Smith, M. A. Bailey, J. 8. 1/V hippie; Supt,, Edwin FIsber. 

Postmasters— N. P. Baker; SotUfi, Asaliel Lear: Gtorgt^t Mills. 
Vm. Rnssf II. Station Agent— H. Batchelder. 

Justices— J. Turner, T. P. Smith, D. G. Eastman, W. G. Stnroo, D. 
I. George, Geo. Dodge, State', Wm. Russell, John Young, G. H. Bart- 
ett, E. R. Boyce. 

Church— Meth., 8. G. Kellogg. Ex. Ag't— J. F. Davis. 

Hotels— Sunapee Lake House, A.G.Huntoon; Runals House, John 
Knnals; Lake View House, J. F. Davis. 

Lawyers— W. C. Sturoc, George Dodge. Physician— B. G. Fisher. 

Livery Stables— F. Blodgett, J. F. Davis. 

ManuniCturers — blacksmiths, Muezey A Games; boots and shoes 
I. W. Merrill ; cnstings, J. B. Smith ; clothes pins, J. -B. 
}mitb ; coffins and caskets, L. H. Goss; excelsior, W. G. Stoeker: flour 
tnd meal, J. G. Puirington ; Flue Cleaners, Granite Hame Works : 
brk handles and rakes, B. R. Sleeper; granite, Boyce A Bailey: 
lames, Granite Hame Works, Bartlett A Rowell ; harnesses, £. Jacobs [ 
umber, F. Blodgett, W. W. Trow; mHcUinist, J. B. Smith; rakt» 
rnd bundles, Alexander A Perkins; shingles, W. W. Trow, J. G Pur- 
ng^on; shoe stiiTenings and inner soles, J. A.Tucker; telescopes, J 
3. Smith; wallets, M. L. Sargent; (j«or;^s'« i/iffs, shingles, Martin A 
:;hase. E. P. Stickuey, H. T. Eastmsn. 

Merchants — N. P. Baker, Knowlton A Sargent, J. Russell ; George*t\ 
HUls, Wm. RusHell; meat, George Reed; paints nnd furniture, T. 
?. Smith ; paints and oili*, T. P. Smith ; tinware, B. M. Leavenworth. 

Steam Boats — Lady Woodsum, Woodsnm Bros., Mountain Maid, 
ffathan Toung. 

SaueoolL— See Pembroke. 

SURRT* CHESHJRK—Poit , 326. 8. W. fr. C., 65 ; N. fr. KeeneJ 
. R. R. &— Keene, on Cheshire R. R., and Gonn. Riv. R. R. A BostonJ 
t Liowell R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— (7f«rik, W. F. Wilber ; Treas,, M. A. Carpenter; Select- 
nen^ L. M. Carpenter, J. H. Rogers, J. D. Carter; Bupt.^ Mrs. 8. W. 

Postmaster— W. H. Porter. Justice— G. K. Harvey, State. 

Church — Meth., . Hotel — T. L. Harmon. 

Mechanics — l>lacksmith, F. B. Marshail ; carpenters, M. A. Car- 
penter. Holland Stevens, Lewi's Blske, J. H. Rogers. 

Physician— W. H. Porter. 

SUTTOM, MERRIMACK—Vop., 993. N. W. fr. C., 28. S, R, 
L— Bradford, on C. A C. R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C7«r*, J. B. Richards; Treas. Fred Putney; Sfteetmm, 
I. K. Adams, E. P. Davis, J. H. Kezan ; Supt., Benj. Johnson. 


Postmasters— Fr«d Putney ; Norths Joseph Greeley ; South, G. 

Justices — Asa Page, J. R. Smiley, Moees Hassen, A. R. Chen 
State ; Frank Chase, J. M. Sargent, G. C. Eaton, P. M. Richards, J. 
Richards. « 

Churches— AdT., Souths ; C. Bap., North, Wm. Libby ; F. B 

— — — ; Smith, I. Peaslee. 

Manufacturers — blacksmiths, William Andrews; North, W. 
Sargent; carriages and sleighs, C. C. Marshal], G. Chadwick; Nor 
H. ilowe k Co.: clothes pins, William Little ; excelsior. J. P. Nelac 
lumber. D. W. Conch k Son, M. S. Blaisdell ; North, 3. Kezer. 

Merchants— Fred Putney, J. B. Richards A Co.: North, J<«. Gree1« 
<SbN/A, Robertson ft Wells; flour and grain, H. W. Chadwick; me 
C. L. Andrew, H. Y. B. Shattuck ; millinery. North, Mrs. J. M. Barge 

Physicians— S. N. Welch ; North, J. R. Smiley. 

H W AN ZE Y, CHESffTRE—Pop., l,6«l . S. W. ft-. 0., 66 ; 8. fr< 
Keene. 6. E. R. &— Swansey, on Ashuelot R. R. 

OFKiCKRS— C/«rA:, Wtgt,Qt. I. Cutler: Treat., I^«s^ Geo. E. Wk 
comh ; Selecitnen, fr«<<, D. B. C. Hill, Witttpnrt,V. S. Faulkner, Ec 
G. £. Lane; SupU., A. A. Ware ; We»t, G. L Cntler. 

Postmasters— Asa Healey; WettpoH, W. B. Marsh; EoMt, A. 

Justices — Wettporty Stephen Faulkner; Wnt, Jos. Hammond, 
Bartlett, Stafe ; F. Downing, A. A. Ware; Wut, G. L Cntler, Ba 
G. W. Willis, Yolney Woodcock, J. Parsons, A. G. Bennett, A. 

Churches— Cong., Bei^amin Merrill; Meth., Wtdport, George 

Hotels— Central House, C. L. Whitney; Prospect House, A. 
Howe, p. o. ad. Keene. 

Manufacturers — clothespins. East, B. Wilc<>x; nest and sau 
buckets, lumber and staves. East, G. F. Lane: pail stock, L. M. Stoii 
pails, JSoMf, H. W. Mason; TTes^por/, James Marsh, Epiiraim Murdoc 
jr., p. o. ad., Keene ; toy and quarter pails and knife trays, C. G. ft 
R. Ransdell ; wool mattresses, Eati, L. S. Jjane; pail stock and Ini 
ber, L. M. Stone. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. F. Hunt; East, F. 0. Dodge. 

Merchants— Harriet Chanilterlain ; Westporl, James Marsh. 

l¥eet— Postmaster, Exp. k Tel. Ag't— S. U. Fox. 

Churches— Bap. S. G. Abbott ; Univ., . 

Hotel — Evans honse. Homer Evans. 

Manufacturers — beavers, cashmerets and blankets, Stratton Mil 
Co., O. Sprague, ag't.; confectionery boxes. Parsons ft Spragne S. \ 
Snow ft Sons, leather, A. S. Kendall ; lumber, C. L. Russell ft Co., F. 
Soow, F. F. Lombard : pails and buckets, C. L. Russell ft Co.. F. 
Snow; pail stock, Walter H. Perry, F. K. Lombard. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, A. H. Freeman ; builder, S. A. Spring. 

Merchants— S. H. Fox, N. S. Parker, G. W. Brooks. 

Physician— G. I. Cutler. 

8wlff(w&td*— See Bath. 

TAMWORTM, CARROLL— Po^.,\,'£J\. N. K. fr. C.,60: : 
fr. Ossipee, 13. R. R. 8. — West Ossipee, 4 m., on Ports., Gt. F. ft Co 
R. R. Daily stage. 

OFPIGBRS— C/erfc. Joseph Oilman ; Trttas., John D. Hidden : Sel» 
nun, C. P. Cook, G. C. Whiting, Lowell Ham ; Supt. H. T. Hodgkii 
Justices — Joseph Gilmau, C. P. Cook, Lowell Ham, L. E. Remic 


Diaaon, D. M. Oilman, 0. Q. Hatch, AlonKo Nickenon, Stat*, 
iw Neally, N. F. Hoag, S. S. Beede, Peter Mitchell, J. H. Nicker 
!ha8. Robertson, H. Carroll. 

irchas— F. Bap. J. 8. Runnal§; Ck>ng. ; Meth. J. T. Frye 

el — Gilman's, J. Gilman. 

lufketurerS'booto and shoes, F. N. Burleigh ; eottaga bed- 
, card boards, dry goods boxes and lumber, D. S. Morrill 
ihanies— blecksmiths, N. H. Vamey, A. llayford; carpenters, 
Remick, N. H. Vamey. 

'Chants— C. P. Cook, L. B. Remick, C. Robertoon ; South, L.D 
I A Son, W. Bnstraan ; auctioneer, S. 8. Beede. 
rsician— J. C. Bassett. 

•iniPIiE, HILLSBOHOUGH—Fop., 403. 8. B. fr. O., 4ft ; W 
shua, 22. £. B. A-~OreenviUe, on Peterboro' k Shir. Br. R. B. 

riCERS— CterX;. C. P. Rayward ; Treat. Charles Rockwood ; Se- 
«i. J. B. Burton, J. M. Cutler, Solon Mansfield; Board of Eduea- 
). P. Wheeler, chairman, 
tmaster— C. P. Hayward. 
tices— Jonathan M. Spaulding, C. P. Hayward, Lewis Howard, 
1 >V heeler, M. H. Fiske. Chorch— Cong., John H. Mellish. 
I. Ag't k Merchant— C. P. Hayward. 
ei— <3entral House, J. F. Howard. 
(luAlCturers— blacksmith, O. F. Barker; lumber, J. E. Barton; 
)r, flour and meal. Bacon St Walton, 
nmer Boarding Houses— G. D.-Toung, E. E. Colbnrn. 
lORNTOIf , ORA FrOA— Pop., 774. N. W. fr. C, 66; N. fr 
3uth, 14. R. R. &— Thornton, ou P. V. R. R.; Plymouth, on B. 
I. R., Wh. Mt. Div. 
'ICERS— C7«rfc, J. A.Sanborn; Treat. C.H. Weeks; Selechnm, 
Am Elliott, A. H. Kendall, Hiram Merrill; S^pt. J. L. Barnard, 
tmasters— O. F. James ; West, C. H. Weeks, 
tices— M. B. Cone, M. J. Hazeltino, J. £. Pattee, C. P. Sargent, 
i\m Elliott, O. F. James, Charles Shute, A. Lyford, H. V. Hart, 
rding Houses — Merrill House, William Bferrill; Oounpion VU- 
H. F. Durgin. 

TCh— Chris., -^ ' Merchant — Enoch Emmons. 

. Ag't— Fmuk Chase. Hotel — Wett^ Oscar Jones, 
lufacturers — bobbins and dimension lumber, D. ft M. Foss; 
;es, Carter Foss, J. W. Pattee ; brush stock, C. F. Plnmmer, 
r, Mc Coy A Edmunds, 
hanio— blacksmith, H. H. Fifield. 
sician— E. G.Guilford. 
nrn ton's F<*rry — See Merrimack. 

LTON, BELKNAP— Fop. 1,282. N. fr. C. 18 ; S. W; fr. La- 
10. R. B. &— Til ton and Bast Tilton on B. St L. R. R., Wh. Mt. 

[CER8— (?/«•*, W. C. Wyatt; Treat., W. T. Cass; Sdectmm, 

lavage, Alden Moulton, W. H. Seavey ; 8upt. F. C. Lii»by. 

masters— D. E. Hill ; Eatty Chase Rollins. 

ces— G. 8. Philbrick, B. T. Brown. J. B. Sanborn, W. P. Lang 

Jhss, C. C. Rofteis, R. 8. Perkins, F. C. Libby, Edwin Moovhonse. 

»aIton. J. C. Rollins, A. 8. Ballantyne, W. D. Hardy, SlaUt W. 

tt, H. B. Savage, Geo. F. Lcayitt. 

;s— Tilton' Nat'L, A. P. Pike, Fres.; W. T. Gasa, Treas. loua 

t, A. 8. Ballantyne, Pres.; Wm. T. Cass, Treas. 



Churches— F. Bftp.» East, W. H. Yeoman; Gong., G. B. StroDf 
Epis. liMac Peck ; M^h. 0. 8. Nutter ; JBut, Q. N. Bryant. 
Eating Houses— Mrs. Mary Holmes. 
Exp. Ag't— Z. G. Perkins. Tel. Ag't— B. Jackman. 
Hotel — Dexter House, J. F. Bryant. 
Lawyers— C. C. Rogers, W. D. Hardy. 

Literary Institution — N. H. GONFBRBNGB SEMINARY AN] 
FEMALE COLLEGE, pres., S. E. Quimby, A. M.; preceptress, A. S. 1 
Livery Stable-^. L. Loyerfn. 

Manuncturers— blacksmiths, M. G. Abbott, G. B. Garmon; bufld 
ers, Daniel M. Page, Warren Smith, Franklin Morgan, J. F. Eastman 
'cottons, C. Almy's cotton mills; harnesses, W, G. Wyatt; hosiery, R 
JW. Colvia, Geo. E. Bnel ft Go ; Job printer, G. 6. Muusey, C. I 
Hill, G. F. Hall; lumber, A. G. Cook, B. T. Brown, JSa$^ 
|B. W. Brown; spectacles. Lord Bros.; woolens, Tilton's woolen milli 
Selwyu Peabody, ag't.. Granite Mills Co,^ A. S. Ballautyne, ag't.; Eli 
mills, R. Firth, ag t 

Merchants— J. F. Taylor, Hill ft Fletcher, Philbrick ft Hil 
EaHy Gbase Rollins; auctioneers, B.T.Brown, W. P. I^ng; book 
and stationery, G. P. Herrick ; boots and shoes, S. Condon : clocks an 
iwatches. Lord Bros. ; contectiunery and ft'uit, G. W. Lord ft Go 
iC. P. Herrick; dry goods, W. J. Sanborn; foncy go6ds, S. Got 
'donj fish, W. A. Colby; furniture, Wm. Rickert ; harnesses, >^ 
0. Wyatt ; meat and Tegetable^, Couch ft Clough, W. P. Hill ; mill 
nery. Miss H. Page. Mrs. M. A.Bryant; tailor, ready-made clotl 
ing and furnishing goods, Davis ft Boyntou ; yefcetables and yarietiei 
Couch ft Clough, M. E. Holmes. 
Physicians — J. F.Osborn, C. R. Gould, A. A. Moulton. 
TROY, CHESaJRE—¥op.,195. S. E. tr. C, tM); S. (r. KeeD< 
10. JS. R. ft— Troy, on Cheshire R. R. 

OFFICERS— CJtfrJk, Frank I in Ripley: Trtas.^ AsaC. Dort; Bdectnui 
Edmund Bemis, .T. C. Parker, A. G. Lawrence ; iSupl., M. T. Stone. 
Postmaster— C. W. Whitney. 

Justices— E. Buttricli, 8tate ; E. P. Kimball, J. R. Stanley, Edmun 
Bemis, 0. H. Aldrich, T. Tolmau. 
Churches— Bap., 0. E.Brown; Cong., Josiah Merrill. 
Eating House— Chas. Haskell. 
Exp. ft Tel. Agent— J. H. Bigelow. 

Hotels — Monadnock, J. W. Metcaif ; Kimball House, G. Haskell. 
Livery Stable— Ezekiel Starkey. 

ManuniCturers — boots and shoes, A. L. Jacknon ; boxes, 0. C. Whl 
comb ; pails and tubs, Edwin Buttrick ft Co.; pails and nest bncket 
C. D. Farrar; pail handles, Webster Corey; woolens, Troy Blank< 
Mills, Barrett Ripley, snpt. 

Merchants— G. W. Whitney, E. P. Kimball ft Sons ; books, st 
tionery and yankee notions, H. G. Newton ; meat, L. W. Brown. 
Physician— M. T. Stone. 

TOFTOBrBOROIieil, CA RROLL—Pop., 923. N. B. fr. C 
46; W. ft*. Ossipee, 5. R. R. &— Wolfeboro Bridge, 6 m., on Port 
Gt. F. ft G. R. R. Daily Stage. 

OFFICERS — OUrk^ J. A. Bennett ; 2V«a«., Thomas French ; SeUi 
««!», J. B. P«)X, L. P. Lamprey, F. E. Hersey. 

Postmasters— Corner, D. E. Palmer ; Melvin Village^ 0. Richar 
son; Ctntre^ A.L. Hersey. 
Justices— J. F. Stockbridge, D. E. Palmer, State; J.G. Seavey, C.A 



DsTia, T. F. HotlgdoD, D. A. Wiggiu, J. A. Bennett, J. £. Fox, W. 0. S. 
Hodgdon, C. W. Pinkbam. 
I Churches— Adv^ T. W. Piper ; Chris.. D. A. Wiggin; lat Chris., 
1 ; F. Bap., W. II. Cutting; Metb., Davis. 

Exp. Agent— John Qnimby. 
i Manubcturers— blacksmitlifl, H. K. Femald, O. A. Hilton, A. Gay ; 
I WcUer Village, O. F. Bean ; bobbins, D. W. Homer ; boutii and slioes, 
E. A. BlAck: coffins and rnrnitnre. Melvin ViUagt, Piper Bros.; 
firkins, pails and buckets, Clark k Ilodgdon. 
I Merchants — (>>mer, Charles IJain ; CknUr, A. L. Hersey ; Mtlvin 
Village^ U. Fernald KichHi-d«on Bros., Dan'I Caverly. 

Physicians— T. A. Hal<'y, D. E. Palmer. 

Tivln Hoantaln— See Carroll. 

Union— See Wnkcfleld. 

V^ITY^ SULLIVAN— Vop.,8U. W. fr. 0.,60; S. fr. Newport, 
10. J{. R. £[.— Clareniont and Newport, on Con. k C. R. R. Tri-weekly 
stage to Claremont k No. Charlestuwu; daily ft. E. Unity to Newport 
I OFFICERS— €7eril-, J. M.Perkins; TVecu., Amos Perkins; Select- 
men, F. Bailey, S. 11. Gee, L. A. Smith: Stipt., Martin Sears: Supervi^ 
or«, G. 8. Severancf, C. A. Newton, F. Wright; OvfrMer, C. R. Lewis. 
I Postmasters— Charles R. Lewis ; Jskut, C. A. Clough ; Wut, Miss 
J. QoimUy. 

I Justices- Amos Perkins, State; J. M. Perkins, Harvey Sanborn,' 
Moses Johnson, John Paul, B. F. French, 8. M. Gee, W. W. Hall, H 
N. Johnson. 

j Churches— Bap.,* ; Meth., Cloud; Weet, -^ 

I Fire Insurance Co. — Unity Mutual, Selira Sb^eper, Pres.; Amos 
Perkins, Sec. 

Hotel — Unity Springs House. 

Mechanics — btacksmiths, 8. Smith, C. H. Cammet; carpenters, L. 
jM. Whittemore, John Currier. 

Merchants— groceries, J. P. Whitaker; JBast, 0. A. Clough. 

Wadley's Falls— See Lee. 

WAKEFIKIil>9 CABBOLL—Vop., 1,392. N. E. ft*. C, 43; F. 
fr. Ussipee 10. R. R. S.— Union, Wolfeboro Junction. Wakefield, No.' 
and East Wakefield Depot, on Ports. Gt. Falln k C. R. R. 
i OFFICERS— CV«r*. Geo. 8. Dorr: Trtae., Satchel Weeks; SeUetmen,^ 
G. A. Teaton. P. 0. Cottle. H. P. Gilman : Supt., H. N. Cook. I 

I Postmasters — Iliram Paul ; East, TiomsA Wood ; fCorUi, Mrs. C. P.| 
Garvin; East Depot, X. 8. Lowd; Wolfeboro' Junction, G. F. Piper;. 
Horn's Mills, John G. Sunborii: Woodman's. J. M. Woodman. I 

! Justices— C. A. Vurney, J. W. Sanborn, E. Wadluigb, M. B. Smith.| 
C. W. Sanborn, D. 8. Bnrley, H. M. Libbey, C. H. Pike, -Kate; C. W,| 
Page, G. H. Gage, J. Mc N. Cook, A. J. HiUlkeu, J. 11. Cloutman, G. 
P. Dorr. 

Churches— Cong., A. H. Thompson ; Epis., Wolfeboro* Junction, W. 
L. Hinies ; F. Bap. 

Exp. Ag'tS— £. W. Junklns, ,A. 0. Robinson, Henry Paul, L 8 


Hotels— National House, Mrs. G. H. Wiggin ; Wolfeboro' JunHion. 
Sanborn House, G. H. Prescotc ; East WakeJUld, Depot, Davis House, 
W. F. Merron. 

Lawyers— f*. D. Sawyer; Wolfeboro' Junction, C. W. Sanborn. 

Livery Stables— Wolfeboi-o' Junction, G. H. Prescott ; East Depot, 
J. W. Hanson. | 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, J. Reynolds ; Wolfeborongh Junction, 


H. A. Peary ; job printer, 6. S. Dorr, Pioneer oflBce ; lumber, J. W. 
Sanborn, Pine Rirer Lumber Co. 

I Merchants— A. J. Milliken, Geo. A. Yeaton; P.O. Cottle; Wolfe- 
hoTcl' Junction^ J. W. Oarvin A Co.; auctioneer^ J. W. Sanboru. 

Physician— S. W. Roberts. 

Tef. Ag'ts— £. W. .hmkius, A. 0. Robinson, J. S. Lowd. 

ITnion— Postmaster— ElijKd Wadleigh. 

Church— Cong., U. S. Butler. 

Hotel and Livery Stable— J . C. Penney. 

Manufacturers— blacksmith, I. H. Jenkins; chairs, R. Sanborn; 
'felt cloth, Juhu Mickle; gravestones, H. F. Stevens; lumber, J. V. 
Hart & Co.; excelsior, F. B. Drew. 

Merchants— A. F. Wood A Co., E. Wadleigh, J. P. tiilman; hard 
ware, Unitm Hardware Co., G. W. Burleigh. 

Physician— J. E. Scrnton. 

WA I^POI^B, CBJl6H1R3-Poip., 2,(»18. S. W. fr. C, (JO. N. W. 
fr. Keene, 18. i7. £. iS.— Walpole ^ mile, and for Drewsville Ac, 
Cold River, 1 m., on Cheshire R. R. Pablic Ctmveyance tn all trains. 

OFFICERS— C/er*:, A. P. Richardson ; Treat., T. B. Buffum ; Select- 
\nun, C. R. Crowell, L. B. Holland, H. £. Putnam ; 8upt.^ Geo. Aldrich 
I Postmasters— R. h. Ball ; Abr/A, M. Monroe ; DrewaviUt, W. A. 

I Justices— E K. Seabury, Wm. P. Mason, J. G. Bellows, Boliver 
Levell.' H. E. Putuam, UtaU; J. H. Heaid, Chas. Fisher, R. L. Ball. 

Bank— Walpole Savings, A. W. Burt, Pres., J. G. Bellows, Treas. 

Churches— Chris., H. M. Eaton; Cong , W. H. Teel ; DrewtvilU, 
8t. Peter's, £. A. Renouf, p. o. ad., Keene; R. Catb.,21. Conen^er 
North', Unit., John Williams. ^ 

Exp. Agent— H. A. Perry. 

Hotels — WentM'orth House, C. G. Maynard ; DrewaviUe, Mountain 
House, Thom&s Tannt. 

Lawyer—J. G. Bellows. 

Literary Institution— Walpole High School, G. A. Saltmarsb, prin. 

Livery Stables— F. A. Lebonrveau. • | 

Manufacturers- blacksmiths, 0. H. Roundy, Thos. Walsh. A. 
A. Reckwitli, Drnonille; stock, AorfA, N. Monroe, J. H. Heald ; bnild<' 
er, H. A. Watkins; job printer, C. C. Davis: lager beer, Walker, Dew-! 
ey, Blake A Co.: lumber, C. B. Hall, John Selkirk; turned wood box-| 
es, W. A. Bond. j 

I Merchants— G. P. Porber, Perry t Porter : DrewstfUU, W. A. Bond;! 
North. H. G. Hawkins ; auctioneers. S. H. Porter, Chas. Fisher; books,! 
stationery, drugs and medicines, C. C. Davis; boots & shoes, R. L. 
Ball ; hardware, J. K. Sterling ; meat, Chapin & Burt, Gorham Web- 
ster, H. Chandler A Co.; millinery, Miss Bowen. 

Physicians— A. P. Richardson, W. B. Porter, G. A. Blako. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Crowell A Richardson, Mrs. J. 6 

Tel. Ag*t— F. A. Spaulding. 

WARNEU^ MERRIMACK— Vov., 1,637. N. W. fr. C, 18 m., 
R. B. S.— Warner, on C. & C. R. R. I 

I OFFICERS— 6i«rt, W. J. Davis ; Treas., G. C. George ; SeUctmenJ 
J. 0. Graham, W. C. Dunbar, Walter Sargent; Supt., S. ^ Bean. j 

I Postmasters— E. C. Cole ; JRoby's Oomer, M. H. Roby ; Melvin*», 
MUls, W. T. Melvin ; Bagfey's Bridge, F. H. Savory. 
! Justices— Geo. N. Tewksbnry, A. P. Davis G. C. George, Robert 
Thompson, S. K. Page, 8. S. Bean, J. M. Harriman, Samuel Davis,' 


6. F. Bean, H. S. Wiliia, Stau; P. G. Wheeler, A. C. Carroll, S. W. 
Davin, K. C. Cole, B. 7. Heath, K.